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#576 Old 25th Aug 2022 at 4:37 AM
Something that almost ruined last evening?
Tried opening my site, and got a message *site doesn't exist*

Enough to get anyone a bit riled up. But It's happened once before, so I kinda hoped it was just a bug and would be back to working in a day or so. Turned out I was right, and it's back to working now. Apparently it happened to several others, too.

It's frustrating when it happens, though. Especially with sites going down left and right, Tumblrs being auto-deleted for no reason, and the first thought in your head is "what the *bleep* did I do?"
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#577 Old 28th Aug 2022 at 5:25 PM
Got chewed out for being "lazy" least in her eyes.

My mom doesn't truly understand the burden of depression when combined with other mental health issues (all she has is depression).

For me, I want to voice act and sing. I want to set my own work hours. But she doesn't see that in me. She wants me to join a desk job and that crushed my spirit.

I should be the only one to shine,
I am the Golden Queen of Shadow Galactica
(Translation of a line from image song Golden Queen Galaxia)
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#578 Old 2nd Sep 2022 at 4:30 PM Last edited by simmer22 : 4th Sep 2022 at 3:00 PM.
Spider gang is back. Three large spiders - two in my room and one peeking through the gap under the bathroom door - in three days. I swear, the moment there's even a smidge of autumn (and it's even nice weather!) those critters start banging on the door, wanting to get in, or peeking out from their hidey-holes. Absolutely no idea where they're hiding all year, but september/october they're everywhere!

The isopods are a year-round pest, except winter months (3-4 of those as well, and a moth - "go for the liiiiiight!", well, not when that light is my room, no thanks!). Those are annoying, but at least easier to catch than a runaway spider. The wall crawlers I just caught in a cup and removed, but the bathroom spider ran away in the tightest little spot it could find, under a drawer. Got it in the end, though...

Edit: 5 spiders in 4 days! 5!!! All big ones, too! I swear, they're having a party or something... And one of them is hiding up in the ceiling moldings in my bedroom and won't come out (unless it zoomed off somewhere else while I was sleeping - it pushed itself so deep into that hide-hole nobody could've gotten that thing out). I tried, but on my way out to get a long stick to scare it with, another spider sat in the hallway just "hello there!". Smacked it with a shoe. I've had it up to here with these critters...

At least it's the big ones and not the mega-huge we had a few years back. Those were almost as big as my entire hand. These are about the size of my palm (plus/minus, counting the legs - which is big enough, but at least they fit inside a cup/glass/whatever I can catch them in, and they're easier to catch than the small ones).

Half a day later, the last spider is still sitting up in that corner, hiding. Peeked out for a few minutes just to say "I'm still here, yeh know" but I tried to coax it down with a stick, which had the opposite effect, and it zoomed back into its hidey-hole. If it doesn't reappear somewhere further down, it's vacuum cleaner next...

Aaaaand gone with the wind.
#579 Old 14th Sep 2022 at 1:04 PM
A while ago my boss told me I had to use up some of my holidays, so I booked a few single days off at random, one being today.

My favourite thing about having a day off is staying up late the night before (doing sims stuff normally), and having a lie-in, I love sleeping!

With hindsight today was really bad timing - I'm on my period, so have had crippling headaches all week, and apparently today is the caretakers's day to mow the lawn.

So my 'lie-in' (alarm set for 11:30am) went like this:
7:30am = Postwoman puts letter through my door (my letterbox is metal so it bangs) and chats to my neighbour
8:15am = My friend texts me about going out at the weekend - I put my phone on silent at this point
9:45am = My mother 'pocketdials' me, the vibrating of the phone woke me up, so I had to ring her back to check no-one had died
10:00am = Can't get back to sleep as it feels like my skulll is about to crack open, get up to take some cocodamol (Thanks period headache)
11:00am = Caretaker starts mowing the lawn (his ride on mower is so loud he even has to wear ear protectors)
11:15am = Spam phonecall - I don't answer these but the vibrating phone woke me up
12:00 = After pressing snooze a few times, give up and get out of bed (the caretaker is still mowing the lawn)

When I'm at work, no-one ever wants to talk to me, but when I'm trying to sleep, I'm flavour of the month for some reason!

I want to go out once a week, on the weekend - but always end up getting asked to 2 or 3 things, I find it really hard to make the money stretch, and there is a definite element of 'can't be arsed' too! I don't get excited about nights out anymore, like I did when I was younger, but it's the only time I see other humans now that I'm working from home, so I feel like I have to or else I'll get lonely.
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#580 Old 18th Sep 2022 at 5:24 PM Last edited by simmer22 : 19th Sep 2022 at 11:12 PM.
Bwaaaaaaaains.... BWAAAAAAINSSZZZzzzz!

Had a bad late shift yesterday, didn't sleep well, and then had an early shift. Battery level is hovering at about 0.05% now.

But at least there was cake. Otherwise I don't think I would've gotten through either of those shifts...

And I've got "hell on wheels" the rest of the week - more shifts, and barely any time to wind down due to some stupid planning from management (meetings, etc.) that's of course put to my days/time off. Probably gonna walk around like a zombie the rest of the week...

EDIT: Overtime and half-bad shift, too much stress to get everything done
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#581 Old 19th Sep 2022 at 11:14 PM
We're this <--> close to flipping the mortgage so that more of our payment goes towards principle instead of interest. I'm happy with that fact that we've gotten to this point, but it is still really, really annoying. If I took money out of savings we'd get there sooner, but I'm not going to because as soon I do, something stupid will happen.

Just have to keep poking at the stupid thing...PITA. I just want to done with it already.
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