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#2751 Old 11th Apr 2021 at 12:41 AM
When you set it up as a start up application! I've been wanting this for years, didn't know how easy it was to set up in Windows 10! I set up a shortcut link (like the one on desktop) in the system:startup folder and checked it was set as on in windows settings! Now I don't even have to open it!
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#2752 Old 11th Apr 2021 at 5:57 AM
Watching the PBS station like I always do on Saturdays and the show "This Old House" came on. Usually, I change the channel at that time, but I had been doing something when it started, so it was on for a bit. While the show was on, someone talked about a New England style of house called the "three-decker." It's a 3-story house with a deck in the same location on each level, built in Victorian times. "This would be great to use for apartment lots," I thought. The person then mentioned that families would live in one story and rent out the other two, confirming my theory.

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...there's some godawful machine noise outside and your immediate thought, granted in a half-awake state, is "can you mod this out?". I wish.

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You cancel your Sim's autonomous attempt to watch television in case you see the results of the F1 Grand Prix you recorded but haven't watched yet.
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Originally Posted by BlueAlien
You cancel your Sim's autonomous attempt to watch television in case you see the results of the F1 Grand Prix you recorded but haven't watched yet.
Spoiler- Mazepin spun again

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#2756 Old 3rd Jun 2021 at 1:21 AM go on high alert at the sound of someone messing with your garbage bin. It's not even the same sound (wheelie bin vs the rather antiquated metal can) but the sound of it being moved and the lid slammed made me immediately think, "Who's messing with the bin?" because I knew everyone in the household was in the house. Turns out it was a neighbour throwing her trash in the bin and moving it out to the road because tomorrow's trash day and she'll be out of town then, as she explained by text after the fact. (Her bins are kept behind a gate which may have dogs behind it at any given time, so I see why she couldn't ask me to just move her bin back in after the truck comes through. I don't mind -- we've helped each other out with food, toilet paper, snow and parking over the past year -- but an alert ahead of time would have saved me wondering who hates anyone in this house that much.)
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Whenever you hear the word "townie" you think of the Sims.
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You see a hairstyle (on a person, on TV, in an ad, it doesn't matter) and think, "Yeah, I've got that CC."

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