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I just came across another option when re-reading the Build a City Challenge -- You can take a weekly tax from each household of 5% of their lot value.

This might have merit for medieval challenges as well, as it could automatically include things like a hearth tax, window tax (i.e.: assets) crop tax, etc. The actual percentage could be tweaked -- if right now peasants get taxed 40% of their income, you'd have to decide what the overall more inclusive tax percentage would be, which might take some tinkering, I'm no accountant!

I also think that method might be simpler to maintain over a longer game, with less number crunching and paper work, which many simmers can get fed up with as pointed out by aelflaed.

I might try this, idk, have to mull it over a bit . . .

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Yeah, Taxes suck.
I don't even deal with them IRL: they're my husband's job, which lately he's farmed out to an accountant.

So, ya know ... whatever works!
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Glad my ideas may be of some use. I freely admit to cadging ideas from everyone else in my turn!

I've tried the whole database thing with my sims, but it becomes too much like hard work. I'm not even taking photos of this hood as I play. The story is just in my head, anyway.

My current approach is that there are written guidelines for how I want to play, but very little paperwork after that. I keep a few notes in a sim's bio in-game, or on the family window that comes up when you select the lot. Mostly those notes are only to keep track of important info such as a chosen spouse, which one of twins will be heir, or college decisions. The written guidelines currently come to seven pages. There are probably lots of litlle things that I am doing which aren't written out in detail, but the guidelines help me remember that I decided to charge heriot, for instance, and which type of sim can attend a particular college.

I'm always amending the guidelines as I decide what works, or hear a new idea that I like. I have blatanly stolen Vllygrl's dowry amounts so I don't have to think them up, and I'm still wondering if I should have added more peasants at the start.

Anyway, thanks for the welcome.
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Ha! Ha! Turn and turn about, aelflaed! I am flattered you scooped the dowry amounts, and I am reciprocating by squirreling away your ROS! So fun to share -- I think we simmers are all natural born traders, eh?
ROFL, Vllygrl :P
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Some of us are apparently pirates, but I think trading is better.
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Default Virtuous trait
I just reinstalled Sims 2 a couple days ago. I was planning on redoing the victorian population challenge, but this challenge looks interesting as does the Medieval Charter Challenge. Hi Vllygrl I remember your name from the victorian population challenge.

Anyway, I have a question regarding the Virtuous roll. Should how virtuous they are (or aren't) determine their nice trait? Also, it looks like their Virtuous roll is going to determine their aspiration as well.


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Hey! Hi there, Tricia! I remember our Victorian Population Challenge days very well! I still love that challenge, in fact, still have my VPC 'hood in case I want to go back to it.

However, I got interested in the Warwickshire Challenge, and then in a project I've wanted to do ever since the VPC and that is to create my own challenge, which you saw, Medieval Charter Challenge! Although I still love everything Victorian, I have become really fascinated with Medieval as well.

Here's a great site you should definately check out: by the way!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the Warwickshire Challenge, it is awesome! I'll let M3g7e answer your questions about the Virtuous trait, I confess I haven't seen this type of question about it before, so I am not sure of the answer.

Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you,
Cheers, Vllygrl :D
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Hey all, I'm still setting up for this. I had a bunch of problems going on that preventing me from playing.
My Best Of Business EP is currently downloading and then I'll be getting started.

I was wondering how everyone else is playing this? I know Cococure was doing it legacy style but hows everyone else handling it?

Do you have a blog with your Simmie tales? PM me the link. I like reading!
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Originally Posted by pmw76

Anyway, I have a question regarding the Virtuous roll. Should how virtuous they are (or aren't) determine their nice trait? Also, it looks like their Virtuous roll is going to determine their aspiration as well.



Hi, Tricia, nice to see a new face on the thread
The alignment roll is separate from the aspiration roll. The alignment roll simply tells you where your sim starts out from virtuous to evil. Then, as you play, the behaviors your sim engages in will move their alignment up toward good or down toward evil, depending upon the type of behavior. Paying taxes, for example is +1 good. So, if you want to play a really, really evil sim you will want them to engage in mostly bad behaviors. A sim's alignment further influences how successful they are in getting away with what they do. Evil sims have a higher chance of getting away with bad behaviors than virtuous sims do--so keep that in mind when your very good sim decides to do a bad thing "just once." They are much more likely to get caught. Other than that, alignment really has no influence on aspiration at all.
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24th May 2011 at 2:57 PM
Default Alignment Roll
This message has been deleted by M3g7e.
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Thanks, I think I am going to try playing all three challenges in different neighbourhoods. I am currently getting all my cc downloaded and set up. Some of the hacks suggested for the challenge I'm not familiar with. Where can I find them? Is anyone able to provide a link? Thanks
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#186 Old 26th May 2011 at 2:31 PM Last edited by M3g7e : 26th May 2011 at 2:47 PM. Reason: Remembered more important stuffs!
Originally Posted by pmw76
Thanks, I think I am going to try playing all three challenges in different neighbourhoods. I am currently getting all my cc downloaded and set up. Some of the hacks suggested for the challenge I'm not familiar with. Where can I find them? Is anyone able to provide a link? Thanks

I'll try to get you started--you might also try browsing the thread above for links. Several people have suggested some very helpful items along the way.

The hacks/mods mainly come from a handful of places: here at MTS, from Pescado over at MATY, and from Inge at Simlogical.
At the MTS you will find Christianlov's wallet controller or Monique's super computer. You'll need something to control money in your game. I use the wallet controller myself. Other people use a checkbook. I forget where it comes from--does someone here know?
You can also get the castaway fridge here at MTS if you're not interested in using an invisible refrigerator solution.

The Big Stuff:

MATY: More Awesome than You
No $20K handouts--MATY
Nursing Babies Hack (and I highly recommend Boiling Oil's update to allow for wet nurses--available at Plumbbob Keep).
No Humble--MATY (though I swear this one blew up my first hood, so I don't recommend it. I just delete the gift before opening it. Your mileage may vary.)
Realistic Sickness: another good hack to have if you want sims to actually get sick enough to die.

Inge's Teleporter: indispensable tool. You'll need one around every other corner for moving sims about to where they need to go.
School Hacks: get them all if you want to run a school, or only the controller to keep kids at home.

For Later:
Prison Hacks: you'll need all of them once you need a prison
Mortgage Shrub: for having lords be landowners

SimBlender: indispensible tool
Autonomous Casual Romance: a must have for arranged marriages and the like. I don't think this challenge is possible without it.
Visitor Controller: also highly necessary (I think it's from Simbology--someone correct me if I've forgotten! )

And a Decision to Make:
"To Inteen or not to Inteen?" That is the big question. Inteen is a powerful mod system that you may or may not want in your game. It allows teens to get pregnant, which is very important for the running of this challenge. However, Inteen is an odd hack and not everyone likes the way it is coded. Also, it is rather a pain (or so I hear) to remove once it is in game. Chris Hatch over at BAS (Back Alley Sims) has done some work on this, which you may be interested in if you want to avoid InTeen. Be forewarned, BAS is an adult site, so you should be 18 and registered before visiting the site. That said, the Alternative Pregnancy Controller mod is family friendly and also allows for teen pregnancy and miscarriage, the two pertinent features from InTeen that you'll need.

To Create the World:
There is sooo much amazing cc available now. To get started, you might try looking at the Content List here .
After that, browse the shiny new Plumbbob Keep here !

How realistic and/or detailed you want to go in the construction of your world is entirely up to you. This challenge can even be played in a modern setting. It does NOT have to be medieval.

I'm sure I've left out important things above--so whoever has a suggestion, please weigh in. It looks like it would be a good idea at some point to have a startup list for the challenge.
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#187 Old 3rd Jun 2011 at 10:08 PM
Knock knock, anyone home?! Wow, I vanish for a week and then so does everyone else! I hope there are still Simmers playing this challenge. It's going to be a while before I start as I need to learn to create CC - the stuff other Simmers create doesn't tend to be VTOS-friendly

Of course I'm still struggling with the setting (best part of a year now, right? It's just it's so detailed!) but when I do come up with something, I will be able to make it look like a VT Original Setting. I have to admit I might need some help coming up with something, since it's been so long, so if anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate it.

- VT
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#188 Old 4th Jun 2011 at 12:01 AM
Hi, VT. Long time, no see The past week I've been getting very serious about neighborhood setup. I am almost ready to start playing my new hood. I've been giving a lot of thought to organization of class structure--how many merchants my main hood needs, which ones, character creation. It's exhausting, but fun. And the building! Geez! Will I never be done with the building????

So an original setting? How about trying AutoRealm? It's a free fantasy mapmaking program. I used it to create an overland map of Warwick and it really helped me in envisioning the storyline, and relationship of one subnh to another. I recommend starting with a map and taking it from there. You can even create detailed maps of towns and regions--depending upon how minute you want to go in your planning.

Also, what are your taste preferences? Do you like sci-fi? There has been some interesting content created for sci-fi--you could do a borg themed hood. With humans as serfs ... could be interesting
Or maybe fantasy based?
Or steampunk?

I can think of lots of content types that have been done fairly well ... it really depends upon what you like.
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#189 Old 4th Jun 2011 at 8:10 AM
Actually, what I like is originality - something that hasn't been done a million times before, resembles Earth as little as possible and - The Big One - NO humans. That's what frustrates me, that everyone seems to think that 'fantasy' automatically means 'medieval kingdoms with wizards in towers and dragons in caves' and 'sci-fi' is limited to Star Wars and Star Trek. Rant over.

I Sim to escape the boringness of Earth, not to recreate it - so anything that has human-looking Sims or a society or style that deliberately resembles something historical-y is right out in my game. My keywords are Unusual and Varied when creating hoods. I love creating new and interesting hoods with their own cultures and styles, but I can never find the right CC for my ideas, or at least not enough for much more than one family - and I hate one-house neighbourhoods. That's also what's getting me with this challenge, I think, only in reverse - there's almost too much detail for me to play around with.

But maybe asking for other Simmers' input might not actually be the best idea. After all, I've asked a lot of Simmers and a lot of non-Simming relatives over the years, and none of them have had a workable answer. Other Simmers know the game but they don't know my preferences, and when I tell them, they call me a freak. My family has some idea of what I like, but they wouldn't know how the game works if all my discs got up and danced around in front of them. It's like being stranded on an island sometimes. I send out messages in bottles, but all I get back is 'Medieval, yay!' (not that there's anything wrong with medieval, it's just not my style.) Random long complain over.

- VT
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#190 Old 4th Jun 2011 at 4:24 PM
Got it. OK. So what you want to do is to create an entirely new culture. That sounds truly fascinating. And actually, I love the idea (!).

So, no humans? That does make things more difficult.

I suppose no fantasy means all those elf ears and fairy wings are out the window, too. Understood. They do get overdone.

So, then, we'll just have to start completely over. I recommend getting some basic structure from Mythology. You can shun Greek and Roman--likely too Western for your taste. I would begin with some research into world mythologies to get some ideas for a new species.

Here's One: the Kapre. From Phillipine legend: A variant of the Bigfoot myth. 7-9 Feet tall. Brown complexion, long hair, smells of tobacco. Lives in large groves--think mango, papaya, etc. Is mischievous. These guys could have stretched skeletons and all be playful sims.

So, perhaps start out with some Bigfoot type people. I know the skins have been done and are available here. This one sounds interesting--but you'd likely need multiple species to make the whole thing work.

From Japan: the Kohona Tengu. Giant winged humanoids with bird heads, sharp talons, long hair. Live in the forests. Sounds like Avatar to me. But, the skins are done! And available here at MTS.

For other variety, you might also try working with Enayla skins and some of those sparkly skins. These might be a good start for some interesting new species. Try working with the tails and ears available here on MTS to spice it up a bit.

Once the people are done, the setting is really next. But I would use the myths to work toward a setting.

I don't know if any of this helps yet or not--but I'd be willing to keep thinking with you.
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#191 Old 4th Jun 2011 at 7:11 PM
I do like fantasy - just original fantasy. As in, no Lord of the Rings rip-offs. I enjoy reading about new and unusual worlds and creatures, not the same old standard stuff. As for creating new species, like I said, I'm looking into learning to create my own CC, so I should be able to create some interesting genetics for my Sims. I want to create as many different types of CC as possible, so once I figure it out, the sky's the limit (as long as it isn't Earth's sky, that is).

Tomorrow is definitely going to be at least partly dedicated to a quest for inspiration. Your idea of researching world mythology sounds like a very good one, so I think I might look into that at some point in between my creation attempts, online sports tournaments and clearing out all the thousands of crates in my room so I can finally stop sleeping on the floor. (eh... long story, and one that involves a collapsing 14-year-old bunk bed... don't ask.)

I would probably have to rewrite quite a bit of the challenge once I know what I want to do, or at least change what I'm saying it represents. But that's still a long way off yet. I really appreciate your help with all this. Thank you!

- VT
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Default Update
It's been awhile since I checked on this thread, so I thought I'd drop by and offer an update on my Warwickshire progress.

After loads of building I finally feel like Warwick is starting to come together. I truly underestimated how monumental a task it would be to build a main hood with two subnh's attached--all at once. I have some back burner plans for several other subnh's, but those will have to wait a while since I'm really itching to begin playing seriously again. It's been months!!

OK, so enough preamble now. Warwick is the name of the little kingdom ruled by King Harold d'Againcourt. Warwick, the kingdom, is currently divided into three regions: Shropshire, a bustling market town which serves as the commercial center of the realm, Warwickshire, the farming region just to the north of Shropshire, and Hampshire Court, where King Harold holds court.

Shropshire is a busy town brimming with merchants and well-heeled bourgeoisie. There are also a number of wealthy gentry class people living on Lord Marchand's estate.

Lord Marchand enjoys relative quiet from the hustle and bustle of Shropshire. After enclosure acts were passed, the pesky serfs and peasants who once hunted and fished on his estate were moved farther north, past the town walls.

Here is downtown Shropshire on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Most good people are having a midday meal and perhaps a short nap.

The three fellows milling around here in the photo are the Mason brothers, George, Frank, and Matthew. The Masons are bricklayers, as their name suggests, and they are quite wealthy. Each brother heads up a guild of carpenters, painters, and other workmen who are the laborers responsible for building all of Warwick. They are in the King's service and wear the official colors of each region: George wears red, the color of Shropshire, Frank is clad in green, the color of Warwickshire, and Matthew is robed in royal purple, the color of Hampshire. They are puzzling out how many bricks it will take to build another set of apartments and shops like the ones they've just moved into.

Here is an interior shot of the outdoor markets in downtown Shropshire where the Masons reside.

And another shot from the top of the clock tower, overlooking Shropshire.

You might notice all the new guard towers by every gate. Those are King Harold's doing. Ironically, many of the townspeople felt more comfortable before the brigades of unruly knights and squires battened down the town, but no one speaks of that now. And the pubs are certainly enjoying an upturn in business.

Jack Dey, recently promoted from Squire is still working on his self-restraint. Even Lila Dalton, the bar wench is a little unsure what to do if he doesn't stop soon.

The Duchy of Warwickshire is quaint and secluded by comparison. Lord Chesterfield's generous estates rival the size of the village of Warwick where only a handful of poor merchants struggle to make ends meet. With increased production from the farms, though, there promises to be a strong industry in trading to Shropshire, which is always growing.

As you can see, King Harold was very kind to his gambling buddy Lord Chesterfield. Though the village of Warwick only has three merchants now, plans have been laid for a bustling city, much like that of Shropshire to grow up here. Perhaps in time, people think, it may come to pass.

If it is to happen, it will be owing to the labor of the serfs who work Lord Chesterfield's farms.

In large farms like this one, many families of serfs live in close quarters and tend large stands of wheat, corn, and other grains, which can then be sold to merchants like the miller, vintner, and baker. Lord Chesterfield's estate also has a number of fishers, vegetable growers, orchardists,and livestock tenders. The poorest families work the stand crops and as they grow in stature and ability--and financial worth (if they can), they may see their children work their way up in the world. It is nearly impossible to free oneself from Lord Chesterfield's estates, but the Murphys did. They are now the local cattle raisers, and for peasants are considered wealthy.

Hampshire Court is built on a high promontory overlooking the River Dee.

On the other side of the river is the boundary of Warwick.

To the northwest lies Westonbury, a hotly contested region claimed by both Northsea and Southsea. King Edward of Westonbury is fighting for control of both Northsea and Southsea to unify the once powerful nation and return it to its glory days. To the northeast lies Applemere, which King Harold believes to be rightfully his. The ruler of Applemere is still known to Warwick as the Baron Aquamarin'e, though he has titled himself the King of Applemere. Warwick is a landlocked nation and King Harold believes it to be his divinely appointed mission to find a route to the sea. It is even rumored that he is secretly funding a crew of pirates headed by the dread captain Lord Richard Teverson, a Westsea traitor, to set up a base in Westonbury in order to smuggle goods to Warwick.

King Harold's Court:

King Harold has grandiose plans for his own, new tower that will rival that of his father's tower--which he has given as a reconciliation gift to his wife, Queen Margaret. It is yet to be built.

King Harold's nobles live in beautiful, well-appointed apartments.

Here is Christopher Benson's apartment. He is the court poet. His wife, Raven is a Lady-in-Waiting to the Queen. (I should have thought to take pictures of them, too--later, later, later!)

The markets thrive with every possible entertainment and conceivable good to be purchased. King Harold thinks forward to even better days ahead when exotic goods will pour in from over Westsea.

The Bookseller's Shop:

The Mirror Shop:

And down a mysterious alley,

a run-down Potion Shop:

I think I'd pass on the free samples. lol

And now, you've had a tour of the kingdom of Warwick. Hope you've enjoyed this little peek into Warwick. :P
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@M3g7e: I have no idea how to start this challenge. This challenge looks so complex and daunting. Can you provide a simple guideline so I know how to get myself started? Thanks. I would really appreciate that. :D
#194 Old 18th Aug 2011 at 6:25 AM
Absolutely marvelous, M3g7e! I am inspired by the amount of love and devotion which has gone into your planning, building and interconnected storyline! It really looks wonderful and all your time put into it has paid off in the authentic medieval atmosphere.

I, too, have been away from my game over the last month++ due to aging parents needing a lot of help and etc., etc., but like you, I am also looking forward to getting back to it -- I hope you enjoy getting back into playing now that you have such a fabulous 'hood (and s-hoods) to play in!

Thanks so much for sharing your awesome pics and info -- well done!!! Cheers, Vllygrl

Find all of my Challenges in MTS Sims 2 Challenges "Ye Olde" Section:
Vllygrl's By George! Regency Play Style/Challenge; Regency/Victorian ROS;
The Medieval Charter Challenge & ROS for MCC;
The Crown of Laurels Challenge; & Besieged! New Medieval Challenge & Medieval ROS.
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#195 Old 18th Aug 2011 at 9:40 AM
Wow. All that building has so been worth it! Of course medieval isn't my thing, but you do it so well... I would love to create something that well-thought-out and detailed, but a) I'm not very good at focusing my thoughts on one thing rather than getting into a panic over everything there is to do, and b) I hate building.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting started on my own version of this challenge as well as seeing how yours goes. I really admire your ability to actually do all that and not get bored or distracted like I know I would.

Well, here's to finishing building. And I officially award you and your hood the VT Medal of Awesome.

- VT

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Originally Posted by Extensa5420
This challenge looks so complex and daunting. Can you provide a simple guideline so I know how to get myself started? Thanks. I would really appreciate that.

Extensa5420, I have actually been mulling over a simplified version of the challenge. Sort of a Warwickshire starter pack. It may be a while before I get around to revising/rewriting the original, however, so I do have a few tips to get you started thinking.

The challenge is designed to have your challenge sims work their way up through an already established system. In this way, it differs from the traditional BAC challenge. So, you have to make some choices up front. You could either build a neighborhood up from scratch (this challenge, it turns out is ideal for builders ) as I did, or you could use an existing hood you already have established. Unless you already play a medieval hood, you may want to go with option 1, but not necessarily. Lots of people have been interested in modifying the challenge to work with a modern hood, so that might be your thing, too.

Once you have your neighborhood established--however you do it--you will want to break your society into classes. The easiest thing to do first is to decide who is upper, middle, and lower class. Think of these as aristocracy, bourgeoisie, and peasants. Your challenge sims are the peasants. Their goal is to "beat the system" and become upper class somehow. That is where the random outcomes come into play. The challenge itself consists of several key prongs: Staying Alive, Being Good (or Evil), and Winning Royal Favor (or earning influence if you're doing a modern thing). You get to decide along the way how to play your sim--there are no hard/fast rules for what a sim "must" do. There are behaviors and outcomes and random events.

So here's the basic startup:
1. Established Neighborhood
2. All sims in hood broken into social classes.
3. Create your challenge family(ies)--you decide how many you want (the second time around I chose five so I have more marriageable partners).
4. Play your sims, using the random outcomes charts in the challenge.

By the time you get to step 4 your head will likely be swimming with countless possibilities and storylines. That's the beauty of this challenge. It's not for the faint of heart.

Originally Posted by Vllygrl
I am inspired by the amount of love and devotion which has gone into your planning, building and interconnected storyline! It really looks wonderful and all your time put into it has paid off in the authentic medieval atmosphere.

Wow. Thanks. I feel a bit sheepish. I keep thinking I'll be done building, but then I get a new idea and never seem to get started playing .... I've been doing a lot of thinking about our last discussion (on the keep) and I still plan to answer your last post. It just seemed like rl got in the way just as my imagination really heated up. But that's fine. On that note, I was reading all of the economy threads, and I am still totally interested in getting the tweaks worked out there. I also have big ideas about mining and dangersome activities below ground, inspired by some of the tutorials for underground building. But that will have to be for later. Maybe a Warwickshire EP (?) But I get ahead of myself on that one.

Originally Posted by nuidyaforever
And I officially award you and your hood the VT Medal of Awesome.

Aww. I'm cherishing that forever. Seriously. Thank you.
#197 Old 18th Aug 2011 at 5:54 PM
M3g7e: I am going to copy the challenge to Microsoft Word 2010 and simplify it myself to be compatible for my game. It looks like this game requires the Seasons expansion pack, and I am not that fond of the texture or mesh or animations of custom harvestable products, so I am going to go with harvesting money trees. For food, I am going to buy a new refrigerator to replenish the food supply, but the money must be earned by the family. That way, it looks like my family is "harvesting" food from the money trees, when really they are harvesting money from the money trees, intended to be used for dining purposes.

I am also going to alter the dice thing. I find using a 20-sided die or an online random generator too tedious. I like working with physical objects, so I am going to use a real 6-sided die rather than a computer-simulated 20-sided die.

Last, I need to figure out some way to make this a modern challenge. That way, I can easily incorporate this challenge into my existing neighborhood.

Do you mind if I add my own, simplified version here? Or do you prefer that I add it elsewhere, like on another separate thread?
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#198 Old 18th Aug 2011 at 6:27 PM
You can get real physical 20-sided dice, Extensa. And almost any other kind of even-numbered dice you like. At places like this one:

They emphasize the weird a bit, because they know their main customer base is dice addicts who already have the basic stuff; but anything you can ever want to randomize can be done, without a lot of tedious re-rolling, with a basic set of polyhedrals: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 20-sided dice.

This has been a public service announcement. Peni Griffin is in no way affiliated with Great Hall Games or any dice manufacturers. Peni Griffin disclaims all responsibility for any cases of dice addiction that can be traced to this message.

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#199 Old 18th Aug 2011 at 8:49 PM
Peni Griffin: Thanks for the offer, but I decide to stick to my 6-sided die instead of buying a 20-sided die for the sole purpose of playing this challenge. I will just have to make my own version of the rules somehow.
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#200 Old 19th Aug 2011 at 3:19 AM
Extensa, you're welcome to tweak, reconfigure, shred, rip, ruffle, braid, weave, or otherwise modify the challenge in any way that makes it work for you in your game. And I would love to hear what you decide to do. Any ideas/experimentation that you do would be both interesting and useful to me. That said, I am considering writing a modern version of the challenge to post here at a later date, so I'd rather that you keep discussion of the challenge limited to this thread. That's just my druthers--no harm, no foul, if you don't Happy Simming!
19th Aug 2011 at 3:50 AM
This message has been deleted by Extensa5420. Reason: No longer doing a contemporary neighborhood. Forget it.
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