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Natalie Arroyo is a 15 year old only child. Her parents had her when they were still teens themselves. Life was looking up for them when Natalie was 4 and the family bought their first home. Then her father got very sick. After he died, her mother had to sell everything and move into a one bedroom apartment.
Natalie is a free spirit and a gifted painter. She often wakes up in the middle of the night to paint.
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Angela Pleasant, sad after her parents announced their decision to ger a divorce.

Lilith Pleasant, starting to suspect her 'food poisoning' might not be related to the food she ate, but rather to some other 'activities'.
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Stella Dalle
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A man of property!

Julian Moltke just after buying The Water Hole, a swimming pool in Monopolis, his first property

Minutes later Julian was sitting in the back of a taxi, on the way to see his new property. He still looks quite pleased with himself. Julian's famous eccentricity is an aversion to wearing a shirt -- ever! "I hate the feel of fabric next to my skin," he says.

Julian paid §33,776 to buy The Water Hole. When he arrived, he spent about another §4,500 making changes to it. Eventually he thought it was ready and invited his boyfriend Andrew Jones round. Then, after 5 o'clock he opened it to the public at a special opening price of just §3 an hour. It's just for teens and children. The first customer was Joseph Lambert, in the green shorts on the right of the picture. Soon afterwards Keith Cormier (on the left in the yellow t-shirt) arrived and joined them. Keith and his girlfriend Mallory Mace will shortly move into the temporary building visible in the background, as Jones & Moltke's representatives in Monopolis. Andrew and Julian are almost hidden behind the pillar. (I'm not the world's best photographer!)

The scene a bit later that evening. Keith Cormier had gone home to downtown Veronaville after Andrew had managed to fall out with him. (Not very clever, Andrew!) But Ravi Bertino and Amar Larrea had arrived. By now the boys were getting hungry so Andrew grilled hamburgers for everyone. From nearest to furthest away the boys are Joseph (Joe) Lambert, Andrew Jones, Julian Moltke and Ravi Bertino. Andrew is telling Joseph how to barbecue hamburgers. Amar Larrea isn't in the picture. He was still in the hot tub because he wasn't hungry yet. So far all the customers have been teenage boys, and all already known to Julian and Andrew.

For more pictures of the lot itself see here. (See also the first post in that thread.)

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The Veronaville kids are alright.
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Andrina Starbloom, the *~*~*Chosen One*~*~*

Virginia, a new character.

Isobel, Virginia's cold and jealous sister.

Lillian, getting cheered up by her mom.
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Default Cypress Wellington

Wake up. Get coffee. Make a sale at part time job at an instrument store. Get distracted by music when trying to fold laundry.

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This is Aphroditi Salamis. She is a clone made by Loki Beaker from the DNA of a random townie and her carrier, Nervous Subject. She was adopted by Circe after Loki's death to cover up the fact she is a clone. While she was still a teen she gave birth to triplets fathered by Ripp Salamis (nee Grunt) whom she later married when she aged to young adult.

This is her not long before she aged up doing one of her favourite things:
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Gorgeous teens everyone!

Here is Finnley Martin, son of my Flati Eusigue and sixamsims Cooper Martin. He turned out to be such a handsome guy!
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Some one-off pics of the Battle of The Bands story teens

Franz Schulsburg and Alanna Thackery are quite the book worms. They read every night before bed.

Orion Loche and Nick Hart playing at the botanical gardens for some extra cash

Illyana Sanchez's 'rocker' look for the competition.

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Triton Fuchs, the first sim born from my new Multi-PT pack.

Europa Grunt, his half sister.
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Isaac Singles just aged up. He has a knowledge primary with a pleasure secondary.
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Local Ladykiller Needs To Be Shot. Kars Brookland is a teenager now. Dear god, he chose the Romance aspiration.
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The only newer playable teen I have in my 'hood is future business woman Cindy Wilchester.

So lets introduce some townies:

Charlie Albright, the kinda grumpy at times but friendly otherwise guy.

Marcel Hendrix, Shelia's (she's in my last post) devoted boyfriend who's a little sensitive at times. :')

Lavender Evergreen, the girl who tries to make friends with everyone she sees.

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Heather [REDACTED LAST NAME], a teenager with a spunk for pulling pranks. An overachiever with terrible hygiene, apparently. NOPE SORRY DON'T HAVE TIME FOR SHOWERING. I GOTTA STUDY.
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Javan Burris. That face and bad but happy dancing? He's 100% a Burris boy alright.

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@eduseo Your game and your sims are just beautiful. I love seeing your pictures
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Originally Posted by ourladyplumbob
@eduseo Your game and your sims are just beautiful. I love seeing your pictures

Not sure what to say other than: Thank you for the lovely compliment! It certainly made me happy.

Here's a picture of Javan with his niece, just to keep the pictures going~ :D

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Christina Goth practicing her ballet positions.

Vella Burb and Mordred Goth hanging out after school.
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Gale Wilburn, who was one of the cutest toddlers of the 'hood and still is a cutie.

Talithia Hallowell, who I have posted before but she had a makeover (thanks to ROS) and also glows now.

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Cedar Wellington is out in the city, ice skating

Stacia Hart is also out for a skate

Looks like they've mutually decided how to warm up after ice skating.

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Kiko (still one of my favorite teen sims), is trying to prove to her twin brother that just because pink is her favorite color and she'd much rather be reading a book at the moment, doesn't mean she can't get her hands dirty and build something.

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From left to right
on floor: Thanos L'Ecuyer, Elvira Lachaîne and her twin brother Emeric, Stella Dalle and her twin brother Silas, Davina Lebel
seating: Albertine Granville-Carver, Laetitia Morneau-Diop and her twin sister Larissa, Antonio Ferland and his twin brother Armando, Allard Granville-Carver
standing: Marianne Morneau-Diop, Nico Kowalski and his twin brother Noé, Olivia Granville-Carver, Giraud Martains and teacher Leilani Troii

Noé is currently dating Olivia.
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Emma is making herself scarce before her blind date!
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Default Football practice
Eugene Elberts enlists the help of his neighbor, Lydia Mae Mackenzie to help him practice so he can make the football tryouts this year in high school

But as of now Lydia Mae has a better chance of making the team than him.

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#725 Old 10th Nov 2016 at 5:16 AM
Desdemona Capp, everyone :p
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