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[Windows Tool] AutoHotKey Sims 3 Config Retention Tool & Launcher
Since Sims 3 has a tendency to completely wipe your settings whenever it detects a change in drivers, systems, or simply hooked .dll's, I've came up with two hacky tools to help avoid this.

First came a simple GUI tool that would run a check whenever the user clicked a button. However this means that it needs to be manually done before and after running the game, but it is a very much independent solution.

Then I came up with a more sophisticated launcher, which allows to seamlessly launch the game, verify the config file and in case of a config reset, restore it and restart the game. This however requires for you to be able to launch the game directly from TS3W.exe, and I suspect it might fail on highly underpowered systems. In case of my i5-4460 it ran fine though, so it's pretty safe to say it will also run fine on all modern systems.

Note that you will need to install AutoHotKey from for this script to work. I could've compiled the script into an .exe, but that just brings up trust issues and potential false positives, therefore I give you the raw script for you to use, edit and compile at will.


-All you need to do is extract the tool in any location and run the S3CRT.ahk file like a program. Then you can make a shortcut to the said file for ease of use.
-In case of the launcher version, you will need to place the S3CRL.ahk in the same directory as TS3W.exe, then you can make a shortcut to it and make it look like a normal TS3 icon.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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