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Default Problem setting up animations in correct framerate
Hi, everyone
I'm creating some animations for a machinima where I'm working on,
I'm using blender 2.67b and my TS3 with the entire expansion packages, both softwares are working perfectly fine.
My OS is Win10 64bits, with also its entire updates - everything okay. My videoboard is an Nvidia Geforce GTX1080,
there're no hardware problems, everything is working just fine.
So the thing is: I'm setting the animation with:
80 FPS,
with a framerate base /:120.000
Which runs really slow in blender rendering, but really fast in TS3, I've already tried many combinations between these numbers,
but nothing solves this, and the acceleration it's completely different inside TS3:
16seconds of timeframe becomes 3 seconds in game.
In game I'm using Animation Player to run the animations, with no options to set the speed there. And I don't know what else to do,
So, any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks all in advance.
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Have you tried animating in blender with 30 fps? That's the normal framerate for making animations for the sims games, and if the animation is slow or fast you can always adjust the the speed in the dopesheet, but make sure the fps number stays at 30 so you can see the actual real-time speed of the animation.

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