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At Don and Cassandra Goth's: Isabella decided at the last minute she wanted to go to college, but she didn’t quite have the grades, so she worked hard and got herself a visual arts scholarship. On the day she left, Don died at the age of 68. After Don’s near-death experience, he had been a good and faithful husband to Cassandra, and a loving father and grandfather. He and Cassandra were very close in their elder years, often spending their days playing games together and woohooing almost every night. Cassandra was bereft that he was gone, and also, he didn’t leave any life insurance, which the family could have really used!

Lucy was floored by Don’s death, and it took her a little while to pull herself out of her funk. Going out with Dustin to sing karaoke and drink helped. They got settled in their new, more modern house and had a small nighttime wedding that was a good time for all. Then Lucy had a quiet birthday and became an elder.
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