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Default I can not complete Ambitions/Imperial Domination
Hi there..
I was playing The Sims Medieval
I've annexed all territories including the two islands but the game says I've done (zero). I have unlimited QP. I'd really like to move onto the other two ambitions that need silver and gold but can't do this.

I'm pretty sure I've annexed them correctly. I first allied them and then completed the annex quest for each. On the map it also says all 8 are annexed and loyal. And for the islands I bought the map, sailed the sea to find them and then annexed them the same way as the others.

Please if you know the answer I would be most grateful. I would really like to move onto the other two ambitions.
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Sounds like you are not playing the specified ambition. If your QPs are unlimited you are probably playing in the Eternal Kingdom.

You won't be able to log any achievements while in the Eternal Kingdom mode. You can just play for fun and have infinite QP and no main objectives.

To complete an ambition you need to click on it on the ambition tree and then finish all quests before QPs run out.
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Hey lexylu thanks for your reply I didn't expect anyone to respond because it's been so long since the game was released so thank you.
Actually I wasn't playing (Ambition: An Eternal Kingdom) I didn't try that ambition yet.
I was playing (Ambitions/Imperial Domination)
I have attached some pictures to help you understand my problem
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I think you may have clicked "Quit Ambition Early" button and maybe didn't realize it.
When you start an ambition you get certain amount of QP.
You need to finish the tasks, in your case annex other territories, before you run out of those points and you cannot finish the ambition early.

At any point while playing an ambition you can quit it early and then you get a choice to either exit or continue playing.
If you choose the option to continue you will be able to play with infinite QP but you won't log any goals after that.

I attached screenshots from my game that show how it looks while ambition is active (you have limited QPs and you can see a red trophy cup icon in top left corner under ambition symbol).
Then I finished my ambition early and you can see that it looks the same as in your game, my QP became unlimited, the trophy cup button disappeared, and I can choose Free Time quests.

So bascially, at some point you may have clicked that red button and it made completeing the ambition impossible, because it switches into the Eternal Kingdom mode with "Free Time" quests etc.
These quests will only show up in the Eternal mode.

The Imperial Domination is one of the harder ones so I am really sorry, but it looks as you need to start over again and make sure you don't click that red button.
If you ever see unlimited QP it means the game is in the Free Play mode and won't register ambitions or achievements.
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Thanks for the interest in my problem.
I really appreciate the time you take to help me.
It really looks like that I clicked the cup button "Quit Ambition Early" and finished the ambition and that's why no achievements are counted.
But hey! you cannot press the cup button "Quit Ambition Early" and end the ambition early if you do not achieve the minimum ambition, which is annex two foreign regions. But in my case it appears to be (zero) and what makes it strange is the disappearance of the cup button.
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It does seem a little weird, but not sure what else it could be.
Maybe just an unlucky glitch.

There is a mod that unlocks all ambitions if you don't wanna do it all over again.
But it will unlock all of them at once.
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Thanks lexylu I really appreciate your help
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