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Sheridan Capulet, son of Regan and Cornwall (both post-surgery). He's got quite the man-face, which was especially jarring when he was a toddler:

Just after his transition (with Tybalt as a haughty YA):

At (Simlogical style) school, he became friends with Sally Riley on his first day. Here he is playing catch with her. I didn't get a shot of her- I decided to take pictures right after I had the headmaster (Kent) send everyone home....:

I'm not sure why he looks so evil here- he's got 5 Nice points, so he wasn't planning to throw the ball AT her. I don't know what aspiration he's going to be yet... when he was a toddler he requested people to read to him all the time. Now that he's a child, though, he's started taking interest in the lemonade stand.
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Businessmen can also be great readers, Macaroodle.

Here's what happens when you turn me loose in CAS.

Hi Thyme. Since I'm having to include bland townie and premade faces in my gene pool, I thought I'd better make sure that the father of the girls I introduced to address a shortage had extreme features, and he came out satisfactorily cartoony. The rule for playing Hi, a Pleasure sim whose four daughters had three different mothers, is that he's a bit of a feckless drifter who only learns by experience - he can't read to get, for example, the mechanical skill he needs to advance in his construction job. So I had him tinker with the shower till it exploded so he could fix it. His teen daughters, all more mature than him, are way too tidy and never clog the toilet, which is normally where the first mechanical point comes from.

Now these are what I call good male faces:

Luis Iana (brother Lucas helping clean up in background), newly graduated and working hard in preparation for his wedding to Sharla Ottomas.

George, the handsome Hawkins boy, arriving at Sim State. He's the son of the only core-family sim to refuse the chance to go to college and Ginger Newson. Cooper is marvelously cartoony, but Ginger is - well, you've seen Ginger. All through high school I worried that he took after the Newson side too much, but as a YA his father's stronger features are coming into their own and adding some more rugged elements to his face. (What is with noses doubling in size at the teen/YA transition?)

And one that's not my fault:

Lucas, on the left, is talking to the next prospective Urele-Oresha-Sham, Daniel Kim, aka Tricou #1EB. He looks okay in front view, but the way that nose turns down is a bit of a shock in profile, especially when he's being expressive and pursing his lips. And here I thought all the Tricous were too good-looking!

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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20th Dec 2011 at 10:33 PM
Default My sim Tibast
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These are the boys that I created

#154 Old 26th Dec 2011 at 7:54 PM
Young Baron Maximilian de Valois, Lord of Toulouse.

King Philip de Croy, mourning his son's tragic death of measles.
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I have already showed you 2 of the original male sims I created for my �hood earlier in this thread. Here are the remaining three:

Michael Herz

Andreas Skoog

Philipp Schneider
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Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, the one, the only (thank goodness!), Ethan Leong!

"Somtimes the stars align." ~Dean Lowry, ABC's Pan Am. ♥ ⚓ ♥
8th Jan 2012 at 7:34 AM
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I haven´t showed you this guy, Roman Lieb (the Lieb family´s oldest son), yet. But here he is, all grown-up and graduated from college. He has moved back to his parent´s house and is waiting for his fiancée, Elisabeth Berg, to graduate and move in too.

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Well, I play and customize my all-time favorite Sim ever since 2008 (and god, the first version of him looks really horrible compared to this one) and since he finally starts to look decent, I thought, that it is about time to share a picture of him.

Black Jack is a medical mercenary, selling his skills to the highest bidder. He is a shadowy figure, with a black cape, eerie black-and-white hair, and stitched-up scars worming all over his body with the most prominent being across his face. Black Jack cures patients indiscriminately, from common folk, to presidents, to yakuza leaders, though he charges all of his patients absurdly high sums. This has given him a reputation for callousness and greed that he cultivates gleefully.

Note: He doesn't wear those bunny ears (and tail) in the anime or manga but for some mysterious reason, they are kind of stuck to him in the game.

Kuro'o Hazama alias Black Jack
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husband of Fran

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Tibast, who is very neat and what more, he only has one nice point. He wants to be a criminal sim. Also, he wanted to inherit money from his parents. And, he lectured his sister's baby before he got a bottle for her. If somebody don't like it, it's their problem.
Tibast does not care what people say, he will not agree with them anyway.

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Gene Skirt had three grown daughters with his wife Lacy, a research position at the University, five days left to elderhood, and no patience for warnings about the consequences of looking through telescopes. He needed to do it for work and the viewing is just right in his back yard. When he got abducted, he at first refused to believe that he'd been the subject of the same procedure the guy up the hill and that womanizing sumbitch downtown did. When it became clear that, little sense as it made, he was going to have an alien baby, he decided to make the best of it and designed a research protocol for dealing with it. And then the kid was born. A boy. He's got a son. A son who inherited his nose. And ten perfect fingers and toes. After all those girls, he's got a son!

He's very careful and scientific, measuring and recording and modifying the recipes the guy up the hill gave him into proper alien baby formulas expressed in metric terms rather than dollops and dashes. But the plan to keep Dior in the controlled environment of the nursery and not let him take over the house like an ordinary baby - that's out the window.

Meanwhile, further down the hill, another late-life baby grows to toddler at the same time his mother grows to elder. Billy Ghote's mother and first wife would never let him do anything with his (now grown, with a baby of her own) daughter Billie, but his second wife is actively grateful when he does things with the kid. And William is quite the fine little boy, if Billy does say so himself!

In the post-makeover pic, it appears that William takes after his mother more than his father - that definitely seems to be her cameloid lip-nose conformation - and Billy is surprised to find that he's glad. Luz's family don't approve of him, but they're less likely to hold that against William if he reminds them of their Mama instead of the man he knows perfectly well they call The Sleazebag behind his back, though they haven't caught him going out with anybody else since William was born. The kid's personality is almost identical to Billy's, and that's good enough for him!

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When I attached La Fiesta Tech to my ´hood, some of the pre-mades there needed partners so I created it for them. These three guys have all been in my game for a long time now, and I have posted pics of their children, but not of them, until now that is.

Anton Cronwall, married to Monica (né Bratford) Cronwall and father of Jonas, Minna and Martin Cronwall. Just like his wife he´s a knowledge sim, with popularity as his secondary.

Richard Terrano, obviously Stella Terrano´s husband. Both he and Stella are knowledge sims with family as secondary aspiration. Especially Stella really loves the idea of a big family. They have four children right now and Stella is currently pregnant again - with twins. Hopefully they will find 6 kids enough, and that´s way more than I originally intended. Except from being a good father Richard is also a warlock.

Alexander Vonderstein, married to Klara Vonderstein and the father of Laura and Lukas Vonderstein. Even though Alexander is a family sim he´s almost totally uninterested in having babies. He´s way more into knowledge, his secondary aspiration.
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Vidcund carefully cleans off the pizza cheese before getting up to time his brother's contractions.

I went into the Beaker household just long enough to bring the inhabitants into line with the weather and local culture. General Buzz imposes military standards on the research staff, so Loki had to lose the beard, but he looks almost as evil with a shaved head. And I didn't buy Nervous any new everyday clothes, but felt his undies needed a bit of upgrading. And, c'mon, you don't really think he troubles to get dressed every morning?

Meanwhile, on the other side of the continent, David Ottomas rediscovers the delights of having a baby in the house...

...and Trent Traveller is far too busy making robots to talk to his wife on their shared day off, Tina's birthday.

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Adam Lambert

Space Pony
#165 Old 24th Mar 2012 at 1:25 AM

That's Human Aliem. c:
More pictures of Human here...

Please, call me Nym.
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In-game Studs

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Esteban Casa greeting his youngest daughter and other guests to his birthday party. He only invited family + his oldest boy's housemate. I think he has a whopping two friends of his own, 'cause he's a mean cuss who'd as soon pick a fight as look at you.

He aged up pretty well, though! Fit as a fiddle. But I took him to the mirror and made him lose some hair and get bifocals. He'll also have to retire from his athletic job. Knees just don't have it in them anymore.

Oddly, the moment Merlin Hawkins relaxed about looking professional, he was hired as Project Leader at the Drama Acres Entymology Foundation, thanks to his independent work on unobtainium-caused mutations in the local insect fauna. He's been trying and trying for a science job since the day he graduated, and now it finally pays off. He and his wife Georgia aren't going to be home at the same time for awhile, though - he won't like that.

Mark Munny has started minding that the girls are always calling his green brother Frank and not him. So as they start high school together, he's changed his look and is trying to come out from Frank's green shadow. It's amazing how much older he looks now!

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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Teddy is drunk again. Watch your hand´s teddy....oops that hurts.

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This is David Berg, one of Jakob and Helena Berg´s 8 children. He currently lives with his wife Angela, his brother Aron and Aron´s girlfriend Anne.

Now some college students.

Benjamin Rai, the (biological) son of Jasmine Rai and Zoe Zimmerman. Like with all other sims with only maxis-made parents, I only recreated their kids and not the parents themself when I recreated my ´hood. Anyway, Benjamin is a family sim and engaged to a girl called Thyra Knutskog.

Carl Worthington, son of Frances Wortington and Almeric Davis. He´s a fortune sim and currently all into Kira Moonbeam - which means Kira now has 4 different guys to chose between. And yes, Kira´s a family sim and I don´t think I have ever had a family sim with 4 different lovers before
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Guigues d'Albon just got married to Agnesot de Valois.They now have two children, a boy and a girl ^^
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dieKristina Ha! I could tell who the last guy's father was right away. He's got Frances' adorable sad grey eyes.

Wow, looking back at my information it looks like I haven't posted here in years! I should change that...

So, here's a few pics of a little guy I'm uploading on MTS soon. Can anybody tell who he's supposed to be?
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