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My legacy founder, Roger Fleurada. He's a Romance sim, married to another Romance sim. Needless to say, they cheated on each other all the time, and were constantly flirting with each other. He ended his philandering after he became an elder, but still canoodles his wife whenever he can. He's a pretty cool dude.

He has two sons...

Tyler Fleurada, a Family sim, who in this picture is excited to meet his new baby boy Theo. He also rolled a want for ten kids. Haha. NO.

Bernard Fleurada, a Fortune sim. This is a younger picture of him, since he is now graduated and married with two kids. He and his brother got some good genes.

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Ready for some cuteness? These guys are Brent and Cole. They're twin brothers, and they're also the little guys in my avatar. Aren't they adorable? First, here's Cole, letting us know he's awesome.

Then we have Brent, who is gorgeous. I love him and he's the next heir in my legacy. He already has a pretty girl named Rhianna and I'm super excited for them to have little kidlets cause they're going to be so cute!

And finally a picture of Brent playing in the rain that started during my photoshoot.

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Berjes Zarubin, one of the illegitimate Tricou spawn. He's an asshole. But he's also a hunk. But an asshole.

Two random dormies. The dormie on the left looks like a smarmy salesman. My fault though, as I did the makeover.

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Castor Nova Stacks. Now that his youngest daughter is about to enter middle school, he's achieved his dream of becoming a game designer, and he's developed the moral fiber to resist the charms of a woman who was coming onto him really hard when he was bored, he feels like he's finally finished growing up and it's probably time he got a haircut. Previous to this I could never let him out of the hair he had in college because the alternatives either made him look too steady and mature or accentuated the boyish prettiness of the face to where I wouldn't be able to tell him from various other boyishly pretty premades. Now he's finally earned the more mature look. He's still too pretty, though. I think I'm going to turn him bald as an egg when he hits elder. Or maybe give him the comb over.

At the House of Fallen Trees, Jay McCullough, moved in with his relatives after graduating, makes himself useful so they won't regret letting him and he'll be able to talk Lora, the head of the household, into letting him move in his girlfriend. It's weird to think these are the graves of his own relatives that he never met that he's tending.

Jay, a true and loyal Tricou, has made enemies with Esteban Casa, whose son Estebanico is a tomcat who SEDUCED and HEARTLESSLY ABANDONED his half-sister Beverly. Esteban, conversely, insists that the notorious Bad News Beverly is a puta who SEDUCED and HEARTLESSLY TOYED WITH his boy Estebanico. But somewhere along the way this quarrell went way past its starting point. Who'd've thought an old man could deal such a solid slap? And Jay can't defend himself very well with his arm stuck in the "stealing newspaper" position.

Miguelito Casa, who is hideously embarrassed every time his Papi starts pummeling folks, guilty or innocent, makes much of his nephew, Estebanico's son Stephen.

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Craig Fleurada just aged into a Young Adult, and is ready to take on the world. He intends to befriend his cousin Theo to create a rockin' power duo.

Across campus, Alec Tan is having another pillow fight with his girlfriend Bessie. He's such a CUTIE. OHMAIGOSH.

Teiji Bubbler looks upon his girlfriend with content. He doesn't mind the whole kid thing. He'd do anything for Faith and her son Casper.

Tyler Fleurada, back in Middleground, ages to an elder. This is weird for me, since I remember when he was a toddler. He just retired from his job as mayor after serving a single day in office. Fantastic.

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Finally found a set of defaults I like. Ive been using Leh's skins posted at GoS, but just found she had a folder with ones made a year later, updated to those....and....yes. Just yes. Everything about them. Yes. And they come in shades that I dont have to edit to my liking. Im...relieved.

Oreagon Salamis, second semester in college.

The lips/nose on skins are big issues for me, and with the ones at GoS, the lips were to dark. On these, they are perfect. Its pathetic how happy I am over this haha.
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More of Legacy Fall's ladies' man Ethan Leong (who now has over 20 lovers).

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Tough guy´s

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Originally Posted by Kailacat
Derek the mail carrier who I happened to like:

And two more of Benny:

Benny is so cute.
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Sam Falck. Sam is my attempt to recreate a sim I had in a neighborhood a long time ago. The only thing I had to go after was pictures, so the result is not an exact clone, but at least something pretty similar, so I´m happy to (kind of) have him back

Benjamin Falck, Sam´s husband. He used to be a custom dormie in an earlier version of the ´hood, and I liked him so much that I decided to recreate him as a playable in this version of that older neighborhood.

They are very much into each other despite their differences (Sam´s a popularity sim while Benjamin is a family guy). Sam recently gave birth to a little boy, Johan, and, about 2 sim hours later, Benjamin gave birth to a girl, Moa. That´s one of the best thing about same sex relationships in sims IMO - both sims can be pregnant at the same time, practical if you want lots of babies isn´t it!?
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Maddox is delighted to see his girlfriend accept his proposal! He scared away his last fiancee with his grilled cheese fanaticism, but Rosemarie is a very accepting person.

DID I EVER MENTION HOW MUCH I LOVE CASPER? Sure his nose can carve a mountain, BUT STILL. HE'S SO ADORABLE IN A CUTE WAY. Not a hot way like Craig. Craig is a whole different ball game.

Casper's current boyfriend, Grzegorz. He's an interesting fellow, if not a bit off. He certainly has a unique face shape.

Finally we have Trevor. He was just married to Aurora at the time at this picture, and she figured a good chomp on his neck wouldn't hurt. Nothing wrong with immortality, right?

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Alexander, after a rough night of reclaiming the Goth throne, decides that he needs to clean up. He doesn't live in trash anymore, and he certainly feels he doesn't need to look like it.

He shaves, gets some contacts, put some concealer on that nasty bruise of his, and cuts down on the cigarettes. He also gets some new threads. Much better, as far as he is concerned.

However, in the process, he gained a malicious appearance.

Armand Kimbrell grows up into a teen. He rolled Romance sim, but I don't imagine him to be the type of Romance sim Wyatt Worthington is. More like a hopeless romantic than a casanova. He's dating Bailey Caliente.

Then we have Corey Larson.

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Here's a couple pics of my guy Harry Chicolini.

(I love weather faces. )

He runs a restaraunt with his little brother, who you can see here with their sister (Harry's the oldest, then Maxine, then Art.) The brothers live together in a brownstone and are huge slobs! They've got enough money for a maid, but neither one of them has rolled the want to hire one. He looks serious, but he's a Pleasure secondary and loves to drink... a lot. He also really enjoys fishing at the park when he can find the time, preferably with a buddy or two. Because he's a new sim, I'm still getting to know him, so there's not much else to say.
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I've browsed the last few pages and came to the conclusion that everyone here has so many great looking Sim boys!
I'll just comment on some of them and toss several pics of my own:

Flarz, lol! Tough guys, indeed!

Night Racer, cute alien boy!

Lady Scarlet, Guigues is a very, very handsome lad. Must be cause he's French!

Macaroodle, I love the look of Harry's face in pic 2! Guess I'm a fan of weather faces,too.

And here are some of my pics:

One of my favorite guys, good warlock Marcus chillin' in his apartment.

My YA Godric (the redhead), at class with one of the frat dudes from SimState.

Remus, Godric's cousin and Marcus' eldest son

I would've posted bigger pics, but it said the image size limit was 175kb or something similar, so only tiny screenshots this time.
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More Casper. He's an adult here. He's hanging out with the guy his mom slept with, and made him in the process.

Lucas dancing to the techno station. I put some real EDM onto the station, so it's not completely painful to listen to. His face kept getting stuck.

Teiji "Ty" Fleurada ages up into an elder. Something tells me that he doesn't mind being old.

Craig, with a townie.

"Holy crap! You're a zombie!"
"Damn right, I'm a zombie! Don't make me eat your brains!"

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I designed my own version of Thomas Sullivan Magnum.

#194 Old 15th Jun 2012 at 10:50 PM
Tyler Broussard (30)
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Hey, what are you doing today, Craig?

"Lookin' at stuff through this telescopy thing. Much interesting than some stupid stars, it really is."

Oh, that's nice.

"Shh! Clam it for a sec! I caught something juicy!"

However, he was caught by old Alec in the process, who oiled up his creaky joints and ran over to shove him. "Mind your own business, wraith!" "I'm not a wraith!"

"Hey! You're the pervert who knocked up my daughter, Natalie!"
"A lot of men fit that description, Mr. Alec."

Alec then stomps off in a fury.

Rudy catches wind of the story later, and teaches his husband a good lesson about the importance of privacy.

Asks are always open, even to anons. I will always reply to asks, and I do my best to be cordial/less snarky than usual.
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Christian Louis de Montmorency-Luxembourg, prince de Tingry, duc de Beaumont, comte de Luxe and, of course, Pirate.The Dark Lord of the Mediterranean.
A new addition for my stories ^^
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17th Jun 2012 at 8:54 PM
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A couple of my favorite guys so far:

Nervous Subject broke away from the crazy Beaker house and is now living a peaceful single life with his cat Emilie. No love on the horizon just yet....

My create a Sim Grant Napa. He used to live alone with his dog Flower in the hidden cabin in Pleasantview until he met Cassandra Goth. They fell in love. He moved in. Cassandra broke up with cheatin' Don and now Grant and Cassandra are planning their wedding. I think he's a cutie (I love beards and long hair).

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Ivan Manson:
#199 Old 18th Jun 2012 at 9:19 PM
Fabian Larson:

Tyler playing with his son Andrew:

And here's Kate. She's not actually a guy. But she looks like a guy
(By mistake I gave her a skintone that had stubble on it, now she's the hairiest woman in SimUniverse)
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Yay, zombies!

Yes, I know I take way too many pictures of Craig. He's so much fun to take pictures of, though!

"You took your zombie meds today, right? Should I get the shotgun? "
"What are we talking about?"

"Hey...Craig...dude...I think our kid's sneaking back in. Did you see him sneak out? I didn't."
"Crap, does this mean we're bad parents?"
"NAHHHHHH. It means he's a teenager! He's allowed to pull sh-...wait, is he heading toward our garage?"
"Looks like it. Hm. I'll be right back. Wait in bed for me."
"Okay then."

So Rudolph goes back to bed, and patiently waits for his husband to finish freaking the bejeezus out of their poor son. Remember kids, scare tactics work!

Asks are always open, even to anons. I will always reply to asks, and I do my best to be cordial/less snarky than usual.
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