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The Ghouls in the Graveyard
[CENTER]Dedicated to my mom Marsha. Thanks for the inspiration.

The Ghouls in the Graveyard
By Tasia Winters

This is a short spooky story based on a true story that my mom told me long ago.
I always get freaked out when I remember this story.
I hope you enjoy reading this creepy tale.

John was a brave man and not easily spooked by
things that go bump in the night.
Every disturbance had to be personally investigated by him.
Afterwards he would sit in the pick-up truck
and explain what happened in a written report for his boss.

Big John had learned to simply explain away the really weird stuff and
write in his report that it was a family of Raccoon s or perhaps a Drunk
that had passed out in the cemetery. It was way to much paper work anyway
and his sobriety and sanity would be questioned if he mentioned otherwise.

The Cemetery was huge.

Big John knew most of the Tombstones like old friends.

Some of them were very odd.

None the less, Big Johns job was to drive around the cemetery all night long on both
the paved roads and gravel roads. The older parts of the cemetery were by far the creepiest. Some of the headstones were so old that the names of those who lay there was worn away. It was also
the most common place for Satan worshipers, Weirdos and Pranksters to
hide out.
Many times he had to call in the Police to remove active Satanist trying to perform
some strange ritual.
More than once he startled young lovers looking for a thrill by doing Woo Who
in their car at the cemetery.
Some of the guys were down right Evil and brought their young dates to the cemetery
under false pretense.They would turn off their cars, and demand "Woo Who" or no ride home.
John had saved a few of these Damsels in Distress. They were all very grateful and
learned a valuable lesson about dating.

Big John had gotten used to seeing ghosts soon after he took the job 5
years ago.
On calm, moonlit nights he regularly saw this little girl standing by his truck in the driveway . He had done some sleuthing and found out that
her name was Elizabeth Sonner. She had been killed in a tornado,
ripped right out of her mothers arms. Her mother survived the storm
and spent the rest of her days in a Insane Asylum, she went crazy from
the loss of her only child. The mother must have been buried somewhere else
because Big John could sometimes hear Elizabeth saying."I want my mommy."

John had tried to inquire about the whereabouts of her mother or her remains,
but all those documents were sealed and could be only opened by immediate family.
John tried to find some of her relatives but never found any.

There was another ghost that seemed to be the cemetery bully.

This guy is a mystery to Big John. He has heard rumors that once a murderer was
caught, hanged and burned by a lynch mob somewhere around these parts. This ghost seems to fit the description.
On some calm, moonlit nights Big John could see him chasing Elizabeth through the cemetery. He would chase her until she had no other option but to return to the safety of her own grave and would not be allowed her only comfort to search for her mother.

Poor Elizabeth was so pitiful. Big John wished that he could help her but he did not
know how.

On most nights the cemetery was the blackest of blacks after sunset.
Sometimes it seemed as if the headlights on the truck could barely cut through
the darkness.
Come foggy nights he could not even patrol the gravel roads for fear of
running off the narrow and sometimes steep road. He practically had to have a weather report to
prove it was to foggy to go up or down those roads to keep from getting
his pay check docked. His boss was kinda greedy.

One night after John had stopped for lunch around 1am

he got into his truck as usual but this night John experienced a extra
creepy feeling when he pulled the door closed on the Pick-Up truck. The hair on the back of his neck was sticking up and he felt jumpy as he heard the final click of the pick-up trucks latch connecting.
Maybe it was just to quiet on this fall night. But still John felt something strange in the air.
He got in his truck and double checked his supplies he always carried.
The flashlight that he had with him at all times was huge, it was a policeman type
flashlight, very bright. It was very heavy and could be used as a weapon.

Big John did not carry a gun, he was armed with his radio and
After checking his equipment he started the engine and drove
off into the cemetery.

Instead of the cemetery being its normal gloomy dark self that night the gloom seemed
a bit brighter like the light of a full moon on a partly cloudy night. But there was no full
moon that night, in fact no moon at all.
The cemetery seemed to have a slight glow to it. Only the occasional lonely hoot of a owl could be heard in the still night.

The creepy feeling did not leave John as he drove off into the cemetery
to make his rounds.

It was easy to let ones imagination get out of control on a night like this.
Big John did not scare easily but he could not shake the uneasy feeling he

He tuned his radio on his truck to the weather report to get his mind on
other things.

His headlights caught his every attention. Finally he managed to shake the
creepy feeling he had for a few minutes when he thought about the hot
young babe that he was gong to take on a date tomorrow night.
He had met Marsha at the Piggly Wiggly Grocery grocery store. They had
been dating now for 6 months.

John had fallen in love/lust with those big green eyes and great smile
as soon as he had met her. John was not the marrying kind but he was
the dating kind and had a big date planned to celebrate them seeing
each other for 6 months. He started to relax as he went over the plans
in his head about the reservations he had made at a nice resturaunt and later
how he planned to maybe take her...

Take her back to his place for a little...????

John cracked the Wind Wing wide open for some fresh air as he cruised through the cemetery.
His thoughts were definitely distracting him . Maybe a little
too distracting as it suddenly got hot in the truck, he was appreciative of cool air coming in from the small triangle shaped window.
( NOTE: The wind wing is that small triangle shaped window at the front of the
drivers door window. They used to be very popular in cars and trucks but now you
hardly ever see them.)

His headlights flashed on many familiar tombstones.

Big John slowed down as he approached a sharp corner he had come
to call "Blind Mans Corner" usually he would nearly miss running over
a variety of things, deer, raccoon's, stray dogs, bums and even ghosts at this spot.
He often took a deep breath just to keep his wits about him at this part
of the cemetery.

This night when he turned that corner he needed more than a deep breath.
His headlights picked up two ghoulish looking little people standing in the road
appearing to have a argument.

What happened next will come from Big Johns own hand written
report of what happened. He never turned in the report that is why it is available from his own personal archives.

October 3, 1963
The damnedest thing happened tonight out on Blind Mans corner.
I was on rout about 1:45 am, I came around the corner good and
slow. I see two small ghoulish looking monsters standing in the
middle of the road, they appeared to be arguing about something.
They were so ugly and scary looking that I did not want to stop
and intended to drive on by and call for back up.
One of these little creatures suddenly appeared beside the front driver
side of the truck just as I was about to pass the scene.
Then I heard a loud thump, then a horrible screeching sound come
from the front of the truck.

When I looked up I saw the strangest little man in front of the truck
cussing me out like a New York thug showing off for the camera.
There was also a weird looking tall guy with him that appeared to be

Then they just disappeared, like so many of the ghosts that I have seen here.

I had come to a complete stop by then and heard some gurgling noises
like I had parked on some unfortunate small animal.
I got out of my truck to investigate.

And regretted it as soon as I stepped out, the scene was
bizarre and unreal. It caused the hairs on my arms to stand straight out as if they had a life of their own. Next I smelled the horrible smell of sulfur, like ten thousand rotted, boiled eggs being cooked in a slow un-moving cloud of retched stench. The sound that little squashy dude was making was the most disgusting sound I have ever heard.
Nasty, gurgling, clawing and sucking sounds. It is hard to describe but if it
was any louder I would of thrown up my lunch or my ears would of started to bleed.

That strange little creature seemed to be getting dragged down into the earth by some
unseen force. The smell and sounds were horrible, it was if he was being melted and dragged
into the very earth and it was awful to watch. I had the feeling that thing, what ever
it was, was being dragged to hell.

That thing sure did not want to go where it was being dragged to. It put up a big fight
and desperately clawed at the very earth for survival that sucked it down.

And then it was all over with. Nothing was left of the monster or the hole in the ground that sucked him down. I then noticed that I was cold and covered in sweat.

After being totally freaked out I shivered in the night. I got back into the truck fast.

When I pulled my door closed I heard the passenger side door give a loud click as the outside handle button was pushed to open the door. I looked over
and saw

that crazy little monster from before that was cussen me out trying to get into
the truck. He had the door open and was climbing in to get me.

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Hi everybody!
Thank you for reading my short story. The very last part of this story is the part that is TRUE.
I talked to my mom and we figured out which cemetery it was. It makes more sense no why my mom would be dating some guy that worked in a cemetery.. (creepy) It just so happens that the cemetery where this happened is a very famous cemetery. My mom remembered that it had allot of famous Hollywood movie stars buried there. Marilyn Monroe and W.C Fields are there to name a few. That is when she remembered the name of the cemetery. It is none other than Forest Lawn Glendale Cemetery. Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson are buried there now.

Here are a few pictures of the actual cemetery.

Wow, nice.

That's all I have for now. I was looking for some picts at night. I will have to keep looking.
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Default Ghouls in the Graveyard, Part 2

This creepy little thing was getting in stealthily,
as if trying to keep me in a trance while he got close enough to get me.

So I floored it and sent the little guy rollen in the dirt behind me
as I sped away.

This was one crazy night. I hauled my butt out of there and up to Grand Dads bluff.
It is the oldest know part of the cemetery, but this area is well lit and gets great Walkie
Talkie reception and there was a pay phone . I planned to stop there for a moment and get my Walkey Talkey radio working.
It seemed to have some how had the batteries
knocked out of it. I wanted to call for back up no matter how crazy I sounded.

I drove quick up to the bluff.

When I got to Grand Dads Bluff, I suddenly felt silly. I must of
imagined it I thought. I put the truck into Park and got to work
installing the batteries on my radio. I got Officer Sam on the line down
at the police station as soon as I had power. I told him that I had some really
weird stuff going on up here at the cemetery. He actually laughed and told
me the Circus was in town and the "Little People" had been dressed up as monsters
and playing pranks all over town. While taking a breath of relief I noticed what looked like a large,
black hairy dog walking around the area and then getting closer to the truck. I thought, Yer gonna pee on my tires aren't you?
"Still there?" asked Officer Sam clearly over the Walkie Talkie.
"Yeah, I'm here, just a dog trying to spook me." I told him.
"10-4 that." Officer Sam replied. "Make out a report and send me a copy, me and the guys could use a good laugh.
We both ended up laughing after he got done telling me some
of the pranks that were being played all over town and in other cemeteries.

So here is my report.

John signed his report and breathed a sigh of relief.
He was about to leave and finish his patrol
of the Graveyard when he decided to wait a minute and
read the report over one more time.
John got his big flash light out and started to read.
Just as he was about to laugh out loud, he heard
a kind of a dull thump! draaaaggg! sound on the inside of his door.

He looked over and a huge hairy hand had reached in
through the Wind Wing and was searching around for the
handle inside the door. John had locked the doors after
the first monster tried to get in.

Big John was frozen in fear but managed to look out
the widow to see what was attached to the sharp
clawed hairy arm. He saw the top of a black
hairy head.

And then a evil eye trying to peer in through the
truck window to help find the latch and open the door.

Thump! Thump! Slide, the smelly hairy hand
searched for the inside door handle.

Big John could feel a cold sweat breaking out on his face.
He tried to take a calm breath in through his nose and nearly gagged at the smell that greeted him.
Big John gripped his flashlight tightly and
started to beat the huge,hairy,hand with it. He hit
it as hard as he could over and over, the creatures arm was well muscled, at first the blows seemed to have little affect.
After the 5th blow he could hear the creature scream in pain as it tried to pull its arm out of the awkward window.
Big John continued to beat the hairy hand drawing blood.
Finally the creature managed to get it's arm out of the window.
It pulled with such force that is ripped the wind wing right off along with the large outside mirror on the truck.

Once again Big John Floored it and hauled butt out of the there.
This time he did not stop until he was all the way home.

Then he called the police.

Big John was very upset when making the report.
The officer had to demand that Big John calm down so
he could take his report. Big John managed to stop freaking
out and took the officer out to his truck to show him the
creatures blood and hair still stuck to his mangled truck window
and door.The officer took samples of the blood and hair. Sent it off to
the lab to be analysed.

The next day the officer called John back and told him that
the blood and hair samples taken from his truck could not
be identified.The samples were not human or animal.

The End.
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Great story thanks for posting!
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I really enjoyed your story.
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Creepy! This is a really good story. You did a good job adding in the "extras" to some of the images. What method did you use to capture the screenshots, though? They look a bit fuzzy.
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Hi Surfer, Im so glad you found my story creepy and thank you for reading, I appreciate the feedback.
I used the camera in the game to take the pictures and then tried to re size them in paint shop. I have been trying to learn to take pictures with printscreen. I cannot seem to find the pictures that I take using printscreen. When I go into paintshop it just shows a picture of my desk top.? ? Any ideas what i'm doing wrong?
I really like your avatar by the way, she looks just like a cartoon from a comic book.

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I wouldn't recommend using the in-game camera, as the images it captures are low-resolution and won't look very clear no matter what you do to them. Printscreen is a decent alternative, but you can only capture one image at a time that way before having to edit in Photoshop or something similar. In any case, what printscreen does is capture a screenshot of whatever you're looking at and saves it to the clipboard. So after hitting that key, you need to open your photo-editing software (even Microsoft Paint will suffice) and use the "paste" function. Your screenshot will now appear for editing. This should work in The Sims, though I've never tried it.

But like I said, printscreen is pretty inconvenient. You could try using a third-party screenshot capturing program, like FRAPS. The full version of that software costs money, but the free version simply prints the FRAPS logo on each of your screenshots, so you could probably just crop that out.

I hope I've been of some help. I'll keep an eye out for your next story, as this one was very well-written.
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Surfer, thank you for all those tips. I was just looking at the free Fraps download. I am going to check it out and give it a try. I really want to make some movies. This looks like good way to get started and take some really good pictures also.
Im looking forward to the next episode of "Daily Comic Strip".

Happy Simming,
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I recently went walking in a very old cemetery here in Arkansas. It was so old that most of the tombstones has been knocked over or they were so old you could hardly read the writing. Most were before or during the civil war. The best tombs were as late as the 1920's. Many only had a small white flag to remind you that someone lie buried there. I wonder who lay there? Who they were what they did in their life? With only a small white flag, how can you possibly tell who someone was. I hope they were awesome, who ever they were. I pray they were good. I will be like them one day.
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