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All That Glitters [Chapter 8]
All that Glitters

Four best friends. Four women from different cultures. Childhood friends who vow to always stick together as best friends through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Although they attend the finest galas and banquets, and belong to Crestview's most highly respected families, not everything is as it seems behind closed doors. Together, these friends will overcome the obstacles and hurdles in their otherwise lavish, and carefree lives.


"These girls are inseparable. They care for one and another and are very sweet and well mannered little girls. I believe they will always remain very close."
- Ms. June 2nd grade teacher at Crestview Academy

The girls having fun back in 2nd grade where they have all met. Farrah and Olivia were friends since the womb. Valentina just moved to Crestview from Colombia, and Anushri is from Maple Ridge the next town over. When they all came together they immediately clicked, forming a friendship that is destined to last for a lifetime. Here are the girls: Valentina Arroyave, Farrah Barnett, Olivia Parker, and Anushri Chopra

The four girls enjoying a wonderful day of recess.


Present Day Crestview Familes

The Barnett Family

Farrah stands next to her mother and father, Allan and Cheryl Barnett.

The Yanez Family

Valentina is with her husband Oswald "Ozzy" Yanez while he holds their adorable son Junior

The Mitchell Family

Olivia stands in the middle of her family. Her husband Duane to her right, her mother Teresa Parker on her left. Olivia and Duane's twin children Broderick & Brechelle stand up in front.

The Chopra/Patel Family

Aasif Patel stands next to his sister-in-law Anushri Chopra. To her left is her father Prakash. Her mother Gitali stands next to her Older sister Priyanka "Priya" Patel.

The Kapoor Family

Farhan stands next to his parents Anupam & Freida who are close friends with Gitali and Prakash Chopra.

The Clarkson Family

Dale Clarkson is Farrah Barnett's boyfriend. He stands next to his legally seperated, but not divorced wife Jolene and they have a daughter together, her name is Savannah-Jean. They moved to the rich part of town after Dale hit the lottery.

The Krowsinski Family

Heidi Krowsinski is Duane Mitchell's personal assistant in his insurance office and also his mistress.

The Pinfield Family

Jacob Pinfield comes from a respectable family. He is well groomed and proper, and that is why Allan & Cheryl Barnett want their Princess Farrah dating him instead of Dale Clarkson.

The Porras Family

Hector Porras is Ozzy Yanez's best friend. Hector's sister Nori has a crush on Ozzy and is very jealous of Valentina.

The Arroyave Family

Manuel "Manny" Arroyave is Valentina's cousin and he is like a brother to her. He loves to party hard and go on shopping sprees and he encourages Valentina to come with him, distracting her from her mother and wife duties at home. Ozzy, Valentina's husband thinks he is a bad influence on her.

The Norman Family

Heath Norman is an old friend of Olivia Mitchell. When words gets around that he is back in town will his return cause more harm than good?

Soon all will be revealed......

*edit totally sorry for the poor quality pics! it won't be an issue anymore :D

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Default Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Chopra Household

The morning sun rises over Crestview, Georgia. The Chopra household is up early, full of excitement, looking forward to the special days to come. There is a wedding around the corner. The youngest member of the family, Anushri, is to be wed in a few days to Farhan Kapoor son of the second wealthiest family in all of Crestview.

Prakash Chopra and his lovely wife Gitali can’t hold in their excitement. They cannot believe their little princess is getting married to none other than their best friend’s son. The Kapoor’s have been long time friends to the Chopras but they have just moved to Crestview a few months ago from Pleasantview, North Carolina. So Anushri has not met Farhan yet, but they believe all will be just fine.

“Isn’t this wonderful Gitali? Family with the Kapoors, we will be the talk of the town!” Prakash told his wife.

“Oh, yes! Everything will go well. The catering company called, they will have two buffets including one vegetarian and one . . . regular for our other guests.”

“And just wait until you see the dress! Anushri picked it out herself! Oh she will look amazing!”

“I have not seen the dress, but I did see the bill! 3,000 simoleans?” Prakash sighed, “Your wedding gown had cost half of that!”

“Do you not remember how beautiful I looked, and you as well? How splendid our wedding ceremony was? It was worth every dime. Don’t you remember Sweets?” Gitali asked her husband sweetly.

“How can I ever forget my love? You looked amazing then, and you look even more beautiful now.” Prakash said

“Oh, you!” Gitali beamed, as she and Prakash went inside, hand in hand, to get started on breakfast for the rest of the family.

Sisters Priyanka and Anushri were outside in the Zen garden while breakfast was being prepared. They enjoyed starting their mornings with meditation, they believed it was a nice way to relieve stress and prepare for the day ahead.

Anushri had the most on her mind of out them. Her emotions were all over the place. She was anxious, afraid and everything in between. Just who exactly was she marrying? This was a big deal, it’s not like being set up for a blind date, and this was like, a blind wedding! Of course she had asked her father when she could meet her groom to be, and he still hasn’t given her a solid answer.

“Ah, perhaps next week…” “I will call The Kapoor’s myself and find out…” “Oh Anushri, you must understand, Farhan is a very very busy man….”

All those answers weren’t enough for her. She had a million questions. She looked over to her sister. Priya appeared to be relaxed and deep into her meditation. Anushri couldn’t really focus. Just then, her brother in law Aasif Patel called out for Priya distracting them both.

“Priyanka?” he said coming around from the side of the house.

“I’m here Honey.” She said as she ran to him, “Me and Sis were meditating you should know our daily routine by now.”

“Totally blew my mind. Here let me make it up to you.” Said Aasif as he motioned his wife to turn around and gave her a nice massage.

“Ahhh . . . thanks I needed that!” said Priyanka, “You are so sweet, and you’re the best husband a girl could ever want.

“You’re the best wife a guy could ever want. I love you so much.” Aasif told her

“I love you more Aasif!” declared Priya

“Not as much as I love you!” he said back.

Anushri couldn’t help but feel a little envious of her big sister’s perfect almost story like marriage. It was so lovey-dovey almost sickening. Actually, it was making her a little sick, she wondered if hers would be anything like it. She wanted what they had.

She suddenly felt bad for her thoughts. If anything Priya can give her some advice maybe. She coughed, trying to sound polite.

“Hey, Priya?” she began, “You think I can talk to you for a second?”

“Sure we can talk Sis, I’ll be in soon. Just give me one minute okay?” Priyanka asked

“Yeah, that’s fine. Take your time.” Anushri lied. She needed Priya right now, but she didn’t want to sound like a spoiled brat so she left into the house.

Priya turned to face Aasif. They both looked a little amused.

“Is she alright?” asked Aasif

“Yeah, she’s probably just nervous as hell. I can understand I was too right before our wedding, so I get where she is coming from.” Priya laughed. “Let me go talk to her to make sure she’s fine and then we can go to the mall after I eat, okay Honey?”

“Okay, I’ll just be upstairs if you need me.” Aasif said

“Don’t you want to eat breakfast before we leave?” asked Priya

Aasif sighed, but he didn’t let his face show his true feelings. After one year of living with his in laws, he was desperate to move out and find a new home for Priyanka and him. The lack of a proper job and car had delayed his dreams. And he was tired of accepting Prakash’s money. He wanted to provide for his wife on his own. He was tired of eating their food, using their water and accepting their money. But he wouldn’t dare upset Priyanka with this. She said she understood and she promised things would get better, but they hadn’t, at least not yet. He was afraid he would not be able to provide the rich, lavish lifestyle she was used to.

He looked at his wife’s sweet face and returned his attention to her. He loved her more than anything and he had to put her needs before his.

“It’s alright. I’m fine Babe don’t worry about me...”


Priya entered the house and found her sister in their parent’s master bathroom. She guessed Anushri had questions about the wedding. And she was right.

“Now do you want to tell me what has you acting like a weirdo. It's the wedding isn’t it?” she joked

Anushri smiled weakly, “To be honest . . . I’m . . . pretty freakin’ scared. I mean what if he is ugly? Or mean? What if we have absolutely nothing in common, and then what the hell will we talk about? Oh God . . .”

“Get ahold of yourself for Pete’s sake! You shouldn’t worry so much; don’t you trust Mom and Dad? They would never pick a bad husband for you.” Explained Priya.

“Well, no they wouldn’t . . . but what if I don’t like him? I know love will come, but if he is unattractive, it may take longer than usual. I’m just . . . not totally comfortable with all of this.”

Anushri still looked unconvinced and unsure. When Priya saw her sister still doubted her, she tried once more to comfort her this time with a better approach. She thought her sister was being annoying, sure it was normal to have wedding jitters but she had better start acting more grownup about things if she was going to be somebody’s wife in a few days.

“Listen,” Priyanka began, “Look at Aasif. Mom and Dad introduced me to him and we couldn’t be happier. Even though we may have tiny arguments now and then, I love him. It was . . . love at first sight. And I’m sure it will be the same for you, okay? Now put on a happy face.” She smiled

“You’re right. Thank you for being here for me Sis.” Said Anushri

“Hey, what are big sisters for? Now let’s go eat Dad is calling us.” smiled Priyanka as she hugged her sister.


At the breakfast table, Prakash looked at his youngest daughter. She looked to be a little sad, but he had some good news that would brighten up her day.

“Why the long face Anushri? A bride to be should be excited!” he told her

“I am Dad. You should understand I’m a little anxious, but I am happy and grateful.” She replied honestly.

“I must admit though, I’d be a little happier if I was able to meet this famous Farhan Kapoor who, I hear is to be my future husband.”

Cough, cough.”

Priya eyed her sister suspiciously. Didn’t they just have a talk a little while ago? She didn’t want Anushri to upset their Dad since she was in fact, sounding ungrateful. Anushri pretended to be oblivious to her sister’s fake cough.

“Are you alright sister? Do you need a lozenge?”

“No, I'm fine.” Said Priyanka flatly.

“We would not want you getting sick during the wedding. I hope you are well Priyanka. Any who, my dear Anushri, do not worry. I spoke to Farhan last night; you can visit him tonight since he is free.”

“Of course,” Prakash continued, “I will visit him today to go over a few details before you arrive. You must be respectable, and proper. And you will have a curfew, your mother and I expect you to-" his voice drifted off.

Anushri was more focused on what to expect later tonight and she excused herself from the table politely after he was done talking.

She was happy; she couldn’t wait to finally meet him. She had been imagining how he looks like and how his voice would sound, deep or high pitched? Would be heavyset or thin? What about his hair? Not that it really mattered. She couldn’t help but feel her tummy bubble inside. What if he was drop dead gorgeous? She might make a fool of herself. But all of that was irrelevant. The real question her heart was asking, was would she be able to truly love him?


Kapoor Household

“I hope you understand . . .” began Prakash, “If you do anything to hurt my little girl, which includes behaving inappropriately, I swear to you, as the hills are high and the sky is blue, there will be a funeral instead of a wedding. Do you understand young man?”

Prakash eyed the young man carefully, he had a smile on his face but he was not making jokes. He already doubted a night time meeting with his daughter was a good idea, but he did owe it to Anushri to meet her groom, so he had no choice. But, he had a choice in what would take place if Farhan screwed this up.

“Yes of course Mister Chopra. I would never disrespect you or your daughter. Trust me. I will be the perfect gentleman.”

“You make sure of it. I must be going now; Anushri will be over later on . . . good day.”

“Have nice day also Mr. Chopra and don’t worry about a thing. Your daughter will be in good hands.”

As soon as Prakash was out of sight Farhan returned inside his house where his best friend was waiting for him. And good thing he was here, Farhan really needed someone to talk to about all of this.

Farhan recalled the conversation he had in his parent’s living room a few months ago.

At first he was shocked they intended him to be engaged . . . already. Farhan wasn’t exactly the marrying type. He was romantic, maybe a little too romantic. And he wanted to enjoy going out late at night, sharing his bed with the townie girls who were anything but wife material. Now he had to get married?

Sure he had heard his parents talk about their friends The Chopras when they lived back in Pleasantview, but he only met Prakash and Gitali a few months ago. And he had no clue what Anushri looked like. And that was the scariest part of it all.

He sat down across his friend Dale Clarkson and retold him his recent conversation with Prakash.

“Damn, you’re better than me Farhan. I couldn’t marry somebody I aint never seen before definitely not somebody I wasn’t even in love with.”

“Well you married Jolene’s crazy ass and you don’t love her.” Replied Farhan

“Yeah, well I used to remember? Until . . .” Dale began

“Yeah until Farrah Barnett!” Farhan snickered

“Hey now, I met Farrah right after my separation. It’s all legit. But, enough about me. I’m worried about this mystery bride. What if she’s butt ugly?” laughed Dale

“Yeah, I’m a little afraid of that. A guy like me . . . I can’t walk around town with some Plain Jane, just imagine what that’d do to my reputation around here. Plus I’m not ready to be tied down. If I wanted someone to cook my meals and do my laundry I could of hired a maid!” Farhan told his friend

“Aw man, marriage is more than that. It’s about true love and it’s a partnership. A wife isn’t a slave dude.” Said Dale

“Since when are you an expert on relationships douchebag?” joked Farhan

“Since now! Hah hah. It’s obvious my expertise is not appreciated.” laughed Dale as he and Farhan stood and started to head downstairs.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Realizing it was now nighttime; Farhan thought it had to be Anushri. And it was? Dale opened the door and in walked in the most beautiful girl Farhan had ever seen.

This was Anushri Chopra? His bride to be? He made a mental note to thank his parents for the set up later on, but first he had to talk to this gorgeous creature called . . . Anushri. His thoughts were momentarily interrupted by Dale.

“No freaking way! You’re gonna marry my boy Farhan? Well why the hell didn’t you say so?”

“I had no clue you knew him! Honestly. Wow. . .small world huh?” Anushri smiled.

“Wait, you two know each other?” Farhan asked nervously

“Yeah man. This is one of Farrah’s girlfriends we all went out like last week. If I knew it was her all along I would’ve told you, so you could’ve avoided those sleepless nights worrying about an ugly bride. . . no offense."

Farhan had to laugh at that, he was glad Anushri wasn’t one of Dale’s ex-lover or something. But he wanted to get to know her, and he couldn’t do that if Dale was here. His friend seemed to get the hint.

“Well I’d better be going now, I’ll leave yall two love birds alone. See ya.”

“See ya man! I’ll hit you up later.” Farhan called after his friend as he turned his attention back to his fiancé.

He looked at Anushri. She seemed slightly nervous, but she was actually relieved Farhan was even better looking than she imagined. His hair was perfect and his cologne was musky and dreamy. He loved her long locks and she had a nice figure which he appreciated greatly.

And those eyes. They both thought as they stared into each other’s eyes. The small conversation they were exchanging barely making it to their minds. Anushri yearned for his touch. A hug, a handshake even a high five would do. She could feel the energy coming off of him.

Farhan wanted to embrace her. He felt his heart thump behind his chest as with each beat his lust for her grew. He surprised himself when he reached for her on impulse cutting her off talking about her favorite hobby.

As their lips met and they held each other, the world around them went still . . .

They finally made it the living room and began to watch the movie Majestic Arrow. Even though the film itself was boring and a bit depressing, that didn’t stop Anushri and Farhan from being happy.

“I’m having a great time, I’m glad I came Farhan.” Said Anushri.

“Me too. You are pretty amazing, not to mention pretty amazingly beautiful.”

“Oh you’re so sweet. You are nothing like I expected.”

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” Farhan asked.

“Definitely a good thing.” Said Anushri as she smiled and leaned against his shoulder.

Farhan wrapped his arm around her and he smiled.

“Farhan?” asked Anushri, “Do you believe in love at first sight?”

Love? Sure she was hot and he wouldn’t mind having her around the house. They might even make some beautiful kids one day. But there was no way he was in love with her already, even if she did play Call of Duty. He hoped he didn’t land one of those gorgeous airhead girls. Could she really be that naïve? He wanted to laugh, but for now he went along with it.

”Of course I do. I think . . . I’m already in love with you.” Farhan answered uncrossing his fingers and holding her a little tighter.

“Me too Farhan, me too.” Anushri said with a smile.


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I like this! I'm guessing that we'll be switching between each household every chapter or so?
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Yeah pretty much :D

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Default Chapter 2



“I don’t care what you think you saw, but we were not doing anything wrong.”

“Oh sure, just because I’m a senior you want to make me think I’m crazy? I know damn well what I saw, my son in law’s arms wrapped around a blonde bimbo’s waist!”

Brechelle stopped playing and ran to see what all the yelling was about. Mommy and Daddy have been arguing a lot lately and Grandma also. She just wanted everyone to get along.

Duane noticed his daughter’s arrival and he didn’t want to argue in front of the child. Teresa didn’t seem to mind, she wanted the kids to hear what kind of man their father was.

“Brechelle, can you please let us grownups talk in private?” Duane said.

“Oh now you notice your daughter. Where were you last night when you missed her dance recital? Doing paperwork with Heidi huh?”

“Enough Teresa. Sweetie, go play with your brother Daddy will play with you guys later on alright?” said Duane

He turned his attention back to his evil mother in law. When he married Olivia he found out he married Teresa as well. She has been living with them ever since. On more than one occasion Duane had brought up the idea of putting Teresa in a nursing home and naturally Olivia had rejected it. The last time he brought it up, Olivia made him spend the night on the sofa while Teresa laughed at him.

After that incident, he thought he could not hate Teresa any more than he already did, but now he was proven wrong. Last night he was caught up at the office and missed the recital, his company Danbury Insurance Co. had just signed on a very big client, Alan Barnett, and he and Heidi were working late filing all the papers. Since it was just them in the office, he snuck Heidi a few kisses and hugs little did he know Teresa was outside spying on him. He wasn’t in love with her daughter anymore, but he’d be damned if he let Olivia believe that was the truth. Without Olivia there would be no Farrah, and no Farrah means her dad would drop out as his client and he couldn’t have that. He faced Teresa once more.

“This is between me and you, act like an adult and leave the kids out of it please. I’ve had enough of you Teresa, and I swear if you think you can ruin my marriage, I will have you shipped out of here on the express bus back to the ghetto where you came from!” Duane said bitterly.

“Dog breath, if I toss a stick will you go away? You will be exposed, and I will not sit here and watch my daughter get her heart broken. What kind of man are you?” Teresa said in disgust.

“I am a man whose business you need to stay out of and who you should be afraid of.”

“You’re a man? Ha! Don’t make me laugh. . . I’ll make sure Olivia divorces you and makes sure you never ever see your children again! Just watch Olivia listens to me. Mark my words.” Teresa said as she walked into the house.

As much as Duane disliked his mother in law, he disliked the possibility of a divorce even more. Sure he had grown apart from Olivia, but he didn’t want to hurt her and lose his children. Olivia was a Mommy’s Girl; would she believe her mom or his lie more?

Teresa headed up into the house to find her daughter. She had a bad feeling inside the day Duane hired Heidi Krowsinski, and she knew about their affair since if first began about a year ago. Even with all the hints Teresa was throwing Olivia she still didn’t seem to get it. She finally caught her in the kitchen.

“Dear, we need to talk.” Teresa said. Her daughter looked so innocent and naïve it really hurt her to break her the news but it had to be done.

“Sure Mom. What is it you want to talk about?” Olivia asked.

“Well . . .” Began Teresa. “Honey, I don’t think you know your husband as much as you think you do. Do you know where he was last night?” she asked.

“Mom, where are you going with this? Why are you always attacking Duane? Yes I know he missed Brechelle’s recital but trust me, I’ve already talked to him and he apologized. I’ve got everything under control.” Olivia replied slightly annoyed.

Her mom never liked Duane from the beginning and was always trying to argue with him over everything. Duane did his share of stirring drama in the house, but if they were supposed to be a happy family, they had all better get along.

Teresa laughed out loud. Her daughter couldn’t be serious.

“Oh yeah, he was in his office. But with who, doing what? I saw him! Yes I did, he was all wrapped around that bimbo, smooching and all over her! He needs to fire her . . . better yet, you need to divorce him once and for all.” Teresa said.

“Mom don’t be ridiculous. Are you feeling alright? Where is all this coming from?” Olivia asked

“Of course I'm fine, but did you not hear a thing I said? Olivia Janae Parker I am your mother I brought you into this world and you will listen to me! Duane is no good!” shouted Teresa so loud she was almost screaming. How could her daughter be so . . . so . . . so stupid?

Duane had peeped his head around the corner and was listening in on the conversation. To his relief his wife wasn’t buying her mom’s story. One of his favorite qualities in Olivia was she was always loyal and easy to manipulate.

“Mother. . . I’m not a Parker anymore. I’m a Mitchell and I will stand by my children and my husband.”

“Fine.” Teresa said as she walked off and headed towards the pool.

Duane entered the room fully and walked towards his wife. He wanted to make sure everything was alright.

“Babe, I heard it all. And I just wanted to tell you that, I love you, and your mom is just trying to tear us apart with her lies.”

“I know Duane I do trust you but . . . do you promise there is nothing going on between Heidi and you?” Olivia asked

“Olivia,” Duane began as he took his wife’s hands in his, “I love you more than anything. Heidi is only my assistant and you never have to worry about me being unfaithful to you. You are my diamond. I would never hurt you.”

“Okay Duane. I trust you honey.” Olivia smiled back at him.

“I love you Olivia.” he said as held her.

“I love you too Duane.”


Duane changed into his swim trunks thinking a good swim would calm his nerves, too bad when he stepped outside he saw Teresa already in the pool. Slightly annoyed and definitely frustrated, Duane headed towards the twins who were playing near the side of the house. He did promise he would play with them.

As he walked by he told Teresa he hoped she would drown. He kept walking as she began cursing him out. He wasn’t going to let her ruin his day. He continued towards the children.

Broderick and Brechelle were excited their Dad was joining their play, he was very busy at work and they don’t get to see them all the time so they cherished every moment when they did.

The young twins looked up to their Dad. They thought he was their hero. Dad was there to read them stories and encourage them. Duane was a good father, regardless of his romantic life.

But just then out of the blue, Duane felt the left side of his face sting with a throbbing pain. He had just been slapped.

“Ahhh!” Yelled Duane, “Have you lost your mind?”

“You aint so big and bad now huh?” Teresa snapped. “There is more of where that came from. You may fool Olivia but not me! Not today!”

"Mommy!" the twins cried out in unison.

The twins were devastated. Why did Grandma hit their Dad? Why when they were having so much fun? What did Daddy do wrong? The kids wept and ran inside to find their mother while Duane and Teresa were arguing outside. The twins finally reached their mother, between tears and hiccups they explained to Olivia what happened.

Faster than the speed of light Olivia was outside, in front of her mother. She could not believe how her mom was behaving.

“Mom! You physically assault Duane in front of my children? What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you doing this?” Olivia asked angrily.

“Your need to divorce that man and listen to your mother before you end up hurt!”

“Maybe it’s best if you leave Mom. You can move back into our old house. We’ll even help you pack. I just . . . I just don’t think we can all live like this without killing each other.” Olivia said.

“Bye Bye Teresa!” Duane laughed, “Hallelujah! It’s about time!”

“How dare you! You’re putting your mother out on the street? How can you choose this deadbeat over me? You are blind child. Totally blind and foolish.” Teresa said angrily. She couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

“Enough Mom, enough!” Olivia yelled.

“No Olivia you have to believe me. I know what I-“ Teresa started

“No mom. This so called deadbeat has been feeding you, clothing you, and being a wonderful father to our children and the perfect husband to me. Don’t you care about my feelings and my happiness? You’ve been so busy trying to tear us apart you don’t care whose feelings get hurt in the process huh? You have my children crying. They are afraid of you! You have traumatized them for life! You know what? Just go! Please Go and we will send your things to you later. Just please Mom, go!” Olivia cried out. She turned away from her mother and Duane.

“Alright then. I’ll leave if that’s what you really want.” Said Teresa as she changed clothes and walked away.

Duane was happy but he contained his excitement. Gone! She was finally gone and out of his way. If only this had happened earlier. His thoughts were interrupted by Broderick he looked confused and his face was still wet with tears.

“Dad where is Grandma going? Will she come back? We were supposed to play checkers together. . .” Broderick said sadly

“Grandma had to move out, but don’t worry you and your sister can still see her on the weekends. And don’t cry son, Daddy will play checkers with you instead. C’mon lets go inside.” Said Duane.

“I think I’ll play outside some more first Dad.” Broderick said as he walked past his dad.

Olivia was just about to walk into her house when she spotted her best friend Farrah coming on the sidewalk.

“Hey girl! I’m sorry for just dropping by hope you don’t mind!” said Farrah

“No of course not girl. I’m glad you are here, I’ve had a long ass day.” Olivia told her friend.

“Oh, what’s going on?” Farrah asked

“No no no. That is a long story trust me it will take forever to hear it all.” Laughed Olivia.

“Well, “ Farrah began, “I was actually on my way to Dale’s house. Would you like to come with? We are just going to hang out and stuff.”

“What about Jolene, Farrah?” asked Olivia.

“Exactly what about Jolene? I’m going over to see Dale, he is my boyfriend after all her living there shouldn’t stop me.” Stated Farrah

“But maybe the fact that he’s only separated with her should? I mean, Farrah . . . he’s not even divorced yet. What’s he waiting for?” Olivia asked with concern.

“We love each other. Don’t worry about it. Now are we going or what girl?” Farrah asked her friend impatiently.

Olivia looked at her friend skeptically, “Okay let’s go. But I’m warning you Farrah, I’ve had my fair share of drama today. If it gets cray cray over there I will leave you. Alright?”

“Yeah yeah yeah. C’mon let’s go!” Farrah laughed



“Girl, look Jolene is here. She’s over there fixing flowers.” Olivia stopped and pointed out as they girls approached Dale’s house.

“Screw her. Let’s keep walking Olivia.” Farrah said as she urged her friend.

Olivia could already feel the drama arising. As they got closer and their heels clicked on the pavement, Jolene raised her head and saw them. Almost instantly she dropped her watering can and ran towards them.

Oh no. Here we go. Thought Olivia. She honestly had no idea how or why Farrah decided on dating Dale. Him, Jolene and their kid moved to the Country Club from Shady Oaks the rundown, hillbilly neighborhood in Southwest Crestview. Somehow Dale won the lotto and moved the gang up here. He may have changed social class now, but he’s just a redneck in designer clothes in Olivia's mind. Farrah had called her one day with the exciting news of meeting this amazing guy at Dairy Queen. She even brought up the fact that he was separated and she didn't even care! Separated or not, they still lived together as if they were married which Olivia thought was stupid.

Jolene was now directly in front of Farrah. She was pissed. Why did she have to be here? Dale had to be inviting her over just to rub it in her face.

“Really Farrah? You’ve got some nerve coming here. You and Dale can go to a motel instead! This is my house alright Missy?” Jolene shouted.

“Um I’m pretty sure this is Dale’s house and he invited me so I have every right to be here okay? He is with me now Jolene.” Farrah said emphasizing the vowels in Jolene’s name. “In case you forgot, I’m not here to see you. I’m here to see my boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend? Yeah but legally Dale is still my husband Sug!” Jolene yelled.

Farrah had just about enough of all of this. She didn’t have time for drama with this crazy girl.

“Sug,” Farrah began, “You wanna talk about legal and illegal? Let’s talk about your brown roots and blond hair that’s a felony right there. Don’t you think it’s time for a touch up Honey? See my hair? All natural. Yeah that’s right. Now look at your Walmart outfit and look at me. If you don’t understand why Dale isn’t with you then you must be dumber than I thought you were.” Farrah said challenging Jolene.

“Farrah I’m gonna leave you all here with the drama, I’m gonna find something to do.” Olivia cut in, as she walked off at the same time Dale walked towards the girls.

“Hey hey hey! Jolene don’t you have something to do? You better leave Farrah alone.” Dale said.

“No! Why did you bring her up in here! I don’t want Savannah-Jean near this home wrecker.” Jolene spat.

“Home wrecker? Oh that’s classic.” Farrah said.

“Enough!” Dale yelled and the girls stopped arguing. “Jolene you leave us the hell alone and mind your own damn business. Farrah is my lady now and you’re just gonna have to get used to it. Now go!”

Jolene left into the house but not without giving Dale and Farrah and evil glare.

Dale returned his attention to Farrah. He held out his arms and she fell into them. He loved Farrah. She was his everything. He was holding the divorce back until he could explain to Savannah Jean exactly what was going on, but he couldn’t live like this. It was time to finalize things. After all he couldn’t marry Farrah until he ended things with Jolene for good.

“Don’t mind her Baby doll, I’m glad you came. I missed you sooo much.” Said Dale.

“I missed you too sweetheart. I love being with you. . . it’s so hard when we’re apart. Dale, I love you but I’m a jealous girl, I want you all to myself. I don’t want her living here anymore. I can’t keep getting verbally attacked every single time I visit you, and you know how my parents feel about you so you can’t visit me and . . . and I’m just tired-“ Farrah started

Dale cut her off with a passionate kiss. Farrah felt all of her thoughts and worries vanish instantly. Dale made her feel alive. She loved him more than anything in the world. And as crazy as it seems to everyone on the outside, no one truly understood the power of their love for each other. When they were apart they felt miserable and sad, but together they were a powerful, inseparable force of pure love and intense passion. The kiss only confirmed Farrah’s thinking, she would wait for Dale no matter how long it would take, after all, he was absolutely the love of her life.


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I'm glad you like it!
Hopefully I get Chapter 3 done tomorrow :D

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Default Chapter 3

Chapter 3


“I love you Farrah.”

Dale’s heart was still racing. How did he go from playing pool with Olivia and Farrah one minute to being here, doing this now? In a house full of people?

Farrah couldn’t believe it; no if someone told her this was all a dream she might possibly think this was true. Did this really just happen? She asked herself. My first Woohoo. . .

It did. Farrah looked to her left at a smiling Dale. She couldn’t help but smile too and she snuggled closer to him. They locked their fingers together tightly as Dale wrapped his own around Farrah. She felt her body relax as she held him comfortably.

“I love you too Dale.” Said Farrah sweetly

Farrah’s mind was racing, she didn’t think this would happen today, not so fast. It started with a kiss, and then it was unstoppable from there. Poor Olivia was just abandoned upstairs. Had Farrah known she would’ve came alone.

Dale looked over to his right and stared into his beautiful girlfriend’s green eyes. He loved her so much. She was so perfect, not to mention all of his crap she had to put up with. He wanted to take away her worries and he wanted to remember this perfect moment for the rest of his life. Just then the door burst wide open and Jolene angrily stormed in the room. The perfect moment was now officially ruined.

“Are you serious? What the hell are you doing?” she yelled, “You do remember your daughter is in the house and so am I?

“This is my house woman! I’m a grown ass man! I will do what I damn well please now get out!” Dale yelled after her. Dale and Farrah jumped out of the bed but they weren’t expecting Jolene to run towards Dale and slap him. And she did, hard.

“You are a dog! I hate you!” Jolene said bitterly “And I hate your little tramp too!”

Farrah turned away from them as they began to argue. She listened to Dale go back and forth with insults but he never talked about getting a divorce. She did say she would wait for him however long it would take for them to finalize things, but did she really have the patience? Dale ruined what was supposed to be a special moment just because his soon to be ex-wife lived with him still. Would this kind of thing happen often Farrah wondered.

She left the other two continue to argue and walked upstairs. She was headed to the attic to go find Olivia who was up playing pool; at least she was when she had left her for some quality time with Dale. Feeling confused and uncertain she felt like it was time to go home. Suddenly Dale caught up to her.

“Hey Baby doll where are you going? I’m so sorry for all of that.” He said

“I promise Farrah, nothing like that won’t ever happen again. Do you want to go back downstairs?” Dale asked

“No, not really. I was actually on my way to find Olivia so we can leave. I know you are sorry, but I can’t be here right now. Not with Jolene here. This isn’t right Dale.” Farrah told him. She was still upset at the whole situation.

Dale sighed, “Farrah don’t leave, everything is alright now aint it?”

“No Dale, everything is not alright. I love you with all my heart and you know that . . . but I just-” Farrah started.

“You still here huh?” Jolene shouted at Farrah as she too made her way to the upstairs hallway.

“Tell your little whore to get out of my house and you can go with her! I hope little Miss Moneybags knows what kind of man you are. You’re nothing but a low down dirty dog.” She spat.

Jolene was back again. She was pissed the hell off. How Dale had the nerve to treat her this way. Every time she saw Farrah it was like a knife into her stomach. Jolene was still in love with Dale, he had said they’ve grown apart but he didn’t really give her a good explanation he just filed for separation and like a heartbroken fool she agreed just to make him happy. And then came Farrah. Farrah this and Farrah that. Stupid Farrah came along and shattered any hope Jolene had left of repairing her marriage. Farrah was prettier, richer, and younger than her and Dale loved Farrah in a way he never loved her and she hated Farrah for it. Dale and Farrah cut into Jolene’s thoughts.

“You see Dale? This is exactly what I’m talking about. I need to leave. Olivia! Olivia let’s leave!” Farrah called out.

“Jolene, what in the hell is wrong with you? This ends now Jolene! Farrah, Honey don’t go.”

“Farrah? What’s going on are you alright girl?” Olivia asked as she walked towards them.

“No girl, let’s leave now. I can’t take this anymore. I can’t stand her anymore.” Farrah said

“Yeah go ‘head and get out of my house!” Jolene yelled

“Omg Farrah I told you this kind of crazy shit would happen! C’mon let’s get out of here!” Olivia told her friend

“This isn’t healthy girl! They are still technically married. See I warned you everyone knows Jolene is insane. . .” said Olivia

“You get outta my house too Shaniqua!” Jolene spat

“Shaniqua? Bitch! I will kick your little-“Olivia started

“Daddy? Momma? What’s going on?” Savannah Jean asked as she walked into the hallway

“ENOUGH!” Dale yelled

The room fell silent all of the girls looked towards Dale except Farrah who was heading for the stairs.

“You!” he said pointing towards Jolene with anger in his eyes. “This ends now! You’re behaving like a crazy woman and this is exactly why I am no longer with you. I can’t take all the drama anymore. I promise you, I will make damn sure my daughter doesn’t think women like you are a good example. You have no class and all you do is drink and fight. We are through! Take off your ring and get the hell out of my house! Yes this is MY HOUSE! I am divorcing your psycho ass once and for all. Don’t you dare harass Farrah anymore if you do I swear to God Jolene . . . Don’t call me unless it has to with our daughter. Grab your stuff and get out now!” Dale yelled. He turned towards everyone else.

“Savannah Jean, I’m sorry you had to hear all of this but your Momma and I are getting a divorce. Olivia I’m sorry also.” He said.

Farrah stopped in her tracks. She had never heard Dale get that angry before and the fact that he was actually divorcing Jolene made her feel a little bit more better. He did love her and she did love him. She felt sorry for his daughter, this had to be rough for her but Farrah was ready to be Dale’s one and only.

“I’m sorry Dale! Please don’t choose her over me! I love you!” Jolene cried

“I am sorry Jolene but it’s best if you leave now. I will always care for you, since you are the mother of my child but you and me as a couple are over for good now you hear? I am in love with Farrah and you’re just gonna have to accept that.” Dale said

“Daddy!” cried Savannah Jean

“No it’s alright honey let your Daddy do who and what he wants. I’m going now, I’ll call you in the mornin’ sweetheart.” Said Jolene as she kissed her daughter goodbye and made her way downstairs. “Don’t expect me to pay child support you bastard.” She said to Dale

“Momma don’t go!” Savannah Jean called out but her mom had already left

Savannah Jean was not happy at all. To her, Farrah was the reason her mom left her. If Farrah hadn’t come along none of this would have happened! And if her Dad married her, she would be stuck living with Farrah for a long time. She was so angry she wanted to scream, but instead she ran into her room and cried softly so that no one could hear her.

Jolene was on her way out of the house. She had to leave the country club, walk downtown, and then catch a bus back to Shady Oaks. She was hurt inside deeply and Dale & Farrah had another thing coming if they thought all of this was over.


Back inside Dale was talking to Olivia and Farrah.

“I know everything seems crazy but it aint always like this. I love Farrah, and you can rest assured I will never hurt your friend”

“Well I hope not. Because she is like a sister to me and Anushri and Valentina will also come pay you a visit if you mistreat her.” Olivia said

“Everything should get better now that Jolene is out of the picture girl.” Farrah said.

“I don’t even want to say her name. I was this close to beating her to a pulp.” Olivia laughed

“I would of helped you!” Farrah joked

“Me three!” Dale joined in and they all laughed.

But seriously, Dale was glad he was divorced and didn’t want to waste another minute. He wanted to make sure Farrah was his and the quicker the better.

“Farrah?” Dale asked

“Yes Babe?” said Farrah

Dale cleared his throat. “Farrah Barnett, I never knew what love was until you showed me. My heart opened up to you and you showed me the world with brand new eyes. I know you are my soul mate. I apologize for the drama I put you through and the wait, but there is one question I want to ask you.” He told her. “Farrah?” Dale said as he got down on one knee in front of her. Olivia squealed with excitement and Farrah held her breathe as her body froze with anticipation.

“Will you do me the biggest honor and marry me?”

Farrah saw the diamond Tiffany ring in front of her and Dale stare up at her with the most adoring look on his face. She said softly, tears forming into her eyes, “Yes.”

He slid the ring onto her left hand delicately and with great care. Dale watched as Farrah looked happily at her ring, a symbol of his love and commitment to her. He couldn’t be any more in love with her than he was right now.

Farrah and Olivia danced around and giggled excitingly.

“Girl this is so exciting! I am sorry I ever doubted you two. I am happy for you girl. But, it’s getting late and I have to go home and check on the kids.” Olivia said

“Okay girl, I better be going to. I’ll meet you down there in a minute.” Said Farrah

“Hold on little Missy, I need a goodbye kiss from my fiancé first!” Dale joked.

“How could I forget?” said Farrah as she held Dale in her arms and kissed him passionately.

“I love you Dale.”

“I love you too Baby doll.”

“I’ll see you later, Olivia and I better get going.”

“Alright, call me or text me when you get home. Yall be safe now.” Dale called after Farrah.

“Okay honey. Bye.” She said as left his house and caught up with Olivia outside and the two friends began to walk away.



“Thanks again girl for coming with me today. I really appreciate it.” Said Farrah

“Girl I’m always here for you no matter what. “said Olivia as she hugged her friend outside of her house.

“Thanks girl. Now go be with your husband I’m sure he misses you!”

“Alright girl. Call me if you need anything! Remember Best Friends Forever!” Olivia laughed

“Best Friends Forever! Bye Olivia!” Farrah said she hugged her friend goodbye.

Olivia made her way up the steps of her house. To her surprise Duane was waiting for her and he opened the door.

“Hey Baby, I was starting to worry about you. You were gone so long.” Duane said

“Oh yeah, I was hanging out with Farrah you know. I had to come home and check on my family. Did you miss me?” She asked happily

“Of course I missed my beautiful wife.” said Duane

Olivia hugged him tightly but she noticed something was a little off. Duane was wearing his usual cologne, but this time she smelled something fruity. It was a very familiar smell . . . just like the perfume Heidi always wore. Olivia pull herself away from him and eyed him suspiciously. Maybe Duane had her come over while she gone. As Duane and her made their way to their upstairs bedroom Olivia wanted to calm her suspicions.

“So what did you do all day while I was gone?” she asked

“You mean besides watch the kids? I poured myself a drink and celebrated the fact your mother is out of my house! Ha Ha.” He laughed

“Seriously Duane. I don’t want to argue with you or anything but, there are rumors going around town and . . . you’d tell me if anything was wrong right?” she asked as she looked at her husband

Every time she brought up this topic it would always end up in a big argument. She didn’t want to believe the rumors and didn’t want to think about the fact that maybe her mom was indeed telling the truth. “Maybe I was too hard on her” she thought to herself.

Duane sighed. He didn’t want to talk about this. Sure, he had Heidi come over for a little bit as soon as he put the children to bed. And sure Heidi left just a few seconds before Olivia came home, but he wouldn’t tell her that. He had no plans of leaving either woman no time soon. As long as Heidi kept up with her birth control, he could keep everything going smoothly.

“Olivia,” He began “I already told you earlier you had nothing to worry about right? And these rumors you’re talking about, to hell with them. I love my wife and my children and nobody can make me feel different. Who is saying this anyways Valentina?” said Duane

“Not just her, Anushri heard some stuff around town too. Look, I’ve noticed that you don’t kiss me as often, you don’t compliment me anymore. Do you . . . still find me attractive Duane?” Olivia asked

“Yes I do! People are just jealous because I have one of the finest women in town as my lovely wife. Baby, I’m sorry you feel like I have been acting different it’s just I’m so tired with work. I promise I will make it up to you.” He said.

“Okay Honey. So are you coming with me to the wedding?” Olivia asked accepting his answer.

“Wedding? What wedding?” Asked Duane

“Anushri’s wedding of course! It’s tomorrow I’ve talked to you about it a thousand times. It’s even on the calendar.”

“Honestly, I’m not sure If I will be able to.” Duane said as Olivia groaned “But I will try my hardest to make it, I have a few phone conferences to do and worst case scenario that I don’t make it, I will give you a big surprise.”

“Whatever you say Duane.” Olivia said as she and Duane crawled under their covers. “I love you Duane.”

But Duane’s thoughts already drifted back to Heidi and the shopping trip and lunch they had planned together for tomorrow. It was their one year anniversary. Wanting to end the conversation with his wife and go to sleep he resumed his thoughts of his girlfriend.

“Goodnight Olivia.” he said as his wedding ring glowed in the moonlight.


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Default Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Yanez Household

“He is just so precious when he sleeps, isn’t he Ozzy?”

“Yes he is our little prince. He looks so peaceful.”

Oswald “Ozzy” and his wife Valentina watched over their sleeping toddler. They had spent the day at the park and finally got their son Junior to go to bed. Ozzy loved his son, he has strong beliefs that family comes first. He taught Junior to talk, walk and everything else. Valentina never changed a dirty diaper and when Junior was young, he was formula fed. Ozzy wanted another child very much. He was hoping tonight Valentina would be willing to try.

“Well, how do you feel about giving Junior a little brother or sister?” Ozzy asked.

Dios Mios Ozzy, do we really have to have this conversation now?” Valentina said slightly annoyed. “I’m still trying to shed the extra pregnancy weight from Junior! Can you imagine? All that hard work of cleansing and gym workouts right down the drain.”

“Oh stop it mi Cariña, what weight? You look beautiful just the way you are. Actually, you seem to look more and more gorgeous each and every day. It is truly a blessing I have a wife like you.”

“I want to make tonight extra special for you. I will cook you your favorite meal, run you a nice bubble bath, give you an aromatherapy massage then we can either hop in the hot tub or watch a movie together it is our anniversary after all.” Ozzy told his wife as he smiled at her.

Valentina's head started to spin. Was today really their anniversary? So, that explains why he has been so sweet to her and the Tiffany necklace he gave her this morning.

She was not trying to be intimate with Ozzy tonight. She hadn’t been since Junior was born. All of her friends have been telling her it wasn’t fair to Ozzy, and what she wouldn’t do some other girl will. She didn’t want her husband to see someone else, not like he would anyways. Ozzy was just a big softie, and Valentina did love him, but everything just went too fast.

Two weeks after her wedding, she got pregnant even though she was on birth control. She told Ozzy she never wanted to have children, and she took her pills every day without fail. Valentina believed Ozzy messed with her pills and got her pregnant on purpose and she was not going to let him trick her tonight.

“Ozzy, Honey,” Valentina began, “I have to go meet with Manny now, just for a few minutes and then I will come back and we can do all of that stuff okay?”

“Valentina, but tonight is our night. What do you mean you have to see Manny? Who cares about Manny?” Ozzy asked. He was getting frustrated.

“I said, just for a little bit. I will come back! Geez. . .” Valentina said

Ozzy couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Was his wife really this selfish? How could she forget this was their special night? He had thought all day long, she was just pretending like she didn’t know but now he saw she really did not and it hurt him.

“Who do you care more about Valentina?” Ozzy asked. Valentina turned her back and walked out of her son’s room. “Who is more important, your cousin? Or your own husband?” He asked barely above a whisper.

Valentina reached the bottoms of the steps and she didn’t want to deal with Ozzy and his drama right now. It was too much for her. She was supposed to be happy and he ruined her good mood damn it.

She headed towards the liquor cabinet in the kitchen and set drinks for herself all around. She knew she was wrong for hurting Ozzy like this, but it was easier than to face him and pretend she actually enjoyed the life he had given her.

The drinks went down one by one. The whiskey burned her throat as it went down and her head grew fuzzy. The living room was swaying and everything was in slow motion.

The beer went down and cooled her body down, but it did nothing for the dizziness. She sat there as straight as she could. Valentina heard her heartbeat loudly as it echoed in her empty mind.

She felt the excess drink come up and somehow she made it just in time to the master bathroom. She emptied her stomach and tears fell down her face.

Valentina?” . . . “Valentina did . . . did you drink all of this?"

She heard Ozzy’s voice ring from the living room and the sound of glass bottles hitting the floor. She suddenly felt weak.

Weak from the drink but more from the knot of guilt in her stomach. Valentina collapsed back onto the bathroom tiles. Her head spun out of control, her muscles fought against her and trembled, refusing to let her stand. She laid there on the cool floor and passed out. Finally after what seemed like an hour, she woke up and stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her eyes were glossy. Her hair was still decent.

Valentina’s dizziness was almost gone, but her head still pounded. Not like she cared. She popped a few aspirins and went into her room and changed into her party dress.

Ozzy had bought it of course. He was a successful business owner and that brought it a lot of cash money. Honestly, that was what caught Valentina’s eye first, but now she didn’t care about that as much. She was who she was. She loved to party and be wild. And Ozzy wanted her to be like some 1950’s housewife, popping babies and doing laundry.

“No way in hell is that going to be me.” Valentina said to herself. And she headed out to leave the house.

She didn’t see Ozzy had fallen asleep on the sofa while trying to clean up the mess she made, but she didn’t care.

The only thing that was on Valentina’s mind right now was going to hang out with Manny. She was planning to spend the night over her cousin’s house and come back home to get ready for Anushri’s wedding. Ozzy would just have to spend their anniversary alone.

“To the Skating Rink please, and hurry up.” She said as she got in the taxi and rode away.


The Skating Rink

Valentina met her cousin and her best friend Manuel “Manny” outside of the skating rink. She was happy to be out with him no one else she knew loved shopping and nightlife like her.

“Hola Papi! Finally! I missed you cousin!” Valentina laughed

“Look at you Val! Lookin’ good. Happy Anniversary by the way!” said Manny.

“Oh thank you. But enough about that. Let’s party! Valentina laughed

“Ha to be honest, it’s kinda dead in there tonight we’d be better off kickin it at my crib!” said Manny

“In that case we’re totally going over your crib! I want to have nothing but fun. No worries, and no stress.” Valentina said.

“Fun is my middle name! Come on lets go inside anyways for a little.” Manny joked.

“Alright, alright. Woo woo!” laughed Valentina


Yanez Household

Ozzy just woke up from his short nap. Earlier he had heard some noises and it was 3 am now. Surely Valentina is home now, she must have came in while he was sleeping. He was tired himself and went into the master bedroom to check on his wife, but Ozzy was shocked to see an empty bed.

“Damn it . . .” Ozzy said as he felt a headache start to form. Where was she? How could he have been so foolish to trust her word. She said a few minutes but it has already been hours. And he was still pissed from earlier and how she got drunk. Why was she acting like this?

Ozzy was getting upset and and he stormed back into the living room and tried to call Manny’s cell phone. No answer, so he called Valentina’s phone.

When she didn’t answer, he left her a voicemail.

“Valentina, this is your husband calling you. I am worried about you and I’m sick of your behavior tonight. This isn’t healthy Valentina. I love you woman!” He shouted into the phone, “I love you too damn much to let you ruin everything we have. When you come home you have two choices. Either you go to rehab, or I’m filing for divorce and full custody of my son.” He said as he hung up.

This was not the way he had planned his night and he felt like giving up on his wife. She was not the girl he had married. She was careless and selfish, she was not a good mother, and Valentina barely paid attention to Junior ever since he was born.

What happened to his marriage? What did he do to deserve this? This was a terrible night.


The Skating Rink

Valentina and Manny were having fun skating and playing. It was 4am but they didn’t even notice the time.

When they came to a stop Manny pulled Valentina to the side to talk. He wants her to come over and hang out over his house. The skating rink was 24hrs but he didn’t want to be here anymore.

“Yeah let’s leave Manny.” Valentina said.

“Okay wait for me by the door, I need to use the men’s room before we go.” Said Manny.

“Alright!” Valentina said as she walked towards the front entrance. Suddenly, she came to face to face with none other than Ozzy’s best friend Hector Porras.

“What are you doing here?” he asked

“What are you doing here Hector.” Said Valentina.

“Same as you. I’m here to skate and eat nachos. Isn’t it your anniversary? Why are you here instead of at home? Oh I see . . . “He said as he leaned in and smelled the drink on her breath. “You’re at it again aren’t you?” Hector said as he covered his nose.

“Ha Ha you’re funny! Why don’t you just get out of my way little boy.” Valentina laughed in his face. She turned away from him and walked away from her husband’s friend. No way was she gonna let him ruin her good mood. She met up with Manny again.

“Hey, you ready to go now? I really want to leave Manny.” She said

“Hell yeah. Let’s go, c’mon!” said Manny as they hoped into his car and headed to his house.


Yanez Household

Oswald tried calling his wife and her cousin over a dozen times. He even considered calling the police that was until his friend Hector called him and told him about his encounter with Valentina.

“So she was alive and out of harm’s way. Thank God for that!” He had said.

“Yeah, she is alive man, but she’s putting her own self in danger. Did you know she was drinking again Ozzy? I thought she got over that already. Wasn’t she going to AA or something?” his friend asked him.

“She supposedly successfully completed that program. Obviously not, man. But, hey, I appreciate you calling to let me know man. You are a true friend. I will call you tomorrow, I have to go check on Junior and then get some rest.” Ozzy had said.

“No problemo dude. And yeah I’ll catch up with you later.” Hector told him.

Now, Ozzy sat in his son’s room with his head in his hands. He didn’t know what to do anymore, and honestly he didn’t feel like thinking about it. His eyes began to close against his will and he was too tired to fight back.


Arroyave Household

“So after we hang out for a bit, you want me to drop you off or are you calling a cab?” Manny asked Valentina

“What do you mean?” she asked.

Manny pulled his car into his driveway he turned to his cousin. He loved hanging out with her. They had been inseparable since their birth. When Valentina left Columbia and went to the states with her family, Manny was left behind. It wasn’t until Manny graduated from high school that he was able to also leave and be reunited with his cousin. Unfortunately, by that time she was married to Oswald and he never really liked Manny.

“I mean what’s the deal? It’s already 5:00 am Val, I’m just saying, you might as well stay here instead of going home to your boring husband.”

“Manny, stop trying to pick on Ozzy. He is a good husband!” Valentina said defensively.

“If that’s the case why are you here and not with him instead?” asked Manny.

Valentina didn’t have an answer for that and Manny didn’t want to get all serious and start an argument with her.

“C’mon Prima, let’s go have some fun. Forget all the drama. Hey, the Sun ain’t up yet!” Manny laughed and Valentina joined too.

They went off to play catch and laughed all loud. Then they decided to relax in Manny’s hot tub in his back yard.

The two cousins laughed and talked mostly making more plans to hang out soon. And before they knew it, the sun slowly began to rise over the horizon.

“Geez, It can’t be morning already! Ugh, Dios Mios, I know Ozzy will have my head!” Valentina groaned.

“And today is Anushri’s wedding. Man, I don’t know . . . it’s already 7 and it starts at 9 o’clock by the time I go home and get ready . . .” Valentina began

“Just don’t go then. Tell her you got sick, I’ll cover for you. Ha Ha. Hey! We are family girl. Family comes first, blood comes first. If things ever get too tough over there at home, you and Junior are always welcome over my house Val.”

“Yeah, thank you Manny, you are the best cousin a girl could ever ask for! I love you dude. “

“I love you too Val! Hey, enough lovey dovey stuff. Let’s have some real fun, it’s Hookah time!” Manny laughed.

Manny and Valentina got out of the tub and headed towards the Hookah.

“Just let go Val. Live for today!” said Manny between coughs.

“Oh yeah, man, I’ve already let go. Where’d you get this stuff?” Valentina said.

“I got a dude from Riverblossom, makes it in his own greenhouse and shit.” Manny laughed.

Time flew by and Valentina’s mind went numb. Forget the wedding, forget Ozzy all that mattered was the moment. She would face the consequences of her actions later. Right now she didn’t feel like being someone’s mother, or wife. She just wanted to feel free.

After about a few hours outside with her cousin, Valentina finally felt the need to go home. She still had a terrible headache only now she was starving and Manny had nothing to eat except ramen noodles and malta.

She just got out of the shower and changed back into her clothes. The clothes Ozzy bought her. A wave of guilt came over her, as she was now more sober. She suddenly wanted to go home to her husband and try to smooth things over. But, she still had to deal with her friends. . .

Anushri would be so disappointed in her. Farrah would shed her sweet girl image and curse her out, and Olivia would just give her the cold shoulder like she never existed. Valentina sighed, only they knew why she had her addictions, and it had a lot more to do than just Valentina being a pleasure seeking person, it was so much more deeper than that . . .

“Hey Manny? I’m leaving now okay?” Valentina called out.

“You sure you don’t want me to give you a ride? I live in Cedarwoods not The Crestview Country Club which is halfway across town!”

“It’s okay, I’ll call a cab or something. Look, I’ll be fine okay? I just . . . gotta get home and deal with some stuff. I’ll text you later. Love you.”

“Bye Manny.” said Valentina as she walked out of Manny’s house.

“You better text me when you get home safe. . . love you too.” Manny said as he waved goodbye.


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Default Chapter 5

Chapter 5

The Chopra/Kapoor Wedding

Anushri Chopra couldn’t believe it, today was her wedding day! She had always dreamed of this this day ever since she was a little girl, attending all her family member’s weddings wishing she was the one shining in custom made dresses. But soon she would.

The night she met Farhan, it had took every bone in her body to leave him and return home and as soon as she arrived her parents were waiting for her questioning what she had done with him. Her sister Priyanka left her husband’s side and stayed up the whole night talking with her.

Yesterday Anushri spent the whole day with her mother Gitali and her sister preparing the decorations and making sure their dresses were perfect. She was exhausted, but she still didn’t sleep last night. How could she? All she could think about was Farhan and seeing him again, marrying him today.

Anushri stepped outside to get some fresh air. She was extremely nervous and soon it would be time to change into her dress and begin the ceremony. Soon she would be no longer Anushri Chopra, but she would be Anushri Kapoor.

“Mrs. Kapoor. . . Mrs. Anushri Kapoor.” She said to herself. It sounded strange, but she would get used to it. She felt like this was a dream. She believed when she met Farhan it had been truly love at first sight and she felt like she was in love with him even though, they hardly knew each other. Anushri was ready to start this new chapter in her life with this man. She wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

Anushri’s mother interrupted her thoughts of her soon to be husband.

“Anushri? Anushri come, you must finish getting ready the guests will be here soon! Hurry up now!” said Gitali.

“Okay Mom, I’m coming, I’m coming!” she said as she went inside her house and her mom and sister helped her get ready.


The guests had all arrived, Farhan was here now. Here goes nothing. Anushri thought as she walked out back where they were having the ceremony and took her place at the arch. It was time.

Prakash gave his blessings and apologized that Farhan’s parents were not able to make it to the wedding because of an emergency, but they too gave the couple their blessing to wed happily. It was now time for Farhan and Anushri to say their vows. The guests were all quiet and still, they wanted to hear every beautiful word.

Anushri felt butterflies inside her tummy. She was very nervous but also felt very relaxed under Farhan’s gaze. She saw nothing but pure love and adoration in his eyes for her and she fought back her own tears as she began to share her vows she had written for him. Every word came straight from her heart.

“As I open another chapter in the book of my life, I ask you to be my companion, my best friend, to travel the journey of life, with me. With you, my love, I commit here and now, to share all my pleasures and my pains. I promise you, Farhan, to stand by you, in every situation of life, best or worst, in adversities or in riches and in sickness or health. Long ago, you were just a possibility and a prayer. Today, my dearest, I thank Almighty, to give me the wonderful opportunity to begin a new journey of my life, with you. With all the limitless love in my heart, I ask you, my love to make me a part of your life. Thank you for what you have been to me, a true friend and a true lover. With the future unseen, with the possibility of all uncertainties and troubles, I promise to protect you, honor you, love you and respect you. I commit to you, for the rest of my life, to be yours, at every step. May the faith and power of love, bond us eternally. May we be like one single soul, residing in two bodies. I give you my love, myself, my existence, my body, my soul....”

Farhan secretly flinched at her words. He never expected Anushri’s vows to feel so powerful and emotional. He had cold feet after meeting her. He wasn’t 100% ready to give her his last name and sign away his freedom, but what could he do now? He had no choice but to marry her today. He liked her, and that was a start.

Farhan stayed up all night researching pre-written vows online. He tried his best to remember the lines he had borrowed and did his best to add in a few of his own now as he looked Anushri in the eyes and he spoke to her for all to hear.

“Anushri, when I found out you shared my hobby for video games, I knew it was love. You are the most beautiful, generous, selfless person I know. You are not afraid to be yourself, and that I greatly admire. You are smart and different, and I look forward to sharing the rest of my life with you. As we embark on this journey together, I promise to try to keep a light heart and a sense of humor. I will be honest, respect you and support you in your dreams and goals. But most of all, I promise to trust and love you with all my heart, and cherish you with all my soul forever and ever.”

Anushri and Farhan continued the ceremony with their vows to each other. At this time most of the women at the wedding burst into tears. Priyanka being the most loud and dramatic out of everyone.

“I Farhan, take Anushri to be my wife. I will honor her, and care for her through sickness and health.”

“I Anushri, take Farhan to be my husband for richer or poorer, through thick and thin. I will remain loyal and truthful.”

They did the exchangement of the rings and they were now officially married. Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor. Anushri was so excited this was the best day of her life. Farhan’s jaw started to hurt from his forced smile, but he was glad the ceremony was almost over so he could go eat. The couple faced their guests right before the big moment . . . the kiss.

Everyone cheered and was happy for them. Aasif clapped his hands. Prakash stepped away as he felt tears forming in his eyes. Priyanka had her head thrown back and she wailed with tears of joy. Farrah happily smiled at her friend.

Olivia jumped up and shrieked with glee. “Ohmygosh! Anushri! I’m so happy for you! I love you girl!”

Gitali wiped her eyes with her handkerchief and smiled at her youngest daughter and her new son-in-law. They were a lovely couple indeed and she was so happy this had been a great day. She almost forgot it wasn’t all the over yet.

“Hey! You two lovebirds, we are still waiting for your kiss!” she laughed happily

And kiss they did. Farhan held his new wife in his arms as he brought her close to him and passionately kissed her lips. He didn’t mind this part. Anushri felt as though she would melt into a puddle on the floor. She couldn’t believe it she was finally married!

The guest cheered loudly and hooted as they kissed and finally pulled apart from each other.

People began to head towards the buffets and take their seats at the tables. Champagne flutes were passed around along with hor d’oeurvs of mini spicy samosas served with tamarind sauce.

“Can you believe it Farhan?” Anushri asked

“Not really, it still all feels like a dream my love.” Farhan smiled.

“I know! This is the most amazing day of my life!” Anushri exclaimed.

Gitali, Aasif and Farrah now joined their side and began to have a small conversation.

“Yes I am happy to have you as my son in law, Farhan you are a very handsome groom!” Gitali smiled.

"Hey, I'm glad you're my new brother in law!" Aasif said

“Thank you Gitali, you are a lovely mother in law to have.” Said Farhan

“Aww!” Farrah said

“Please, call me Mom.” Gitali said.

“Heh heh, okay Mom.” Farhan said uncomfortably.

“Yeah now that you two are married you can start having babies! How exciting would that be?” asked Farrah

“Oh Farrah,” Farhan began, “Anushri and I haven’t really talked about children yet.” He said

"Yeah, I want to be uncle!" joked Aasif

“But surely you two will give me wonderful grandchildren no?” Gitali asked

“Mom! Of course we will! I love children, but we do want to enjoy the married life a little before we have children right Farhan?” Anushri said.

“Um . . . cough cough!” Farhan briefly choked on the champagne. He regained his composure and continued talking, “Um, yes of course!” Farhan managed to say.

Ding ding ding

“May I have everyone’s attention for a brief moment please?”

Just then Prakash tapped his glass with a spoon to get everyone’s attention. Farhan was glad for the distraction.

“I know everyone is enjoying themselves and the champagne, Priyanka take it easy please, but I would like to take a moment of your time and ask you all to join me in a toast to my daughter and her new husband.”

Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned their attention to Prakash and the newlyweds.

“To the Farhan and his lovely wife Anushri. May their marriage prosper and be filled with love and joy and good health. To the newlyweds!” Prakash shouted.

“To the newlyweds!” Everyone joined in.

Now the guests returned to whatever they were doing. The Chopra’s butler began serving the guest the 3 course meal. One buffet table had Greek salad, roast lamb, and ambrosia salad for dessert. The other had chickpea salad, kaali daal which was a black lentil dish and gajar halva, a carrot dessert.

Prakash pulled Farhan to the side for a moment because he had some exciting news to share.

“What is Mr. Chopra? What is the exciting news?” he smiled

“Okay, I was going to wait until later, but here it is! Your big surprise! I have arranged for you and Anushri to spend your honeymoon in Hawaii. I have already taken care of everything my son. First class flight, 5 star resort reservation. You and Anushri have nothing to worry about.”

“Oh, that is wonderful! Thank you very much what a thoughtful gift.” Farhan said happily.

“It was the least I could do. Now, go enjoy the rest of your reception, your flight leaves right after the wedding.” Prakash.

Farrah found Anushri once again in the crowd of guest. She wanted to congratulate her friend privately.

“Anushri you look absolutely stunning today. I am so happy for you girl, and after all we’ve been through as friends, I am glad I could share this special day with you.”

“Aww Farrah! You’re gonna make me cry! Thank you so much for being here for me girl. I love you!” Anushri beamed.

“I love you too girl. I love the food too! It’s so good!” Farrah joked.

“I’m glad you enjoy it Farrah and just because I’m married nothing is going to change I promise you guys that. I just wish Valentina would have came to show her support, but that’s alright. I’m gonna grab a bite to eat I’m starving. I’ll catch you up later.” Anushri said as she went to go eat.

Up until now, Farrah hadn’t noticed Valentina was indeed not there. How could she do that to Anushri? Farrah made a mental note to investigate this more later on. Valentina needed a good butt kicking for doing this to her friend.

Olivia managed to find a seat next to her friend. She hadn’t gotten a chance to talk to Anushri alone the whole entire time. She wanted to talk to her before she left or got too busy.

The two friends talked and chatted about the wedding, the wonderful food and compliments to each other’s outfits. Olivia brought up Valentina’s no show, but Anushri just seemed to brush it off and changed the conversation.

Olivia did though, bring up the fact that Farhan seemed a little distant. She shared her concern with her friend.

“Oh no, he must be tired. Trust me he is fine girl. I’m a little sleepy myself I haven’t slept all night. I was way too excited.” Anushri said.

“Yeah I bet. I did the same when it was my wedding day. Sorry the twins couldn’t make it. Ever since my mom moved out, the kids have been missing her and wanted to spend some time with her.”

“I thought you were mad at your mom girl.” Anushri said

“Honestly I was, but now I’m over it. There could be some truth to her words about Duane. Speaking of him, he had got caught up at the office again, so he couldn’t make it either. You know how that is. We’re giving you guys a 1,000 simoleon gift card to H&M, I know how much you love to shop there.” Said Olivia.

“Oh Olivia, thank you so much! And I hope everything works out okay girl. You know Aasif found a job at your husband’s insurance office so he will keep an eye on Duane and Heidi for you. Don’t worry girl. And kiss the twins for me, I miss them so much!” said Anushri

Just then Farhan walked towards the girl’s table. He had a little too much champagne and the loud music was giving him a headache. Needless to say, he was ready to ditch this scene.

“Excuse me ladies, but if I may take my wife away.” Farhan said, “We have a plane to catch Anushri, your dad set up a honeymoon for us in Hawaii!”

“Ohmygosh that’s so exciting! I hope you two have a wonderful time!” Olivia told them.

“Really? Oh wow that is so amazing! When do we leave Farhan?” asked Anushri.

“I just told you, we’re leaving now.” Said Farhan annoyed. He didn’t want to sound too harsh so he added, “Come on sweetheart, your chariot awaits.”

Farhan carried Anushri in his arms and everyone clapped and cheered as the couple left to go into the taxi cab that was waiting up front. Gitali cried tears of joy. Priyanka hooted and hollered while Aasif supported his tipsy wife. Farrah and Olivia smiled and cheered for their best friend.

Farrah and Olivia turned towards each other exchanging glances. This was the first time Farhan had been introduced to everyone besides Anushri and Prakash, but little did everyone know, Farrah and Olivia had already met Farhan before they just never knew his name.

“This is not good Farrah. If word gets around . . .” Olivia began

“Hush! Word will not get around and we’re gonna make damn sure it never does. Anushri would die if she ever found out the truth and all hell would break loose.” Farrah said in a hushed tone.

“Yeah you’re right. Let’s focus on finding Valentina for now, we’ll deal with this issue later on.” said Olivia.

Everyone cheered even louder and the music got louder as well as Farhan and Anushri thanked everyone for coming and said goodbye. And Prakash watched it all go down from behind the back door.

So this was it now. He couldn’t go back in time. His little princess was now a married woman. He thought back to when Anushri was born. How Priya was so happy to finally be a big sister. How Gitali glowed as she held their youngest child in her arms.

And now she was leaving. Even though Priyanka and her husband lived at home with him, Prakash still had a bittersweet feeling about Anushri leaving. Not only would the house feel emptier, but there was a tiny voice in the back of his head telling him to stop her from leaving. Prakash wasn’t completely certain he had made the right choice for his daughter. He didn’t quite trust Farhan, but he pushed those thoughts back as his daughter was carried away.

“Goodbye Anushri.” Prakash whispered to himself.


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Lovely wedding, beautiful characters and I love your pictures. I find myself wondering how the honeymoon goes?
Now I am hungry from reading your story, I really want a Gyros...mmmmmm
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Default Chapter 6
** Hello everyone! I am sorry for those who read my story, I have taken waay to long to update it. Chapter 6 is a little short but Chapters 7 & 8 will be much longer and already in the works! Enjoy **

All That Glitters

Chapter 6

Krowsinski Household

Heidi and Duane were ending their fabulous day together. To celebrate their one year anniversary, the couple went for a walk in the park downtown, and later stopped at Dairy Queen for French fries and ice cream. Neither one of them wanted this day to end but just like any other day they’ve spent together, Duane had to return to his family eventually.

They walked back to Heidi’s house in the Cedarwoods neighborhood. It wasn’t far from downtown but it was still safe enough to live in. More importantly, Duane knew this wasn’t a neighborhood Olivia would ever visit. Duane bought Heidi’s house for her and he also paid her bills. He would do anything to make Heidi smile including spending lavishly on a new Nissan Murano, and designer clothes from Dolce & Gabana. Anything she wanted, Duane gave her. But Heidi did truly love Duane for him and not his money.

They finally arrived to her house, and Heidi didn’t want their day to end just yet, she wanted to spend a little more time with Duane.

“Okay babe, well I have to go pick up my kids from their grandma’s house. Olivia should be getting home from the wedding soon, and I still have to change back into my work clothes.” Said Duane

Heidi sighed. She always hated when he had to leave. She was raised better than this, she knew it, but she loved Duane with all her heart. And it was painful to share him and hide their love.

She tried to convince him to stay just a little longer.

“Oh Duane,” She started “Are you sure have to leave now? I’m sure your kids won’t mind if you are 10 minutes late.” Heidi smiled at him batting her eyes.

“I don’t know Heidi . . . I told you I still have to go home and everything. I told Olivia I had a business conference and that was the reason I couldn’t go with her to her friend’s wedding today. If she sees me in my everyday clothes, she’ll know I lied.” He said

“So what if you lie? What is she gonna do about it?” Heidi said getting annoyed.

“The point is, I have enough going on and I don’t feel like arguing with her today. I don’t want to argue with you either babe. This is our special day Heidi . . . I want us to be happy.”

“If you really cared about me you would come in for a little. That is what would make me happy.” Heidi said.

Duane did not want to disappoint his girlfriend. He did love her very much, and as much as he tried not to admit it, he really did want to stay a little longer. So he smiled and gave in to Heidi's request
“Alright babe. Let’s go inside.”

“Yay! I love you so much Duane!” Heidi said as she hugged the love of her life. She was happy he agreed; now her secret plan was finally in motion.

Duane held her tightly as well and inhaled the sweet smelling perfume she always wore. He loved being with Heidi. Oh how he wished he could marry her right here, right now. But Duane wasn’t a dummy. He had business with Olivia and he knew business always came before matters of the heart.

“I love you too Heidi. One day you will be Heidi Mitchell.” He smiled and told her exactly what she wanted to hear.

Heidi shrieked with glee and jumped into Duane’s arms right in her front yard. She didn’t care if any of her neighbors saw. She loved Duane, and now maybe he was thinking of finally divorcing his stupid wife. She didn’t even understand why he was still with her. Olivia obviously wasn’t a good wife; if she had been Duane wouldn’t have gone looking for whatever he lacked at home.

She pulled herself away from Duane and studied him. Did he really have the courage to leave his wife? He had mentioned it ever since they first started having the affair. How much did Duane truly love her then?

She looked at her boyfriend in the eyes.

“What are you thinking about Heidi? You look so serious.” Said Duane

“You say you love me but you won’t divorce her. What’s all that about? You two even sleep in the same bed together! Duane, I’m getting tired of sharing you.”

Duane took a deep breath. This is exactly the kind of conversation he didn’t feel like having with her at the moment. He had to keep promising her lies about them someday being married and having children, but at the time being, he had no plans to do that.

Things were fine as they were so why change it? All the women in his life were driving him crazy. He sighed.

“This is just the way things need to be for now baby. I promise things will get better. In the meantime, never forget you are the love of my life and no other woman means more to me, than you.” Duane said

“Thank you sweetie,” Heidi smiled, “Now come on inside, we don’t have too much time to enjoy the rest of our day.

Heidi and Duane made their way inside the house and into the master bedroom. Duane reluctantly called Teresa and told her he was going to be running a few minutes late. In the meantime, Heidi was in the bathroom and changed into her sexy $200 lingerie from Victoria’s Secret. This was a special occasion for more than one reason. Everything had to be perfect in order.

Heidi hasn’t been taking the birth control pills Duane bought her for over two months now. She thought by now she would already be pregnant, but she was not giving up now.

She quickly took her basal temperature and took a at home ovulation test. She was ready as ready could be. Duane was taking too long to leave his wife. He simply needed a little push. And a baby would be just enough to set him straight.

She left the bathroom and joined Duane on her bed.

“Wow, looking good babe. Is that the new lingerie I bought you?”

“Yes it is. And I’m glad you like it.” Heidi smiled

“What took you so long in the bathroom? Are you feeling okay?” Duane asked Heidi with real concern.

“Oh I was just touching up my makeup. I wanted to look extra special for you. It is our anniversary sweetie.” Heidi said not trying to sound too suspicious.

“You are always beautiful Heidi. That’s just one of many things I love about you.” Duane smiled

Duane scooted closer to Heidi and they held each other in their arms. Duane stared at Heidi with admiration. He loved how beautiful she was, and he loved the fact even more that Heidi was always loyal to him and she supported him in everything he does. She loved him for him.

All Heidi could think of was how their baby would look like. Would he/she have her blue eyes or Duane’s brown? If it was a boy would they decide to name him Duane junior? Butterflies swirled inside her tummy. She was so excited and so certain that this time, her long time wish would finally come true.

She knew she was going to be the new Mrs. Mitchell very soon.

Heidi briefly closed her eyes as she tried to rest to regain some energy. She felt Duane move around in the bed and finally get up and announce that he was leaving, and would call her later on tonight.

Heidi had the slightest feeling that her plan worked, and she hoped for the best. Tomorrow she would go visit her doctor just to be sure. She could barely focus on Duane’s words neither the kiss he left on her forehead before he walked out the front door. All she could do was hope she had finally conceived.


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cool story where did you find ozzys beard please
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Originally Posted by o0bubby
cool story where did you find ozzys beard please

Ha here it is

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Chapter 7
*It's been a while since I've updated this story, but real life has been pretty busy and full of surprises. But, I hope you enjoy it!*

Chapter 7

Kapoor Household

Farhan was ready to go home. Sure, Hawaii is nice, but Farhan was a business man he had more important matters to worry about than his honeymoon with a wife he didn’t even love. Farhan had been trying to unwind and relax this whole week, but now he was getting tired.

He left the bungalow for a walk and told Anushri he wanted some fresh air. She asked to come along with but he told her to stay, occupy herself, he just wanted to be alone for a while.

“Ahhh.” He said to himself as he took in the fresh air.

As Farhan walked around the resort grounds he saw a familiar face approaching him. Shocked, Farhan looked around to see make sure Anushri was out of sight before he started to converse with the woman who looked like his assistant.

“Trixie? Is that you?” he asked
“Yes it is me sir."
“Whoa, lookin’ good. I’m not used to seeing you fully clothed.” He joked

“Now” he said with a more serious tone, “what in the world are you doing here? I’m on my honeymoon remember? You traveled across the country, from Pleasantview all the way to Hawaii for what?”

Trixie stopped smiling. She wasn’t pleased of being here either but it was part of her job description to keep Farhan "Don Dollar" Kapoor constantly updated with the latest information regarding his businesses. That's what he paid her to do. Even though she couldn't stand him as a boss she bit her tongue and delivered the news.

“I’m sorry Don Dollar, I had no choice. I tried to call but it wouldn’t go through and well . . . there was a situation that happened that needed your immediate attention. I am sorry I don’t mean to interrupt your-“
“Shut up already.” Farhan sighed angrily. He rubbed his temple. “The last thing I need right now is my wife meddling in my business. Do you understand the risk of you being here?”
“Yes sir. I understand but-“
“I said, shut up!” he yelled.

“What is it that is so important? Is it about one of the clubs? Tell me now!” he shouted
“Yes sir. The club in downtown Pleasantview has been temporarily shut down by city officials after the discovery of illegal substances. Apparently there has been an undercover cop coming in every weekend for the last two months. They also set a court date for you on Tuesday at 10:00 am sir.”

“Tuesday? You’ve gotta be kidding me it’s Sunday, I won’t get back until Monday evening at least. How the hell am I gonna find time to go from Georgia to North Carolina by morning?” Farhan asked angrily

This was the last thing he needed. Of course, this wasn’t a big concern for him going to court and all. He had the city’s top lawyers on speed dial. His club would be up and running in no time. No, what was getting in his way was Anushri. Stupid traditions, he never wanted to get married but nonetheless he here was married to a naïve airhead of a girl who would only interfere with his professional life. There's no way she would be able to understand what he does. So there was no point of explaining anything to her. Trixie cut into his thoughts.

“Well sir I can have that arranged to be rescheduled no later than Thursday.”

“You can? Well why haven’t you done that already? Do you even use your brain sometimes? Oh, never mind I forgot who I was talking to for a second.”
“I’m sorry sir.”
“Don’t be sorry, be useful. Look, I’ll arrange for you to return back home immediately. When you get there, make sure to call James for me, tell him I will be needing his legal services for Thursday. Also, give Dale Clarkson a call and let him know I need him to keep an eye on the clubs in Crestview for me. Let him give everyone the warning to be extra careful and on the lookout for undercover cops. Do you understand?”
“Yes Don Dollar. I understood everything sir and I will make sure it is all complete.” Trixie replied.

“You better or else your ass will be back at McDonalds flipping burgers! Do I make myself clear?” Farhan shouted
“Yes sir.”
“Good. Now get out here before my wife sees you.”

Farhan sighed to himself. There was a lot Anushri didn’t know about him. And she was too innocent to handle him and his lifestyle. That only made him more agitated. But, it wasn’t her fault. He shouldn’t blame her. Maybe in time she will toughen up and realize there is more to the world than shopping for Gucci and being pampered at spas. Not everyone is a goody two shoes like she is. She was probably decent girlfriend material, the whole wife thing still kind of bothers him but what could he do now?

Even if he didn’t feel like it, he walked back to the bungalow and took a seat on the couch. Anushri was in her bathing suit ready to head out she stopped and asked him if he wanted to go play in the sand with her. Farhan sighed. He didn’t want to disappoint so he agreed to join her.

Hawaii was everything Anushri hoped it would be. Farhan was kind of boring to be around honestly but she still felt they made a good couple. They went to spas together, enjoyed a nature trail and they didn’t waste time exploring the local bars and restaurants, even though Anushri did not drink, she didn’t mind that Farhan did. She was truly enjoying her honeymoon but most of all, Anushri loved spending her time at the beach.

Today was their last day of their week long honeymoon. Farhan had been pretty distant since the night before and Anushri began to worry, but she felt slightly more relaxed now that Farhan joined her on the beach.

“Here Anushri, I found a pretty smooth shell. Let’s use this as the castle door.” Farhan said
“Shell? This is a rock silly. Wow you’re dumb ha-ha-ha. You know nothing about sandcastles do you? Looks like you have a lot to learn!” Anushri giggled
But Farhan didn’t join in on her amusement, instead he got annoyed.

“You know what, forget it. Build your own damn sandcastle like a child. I’m going inside to lay down and have a beer like an adult.”

Anushri was shocked. She was only joking she couldn’t understand why he was overreacting so much.

“Sweetie, what’s wrong? I’m sorry I was only kidding Farhan. I didn’t mean to make you upset.” She said apologetically
“Well you did, okay?” Farhan said very annoyed.

“Anushri” he began, “I have the biggest headache right now. The last thing I wanted to do is be out here roasting under the hot sun playing in the sand okay? I said yes to make you happy, but that was a mistake.”
“Why are you mad at me, I don’t understand.” She said sadly

“I’m just mad, okay? Not just at you, Anushri but just mad at the world in general. And I can’t help but take it out on you because you’re the only one here. If I hadn’t been on this stupid honeymoon I could’ve been there to help out my businesses that are in trouble. I am wasting time here and for what?” he shouted angrily as he pointed his finger at Anushri’s face.

Anushri was shocked. She remained silent for a few seconds and just stared in disbelief at the man before her.

“Stupid honeymoon?” she asked with sadness in her voice and tears forming in her eyes.

Farhan calmed down enough to realize what he had said. He saw her lips start to quiver and he felt bad. Maybe he went too far, he didn’t mean to make her cry.

“Anushri wait-” he started to say but she already turned around and ran back towards the bungalow.

The tears fell hard and fast. Anushri couldn’t understand why this was happening to her. Their first argument and it just had to be during their honeymoon. It was supposed to be a happy, romantic and relaxing time for them both but it was only stupid to him. She continued to sob wishing her best friends were here to comfort her.

She was crying so hard she hadn’t noticed the bedroom door open and Farhan came up behind her. She stopped crying and dried her eyes but she said nothing and instead waited for him to speak.

“What do you want now?” she asked bitterly
“I’m sorry for what happened out there. I shouldn’t have said those things to you. I’m just . . .” Farhan started
“You’re just what Farhan? Huh? You’re tired of this stupid honeymoon? Don’t worry we leave tomorrow and you can go back to your perfect life because I’m going back over my parents’ house until you figure this out.” She replied
“Are you serious?” He sighed impatiently, “You’re ready to move back home over a little argument? What will you do when things actually get tough Anushri?” He wasn’t trying to start another argument but secretly in his mind he was analyzing her strength. This only confirmed he would keep his secrets to himself for now.
“Look I’m sorry Babes.” Farhan said

“You just have to understand, I’m under a lot of stress right now and I was wrong for lashing out on you. You did nothing wrong sweetheart and I actually am enjoying myself with you . . . I love you.” He heard himself saying. Anushri looked up to him.
“So our honeymoon isn’t stupid?” she asked him
“Of course not Babes.” Farhan said
Anushri smiled at this and decided she was acting a bit silly. She dried her eyes once more as Farhan took her into his arms. He kissed her forehead tenderly.
“I love you too Farhan.” She said
“I know you do. Now let me show you how much you mean to me.” He smiled as he led Anushri to the bed.

He held her in his arms and he genuinely began to feel bad for the way he’s been acting towards her. He even thought to himself that he didn’t deserve to have a wife so sweet and forgiving. If she knew the truth about him she’d leave him in a heartbeat. Farhan shook those thoughts from his head as Anushri began to kiss him passionately and got his mind to focus back on her body.

Farhan and Anushri fell asleep for few hours. Farhan was the first to wake up, by now it was nighttime. Anushri was snoring in the bed so he got up and slipped out of the bungalow. The air was cool outside the sound of the waves crashing against the shore sounded so peaceful.

He headed towards the beach and sat down on the soft sand to be alone with his thoughts. He had a lot on his mind. The work waiting for him to do back home, unbelievable amounts . . . but this was the last night of his vacation. He should be doing something fun. Just then a girl approached him.

“Hey, would you like to go scuba-diving with me?”
“Scuba-diving? No thanks. I’m just fine enjoying the fresh air here . . . but um, what’s your name sweetheart?” he smiled flirtatiously
“My name?” the girl giggled, “Well that’s classified information.”
“Classified? Now why’s that?”
“Because I work for the resort. We’re not supposed to flirt with our guests or we get fired on the spot.”
“That’s a shame. If I fired my employees every time they flirted with a customer I’d be out of business.” Laughed Farhan
“Oh really? What kind of business do you do?”
“Well um . . .” he began

Just then, Farhan heard his name being called off in the distance. “Now what?” He thought to himself.

He quickly said goodbye to the girl and followed the loud, obnoxious voice. It was Anushri.

“Oh there you are sweetie!” she said cheerfully

“Anushri, what the hell? Why are you screaming my name across the resort?”
“I’m sorry I woke up and you weren’t there, I was just out looking for you that’s all.” She replied innocently.

“Are you insane? I was at the beach the whole time until I heard some mad woman screaming my name like a maniac disturbing all the other guests.” He said his temper rising again
“Sorry I just-“she began
“No Anushri, I don’t think you understand. Don’t you ever embarrass me like that ever again. Do I make myself clear woman?”
“Okay Farhan . . . sorry.”

“Whatever. You go in and change out of your bathing suit.” He said
“But, I was on my way to the hot tub, I wanted you to join me actually.” She said quietly.
“No hot tub, just go in and change Anushri okay? Then you can do whatever you want besides that. I’ll be at the bar for a little while. Do not disturb me.” He told her and she began walking towards the bungalow and he entered the onsite bar in the resort lobby.

Anushri went inside and changed into her pajamas. She was quite upset about Farhan and his strange mood swings. She wondered who she married. She didn’t even know the answer to her own question.

She started reading her book as she curled up on the sofa, but there was noise and music coming from the distance. “That sounds like a party” she thought to herself. Just the thing she needed to cheer herself up. If he could have fun at a bar she could enjoy herself too. She closed her book and headed outside.

The noise was coming from the volleyball courts. There was music playing and people were barbequing on the grills. It was a resort luau and all were welcome they told her. So she had fun on the swing and had a few ribs. She was enjoying herself and pretty soon had she started chatting with a Hawaii local named Ollie.

Ollie told her stories about his life in Hawaii and that he was also a surfer. Anushri found that very interesting and begged him to tell her surfing stories. So he did.

What Anushri didn’t notice was that Farhan had just stepped out of the bar slightly tipsy and he spotted his wife talking and standing a little too closely with another guy. Instantly he became jealous. Who was this fool? Why was she giggling so much? Whatever he was saying couldn’t have been that funny.

He eyed them suspiciously and when he noticed the guy whisper something into his wife’s ear and caused her to blush that was when he had enough.

“Please God, help me to control my anger. I don’t want to go to jail tonight.” He said before making his way towards them.

“Wow, Ollie that’s a pretty amazing story, you are so brave . . .oh!” she gasped when she saw Farhan. “Sweetie, I didn’t see you there!”
“Of course you didn’t, you were too busy flirting with this jackass over here.” Farhan snapped.
“Farhan what’s your problem? I wasn’t flirting at all!” she said “You’re the jackass not Ollie!”
Suddenly Farhan was in front of Anushri. He was furious.

“Oh so you know his name now do you?” he asked just as he reached up and slapped Anushri hard across the face.

Everyone gasped and the music got lowered down. An elder woman even shouted she was going to call the police.

Anushri lost her balance and fell backwards on the ground. Ollie was angry now he walked towards Farhan.
“Hey!” Ollie shouted, “Yeah I’m talking to you “Woman Beater” I should call the cops right now and have you in jail buddy! What gives you the right to hit a woman? You’re nothing but a coward!”
“Ooooohh.” Went the crowd

Farhan snickered. He turned to face Ollie. “What was that Clown?” He took a few steps closer and Ollie backed up. “You tryna start something punk?” he said as he shoved Ollie so hard he fell back and stumbled.
“I’m . . . I’m just saying man, you shouldn’t hit a woman it’s not right! I . . . I don’t want any trouble!” Ollie cried
“Too late, ‘cause you started this Ollie. You need to learn to mind your own damn business, and I have no problem serving you this lesson old fashioned style. C’mon punk, square up!”
“No! I don’t want to fight you bro.” Ollie pleaded
“Don’t call me bro! I’m. Not. You’re. Bro!” Farhan yelled as he lunged for Ollie and the fight erupted.

“Farhan stop!” Anushri shouted by now the crowd was loving it. They were shouting and cheering them on.
“Get up Ollie! Get up! Get up!”
“Ooh he’s winning he’s winning!”
“Break it up guys!”
“One on one! One on One! Let them fight! Don't break it up!”

Ollie slapped Farhan with all his might but Farhan was much stronger than he was.

“Arrghhh!” Farhan growled as he punched Ollie right in the jaw knocking him down to the floor. The crowd erupted in laughter and curses as Farhan had finally won the brawl.

“You should’ve known better than start a fight with me punk. Don’t ever let me see you on the streets cause next time . . . ha well let’s just leave it at that shall we?” Farhan said bitterly and spit to the side.
“Farhan!” Anushri shouted angrily
Ollie picked himself off the floor and was very embarrassed. He had the crowd laughing at him still and he just wanted to go home. He started to cry.

“I told you I didn’t want to fight! Waahh!”
“You want another one? Keep talking I swear to God I’ll-“Farhan began but Anushri grabbed him by the arm and dragged him away from everyone.
“Hey what-“he started
“Shut up!” she cried. Farhan was stunned. He kept quiet.

“Today I have seen your true character. I don’t think I can do this Farhan. I’m sorry but when we get home I will be staying with my parents and we can figure out our divorce.” Anushri said.
Farhan was caught by surprise. He immediately tried to apologize for hitting her.
“I was way out of line, I know. I’m . . . I’m sorry Anushri. Please forgive me”

“Farhan . . .” she sighed

“No I’m sorry. I’ll do anything; I’ll . . . go to anger management and stuff. I don’t want a divorce okay?” he pleaded. Even though he wasn’t too pleased with the idea of being married divorce was much worse due to the shame that came along with it.

“Okay.” She replied
“Okay? So . . . you forgive me?” asked Farhan
“No, not fully, but I can accept your apology for what it is . . . an apology. And if you’re serious about seeking help then okay. Let’s work on this together . . . marriage is about teamwork.” She said

“Okay, okay I’ll do whatever I need to okay? Just please don’t leave me. I promise never to hit you again Anushri.”
“Let’s just forget it ever happened. It’s fine.” Anushri said, even though it wasn’t fine, she didn’t want to continue to talk about it.
“Let’s just go inside Farhan, it’s getting late and we have a flight to catch in the morning.”
“Babes . . . you’re still mad.”

“No, just drop it okay?” she said her voice slightly irritated. “Let’s go inside please?”
“Okay.” Said Farhan. He wasn’t sure why he was feeling so bad, he hadn’t been paying her too much attention but the thought of her leaving him did make him afraid to lose her. He didn’t understand his feelings at the moment. He was the world’s biggest jerk and still she was willing to put up with him. Maybe she wasn’t as weak as he thought. Maybe, he was the weak one.

Farhan shook those thoughts from his head as he followed and entered the bungalow behind her.


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I am LOVING this story!
Keep writing them
You're awesome!
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Thank you so much, that means alot!
I'm working on the next chapter hopefully will be up today or tomorrow

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Default Chapter 8
All That Glitters

Chapter 8

Barnett Household

Cheryl and Allan Barnett were in the foyer having a quick discussion.

“I cannot believe Pierre cancelled his appointment today!” said Cheryl “These walls are hideous and he promised he would have them finished by last week. I mean, why are we paying Crestview’s top interior designer an extra thousand simoleons and he can’t even meet the deadlines?”

Cheryl was upset. She liked order and cleanliness and the overall feng shui of the room was off, making her moody.

“Don’t worry dear, I am sure he will do his work tomorrow as promised and do a damn good job.” Said Allan trying to comfort his wife
“And if he doesn’t?”
“Then I’ll sue his ass for everything he’s got including that Fendi scarf he wears around his neck.”

“Oh Allan!” laughed Cheryl. This did brighten up her mood and reminded her she almost forgot to share some very good news with her husband.
“Al, I have great news. I have to tell you that I took it upon myself and invited an extra guest for lunch.”
“And who might that be?” asked Allan out of curiosity. Although, he should be used to his beloved wife by now she was full of surprises and he has learned over the years to expect the unexpected.

Cheryl cleared her throat. “Well . . .” she said avoiding eye contact

“You didn’t.”
“I had to! What other options do we have Allan? Are you just going to let our daughter marry that thug? I told you what I found out about Dale after I received the results of the background check on him and it is serious!” she said frantically.

“ I doubt Farrah even knows half this stuff! This boy is trouble, we cannot let her marry him that ring she is wearing is probably stolen or . . . bought with drug money!” Cheryl said hardly above a whisper
”I’m not pleased about this neither Dear but, you are going about this the wrong way.”
“Oh really? Do you have a better idea?”
“No, but setting Farrah on up on a blind date will only upset her more.” Allan warned his wife
“This isn't a date, and Jacob is my guest. It's only for lunch so relax. Everything will be fine trust me okay? We are just inviting Jacob over for a friendly lunch nothing else.”
“Alright if you say so and if things go south, this was your idea.” Alan joked
“How can things go wrong? You’re always full of worry.” Cheryl smiled back happy that her plan was in action and a good day was inevitable.

“Farrah dear, please set up an extra plate for lunch! Your mother is bringing a guest!” Alan yelled

Farrah sighed, she was tired from staying out last night with Dale. He had taken her to the clubhouse where all his friends hung out. There was music and drinking and while she had a lot of fun, she now had a really bad headache.

She was annoyed to set plates for someone else, she had planned on spending the day in bed when her mom forced her to wake up. If her mom hadn’t fired the maid for stealing her Pandora bracelet, she’d still be in bed.

Anyways she had to wake up, Valentina finally texted Farrah back after a week of ignoring both her and Olivia’s phone calls. Val would be over today and it was a good thing. There was a lot that needed to be talked about.

Farrah’s thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell.

Ding Dong

“I’ll get it!” Cheryl shouted and she got up and made her way to the front door. She opened the door and greeted Jacob Pinfield.
“Mrs. Barnett you look as lovely as ever!” Jacob smiled flashing his perfect smile
“Oh, Jacob you are such a charmer! Please, come into the living room.” She said as she gestured to enter.

Jacob followed her into her home and looked around for Farrah slightly disappointed he didn’t see her yet.

“I am so glad you could make it Jacob. Did your mother enjoy the Michael Kors handbag I sent her? I’ve been too busy to check my phone to see if she received it yet.”
“I’m not sure Mrs. Barnett . . .”
“Please, call me Cheryl.” She interjected
“Well, as I was saying, Cheryl, I have my own house now and I’ve been pretty busy with my job in law enforcement so I haven’t talked to my mom in a few days, but I will personally visit her today and then report back to you.” He smiled
Report you sound just like a cop.” Cheryl giggled
“I’m actually a detective Ma’am.”

“Of course Jacob, I am well aware of that” said Cheryl slightly annoyed. ”A snob just like his mother” she thought to herself before she continued talking.

“I would not have been able to get the background check on Dale Clarkson without your help.” Cheryl said in a hushed tone. She cleared her throat and resumed talking in her normal voice. “I want him out of the picture. Farrah is a beautiful young woman and I just know you two will hit it off instantly. Give her a little time to adjust, but soon she’ll see you truly are the better man.”

“That is exactly what I intend to do Cheryl. I have always admired Farrah growing up and rest assured I am the right man for your lovely daughter, not some criminal. And also, my department is involved in an open investigation on Dale and his associates regarding their criminal activities. So not only will I make sure Farrah stays away from him, but I’ll keep the trash and the crime out of our town.” Jacob said firmly with pride.

“Excellent. You will make a fine husband for Farrah.” Cheryl smiled.
“That is the goal Ma’am.”

Jacob was getting slightly impatient, he wanted to see Farrah. He asked Cheryl where would she be and soon made his way to the kitchen. Just then he saw Farrah enter the foyer where he was. She looked surprised to see him which he believed was a good thing.

“Jacob? What . . .what are you doing here?” Farrah asked confused.

“Well, I’m here for lunch! Your mom invited me, didn’t she tell you?” he asked slightly confused.

Farrah froze and blinked a few times. She knew her mom had always been sneaky and always had tricks up her sleeve but this was not the least bit amusing. Her mom couldn’t even respect the fact that she was now engaged, no, her mom still tried to get her to date a loser like Jacob.

Farrah fought the urge to roll her eyes. “Nope, this is all a surprise to me. Well . . . welcome? I made some lasagna for lunch and garlic bread.”

“Oh no no no.” said Jacob “I only eat vegetarian and gluten free food.”
“Oh, wow." Farrah laughed at the ridiculousness of the whole situation.

“No, that’s fine. I’m not even interested in your cooking, I have a very refined palette. . . many find it hard to cook for me anyways, I came to see you Farrah and to ask you out on a date? A movie perhaps?”

Farrah was in disbelief.

“So you insult my cooking skills and have the audacity to ask me on a date right after? And what do you think my answer will be?”
Jacob was taken aback. He was the one who now felt insulted. “I wasn’t trying to insult you Farrah, simply state facts. I’m a picky eater, fact. I want to take you on a date, fact. Do you accept?”
“Of course not!” Farrah said raising her voice. “You are so full of it Jake, just like you’ve always been.”
“Farrah, I am sorry I beat you in the election for Student Council President, but that was 8th grade I mean c’mon, you should be over that by now.”

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. By now she gave up trying to fake politeness. Jacob was starting to piss her off not to mention how angry she was at her mom for inviting him over in the first place.

“Jake, this has nothing to do with that. Look, in case my mother forgot to mention, I am engaged.” She said showing off her ring

“I know, that is why I am here. I want you to give me a chance Farrah, I mean honestly, you can’t truly believe Dale is the right guy for you. He’s nothing but a low class thug. Is that what you truly want when you can have me? I’ve acquired my wealth legally and I have a record clear of any criminal past.”
“Excuse me? Have you lost your mind? Who the hell are you to stand here and not only insult me but also my fiancé? Get out Jake. Get the hell out of my house you bastard!” Farrah shouted
“Hey!” said Jacob poking her hard in the chest “I’m doing you a favor, I’m the best option you’ve got. I’ve got women crawling up my sidewalk just to get in my bed and I am here for you, and you turn me down? I’ve misjudged you Farrah, you are a woman of no class and I wouldn’t want to be caught dead with you in public.”

“Get out now!” Farrah said between sobs. This was too much for her. Between the killer headache and Jacob’s rudeness she couldn’t take it anymore. She ran into the guest bathroom down the hall and dried her tears. She just needed a moment.

“Farrah?” Jacob called after her. He calmed down a little to realize maybe he was way out of line. He wasn’t mad at Farrah, he was truly mad at Dale Clarkson and the last thing he wanted to do was disrespect Alan Barnett’s daughter. Alan basically ran this town and was golfing buddies with Jacob’s boss.
“Farrah? I’m sorry!” Jacob made his way to the guest bathroom where he saw the door was still open so he walked through. “I am so sorry-“

“Get out of here!” Farrah shrieked as she reached for a cup full of liquid on the counter and impulsively threw it in his face.
“Ahhhhhhhh! Oh my god my eyes! You crazy bitch what is that?!” Jacob yelled in pain

Farrah hadn’t realized it was mouthwash in the cup until it was too late.

“I’m sorry I thought it was just water! Why the hell did you come in here? Here at least let me help you rinse it out!” she said with concern.
“Help? You’ve done enough!” he yelled
“I said I was sorry and you started all of this anyways!”

“Whatever! You will be sorry Farrah Barnett. This isn’t over!” said Jacob as he wiped his eyes with his sleeve. His eyes still stung but he just wanted to get as far away as possible from this crazy place.

Cheryl and Alan were outside in the foyer and Cheryl was distraught when she heard Jacob screaming. Jacob walked out of the bathroom and continued to the front door.

“Jacob are you alright? Won’t you stay for lunch?” Cheryl called out but he ignored her and went out the door.

Jacob wasn’t going home, no, he was headed straight to his office to do more research on the case. He would make sure he’d get his revenge and destroy both Dale and Farrah’s lives it if was the last thing he’d do.

Just as Jacob left, Valentina arrived.

“What did you say to him Farrah?” Cheryl shouted
“Stay out of my business Mom okay?”
“Always so ungrateful!” Cheryl shook her head
“Cheryl I told you this would happen didn’t I? Now let’s go enjoy our lunch on the patio. Hello Valentina! How have you been?” said Allan
“Hello Mr. Barnett. I’ve been good, you and Mrs. Barnett look well dressed like always.” Said Valentina offering a small smile
“Thank you dear. If you girls need anything we’ll be out back.” said Allan as he and a still furious Cheryl made their way outside.

Farrah turned to Valentina and hugged her.

“God, are you okay? What the hell Val, we’ve been trying to call you nonstop. I mean what gives?”
“Look I know, you and Olivia are mad at me and I know Anushri is really mad at me but shit got crazy and . . . I am sorry.” Said Valentina apologetically.
“Come in my room and we can talk better. There’s some stuff I need to tell you also.”

Valentina followed Farrah into her bedroom and Farrah wasted no time asking her why she didn’t show up to the wedding.

“I told you, Ozzy pissed me off girl we got into a huge fight and I just had to get away. And honestly I was with Manny, you know how that goes, and lost track of time.”
“Well I know that when you hang out with Manny you either smoke or drink.” Said Farrah accusingly.

“Yes Farrah I did both, but I got drunk at home F.Y.I. anyways why do you care, you act like you don’t drink?”
“I never said that.” Said Farrah deciding not to mention her hangover. “Val, you know I love you like a sister . . .” she began
“Then you don’t judge me! I drink and smoke to escape the pain I have inside. I’m not strong like you or Olivia.”

“This is what me and Olivia were trying to call you about girl. Look, this is gonna sound crazy but please listen. I’m actually glad you didn’t show up to the wedding because, well . . . he was there.”
“Who was there?”
“Who the hell is Farhan?”
“Don Dollar.”

Valentina froze. This had to be a joke. “Okay, good one Farrah-“

“This isn’t a freaking joke Valentina. Farhan, Anushri’s husband is Don Dollar. Yes it is him I recognized him instantly and so did Olivia we hadn’t told anyone but I felt you needed to know so when you see Anushri you are prepared.”
“Since when does he live in Crestview? I thought he was in Pleasantview.”

“I don’t know how long he’s been here but all I know is Anushri is back in town from her honeymoon. And we are supposed to hang out later on this week. I don’t know how things will turn out but you have to leave the past in the past Valentina.”
“So you don’t think my best friend should know that her husband used to be my boss and my ex-boyfriend?”
“Val, I know this is hard for you-“

“No, you don’t know. I hate his guts and now he somehow married my best friend and he’s just going to hurt her like he did me. But whatever, I get it. Keep my mouth shut and pretend like I don’t even know him deal.”
“Val . . . I’m sorry but Olivia and I are here, we are going to help you through this and Anushri also. This is a big mess but I don’t know if you and Farhan should tell her the truth, maybe you both have to sit and talk about it.”
“I have nothing to say to that asshole.” Valentina laughed

“Okay, or maybe not. But let’s just keep the peace for now please?”
“Fine. And um . . . kind of off topic, I’m going to AA again.” Said Valentina looking away
“Really girl?” Farrah asked
“Yeah it was either that or Ozzy was going to leave me. He wanted me to go to rehab but we compromised on just the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings three times a week.”
“You know we are here for you girl, Anushri also. Things are awkward but don’t shut her out . . . you gotta call her and apologize for the no show to her wedding.”
“I know Farrah. Thanks.”

“You need me to drop you off?”
“No it’s okay girl, I’ll call a cab. I’ll text you when I get home.”
“Okay Val, be safe."


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Story Update
I am sorry to announce that All That Glitter's future is in jeopardy.
This was 100% unexpected, but my laptop's hard drive failed, I've lost everything including my sims and cc

I have started a new game but it would take me some time and effort to try to recreate these sims...
If I should, I have not decided, so for now the story is paused
sorry for the inconvenience everyone.

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Thanks for the suggestion

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