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Riverblossom Hills
My names Jules, and I’m a single child of divorced parents.

My mom went crazy when I was a kid, and decided to become a pirate. My dad has full custody of me.

My dad, Gabe, is a teacher at my school, needless to say he’s pretty embarrassing.

My ex-boyfriend Jacob Martin and I have been off and on for a while, and now he’s with this new girl Sandra. Jacob lives with his dad, his grandma, and his grandma’s best friend. His mom’s been gone for a while.

I can’t stand Sandra, she’s always loud and full of gossip. Sandra and her family are new to the town, she has a younger brother and two parents.

My dad and I aren’t on very good terms, we’re not even friends. He’s dating this woman Patricia, who lives with her best friend. It’s ridiculous that he’s trying to make-up for my mom, Patricia isn’t even a catch! He’s blatantly oblivious to our distrust of one another, but he’s oblivious to everything.

Jason is my dad’s older brother, he married a woman even crazier than my mom. It must be something in the water in Riverblossom Hills that makes everyone insane. Jason’s wife, Rose, believes she’s a plant. They have a daughter, Daisy, who they dress up as a plant too. It makes me wonder if my familial line is just so desperate, because the pickings in Riverblossom Hills are so small.

The only other person who lives in the town is a recluse farmer that nobody ever sees, sometimes I wish I was him. I bet he doesn’t have any drama to deal with.

Our town is an incredibly small, rural community. Of course there are other people who live in nearby villages, downtown, and at the local university. We just don’t interact enough to know them as well. I think they tend to stay away, because everyone thinks we’re crazy. We even stopped getting postcards from our downtown dentist recently.

Riverblossom Hills will probably never be on national television, but there’s always a lot going on for such a small town.
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Such a good start, and then you just...abandoned the project?

Namaste... or "go"
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