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Originally Posted by Emerald1234
jeez angela is such a bitch! still loving it oh and i seriously think pleasantview is turning into a crime capital

Looks like lots of people are mixed up in it!
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Absolutely loving this, keep up the great work!

Pleasantview is (and always will be) my favourite pre-made hood, and was amazed to find your headcanon regarding Lilith and Dina's personalities is similar to mine! I didn't change Lilith's hair colour though, left it red, just altered the style.

I'm another who is wanting to get back to her game (and PV) soon...

No need to use my full name, "Selly" will do just fine.

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Originally Posted by Selly_2009
Absolutely loving this, keep up the great work!

Pleasantview is (and always will be) my favourite pre-made hood, and was amazed to find your headcanon regarding Lilith and Dina's personalities is similar to mine! I didn't change Lilith's hair colour though, left it red, just altered the style.

I'm another who is wanting to get back to her game (and PV) soon...

Thank you so much! I was inspired to do my story by reading "The Pleasantview Diaries." It's super-fun once you get used to taking pictures and stuff, and I love hearing the comments!
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Default A Pleasant Story - Chapter Sixteen - "A Matter of More Worth"
Dear Readers--you may have noticed that the story chapters do not proceed entirely chronologically; this is because I prefer to stay with one family's story instead of moving back and forth within chapters. I have tried to add explanations to make it clear where we are in the chronology, for example, I start this chapter by explaining that this begins the same day Carla arrested Daniel, so we are going back in time a little from the end of the previous chapter. I hope it's not confusing!

And thank you to all the readers who are leaving such nice comments--I love hearing from you! Please feel free to correct any errors I make--it wasn't until last weekend that I realized the first two chapters had the story occurring in "Pleasantville!" lol

A Pleasant Story

Chapter Sixteen

"A Matter of More Worth"

After arresting Daniel, Carla had returned home to the new house she and her fiance Kaylie had just purchased. It wasn't fancy, and wasn't in the best part of town. But they could fix it up, and the house came with really nice neighbors; the Broke family lived next door. Carla really liked Brandi--her sense of fun and happy nature made her easy to feel comfortable with. And she'd been building a friendship with Dustin, too. He seemed like a nice kid who was making some poor choices, but she thought maybe her example of working in law enforcement could inspire him to choose a better path.

She looked around the ugly kitchen and thought about what they could do with it.

Kaylie was on the phone after a long day of job-hunting. She wanted to work in the law career. Carla listened in on Kaylie's side of the conversation . . .

"Yes, thank you so much! Day after tomorrow? Yes, that will be fine. Okay, I'll see you then!"

Kaylie hung up the phone and smiled happily.

"You got a job?" Carla asked. "The one you wanted?"

"Yup! I start on the day after our wedding, which is a pain, but you have to work too, right?"

Carla nodded.

"Well," Kaylie continued, "Maybe we can schedule a honeymoon SOMEDAY! Oh, hey, come look in the bedroom--my grandmother sent us her old bed to use."

Carla looked in dismay at the very old-fashioned, very huge bed. She hoped Kaylie didn't like it . . .

Kaylie said, "I know it's hideous, but it's just temporary. Until we're both working, we need to save however we can."

Carla sighed in relief. "It's fine for now," she said happily. “Maybe we should try it out?”

As they relaxed on the bed, Carla suddenly sat up and cocked her head, listening. “Did you hear that? It sounded like the door opening.” She was already up and through the bedroom door before Kaylie even replied.

Carla checked the house, then returned to the bedroom and shrugged at Kaylie.

“Nothing. I guess we just have to get used to the sounds this house makes.” she said. “Now where were we?”

Carla said, "I'm going to take a shower, then I'll make dinner. Why don't you move the table we got into the kitchen so we'll have somewhere to eat?"

Kaylie did that, and then wandered around the house, thinking about how they could improve it. She then heard lots of splashing coming from the bathroom. She went in to find huge puddles of water on the floor.

"Well hey there, slob," she said affectionately to Carla, as she pretended to be shocked. "Next priority on the list is a bathtub so you won't make a mess every time you need to get clean! Is it like a rule that getting yourself clean involves making everything else dirty?"

Kaylie went to look at the second bedroom. It was a garish shade of lavender, but she and Carla had decided not to change anything in there until their hope of adopting a child came true--they'd let their kid choose the new decor. They agreed that adopting an older child would be the best choice since they were both so busy. She smiled at the pictures Carla had put on the wall for her to find.

Kaylie then went into the kitchen to watch Carla cooking. "Mac and cheese! Yum! Third time this week! I can't wait!"

Carla laughed. "I'm trying! With you so busy studying, you should be glad I'm willing to do the cooking!"

When they sat down to eat, Kaylie said, "I wanted to talk to you about something. I know you want to work on making this place really nice, and I do too. But I was going over our simoleons, and I realized that if we hold off on doing any improvements for a while, we have almost enough right now to qualify to adopt a child. But I don't want to rush it--if you think we should wait longer, then we can."

Carla answered excitedly, while spraying macaroni, "I think that's a GREAT idea! I was thinking we'd have to wait longer, but we both want a child, and why should we wait if we don't have to?”

She continued, “I've really been thinking about it ever since I met the Picasos.”

“Who?” Kaylie inquired.

“They were the family I met when I got the call about the disturbance that night. It turns out Matthew had been abducted by aliens and the neighbors were concerned by the bright lights and noise that night when they brought him back. I explained that he should get the small telescope if he didn't enjoy being abducted.”

“So then they asked if I'd like to meet an alien, and I said 'Sure!' I didn't know what to expect, but they handed me the cutest little alien baby, named Rigel!”

“Then they went into two little bedrooms, and each came out holding more babies! One alien, and one not, Vega and Pablo. They were all adorable. But it got me thinking that I hoped we could adopt as soon as possible!”

Kaylie nodded. “But we talked about adopting a child because of our schedules — did you change your mind and want to adopt an infant?”

Carla shook her head, “No, I still think a child would be better. And if we want to snuggle babies, w can always visit Matthew and Jessica. I invited them to the wedding, so you can meet them tomorrow.”

Kaylie smiled happily. "And I have another idea too--let's call the adoption service right after we get married--you know, make it part of the ceremony! Oh, wait--if we want to adopt, we can't have a big wedding. We can't afford both."

Carla replied, "We already have our dresses and the wedding arch. All we really need is a cake, and we'll explain to everyone that they have to stand up to watch because we are adopting. We don't have to have a buffet--cake is enough. I think it will be fine."

“Or maybe the guests could bring chairs and lights. Then we could have it at night, under the stars. It could be a short of secondhand wedding,” Kaylie said.

They celebrated their decision with a toast.

Kaylie then went to clean up the dinner dishes and the mess Carla had left after cooking.

When she was done, she noticed a small cow on the kitchen counter and wondered about it.

She hadn't gotten it--she wondered if Carla had? She called out to her to ask if she'd put the cow there, but she heard splashing from the bathroom, so guessed Carla was cleaning up her shower mess with the mop.

In the course of the evening, Kaylie forgot about the cow, and snuggled up to Carla to dream of a wedding, and a new child.

The next morning, before work, Carla was trying to get the yard ready for the wedding, but was having trouble making the bushes look nice. She went into the house and told Kaylie to call a gardener just to make everything look tidy, then went to work.

Kaylie called the gardening service, then continued studying her law books.

The gardener arrived that afternoon.

Kaylie was still trying to read, though she felt a little distracted by intruding thoughts, when the gardener came in the house and asked if he could have a glass of water. Kaylie nodded distractedly and went back to her studying.

When he'd finished with his water, the gardener walked over to her and said, "You know, if you need simoleons, I have some friends doing delivery jobs in town. It's really simple and you can make some really quickly."

Kaylie considered, "Delivering what? I could definitely use more simoleons." It didn't occur to her to wonder how the gardener knew this.

The gardener was about to respond when Carla came home from work.

"Oh, hey," she said, "I'm glad you got the gardener over here. The bushes really need help!"

The gardener stuttered a bit at the sight of Carla's blue uniform and said quickly, "Um, well, let me get to work then."

Carla thanked him and told him everything needed to look great for their wedding in a few hours.

"Um, yeah, sure," he said. "I'll make them look nice."

Kaylie put her books away and gave Carla a big hug. "Wedding day! Let's go get ready!" Then she glanced out the window. "Hey, the gardener just walked away! He didn't do the bushes! What was that about? Oh well! Our friends won't care. Let's get dressed!"

They were about to put on their wedding finery when the sound of a rattling truck caught their attention. They looked out side and saw a . . . gardener?

They went out to greet him and Kaylie said, “Hi! They sent two in one day?”

“Ma'am?” He sounded confused. “I just got a call that y'all needed help.” He tipped his hat and moved around her to trim the bushes.

He finished quickly, and Kalie and Carla watched him leave.

“That was odd,” said Carla. Kaylie nodded in agreement. “But never mind–wedding time!”

They put on their wedding dresses and headpieces; Kaylie had chosen a veil, Carla a tiara.

Kaylie moved to the window to watch the first guests arrive just as the sun was setting. It was fun to see their friends, and an occasional passer-by from the street, ready to witness their vows.

The guests came burdened, as requested, with chairs and lamps that they set up in the backyard near the wedding arch. Kaylie and Carla exited the house and stood watching the preparations. They were both thinking what good friends they had!

As they waited for the sun to fully set, Carla said to Kaylie, "Here we go! Together forever after this!"

Kaylie replied, quoting, "Marriage is a matter of more worth; Than to be dealt in by attorneyship."

Carla replied with a chuckle, "Do you have to bring the law into everything?"

They stood under the arch waiting for their guests to be seated so they could say their vows. Carla had invited Mary-Sue and her girls, and their friend Kaylynn, and also Matthew Picaso and his wife, Jessica. Kaylie had invited Cassandra Goth, and her friends Danielle and Nina. Nina had brought Don Lothario. Kaylie hoped he'd behave himself! She'd also invited their neighbor, Brandi Broke, but she'd had to decline because she was so close to giving birth.

They said their vows and exchanged rings just as the sun set. Happy memories of becoming married were placed into their minds.

Rose petals fluttered down as they exchanged rings.

Then they had their first kiss as a married couple.

The guests expressed their happiness and approval, except for Don Lothario, who seemed to be checking out some of the other guests.

Kaylie then turned to the guests and said, "Okay everybody, listen up! This is a cheap wedding because of what I am about to do!" She pulled out her cell phone as the guests watched attentively to see what she was up to.

Everyone clapped appreciatively and congratulated them when they heard her make arrangements to adopt a child the next day.

"Now, everybody gather around for cake!" shouted Carla. The guests laughes as Kaylie cut the cake, then shoved a large slice into Carla's face.

As the guests were watching the cake-cutting, Don Lothario took the opportunity to put the moves on Kaylie's friend Danielle.

Everyone enjoyed the cake, and Don Lothario behaved himself thereafter--being attentive to Nina and staying away from Cassandra.

Then he helped himself to a second slice of cake. Juggling women gave him an appetite. As he grabbed his cake, he noticed another guest who might be worthy of his attentions, but she quickly introduced her husband.

Cassandra and Mary-Sue started up a game of kicky-ball, that ever-popular wedding activity!

The party was a roof-raiser, and everyone left chatting happily about what a good time they'd had and how wonderful it was that the couple would soon be parents.

Carla and Kaylie hugged each other.

The day had been perfect! And tomorrow would be even better when their child arrived! They didn't notice the uninvited guest observing them.

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So the cow is some sort of message to the criminals that sims are willing to work for them? Or when a member of the criminals finds someone they think might be a good transporter they put a cow in their house? I'm really exited to find out more!
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Originally Posted by enebya
So the cow is some sort of message to the criminals that sims are willing to work for them? Or when a member of the criminals finds someone they think might be a good transporter they put a cow in their house? I'm really exited to find out more!

I think you are very clever! And i am glad you are intrigued! Thank you!
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obviously the cow chooses them, theres no other explanation! hahahaha or is there??? dundundun

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Originally Posted by kanzen
obviously the cow chooses them, theres no other explanation! hahahaha or is there??? dundundun

Does the cow choose you, or do you choose the cow? I feel like you just invented a new branch of philosophy!
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the only time you choose the cow is when you accept the delivery job ;3

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Default A Pleasant Story - Chapter Seventeen - No Such Ruinous Thought

A Pleasant Story

Chapter Seventeen

No Such Ruinous Thought

Brandi Broke was thinking about Dustin. She knew he was a good kid, but he seemed to be heading down the wrong path in life. She wanted to reach him; she knew he wasn't beyond hope. She was wearing the necklace he'd given her after he'd gotten his new delivery job--it was just like him to do something so sweet.

Her reveries were interrupted by the phone ringing; it was Mary-Sue Pleasant calling to tell her that Dustin was in jail!

Brandi got the details about Dustin, then suddenly had to hang up the phone. The baby was coming!

"Oh baby," she said, "Your timing couldn't be worse!"

Beau was awakened by Brandi's cries, and came running down the hall to see what was happening.

"Mom! Is it the baby?" he cried.

He arrived just in time to get the first view of a new baby boy!

"What do you think of your brother?" she asked Beau. She spoke lightly so as not to betray that she was worried about Dustin.

"A boy?" he said, "Oh boy! Can I name him?"

Well," Brandi replied, "As long as it's not something too weird. What name were you thinking?"

Beau thought for a moment, then shouted "Asparagus!"

Brandi laughed. "Try again!" she said.




Brandy was laughing so hard she almost dropped the baby.

"How about we just come up with a nice, simple name? I am going to call your Auntie Dina to come over to watch you because I have to go pick up Dustin. You two can talk about it."

Brandi was glad that Beau didn't seem curious about Dustin's whereabouts; he just wanted to play with the baby.

When Dina arrived, Brandi thanked her for coming and filled her in on what was happening.

"Dustin's in jail. They're not charging him, but I need to go pick him up. So will you watch Beau and the baby? I didn't tell Beau where Dustin is, so if you two can just talk about baby names, that will keep him distracted."

Dina gave her a hug and said, "Don't worry about anything--I'll take care of them. You go ahead."

Dina picked up the baby and snuggled him to her. This was nice! Maybe Mortimer wouldn't object to . . . ?

When Brandi arrived at the police station, she found Carl alone in the lobby area.

"I'm here to pick up my son, Dustin Broke," she said.

Carl rose from the desk and came around to greet her, but was suddenly mesmerized by her necklace.

"That's a nice necklace, Mrs. Broke," he said. "Where did you get it?"

"My son gave it to me," she said. "Could we admire it later, please? I'd like to get him out of here."

Carl replied, "Well now, it's very serious, your son being in jail. He is almost a big, bad criminal."

Brandi shook her head, both at his words and at his odd, dramatic manner. "I was told he wasn't being charged. Could you bring him out to me, please?"

Carl finally complied and retrieved Dustin from his cell. Dustin ran to his Mom and hugged her and started babbling about how sorry he was.

"It's going to be okay," she said. "Let's go home."

When they had left the police station, Carl dialed the phone.

"I think I found the necklace," he said. "The Broke woman has it. Said her son gave it to her. What do you want me to do?"

He listened for a moment, then replied, "Okay, send him over here and I'll give him the information."

When Brandi and Dustin got home, she asked him what he thought he'd been doing.

"Mom, I was just doing deliveries for the simoleons! I didn't know it was stolen stuff!"

"What about my necklace, Dustin? Is that stolen?” she asked.

"No, Mom, I promise! I bought it from the Travelers! They've been everywhere and they have a lot of cool stuff from the islands! I swear, I bought it fair and square!"

"Who are the Travelers?' she asked him.

"They moved to town not long ago. Your friend Sanjay told me about them. He rents a room in their house! They have a daughter named Tina and they are really nice! I swear I didn't steal the necklace! I wouldn't risk anything that would get me arrested!"

"Okay," she said, "I believe you. But that's it for these jobs. You are going to quit the criminal track and focus on school. We'll get by. If worst comes to worst, I can borrow some simoleons from a friend."

Dustin turned from his Mom angrily. He hated the idea of depending on charity. Since his Dad died, he'd been proud that he'd helped to keep the family fed.

Brandi spoke again, "Dustin, I didn't tell Beau where you were, and I don't think he needs to know. But why don't you come inside and meet your new brother?"

"I'll be in in a minute," he said. "I want to think by myself."

Dustin scuffed his foot in the dirt as Brandi left to go in the house and suddenly leaned down to study an interesting bug he'd noticed. His affinity for nature kicked in and he scooped it up in a jar to observe it.

Brandi heard music as she entered the house and was stunned to discover Beau happily pounding away on a piano!

"Beau! Where did this come from?" she asked.

"Auntie Dina got it for me! I told her how much I love music and she just had it brought over!"

Brandi turned to Dina, who was watching TV. She raised her hand and said, "Don't even protest. It's just a gift for my godson! I was glad to do it!"

Brandi thanked her for watching the boys, and for the gift of a the piano, and then asked, "Hey! Did you guys think of a name for the baby?"

Beau said, "Oh, yeah! We like 'Tom' because it is simple and strong. What do you think, Mom?"

"Tom Broke," Brandi said, as though trying it out. "I like it! Good choice!"

Dustin came in the house behind her and went straight to his room. Dina raised her eyebrows at her and Brandi shrugged.

Brandi sent Beau to bed and said goodbye to Dina and then sat down in the kitchen, suddenly exhausted from her long day. In addition to all the drama, she still needed to get in touch with Tom's father and tell him about the baby. As she was sitting and thinking, Dustin came in and sat beside her.

"What are you wearing?" she asked.

"Some of Dad's old clothes. I thought they'd suit my new path," he replied.

"They look nice on you. Very distinguished. So what's your new path?" she asked.

"I don't know, but not criminal, that's for sure." he explained. "I want something respectable. A dangerous life is not for me. Just being in jail for a few hours made me realize that. I love nature, so maybe something having to do with that. And I want to be a good example for Beau, and the baby."

“Tom,” Brandi told him.

Brandi stood and hugged him. "I think you ARE a good example. You just had to find your way."

"I'm going to do my homework now! I've got a lot to catch up on!"

Brandi smiled fondly at her son as he happily sat on the floor to do his work.

"I'm so proud of you, Dustin," she said to him, "and so would your father be."

Brandi went to bed that night peacefully, more at ease than she had been since Skip's death.

Dustin heard small sounds coming from the baby as he finished his homework and got up to get him a bottle before he woke his mother and Beau.

“Are you a hungry little stinker?” he asked his brother.

“Yup, you sure are!” Dustin carried Tom to the changing table, reflecting that it wasn't too bad to have younger brothers. He'd stand up for them, no matter what!

The next day, Dustin came home from school excitedly and showed his Mom his A+ report card.

"I knew you could do it, Dustin!" She cheered. "You just had to get caught up! Well done!"

A few hours later, Brandi cheered again when Beau came home with HIS A+ report card!

"I've got two smart boys!" she said.

Outside, Dustin was talking to Angela.

"What is up with this geeky outfit?" she was saying. "You don't look like yourself!"

Dustin told her what had happened to him about going to jail, and continued, "I decided I don't want to go down that path. I am cleaning up my act."

Angela seemed excited. "So what now? Politics? Or law! Oh oh, or business! Something clean and respectable! And where you can make lots of simoleons!"

Dustin explained to her, "I really love nature, and animals, so I decided I want to go into a field like that. Maybe oceanography or something. I'm going to work really hard at science. I could study entomology, too."

"Bugs?" Angela said, "You want to study BUGS? Like creepy-crawly things? I thought you were going to study something classy! Digging around in the mud with bugs is not classy!"

"But it's what I love!" Dustin said. "I thought you'd be happy for me, for getting out of crime!"

Angela snorted. "I wanted you out of crime, but into something better, where you get respect. Not playing with animals. You have to decide if you want to muck around in the mud, or spend time with ME! What's more important to you?”

Dustin responded somewhat angrily, “If you really cared about me, I would think you'd want me to follow my passions!”

Angela spoke angrily, too, “If you cared about ME, you'd do what I wanted! I think it would be better if we didn't see each other anymore."

With that, she turned on her heel sharply and walked away.

Dustin watched her sadly, but not really with surprise. He'd suspected for a while that Angela only liked him because she thought she could fix him and make him into someone he wasn't. Someone up to HER standards.

He turned and looked at the bare back yard.

“There's probably lots of bugs here to discover! Or I could plant a garden!”

Dustin went inside to help his Mom get ready for dinner. She'd invited Tom's father over to tell him about the baby. Dustin hoped he'd be nice, and maybe willing to help out with child support.

They smiled at each other as Dustin helped her set the table.

“Hey, guess what,” she said, “I sold a painting today! Only for 66 simoleons, but every little bit will help!”

“That's great. Mom!” Dustin told her.

When Tom's father arrived, they all sat down at the table together and Brandi said, "Jace, this is Dustin and Beau. Boys, this is Jace Lieve. "

"Hi! How are you guys?" asked Jace. "You sure are big boys, huh?"

Dustin thought he looked nice enough, maybe a little dim, but nice enough. He hoped he'd still be nice after his Mom broke the news about Tom.

Jace said, "Oh, boy. This food is great! I like fish! I don't like green stuff, though."

Suddenly, their dinner was interrupted by Tom crying from his crib. Jace asked what that sound was.

Brandi said nervously, "Oh, that's my son Tom! He's just a baby!"

"Oh," said Jace, "Babies are nice."

Jace may have been nice, but he didn't seem too bright, Dustin thought. He couldn't believe Jace hadn't figured it out yet!

Brandi stood up and said to Jace, "Why don't you come with me? I'll introduce you to the baby."

Jace said, "Okay, yeah, sure. I like babies!" They stood and walked to the back bedroom.

Dustin turned to Beau. "Brilliant conversationalist," he said.

Beau laughed. "How stupid is he?" He put on a dull expression and said in a mock grown-up voice, "Uh, duh, what is that sound of a baby crying? Is it a BABY?"

Dustin and Beau laughed together.

The brothers tried to stifle their laughter as Brandi led Jace to Tom's crib.

She reached into the crib and held Tom. It was obvious he loved his Mommy.

Brandi showed him to Jace.

"I need to tell you this," she said. "The baby is yours."

"What? You're giving him to me?" He gave her a puzzled look.

"No," Brandi said patiently, "You're his father. Remember the other night when we, well, you know."

As Jace slowly processed what she'd said, his dim expression was replaced with one of shock.

"Uh, I don't want to get married! I mean, you're nice and all, but we just met and . . . I'm too young to be a father!"

Brandi interrupted him, "Who said anything about marriage? I just wanted to tell you this is your baby. We're NOT getting married."

Jace looked relieved. "Oh, okay, that's cool then." He made a face at the baby.

Brandi continued, "And I am not asking you to be a father to him. The boys and I can handle it. But because he is yours, you'll need to pay child support, okay?"

Jace nodded quickly. "Yeah. sure. Okay. Well listen, thanks for dinner, but I need to go, and, well, I'll send you a check tomorrow!" He ran out the door.

Brandi shook her head as she watched him go. "What was I thinking?" She cuddled Tom and carried him to the kitchen to feed him his bottle.

To her surprise, the next day Jace showed up on her doorstep. Brandi greeted him as he handed her a gift.

Brandi opened it to find a check for 50,000 Simoleons.

"Wow!" she said to him. "Are you sure? This is much more than I was expecting!"

Jace nodded. He told her he thought it would be better to just pay her all at once rather than every month. She thanked him in surprise, and he told her, "My Dad set up a trust for me when I was born, but I don't really need it because I have a good job. But anyway, I had it available and I don't want you and the boys to need anything." He paused and looked at her kindly. "I may not be ready to be a husband or father, but I'm not a jerk." He waved at her as he left. "Take care."

Brandi was amazed. Things were going so well! And tonight they were having their neighbors over for dinner to meet the family and the new arrival!

That evening, Brandi sat down to dinner with Kaylie and her son, Anthony.

"I'm sorry Carla couldn't come," Kaylie said, "But she had to work."

"That's okay," Brandi said, "I'm sorry I had to miss your wedding! And we don't have enough room anyway! I mostly wanted Beau to meet Anthony! Dustin, do you want to pull up a chair?"

Dustin shook his head. "I'm okay. I'm not hungry. I just wanted to meet everyone."

Brandi told their newest neighbor about their new baby, and promised Anthony he could meet him later.

Kaylie asked Beau about his hobbies, and he excitedly told her about his love for music.

"Well that's great! Anthony loves music, too! You guys could practice together!" Kaylie told him.

Beau told Anthony that they could play video games after school the next day, and Anthony told him that sounded fun.

Brandi asked Anthony, "So what is your room like? Your house is designed just like ours, except backwards."

He replied, "It's yucky purple right now, but my Moms told me I could decorate it however I wanted, so I am going to do it like space! I like space stuff like rockets and stars and aliens."

Beau was happy he had a new friend, Brandi was happy to have a nice neighbor, and Dustin was happy that his life was getting on track and that his family was happy. He told his Mom, "And you're going to like this! I got a job in the oceanography career! I start in two days!"

The next morning, Brandi gave the boys hugs as they headed off to school.

"Now that I'm not pregnant," she thought, "I can get a job!" Brandi looked in the paper and found a job in the Entertainment career that had great hours--she'd be working at night, so Dustin could watch the boys while she worked. And she was sure Dina and Nina would help her with babysitting sometimes.

Then she went over to her easel and happily continued the painting she was working on. As her skill progressed, she could sell them for more simoleons!

She was interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Who could that be?" she wondered, "I wasn't expecting anyone."

When she opened the door, a large, mean-looking man pushed past her into the house.

"Give me that necklace," he snarled at her.

"What are you talking about?" she said in surprise. "My son gave this to me! Who are you? I want you to leave!"

The man moved toward her menacingly. "I'm not leaving here without the necklace," he said through gritted teeth.

Brandi stepped back and shrieked, "My neighbor is a cop! You get out of here or I'm going to scream and she'll hear me!"

The man did not answer in words. His hands reached out for Brandi's neck.

A moment later, the door slammed.

Then there was quiet.

A fly beat against the window.

The faucet dripped.

The wind blew through the trees.

Then there was quiet.

A small, plaintive cry came from the crib.

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Oh no! poor Brandi.

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*silently screams for my favorite pre-made ever*

wonderful writing btw, it just gets better and better!

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Originally Posted by simsample
Oh no! poor Brandi.

I know! I literally cried while writing this one!
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Originally Posted by kanzen
*silently screams for my favorite pre-made ever*

wonderful writing btw, it just gets better and better!

Thank you so much! I usually question myself and think it's stupid, so I am so glad you are enjoying it!
#115 Old 9th Jan 2018 at 5:06 PM
*cries for brandi* we need revenge,kill samuel abbadon!!! and how come he killed someone because of a necklace?!

again angela being a snob,i almost hate her more than samuel is the baby brandi's pregnant with not meant to be skips?

love it so much keep it up

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OH no, don't let her be dead! I had to go back & look, and there was that COW!

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Originally Posted by Emerald1234
*cries for brandi* we need revenge,kill samuel abbadon!!! and how come he killed someone because of a necklace?!

again angela being a snob,i almost hate her more than samuel is the baby brandi's pregnant with not meant to be skips?

love it so much keep it up

Do you remember earlier when Carl asked if they'd found a necklace in Daniel's loot? Obviously the bad guys are looking for it.

Thank you so much for your kind words!

Originally Posted by grammapat
OH no, don't let her be dead! I had to go back & look, and there was that COW!

That cow is everywhere, isn't it? It almost seems to hear things.
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I saw somethin in your pics that I don't think I'd ever thought of doing. You didn't put all matchin chairs around the table. It makes perfect sense for someone who's short on money to use what they can get, but in doin so ya really need to be able to get past that 'they all need to be the same' attitude, which can be a bit hard ... lol.

Totally lovin the story. I do hope you have a 2nd one in your head because when this one is finished we're still gonna want more ya know :P
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Originally Posted by grumpy_otter
It almost seems to hear things.


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Originally Posted by CaliBrat
I saw somethin in your pics that I don't think I'd ever thought of doing. You didn't put all matchin chairs around the table. It makes perfect sense for someone who's short on money to use what they can get, but in doin so ya really need to be able to get past that 'they all need to be the same' attitude, which can be a bit hard ... lol.

Totally lovin the story. I do hope you have a 2nd one in your head because when this one is finished we're still gonna want more ya know :P

Gosh--thanks so much! The chairs thing just seemed right for the Broke family.

I do know where this one will end, but who knows? There could be more stories to be found! Thank you for your kind comments!
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Originally Posted by grumpy_otter

That cow is everywhere, isn't it? It almost seems to hear things.


Also, I cracked up when Scot was so dumb and then showed up with $50,000. That was so great!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Mom50409

Also, I cracked up when Scot was so dumb and then showed up with $50,000. That was so great!!!!!

If the cow starts talking. . . lol

Scot is a big dumb jock, isn't he? I'm glad you liked it! Thank you!
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I have to read this whole story over. I bet I missed some clues along the way. I am enjoying this so much I know another read will be a fun way to spend my down time!
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Originally Posted by koololdster
I have to read this whole story over. I bet I missed some clues along the way. I am enjoying this so much I know another read will be a fun way to spend my down time!

I tried to be very fair with the clues--they're there! Thank you so much for your nice comment!
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Default A Pleasant Story - Chapter Eighteen - Heart Broken

A Pleasant Story

Chapter Eighteen

Heart Broken

Dustin jumped off the school bus, proudly holding ANOTHER A+ report card. This new plan for his life was going really well! He skipped up the stairs and into the house, eager to share his good news with his Mom.

He heard Tom crying in his crib as he opened the door.

He called out, "Mom? Where are. . . "

And then he saw her.

Dustin panicked and ran out of the house into the yard.

"HELP ME!" he yelled, but no one was near enough to hear him.

He suddenly remembered his phone, and called Carla.

She arrived quickly and tried to understand what Dustin was shouting in his panic.

"Okay, stay here," she told him. "I'll check out the house."

Carla entered the house carefully and confirmed her worst fear.

Brandi was dead.

She ran outside and grabbed Dustin tightly.

"I am so sorry," she repeated over and over, while he cried in her arms.

She suddenly remembered the baby, and phoned Kaylie to come over right away.

Carla began securing the crime scene, which included preventing Dustin from running back into the house.

"Dustin, we need to stay out until the investigators get here so that all the evidence will be preserved," she told him.

"Kaylie will just be a minute," she continued, "and she can go in and get the baby because she's an officer of the court. She's connected to social services."

Kaylie arrived just as Carla explained this, and went into the house to care for Tom. She changed his dirty diaper, and although she didn't want to walk near Brandi's body, she knew he needed a bottle. She took a deep breath and carefully walked to the refrigerator, stepping so as not to disturb any evidence.

Tom's cries subsided as his hungry belly was filled, and she cuddled him against her neck.

"Poor baby," she cooed. "Don't worry. Don't worry."

Kaylie brought Tom outside and handed him to Dustin. "Here's your brother. He was fine--just a little hungry. Could you hold him for a moment? I have some calls I need to make."

Dustin complied, and held Tom tightly, so tightly that he almost began to cry again.

Kaylie was suddenly overwhelmed. Crime scenes were nothing new to her; she'd been in training for the law for a long time. But this was the first time it had happened to someone she knew, and to a family that she felt so close to.

She recovered herself enough to phone the social services people to explain about the orphaned boys and the baby. They said they'd send someone over.

Carla was finishing her calls to the crime scene investigators, and Kaylie walked over to her.

"Can you believe this happened to Brandi?" she said. "Why would anyone want to hurt such a nice person?"

"That's what we're going to try to find out," Carla answered.

Kaylie then turned to her. "Oh Carla, I don't want those kids to go to some foster care, or an orphanage. Do you think we could take them?"

Carla grabbed her and hugged her. "That's another reason I'm glad you married me. Do you think we can qualify with social services? Will they let us?"

Kaylie nodded. "I'm pretty sure--I'll call them again after I talk to Dustin. He may have other ideas, but I don't want him to have to worry about his brothers. Or himself."

Kaylie walked over to talk to Dustin about the plan as the investigators arrived and began surveying the crime scene.

She explained to him that she and Carla would like him and his brothers to come live with them, and that she'd make the arrangements unless he had another idea.

"I know you are very close with Nina and Dina--would you rather live with them?"

Dustin shook his head. "I don't think so. Dina's getting married soon and Nina is out at night a lot. I think it would be better to stay with you and Carla."

Kaylie told him she'd make the arrangements, then both of them stared at the street as the school bus arrived.

"Oh no," Dustin said. "I have to tell him. Here," he said, as he handed Tom to Kaylie.

Beau looked around in confusion at the police vehicles and ambulance parked near their house, then saw his brother.

"Hey Dustin, what's going on?" he asked.

Dustin walked up to him slowly as the school bus pulled away and said softly, "I don't know how to tell you this, bro, but Mom's gone."

"Gone?" asked Beau? "Where's she gone?"

Dustin took a deep breath as he answered, "I'm sorry. She's not . . . gone. She's . . . died."

Beau's eyes teared up immediately. "Why, Dustin? Why did she die?" he cried to his brother.

Dustin grabbed him in a hug. "We don't know yet. That's why the police are here. They're going to try and find out what happened."

"What . . . what's going to happen to us?" Beau sniffed.

"Carla and Kaylie said we can stay with them," Dustin told him. "That would be okay, right?"

Beau nodded as he wiped his eyes. "I guess so."

Kaylie walked up to them with Tom and said, "Beau, I need to walk over to our house to meet Anthony off the school bus. Will you come with me? We'll have to wait until later to come back and get your things.

Beau nodded sadly and took hold of her outstretched hand. "Are you coming, Dustin?"

Dustin replied, "I'll come in a minute. I want to ask Carla some things."

Kaylie nodded and said, "Okay, we'll see you soon. Take your time." She walked down the sidewalk with Tom in one arm and holding Beau's hand with the other.

Dustin didn't really have any questions; he just needed a moment alone.

"Oh Mom" he cried.

When Carla had finished giving information to the medical examiner and the investigators, she told Dustin he should come home with her now. Dustin told her he just needed another moment and that he would follow soon.

Carla nodded and turned to leave as the sun set on the worst day in all their lives.

Dustin gathered his strength and began to walk to the house next door, then heard a noise at the door of his house that made him turn. The paramedics were beginning to exit the house, and he knew who they’d soon be carrying with them.

"Bye Mom," he said under his breath. He turned and ran the rest of the way to his new home.

When he arrived, he found the rest of them talking about the sleeping arrangements.

Anthony was saying, "Beau can stay with me in my space room! It's really cool and we can get a matching bed!"

Anthony then told Beau how there was plenty of room for him and he would love to share.

Carla apologized to Dustin for the lack of space and explained that they could put his bed in the hallway just for now, and put a crib for Tom in the big bedroom.

Dustin said he didn't care.

Carla nodded, but reassured him they'd make better arrangements soon.

"There's something else I need to ask you about, Dustin," Carla said. "Kaylie told me your Mom was wearing a striking necklace when she had dinner with her, but we didn't find a necklace with her . . . with her body. Do you know where she would put it if she wasn't wearing it?"

Dustin shook his head. "I'm not sure. I could go look in her room, I guess."

Carla replied, "We need to stay out of the house until the investigators are done. We want to make sure they can gather all the evidence and that we don't disturb anything. I'll call them and let them know to be on the lookout for the necklace."

A few hours later, they got the call from the police that they could go back to the house. It was very late, so Kaylie told Dustin they could go over in the morning before school, on her way to work, if he still felt like going.

"I'm sure you've got some things you'd like to take with you from there."

"Yeah," he said, "I guess."

They walked over to the house together the next morning, and Dustin immediately walked into his bedroom and looked at the bed his Mom had bought for him.

He then went through his Mom's bedroom and the bathroom looking for the necklace, but didn't find it.

When he'd dried his eyes, he walked into the kitchen where Kaylie was looking at the cow on his kitchen counter.

"Where did that cow come from, Dustin?" she asked.

"I dunno," he said. "I don't care."

"Do you remember how long it has been here?" she asked him.

"Nah. I don't. Can I go now? I made a list of what I want moved over to your house."

He handed the list to her.

"Oh Dustin," Kaylie said as she accepted it. "I am so sorry about this. I want you to know you can talk to me anytime." She opened her arms to give him a hug, but he recoiled backwards.

"You're not my Mom!" he cried out angrily, and pushed her away. He ran out the door to go to school.

Kaylie looked after him sadly. She knew it would take time. She looked at the cow again and picked it up to examine. Something was odd about that cow and she intended to find out what.


Samael Abbadon stood before her nervously and said, "I have the necklace."

She stood and stepped in front of him. "Well?"

He held it out to her. She glanced down at it, then looked up at him in disbelief.

"How stupid are you? This isn't the necklace! This looks nothing like the missing one!"

Samael stuttered, "But Carl said . . . he said he saw it." His voice trailed off.

"Oh, 'Carl said he saw it,' did he?" she said in a mocking tone. "Get out of here and send in Asmodeus."

Samael left and told his brother she wanted to see him.

Asmodeus stood before his sister Yukionna and asked, "What are your orders?"

"Samael just killed a woman for the wrong necklace. He's put us all at risk. I want you to take him to the island."

Asmodeus nodded. "Right away."

"And Asmodeus," she continued, "I NEVER want to see him again. Do you understand?"

He nodded again.

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