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#1 Old 3rd May 2007 at 4:31 PM
Default The official most favourite/least favourite EP/SP/what one should I buy thread...
Looking to get a new expansion and can't decide which one? Looking to uninstall an expansion you have but don't know which one to nuke? Just want to yammer about which ones are the best, worst, or otherwise?

What is your most favourite/least favourite expansion pack, and why?
What is your most favourite/least favourite stuff pack, and why?
If you could rank how much you like each expansion or stuff pack in order, what would your order be?
If you had to remove an expansion, which one would it be, and why?

This is now the official catch-all thread for this topic. Please do not post any new threads on this topic - if you have input on the subject or are looking to make a new purchase/removal, read this thread for all kinds of opinions, then make your own decision.

Please vote in the poll regarding your favourite expansion pack if you do not have any additional comments to add on the subject. Please note that you may vote for multiple options if you like two expansion packs equally - please don't vote for ALL the options, though, as that would be silly.

This thread may be archived if/when we see a new expansion pack, to add additional poll options without skewing the results.

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#2 Old 3rd May 2007 at 5:00 PM
Acceptable double post - see my shiny fuchsia hat? :D

My personal opinions:

I would rank the expansions in the following order (and my whys):
  • Seasons - Gorgeous country furniture set (best Maxis furniture, IMO); awesome weather and seasonal effects, both graphically and audibly; gardening "mini-game" which is a heck of a lot of fun and fresh produce allows you to cook better food when you stock your fridge with it; leftover options (I've deleted all my pre-Seasons custom fridges, I like leftovers so much); fishing with new meals cookable with the fish; ice skating and roller skating; beautiful new tints for each season (which I've modded for my taste); beautiful new pool effects if you have a good enough graphics card; plant sims, the new and really fun to play supernatural species; gift giving; new careers and career rewards; nice new hair and a whole new clothing type, outerwear... and EVERYTHING you can do at home, without having to go to community lots!
  • Open for Business - Decent new hair and some new outfits; lemonade stands; cute new interactions; elevators; servos! (even though they kinda suck); awesome business running stuffs - I loooove running bakeries!; home businesses; selling real estate; Riverblossom Hills, my favourite Maxis 'hood - OfB was my favourite EP before Seasons, as I really like running businesses.
  • Nightlife - Lots of new club and modern items; cars; vampires; dating; pleasure seeker aspiration; turn-ons and turn-offs; downtown lots.
  • University - University gameplay is extremely boring; some new hair and outfits that are okay; new careers and career rewards; more want/fear slots; lifetime aspirations I think came with Uni too, right?; influence (ugh); cell phones, game players, and mp3 players (which are just annoying), only really good thing about it is the instruments and pool table, and the fact that the kicky bag interaction raises relationships faster than anything else.
  • Pets - Ugh. Buggy, boring objects, and about the only thing it adds is pets - which aren't that cool and just mess up your house and don't have much to do with them. The "omg puppies and kittoms!!!111one" factor is not enough to make Pets worthwhile.

If I had to remove an expansion I would definitely remove Pets. Possibly also Uni, keeping my top 3.

I don't really have much in the way of stuff packs - I have Holiday and Glamour Life Stuff but I don't currently have it installed. I like the outfits in GLS for using bits and pieces for meshing - they've got interesting stuff on 'em. I dislike Holiday as it's full of ugly walls and floors and new windows/doors with wreaths and snow on 'em (that I NEVER use!) and spams up my buy mode with 'em.

my simblr (sometimes nsfw)

“Dude, suckin’ at something is the first step to being sorta good at something.”
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#3 Old 3rd May 2007 at 7:20 PM
My fave/least fave EPs:

1 Nightlife: I LOVE the vampires; I also loved the cars. The new dating setup is very nice too, I didn't like how in the regular sims 2 only teens could "go out". It has some nice new clothing and a couple of new hair styles. Turn ons/Turn offs are great, and I liked the new downtown area as well.

2 Pets: Another favorite; dogs and cats are part of the family too My game feels more complete with Pets, though I don't understand why all the gripe about horses, most families have dogs and cats anyway, unless you live in a part of the world where horses are more popular... I'll admit that Pets is a bit buggy though. The werewolves are a great addition.

3 Seasons: The weather effects are great. The rain, hail, heatstrokes, snow, exc... are a wonderful touch. The plant people are ok, but I liked the "horror" creatures better (like vampires, zombies, werewolves, exc...) Other than that, I have no complaints about this one. A must buy.

I don't yet have the other two, but I can say that I don't care to. Open for Business doesn't seem neccessary to me, and neither does the "young adult" life stage of University. We need to have a "middle aged" life stage if we're going to make a bunch of seperate unneccessary life stages like that one, LOL:P

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#4 Old 3rd May 2007 at 8:52 PM
Here's mine:

First place - Seasons! Awesome weather effects; new cool careers and career rewards (yay!); fishing and gardening; putting leftovers in fridge; custom paintings (w/o having to install Pets); great stuff sets; new types of death; new neighborhood. Also, after installing some custom content and hacks which didn't work with OFB/Pets, to my surprise, they all worked with Seasons!
Second place - Nightlife. Actually, it was a bit of a tie between Nightlife and University. However, I chose Nightlife, because it has great features like cars, ability to become a vampire, downtown area. Also, I love the dating system. It is one of my most favorite things in the whole game.
Third place - University. It has awesome things, like the ability to go to college, becoming a zombie, new careers and career rewards. The Cow Plant and the Resurrection Machine are, probably, way better than most of the original Sims 2 career rewards. Also, I loved the new objects (pool table, instruments, etc). It has some minor stuff too, such as hairstyles.
Fourth place - Open for Business. It's awesome at the beginning, however, it gets boring very quickly. The only things I like in it are the objects, which are very decent, and the new Bluewater Village neighborhood. The crafting ability is all right too.

I have Pets, however, I found it a bit disappointing, because all my community lots were extremely slow, even on lowest graphic setting, so I just unistalled it. Maybe when I'll buy a better computer (it will probably happen this year), I'll install Pets again and I might actually find it better than other EPs. But for now I don't have an exact opinion about it.
#5 Old 3rd May 2007 at 9:34 PM
Wow, I agreed with the majority...Seasons at #1.
I like it because the weather aspect is very interesting and adds a wonderful graphical dimension to the game..in other words...it looks good to see it rain and snow. Also I enjoy the farming, the leaves on the ground, and general additional interactions. Giving presents is also really fun!

Second I would put Nightlife simply because Sims can get out of the house and go to places in groups. It adds a new dynamic. Also you can have dates, right?

I did not like University (simply dull and long without hacks) though the items that come along with it are good and useful. I am also not a fan of Pets. I feel it is the most 'limited' expansion. Yes, you get pets but they are incredibly dull and I still find it stupid you cannot interact with the birds or wormrats very much, you can't build up a relationship with them or see them do much. (except eat and die).

I have to say I never fully explored Open For Business. (most of my businesses failed or didn't do very well when I did manage to build and sustain one).

I don't own any stuff packs. When they come down in price, maybe...otherwise you nice people have provided me with ample CC.

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#6 Old 3rd May 2007 at 10:33 PM
Here are my rankings and reasons:

1. Nightlife - Clubs, bars, a whole new Downtown area, which is extensive and well built. It really does look like an urban area. It brings a whole BUNCH of new objects, especially for clubs and bars, including a Photobooth which sims can use either alone or with a friend/date and DJ boxes, as well as the cutest clothing made by maxis yet (in my opinion)
It brings vampires.
Best of all, it brings the dating and outing system. Apart from great ways to get sims together or fall in love, a good date ensures a platinum aspriation by the end of it. A lot of high scoring wants easy to fulfill if the sims are enjoying the date.
You can also get random gifts or skillpoints from your dates or outing buddies.
Chemistry, aka turn ons/offs. No longer are sims indiscriminate in choosing their partners; now thanks to turn ons and offs, just like in real life sims will be more attracted to some than others.
Cars are also useful if you hate waiting around for the taxi or miss the schoolbus/carpool.

2. Seasons - the changing weather and seasons, with their well done, gradual passage adds a whole new dimension to the otherwise perpetually sunny Simworld. The new season-specific wants and interractions (whether specific or not) bring more complexity to the game. Sims experience cold and hot temperatures, and dress accordingly (there is a new Outerwear clothing section for those cold late autumn/winter days) Gardening and fishing are also great ways to keep sims occupied and fill the fridges or sell the produce they make. Meals containing these fresh fruits,veggies and fish will be extra nutritious. Sims can now skate, and pools come with rounded corners and water slides.
There is a new supernatural creature introduced - the Plantsim.

3. Open for Business - Sims can own their own venues, with levels to reach and perks to unlock. These can be anything from retail to clubs and restaurants. There is a very nice furniture set that comes with the EP, Missionary. Businesses are challenging to keep and especially make profit with.
Sims can now gain talent badges and make their own objects - Toys, Robots, Flower arrangements, or work as hairstylists (with an associated Cosmetology badge). There are also some shop related badges they can earn - Sales, Cash Register and Restocking sold items.

Elevators are introduced with this EP.

4. University - Teenage Sims can attend college. There is a sepparate age group for them, Young Adult, composed of 4 college years each with 2 semesters. They can choose majors, live in dorms or residential lots, join Greek Houses or even a Secret Society. Their degree will ensure a better job later on in life (no more entry level jobs for Sims with a degree!). Only sims who graduated can enter the Artist, Paranormal and Natural Scientist careers that come with this EP.
Sims can now be resurrected via the Resurrect-o-Nomitron, the reward of the Paranormal Career track. By calling the Grim Reaper and paying an amount for the departed sim's soul, they will be brought back...exactly as they were if you payed a lot of money, with a reversed personality if you were a little cheap, and a zombie if you were very cheap. If you're too cheap, Grimmie just takes your money and does nothing.
University has musical instruments sims can perform: a set of drums, a guitar and a bass.
College, however, lasts a rather long time, 24 days in total.

5.Pets - My least favourite EP. The animals, cats and dogs, are cute but otherwise limited. Their interractions are repetitive after a point, so are their customization options.
The birds and wormrats are little more than objects without personalities and ravenous appetites. :smash:
If you like to fast forward while your sims are asleep/at work/school, you'll have to do it manually because if there's a pet in the house, it will not happen automatically anymore. And, there's always the chance they are chewing/scratching your furniture right at the same moment!
The EP also has quite a few bugs, some of which even the patches dont fix, such as custom accessories flashing blue for no reason.
It does bring werewolves, if you like supernatural creatures.

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#7 Old 4th May 2007 at 12:49 AM
Here are my favorites from most to least:

1. Seasons - This expansion just plain rocked, just about everything added in Seasons is good from the weather to the "pay all bills" option. All the new graphics really make the game feel less outdated in terms of looks which none of The Sims 1 expansions ever did. I've been waiting a long time for gardening, fishing, and gift giving and they all came back with nice improvements. The new music in Seasons would come a close second in a list of what I think the best EP is for adding new music. The outerwear is nicely done and some of my favorite objects like the dream catcher were in this EP too. Great job Maxis!

2. Nightlife - Finally my sims can drive cars and have turn ons/turn offs! The ability to go downtown and dating have been brought back too! Those things alone already make this second on my list. Some of the objects like the photo and DJ booths, the dance sphere, and the dance floor stuff are really fun. This is also the only expansion that added a new aspiration and it happens to be one that I use a lot: Pleasure.

3. Open for Business - This expansion really added nice depth to the game. The really good thing about OFB is that it gets better with each expansion that is added. For example with Nightlife you can own a restaurant, with Pets you can own a pet store, and with Seasons you can own a skating rink or perhaps a fishing spot. I'm sure it will just get even better with future EPs too. I like the Servo and there are neat new building options. This was the first expansion to add talent badges which is a nice alternative to skill building.

4. Pets - Just barely below OFB. Although the pets could have been less limited they still manage to make the game feel more complete. I know I would feel weird having only sims in my game again if I uninstalled Pets. The custom painting feature is great as well as the game tip encyclopedia. The new music in Pets would come first in a list of what I think the best EP is for adding new music. There is just so much new music and a lot of it is great to listen to. I have yet to check out the werewolves but they look cool.

5. University - well...I don't find this expansion really terrible but it just didn't add as many good things as the others. Some of the objects like the instruments and the treadmill are must haves, I can easily do without university. University I also found to be way too long. The new music however is great and so is the influence system.

If I had to remove an expansion I would remove Uni for sure. As I said already I can do without University and that's a major part of the expansion right there. I might be able to go on without the instruments too. All the other expansions have at least one thing that I always want to have in my game.

As for stuff packs Glamour Life is my favorite for adding great formal outfits especially for males and also some of the new objects like the stereo. Holiday Stuff is nice but only when you have Seasons installed. Family Fun is okay, but the new pop music is great...Stop and Think by The White Room is one of my all-time favorite simlish songs. I don't have Celebration so I can't judge that yet. :smash:
#8 Old 4th May 2007 at 5:33 PM
may favourite would have to be

Seasons- i love the weather as all the neat stuff you can do when you have it

then nightlfe- the cars the clubs and that stuff was cool

then ofb- that wasn't that good but it wasn't a complete waste because i use bluewater village and the bakery stuff

then uni- if it didn't come with my copy of sims 2 i wouldn't have it and the only reason it even stays installed is because of the instruments and stuff (i find going through collage a pain it the but though

and thats aoll i can say about because i don't have pets and the stuff packs but my broter said he would download them for the ea downloader for my birthday in a week (or get one of his friends to lendit to me because some of them have it but my friend either don't have it or have it on ps2)
#9 Old 4th May 2007 at 7:34 PM
Uni and Nightlife add the most to the game's engine, right? I don't know of anyone that makes hacks that work if you don't have at least Uni, and most that I use require NL or higher. That's important to note if you have 0 EPs. Also, OFB is the least intrusive (will change your gameplay style least), and NL and Uni are very close behind. Pets and Seasons (Seasons especially) change every aspect of gameplay slightly - pets because there are now aminals! running around, and Seasons because the new lightning deaths and thermometer radically change play styles.
#10 Old 4th May 2007 at 11:34 PM
I've only got two expansion packs, Night Life and Open For Business, so I can't speak authoritatively. But, since I'm talking anyway, I asked around before I spent more money on the game and I'm glad I did. I don't regret buying either of them.

NightLife adds cars, so you don't have to wait for a taxi or a carpool; restaurants, so there's something to eat on community lots besides hotdogs; dating, which can be a lot of fun and--heehee--lucrative; vampires, which are always cool; and scads of new possibilities for community lot activities.

Open For Business--This is just fun. Owning a community lot business is a whole new game in itself, but there are other possibilities as well. You get the craft benches, so your sims can make stuff when you can't think of anything else for them to do. Your stay-at-home parents can run a home business. When you start out a new family, you can hang a dart board on the side of the house and put a swing in the yard along with the ticket thingy, and people will pay to hang out in your yard! Which also makes it really easy to accumulate friends. And the nice thing is your sims can run a business and still have a career track job.

So I like the EPs I've got, and from what I've heard around here, my next one will probably be Seasons.
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#11 Old 5th May 2007 at 12:33 AM
Throw them all out!
I just read this thread, and realized I don't really like any of the EP's....how sad is that? I've got Uni, NL, OfB, and Pets, and all are considered useless to me, except the few interactions that are kinda cool. I don't bother making businesses, vampires, zombies, graduates, animals, or even aliens anymore. I may as well just unistall all of it and keep the base game, if it weren't for all the CC that requires certain EP's! :laugh:
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#12 Old 5th May 2007 at 3:53 AM
I have all the EPs and no Stuff Packs (as none of the stuff packs have ever appealed to me, what with the many bugs they seem to come with and the little content).

Here's my personal list, from favorite to least favorite:

Seasons: Seasons is by far the best expansion pack yet, if you're looking for ways to enhance the base game. There are no new big *things* specifically; no like shops in OFB, the whole outing/dating/nightclub experience in NL, nor colleges that come with UNI. But it adds a completely different game play in its own way. The seasons add a new touch of realism, and force your game play to change for each season, as different skills/relationships come more easily in certain seasons, and each season lets you do different things. Rain, snow, falling leaves, and lighting changes are all visual things that make the game much more beautiful, if you can say that about a game. To LadyJade: I would highly suggest getting Seasons, as I see you don't have it, if you want an ep that enhances gameplay without your sims having t0o make the effort to make it affect them. For Uni your sims need to go to university to be affected, for NL they have to participate in outings and going downtown, in OFB, you need to have sims run shops... But in Seasons all the benifits are on your lot, with no input from you.

I'll add more later. Whoop.

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#13 Old 5th May 2007 at 1:04 PM
For me, my list is same as HP.
2.Open For Business

If i had to chose an EP to uninstall it would have to be pets. I never use pets ever and hardly use any of the objects. Its pretty useless and the pets that walk past really bug me. Stupid dogs digging up my gardens and rolling around in puddles in the rain, in the middle of the road! Idiot dogs.
Before Seasons, OFB was my favourite, I love making businesses.
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#14 Old 5th May 2007 at 4:12 PM
From first place to last place:

Seasons: From the little time I had to play it, it was really fun! You have seasons which all of them rocks, tints for each seasons, a cute penguin, fishing, gardening, drinks, leftovers, hot cocoa, outerwear, temperature (finally!), weather, plant sims, gift giving, better clothing, new careers, Riverblossom Hills, water balloon and snowball fights ect. ect. IMO, this is the must-have EP along with NL!

Nightlife: Just like Hot Date did for TS1, Nightlife did for TS2. Nightlife really added so much to the game. Nightclubs, bars, vampires, playable cars (yay!), wayy better clothing, new music, new food options, new Pleasure and Grilled Cheese aspirations, Turn On/Offs and Chemistry makes sims alot more realistic, the Dating game (Even though it's so easy to have a Dream Date, I absolutely love it!) the matchmaker, the smustle. I love this EP!

Open For Business: Even though OFB is now unistalled from my computer, it's still a great EP. The business aspect is fun for a while until I ended up losing a lot more money than gaining, it's actually hard and time-consuming, customers are so troublesome, and employees would randomly quit on me even after I boosted up their motives. I found hair salons the easiest to run out of all businesses. What I do like about OFB are that the toys are amazing esp. the sprinklers, they gave a lot of toys for toddlers and kids to have fun with, which I adore since I think toddlers and kids are the most ignored, the clothes offered, the lemonade stand, the different types of roofs, cheesecake (yum!), and the music from TS1 was imported to OFB.

University: My opinions about Uni changes over time. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I hate it. University can get really boring after a while (I just download the College Adjuster to speed up time). Another thing I don't liek about Uni is that everytime one of my elders die, their family members always want to resurrect them and the want stays their for so long! The good things about Uni are that this was the only EP to offer a new age group, Young Adults, the camera takes awesome pictures, the new careers, the benefits from graduating from college, the new career rewards, zombies (though they really do nothing except limp around and look ugly LOL).

I didn't get Pets since as soon as I heard the main pets were just cats and dogs, I was immediately turned off. Plus, I heard that it was really buggy and the pets lose their wow fatcor after a while. I also didn't get any if the SPs because I wouldn't even waste my time or money on those little bundles though Glamour Life and Celebration do look interesting.

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#15 Old 5th May 2007 at 10:41 PM
Here is my list and order of how I would rate the EPs.
1. It's a toss up of Night life and Seasons, but in the end I say Nightlife first. Because it adds in cars and a down town and dating. I had a devil of a time hooking my sims up before, but with NL there is the matchmaker.. you just have to have enough money to get a good match..lol
Vampires also came with NL, and while I don't play them they I know others do. I keep meaning to one of these days.. just never got around to it.
Also with NL you can now build restaurants.. which is nice.. I like to make my own custom buildings and what not.

2. Seasons... Seasons (IMO) is the only other EP thathas added a lot to the game. There of course are the new seasons then allthe different activities to do in the seasons. I also like the idea of growing food or catching fish and that the sims can eat what they make.. I think it's really cool. The new lighting of the seasons is great too. Seasons also added in angled roofs too.. which as a builder I like. Seasons also added new careers too.. which was nice.

3. Uni I like this one next for the things it adds... the furniture and the objects and some build things. Also if you like.. it adds another stage of life in which is nice. I used to never send any sims through uni but I have recently started (of course I cheat the whole way through), but it's nice to get the extra wants.. and they start higher in a career if they studied something that works for that career.

4. Open For Business Because it added in new build things.. like the platform and cone roofs. Also with it you can make all kinds of stores. And there is the possibility own and run your store... I did at first, but it is very time consuming. So I like OFB just for the objects it adds. Plus it added in some new kid interactions.. like blowing bubbles.. dancing with the parents and showing off.

5. Pets I didn't like the idea of a pets ep when it was talked about. But I got it all the same and they are pretty cute. Not too hard to take care of and they can earn money for the family too. They just don't add anything other than pets to the game, which is why the EP is low on my list.

I don't have any stuff packs as none of them have seemed all that great to me. And from what I have heard they are pretty buggy.. I don't need that.
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#16 Old 6th May 2007 at 3:07 PM
What is your most favourite/least favourite expansion pack, and why?

Most favorites:
University for adding an optional life stage that gives my sims time devoted to skill gaining and socializing and also gives them extra want slots.

Seasons for, (obviously,) seasons and weather but also for the new and improved gardening system.

Least favorite:
Nightlife because everything it offers is pretty much useless to me except for the cars. I don't care to waste time waiting for a different town to load and then for a lot to load so my sims can go on a date for a few minutes and then have to wait for it to load the hometown and lot again. Also, for the "bargain" price of $5000, the gypsy woman will set my sims up with another sim that I'd never have them become romantically envolved with.

What is your most favourite/least favourite stuff pack, and why?

Most favorite:
Glamour Life as I use the clothes and objects from it frequently.

Least favorite:
Holiday if we are only going by the ones I purchased. I never use anything from it.

If you could rank how much you like each expansion or stuff pack in order, what would your order be?

#1 University
#2 Seasons
#3 Pets
#4 Open for Business
#5 Nightlife An expansion outranks a stuff pack in my book.
#6 Glamour Life
#7 Family Fun
#8 Celebration Even though I don't plan to buy this one I'd gladly trade my copy of Holiday for it.
#9 Holiday
#10 H&M The notion of paying $20 for a commercial offends me. Labels, (or more correctly the mentality that often inspires the purchase of a label,) offend me. If I thought it would make any difference, I'd climb on a soapbox and protest the release of this pack.

If you had to remove an expansion, which one would it be, and why?

Even though I love my sim pets and I ranked the ep higher, I'd remove Pets before I'd remove Nightlife because it would be more realistic for the average person to not have a pet than it would be for them to not have a car.
#17 Old 8th May 2007 at 12:53 PM
1. Pets
2. Seasons
3. University
4. Nightlife
5. OFB(totally useless to me) So useless that I uninstalled it and sold it
#18 Old 8th May 2007 at 1:25 PM
1- Seasons
Definetely the best, the weather is a great addition, really well done. Maxis is known for leaving out important bis when they make EPs but this time I have nearly nothing to complain about. Great sounds and the new lights make lighting hacks useless. I particulary love the autumn light, very suggestive. The seasonal wants also add variety. The new careers are great and the reward for the education one is just brilliant. The hair that come with it is nice, though is only for adults and elders as usual, that's why I suggest downloading Callum's converted versions at MTS2, which are for all ages. The furniture is very cool too and unlike Maxis' usual trend, the sets are quite complete. And the ice skating they introduces is great!

2- Nightlife
Dates! Restaurants! Cars! Definetely a close second to Season. If you want your sim to have fun, this is the EP you want to get. Cars especially are the best feature: your kid mised the school bus? Just drive them yourself! I also like the blind date option, which, even though rarely gets you your sims partner for life, at least allows some experience. The photo booth is also very cool. The turn on and offs are also nice. Not many nice hair and outfits, but I usually rely on CC for that anyway. Speaking about objects, the karaoke machine is just priceless.

I know it's not generally appreciated, but I like it a lot. Granted, I speed up the college years with InSIM, but apart form that I find it totally enjoyable. I always felt the age of young adults was necessary, it was too harsh a passage from teen to adult, at least that's what I think. This is a time you can use to improve your sim skills, or make him make friends, which is very difficult when he/she is an adult with a job. Also it's very cool that they can change aspiration between their second and third year, it's realistic, those are the years where our minds change the most. Nice hairstyle, even though my fave is the short hair for girls converted to males. The objects are great, the instruments and the pool table are a must have to me. Lifetime wants are also a nice new feature Uni brings.

4-Open for Buisiness
Well, I like the EP, even though I don't use its features very often. Managing a business is a full time job for our sims and it gets difficult to control both the business and the private life of them. Still, if you enjoy this kind of stuff and always wanted to see your sim at works, it's done nicely. The outfits are a bit... awkward, most of them, but their meant to be mascot uniforms or employeees uniforms, so I think they're meant to be awkward. There is some nice outfit for males, though. Hairstyles, there's one for males that's kinda cute, and of course a ton of gorilla masks and the likes. I can't remember which objects came with OFB apart from the obviously business ones, so I can't judge there.


Don't get it. Seriously. Even if you're a pet lover IRL. I am too, but this EP is really... the worst thing Maxis could come out with. First of all, apart from pets and objects related to them, there is nearly nothing else. Well, the option to invite a whole household on the phone, but you can live without it. The space theme items are cute for kids bedroom, but nothing special, nothing you can't get as a free CC. Pets are few types, even fewer than in Unleashed for TS. Cats, Dogs, that sort of guinea pig, parrots. They need a lot of care, too much. And my pet peeve is that they can enter community lots and ruin couches and furniture in general, which is totally unrealistic. This is the EP I would uninstall if I had to.
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#19 Old 8th May 2007 at 5:28 PM
*My list*

Seasons - I love the weather, the gardening and the seasonal activities. I really like how different seasons are better for different interactions. I love that they brought back gift giving.

Pets - I love the pets. Apparently I'm a minority, but I don't find the game annoying. The only annoying thing is pets wandering around downtown, and there are hack for that. I also enjoy the womrats and birds. I'm a big pet lover, and for me, the pets add wonderful dimension to my game.

Nightlife - Downtown lots & dating stuff are fun. I actually enjoy the furiousness that came with it. Most of the time anyway. Sometimes going to downtown lots is a bit annoying, and I wish they made it so you could have hotels.

University - Not the best EP, but I actually play my sims at college. I kinda like it, and it's weirdness (like the streakers and battling Mascots), although I'm glad the whole game isn't like this.

Open for Business - IMO, over-rated. I don't enjoy the business aspect as much as I had hoped. I find running businesses time-consuming and not that interesting. Especially community lot businesses. Don't get me wrong, I still use it, just not with every family.

If I had to remove one, it would probably be OFB. However, not gonna do that. I like having them all. Although w/ Sims 1, I did unistall Superstar, but that's because the fame thing bled into the rest of the game, not making it very optional. And I didn't like the gameplay it added, just the objects. The Sims 2 expansions add gameplay that is optional and gameplay that is not. Like you can choose whether or not to have a pet, or own a business, but you can't choose not to have furiousness. (without hacks)
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Yeah, Pets is my least favorite. That part is easy.

Now picking a favorite - that's hard.
#21 Old 17th May 2007 at 7:18 PM
Seasons - the EP that doesn't need a subhood for the features to be noticed. Love the seasons, especially winter and fall.

Nightlife - Cars...my glorious cars...the clothes, the hair, EVERYTHING

Open for Business - I love the toys, flowers, SERVO!!!

Uni - I'm starting to love this EP, especially love Sim State University, instruments, and the bubble machine.

Pets - I don't have Pets at the moment, but when I had it, the thing slowed down my game. Good thing I removed it.
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For me,my list would have to be:


It adds much more to the game and you don't even have to leave the house for it. I love the snow,autumn&spring. Seeing my sims jumping in leaf piles,kids knocking down snowmen


Unlike most people,I ♥♥♥ Pets.Sure,it was/is ultra buggy,but what Sims2 game isn't?Pets is just buggier. And yes,I admit the amount of pets is very very limited,especially compared to Unleashed. Maxis could make up for that by putting out a StuffPack,PETS REQUIRED so it would add a fair few more pets.
My sims lives are more complete now and couldnt live without my kitties


Brilliant pack. The craft tables,robots,business-♥
The craftable items are good and you don't even have to leave your house to start a business either.


A good pack,the vampires are well made and the coffin and light ideas are good too. Yes it bought cars,but I don't use them anyway,my sims never leave the house.


Bleh. To me, Uni is teh suck If I had to get rid of an EP,it would be University. I have to leave the house to get to University and I cheat my way through it anyway,so,bleh!! >= (


Not gonna go into detail but my faves are

#1 Glamour
#2 Celebration!
#3 Holiday 2006
#4 FamilyFun
#23 Old 18th May 2007 at 5:41 AM
Okies. Here are my views:

Love everything about it! The seasons, the new neighborhood, new Sims, etc, etc... I could literally go on for hours. LOL.

Pretty cool expansion pack. Some of the pets are so adorable.

Open for Business:
Awesomeness!! I love making my own businesses and making fun of my Sims and their sometimes "crazy" businesses.

It was okay. Back then, this was HUGE, as it included the cars, garage doors and driveways. Now it's like, "Uugghh..."nightlife."" lol...

Pretty cool, although I don't like the fact that it takes FOREVER to get a Sim through university.

Stuff Packs:
Don't get me started......

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#24 Old 19th May 2007 at 10:54 PM
You know what, I can't say I have a favourite, just disappointments. Plus, some of them I haven't had a chance to try:

Good: Cowplants! Clothes and downtown features.
Bad: Uni's charm wears off for me.
Ugly:The Cowplant made my sister a sadist. One family got really screwed over via Young Adult transformation glitch.

Nightlife(I just got this one for my sister sooo, I don't really know too much of it)
Good: Love the music. Lots of stuff to do in this EP. It seems kinda complicated, but still fun.
Bad: Kinda agressive this time, aren't they?
Ugly: My sister's sim just set fire to one of their ex-boyfriend's trees. o_O;

Dunno, lol¯\(°_o)/¯

Good: Costomization's quite dandy and you can actually take advantage of glitches and make some awesome monsters. Like this cutie. ;3
Bad: Customization limited to only fur and too few body parts. Severe lack of pet diversity(ie. ferrets and such) and pet size.
Ugly: Uber-biased towards dogs. WHERE'S THE CUSTOM PET MESHES?!

Seasons (From what I see so far...)
Good: Weather! :D
Bad: Weather! D: It loads rather slow too.
Ugly:....Haven't seen anything ugly-worthy yet.

If I had to say it, my biggest disappointments are Uni and Pets. I guess I expected WAY too much of them.
#25 Old 2nd Jun 2007 at 12:45 PM
From favourite the least:

Seasons: I just love everything about it, from the actual weather, to the new neighbourhood, hair styles and clothing and - well, everything. The only real problem I have with it is how quickly sims freeze in winter, but that's easy to deal with.

Nightlife: It's brought in cars, dating and chemistry. Vampires, pleasure sims and the grilled cheese aspiration too. I just love everything about it. But not quite as much as Seasons.

University: The Young Adult stage is kinda dull and long, but there's a lot to do in it. It brought in LTWs (something I can't have my sims live without), instruments besides the piano, zombies and cowplants... Come to think of it the main reason I like it is the cowplants.

Open For Business: What can I say about it? Blergh! I can't stand it. My sims can open a business? Uh, yay? So it made the Earn 100,000 want a lot easier to achieve. Big deal. Fair few new hairs and clothes (well, lots more than any other EP, I think), but most of them aren't something I'd let my sims wear in a million years. There were a few cute interactions it brought, and the ability to make any meal at any point was kinda useful, but it's something I can and do live without.

Pets: I couldn't stand Unleashed and my opinion of Pets is the same. What did it add to the game? Strays, birds and wormrats that have a nearly unlimited lifespans if they don't starve to death within five minutes, and obsession with animals for any aspiration and a few pet-related items. I will admit it's better than the Unleashed in that great danes aren't the same size as terriers, but that's about it.

Personally I don't have particularly high hopes for Bon Voyage. Eh, they can go on holiday. Big whoop. It's another remake of a Sims 1 expansion that I hated, just like Unleashed/Pets. It looks like there will be a few decent things in, so I'll probably like it more than Pets or OFB, but... I think the holidays would get tedious. Of course that being said it isn't out for months (until about November, I think) and there's only 3 pictures available now, so I may be wrong. Still...

Stuff packs? Okay, out of the two I have here's what I think:

Festive Holiday Stuff: It brought in SANTA! Come on, how could I not love something that brought in Santa? We even got a few interactions with it - mainly with the mistletoe and explosives, but also the autonomous interaction when Old Father Time becomes Toddler New Year, where all the sims make a lot of noise with pans and spoons. And lets not forget: the fireworks! So fun! So cool! So appeals to my pyromaniac side! The reindeer lawn ornament? Pure genius! Co many decorations, a fair few hair styles and outfits - there being no teen ones is my only pet peeve about it.

Family Fun Stuff: Great, just what I needed: dragon, princess and mermaid outfits. They're go great with... nothing. An underwater themed room? By golly gosh! That's just perfect! Now if only I could be bothered to build them an underwater house. A castle/fairy themed room? Well isn't that just spiffing? Something else I'll never use! It really didn't make that huge an impression on me. I kinda feel like I've wasted my money on it, especially since it isn't installed on my laptop to save space, just like OFB and Pets.
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