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#26 Old 13th Mar 2016 at 2:15 AM
I just reinstalled my game and about to load my cc into this one after installing empty templates(yet again)... everything is convenient now that I can find all the things I've downloaded in WinRAR
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#27 Old 13th Mar 2016 at 5:37 AM
Since the first round of Pleasantview was almost entirely taken up by first night outings, I decided to do a second round before advancing Rhett's time by a day. Joan Burb, working in the oceanography career, brought Woody Weiss home from work and spent several hours in the hot tub with him and Rhett, making friends with Woody and ending up -4 with Rhett! So I don't think that one's going anywhere. However, she took Lucien out and fulfilled his wish for a dog - a yellow cocker spaniel named Tucker, of course!

Lucifer invited household on his friend Angel Hart and his girlfriend Diara Dreamer, with the result that Rhett met the last eligible Pleasantview ladies. Danielle, after having a pleasant conversation with him, influenced Darrell to talk to him, too. Their first conversation didn't go well, but then she turned right around, sizzled at him, and started in giving him compliments, which Rhett lapped up as per usual. Meanwhile, Danielle and Gary-Stu were canoodling hard. Their poor relationship with their sons and Danielle's flirtation with Kaylynn aside, they appear to have a very happy marriage and unless she gives me some sign of being truly villainous I think she's putting herself out of the running.

It's too early to be dogmatic, and I've been fooled before, but the smart money is on Darrell. She is exactly his type - she's Knowledge, she admires him, and she's lonesome and in distress. She's in the early stages of aspiration failure, in mourning for a husband - as he's mourning his wife! They don't bolt, but she's never been flirted with despite being a married woman with a hopeless crush, and I predict it'll be two bolts. Danielle and Donna are both triples, but neither is showing any sign of losing their heads.

Lucifer kept poking his brother. This is bound to remind Rhett of the General and make a bad impression, so I had Danielle encourage niceness. Which didn't take, since they aren't friends, but at least she made an effort.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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#28 Old 13th Mar 2016 at 2:26 PM
I've got three families moved into my Wildcat Canyon game and all live in rental housing so far because the first two families couldn't afford to own until they find jobs.The Smith family just arrived most recently and they're just getting settled into their social assistance loft complex where they're getting 9000$ twice a week from welfare checks.
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#29 Old 13th Mar 2016 at 8:12 PM
At the local Pleasantview Prison Don Goth got promoted to Concert Pianist. He's a live-in prison guard, but also has a job in the music industry. He wants to become the ultimale rock god. Ralph Depiesse had graduated college and has moved into the prison to become the new prison warden. Word got out that Don seduced the prisoners, but there was no one else who wanted to take over his job. Now there is and he got fired. Don is still married to Cassandra and has two lovely children. He has a good relationship with his son Mordred, but Christina he barely even knows. He doesn't want to move back into Goth manor, because he'll have to conform to a monogamous life. He loves Cassandra, very much so. But he's just not made for monogamy. Cassandra would never agree to an open relationship, though. So he has no choice, but try and be discreet about his endeavors. He has to figure out a way to not move back into Goth manor and have Cassandra agree to it. That's going to be a hard one, because he previously had an actual reason.

Ralph (18) moved in and became quick friends with one of the prisoners, Alyson Noto (29). She's been in prison for the last two years. She burglarized the Dreamer house and got caught redhanded by the police. She has to last two more years and then she's a free woman. Alyson isn't a bad person. She just struggled. She actually wants to be a media magnate. She's dreaming big, but if she'll actually pursue those... That's another story. Eventually, Ralph wants to own the prison. That's his actual life dream.

Dina Caliente (46) is in prison serving a life sentence for killing five people. She is in her cell with her daughter, Sascha Caliente (3). Sascha has to leave when she is older and go live somewhere else. Probably with her father, Dirk Dreamer. Dina and Dirk are still engaged, but Dirk is quite busy with his new business so he's not visiting that often anymore. Sascha does get to visit him sometimes and then they have a lot of fun. Sascha knows how to walk, talk and use the potty by herself already. She's a smart little girl.
#30 Old 14th Mar 2016 at 12:31 AM
Sloan household - The screenshots pretty much sum up what happened during the last round at their household. At least no one died...will have to see how things go next rotation.

Hewitt household - On a happier note this family just moved to another part of town (sub-hood) and will be adopting the little dog Boomer (his original owner suddenly passed away - this was mentioned in the now closed thread) from the pet adoption pool. Will post more about this family at the end of their rotation.

“Seize the time... Live now! Make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again.” ― Jean-Luc Picard
Mad Poster
#31 Old 14th Mar 2016 at 4:30 AM
Ginger Newson had headed over to the public library to catch up on her education (with the help of Inge's schoolwork pencil thing) when she bumped into Jules O'Mackey. The two struck up a conversation over coffee and Jules said she'd drop by sometime to visit.
The next day was as chaotic as ever. Ginger invited over Jules and influenced her to make a meal, which took some of the pressure off. Georgia learned to talk, and Gavin brought home Angela Pleasant and noogied her before rushing off to work. Then Angela went to the playground behind the apartment and began spinning on the spinny thing.
Both Gabriella and Gallagher came home without any homework, so Gabriella decided to invite over Sharla and the other Ottomas. But the only one who actually showed up was Samantha, who joined Angela on the spinny thing:
Mad Poster
#32 Old 14th Mar 2016 at 4:52 AM
I played the Dreamers - who are currently 11 sims (2 adults, 3 teens, 4 children, a toddler and a baby) and a dog. For most of the day everyone's motives were great.... But then when it came to Beau going off to university, the triplets becoming teens, Drake becoming a child and DJ becoming a rather cute toddler -motives started to get low. It doesn't help that I have a mod where beds have to be assigned and if they're not, the sims wander around aimlessly or try to nap on the couch until you assign them a bed. Seeing as I had just redone all the boys bedrooms (and given the only girl in the house her own room) everyone was in a rush to get to the couches - but kept getting interrupted by a birthday. Brandi the rolled a want for Another baby.... Hell no Brandi, you already have 10 and one step-son!

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
Field Researcher
#33 Old 14th Mar 2016 at 7:52 PM
SilverMoon House - Bailey continues to work on her 20 lovers LTW using the old wishing well in the backyard, but this time she got a teen, so it ended up being a wasted wish. Bambi claimed her room and went downstairs to play with the synth. Barid and Bailey managed to hold decent conversations while eating and watching TV, so maybe their relationship can be repaired. Then they all had class, with Bambi leaving first for hers. Bambi went on an outing with Chase Barber when she got home, as he was her highest match. Another bloody redhead! Bailey and Barid came back from class and Bailey booty called Dustin Quincy. Bambi's outing was only so-so since Chase was hard to nail down for long.

Barid went on a date with Estelle, and rolled an engagement want for her - which I immediately fulfilled. Naturally it was a dream date. Bailey had a dream date with Dustin, which got her aspiration up. Then they all headed off for their first finals. They all managed A+'s. Barid and Bailey go one step forward and two steps backwards in their relationship, they got into another fight, which Bailey won soundly. Barid then booty called Kathleen and Bailey went to make another wish for her LTW. Bailey also had another dream date with Dustin. Bambi got her bronze toy making badge, and now wants a silver one. Barid had another dream date with Estelle, and I remembered to set her as his one sim. Tired of him booty calling a teenager! Bambi booty called Antonio - who she has no bolts with, so I'm assuming he's gay. Okay, after a flirt he's a one bolt match - me thinks she needs to find someone else! My fault, I must have forgotten to randomize my new townies gender preference. Bailey maxed out music and dance while Barid booty called his favorite teenager and Bambi had an outing with Arash Bennett another one bolter. Bambi also maxed music and dance, then it was time for their final final! Everyone naturally got A+'s. All they do is go to class.
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#34 Old 14th Mar 2016 at 9:50 PM
Gavigan (Isabella Gavigan Akagi): After her husband died, leaving her with FIVE children (four are quads), she quickly became lonely and wanted to remarry. The problem was actually having time to date. When her oldest aged up to teen and the quads to children, she decided it was time to meet some people. She went to a bar and started up a conversation with a nice looking man, but even after flirting there were zero bolts. She lost interest in him and another guy came over to talk to her. He had long hair in a ponytail, a tight muscle shirt, tattoos all over this arms, AND he was a criminal. With him, she had three bolts before they even started flirting. Well, she left the bar and in the next few days he visited her a lot. Um, Isabella, is this really the best guy to help you raise five kids?? He wants to be a criminal mastermind, you know. It didn't matter to her and pretty soon he moved in. The kids like him and she really does need the extra income - even if it is dirty money (she had $32 left after paying her last set of bills). So far, neither has rolled a want for a baby so she's on birth control. There isn't room anyway, the quads share a small room and the teen's room is even smaller. If they continue not wanting another child (and no accidents happen) and he doesn't get thrown into jail, they might just make it...
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#35 Old 15th Mar 2016 at 12:41 AM
Main House - It's a Sunday, so that means family day so the Smith (Theo) and Miles households were summoned. Barbra finished teaching Cern to Play Dead and made friends with him in the process. Bartholomew wanted to be friends with Barrett, so he gave him a call. Amin went to work and Balin wanted to get fit so he dug for treasure. Wendy headed out for her first day of work. Cern came home promoted to Pet Corps and Wendy came home with a promotion to Fact Checker and Laverne Saunders. Adam maxed Cuisine. As soon as Jules got home from work he threw a birthday party for himself. Jules aged up into an elder surrounded by family and friends. He grew up into an awful shorts and short sleeved shirt combo, which I may just let him keep, cause it suits his nerdy self...but I ended up changing it to an equally nerdy summer outfit.
#36 Old 15th Mar 2016 at 3:06 PM
It's pretty quiet in SimHampton now, as it's compulsory census season. Everyone is staying in and having their possessions assessed by internationally-trained finance experts, plus being told to fill in a long and incredibly boring document full of minutae (Junior Mann's protest of, "Oh, come on! Who cares if I have 15 friends or 16? I'm the ruler, I should be exempt from this!" was heard from several miles away). The census is important as I am playing a slightly modified version of the International Challenge; it will determine what actions the "nations" can take, how big the nations are, whether my Sims are happy or unhappy with their government, and, of course, how much tax everyone pays.

The only other news of significance was that Ignazio Caliente got promoted from Pizza Dude to... ...Pizza Dude. This somehow doubled his take-home wage. Of course, he will be assessed on the higher income as this was just before the census-takers arrived at the Caliente's house!
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#37 Old 15th Mar 2016 at 3:16 PM
Uh-oh. After Tara Kat got pregnant last rotation, following her divorce from Jason Larson, she's had a very relaxed parenting approach. Originally Kat Larson wasn't allowed boys in her room. Now that Tara doesn't reinforce that rule, Kat decided to call her love interest, Richard Ottomas over. He decided to bring Tommy, his older brother. One thing lead to another and Kat woohooed with Tommy on the sofa in her bedroom! - Richard didn't even care, he sat on her bed playing SSX3 on the games console. Now Kat is pregnant, and still really wants Richard. Tommy is a romance sim, and Richard is a family sim - so maybe he'll help her raise the baby while Tommy goes off in search of another lover? Also - will there be any room in the house for two babies? Kat might have to move in with her Dad in Belladonna! Meaning Richard no longer lives down the street and wouldn't be able to visit often. Luckily her cousin, Dottie Larson just moved to Belladonna too.

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
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#38 Old 15th Mar 2016 at 4:11 PM
Virginia Beech married Jamin Rai - he taking her name by arrangement, because Dynasty - in a roof-raising home wedding to which none of either's other love interests was invited. Also absent was Virginia's half-brother, because she doesn't know about the relationship. Mikki Dosser crashed the party, looking out-of-place in sweatshirt and cargo pants, but before she could start any trouble she was distracted by cake and then she met Penny Weiss Caliente and found her a hoot. With all of the bride's Widespot friends and a selection of college friends present, the party needed no assistance in taking off. Sandy and Hamilton are ecstatic to have their daughter settled and are looking forward to the grandchild conceived on the wedding night. (Virginia's not too hyped about it, but it needed doing, and the sooner the better - live-in babysitters don't last forever.) Sandy also now harbors a secret wish for her secret son to settle down, but that's not something she can talk about.

Goldie Hart Terrano stayed home from work with baby Orion, but she really isn't cut out for all that alone time, so in the afternoon she invited over all her teen relatives and her sister Candy. It soon turned into a teen hen party as Gabe and Geoff - unable to get into the bathroom - left early. The girltalk flowed freely, and though Lana and Cathy threw some attitude at each other (something about Cathy being a jock and Lana being a know-it-all) Goldie has every reason to regard the event as a success. They stayed late, long after Sirius got home from his job as a Prestidigitator, and he basically hid from it all in the study.

Bristol also stayed home with her baby, Perdita, while Benicio went to work. She dealt with her isolation by taking calls from Rhett and her sister-in-law Devon (who still can't visit, as neither the Capps nor the Montys are reconciled to the situation).

Darlene and Bracken Moonblossom got a second room enclosed and put a bed in it, just in time for the first snowfall. They've also got a tub for washing up in the kitchen, because the shower enclosure is still roofless and fenced. The timing was good, because Darlene popped in the middle of eating breakfast. Bracken had the day off, which meant no money coming in, but meant he was on hand to fuss over her and do the cooking (at which he's not very good, but never mind; it keeps her off her feet). So Darlene started her next book, took a nice bubble bath, and called Goldie - a fellow Urele-Oresha-Cham, a near neighbor, and a mother with an infant, it behooves them to be friends. Bracken, at a bit of a loose end after Blossom went to sleep in an actual bed for the first time since her marriage, started playing with a stray dog. They both want a pet for their baby to grow up with, but aren't about to pay for one.

I popped in to Rhett's apartment to put the relevant pictures into the storytelling album before they got buried, and saw that his wants had progressed from "talk to Darrell" last time I did this, to "be best friends with Darrell" and "flirt with Darrell," even though he hasn't appeared on any community lots or visits to get wants rerolled and/or satisfied. He must've rerolled during the phone call with Bristol. He and Darrell have no bolts at all, but she's so much his type that he doesn't seem to have noticed.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . Widespot,Widespot RFD: The Subhood, and Land Grant University are all available here. In case you care.)
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#39 Old 15th Mar 2016 at 6:07 PM
At Tri-Var sorority nothing much happened. A bunch of people were invited over to socialise with. Zoe Zimmerman finished her first semester as a sophomore with a C. And Jordan Letourneau is still waiting to finally fall in love and get her first kiss. She's a sophomore and she feels like it has to happen sometime in the future. Everyone in the sorority is dating, definitely kissing and some of them even getting engaged! But lately her eye has fallen on Jimmy Phoenix. She wanted to ask him out on a date, but was too shy to actually do it. Someday...
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Smith (Theo) - Sara tried to mack on Banyan, which he refused twice. So I added him to her friend zone since they don't register as family. Silly servos! Banyan headed off to work. Carl came home with a promotion to Seeing Eye Pet. Stephanie spent most of her day off digging for treasure and trying to get fit til she needed a nap. Aaliyah also wanted to get fit, so she started digging for treasure when she got home from work. Banyan came home with a promotion to Master of Ceremonies and brought Devon Ayers home with him. He immediately invited her on an outing and they hung out for a bit, til Devon decided she wanted to do something else, so Banyan started teaching Carl how to roll over. Then it was baby time! She gave birth to the next heir, a bouncing baby boy named Caden. Sara called Amin to sort out the whole cheating fiasco - she's still furious with him, but they're talking now, unlike Aaliyah and Theo, who still seem to be avoiding each other. The phone call got Sara and Amin on friendly terms again, but it will take more than that for them to be reconciled. Theo and Aaliyah did sit at the table together for a moment, and Theo seemed willing to talk but Aaliyah just got up without saying a word.

Carl and Celeste both needed baths, so I put Sara to work on the task. Aaliyah again didn't make it to bed first, so it's pepper punch for her! Since Aaliyah wanted to max Cuisine, she browsed the web for it. Sara also washed Bozo since he needed a bath too.
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#41 Old 15th Mar 2016 at 9:37 PM
I've -just- restarted my custom hood Holling so here goes:

The Lewises, Shaylene (20) Mi'Shara (19) and their mother Sweety (51) have just moved into the Fitzmore Park area and are already causing trouble. The girls went shopping and got a bit too hyped on cola and candy. Mi'Shara got into a fight with a townie woman while Shaylene started insulting the watchers. They finally got what they came for when Shaylene went ahead to the department store and picked up the family's autumn wardrobe.

Both girls chatted up the household full of boys from the Harlow Bridge area who came by as part of the welcome wagon (there are only 6 playable sims at the moment so that's nearly all of them...)

The boys are the Uno brothers Damian (19) and Johnnie (20), and their college friend Rio (19).

Damian and Mi'Shara hit it of despite him being a shy, gentle boy and her being an agressive, angry young woman. They have one bolt but made out at the nightclub when Rio dragged Johnnie out that evening and hopped into bed at the Lewis house after that. Shaylene hit it off with Rio immediately with three bolts, but Mi'Shara - after cussing him off, slapped him in the face and started a blood feud between the two that has ended in perfect enmity. They now despise each other despite one bolt of chemistry...

Shaylene got lucky with Rio after the club which was helpful, but neither woohoo resulted in a pregnancy so the girls (and their mother) breathed a sigh of relief.

Johnnie got into quite a nasty fight with Mi'Shara as well and despises Fitzmore Park (it's a poor area) and the girls. He's not yet aware that Damian has fallen for Mi'Shara, but he's effectively banned his little brother from hanging out there in the future. He's a merciless finance sim and has big dreams of becoming a business tycoon. He's determined to get the Uno name out there... we'll see how he does.

Mama Sweety managed to flirt up a storm with older townie Juan Reamon (48) and the two have definite chemistry. Now that her girls are adulting (so to speak anyway), it may be time for Sweety to get her own life goals in order...
Field Researcher
#42 Old 16th Mar 2016 at 5:41 PM Last edited by WildIrishBanshee : 17th Mar 2016 at 2:52 AM.
Miles - Camryn earned her bronze toy making badge, then had to go to work. Becka and Barto had to walk to school, as they still haven't earned their A+'s yet. Hunter and Barney went down to Hunter's Music Shop. Barney earned a silver restocking badge while he was there. After they closed at 6pm, I let them call friends for a bit to keep up relationships instead of hurrying them home. They got the business up to level 9! Back home, Abbie made friends with Nerissa over the phone. After getting their needs met, it was time to head to A Whole New You, previously owned by Abbie, now owned by Hunter. Barney got a bronze sales badge and a bronze cash register badge while they were there, and got the business to level 10! Only 4 more level 10's to go for Hunter's second LTW. As soon as they got back it was time for Abbie and Barney to go to work.

Cordelia came home promoted to Seeing Eye Pet and Captain came home promoted to Understudy. At 6pm it was time for Bandele and Barry to grow up. Bandele grew up into a romance teen, with fitness and alienism as her turn ons and jewelry as her turn off. Barry grew up into a Pleasure teen, with full face makeup and creative as turn ons, and hard worker as his turn off. Bandele wants to be a Celebrity Chef and Barry wants 50 1st Dates. Abbie came home promoted to Rock God, which is her 4th LTW. Now she wants to be a Prestigidator. Barney worked on his toy making badge until it was time for him to go to bed, and Camryn worked on hers after giving Broshka a bath. Bandele had a Super outing with Circe McGowan. Bandele used her outing boost to teach Bailie how to shake.


SilverMoon (Abe) - Brittney and Abe had to go to work and I used the fact that none of the kids had to go to school to get Barbara some new clothes. Collin wanted to maximize Film and Lit, so I set him to writing a novel about alien babies and astronauts. Collin's novel sold for 3,082 simoleans - he wrote it way faster than I expected! Abe came home with a promotion to City Planner, marking his third LTW. Now he wants to be a Professional Party Guest. He lucked out and found a job as a Freelance Web Designer right off the bat, then he browsed the web for Science since he wanted to max it. Beatrice wanted to talk to Camryn, so she called her. After a long phone call, Beatrice had an outing with Hunter Beck, her supposed highest match. Collin browsed the web for Film and Lit. Beatrice's outing was Super and she used her outing boost to teach Bronx how to roll over. Collin maxed Film and Lit. Their fridge was low on fresh food, so Collin started a garden.


Hanson - Shawn harvested the cucumbers while Andromeda fished and worked on getting her bronze fishing badge, which she got, and now she's working towards her silver. Barton walked to school so he could start working on his A+. Anne had to go to work, no luck finding a job in Architecture yet. Barton brought home Bartholomew and the two of them hung out for awhile. They ended up making friends, which put Barton in a good mood. Shawn threw an anniversary party, since he wanted a party and doesn't have much time left. Keeping this guy in platinum is difficult at times! His anniversary party was a Good Time, which kept him happy for now.
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#43 Old 17th Mar 2016 at 7:16 AM
Took a few days off to give myself a breather from the game and do some spring cleaning of my computer. Today I returned to the last day of the Newsons. After some momentarily trouble that resulted in them quickly moving out and back in, things resumed. Another day of schooling, while Ginger stayed home. Fortunately, both toddlers had learned their toddler skills, so she was able to kick back for a while and study Fire Safety*.
Later on, she invited Jules O'Mackey over again, and then Gavin brought home Dustin Broke from work. Surprisingly, for someone who's supposed to be characterized as a bad kid, Dustin actually seemed to like the younger Newson kids, obliging when they wanted to chat with him and playing 'toss in air' with Garrett (and smashing him into the ceiling apparently). And then a few sparks flew between Gavin and Jules, though it didn't get further than a few flirts and a backrub.

*This is particularly funny because, to blow off some steam after replacing all that furniture, I was playing with buyable fire and seeing how much of the apartment I could get to burn up. Of course, I saved first, but after I reloaded that save Ginger suddenly rolled a want to learn Fire Safety.
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I've finished up all the households in this rotation except the school and the university students.

The poultry farmers downsized their flock - I didn't realize how quickly the chicken and duck carcasses were building up in the lot owner's inventory. She had over 100 ready for restocking the market stall, and though the business is busy (level 9), they aren't selling that fast. Their house got some new decor, and I think I'll expand the barn/shop next rotation.

Joshua Ruben and his wife had twins - when they became toddlers, Saarah wanted to teach them both the nursery rhyme, but no other skills and had no other wants to interact with them. She did, however, want to make a new best friend (popularity/romance sim), and becoming friends with her daughters happened through taking care of their needs. Joshua did want to teach them to walk, and rolled wants to play with them, but he also wanted to get promoted. He started wanting a needed charisma skill point, but then he got demoted and that want was replaced with another want to get promoted. Unfortunately, the next day he had an unlucky chance card and lost 2 charisma points. He is likely to get promoted back to his old job level soon, but it will take him a long time to get the charisma points he'll need to get beyond that.

The school lot was going well. It was a bit sluggish last time I played it, so I reduced it's size slightly and decided not to use the simlogical classes this rotation. Instead, I used visitor controller to set it so only teens visited the lot and just left it open as a business. It was interesting to watch assorted playable teens socialize and skill build while I just had my sims take care of the lot and serve food. One teen happened to be on the lot at the same time as his girlfriend; they flirted and played basketball together. Sharla Ottomas was flirted with by a townie and two playable teens - I checked her stats with ACR, and none of those three are the sim she's currently got the hots for, but she was OK with being charmed by them any way. I was just having a sim close the business so that I could get everyone off the lot before saving and exiting the program for the night when the game crashed. I had saved a couple of times over 2 sim days, but I'm not sure when the last one was. I think I lost at least half a sim day, and possibly as much as 20 sim hours. Oh well. The principal and mayor's triplet children had had a rough evening as they came home from school with low needs, and maybe I can improve their day the second time through.
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#45 Old 17th Mar 2016 at 2:31 PM Last edited by Duvelina : 17th Mar 2016 at 4:53 PM.
Lucas Broke (16) still lives alone in that trailer he grew up in. He's pretty content with the way things are going for him right now. He invites his friends over all the time. He even makes some booty calls to Heidi Custer! After one of his booty calls, the girl wanted to make some food but there weren't any groceries. So Lucas went out to buy groceries at Dirk Dreamer's shop. I forgot how expensive it was for someone with as little money as Lucas. So I made him spent 588 simoleons. 125 left over. Smart girl. When Lucas got home, Heidi was gone and Lucas decided he wanted to throw a house party. He invited Cassandra, Mordred and Christina Goth, Dustin and Beau Broke as well as the other Heidi (he has two girls he likes who are called Heidi). Heidi decided not to come, but the other people did. Don't know what's up with her. It's Sunday and Mordred and Christina were there, so it can't be school. Hm. The party was a good time.

At the Starchild-Huffington household, Kay Starchild (Fong) (19) became best friends with Nerissa Pearson. Kay still visits the Tri-Var sorority regularly to check up on all of her girls, Nerissa is one of them. Kay really wanted to throw a party and wanted to get to know some of the people living in her apartment building, so she threw a building party. Heather Huffington (20) came home from work and got promoted to gas station attendant. Good job, Heather! She also brought home a colleague, Trista Larrea, and a want to get a pet. If she keeps rolling it, I'll think about it. Soon enough, Heather became friends with Trista and then went for a nap because she had to work the night shift. Kay's party was a real snoozer and she had a little cry over it. Almost no one in the building showed up, so it wasn't really her fault. Heather greeted Dustin Broke, who kept walking past the apartment building, with a kiss and they became best friends which immediately got retracted when Heather went to work.
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#46 Old 17th Mar 2016 at 4:40 PM
Me and my sims are mourning Nisse Neighbour, who died from old age today. I was prepared for it to happen, but it really took me off guard because he was just coming home from work, I switched to him and was just about to click the phone to retire him when a picture of the freakin' Grimreaper appeared in his queue, and disappeared just as quickly because Nisse stopped being playable just then and I gasped and was like "aaah, what's happening he's dying".
In any case, it was very bittersweet because his wife Pony was at work as he died, where she reached the top of the dancer business just to come home to her husband's tomb. It was a platinum one, in any case. Her brother Biker and his younger husband Ilo had just moved into the elder collective, and Pony and Ilo had become friends, so I had them work together to clean up the yard so I could put the tombstone there along with a pond and a nice tree.
Pony's been drinking a lot from the juicebar during these two days I played after Nisse's death, which is understandable. Then she, probably drunk, at least in my head, randomy started smustling. Hell yes, I thought and had the other in the household join her, so they could have a good time together in these days of sorrow ^^ R.I.P Nisse Neighbour <3

I am Error.
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SilverMoon (Barak) - I had forgotten to spawn a servo, so Janus joined the family. Janus wants to earn 100k simoleans so he got a job in the Criminal track - he's now a Bank Robber. Nerissa wanted to fish, so she did that until she popped - more babies! Janus went off to work. Nerissa took a nap while Barak gave financial advice. Banyan showed up and got invited in. Nerissa woke up wanting a party, so she called her only two friends and threw a house party. Janus came home with a promotion to Cat Burglar. Nerissa's party was a snoozer, even though there was plenty of social interaction, bowling, food etc. But poor Nerissa was too tired to make it through the whole party. In the wee hours of the morning Nerissa gave birth to triplets, 2 girls and a boy. Their names are Caitlin, Caitlyn and Cael - not confusing at all! But it seems like something they would do - well, we only had two names picked out... These guys are done having kids unless they want more or ACR themselves more.
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SilverMoon House - Barid went to bed, Bailey dug for treasure to get fit and Bambi worked on her gold toy making badge. When they all woke up the next morning, Bambi went on an outing with Chase Barber, her highest YA match while Bailey dug for treasure some more. Bambi got an outing call from Aric McGowan and they headed off to Crpyto Night club. It was a Super outing. Bailey worked on her LTW, and Bambi worked on her gold toy making badge. After they woke up, Bailey worked on her LTW again, then earned a bronze gardening talent badge by harvesting the fruit trees. Barid went on a date with Estelle O'Brien again and naturally it was a dream date. Bailey got her LTW and now she wants to be a World Class Ballet Dancer. Bambi got two outing calls, and I accidentally accepted the second, which cancelled the first! Either way, she ended up going Downtown. Annnd there was no outing... So back home she went. She had to go to class anyway. A burglar came that night while everyone was sleeping - fortunately they had an alarm! The cop lost, but the burglar didn't get anything either. Beatrice called Bambi to see how college life was. Bailey booty called Jerry Sutton after class. Then it was time for finals, which all did the normal A+ on.

Bailey is now enemies with Mrs. Crumplebottom through wishing well backfires, though she won every fight. I decided to try for the 30 loves want while she was still in college. Bambi got another outing call, so Downtown she went. It was a Fun outing, even though Bambi insisted on arguing with people now and again. Bambi came home and finally got her gold toy making badge, so I let her browse the web for games til bedtime. The next morning Barid and Bailey had class and Bambi browsed for games, finally maxing her enthusiasm. Barid had another dream date with Estelle, then he wanted to write a term paper - for the first time ever! Bailey booty called Jerry again, might have to rethink who her husband is going to be. Bailey maxed games the next morning and continued working on her 30 loves want. Bambi booty called Antonio again, who is definitely NOT going to be her husband as he's only a one bolt match. Then it was time for finals, where everyone got their A+'s and Bailey got her last love for her want. Then it was time for Bailey and Barid to move back to the neighborhood as they'd graduated. Bailey was first, and grew up into a very fitting outfit. Barid was next, and he also grew up into an outfit that fit his personality.
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Playing Julien Cooke now. He headed out with Candice Palmer (as friends, not on a date) to the little coffeeshop in Belladonna Cove. (In my megahood, Oakbrook and Belladonna are connected by ferries - something I decided after realizing that the former had no roads leading out of the 'hood!).
While we were there, Pierce Holt (another of my Sims) showed up, got into a little spat with Consort Capp about....something and suddenly they started fighting. Then Julien decided it was probably a good idea to get going and he headed home and then got a roommate.
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Mixed Household: Ranu Grunt (Ripp's alien son), Tamara Fuchs, and Shelby Wheeler. Ranu is a lazy romance sim who never wanted to be tied down to a family. When he was a teen, he got Ivy Gavigan pregnant and their parents worked out an arrangement so that her parents took care of the babies and his family paid child support. As for himself, he went off to college and never thought of the kids. At college, he met Tamara and Shelby and dated both of them. He also got both of them pregnant, Tamara first, then Shelby. The child support payment probabilities were looking enormous, so he made a proposal to them. Let's all live together! Now, Tamara is a knowledge sim and didn't really want kids or cherish the thought of taking care of them alone, so she said yes. Shelby is a family sim, but she realized that Ranu would never settle down with one woman. At least this way she could be with him so she said yes too. They moved into their big new house and both had twins. Ranu got back in touch with his other kids and they visit frequently. Later, Shelby had another one of his children and Tamara was abducted so two more babies joined the 'family'. This is how a lazy romance sim ended up with 7 children of his own and an extra one he is taking care of. And here they are (lots of pics under the cut):
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