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#51 Old 18th Mar 2016 at 8:40 PM
I finished the school's rotation, and I was happy that I'd lost fewer hours to the crash than I'd thought- only about 8 hours needed to be replayed. Unfortunately, this time one of the triplets got a cold, and then I spent two sim days trying to get everyone healthy again - of the seven sims living on the lot, only one didn't get sick. Poor Isaac ate so many bowls of comfort soup he went from fit to fat, and his brother Alex coughed all over the bedroom so trying to rest just seemed to reinfect them. I noticed a few of the teens visiting the lot were also coughing, and so the school cafeteria was serving comfort soup repeatedly. I suspect it was one of those teens that started the outbreak on this lot - I've noticed coughing on community lots earlier in this rotation. During their rotation, improvements were made to city hall - as well as holding the mayor's office, a small courtroom, and a wedding reception hall, and a lunch room, it now has offices for municipal workers, including one for a city planner, a boardroom, and a shop area that will sell pet collars (licenses), permits (deco binders) and items made by school students if I ever add a cash register.

I started playing with the Land Grant U last night. The sorority and fraternity from Sim State have moved over, and most of their members applied to join the Greek houses on their new campus. A couple of my transferred sims have that annoying bug with the grade progress bar not reflecting their skills; those sims have moved to other dorms in an attempt to get themselves fixed. I've only played a day at the sorority. Helen Wheels actually rolled a want for a skill point, and got a charisma point while singing karaoke duets with Ida Juana while wearing a thinking cap. Both of them ended up getting close to earning a body skill point too, thanks to a timely visit from the coach - they'd have it if not for the slower skilling mod making their lives difficult. Ida Juana's wants were consistent - her only wants were to make friends and best friends with everyone she talked to. Their new sorority sisters, Eva, Eglotina, and Jacquette, had a mix of wants mostly related to hobbies. Eglotina is a nature lover, Eva likes music, and Jacquette tinkering (goes well with her want and need for a mechanical skill point). Eva has been rolling wants to fall in love with Isha from the fraternity, and the want came up again while on a date with him. They are BFFs, have full relationship bars, were striking one bolt, and were each others first kiss. He's completely in love with her, and wants to get engaged - she doesn't even have a crush on him, despite many dream dates. She used the Re-nu-yu orb to change her turn ons from situational ones (stink and swimwear - really??) to his hair colour and charisma (she had a want for a charisma skill point at the time), and they now have two bolts. She still didn't fall in love with him when the fraternity came over for the afternoon, despite spending a lot of the time flirting with him. She's fortune/knowledge and I think she's more interested in experiences than commitment; she's rolled wants to wooohoo in public and to kiss three sims.
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#52 Old 18th Mar 2016 at 9:09 PM Last edited by AndrewGloria : 19th Mar 2016 at 12:06 AM. Reason: Silly little typo!!
When he woke up this morning Andrew turned round and gave me a little smile before he made his bed. No wonder I see him as one of my best friends! Then he went to his mum 's room. Gloria was still asleep, but her boyfriend Garry (who had stayed the night) was up, so Andrew gave him a friendly hug. Then he went downstairs and fried omelettes for Gloria and Garry's breakfast. He wasn't hungry himself, so he had a work-out with the punch bag that Gloria keeps in her kitchen. When Gloria left for work, Andrew went upstairs and finished the painting he's been working on, and hung it on his bedroom wall. Then, after a quick shower, he went out and briefly joined Garry in the hot tub, before asking him if he'd like to join him on a trip downtown. It's Saturday in Veronaville so there's no school for Andrew or work for Garry. (As one of Veronaville's top sports stars, Gloria of course does work on Saturdays.) On returning to the house, he invited round not only his boyfriend Julian, but also Julian's little brother Hans. Now the four of them are going to go downtown together. Andrew hasn't spent his Christmas money yet, and he's going to buy some [more!] new clothes. (As if he didn't have enough clothes already!)

This is the sort of Simming I like best! Having fun with some of the Sims who've been with me from the beginning.

All Sims are beautiful -- even the ugly ones.
My Simblr ~~ My LJ
Sims' lives matter!
The Veronaville kids are alright.
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#53 Old 19th Mar 2016 at 1:00 AM Last edited by WildIrishBanshee : 19th Mar 2016 at 2:16 AM.
Main House - Adam, Aaron, Amin and Wendy went to work, while Bartholomew walked to school. Balin maxed his skills, then wanted to write a novel, so he's writing one on alien abductions. Wendy came home with a promotion to Obituary Writer and Cayla came home with a promotion to Stunt Double. Jules threw a birthday party for Aaron and Barbra. Aaron went first, growing up into a dashing elder. Balin's novel sold for $3014. Barbra grew into a Pleasure sim, with formal wear and makeup as her turn ons, and black hair as her turn off. Her LTW is to become a Game Designer. Yay something different! The party was a Good Time. After the party Abbie hung around and ended up getting it on with Amin - I seriously need to friend zone people more often, he changed her diapers! Wendy maxed Charisma.


Smith - Aaliyah went off to work and so did Stephanie. Sara washed Bessie. Carl got promoted to Rescue Pet and Theo maxed Creativity. Stephanie came home with a promotion to Dive Master. Then it was time for Cailean to grow up into a toddler! Banyan threw a birthday party and Cailean grew up into an adorable toddler. Sara and Barid snuck off for some woohoo during the party. Cate Bennett got her first kiss off of Balin. The party was a Good Time. Aaliyah and Stephanie hung out for a bit before bed, since Aaliyah wants to be friends with her. Aaliyah got the bed first this time, so it's pepper punch time for Theo!
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#54 Old 19th Mar 2016 at 4:12 AM Last edited by stitching : 26th Mar 2016 at 6:13 PM.
I played a day at the fraternity. Isha still had the locked want to get engaged to Eva; she still only wants to love him. The other frat members wanted to throw a toga party (4/6 members had that want), so they threw two parties that afternoon/evening, inviting the sorority and a few other YA sims they knew. It was an interesting mix of characters, especially with cc beer added to the mix. Isha tried flirting with Eva, and while she was open to being charmed, she just wasn't that into him. Then Isha started drinking, and it turns out he's a mean drunk. He started arguing and poking people, and ended up in a fight with Eva. She kicked his butt, and is now furious with him, and he fell out of love with her. She then responded to the flirting of his frat brother Alan (who has a lousy dating history - lots of rejection, but he two bolts almost everyone). Next thing I notice, Alan and Eva are upstairs relaxing on the bed. Hi Thyme and Helen Wheels are relaxing on the bed in the other room. I'm not sure if it was ACR or the beer, but the subsequent woohoo filled two of Hi's wants and one of Helen's, and Alan and Eva are now best friends. Isha poked Sara Bellum, Ida Juana, and attacked Erik Swain before the night was out. Erik had already made enemies with his frat brother Alan; now he's furious with Isha and all he wants to do autonomously is argue with those two and have ACR interactions with his fiance Maik (another frat brother). Maik finished his sophomore year during the first party and changed his aspiration from pleasure to knowledge, with a pleasure secondary - now he's actually likely to do better than barely pass. Andy Bellum tried to get his sister to have fun at the party, but aside from rejecting a couple of flirts from Alan and the cow mascot, she spent most of the night studying. She did chat with the cheerleader who dropped in for the second party, though. That conversation was followed by the fourth fight of the night, this time not involving Isha, but between the cow mascot and the cheerleader. Despite the abundant fights, both parties eneded as good times, and everyone's motives are high enough that if they get a bit of sleep they should survive their classes the next day.

I also played one day at a dorm of sims that I moved over from Sim State. It was a fairly quiet day, with two popularity sims filling wants by meeting new dormies, a couple of sims writing term papers, and Ginger Newson settling in for her first day at university. She promptly rolled a want to skip class - not happening unless she refuses to go on her own, as she's unlikely to get her marks high enough to pass if she misses any classes at all. I'm not sure she'll get the skills she needs, either, unless she chooses a degree that needs skills she'll pick up autonomously, or gets fears of academic probation. This version of Ginger hasn't rolled any skill wants that I can recall, and I'm playing her as an underachiever so she can't skill unless she wants to and I don't lock her wants to skill.
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#55 Old 19th Mar 2016 at 5:40 PM
I created a trailer park in Downtown. A lot of my downtown sims don't have very good birth control options and then find themselves having more kids than they can fit in their houses, so these trailer parks offer smaller houses but with more space in bedrooms for cribs and beds. Also because I've been watching 'That 70s show', all the trailers look like they're from the 70s.

My downtown rotation was pretty quiet this time.
The Powers family now have 1 child, 2 toddlers. They only live in a 1 bedroom house and with their instruments there was no space in the living room for another crib, so poor Girr had to sleep outside. Jonah has taken more of a liking to her than his other daughter, Storm. He says it's because she's his "little girl" but still hasn't questioned why she has brown hair and grey eyes, unlike him and Roxie's blonde/red hair and green/blue.

Jessie Pilferson gave birth to little Danny Pilferson. He's so cute that I no longer want her to work in a brothel owned by Gordon King (both Danny and Girrs father) I want her to flee with him because I like him too much to have him be around that sort of lifestyle. I'm thinking of moving them to one of the trailers., and letting Jessie become a sports psychologist like her bio suggests so she can move out of Downtown and into a nicer neighbourhood.

Mickey Dosser decided to spend his hard earned money on a dog. Probably not the best way to spend his money, as he's planning on getting a house with his girlfriend and their twins - not to mention she has also recently bought a dog. Mickey now has $44 to his name and Gabriella doesn't have much either. The twins are doing good though, Mickey spends a lot of time in Gabriella's apartment helping out. They both know how to talk, half way through learning to walk and use the potty.

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
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#56 Old 19th Mar 2016 at 9:01 PM
Miles - Hunter sold A Whole New You back to the community and bought Hunter's Dance Studio. Camryn checked in with her bakery and roller rink then went to work. Barney and Hunter went down to Hunter's Music Shop to get it to level 10. They didn't manage it before it was time to close, so after they went home it was time to go to Hunter's Dance Studio and get that started on ranks. This time he also brought along Bandele and Barry to help run the store. They got the Dance Studio up to rank 1 before they closed down shop and Barry got a bronze and silver sales badge. Bambi called Barry when they got home for a chat. Barto brought home Bartholomew from school. They hung out for a bit then did other things. Abbie wanted to buy a community lot, so she bought A Whole New You again. There aren't a lot of options right now. She also bought Pearl Mist Estate. Camryn brought Daedalus Sampson home from work, and they went on an outing. When Barry woke up from his nap, he went on an outing with Rhiannon Crane, his highest match. Sadly she's only a two bolt match. Camryn's outing was Super. Camryn washed Captain then started teaching him to Roll Over. Hunter made friends with Anne over the phone. Bandele fixed the shower she broke. Barry's outing was Rockin.
#57 Old 19th Mar 2016 at 9:19 PM
Originally Posted by CaliBrat in Random Thoughts
When I need to take a break from my folder sortin I'll open a hood and play a bit. Any hood as it's not a keeper play, just a random bit before goin back to the chore of organizin so I can then play a real hood. Anyway, so I opened Pleasantview and picked the Pleasants house. Moved them to the bin while I remodeled their home cuz even a throw away play I seriously can't take the maxis built homes. That and remodlin/ buildin is fun too.

I plunked the Pleasants back into their newly remodeled and before I can do anything the two sisters are goin at it. Followed in quick succession of both her parents gettin in on the action. All three of them against poor Lilith. I just let them all have free will and do what they wanted. Eventually Angel wandered upstairs to the easel, but Daniel, Mary-Sue, and Lilith were all goin at it. Then Lilith up and says I've had enough of you and runs away.

Ok, so now get this, all three of them picked fights with her and she with them, their relationships were well on the way to becomin enemies. Yet, when she ran away all three of them started boohooing and became very upset that Lilith had run away.

So I had Daniel call and report her missing and shortly thereafter the police bring her home. Daniel went out and apologized, which Lilith seemed to accept, while he was saying it that is. After the apology action disappeared Lilith then started in again on poking and arguing with Daniel.

The whole bit of it all was interestin to watch. I knew Lilith was at odds with her family, but to have it be so strong such that they all were takin turns on her. Then also, I'd never seen a sim voluntarily apologize before. That was a new one on me.

Yes, I quoted myself I wanted to give a little backround on what I was goin to post and since I'd already posted this over there..

Lilith had a want to apology to Mary-Sue pop up so I had her do that. She then had a want to eat a hamburger so bein that it was dinner time I sent her to make hamburgers for dinner. Someone had left a dirty dish on the table so I directed her to clean it BEFORE eating. I don't think she took to kindly to that because next thing I know she's stompin her feet then runs out the door. She's run away AGAIN.

I direct Mary-Sue to call and report her missing this time. A few minutes later a police crusier pulls up in front of the house and Lilith gets out .. and then surprise surprise.. I hear baby chimes :D

(I do have inteen and have the add-on of risky runaway.) Ohhh boy :D, I can't wait to see where this goes. Oh, I checked (have the Blender too) and the father is none other than Dirk Dreamer. I wonder how his daddy is gonna like it as well.
#58 Old 19th Mar 2016 at 9:24 PM
Clover and Eden worked through their university years -- I'm going to have to reconsider on the scheduling because Clover and her husband Christian were basically doing nothing but studying in the compressed time span I'd given them. Thankfully there were no more uni babies -- two was more than enough.

Eden graduated and moved back to the main 'hood, while I stayed and played Clover and Christian until Christian got his Master's degree (necessary for his LTW to get to the top of the Journalism career).

Once the uni rotation was over, I moved Eden into her new place and invited over her husband to move in. As befitting a Family sim, they woohooed on the sofa and Eden immediately got pregnant.

Robbie is a low motivation sim with the LTW to have 5 top businesses and is currently employed as a Social Worker.

Robbie just about saw Eden go into labor on the Thursday morning before he headed off to work. Eden had twins, a girl and a boy named Abigail and Ewan respectively. Both have brown hair, electric blue eyes, and tanned skintones.

I may (probably will) regret it, but I moved Clover and her family all into Eden's household, as well as teleporting over Eden's alien daughter Roxanne. Both Clover and Eden want to marry off 6 kids, and both are married themselves. I'm hoping I can somewhat stem the baby tide...and if not, the lot I moved them into has enough space to add a fourth bedroom on, and can also be extended upwards if needs be. That or I build them a farmhouse on the other end of Danport.


I'd thought I'd only have two new sims for university this rotation, but I apparently forgot a lot of sims. I also forgot about Astrid Vandepol in a small studio apartment in Springvale.

So, onto Astrid. She had a quiet first day, giving birth to her son Michael early on Tuesday morning. He has brown hair (like both parents), alien eyes, and a dark skintone passed down from his maternal grandfather.

Michael grew up on the Wednesday and I think he looks rather a lot like his father in his facial structure. He's average motivation and somehow I managed to squeeze in a toddler potty & two toys into the studio flat.

Astrid couldn't find either her LTW career (entertainment) or any of her ideal careers, and the NPC careers offered probably wouldn't have paid enough for a nanny service (though I might be working on the expensive NPCs rate).


Over at university the first two of six new students got moved into the dorms -- Don Marshalls and Scott Lyndhurst. They moved into Pickering Dorms, a six-room dormitory. I had mistakenly forgot that Scott wasn't a nose-to-the-books-and-study sim, so while Don worked diligently on his term paper Scott spent his time going through the campus directory and calling up every woman on the list to see if he had chemistry with them. 20 woohoos is not going to get accomplished on its own.

Don finished the first semester with an A+, Scott with a B+. Both rolled two major wants -- Scott Literature and Psychology, Don Drama and Art. I chose Psychology for Scott just because, and Don got Art because it seemed to better fit with Journalism's skill requirements. Don being Don, he rolled up a want to do his term paper immediately after declaring his major.

While going through his list of potential/future lovers, Scott managed to get one pregnant. She rolled to put the baby up for adoption so I moved her into a small lot, let her give birth, and adopted the baby out. She had a boy, Lucian, with her eye colour and both parents hair colour (though, slightly surprisingly to me, he has his grandmother's red hair as a recessive).

Wednesday arrived, and with it Don's cousin Madeline Kraemer. All the Kraemer kids are supposed to be related to Don, but Don's bio father isn't the Kraemer kids' uncle (they just think he is). Thankfully there's no attraction between Don and Madeline; there is however some attraction between Madeline and Scott.

As soon as Madeline set foot in the dorms she wanted to do her term paper, and by the time she finished that Scott had come back from his class. They ended up woohooing (mainly just to give Scott another notch) and...wouldn't you know but Madeline ends up pregnant. With natural twins. She rolled for an abortion but that didn't sit right with me, and after typing up a whole load of stuff on the pros and cons I decided on my option.

Scott managed to woohoo with the cheerleader and got her pregnant too (what is in the air this rotation?) but she got an abortion. Madeline finished her first semester, getting an A+ and also a pop into her second trimester -- yes, she's keeping the pregnancy and she and Scott are getting married.

Madeline went into labor in the early hours of the morning, giving birth to a boy and a girl. The boy, Mike had black hair, brown eyes, and a mediumish skintone. The girl, Katie, had brown hair, blue eyes, and a similar medium skintone to her brother.

They stayed in the dorms until the end of the semester, then moved out leaving Don on his own. Don finished the rotation with little of note, though he has started to be a little lax in his education.


Scott finished off his Junior year, and Madeline her Sophmore year, in rented accommodation. The twins grew up -- both are average motivation and...well, rather pretty looking. I can't overly tell who they take after. I don't think they've got Scott's nose, and since that's the only real distinguishing feature between him and Madeline I'm at a loss. I might be able to tell a little better when they become children.
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#59 Old 19th Mar 2016 at 11:39 PM
My old saves are gone ( Thanks to the registry cleaner ) , so I decided to start a new game. I still have my custom hoods, but I wanted a fresh start, so I made one from scratch.

First I thought I should have a founding family, but now I ended with extremely interesting and atmospheric world which has a great and mysterious backstory that actually supports what I first had in mind. The neighborhood is a deserted island which holds only two families. One is the survivor of a plane crash. He mannaged to make a hut in order to survive further. The other family is consisted of a hyena and a woman from a native tribe that dissapeared long ago without a trace. She is the only one that stayed. She grew up with the hyena.

The lots that are left are:

-Empty lot
-Forest lot
-Small Abandoned Hut
-Old Chief's Hut
-Central Lake Market
-Temple Hidden In The Bushes
-Aspire Hot Springs
-Sunken Treasure Port
-Kamala's Hut

All of the lots and sims have a backstory, and almost all of the backstories imply that there was some kind of mysterious curse that whiped out all of the island's population. It's also kind of creepy, as there are only those two on the island, and also, seasons are mixed "Summer-Fall-Summer-Fall". Huts are abandoned and mostly empty which makes it even more eerie. I managed to do that in one day. Nice.

Also, hyena is extremely cute:

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#60 Old 20th Mar 2016 at 1:50 AM
SilverMoon (Abe) - Brittney went to work, and Beatrice and Barbara dug for treasure to get fit. Abe wanted to max Science, so off he went to the computer to browse the web for it. Abe ended up maxing it fairly quickly. Brittney came home from work and brought along Chase Barber, so they went on an outing and hung out. Then it was time for Bel to grow up - she grew up into a toddler and has brown hair! Finally that gene decided to express itself. Collin had to go to work, so he missed the birthday. Barbara got fit just in time to see her little sister grow up, and now she wants a bronze Cosmetology badge. Brittney's outing was Super.
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#61 Old 20th Mar 2016 at 7:30 PM
Hanson - Shawn played blocks with Bary and Barton walked to school. Anne became a witch, since I had forgotten to turn her - all my servos are also witches! Definitely key when you have realistic sickness! Shawn wanted to get fit, so off to dig up some treasure he went! Andromeda and Anne went to work, and that's when I realized that today was Shawn's last day. This could get interesting REAL FAST! Though I do have a no social worker mod...but I don't know if I trust it yet. If it fails, I can have Barton call a nanny - though it should be okay. *nervous laugh*

Barton brought Barrett home from school, and they hung out for a bit on the front sidewalk. Shawn died a platinum death (barely) at 76 years old and his insurance policy benefited 13 people.

Barton - 10,000
Becky - 8,300
Theo - 1,000
Andromeda - 20,000
Bailey - 1,000

Of course his death put Becky into aspiration failure, but everyone else seemed fine. No social worker showed up, though the kids weren't "technically" alone, the butler was there - but half the reason I have that mod is for the butler to actually work as a nanny! Anne came home from work just as the butler started a fire in the kitchen. Fortunately there was a fire alarm. Andromeda came home from work and brought Devon Ayers along with her, so they went on an outing on the front sidewalk and hung out. Barton wanted to learn how to study, so he asked Anne to teach him. Anne also taught Bary how to talk. Then it was time for Anne to study some magic while everyone else either slept or free ranged. Andromeda's outing was Rockin and lasted all night.
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#62 Old 20th Mar 2016 at 9:59 PM
Trigger Neighbour had a date, so only 49 to go for her lifetime wish. It was with Brandi Broke, and turned out very well. Trigger also adopted a little baby called Roadnight, and with her, generation 3 (counting founding sim as generation 0) of the Neighbour family is finally here :D

I am Error.
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#63 Old 20th Mar 2016 at 11:46 PM
Julien Cooke got a roommate, and thanks to a chance card, a promotion to Host. The next day, to celebrate, he invited Candice Palmer downstairs for a few drinks...and then had his first kiss with her....and then they both coincidentally ended up in his bed, naked. So they decided they might as well.
Of course, his roommate comes home from work. And bursts into his room, mid-WooHoo. In a clown suit.
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#64 Old 21st Mar 2016 at 12:44 AM
In my Legacy house, Gen 2 heir Finn and his wife Heather Huffington just welcomed twins Scarlett and Melanie into the world.
His mother Elizabeth just reached the top of the Architecture career and Finn and Heather are both one level away from topping Oceanography and Law, respectively.
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#65 Old 21st Mar 2016 at 1:06 AM
Thanks to helpful folks in the 'cc you wish to see' thread, my produce farm now can sell honey too!

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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#66 Old 21st Mar 2016 at 3:42 PM
SilverMoon (Barak) - Barak stocked the fridge and juicer then went to work on his gold Flower Arranging badge. Janus gave financial consulting. Nerissa harvested the tomato crop and stocked it into the fridge. Barak got his gold badge and I set him to work making snapdragons. Janus went to work. Nerissa started working on her bronze Flower Arranging badge before bed.


Sutton - The first order of business was to get the various required hacks and mods on the lot. The second order of business was to get Jerry on the lot - he wasn't home, so I summoned him. Bailey popped the question twice, once to get engaged and once for marriage. Jerry moved in with $18,000 and Bailey took his name. His LTW is to Woohoo 20 Sims - this should be interesting...too bad he doesn't have a choice in whether he has kids or not. After I rolled for their secondaries (Family for Bailey, Popularity for Jerry) they tried for baby successfully. Now I have to fill in the rest of the house - they have zero furnishings besides the bedroom. Bailey called the necessary services, stocked the fridge and looked for her LTW job, with no luck. Then she initialized the family servo, Kelcey. Kelcey also wants to be a World Class Ballet Dancer, so no luck for her either. I witchified Kelcey. Jerry brought Abbie home from work, and they hung out on the sidewalk having an outing. Kelcey got the first night outing, so I took her downtown to the Crypt O'Night club. Bailey popped just before Kelcey left. It was a just for fun outing, so I let them free range. Jerry's outing with Abbie was super. He used his outing bonus to get to know Kelcey better. Bailey popped into her last trimester.
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#67 Old 21st Mar 2016 at 6:11 PM
Yesterday the first death occurred in my uberhood. It happened in the Single household where Kristen Loste managed to sneak out to work despite being sick with a cold while I was watching someone else. She came back with a promotion but dropped dead as soon as she exited the carpool. Erin Beaker tried to plead for her life but lost to the Grim Reaper. She's already got a new plan to bring Kristen back though - Erin's LTW is to get to the top of the paranormal career where you get this really useful phone as a career reward...

Lola Curious brought home a coworker on her first day of work and had the want to go on a date with him so I indulged her. It was a dream date and they developed crushes on each other but Lola hasn't rolled a want for him since then.

Chloe Curious tried to date (and woohoo) as many Sims as possible. So far she's been out with Gilbert Jacquet (her boss, she's working in his bakery), Ashley Pitts and Jonah Powers. While on a date with Jonah she constantly rolled a want to have yet another public woohoo. At first I indulged her but after the third time in a row I got tired of it and stopped fulfilling it. Turned out it was already too late because she came back home being pregnant (despite being on birth control). Btw Jonah's "main" girlfriend Roxie Sharpe (with whom he's living together) is also pregnant with his child.
#68 Old 21st Mar 2016 at 7:41 PM

The drop off has been made. You've been warned.
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#69 Old 21st Mar 2016 at 7:43 PM
Originally Posted by Kankritty

Why are the cops there and not the fire people?

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

#70 Old 21st Mar 2016 at 8:07 PM
Originally Posted by Charmful
Why are the cops there and not the fire people?

The fire bein outside I would guess was a lightening strike and I don't think fireman come for that.

The cops bein there I would guess had to do with the cloud of dust in the front entry. They were apprehending a burglar.
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#71 Old 21st Mar 2016 at 9:32 PM
Smith (Barid) - First order of business is getting Estelle on the lot, so Barid called her up and invited her over. Then I realized that I was so focused on Bailey's LTW that I forgot that Barid had a 20 Lovers LTW too! He's just going to have to squeeze it in between work and family. While waiting for Estelle, he called the necessary services and I continued to add furnishings. Barid and Estelle had a quick lawn wedding, and Estelle moved in with $11,000 and with a LTW of Word Class Ballet Dancer - AGAIN. Estelle and Barid successfully TFB. Barid looked for a job and found one in the Slacker career, which he wanted, he's now a Freelance Web Designer. No Dance openings for Estelle, however, so I had her also take a Slacker position. She's now a Record Store Clerk. She had time to walk to work. I rolled for secondaries, Barid is Pleasure and Estelle is Family. I installed a wishing well out back for Barid to get his LTW. He got his first wish in before Estelle got home, getting the local burglar!

Estelle came home from work with Collin, so they had the usual outing on the sidewalk and hung out for a bit. Barid joined the hang out just in time for Estelle to pop. Barid got the first night outing from Sara, so downtown he went to my old standby, Crypt O'Night club. Along for the ride was Amin, Aaliyah, Aaron and Jules. Barid jumped into the photobooth with Eve Almassy. Sara jumped in with Frank Webster. Aaliyah and Amin got into a fight, which Amin soundly won. Barid and Sara got into shoving matches with Amin. Barid started getting tired so I ended the just for fun outing. Barid hung out with Collin and Estelle til the outing was over, then I remembered to spawn a servo, so Caius joined the family. He wants to be a Celebrity Chef and his secondary is Knowledge. His LTW career didn't turn up, so he got a temporary job in Entertainment as a Ventriloquist.
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So I'm playing a family in my Blue Point neighborhood. Kent and Ocean are in their 40s, but today Ocean rolled a want to woohoo in bed and have a baby. I was a bit surprised but figured I'd at least let them woohoo in bed since Kent was rolling a flirt with (someone else) want. I figured Kent was a bit sexually frustrated (they have a busy toddler) and needed some quality time.

So one round of woohoo (ACR style) later, and Ocean rolls the woohoo in bed want again and keeps the Have a baby want. Next thing I know, Kent rolls the woohoo in bed want too. I thought I did it wrong so I let them have at it again before potty training little Alejandro. Well imagine my surprise when Have a baby and Woohoo in Bed rerolled for Ocean (though he got the aspiration points for it). Kent had makeout and flirt wants now.

So after everyone had a late breakfast and did chores, Alejandro was down for a nap when the boys woohoo'd on the couch (Watch those auto woohoos). Well there was no nursery chime for the third time, and once again both sims rolled woohoo in bed while Ocean still had Have a Baby. Well I checked their try for baby odds and they weren't good. Kent had 8% and Ocean had 30%. The odds were against them. So I just let them have fun since I thought the baby thing wasn't going to happen.

Apparently, like most couples wanting a child late in life, it just takes a little fun and practice. Fifth round of fun and I have a baby sim on the way. Ocean still keeps rolling Woohoo in Bed though.

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The next two sims to get to university were twins Andrew and Caitlynn Marshalls (technically Lyndhurst). Andrew is only really there because his sister is -- Caitlynn needs a doctorate for her LTW (Science) and Andrew had no other real plans.

Naturally, being who they were they both wanted to do their term papers the moment they set foot on campus. I used that time to double-check who Caitlynn had chemistry with, and the answer was...men in relationships. Robbie Nash (married to her aunt Eden); Trevor Vanderpol (married to Daniella Vanderpol); Aubrey Lawrence (who may be unattached); Ryan Marshalls (married to her aunt Rosaline); Christian Marshalls (married to her aunt Clover); Joseph Marshalls (lover to her aunt Meadow); Jared Christian (married to her aunt Flora). The only one in her relationship panel who I am sure is not romantically entwined with someone else is the Cow Mascot, and he's Caitlynn's highest match.

Andrew, on the other hand, has a couple of potential romantic interests, though he does have a baby with Astrid Vanderpol. Just how his romantic relations will go is just a matter of time.

I invited over Aubrey to check relations, and he has a crush on Violet Marshalls -- another of Caitlynn's aunts. So, that may be a strike out as well. I invited over the Cow Mascot (Nick Gates) and let the two go on free will just to see. I also had Andrew invite over another two-bolt relationship of his, Barbara Townsend.

First semester finished, Andrew and Caitlynn getting a B+ and C+ respectively. Andrew chose to major in Drama, while Caitlynn had wants to major in Biology and Physics -- which, as either would be good for her LTW, I flipped a coin and she declared Physics.

They finished up their first year with few issues, Andrew managing to nab an A+ for that semester. They finished up their second year, and Gigi Marshalls moved in for the start of the next rotation.

(Some fun family tree stuff: Andrew and Caitlynn are 'supposed' to be Elise & Kevin's children but are actually their grandchildren. Heath Marshalls is actually their father, and the entirety of the children Christie has with Heath are Andrew & Caitlynn's half-siblings rather than nieces/nephews. It can all get rather confusing.)


I quickly hopped over to the adoption house to 'finish' the rotation and grow up Scott's baby he had with a townie. He may actually look a lot like his mother in regards to facial features.


Back to the top of the rotation with the Marshalls household. With only Rosaline, her family, and her parents the lot looks a little empty, despite there being 9 sims on the lot, and Rosaline with the want for another baby.

The home business is plodding along, though a number of the Sun & Moon plants have died off due to lack of care/water. Still, it's winter so I can redesign the garden plots without too much issue. I managed to redo the garden so it's a mix of the Seasons stuff and Sun&Moon's stuff, though I might extend it to include some other harvestables. By the end of the rotation the business was at level 7.

On the Friday, Lyle became a teen, rolling Family/Fortune and the LTW to become a City Planner. Between this LTW and all the top businesses, I think my sims are telling me I need to build up Cresdale.

Miriam had a joint birthday with Neil on the Sunday, with Neil becoming a child and Miriam becoming a teen. Miriam rolled Fortune/Popularity, and the LTW to get to the top of the Law career. I may need to make some more teen sims as only really Alec has any kind of teen interest who might turn into a long-term partner (and even then, it's Dawn Wegner whose family wouldn't be happy with her marrying someone who comes from a farming family; Rebekah or Jessica Kraemer, who Alec also has some chemistry with, would be better options).
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SilverMoon House - Bambi headed off to class as soon as I loaded the lot. She decided that she wanted to be big sim on campus, so she spent a lot of time on the phone. Bambi went on a date with Chase Barber, her highest match so far. It was naturally a dream date and put Bambi in a good mood. Bambi went to her final and came back with the customary A+. Bambi finally made Big Sim on Campus. She got invited on an outing and since her hunger bar was low we went to my favorite all in one, Crypt O'Night. She jumped into the photobooth with Aeneas Tyson. She ended up getting into a slapping contest with Caden Rose for no good reason, which then escalated into shoving. The outing was Fun though and I sent her back home.

Bambi had another dream date with Chase, but hasn't fallen in love with him yet. I think it's time to nix noinstantloves - at least I think that's the culprit. She wants to be in love with him, but it's just not happening, though he's in love with her. After the date Bambi ran off to class a little late. After class she called friends and then Barto called her to chat and they made friends. Bambi went to her last final of Junior year, and naturally came home with an A+.
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Priya Ramaswami gave birth to baby Arya. Sanjay fell in love with his daughter at first sight.

Cyd Roseland washed the dogs, fed the dogs, and went, alone, to the Swimming Hole to talk to someone who could talk back, where he got struck by lightening in the middle of a blizzard (thanks evil witch!) in the hot tub. Sigh. He's actually okay with his life. But! He made friends with Hamilton Beech, which he really wanted, and they played redhands until his fun bar was full, then went home and fed the dogs. (Sarah and Danny Crittur, Porthos, and Grace.)

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Simblr Sunbee's Livejournal
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