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#76 Old 23rd Mar 2016 at 1:55 AM
Main House - Adam and Aaron headed off to work in various shops and Bartholomew walked to school. Taking out noinstantloves had caused a reset, so everyone was standing around doing nothing when I entered the lot. Barbra maxed logic while Wendy worked on her cooking skill. This is the house full of Knowledge sims. Balin decided that blowing bubbles was more important than going to work, so he ended up using a day of vacation time. I honestly don't remember the car pool even coming for him - hopefully I just missed it! Amin didn't go to work either, and he had no vacation days. Bartholomew brought home Barrett from school, which made them best friends. Adam and Aaron came home from work and Wendy maxed cooking.

Then it was time for Cade, Cadee and Cady to grow up into toddlers. Aaron threw the party, since he wanted a family reunion. Cadee went first, as Cade was still sleeping. Cadee grew up into a cute little redheaded toddler - the red head gene seems to be super dominant in my game (I have equal genetics). Cady was next and Barnard got abducted (finally!) in the middle of her candles being blown out. Cady is another redheaded tot. Then it was Cade's turn. And you guessed it, Cade grew up into another redheaded toddler! The redhead is strong in this family... Barnard came back from his abduction, fortunately NOT pregnant.
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#77 Old 23rd Mar 2016 at 4:56 AM Last edited by Steffyn : 23rd Mar 2016 at 12:26 PM. Reason: Added spoiler tags!
So a few play sessions ago I made a hood called Kynareth Valley where I was going to make the townies all dolled up and see where the hood took me, based off of a hood that never left the planning stage. I made one main sim, who was supposed to be the only playable, but that quickly changed after she interacted with some of the townies and they were interesting enough for me to want to play on their own.

[Savra, doing her favorite thing in the world besides eating]
The main household is the Ebonhand family, made up of one bubbleblowing juiceaholic party girl that moved to Kynareth Valley on a whim. Savra's romance/family minded and wants to be the top of the slacker career so she got a job right away and paid the matchmaker to make her a match where she met Delinda, a wealth minded sim that ended up being her own playable household after I wanted to see what kind of nonsense she would get into. They went on a good date that ended in risky woohoo on Savra's sofa, and there were chimes at the end. I didn't finish the rotation because I wanted to play Delinda's house after I decorated it and furnished it properly, so Savra came over and told Delinda she was pregnant over a grilled cheese sandwich lunch and Delinda started working hard to raise enough money for her baby mama to live in more than a shack when the baby was born, but surprise!! Savra had twins named Rock and Roll just after she was done renovating her bubbleblowing shack into a more suitable family environment for her two babies. Soon afterwards, she left them to go to work and that next morning, she married Delinda in a small ceremony in the front yard, since they were already engaged.

[Herizon, trying to use the internet to figure out why everyone thinks her name is hilarious]
In the Taste household made by a former townie, a nonhostile, very curious alien using the name "Herizon" moved in to the house that Deliah left behind after it was redecorated and refurnished since someone forgot to put up the for sale sign. She wants to experience everything sim kind can provide so naturally she's going to woohoo like she'll die without it. First she went to a community lot and hooked up with a sim there that left right afterwards, and after a few days of downtime and setting up her finances with a job, she went again and met Saliyah Quaint, my last formerly townie household.

[Saliyah and Herizon in the bathroom of the local electrodance club since I don't have any screenshots of Saliyah at her own house]
The Quaint house is held by the quietly hardworking nurse Saliyah. She wants to be chief of staff some day, so she's working as hard as she can to get there before she can't have children anymore. When she met Herizon, it seemed so...different. There's something special about her that just makes her want to know more, and she has some strong feelings for her. She works and goes out afterwards if she's not too tired, and most people who walk by are invited in for a treat and a chat.

Up next, I'll probably pull my other nonhostile alien from the townie pool because she's honesty too adorable and I don't want her to be in townie limbo forever.

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#78 Old 23rd Mar 2016 at 11:44 AM
Just a friendly reminder to put pictures under spoiler tags.

Nothing is going on in my game right now, since I have to bring Midget to the bus and the boyfriend to work, but some weirdness has started happening, which may need to be troubleshooted.
#79 Old 24th Mar 2016 at 7:26 AM
Family sim Diamond Webb lives with her boyfriend, romance sim Jeff Ku, (former townie) in the flat above this little police station with their son Diego. It has been an eventful few days for the family. Diamond continues to work away steadily at her job, she's one of two police officers in middlewood so she can't afford to take any time off work. Jeff works as a cashier for Diamond's uncle Leander who has given him as much time off to care for the baby as he needs. Rather than activley looking after the baby he invites women over. On one such date he couldn't stop thinking about Diamond (kept rolling wants for her rather than his date) and even toyed with the idea of marrying her. Of course he ended his date immediately. The next morning after sleeping on the idea (seeing if the want would stick after sleeping) he proposed to Diamond. Of course she said yes. In less happy news that same night the police station was broken into. The burglar only stole a painting but an inquiry was launched into Diego's living conditions. If any old burglar could waltz into the apartment over the station and steal a painting how safe was the baby sleeping three meters away? Besides sleeping in a room above a cell is no place for a baby. The family was asked to vacate the premises and find their own accommodation within a few days. Since they don't actually own the lot, getting their own place will be a bit of a stretch and they'll have to save like crazy over the next few days.

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#80 Old 24th Mar 2016 at 3:25 PM
Pony Neighbour died today. As she was family funders first child and died of old age, this makes her the first sim I've ever played with for their entire lifespan, "from cradle to grave". Her newly gained friend Ilo, husband of Pony's brother, took her death very hard and had an aspirational failure. Appearently the two of them had become very close friends, he even inherited money from her, and after her death he had the wish to defeat the Grimreaper. Aw. Rest in peace, Pony, and keep on smustlin' on the other side.

I am Error.
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#81 Old 25th Mar 2016 at 1:52 AM
Smith - Aaliyah went to work. Theo potty trained Cailean. Banyan maxed music and dance and Stephanie got fit. Aaliyah brought home Cassandra Rickard (every time I see her I think Picard...) from work. They did the usual hang out on the front sidewalk outing. Theo threw a birthday party for Aaliyah's elder birthday. She grew up well, but her clothes had to go, so I made her buy new ones. Hunter fell in love with Rin Almassy at the party, and there were a few others who fell in love too, but trying to keep track is hard sometimes! The party was a good time and Aaliyah's outing was Rockin. Sara worked on teaching Celeste how to speak til she learned it.

Miles - I got Camryn back to work from the reset. Hunter and Barney headed down to Hunter's Music Shop to try to get it to level 10. Barney earned a silver sales badge right off the bat. They got the business to level 10 - 2 down, 3 to go! Barney also earned his gold restocking badge just after closing. Bandele and Barry went on outings with a couple of local teens. Barry's outing was fun and Bandele's was rockin. Barry then called up Rhiannon for a date and had a good date with her. 1 down, 49 to go! I had Hunter sell back to the community his Music Shop. Abbie washed Bailie and Broshka before bed. Hunter gave financial advice and Camryn worked on her silver toy making badge, which she got and started working on her gold.
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#82 Old 25th Mar 2016 at 7:27 AM
Hoooomigod. I just started playing with this new 'hood, and it's already super drama-filled and exciting! And I'm loving every minute of it!

I started with the Hadi household (one of four households in my BACC). It's a household of so far one Sim, a bisexual Pleasure/Romance girl by the name of Aida. So far, she has three lovers already! Four, potentially, with many more to come as I expand my city. Currently, she's in love with two townies (Cait and Elliot) and has a crush on another, Tobias. Did I mention that due to risky Woohoo, she's pregnant with Tobias' child? Yeah. But I figured, a Romance Sim like her, she's not going to want to settle down immediately. Neither will Cait, since she's also a Romance Sim. But Tobias is a Family Sim, and he's going to want to be involved. So, I've decided that the three of them are gonna have a little polyamorous relationship between the three of them, and raise however many children they end up producing together. I mean, it works, biologically speaking. My 'hood needs babies so the city can expand. And ladies can't make babies together, at least not quite yet. So why not, right? I think it's cute.

So yeah. I'm loving this whole 'hood so far!

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#83 Old 25th Mar 2016 at 2:24 PM
I'm actually a little bit scared to finish playing Strangetown this rotation. So far, no less than three sims have died. I'm started to wonder if Olive Spector is somehow up to her old tricks without me knowing. When Catherine Sutter (formely Viejo, but I gave her back her maiden name when I aged her down to the middle of the adult stage when I first started playing the megahood) passed away unexpectedly, I assumed it was a fluke. Catherine had been living with her twin daughters (with Darren Dreamer) and co-raising them with her friend Chloe Curious, who is also a single mother. Poor Chloe was devastated, but proved that even though she's a romance sim she's still a good mother by immediately going to hold and play with Catherine's daughters Sienna and Solana. I decided that it would make sense for Chloe to adopt the girls as her own (I used the SimBlender to set them as family without changing the family tree) rather than throwing a surprise at Darren Dreamer, who is now happily married to Lisa Ramirez and doesn't even know about his twin daughters. Chloe has her own triplets with Mortimer Goth, and while he's raising the only baby who was born without any alien features, Chloe is raising the two boys as twins. So now she's essentially a single mother of four. Because I apparently can't help but make things hard for myself, I decided to move her in with Gabriel Green, who is actually a single father of four through bizarre circumstances. Gabriel has one alien son of his own, along with the adopted triplet alien offspring of his friend and sometimes lover Chastity Gere, who decided she wasn't ready for motherhood and moved downtown to pursue her sports career. Can you tell all these babies were born during the rotation before I perfected my quads/triplets/twins odds?? So now I've got a household of ten with two adults and eight children, all at the child stage or younger. Both Gabriel and Chloe have the family secondary and rolled wants to get married- they barely know each other right now and only moved in together for convenience's sake, but I could see them getting closer over time. I can't tell yet if it will be a romantic relationship or just a close friendship though, so I'll let that develop. They have one bolt right now so it could go either way.

Anyway, after that craziness I moved on to the Smith household, where Ophelia gave birth to her and Johnny's first baby. All was fairly calm- until Pollination Tech passed away suddenly! He was fairly far along his age bar, but not enough for his death to have been from old age. Poor Jenny immediately went into aspiration failure while the rest of the family sobbed. Then I went to play Lola and Ajay Loner. They have a toddler daughter, Cassiopeia, and Lola is pregnant with another baby. They were such a happy and sweet little family, so it kind of broke my heart when out of nowhere Ajay died. Since none of the sims that died were childless, by my own rules I'm not allowed to resurrect them (unless a witch or someone who owns a resurrection phone rolls the want).

I'm starting to feel like no one in Strangetown is safe. I may have to institute plague rules for the rest of this rotation, where sims aren't allowed to greet any sims that walk by and hide inside until any illness is gone. What's odd is that I played Desiderata Valley before Strangetown this rotation and nobody died or anything like that. I'm going to have to watch all of my sims carefully this rotation. But it is strange and fitting that these sudden deaths are somehow mostly just in Strangetown right now. Before this epidemic I could count on one hand the number of sims who died from unnatural causes.
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#84 Old 25th Mar 2016 at 7:37 PM
SilverMoon (Abe) - Well, some drama apparently happened at one of the parties, cause Abe is furious and at -96 with his wife! And Brittney has a caught cheating memory to match Abe's caught her cheating one. It was a Saturday, so that means Family Day and the Hansons and SilverMoon (Barak) households were summoned. Barbara got her bronze cosmetology badge and started working towards her silver. Beatrice got fit, then got an outing call from Caroline de Muse. Brittney was part of the outing and I took them to Sim Center North. Hunter was also part of the outing. Bailey ordered an espresso as her energy bar was getting pretty low.. It was a fun outing all in all. Collin harvested the tomatoes, while Beatrice used her outing boost to study logic.
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#85 Old 26th Mar 2016 at 5:27 AM
My week twelve rotations (my largest, with 50 households and 8 dorms) are almost complete. A couple of the more recent houses:

The political change that had been anticipated took its first steps, as Hezekiah and Mercy Jackson of the RDF both won contested elections for seats in the National Assembly; as a result, for the first time in a generation, the True Whig party lost its majority in the National Assembly, although with their continued hold on the Premiership, they still managed to control both the agenda and, thanks to his tie-breaking vote, the body as a whole, albeit tenuously.

In the David Ottomas household, David unexpectedly died Monday evening, leaving his pregnant young wife, Aurelia, and their son (joined by a posthumous daughter by week's end.) Aurelia recovered fairly quickly though, and into the arms of David's brother, Dakota, who proposed late in the week and is planning to move in next week.

Much less drama in Ori Ruben's household. Three more children were added to the family: Zariah, Yehuda, and Joziah - while wife Neveah became an elder at the end of the week and Ori was promoted to become the senior agent in the SPS, and a possible candidate for the next Intelligence Minister. Older daughter Naamah also found her first love (and a three-bolt one at that) with Aarav Ramaswami.
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#86 Old 26th Mar 2016 at 8:24 AM
Summer Vacation is happening right now for Lee Wellington's family. His sons, Cypress and Cedar spent the day with him (wife had to work) and they went out to 'Gymboree Fitness' to swim and shoot hoops, afterwards they ate at Mickey's boxcar diner for lunch and later that evening they played with sparklers and firecrackers because it was Founder's Day. They invited some family friends and aunts and uncles but all the children cousins ended up being taken home because it was 'past their bedtime'. The remaining adults hung around in the hot tub until 1 AM.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

#87 Old 26th Mar 2016 at 12:44 PM
While I'm playing Gabriella Newson's household, I'm looking at her Interests, and notice that for all that she loves to talk about, she doesn't care one bit about Work or Paranormal. Would you care to take a guess at what she does for a living???
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#88 Old 26th Mar 2016 at 1:40 PM
Hanson - Barton walked to school and Andromeda went to the cuisine lot to enter a cooking contest. She entered the contest with Stuffed Rainbow Trout and won! When Andromeda got home she went right to the pond and started fishing, working on her silver badge, which she got, and then started working on her gold. Then she had to go to work. Barton came home from school and called up Bartholomew to chat and make best friends. Anne threw Bary a birthday party at 6pm - it was time for him to grow into a child! Aaron and Jules had wandered in earlier, so they were already there. Bary grew up into a Peter Pan type outfit that definitely has to be changed! Bambi and Collin fell in love at the party. Andromeda came home and Amin and Bambi fell in love. She's definitely the inappropriate person type! The party was a good time, and Andromeda adopted a kitten, Benji, for the kids.
#89 Old 26th Mar 2016 at 5:17 PM
The next household on the rotation was the Storm household. Due to the fact that Duncan and Elaine only had an idea number of kids of 1, I was not expecting them to have as many as they do, and as Elaine got hit by risky woohoo there's at least one more kid on the way. She did give me a little scare when it popped up that she was having pre-term contractions.

She managed to carry the pregnancy to term, and ended up having triplets! All boys -- they were named Clint (brown eyes), Floyd (grey eyes freckled skin), Trey (green eyes). All have black hair and this now makes each possible eye colour represented twice in the kids.

Unfortunately, Wilbur died the same day the triplets were born, though he did get a platinum send-off.

Duncan had headed to work when Elaine was giving birth, so ended up coming home with a promotion to Summer Camp Music Teacher (Music level 4) to be told he'd doubled his number of kids and that his father had died.

Sunday was a family party and a quadruple birthday. Isaac grew to child, and the triplets became toddlers. Clint is the only one who has his mother's face shape (no narrow jaw) but is also the only one of the triplets to be low motivation (Trey and Floyd are average).


The Stultz household was next. Stella managed to get two promotions in a row, to Rogue Botanist (Natural Science level 6) on the Friday, and Animal Linguist on the Saturday. As a result, she spent the whole of Sunday skilling.

She did spend some time woohooing with her boyfriend Tony, but no pregnancy took. Despite being a family sim, Tony seems content in not marrying Stella in any regards, just wanting a baby.

Because it had been a whole rotation (~3 years) with no pregnancy, they ended up paying for IVF treatment. I decided to take @lauratje's pregnancy odds that incorporated the FT Super Fertility perk and IVF odds, and added in a little adjustment myself for multiples.

The end result is that while the odds of their first pregnancy was 76 (singleton) - 15 (twins) - 6 (triplets) - 3 (quads), the odds of this pregnancy are 0 (singleton) - 68 (twins) - 24 (triplets) - 8 (quads). Which...to my mind makes more sense as both are twins so their odds of having twins should be increased somewhat.

This may backfire and make the house uber-crowded though.


The first thing I saw at the Wegner household was eldest Dawn having her first kiss with Alec Marshalls, then going off to woohoo with him. No chance of pregnancy as she's 13 days until she becomes an adult (I don't 'unlock' pregnancy until 10 days until adulthood).

Emily had the want to get the Alien Repairations Grant and did a bit of stargazing but didn't succeed in getting abducted.

And apparently I'd forgotten that April was pregnant as I came back from prepping my lunch to see her awake at 2AM, making the bed, and with a nice little pop-up message saying she'd been placed on maternity leave.

The new baby was a boy, Reece, with almost identical genetics to Brandon (checked in-game -- the only thing different is the skintone). Brown hair, medium skintone, bright blue eyes. Connor is the only one of the seven kids to have non-blue eyes -- Dawn and Nina have their grandfather's/mother's blue eyes; Brandon, Emily, Daniel, and Reece have their grandmother's blue eyes; Connor has his father's green eyes.

(I admit, Dawn and Connor are my front-runners for house heir. Connor because of his green eyes, Dawn because I think she looks adorable but that may be due to her looking like a brown-haired, lighter-skinned version of her mother.)

I went and batch-generated 16 new teen townies when I saw the dating options for the three teenage kids. It only really worked to give Emily a few new options -- it changed nothing for Dawn. I invited over August Vanderpol for Dawn, the teen babysitter for Brandon, and a college student sim named Carla Lamb for Emily. By the end of the day Brandon still only had a generic 'go steady' want, but Dawn had rolled to go steady with August.

Reece grew up on the Saturday and turned out pretty cute -- I think he has his father's nose. He is also the only kid of the seven who is a high motivation sim.

On Sunday I invited over the other Wegner household + the Lyndhursts + the Vanderpols (as they have the potential to marry in). The result - a whole bunch of sims. Emily and Carla shared their first kiss during the party but the only other thing of note was that the whole household came down with the flu because one person invited to the party had it.
Field Researcher
#90 Old 26th Mar 2016 at 6:10 PM
SilverMoon (Barak) - Nerissa went to work, and the butler started a fire - he got distracted while cooking to feed one of the triplets. Janus gave financial advice while Barak took care of the triplets. Nerissa came home from work with a friend. They had a sidewalk outing as Barak went to work. Collin called Nerissa to chat and they made friends. Nerissa's outing was fun and Nerissa used the bonus to work on her bronze flower arranging badge. Barak came home with a promotion to Headliner. Janus made friends with Brittney over the phone. Nerissa got her bronze badge right before bed.
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#91 Old 26th Mar 2016 at 6:20 PM
In my Legacy house, Finn Wheeler has become hand of Poseidon, thus achieving his lifetime want. Heather Huffington-Wheeler is one level away from becoming The Law. Their daughters Scarlett and Melanie are now children and are about to be enrolled in private school. Finn and Heather have also welcomed son Rhett into the world.
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#92 Old 26th Mar 2016 at 6:25 PM
Rhett went out with a bunch of widows of his acquaintance - his stepmother Mary Hart, his babymama Andrea Martin Viejo, and his new friend and neighbor Darrell Dreamer. He took them out to eat and consult on what he should do about baby Vallie's prolonged distress over Vidcund's death. Which matches his own. Mary told him to get rid of the urn, and he reluctantly did so. Without me having to respawn the tombstone every morning they should be able to move on.

Rhett's lack of boltage with Darrell did not prevent him from lugging a want to flirt with her around all evening. If Andrea hadn't been there I'd have let him do it. She kept sizzling at him, too. He spares not a thought for his triple-bolt matches in town, Danielle Pleasant and Donna Lothario. So is he regarding her as a challenge, or is he just getting better at not thinking about women who are spoken for? Because I can make Donna less spoken for...

Trent is making good grades and dating Ripley Grunt while thinking about her sister and wondering what the hell is the matter with him. And I'm having crashy problems with the frat, but that might've been power surges last night...

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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#93 Old 26th Mar 2016 at 7:19 PM
I've set up an asylum made up of former dormies in my downtown. I chose them randomly from the group of dormies that had keys to a dorm that no longer exists, aged them to adult, and gave them random secondary aspirations. The controlled sim is named Acilia Motosfont, and she's a knowledge sim with a LTW to learn all skills. She has a job in a custom community service career. The first couple of days went fairly well, despite routing issues near the bathroom. Acilia made breakfast for everyone and one of the inmates with a grilled cheese secondary was nice enough to make sandwiches for dinner a couple of times. Acilia wanted a logic skill point, so I sent her to stargaze - of course she got abducted and came back pregnant. Keeping her needs up when there weren't enough beds was a nice challenge, but she survived the pregnancy and gave birth to twins - Apollo and Artemis were put up for adoption and will be going to the Tinker family (they had just adopted another baby last rotation, but I know they want more). After a week, everyone other than Acilia and one other inmate were worrying a lot. Esmour, a popularity sim, is a very nice friendly guy and a lot of his wants are being met when he autonomously greets his friends as they walk by the house. He also has a high reputation, and I think he keeps waking up with easy to fill wants to have a good reputation - he goes platinum each morning. The one romance sim is very unhappy - she keeps having her advances shot down, and I think she'll be the first to go into aspiration failure. One sim is addicted to using the telescope in day - I'm seeing lots of Cyd Roseland coming to shove the spy. The other inmates are mostly either playing catch or piano. After a week, they seem to have settled into a bit of a bed-sharing rotation, and needs are mostly being well handled. There's been a couple of very hungry sims and sims with very low bladder, but no starvation or accidents yet.

I played three semesters in both the sorority and fraternity at LGU:

At the frat, Isha, who had become a mean drunk and fought with Eva at one frat party, somehow fell in love with her again and rolled the want to get engaged to her - again (he'd had that want at one point before he'd attacked her). I didn't even see them interact with each other, but I did see her flirting with two of his frat brothers at one point. Anyway, when I played the sorority, she had a want to flirt with Isha and to go on a date with him - big change from the furious mood I remembered. On their date, she almost immediately rolled a want to fall in love with him. That's a want I'd tried to fill earlier with the two of them, but it just never seemed to happen. They'd have dream dates, lots of romantic interactions, and she'd not even get a crush, just the abstract want to love him. There seemed to be no change this time - two bolts of chemistry, lots of interaction, and no love through two dates. Then they had a date on the home lot before Eva had class. I was intending to cancel her "go to class" action, but it came up quickly and the date ended before I managed to. A message popped up from Isha - that was a nice time, we should do it again some time, and Eva suddenly fell in love. Really??? Amazing dates have no effect on you, but when one ends in a humdrum fashion, you fall in love?

The newest frat member, Tony, is a popularity/fortune sim. He has two bolts of chemistry with all but one of the sorority members, and I saw him flirt with at least three of them while playing both houses. I think he'll end up in a relationship with Ida Juana, but I'm not sure, as she's also got a crush on Hi. Hi has a crush on her, but also on one of the Printer Sisters. Helen and Andy have fallen in love, though both also have crushes on other people. Helen surprised me when she fell in love with Andy - she immediately rolled a want to get engaged to him without also rolling a fear of it (I don't often see that with romance sims). I locked the want, as it was interesting, and when she completed her sophomore year I changed her aspiration to family with a romance secondary. She still wants to play the field a bit, but eventually she'd like to settle down and have a family (her new LTW is for a golden anniversary). Helen is the only sorority sister not interested in Tony.

Helen and Ida Juana spent three semesters barely getting the skills they needed to pass as they had little interest in skilling at all. Helen got a needed cooking skill point only because the newest sister, Parvati, kept watching the cooking channel, and poor Ida Juana was tasked to rake the endless fall leaves in order to get the cleaning skill she needed. The otherwise annoying coach helped them get needed body points one semester, as well. The rest of the sorority either already has the skills they need for their classes, or seem to want to get them. Nobody in the sorority, not even the ones with knowledge secondaries, rolled a want to write a term paper or do an assignment over the course of three semesters. I'm not sure why - Jaquette and Eva had rolled and filled such wants in the past - but it made for an interesting session, with lots of socializing and grades coming entirely from class attendance.

Alan Coulthurst, the frat brother with the amazingly unsuccessful love life, graduated with crushes on a few girls, and is best friends with many people. He was a popularity sim with the aspiration to be a cult leader. I gave him a grilled cheese secondary, and he fed the frat sandwiches for his entire senior year. Now he's off to found the Cult of Cheese in my main 'hood.
#94 Old 26th Mar 2016 at 8:48 PM
Originally Posted by BoilingOil
While I'm playing Gabriella Newson's household, I'm looking at her Interests, and notice that for all that she loves to talk about, she doesn't care one bit about Work or Paranormal. Would you care to take a guess at what she does for a living???

Indeed, she's the Cult Leader; the top rank in the Paranormal Career. Now I'm not surprised she wants to quit her job
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#95 Old 26th Mar 2016 at 11:34 PM
Newson: Georgia Newson Cooke has been trying so hard to raise her family's status in the town. Every time she gets a bonus, she sends money to her relatives and has set aside accounts for all the children to go to college. The problem is her nephew Cosmo Newson, son of Garrett and Terra Smith Newson. He flat out refused to go to college because he wants to be a dancer. He took the money she set aside for his college ($10K) and bought and furnished a very small house. So she tried to give him more money to make the house nicer, but he refused that too. Then she tried to get her niece Venus (daughter of Gallagher and Stella Terrano Newson) to help him out in his career because she is a dancer as well. Again, he refused help. He wants to do it all on his own. Her next plan was to set him up with one of the Grunt girls who just returned from college. The Grunts are upper middle class, so that would raise his status. Instead, he hooked up with that trashy Andrews girl. The Andrews have a bad reputation because Starla (the mother) had affairs with several married men and had babies by them, but never married herself. She died young leaving her six children to fend for themselves. The oldest of them then had a baby out of wedlock and now all seven of them live in a two bedroom shack (you would think Georgia would be sympathetic to their plight). To make matters worse (to Georgia), the girl is a lazy romance sim and works in the slacker career. But, Cosmo is in love with her and wants to marry her. He invited her to move in with him as soon as the house was done. Sorry, Georgia, you're gonna have to chill out and let things work out on their own. She's something of a control freak though, so I see more drama between her and Cosmo in the future.
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College section of my rotation. Nothing much happened worth noting. The sorority that is widely known now as the "pregnant sorority" gained 3 new members - Little Juno Broke was born to Desdemona Capp in the end of her second semester of her sophomore year, completely healthy. However twins Quinn and Duncan Goodie/Ottomas/Starchild (not decided on the last name yet) were kept in the NICU following Sharla Goodie (Nee Ottomas) obsession with the bubble blower during pregnancy. They pulled through though, and all babies were transported to the orphanage home until it's decided where they will live. Juno will most likely move in with her maternal grandmother Brandi, or possibly with a member of the Capps for now as Desdemona and Beau finish college (Beau only became a freshman this rotation!) but seeing as Sharla is actually married and the father of the babies doesn't know of their existence and has only just scraped together enough money after graduating to live in a tiny apartment with his BFF Ty Bubbler, the twins will most likely stay in the orphanage. I might give them a new last name or even change their last name to whatever family adopts them provided someone does.

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I loaded into the Vanderpol household to find a nice little 'have two loves' want in August's panel. I had him invite over Elena Lawrence to see if those two would hit it off at all, and also noticed that one of the new teen townies I made was in his top chemistry panel.

Trevor got a promotion up to Leading Man (Show Business level 8). August went to chat up one of the new townie sims and see how she measured up to his current love interests.

Daniella got a promotion to Juggler (Entertainment level 7) on the Saturday, and Felix has taken to bringing home Tony Stultz on a regular basis (mainly as the two of them are the same level in the Law Enforcement career).

Being part Knowledge (despite all his wants to romance half the town), August is a knowledge sim and actually rolled wants to skill beyond his low motivation level. At this rate he might actually be in for a scholarship before he heads off to university.


Every time I load into the Kraemer household I forget how busy it is with the numerous children Scarlett and Kevin have. I'd also apparently left a little too early last time as James grew up a few seconds after I entered the lot. He rolled Romance/Fortune, and the LTW to have 20 Loves.

Ashleigh had the want to go steady, so I scanned through potential appropriate sims and came across Emily Wegner. The two rather quickly shared a first kiss. The next evening I invited over all the potential loves for the teens (barring James) and let them roam on free will.

(With so many sims in the household I tend to let them free will anyway. They're all good enough at taking care of their needs thanks to various mods, so I only really need to keep an eye on toddler Anthony and if any of the adults want to skill for their job.)

Anthony grew to child on the Saturday, and that was apparently enough for Kevin to roll the want for a baby, to match the one Scarlett has had for a while. My rules state a rotation without a fulfilled pregnancy = IVF treatment, but with them having twelve kids I'm loathe to add to it, especially seeing as odds are good they'd have twins at the least. I know that at least three of the kids have same sex love interests which reduces the number of accidental pregnancies, but still...eldest Madeline has already started having kids.

Sunday was taken over to a family get-together, with Scarlett's brother and his family visiting, and also Madeline with her family. The party ended up being rated 'Good Time'. Rebekah has one more day before she heads to university, Maya three days. Twins Cassie and Lexi are one day from becoming teens, and twins Leanne and Noah are four days from becoming teens. That means two sims will leave for uni next rotation, and I'll have four new teens.


I calculated all the necessary stuff for the Lyndhurst family, including ideal careers for all the teens (something I had apparently forgotten to do for a while). Elizabeth had the want to earn the Young Entrepreneurs Award, but only had Culinary and Journalism as her ideal careers. Well, seeing as her grandparents are both in the Journalism career, I had the idea of them letting her intern (aka cheat her into the job) -- no need however as Journalism was one of the jobs available on the computer. Nathen likewise had a want for the same scholarship and also got lucky in getting his LTW career (Athletic) from the computer first try.

Riley ended up getting fired from his job due to a chance card -- no new Law career available on the computer for him to return to work, then I remembered about the FT perk to plead for his job back. Unfortunately, it didn't succeed.

Elizabeth had a bit more luck with her job, getting promoted up to Blog Writer (Journalism level 2).

They were burgled that night, but nothing was taken and they got a $500 reward.

Like with the Vanderpols I scoured through for potential loves for the teens. I am seriously leaning towards Adam as the household heir -- I like him, like his appearanace, like his potential teen love. The only downside is that his love interest has blue eyes -- given that 3/4 grandparents had blue eyes I'd like a little variety.

Sunday was a family reunion party as Riley rolled the want, inviting over the teens' love interests (minus Nathen who was at work the whole day). Elizabeth got promoted to Internet Movie Critic (level 3) -- Nathen got promoted via chance card to Team Mascot (Athletic level 3). The party also ended, being a good time.


Nick Marshalls woke up on Friday morning with a fear of being rejected for going steady, so I invited over Jessica Kraemer and had him ask her -- he was happy, she not so much. Garry also had a want for his first kiss so I looked through his potential matches and found someone called Lauren.

Heath and Christie seem intent on having a late-life baby with the number of times they go to woohoo though. Their risky woohoo odds are less than 1% so it's not all that likely for an accidental pregnancy to happen.

For some reason the attraction dropped between Nick and Jessica, so I checked around for any other options and stumbled upon Leia Lyndhurst. I let them socialise just to see what might happen -- what happened was them sharing a first kiss (on Leia's end) while Garry woohooed with his crush Lauren.

Like his brother, Garry rolled the want to go steady so with a quick invite he asked Lauren to go steady.

(At this point I went and searched for some more house plans and did some building, mainly because this household is in the AL mobile home lot with no room for extra sims. Nothing else of note happened in the rotation.)
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Sutton - Everyone had the day off, so they free ranged until it was time for Bailey to give birth. She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named Cal. Jerry lost major aspiration points for Cal's birth, so Bailey and him went on a home date to get him happy again. It ended up being great before they both lost interest in it. Bailey dug for treasure to get fit, Jerry called Camryn to make friends and Kelcey weeded the garden. Kelcey got her bronze gardening badge while harvesting, then her silver while fertilizing for a crop of tomatoes.

Smith (Barid) - Barid went to work, and Estelle and Caius had the day off. Estelle gave birth to a baby boy named Calder. Barid came home with a promotion to Professional Party Guest and Senneth Rowan as his friend. They went on an outing, but Senneth wouldn't hang out, so I just let her free range. Barid and Estelle woohoo'd and TFB successfully, then Estelle took a nap. Caius figured out that Games is his hobby, and Estelle figured hers out as Arts and Crafts in a dream. Barid's outing ended at fun. Caius and Estelle hung out for a bit since both wanted to be friends with the other. They didn't make it before Estelle had to go to bed. Estelle popped and woke up Barid in the process so they're both up early. Estelle found her LTW career finally, and it started this morning so off to work she went!
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I started a new challenge! But the screenshots I took refused to save properly, grr.


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my Sims should now be out of their constant wake/stasis cycle as I just got Sims 2 Ultimate Collection just 3 days ago. I was worried about the rejection like I had the first time I ask but when the EA game adviser heard that my drive was kaput he gave me what I wanted.

Since then my sims have had quite a bit of building renovations done and the occasional household drifting. now to get back to ruining their lives.
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