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Sim conversion - How to export Medieval sim... to future.

I've played Medieval sims for a while and I must say Sims Medieval has briliant CAS, which allowed me to create new heroes, etc...

But back to topic.

The first point will describe my problem, which is little bit easy. I can say, bring created sim from Medieval game to normal base game, like a time Machine.

Technically, I want to export custom sim created in Sims Medieval to normal (base with WA, AMB and LN) game to play another game, not to play Medieval at all.

What I did?
First, I've loaded up Medieval and created a female knight for this instance. Next, I closed the game and found out that game data are identical with base, so I think it wouldn't be so big problem.

I've copied *.sim file to standart (Docs/El. Arts/TS3) SavedSims folder, where original game stores custom created ones. Its little bit same as original, but Sims Medieval stores to The Sims Medieval folder instead.

Next, I've fired up original, went to CAS, set as "Adult" (Not Young adult as my analysis revealed, Medieval sims are adults only), but I've encountered broken/template face problem I can say - it wasn't original Medieval sim's face.

What I did in points:

  • 1: created a sim in Medieval
    2: closed Medieval
    3: copied *.sim file from Docs/EA/TSM/SavedSims to Docs/EA/TS3/SavedSims folder
    4: started original game, went in cas, set as Adult
    5: and encountered "bad face" problem.

Another method I used was with S3PE.

I've picked my Medieval sim and Original Game sim to perform "plastic surgery" (replace original sim's face geometry with medieval's one, both of them have in S3PE 04F88964, in WinExplorer *.simexport), save modified one and pop it back to SavedSims folder, but this method has failed.
In spite of, I'm little familiar with S3PE, extracting music from game was my first "job" with this great tool.

What I did in points:

  • 1: created a sim in Medieval
    2: closed Medieval
    3: opened *.sim (Medieval) in S3PE to extract its contents
    4: replaced *.simexport file (04F88964) in "Original Game" *.sim file
    5: saved "Original Game" and copied back to Saved Sims folder
    6: loaded up base game, went to CAS? but nothing here (nowhere, not in YA and A, in short, nowhere )

The Last method I've tried, was to recreate sim from scratch in Original G. CAS, but due game's different sim creation system and skin (I have Matt Default Replacement Skintone + Face Overlay by Shady (link:

Personally, I've given up, didn't had enough power to do that, so here is the question to ask:

How to export sim created in Sims Medieval to original game and how, If it is possible?

PS: IF interested, I can supply you with files I worked with, can send snapshots as well..
And last, sorry, If bad topic / forum assignment, I wasn't able to find right one, so I wrote this here.. Hope it will be right.
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??? When you say, "Normal base game" are you referring to Sims 2 or Sims3? I think Sims Medieval is a stand alone product. Even though it uses the standard Sims names, directory structures, and part names they aren't mutually interchangeable. I will check and get back to you.

Ok, Here's the scoop:
Sims Medieval is it's own game and not connected or interchangeable with other Sims games. Sorry, We can not help you with conversions from one game to another. Please read.

Originally Posted by The Gnome
Medieval is now out in some places, and out soon in all the rest!

We have a new forum for discussion of Medieval: ... so if you've got your copy and want to share your thoughts or just arrrgghhh over how you don't have yours yet, there's the place to do it!

And just as a side note... Conversions from TS3 to Medieval or Medieval to TS3 will not be allowed on MTS - EA does not allow conversions from one game to another, so without written permission from EA to convert, modders will not be allowed to upload such items here. Please do not discuss or link to such conversions, as we like to stay on good terms with EA. Thanks!

Regarding custom content made for Medieval, we're still looking into what custom content will/may be possible, so we don't yet have anywhere to upload custom items from Medieval until we know what might be able to be done. Stay tuned!
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Well, sims aren't really "conversions" - the bit in the site news is more about converting stuff like hair, objects, clothes, etc. - game assets.

Sims aren't really compatible from one game to the other. The face mesh, sliders, skins, etc., are quite different so you can't transfer from one to the other. Or, rather, you can -sort of- as you have found but it's not worth doing as the result is not what you really want. Best you can do is take some detailed screenshots of your Medieval sim and try to recreate them in TS3.
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Ok, thanks for help!

Its for TS3, not TS2.

I can say some time ago I wanted to do similar with sims from TS2 to TS3, like a converter. Later on, I've decided to do manually. Some of conversions are good, the others... not so good.
Anyway, sorry for breaking the "law" here, but the link you provided to me is new for me (didn't read it before - wasn't able to find it), so Ok, excuse me please.

Well, I did that (your suggest for recreating from scratch), but the problem is I'm not so skilled sim creator at all. That's the reason I wanted something sure about that (for example replace face models).
Of course I can do that again. Only the problem about sliders and "how to convert properly" remains. That's all.

Anyway, thanks you both.
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