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Default tutorial on converting mmd motions to the sims 3 ?

are there any tutorials on converting mmd animations in .vmd format to .animation format to use in the sims 3?

i can't find any tutorials on it but i know it is possible as umpa77 has converted lots of dance animations from mmd to the sims 3 and 4.

i tried following a tutorial on importing mmd animations into blender with the mmd plugin but the model i used to test just stood in a tpose. i don't know if it's me being dumb or if the animation i want to use is broken.

does anyone know how to convert mmd animations or can link me to a tutorial where i can learn?
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Do you happen to have a link to the tutorial?

Generally speaking, animations need the same rig to make sure that they can properly play said animation. So unfortunately it's not just simple progress of "Open up TS3 Rig > Import MMD Anim > Done!". Instead, it's much more complicated than that.

Even though this isn't necessarily an MMD animation tutorial, here's a tutorial that basically shows what I mean:
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