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Default Purchase Whims/ What do you buy?
Do you ever just get a whim to buy something and wonder if it's impulse or actual desire? Sometimes I am getting better at recognizing the differences. For example: I waited a REALLY long time for my tattoos and piercings, and realized it wasn't some phase. I also struggle on what DLC and expansion packs to allow myself to buy with each paycheck as it's just me and the wife at our place so we really gotta budget. This morning I ordered an ominous looking tarot deck as I have always used gambling cards. Next up I need some better cups to read my tea leaves and coffee grinds. I won't however purchase anymore voodoo dolls since I always accidentally bind them to myself xD. What was the last cool thing you bought? :p

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Heck. I preordered FF7 Remake when I don't have a PS4 yet. (I'm a huge fan of FF7, and did so because the store offered a poster as a preorder bonus ) Because of the ongoing quarantine it is yet to be delivered due to the presence of checkpoints around my area. So when it finally gets to my hands I don't know what I'd do with it. I'm even considering getting a PS5, assuming the whole covid situation ends around PS5's release date.

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Mostly self-care products like bath bombs, Korean collagen facial masks (South Korea has quite a killing going on with these. I use the Dermal Korea brand like I have for years) or hair care products with natural ingredients and easy application.

This is based on actual desire.

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My house is full of 30 years of purchase whims. VHS tapes, dead VHS players, DVDs, dead computers... I'd pay to have less.

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I buy clothing impulsively. Now my outfits look great, though.

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Not one of those buy it now people but we recently said who cares and ordered a few things on Amazon. They're all useful. I'm getting a scale so I can watch the pounds/kilos melt off as I try to get healthier. (because it's that easy).

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Mostly snacks really, which is usually popcorn cos curnchy things are important. It would have been books a few year ago but the uni schedule didn't allow for that so snacks it was.
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Snacks and noodle dinner from the 3 dollar stores: Family Dollar, Dollar Tree and Dollar General. One that surprised me was buy those Macaroni and Cheese Deluxe dinners for around $1 (regular retail price: $3) I saved $6 when I bought 3.

I'm a bargain hunter.

Dolls I don't have in my collection. I almost completed my Wild Hearts Crew.

Now that I think about it, the name could be parodied into a set of boy dolls and be titled Wild Wing Boiz. Anime soundtrack reference. "Wild Wing Boys" was sung by Gundam Wing's Toshihiko Seki as Duo Maxwell.

I have the song on disc in my room. I actually am still learning kanji through first listening to the song with vocals while following a lyric sheet in Romaji-Japanese-English translation and test it with a karaoke machine. P.S. where I used to live in Lynnwood, Washington, they outlawed public drunken karaoke. My father worried about that.

I used to do karaoke but what is known as hito-kara (karaoke for one (hitotsu)) (can also translate roughly to lonely and empty). I usually got high marks on Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train. Plus it was a Korean owned karaoke place where you spend $25\hour singing along in English or Korean. I never exceed the hour so by the time my meter was up, it was dark. But my house was across Highway 99 so it meant waiting for the freight trucks to stop at the light.

My town only has a town hall (built over my great grandparents' house after their death), the post office and a mom and pop café call the General store, so we don't have much to shop for inside my town, just the café.

Weird how some purchases leave indelible marks on you even if you're elsewhere.

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I got a pair of beige leather boots with a dark canvas material around the ankles. Did I need the boots? Do I even like beige? No, but they fit really well, were pretty, and comfy. Plus when do you ever find anything that doesn't look old and battered at a shop like TK Maxx?
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A MacBook Air (I kinda use it for work) & a $700 tattoo

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A Huwaei tablet in the first month of lockdown because the lack of trips back and forth to various places saved me £200! following that, I can only decribe my purchases as Amazon Prime fever purchases. One such fever purchase was a pirate costume, not even for a TikTok, just because I wanted one.

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Makeup, jewelry, hair coloring, biotin capsules, a Maxi-Single CD and a digital copy of "Shiny" by Jemaine Clement.

A lot of hair coloring companies for the countercultures, (ones that are rainbow color dyes) currently have slowed supply delivery, shortsheeted supply delivery or in the case of a famous UK brand, will cancel any order outside the UK and refund. You can only imagine the anger and anxiety when I got there and dealt with this announcement. I'm talking "HULK...SMASH!" type of emotional distress

A lot harder to stay calm when you're stopped at the gate.

There was lots of make up companies that sell blacklight makeup from the UK. None of them have shut down export operations

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A $300 Shun Chef knive

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