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Default Chapter 18: Death’s awakening

Tariel knelt on the ground from her teleporting her for it seemed to be the place that Kalian seemed to be the last time she was sent to find her. Also she had just seen Kalian enter cave that in daylight her sight had not noticed but she could see it now, plainly. Slowly she walked as silently as a cat towards to entrance of the cave to see what Kalian was hiding inside there that she had check on.

She had wondered if at long last that Kalian had boyfriend. Many times through her childhood she had spent more time with her and Lucia as many of elven children had teased and tormented Kalian. Not many of the boys her age had any interest in her for human blood and old hatred between humans, dark elves and wood elves from the destruction of the black temple and the war.

Tears came from kalian, though she had no skill in healing magic and to as far as she knew had no magic in her at all. Herds and poultices that she had been able craft had managed, a skill learnt from Bellethiel had not made him stir from his slumber. Kalian feared that he may never wake not noticing that Tariel had sneaked into the cave to stand looking at them both.

Kalian whispered to himself “what power holds him in such state that not even healing medicines can break their hold over him?” Tariel's voice was calm and soft as she said to her “he sleeps as the bead do Kalian.”

Kalian turned to look upon Tariel who stood now beside a dagger in her hand “what are you doing here”? Asked Kalian her vice shook with fear and worry. Tariel took a step toward him to stand over him “what are you doing?!” Kalian cried placing her hands over her mouth shield a scream that was to come.

Tariel looked at her slowly kneeling down beside him “he sleeps like dead Kalian, he will die a slow and painful demise from this state. Apart from the strongest magic cannot awaken him so I will put him out of his pain” Kalian lunged down at her trying to pull her away before she slit his throat. Angered by Kalian’s defiance for the last time she swung her arm back to hit squarely hit in stomach knocking her back “by the gods, Kalian!! If not for my friendship with you I would slay for defying me now let me send this man into the arms of death.”

She checked the sharpness of the daggers blade against her finger. Tariel though angry with Kalian for being defiant but it reminded of her how she was when she and Naruon where that age. She took no pleasure in killing but seeing this slow death on her mother made her believe that it was worth killing him quickly so that his pain was ended. As she was about to place the daggers edge on his neck whispering to him “forgive me for this, may Morzan take mercy on your soul” suddenly his eyes opened.

He rose from the ground to stand before, suddenly she was lifted into the air. Powerless to move she looked down upon him seeing his body shake from either nerves or pain “dare you speak to me mortal, for I...” he almost collapsed but she saw blood started to drip from his robes. He continued “if not from my weakness at the present...I...would...claim your soul for your own. But now for be gone!!”

Tariel suddenly found herself lying outside the cave, raising herself to a sitting position. She shook her head slightly for what he had said especially when he said the word mortal as if he was not one and she felt fear in her from his voice.

With Tariel gone, he turned to see the frightened form of Kalian who now had his undivided attention. When she spoke to her voice was mixture between a speech and a scream “who, what...are you? Get away from me!!” she tried run but he grabbed hold of her wrist.

He spun around her to face him, now kalian could see finally his face. His eyes where blood red and he looked upon her face “I mean you no harm for you have aided me without any knowledge of who and what” he placed a hand on his robes. He examined the blood on it, he knew the spell that had held him was broken but it meant that injuries that had been on him when he was captured would start to appear on his body.

Knowing that the information would not harm her he told her “my name is...Morzan, you know what I am now by that...arh” he winced in pain but he saw that kalian was not as afraid of him though knowing that he was god. Kalian spoke to him “Morzan...what happened to you? Despite my fear of you...I will still aid for you seem to be in need of it.”

Tariel reappeared inside the cave. She had used a spell that for a temporary made her invisible and she had been listening to the conversation that Kalian and Morzan had shared between each other. Before Tariel spoke, Morzan winced again as a scream echoed through the cave’s interior, it was filled with rage. With a look of confusion on her face “I under estimated you, Morzan do not expect me to do that again. I would have taken you before my king, Naruon but” Morzan glared at her angrily watching. Wondering if his powers were strong enough yet to kill for he did not expect that Naruon would spare him from death or at least try and kill him.

She continued “but I will not for I fear what you are capable of when the lost time you were on these shores. I sense that you are in hiding from someone or something hence why you have been in this cave with Kalian looking after you. You cannot stay here for much longer for soon, Morzan you will be discovered. I have somewhere were you can hide as long as you do not care of were you live” she started to walk out of the cave. After a moment of hesitation Morzan and Kalian followed her out of the cave.

Upon leaving the cave Morzan smiled. He had not felt the wind on his face for many years and it pleased him, saying to Kalian “it is good that I can feel the elements upon me again. You will never understand how much you would miss something when it’s gone” Kalian blinked “what happened to you to come to this land unconscious and as a cold as the dead?” he did not answer her instead he continued walking to where Tariel was leading them. The night was thick around them as they ventured deeper into the land of the elves.

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Default Chapter 19: Hiding amongst the dead

The night was still shrouded around as the ground they saw around was dotted with graves. With fear kalian knew where they were, the tombs of the fallen where the bodies of many of there heroes and royal members where laid to rest until they day that they would awaken to take revenge on those who slain them.

After the destruction of the black temple had shattered many of the tombs in the crypts beneath the temple. Many of them had been moved to crypts that were constructed out of the stone from the ruined temple. The crypt here though was a part of the original temple as at one point it used in rituals to prepare a soul for the realm of the dead.

They approached the door that led inside the crypt. Silence was over them though there minds where turmoil for many thoughts flowed through of confusion and doubt many things. Kalian had never been here due to tales that she was told when she was a child said that this place was haunted by the souls of restless dead. Whispers to faint for them hear echoed around them, what they said was unclear to both Kalian and Tariel. Morzan though seemed to hear what they were saying to them. He spoke in a horse whisper to the spirits “peace be upon you for do not blame more for the mistake we made against your people years ago. I have paid for it more than you’ll ever know” kalian looked at him from over her shoulder wondering what he truly meant by that statement.

Tariel stood just inside the entrance of the crypts “here in these halls of fallen and black stone” she looked around, clicking her fingers causing the dusty candles and wall torches to light. Not many people came into the crypt and it was always a good to hide from the world. She continued to say to Morzan “I will not mention your existence to any soul that may cause you to suffer. If you need to nourish yourself I am sure that kalian will aid you in that respect. I will only come if there is something that will harm, now I shall leave you before my king gets worried for me.”

She started to leave as Morzan gave her a faint smile saying to her “my thanks to you, I shall not forget your mercy you have shown me” as she walked back to the palace, Morzan walked beeper into the crypts. Kalian had stood there silently her mind though had lost in those red eyes of Morzan’s . She had meet a few dark elves with red eyes but few of them had theirs blood red as his and she had found a strange attracted to that colour of eyes.

Noticing that he had left she to though with more speed of pace spawned from a fear she had of the place.

When kalian finally caught up him, he was standing in a circular chamber looking around at the ray of statures around him with an expression of remorse. Kalian took a step towards “what’s wrong? I have heard many things about but I never expected you to be like this or from descriptions given to me look as...handsome as I thought” he did not answer.

Morzan remembered the last time he was here but he wondered wither or not tell a secret shared by him and a mortal king. He decided not to share it but instead he said “this chamber was used to prepare the dead to come to the castle of eternal darkness which is or was my domain but I doubt that it is still standing with years of my imprisonment.”

Suddenly in show of friendship, Kalian embraced Morzan who after a moment of hesitation he returned her hug to show his fondness. He whispered into her ear “friendship seemed to exist between us which I am glad of for I have never blessed with a friend” her gaze became blurry for Kalian had never thought that he must have at least one friend. Kalian felt her heart race at his touch wondering why she felt so shy around him and why she noticed how his hair caught the torch light making it shine and glistened. She realised blushing slightly at the though that she had a crush on him.

He walked over to the tomb where he sat upon. Swinging his legs on to the stone, his eyes turned to her “see you upon the morrow, Kalian but for now good night and pleasant dreams” he closed his eyes and started to lie himself down upon the tomb to rest. Though his powers and strength where slowly coming back to him he knew that soon he had a choice to make concerning him and Kalian. As he fell a sleep Kalian left Morzan to sleep. She had promised him that she would come see him every night she was able to for he did seem so lonely to her by his title and by what happened. Kalian walked through the crypt noticing only for a moment that the light went out as she walked along.

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Default Chapter 20: Merged souls

Though the light was warm against his skin he did feel any warmth. Dread filled him for he had tried and failed to find Morzan but to little effect. No matter how much of his magic, he could not locate Morzan anywhere though the spell that they had put upon him would not allow him to move.

Appearing in the small garden before the home of their master was an effort for Cyril for every thread of his being told him to flee to the uncharted realms beyond the mists where he may never be found but he did not know that the realm would lie or if he would survive. His eyes then looked down upon the stone bench. Cyril was appalled to see that a member of there order was taking an afternoon nap before there masters home. Feeling more annoyance rise he yelled at the sleeping figure “arise, damned elf! Maybe then I shall spare you from my powers when I place them upon you” for a moment he did not stir. Tempted to hit to make him wake but he slowly started to open his eyes.

With an angry snarl to see how slowly he was moving. Cyril reached down and pulled him up with his victims eyes half opened. Opening his eyes fully he looked around taking in Cyril and Emily who had been standing quietly make her appearance unknown.

Cyril gave Aonir a small smile to see that he was rubbing a purpling brose that was forming on his wrist. Cyril had no idea of who he was for if he had he would be upon his knees before him begging for his forgiveness before he killed him for abusing his pride. He looked upon Cyril “who are you to treat me like this?!” he laughed slightly at him “I am your superior in both age, duty ,power and title with in the cult now take me to our master” slowly Aonir stood allowing his white robes

Upon entering the home of Arandur their gaze fell upon the floor. Lying there was there master, wrapped in some kind of enchantment. Aonir led the silently up to him but Emily worried, the spell she had put upon Morzan would make him lye upon the ground in a state of eternal slumber until either another powerful mage broke it or the spell it self did not work. By her guess that the spell had somehow rebounded upon there master but she did not know how that could have happened.

Aonir hissed in annoyance as Cyril whispered so that only himself could hear “what magic is strong enough to affect my master but as long is this spell holds over him I could make good my escape” when he started to run, he noticed that his legs where now unmoving. Rage filled him for no matter how much he tried he could not move, his eyes turned to look upon Aonir who was casting a powerful spell upon Arandur.

Feeling his limbs become able to sustain movement he lunged at him, grabbing hold of his arm in an iron grip. Aonir tried to break his grip as pale blue light surged up his wrist “you will not condemn our master to uncertain fate but I will make sure that” a voice shouted at him “enough!! Cyril if you slay my brother then your soul is forfeit!!” Arandur's body glanced from blue light from his own powers and those of the spell. His eyes flew open and where glowing blue, he stood shakily but his movements showed his emotions of anger caused by what ever put him into his state of slumber.

Arandur stared angrily at Cyril believing that he was responsible for what had happened to him and allowing Morzan escape them. He had been reading a book on the subject of old dark rituals when he felt a sudden pain stab his heart like a warm blade coated in a burning a poison. Standing from the throne where he sat sending the book flying across the room. He yelled as he felt his own soul burning inside of his body, Arandur then felt the life drain from him. The only thing that he could remember was falling to lye on the rug that covered the stone floor. When he spoke his voice cold and sly “you let Morzan escape, you are a fool to do so, I admire your courage in coming I thought you would have fled to the dark lands, the hidden realms or the valley of those cursed witches and there monsters. Before I kill you tell me how you let him escape!” Both Arandur and Aonir where casting spells upon for they both where enraged by this foul mortal before them.

On his knees he pleaded with those cold blue eyes that he swore he could see the light gods heart which was almost black in colour and glowed with faint blue red light. Fear consumed as Cyril words came quickly from his lips “spare me, I will speak as swiftly as my tongue is able to for I have no desire perish. I do not how he broke the spells that where over him, I know that spells where strong over him but he had no strength or power to break them. I wonder if it I know that you my lord wanted him dead and if I can way that the only being who could break them for it was you who put them on” his spine arched as blue light pulled him backwards.

Arandur leaned closer to him while magic filled Cyril's form “you know nothing of the divine and immortals, human” he cruelly whispered. Looking at his brother for a moment he stared straight into Cyril’s eyes “you mortal dare hurt my long lost brother! Prey that thee shall never meet him again for he is Aonir, the god of light from a distant world.” Cyril’s eyes widened. He had no idea that the man he had hurt was an all powerful god like his master. A sigh escaped him he knew no that he would not avoid the fate that the two gods had for him.

Suddenly Cyril screamed as he vanished into thin air. Emily started to back away from both Aonir and Arandur but she could for Arandur’s gaze had fixed to the spot when he turned his full will upon her. Emily grasped hold of what courage that she had when she spoke to Arandur “forgive me! My master, it was I who cast a spell upon Morzan to make him easier capture him for you once more. I ask you to spare me so I can” he raised his hand to silence her wagging tongue “alas for you I cannot, I will not explain what you did to you, witch now accept fate with what ever bravery you have.”

With an blink of an eye she was being dragged by the water all around. It was dragging her down into the watery darkness. The only thing she could hear was cold evil laughter from the voice of there master. Regret filled her for now she would never return to her home, wondering if she would have any peace in the realm of death.

Arandur walked into a chamber off the throne room with Aonir following close behind. Both walked in silence, wondering what was going through the other’s mind at this moment in the long path of there immortal lives.

Upon entering the small chamber, Aonir broke the silence by asking his brother “if I may ask you” Arandur looked over his shoulder to smile at him “why did that spell effect you? If it had hit Morzan then it should have not effected you in the slightest unless you have hidden something from the mortals that follow you” Arandur looked away from his brother with angry hiss.

Arandur stopped before a book on a white stone pedestal, Aonir blinked in surprise to fury upon his brother’s face “speak my brother of how you banished the dark gods from your own world?” Aonir did not answer his brother straight away wondering why he asked him this and why he was angry with him.

He did answer but kept an eye on his brothers movements, he had no great desire to test his power “I discovered a powerful a ritual in an ancient scroll, this ritual will create a portal banishing an imprisoning it’s victims in ice until their prison was broken. During this time I had managed to convince the other gods including an ally of them to aid me. I will not indulge you with the details of it for my memory of the species are vivid. I managed to imprison them all but at the price of my own blood, my nemesis, Nor god of night. With that accursed shadow blade of his impaled me through the chest, before he himself was banished to join with his fellow dark gods.”

A slight smile appeared on his lips but it was not of friendship “you paid with blood for your nemesis imprisonment but I paid with something that has haunted my being. I have only to explain to you that it was I who” he stopped. Aonir did not know what he had done to his fellow gods.

Narrowing his eyes, he stared into his brother’s cold eyes “what do you mean by this? I heard from your henchmen that the gods of this world are missing apart from you. How is this so?” Arandur thought for a moment seeing Aonir wanted an answer from his lips. Not all save his closet members of his cult knew the true reason why the gods went missing

Arandur winced as white light spiked deep into the back of his hand. No friendship was in him towards his brother for no one attacked and lived. Raising a hand, he pointed his fingers towards the heart of Aonir “why should I tell of any of the events of the past for you yourself know only half my true plans but if you persist I will have no choice but to act upon your ” Aonir took a step away from him. His own mind ravaged the concept of his brother actually harming him for blood kin was always important between most beings of there power when it came to relationships. Opening his mouth he spoke calmly to him “I shall ask you many a time for a truth that you hide so I my aid.”

Flicking his wrist slightly, blue light swarmed his brother lifting him off the ground. A cruel smile was on the lips of Arandur to see the fear and confusion on Aonir’s face “there is truly no light and dark when it comes to power in amongst the immortals of this world and others. Until you have learnt to keep your voice silent you will remain imprisoned unless you submit yourself fully to me, forgiveness is not a trait I am well known for so do not plague me with it” a small laugh escaped his lips remembering those where the same words he had said to Morzan the last the two spoke to the other.

His breath quickened with a feverish pace after he finished the spell. It had been sometime since he put the spell of binding upon an immortal god and he had always doubted that he would have the power perform the spell again.

Rest knew he should of had after he performed the spell he ignored. Soon, Morzan would regain his full power and maybe try to challenge him for out of the all the gods, his reason was more than just in his own mind. Arandur leaned over the book, forcing himself to use his powers with out falling asleep to find Morzan. The time it would take would be dependent on if Morzan used his powers or to that effect how much of his strength old he had regained. “only hours since his escape maybe even a full day, time is hard perception for I who time does not truly effect upon me” he let his gaze travel across the world through the crystal before him.

Darkness was over the Forrdiean valley but it was not the darkness of night which warmly invented the comfort of sleep to the creatures of light it was that of the darkness which smothered the soul with fear that only death could bring. It hid them sight of any sight aided by magic to see across long distances. A sigh escaped the lips of the mistress of the Forrdiean witches. She had led for many years now and did not want to be seen at this moment in time by Arandur not until she herself was ready to confront him. “it is not easy as you think for me to cast such a spell upon the realm of ours, eventually Arandur will come here for answers knowing that we have knowledge of what is happening beyond are boarders” she heard a sigh from one of her minions that stood before her.

The woman that stood before gave her a slight smile. Her name was Barthélemy she was the only child of the baker in the small village in which many of her minions left. She looked at her with eyes filled with worry “you are sure this is truly wise? If he comes here he will you be able to stop you from claiming you again my mistress in his powers for he is” her voice was rendered silent by unseen force. Inside her body pale light was tightening around her vocal chords but as they were about to destroy them it faded . She gagged as after she was realised from it allowing her to talk once more.

Her mistress voice echoed with that of those of others that joined with her own. Backing away from with her arms raised she kept her gaze fixed upon her encase she was going to inflict anymore of her powers upon.

A slight glow appeared in eyes of dark purple which was most likeable colour “child, your mortal existence would not understand. Anaxis is not himself for I need him at his most of terrifying in his powers they did not give his mortal you would not understand fully what had happen to us. He is making his final game, Arandur’s plan of consuming are souls so he may rule over the mortals of this world but he doubts that we who have long escaped can stop. He may have plans to stop the most powerful of us but he cannot stop we witches” demonic laughter echoed around them and Barthélemy joined them though looking confused.

Words came serpentine from her lips “I am by mortal name I am known as Carmilna but my true name is that Zanithriel” her voice fell into a mesmerizing whisper “goddess of illusion, deceit , chaos and of the art of witch craft.”

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Default Chapter 21 part 1: Lament and a hope for Morzan

Four months passed since Ignatia had arrived along with prince Rilien. During this time Kalian had become close friends with Morzan and Ignatia but her heart though was deeply in affection for Morzan who she believed had no such feelings for her. Mind on matters that concerned her greatly of that where of ball in her honour and to announce to the court that Lucia would marry Naruon on the full moon of three months hence.

Upon entering the chamber of where Morzan was living she hid her emotions hoping that Morzan could not see that sadness and fury in her. He sat awaiting her arrival. Kalian had been able to visit every night where she would talk with him and bring back to health which she had. Morzan looked into her eyes “what is wrong? Your face tells me that you are content but your eyes are a blaze with emotion.” Kalian was silent, Morzan was one of the few people she had been able trust after many a person in Ravenscorft had tried many a time to harm for many did not approve of her becoming a princess of the realm. Suddenly tears began to form in her eyes.

Morzan slowly walked towards her. He had not told her of his worries for her safety. For months now he had seen her, he felt more alive than all the many years he had been of being a god. The emotions he felt for her were getting stronger each day. Kalian allowed herself to cry as Morzan tried to comfort her “becoming the human princess of Elevnia is an unwise thing for many of elves have tried to harm me. A ball is being hold tomorrow night but I have no partner” Morzan looked at her and said quietly “why not..” he was unable to finish due to his doubts of her actually liking him.

Kalian pushed him away from her tears flowing freely as the wind down her face. She turned and ran from Morzan who stood silently watching her. Fearing that he had frightened her, he was about to chase after when she yelled at him “I sorry but I cannot stay here anymore and I will not be able to visit you anymore” he was about ask why she had decided this but she was gone.

Residing himself to be cursed to be alone without anyone to care for him to be forever in hiding like the other escaped gods. A cloud of white smoke signalled the arrival of Tariel “what is it you want? I have already had anger from Kalian” Tariel stood. She resisted the urge to giggle, even she could tell that Morzan who even though was a god of death could feel emotion towards others which was surprising as most of the tales about told him as a cold blooded and heartless being of great power.

Morzan examined his hand for a moment as Tariel turned to face to look at him. He knew that soon his full powers would return to him soon which meant that he had a choice to make. Reveal himself to the world as a mortal man or allow himself to be found by Arandur to be re imprisoned or to engage him combat.Focusing on her as she told him “I know that you are regaining your powers of old, Morzan and when you do what will happen to Kalian? She speaks of you often to me with great...fondness” Morzan narrowed his eyes. “that is of no concern to yours so tell me what you want” Tariel was silent for a moment.

Her words where well chosen as she spoke to Morzan of her reason for coming here “the spies will soon return from Fallean and Vailiania for we fear that there is some evil brewing in the human realms, knowledge is power after all. They may come here and discover you. I know that you have been leaving this place to watch the living beings of the realm you must not continue this” he flicked his fingers causing red light to dart into her eyes causing her to wince.

Morzan waited for her to recover before asking her “may I make a request of you?” Tariel looked nervously at him. She was unsure what he wanted and if would mean harm to her or the subjects of realm “what do you want?” she slowly asked him. His voice seemed to be filled with want and a hope of something that he desired “I wish to attend the ball which your king is holding for” Tariel laughed. She had not meant to but she could not see Morzan dancing with her along with the other members of the court. Stopping himself from destroying her was hard for Morzan as she managed to say to him through her laughter “I sense that you wish to do something that I think will cause nothing but pain. I will not allow you to go if I have to break your legs to stop you then I shall do that.”

He did not answer her instead allowing to leave. Tariel walked passed him saying to Morzan coldly with an element of menace “heed my words death god for if I spot you there then I will make sure that you will not see the next moon rise” as she left Morzan glared at her.

Morzan smiled slightly with a small amount of his powers he had read the mind of Tariel for knowledge of the ball. He now knew the location of where the ball was and how many guards where there for him to get past. Fear though was in him, the more of his latent power the less harder it would be easier for Arandur to locate him. Upon the night of tomorrow he would attend the ball himself but he wished he had money purchase better robes. He though wondered how it would be to stand in the presence of the king of Elevnia again for the last time he had seen one in the flesh since when he along with some of the other gods destroyed the black temple. His mind was filled with clearest memory of the past that he had.

Battle raged above the ground of the underground where five of gods where. The other gods were making sure that the struggling but large forces of the elves and there allies did not stop them. Dressed in white robes which fooled the guards at the doors to the temple’s underground chambers that they were with pure blooded assassins which was a group of assassins who were men and women processed by demons or spirits to give the unnatural strength and skill. They had not been seen since they fled back to there realm after the end of the war which was one of the hidden realms where according to tales was the realm of demons. Moving forwards deeper into the chambers with Arandur using his magic to light the area around them “come, this day we will end this war

Walking through a huge set of double doors made out of blackened wood. Flames did not warm the chamber but only cast light around them. Upon an alter made out of stone stood before them the king of Elevnia Morcion and dressed all in black was the high priestess of the black temple Shae. She looked upon the gods and grinned “I hoped you would be here to witness are victory against you.” Shae was the only remaining members of the high priestesses of black temple. Trained in the magical arts and arts of forbidden rituals which could change elements, move gods and create powerful beings of unimaginable power.

Morcion though looked mournful. Before the war began he had peace with all the other realms and his kingdom had prospered. Morcion was always rumoured with the gift the foresight hence why during many of the battles where the gods had not been involved they had won. He spoke to the gods before him “if you had the wisdom to see then you would know that the war you fight is a falsehood created to doom us all. Please let me speak to you of what you have truly been fighting about and then how we came to discovery of the temple we stand in” silence fell.

Morzan could hardly remember is appearance from that time or that of his fellow gods apart from that of Arandur his captor. Morzan paused for a moment and slowly asked him “what did you...” he was cut of by the voice of Arandur. At the time he was there leader of the gods during the war and had Anaxis leading the rest of the gods in the battle above, while Arandur lead a small group of the strongest of them who were intended to end the war leaving with Anaxis with order of leading the others in the battle. Arandur looked Amisius who stood beside him “would you mind” he said to him. A grin appeared on his lips “no problem my god of light, it would take me but a moment” he swished his hand but he almost stopped when Morzan drew a cold dark bladed sword and cried at him “stop yourself from your powers wrath upon him” he did not listen and carried out his order.

Small chunks of ice rained downwards upon the body of Morcion making him hiss in pain. Morzan banished his sword back to his realm of death but he knew if he himself used his powers to stop Morcion from dying. Closing his eyes momentary and upon opening he had managed to cast a small spell upon the king. Inside his body Morcion felt ice surge into his soul not knowing that upon his death his soul would be sent to the home of Morzan to await his return.

As he appeared that he was drowning within the stone. He called out his last words to the gods “memories are lost to you now and for time passing only pain in your future. Now I have perished may my sons have the strength to exact vengeance upon all of thee” Morzan sighed while the other gods smiled as Morcion vanished from sight.

Shae did not seem to be mournful of the loss of there king but instead raised her arm over a woman in an enchanted slumber. A smile was on her lips “I care not for our king’s demise, he had not the stomach for what we were to do here. This will seal the doom of you all and assume are supremacy of are people. We will use this woman who cried the name of Arandur with more fear of the fate that awaits her to become a creature of darkness at my command to destroy you all and decimate your armies” she laughed with an evil intent.

The other gods around Arandur wonder why this mortal cried his name. Arandur looked upon the priestess as lightning appeared in her hands “of what you speak will not happen and the last time the ritual was performed it created a creature which had a will of it’s own but we will not allow this” the gods hands glowed with light as they summoned there powers. Arandur was hiding his emotions from the others of doubt and worry for he wished that this mortal was not here. As the powers hit the lightning from high priestess the building shook as cracks started to appear. There plan was destroy to the temple here and now, if it was commanded for themselves to be imprisoned by the rubble.

There magic caused them all to be knocked back to the ground to lie momentary upon the stone floor. The temple was starting shake as there powers causing the temple to collapse and from the rooms above them, cries could be heard.

Arandur stood first and moved as close as his body allowed. He looked to see that the high priestess was slain and the mortal was still under an enchantment, sadness consumed at the thoughts that filled him.
Behind sounds of movement alerted to the fact his plan had not worked upon some of the gods. He had planned to use his powers put the gods that were with him into a temporary state of slumber so he and his men can capture them.

Using his powers alone he knew the two who stood behind. Arandur heard the hushed voice of the goddess Laraniel which once with fear “what has happened for our powers could not have caused this” Morzan hissed slightly he knew that dark arts and change was coming upon the world by the events of this day. Arandur folded his arms and tightened his body feeling the cold grasp of death flow through him. Morzan looked at the mortal on the altar before them “death comes to mortals by thankful of her body and mind not being used for rituals” Arandur was filled with anger towards Morzan.

He spoke coldly to the gods behind him “I hoped that you both would be still awake” they both stared at him. Morzan stepped forward asking him “tell me what is happening here, Arandur? What do you speak of, what plan?”

Arandur laughed evilly at Morzan’s comment “intelligence is what you do not lack for living corpse, death god. Time is that of your own suspicion of me since the start of this war and have warned the other gods of a hidden plan. It must have infuriated you that none of the others god believed but if they did then my plan would have failed” silence fell. Arandur’s emotions where that of anger, pleasure and evil of what had happened to what to happen.

Morzan surprise was only momentary. Remembering of how many times he heard and witnessed Arandur in a secret meetings with his damned order of his though he had never any truth to convince the others of misdoing of the god of light. He spoke to him with rage in his voice while Laraniel thought fast. The ritual though in complete was surging through the walls of the temple gathering strength and dark energy. “why do this Arandur?” he asked Arandur. An answer did come from his lips with coldness “at first it was a lust for power but then I discovered that in the first in my immortal existence” he turned around to face them showing that on the edge of his eye was silvery tear.

Morzan looked confused for a moment. Many considered him to not have a soul or emotions but it was not true. Until he was summoned by Arandur who at time was the leader of his gods of the world to join the humans after there previous battles had there armies being defeated and according to Arandur the elves and there allies were planning on destroying them all.

He looked upon Morzan and finished what he had started “that I could fall in love” seeing the look on Morzan’s face “you would not understand you have never loved a mortal woman. She who lies before on an altar has the name of Clarice... I influenced Shae’s mind to make her use the ritual used by the vampires centuries ago” Morzan blinked as he could now see the meetings he had with this mortal woman and felt that Arandur was going to do something terrible to him.

An evil smile was on Arandur's lips for he his hatred for his rival Morzan grew and flourished deep within him. Looking upon them both he snarled at them both “I will offer you to be spared from the fate I have planned for the other gods if you would surrender your immortal powers to me so I may rule this world and you” Laraniel hissed angrily “if we refuse?” he smiled “if not your fate is that of pain and imprisonment.” Laraniel fixed her gaze sideways at Morzan for she had he were in the same state of mind. As one they said to him “your offer drips with corruption so we both refuse” Arandur sighed “I guessed that would be your answer but I had to try for I will enjoy what I will do to you.”

Arandur recast first upon Laraniel was glowing with blue light which she could not resist the spell that makes her fall into slumber. The spell that Arandur had put on the gods to weaken them had worked much so that he had managed to prepare them for capture. About to cast the spell upon Morzan he had noticed that he fled though he maybe weakened he still posed a threat to his plans. The chamber was starting collapse down upon them and with a click of his fingers he along with the other gods vanished. Darkness surged from the dark temple as fire consumed it as the temple was destroyed and turned into ruins.

Morzan blinked as he could see now that he was in the crypt of which was his home for the time being. He had no vision of whether or not Morcion’s soul was in his domain or not for it had been many a year since the day he lost his freedom and the temple was destroyed. Remembering that day brought much sadness to him and the ritual that had created the creature Azul. Time would only tell of what was happening in the realm of Vailiania but he knew little of what had happened apart from heard from listening to merchants who traded in secret with the werewolves who lived there. With vampires ruling over mortals and the line of the human kings of that kingdom were gone for the father of Vikar was the same king who fought against him when he had tried to convince king Ferrand of Vailiania along with the mad king that the war was falsehood created Arandur only to hacen an escape from those he praised an ally now hunted down for Arandur.

He pulled himself up on to the tomb which he slept upon. Lying down upon it he closed his eyes remembering how over the course of a year he hid that everyone hunted him down. Slumber brought dreams of what he desired most in this world.

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Default Chapter 21 part 2: Jealousy of maidens

Upon the cold light dawn covered when Kalian had started that early morning with slow steps. She had laid awake crying tears for she believed that Morzan would now despise her and that no man of this realm would ever have her as lover or a bride. When she had arrived few friends of hers were here but upon entering the upstairs chambers of hall of fallen souls which was built from ruins of the previous royal palace.

Her gaze noticed to elves that stood there. They were both already brides to some elf but they had hatred for her. Many a year since her childhood they had both teased and tormented her with there words. When they both noticed her they said to each other “look it is her” “she who the king despises” Kalian stiffened. Recently though Naruon had been making an effort to be pleasant towards her but she tried to ignore them. Looking at her over a shoulder before saying “look at her if she was an elf then the only man who would marry her I one armed troll” Kalian heard there laughter as she entered the chamber in front of her.

Upon entering the chamber she noticed that Tariel was waiting for her. Greeting her with a smile she said to her “greetings my princess, Naruon asked me to get you prepared for he would not trust anyone else with this task. What troubles you?” Kalian blushed slightly for Tariel was not that into the fashion trends of the realm but she did know some of them. “the words of the women who have envy of me for being the princess over them” before she could say much more Tariel smiled at her “Rilien was teased by some for his unnatural powers over bark magic and the fact he seemed to be blessed by death now since the tale of what had happened to him in Fallean. He says to them that few could survive what he endured for all that time made him stronger. Tell those maidens that when you are officially a member of the royal family you will send me upon them” Kalian smiled at her.

She embraced Tariel. Apart from Lucia until recently she had been one of the few friends she had. Rilien unlike his brother was reserved when it came to her though she had asked him how he survived from the torture but he had not told her. Ignatia was friends with her also though she never took that when Naruon was around for the king was hard for her to predict his actions.

Realising her, Tariel escorted her to a dressing table. A few times her mother along with her had made sure that the appearances of the queen and her two sons was designed to show them as some of most beautiful beings of there people when the occasion demanded it. Kalian though was not truly looking forward to the ball that coming night for she knew that no one would truly happy to see her and no one would dance with her.

Time passed almost though it had not seemed to Kalian to be slow and unmoving. Standing she looked at Tariel who smiled at her. Sadness seemed to be deep within Kalian from what happened between herself and Morzan. Upon noticing this Tariel looked into Kalian’s eyes seeing to clearly “what has happened between you and Morzan must have proven to me that your feelings for him are strong” she gave a small smile “I have no feelings for him.”

Kalian blushed slightly as Tariel hugged her “listen to me, if you need me any a time for my words of wisdom and comfort you know where to find me for we will now live in the same place now” Kalian smiled feeling silently glad that Tariel did not ask for any of her details of her feelings that she had tried to hide from them. Questions she did not know how to answer to Tariel who had known since she was a small child were best unasked.

Tariel removed her arms from around her. Thinking that she would talk of this more with her after the ball but she thought that maybe that would unlikely. Putting those thoughts out of her mind she left Kalian alone while she herself went to go and get her dress for the ball that night. Now alone Kalian thought of her gown that lay inside a chest in the room and if her memory served her right it was sapphire blue with silver trim. Soon the ball would began and to enjoy the dancing that she would watch for would dance with the human ward of the king.

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Default Chapter 21 part 3: Ball of discord

The night had fallen over Elevnia with stars shining in the sky above. Tariel had only arrived in the ball to see that the only the other people who she could see there were Naruon and his bride Lucia where talking to each other. “of what comfort could I give the human girl in your care for I kept my word after I made the choice to let her live when she turned 16 but you know that I have no love for her” Lucia sighed “not all the humans are like how they are back then. Decides information that your hold from Ignatia the princess of Fallean about the spies of our realm.”

A gentle cough from Tariel drew the attention to her, with smiles at her appearance. Naruon laughed slightly “even with beauty required for this night had not convinced you to paint your face with make up but you have your own ways I guess” closing her eyes for a moment. If he was not her king she would hit him “you yourself have little in that respect yourself my king but if I may say that you my queen...Lucia you look wonderful.”

Naruon was silent for a moment, he had always wondered wither or not that if she was not his bodyguard would it be her he was marrying instead of Lucia. Forgetting those thoughts when Lucia asked both he and Tariel “with your words you have not noticed that we are missing your adopted daughter Kalian” Tariel blinked realising that she had a point.

After a short pause, Naruon smiled at Lucia “rightness flows form your lips. Time shows that the foolish girl has locked herself in an up stair chamber, I have sent Ainion to get her” Tariel frowned. Ainion was once the diplomat to there allies but at the time present he was the master of knowledge and commanded the spies of the realm.

Outside the hall was Morzan. He looked through the glass of the window, no one had yet noticed his presence. It had been many a year since he had last seen the king of this realm for the last time he had spoke to Naruon resulted in him lying at the foot of the tower of eclipse after he had been cast from the top. The sound of a horse reached his ears, causing him to hide with in the leaves of a tree. Ignatia dismounted the horse and walked inside not seeing his red eyes watching her. He stepped forward from his hiding place for he had not let his gaze fall upon Kalian.

Soon after her appearing inside the hall of the fallen, Rilien appeared before and seemingly from nothingness. Before this night, she would have not been able to come apart from the word of Rilien who had regained his health and strength. He had told his brother that even though he maybe king but by blood he was still his brother and next in line to his throne. If he did not want to duel him in both magic and steel that he would allow Ignatia to come to the ball as his brother’s guest and he having no desire for a duel between, he agreed.

Rilien looked at her with unwavering eyes, Ignatia smiled “what do you think Rilien?” he did not answer. Transfixed by her beauty and the fact that she was the only kind face he had seen during the long years of imprisonment and torture. Despite all that had hoped that his own desire for love, before his imprisonment and during the early days of the war he had to be web to a wood elf mage but she was slain and he had not found anyone worthy of his love. Blinking he noticed that annoyance crept into his companion “you look, amazing” he told her.

A small giggle came from Ignatia to see that slight redness on his checks that was him blushing. During the time they had both spent in each others company they had grown close even at one night he had asked to accompany him on a walk through the palace grounds. She had accepted his offer only to have to flea from the approach of Naruon for he was never to know that the two where slowly falling in love with each other.

Slowly Ignatia whispered into Rilien’s ear “you should not care so what the thoughts of your people about us together and they should not gossip about us, now” she took hold of his hand and the other on his shoulder “dance with me, my prince” he smiled. Slowly they danced together to a tune that echoed around from an unseen source.

As the music echoed through the hall. Naruon had requested the help of the gods who lived within his realm, those of which were unable to attend the ball. Ainion stood upstairs before the door to the chamber which Kalian had locked herself in.

Ainion heard what appeared be the sounds of crying from behind it. Moving slightly closer to the door “kalian! Come forth from this chamber, as your king requires your presence downstairs” kalian spoke though it was muffled and filled with both anger and sorrow. She yelled at him through the door “the king may desire what he may but I shall not leave this room” his eyes narrowed. Women he thought, many a time he had wished that Lucia had human man as an adopted child for he had made a rule to try if possible not argue with women as after an argument with the mother of Naruon and Rilien had almost caused his head to be removed be removed from his shoulders.

He sighed before saying to her “then if that is your wish, my soon to be princess. Then I will leave you to your sorrow but know this much, you will have much to deal with when this over” he turned and left her. Not caring for a reason to why she was crying.

Standing from the tear covered stone floor as the sounds of Ainion’s footsteps faded into the distance. Tears had marred the make up on her face but she had not cared. Before the arrival of Tariel she had taken her dress out so she could be dressed in it to find that it was slashed and torn as if a hound had be unleashed on it. Finding a small note on it she had discovered that those who had tormented through her childhood had done this to cause much grief. The only thing that had been destroyed was the plain blue under dress that she would have worn underneath the main gown.

Kalian knew that staying inside this chamber was not a wise choice. Moving slowly towards the door, she expected them all to laugh at her for her appearance but at least it should keep Naruon happy. She reached for the copy key in the lock thinking about how much they would laugh at her.

Sensing that something was wrong with Kalian, Morzan waved his hand knowing that using his powers may make him easier to locate by the gods. Hiding his powers from the two gods that he heard where dwelling in this realm, though he knew that they had like himself escaped Arandur but he did not know wither or not they would approve of him being in this realm for many of the gods never liked him before and he had no trust towards him. Kalian turned the key, not noticing the magic that consumed her.

Emerging from her chambers, she walked down the stair case and noticed that everyone was looking at her with admiration. Her surprise came by a smile that was on the lips of Morzan who stood before. She walked up to him, confused by his appearance there for he was in hiding from the realm “you are here? But you are hiding from them all” Morzan sighed slightly.

He looked into her eyes, he could see her soul was alight with happiness. His powers where now strong enough to see the souls within people once more as using them would make him as powerful as he was once was. Morzan did not answer her until she leapt at him, he caught in his arms before she made fall on to the stone fall. Holding her tight against him, he could feel heart beat “I should not question you but thank you, thank you” he smiled. Kalian was so pleased to see him there.

Placing her feet back on the floor she looked at the figures of both Rilien and Ignatia dancing together. Seeing them to, Morzan blinked for he was unsure wither or not he should have come to this place.

Never being invited to ball in his existence was the fact that being the god of death made him unlikely to ever attend one. Deciding that he had made the wrong choice by coming here he turned to leave, he hand grabbed him and placed it around her waist pulling him closer to her. He glared slightly as she placed a hand in his own and one on his back. Leaning forward she whispered in his ear “I know that death is in you but you are not death and soulless according to all tales of you. You have a soul and there is love in your heart” he looked straight into her eyes seeing that she truly believed that. He slowly started to dance with her but making sure that he did not step on her.

Time passed until they were summoned to anti chamber where they were to dine together for each of them needed to something to consume. Morzan sat between Lucia and Kalian. Catching the sight of the red clad king of Elevnia he remembered that though unlikely he had conversed with him and may recognise him for the god he was. Lucia examined him closely with her gaze and noticed how happy Kalian seemed to be his company “tell me, are you of dark elf birth? For you are stranger in are midst but it appears that my daughter is taken with you so what name should I call you?”

Kalian blushed slightly at the playful tone in her voice. Morzan though willed himself into not showing any emotion for he was not sure how answer that truthly without telling them all who and what he was with a tongue which would soon be still if that were happen. After moment of intense thought he spoke to Lucia and now the entire group was looking at him “aha you should not ask such a question of dark elf birth I may shall not be but” Rilien leaned forward “you’re a vampire then, demon or some creature of undeath before us?” a slight laugh came from Morzan. If only Rilien recognized him for many a time he had prayed to Morzan for death or a relief from his pain instead though he could only but dull it and keep him alive through the years of torture he had endured. Morzan spoke to them “of dark elf birth I maybe but as whole I am unsure of but by name I am called Khan” Lucia smiled at him while Rilien watched him closely.

Food was not something that Morzan experienced often for he has little need for it as he could live without food and water for he was the god of death and the embodiment of death at one point in his existence. Ignatia hesitated between mouthfuls, she had asked Naruon when his spies returned to him that he would take her to Laraniel but they had not returned to him. Seeing the look on her face Tariel whispered to her “fear not, he keeps his word unless there is a reason for him not to. He sent the spies out to all the realms which he could to gather information, I know you are concerned for your father but he shall be fine” Ignatia did not answer her but continued to eat while her mind was lost in thought.

Rilien looked at Naruon and leaned slightly forward. Looking him straight in his eyes before he saying to in hushed whispered tones “may I ask you a question, brother?” he gave him a slight nod. Rilien continued slightly hushed “do you believe that the god of death has favour on us both?” Naruon did not answer for a moment. Memoires of the time when had spoken to Morzan and tried to murder him.

He spoke so quietly that only his brother could hear his words “only two others know of this so I hope you keep this to yourself the other two are Tariel and the crimson serpent who’s name dishonours us both along with those who are bead. Once and only once I was approached by him on the day before I almost perished. I had suffered the loss of both our father’s death and your disappearance, so I watched the black temple burn with shock of what most of us had gone through to become of what we are now. Alone I stood, on the tower of the eclipse but I knew that I had company. Looking to see Morzan standing there dressed in dark robes he spoke to me saying that the gods were tricked by Arandur, the war was a falsehood and then to my surprise he addressed me as king of the elves. He knelt before me swearing me his loyalty along with his powers in return to allow him to live within my realm and to drink small portion of my blood so he gain a form of origin to my own.”

Pushing aside his plate, he leaned forward with a look of concern on his face “brother, for him offer that would have possibility saved our people and with death on our side” Naruon sighed keeping his voice low as he had before “I had thought little at the time of that. I refused his offer saying to him that he would do better asking the mad king for his aid. Standing he glared at me saying that it was not a request he made lightly and he would take by force. So he lunged at me with fangs that had appeared inside his mouth, he was almost top of me I grabbed his robes ad throw him over me to fall from the tower to a hopeful demise. I remember his scream as he fell” Kalian had moved where she was sitting after getting her food. She wondered what the two were talking about but she noticed that Rilien had an eye on so called Khan.

After there meal all the returned to dancing. Kalian believed that not matter what had happened in the time to come that this night was the best she had in her life. She heard a small laugh of delight as she noticed that Morzan was smiling at her “this night I will cherish for the rest my existence” she did not answer him for she agreed with his statement completely. Naruon noticed that Ainion was leaving them.

Leaving Lucia, he bashed towards him asking him “why leave us, Ainion?” he looked only slightly at him “support your actions on the spies information with bravery for I was told that the crimson serpent already knows of it. I bid you farewell for I need to contact many of our spies and assassins in case there is some mention of treachery from that creature and his minions” as he walked out the doors, Naruon was still has mind rushed with thoughts of treachery from the crimson serpent and his minions but he needed to know what the spies knew so he may make that he could take actions that would protect his people. Leaving out the doors in the hope that he could speak to his spies before his absence was noticed.

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Default Chapter 21 part 4: Tales of a spy and the desires of romance

The nights shadow where cold around Naruon. He had only one hint that a spy was coming here for he had noticed something was moving in the trees “you are late” he said coldly. A werewolf slowly walked towards him causing Naruon to look surprised at him for to his knowledge all of his spies were of elven birth.

No werewolves lived of Elevnia but he remembered when he had led a group of armed men to search the realm for there kin. Finding them they slew them all so who was this werewolf to approach him.

When he stood before him, his words came coldly to the werewolf “name yourself but tell me what you have to do here for you know that I have distain against people after your army along with the armies of most of our allies fled back to there realms” the werewolf growled. He remembered the war “to tell truths you know we left after Michael announced your death but I am pleased to see your alive and well. My name is Wolf but a spy I am of yours” Naruon thought for a moment.

Not many of spies he had laid eyes upon for years for half of them rarely returned in person to give there information to him. Normally a scroll would be given to him with the information that spy had for him. Thinking that his information was of desire times he spoke “then Wolf tell me what has happened in the other realms” a short canine smile was on his lips.

He cleared his throat with growl and spoke thus “time has passed but my gaze has not faulted or neither has my tongue stopped it’s pursuit for knowledge. The realm of once the mad king is now ruled by Aragon” he nodded. He knew of him already but continued to listen to his words “they tell of him as a warlord who suppresses his lust for war, blood and battle but now he lies in his chambers mortally ill. His people whispered to me that his generals says that death surges as icy cold blood through him and that his only heir Ignatia has vanished from the realm. I sense that many fear if he does die and the princess has not returned” Naruon thought for a moment.

The words Ignatia when she had first spoke to him were true but Laraniel he would send word to asking her aid to heal him. Wolf continued “the realm of Vailiania is that of the vampires since there last human king was slain by them. My kin tell me of there plans which is that of confusion as it that of revenge against the truth of the past of black temple upon there kin. Near the fortress I went to hear that they have a vampire of immense power” Naruon thought for a moment. Time of ages pasted told tales of dark rituals performed by vampires and that once they lived in the temple. During the war they fought at night, draining the blood of there enemies. At that time Naruon knew there leader for he was the most powerful that he had ever seen, the name of Azul was that he was known off. Though one night Azul was found by him when he was wounded from Michael for he was limping if he remembered right for he had a crossbow bolt in his thigh. The last thing he remembered of him was his screams as his second in command, Darius had used some borrowed powers from the god light according to his men at the time there had been treachery as most of the vampires feared there leader strongly.

Naruon sighed before saying to him “this news is appreciated to me but where are” before he finished Wolf took a step forward. He meet his gaze with his own thinking of how much worry he had for his people for he by guess feared war with the humans once more. Wolf wished that he had not to tell him this now for he knew how much be stress but he needed to know “kill me if you must for your information that well harm you. Your other spies shall not return to you for they have no hearts left in which to keep there life force flowing round there body for the crimson serpent has devoured there hearts but worse your brother is in love with a human wench.”

Naruon moved away from him. His eyes filled with rage and disbelief, when he spoke it shook from hard to suppress “what you speak about my brother is treason! I shall not let you speak of it to any other souls for I shall slay you. He would not love a human after what they had done to all of us. Tell me of how you know of this information” he growled angrily “we want an end to this, an end to this peace to be broken at the whim of an insane god of light. I was in the imprisonment of the henchmen of the crimson serpent but a spy next to me was about to pass away he gave me his memories of what he had discovered in Fallean and Vailiania but soon after I escaped and he was taken away from the fellow prisoners” Wolf watched from the corner of his eyes as Naruon left him.

Alone he stood letting himself wonder of why Naruon was allowing him to leave alive when he heard his voice “leave my realm now for if I see your still here then I will slay you and send your head back to your master whoever they maybe.” he looked around, in the hope of seeing him but to both his eyes and his sense of smell he was no where near at this time. Thinking that lingering would not be a sound prospect of dying by Naruon so he ran off into the night so he may able to return to his home in Vailiania.

When he re-entered the hall he could not see a sight of his brother and his guest. Searching for Rilien had led him to the upper chambers. His mind was in turmoil for he needed to convince himself that what he had been told was not true. Finding a locked a door in the upper chambers which was were until some time past Kalian had locked herself in but now it was sealed once more. He heard muffled sounds from inside. With words that concealed his annoyance as he leaned against the door so he may hear what is happening within “brother, come I need to...speak with you.”

No answer came from him for he was being in passionate love with Ignatia. He had not even heard Naruon for he had been kissing Ignatia. Knowing his brother had shared thoughts about humans with the most of there people with very little exception of the fact that humans has caused half there kin to become dark elves and hatred towards any human. Naruon’s voice came from outside and yelled “Rilien!” this time hearing it he sighed and Ignatia removed her lips from him. She looked at him as he left her on the bed as he stood at the side. He glanced over his shoulder to see the disappointment on her face.

He walked towards the door, before she could ask him why he was leaving he said to her “my apologises, Ignatia. It seems that my brother needs me for something but I hope to return you soon my darling” he moved towards the door, turning the key to unlock the door.

Emerging from the chamber to see that his brother was moving down stairs with some haste in his movement “brother?” he called after Naruon’s retreating back. Naruon’s mind was filled with rage for he had heard all of what was done between he and Ignatia. If not for the war and hatred that now existed between the humans and the elvish races of his kingdom then maybe Rilien or himself would have married a child of the ruling family of Fallean which changed depending on the line of succession or assassination of line by power hungry warlords .

The royal family of Vailiania or when they existed as now at least to there knowledge there family no longer existed. As just one family ruling the realm from generation to generation. Many a time there own line would marry with strong elf houses to gain trust and continue there legacy for time to come. Their mother was one of such for she had been the daughter of the previous head of the realms spies and general of their army, Muxaln.

He would not take action while his mind was filled with rage for acting in that accord on this night would reap him only pain for himself. Naruon needed to think of a suitable punishment for his brother but for now he would leave him be for the time when he could strike against him for his betrayal.

When his brother had gone back down stairs to re-join the ball below him. Turning without any knowledge of what his brother was planning he re-entered the chamber to be with his lover Ignatia.

While Naruon was busy dealing with his love struck brother, Rilien. No had yet noticed that both Kalian and her friend Khan were missing from the hall. When kalian opened her eyes to see Morzan standing before she remembered seeing an image before he closed eyes and swore blind by the gods that she had seen a dark stone throne which was wrapped in dark ivy, thorns and looked long abandoned. Slowly she asked him “where is that throne room I just saw?.”

He blinked in surprise. Morzan had used his powers to transport them out of the hall without any others seeing them but while he had used powers he thought of his home. For a brief moment he would have made them appear in his home but upon noticing this he made them appear in a small garden at the back of the hall. Deciding to tell her the truth of what she had just seen, his words were clam as he spoke “what you saw was my home or at least part of it. I have not seen my home for many a year. I hope to return there soon and...” he paused for a moment. When he continued it came as a whisper “and...I hope you will accompany me” kalian gasped in surprise. She had not expected anything like this from Morzan. She knew of her feelings towards him but if he had any towards her was unknown to her.

Turning away from him, preparing to leave him. She felt his grip on her shoulder, she sharply spun back around to face Morzan “why do you...” he raised his hand in front of her face to silence her words. Kalian looked into his red eyes, which seemed to have a deeper inner glow of dark red. The first times she looked into them they seemed to be void of both life and emotion but now they seemed to be alive and filled with emotion which seemed to that of friendliness and love. Only when she had fallen silent he lowed his hand. He took a deep breath before quietly saying to her “why did I ask you? Many time I have had spent only the last few moments of the lives of mortal men and only fleeting moments when they passed me. Few mortals ever spoke to me and the only times I was ever appreciated me was when I aided the mages of humans” interest suddenly over came Kalian. She had heard of what the other the gods had done during the war but never any motion of a part if he played in the war.

Anaxis fought alongside the warriors of Fallean and Vailiania, rally them against the elves and terrifying their enemies with is overwhelming. Laraniel would aid the healers of the humans but she would not just heal the humans wounded, if she was able to she would heal their own wounded and would disguise herself as an elven archer and fight against the humans. Arandur along with his minions helped or at least tried to harm the vampires that attacked there camps of the humans at night. Amisius made the seas calmer for human ships making the arrive from Fallean and Vailiania in less than a week but made storms and treacherous seas for those ships of the elves and there allies. Such a storm created by the god caused the ship carrying Rilien to be shipwrecked of shore of Fallean and caused him to endure years of torture. Morhal used his abilities to keep the human realms in order while their leaders and armies where away. The other gods either fought on the battlefield or gave aid to the human army in some other way.

Kalian leaned closer to him “are you trying to say that you have...feelings for me?” Morzan stood shyly on his feet but raising his head from his gaze at the ground before them. He spoke quietly his reply “I know not of you share any for me being as I know so little about my life after my imprisonment but I know one thing. I am not of mortal birth and I am the god of death but I have never felt alive until I have I meet you. You have given my existence a reason and I” before he could say more, kalian hesitated before stroking his check.

She smiled at him “you have no need to say more for I have great affection for you” Morzan suddenly took hold of her. Holding her steeped to be standing on one foot with him leaning over her. He gave her a small laugh to see her smiling and at the way he felt holding her and he could feel his powers flowing through his veins, he could also feel the heart beat

Far across the sea from Elevnia, Arandur smiled. He had used his powers through this crystal ball to locate Morzan. With foolishness Morzan’s use of his powers had benefited Arandur into finding where he hid from. He laughed called at what the crystal ball showed him “of what manner you act, out of all of you I caught originally you hid your powers better but now you have foolish led me right to you” narrowing his eyes he noticed why Morzan had used his powers upon this night. Though the island of which Arandur lived was under is control he preferred daylight on his island as much as possible as it was the time where his powers where strongest.

It was not approved for the gods to fall in love with mortals for their leader Morhal had told them that love between could not exist and would be punished if he ever discovered it. Arandur knew with out being near him that he was in love with this mortal woman he kissed passionately.

Summoning a broom out of fin air in his hand. He knew that this was the way of travel for warlocks and witches but this way he should not be detected by any of the hidden gods that were in Elevnia so may deal with Morzan on his own. Arandur looked forward to confront Morzan “I should have removed your arms and legs for what you have done to me but do not worry I will not make your woman suffer...much” as he mounted his broomstick .

It had been a while since he had either travelled by broom or to Elevnia. According to Morhal, the leader of the gods until his imprisonment and the war made Anaxis the leader of the gods upon the field of battle. He had told them all that they were forbidden to fall in love mortals for it was believed that it would only cause discontent and lust in amongst them. If any of them were to do so then the consequences would be dire for them both, the god/goddess and their mortal lover or lovers.

The skies for the most part should be clear on the way to Elevnia but going from daylight to night may prove troublesome. He was flew forwards towards the realm where Morzan hid with all haste so he can deal with him once and for all.

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Default Chapter 21 part 5: Arandur’s vengeance

To avoid the coldness outside and the watchful gaze of the others Morzan. Though his memories came to him of how Morhal had told them all that this love for her was forbidden by his rules. That rule though from what he had been told by Arandur seemed to cause what had happened to them. Kalian enjoyed his company and his embrace around her body, it was not cold at all as she thought it was to be for many a time she had heard him tell her that he had no heart beat or any for matter life force in his body with the fact that he was the embodiment of death in his god hood.

Kalian hissed slighting into his ear as she leaned closer to him “if you think that you are void of life then you are mistaken” he did not answer, many a time he had noticed a heart beat within his chest and the flowing blood veins which had been void of it for many years.

Morzan was about say something but kalian kissed him with as much passion her soul could give him. He closed his eyes and let his soul flow with souls of the dead. One of his powers was that his soul, mind and now along with his new found life force would leave his body which he could use to process the bodies of both the dead and the living, allowed him to appear outside his body and he could enter the realms of dead without entering the portal he had in his palace.

Souls were all around him, their whispers echoed around him. All of them were as they looked on the day their souls became Morzan’s subjects. Maniacal laugh reached his ears as a soul rose from nothingness to stand before him. His face was half burnt by fire, short brown hair was hung limp on his head but on top sat a crown. The skin around his mouth was red for he had died of poison or had been made to look like that was what had killed him. It’s looked hungrily at him “so” it hissed at him “so the master of death has returned, maybe he will give life again.”

He remembered that voice from when last he heard it, “the mad king of Fallean, Michael. So glad to you in” the laughter from him only grew “a fool you are, death has found a life in a woman’s arms, does it make you feel anything you heartless” he fell silent. Morzan glared at him, his eyes all glow with his powers. Michael recoiled away from him but as he left he said to Morzan “he’s coming for you Morzan, he’s coming to devour your soul.”

The souls had vanished as returned to land of living, he winced slightly. Kalian blushed slightly, holding her right hand in front of her chin. Her eyes were fixed upon him “what happened, I thought” Morzan stood to leave. He sensed the prescience of an enemy of his drawing nearer to him. Seeing the look of worry of her face “do not worry or fear for me. You have not angered me for you hitting me to see if I was alive. To tell you the truth I would have done the same thing, if I was not who I was.”

Kalian was silent for a moment waiting for his next words. He looked at her with eyes filled of concern for her. If he told her, he knew that she would try and stop him but he would not allow her to. Thinking of how much he could have if he staid with her after this night and the fact that if the other gods had escaped Arandur’s imprisonment to live under a mortal identity from Arandur’s search. Putting those comforting thoughts from his mind he looked straight at her, when he spoke his voice was filled with harshness “I must leave you, do not follow me, rejoin the others if you will but do not follow me. I will find you if... I am able to” kalian watched him walking away.

Watching him she asked after him “I ask you, what makes you” the door closed swiftly behind him as he left her alone. Silence was the only answer she had to her words.

The sound of his feet was loud to his ears. He had the intention to flea Elevnia before Arandur arrived. Morzan cursed his own stupidity for using his powers and what had come over his mind to do this. Darkness wrapped around him as he used for he hoped the last time to escape his enemy. Light blasted his powers of escape away as he noticed in the centre of the light was Arandur. A curse escaped his lips, for now Morzan had little to no choice but to confront him now with powers he had gathered within his body.

Turing on his heel, Arandur faced Morzan and there eyes meet. It had been many a year since the two had been before them. A short laugh escaped Arandur “greetings” Morzan did not answer him, the last they spoke on this plain of existence was when lay unable to move at the base of the tower of eclipse, after being pushed from the top of the tower.

He glared at Arandur “leave me in peace” Arandur raised an eyebrow. This was not what he expected to sense from Morzan was the fact he could sense a heart beat. Wondering on what he could have done to acquire a life of his own “what have you been up to since your freedom, for I sense you have heart beat and blood in your veins” Morzan glared at him “you should know of life then, Arandur. How dare you confront me here! There are mortals here” a sigh came from Arandur “what should care for the feelings you have acquired. You never used to care about the loss of mortal lives is this due to the fact that if you unleash your powers you will slay whatever life your body has in it along with your lovers.”

Morzan glared, he hated Arandur for what he had done to all the gods. Out of all the gods Arandur had imprisoned he made Morzan suffer the most due to the fact after a battle where he fought along side the mages of humans before the high ground that surrounded the tower of eclipse. He had returned to the camp by a hidden path to only encounter Arandur and has mortal lover Clarice kissing.

Before he could say anything more to him, Arandur pressed himself against Morzan lying his head against his chest. Morzan tensed his body, not being sure of what Arandur was doing “what are you doing?” he felt him grabbing hold of him, “your heart” he said. Arandur adjusted his head so it was right over his heart “it must be strange for you, it weighs so heavily upon you and the blood, it feels warm through your skin. It quickens how much I desire to” fearing on what Arandur may try to do, he pushed him away.

Arandur gave him a devilish smile as Morzan spoke “to what end will your crusade against me give you. What could...wait I know what you desire.” Arandur’s lips darkened slowly “what you have done to me is unforgiveable? You told the priests that she was perfect to sacrifice for that ritual but now I shall have my revenge on you from taking her from me into your realm of the dead” Morzan felt his limbs grow heavier. Soon he would not be able to move or use his powers making him defenceless to Arandur. His voice was cold as he slowly moved towards him as Morzan moved backwards away from him “you know what I took from you” Morzan hissed his response “a part of my soul and through that you have gained a part of my powers. With that you desire most is to become the master death so you can raise she who stole your soul” Arandur looked disappointment but surprised. Out of all of the gods, Morzan he considered to be of most risk to his plans since he had allot of power which he desired “you have always been to smart for you own good Morzan for my plans you have guessed to right but I will not let you stop me” Morzan could not answer as his body froze in raga mortis his powers were not working.

His lips now with the black tarnish of death upon them was about to end Morzan when a yell hit his ears. Morzan eyes fixed on who called his name. Surprise filled both of them when they say Kalian yelling at Arandur “leave him be!” Arandur turned his head slightly at her. Surprise was in both of them, though his powers were weakening his over Morzan. His gaze was now upon kalian “your powers created the gown she wears. I know your soul Morzan, this is most unlike unless...” he laughed coldly “you really do love her, how strange the god of death and a mortal woman, what will you do when she dies for you are eternal.”

Morzan looked kalian with his red eyes. “kalian, get out of” before he could finish Arandur attacked him.

Kalian lunged towards Morzan as he fell backwards over the small wall. Her hands closed on fine air, he fell down slowly from the upper floor. Black mark was on his heart from Arandur for he had used the powers that he shared with him. Sadness filled him as he could see the tears forming in his lovers eyes “I wish that you did not share any feelings for me as I have for you. Find another I beg of you for you are to beautiful and young to be attached to me, a man who may never see her again. This spell...consumes me, love” a scream was the last thing he heard before slamming down on the table below. Pain shot through him and then everything went black, he knew know more.

Tears followed down Kalian’s face. Looking at him through streams of tears, she saw no breath escaped him and appeared in a mortal sense to be void of life in his veins. Arandur smiled evilly though he was disappointed, the spell he had put on Morzan was known as the kiss of death. On a mortal man it would stop there hearts within there living chest but it appeared that on immortals would sentence to a fate of an living death. He looked at the woman beside him “what power you ask is over him? I will tell you for you are no risk to me. He is still alive but he will” he stopped noticing that the door that was the only entrance and exist was sealed by his powers. It was supposed to stop anyone from getting in unless, he spun to face her grabbing hold of her arms. Kalian looked into the rage filled of Arandur “terror be damned in you. Tell me, are you mage!? Answer me!” kalian stuttered “I...urm...I” hatred for her answer added to his rage “what power do you have? I sense it within you, dormant but now awakened. Did Morzan give you his powers? But what does it matter truly for you shall be dead” his lips turned black once more. He planned to kill her so he may escape with any of the others gods knowing that he was here.

The door crashed open as Naruon along with the rest of his guests stormed in. Kalian managed to push him away from her. Moving back from him to see both Naruon and Rilien looking at “kalian, stay back we will handle this” she did not argue with him as she got behind them.

Arandur was surprised to see them. He had not seen any of them in years and had not seen either an elf or a dark elf in years. Naruon glared at him “what do you want here? You have punished my people enough through your plans so I may ask this once leave my realm and never return. I will slay you and any henchmen you send” he could hear the tears of Kalian flowing behind him with Lucia trying to comfort her with his words.

A laugh came from him as he turned into light “I have what I came for. To your request, I will return but to slay me but utter foolishness. It is strange for you of all mortals, would have a cause to despise Morzan who has bee with you through this night” Rilien glared at him. When he had vanished, both he and his brother looked down at the fallen Khan. To kalians surprise, Rilien gasped for he knew who he was. He had been in the tower of eclipse when Morzan led the attacks on there own mages.

Naruon tired from the dancing, gave the order “Rilien, get the guard we will imprison him for I do” suddenly Morzan vanished. Tariel tapped Naruon bringing to his intention that Kalian had gone also. He sighed “go and find them, bring them both to me alive and unharmed.”

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Default Chapter 21 part 6: Revenge’s quest

No knowledge of this place had come before or even it existed. Kalian had panicked when she thought of Naruon taking Morzan for she knew who would get him in the end. The tower of eclipse was used as the dungeon for the most part and according to local rumour it was inhabited by the cursed souls of the mages who once dwelled there but no one had entered there in years as the belief was that the place was cursed.

Imprisoning Morzan there would leave to the mercy of what ever lived there. With a flash of emerald light, caused a bouquet of red roses appear in her hands for she remembered what Morzan had told in some time in the past. He remarked that red roses where some of the few flowers that did not wither in his prescience.

Slowly she placed down on the roses by his head since he never had flowers near him. She wept seeing how much like the dead he looked. From what she had been able to gather from Arandur’s words was the fact that he slept in a state of living death until the spell was some how broken.

Behind her the doors to the tomb swung open and slammed shut, she stopped crying straightening to stand over him. Wondering if Naruon had found them both, she had only some basic training in combat to protect herself from those who wished harm. A voice came to her which settled her fears it was not the king though if it was doing his bidding is for a time uncertain “here you are. Khan a god of death, do wonders never cease?”

Turning on her heel she stared at Ignatia. Annoyance was in her for the slight mocking tone in her voice “how dare you come here! Has your actions are at the command of Naruon.” seeing how her eyes seemed to glow with passion and power, wondering on who she maybe if she could be a mage of incredible uncontrollable power.

Ignatia stepped forward and to the surprise of Kalian, Ignatia hugged. She whispered in her ear “I came here for I thought you may be banger and what power you have to create this place from the wilderness of the realm? I should not care for this for friend I have in you needs my help. Now tell me what has happened to make all of these events come to pass” kalian moved away from her.

Embracing herself, unsure of how much she dared to tell Ignatia. At the time when she found Morzan she made the decision as was that to keep hidden as much she was able to with her believe that the reason why he was like was due to torture or experiments preformed on him. Though she had desired to tell someone everything, slowly she began tell her tale “this starts before we meet. One night I ran from the home I lived in until for a time past. I did for the reason being that Naruon scared me by his rage for me seeing something that I was supposed to. To spare details I ran to the sea but I spotted him lying as if dead, I dragged him away from the sea. He was so cold but yet I felt something was looking for him. I watched him over him for each and ever night since I found him, when I found it he was the god of death and darkness I feared him but yet did not. Over time we grew closer to each other and” Ignatia smiled at her.

She need say nothing more to her, it was similar in part to her relationship with Rilien for they both now were in love with the other. Kalian sighed to see her smile, it felt good to tell someone.

Suddenly smoke appeared before them, it seemed roll over them. Ignatia gasped slightly for she did not know what she do for at this moment in time she had no weapons. A sphere of white appeared from the smoke as Tariel dropped down before them. Placing a hand on her chest to calm herself for she had been braced for combat but see a some what kind face.

Seeing the relaxed expression on her face did not return it with any appearance of relaxed air “you have become to relaxed in your time here for a human of Fallean” Ignatia though Tariel hurt her feelings by her comment. Kalian though did not show any expression on her face though her eyes gave them away.

Her tone softened to gaze into the emotions of her soul “if it makes you feel any better, he wanted to spend the night with you. Morzan truly would have not wanted spent his final” “Morzan is not dead!” she snapped at her, causing looks of surprise on her face. Tariel sighed to her statement “Arandur placed a spell on him making him have an appearance of death” both she and Ignatia were silent for a moment considering what she had said.

Tariel broke the silence “I have heard of that spell, I know not how to break the spell. The only idea I have if you desire to break it is to travel to Vailiania from there to the witches of the Forrdiean valley, they may have a cure to break this spell” kalian nodded though Ignatia did not look sure at all for instead she seemed annoyed. Fixing her gaze on Tariel, she snapped “your king said” seeing what she was going to say “to you he said he would. My king keeps his words, insult his name in front of me then I may cut you down where you stand. He cannot give the word of goddess Laraniel, she is not in the realm at this time, we think she has gone to the witches herself. From what I have gathered your father still live though soon blood will be shed over his throne if he does not recover” Ignatia sighed slightly wondering if she should return and take her place as monarch until the king recovered.

With a short click of her fingers and a small flash of pale light conjured a small box. Tariel looked at them both “I will not command your actions for only your supreme desires of your soul and your heart can do so. In that box is armour and enough gold for brides if you decide to pursue this course, I recommend you to make your choice soon for I will not take you before Naruon and tell him where you have hidden Morzan but soon another shall find him for the lust of gold has always summoned men” with a slight bow to Kalian she vanished, leaving the alone with there thoughts.

For a moment there was only silence as they thought on what they should do. Seeing the look on Ignatia's face of sadness “what is it?” asked kalian. Looking at her, while her mind burned with thoughts “to what should I do? Your are a friend so I will tell all. I am in love with Rilien” Kalian gave her smile “I knew that for a while. It is clear to those with eyes to see with that you love him and he you. So what is it that is bothering you then?” a sigh escaped Ignatia as opened the box finding two sets of armour, picking the armour she wanted to wear and began to slowly remove her gown. As she did so, she continued to say “I have a duty to my kingdom. I came here to save my father but I also saved another, Rilien. He told me many a thing over my time here until love blossomed between us. Now my blood boils with indecision as if I follow my duty I will never see him again and if I stay with him then Fallean will fall into chaos the likes of which the world has not seen” kalian was silent for a moment. When she finished covering her body in her armour she had made her choice. If she could save her father then she would return to Elevnia to live the remainder of her life with Rilien if he still loved by then.

She handed Kalian the second set of armour “if you want to do this then you better get kitted up” kalian took it and asked her silently to help her undo the corset of her gown. She feared many a thing as her gown was removed from her body for her soul echoed to fact she would likely suffer for her choice for staying loyally with him. Refusing to accept this emotions, she banished from her soul. Looking to see that Ignatia was preparing to leave and to leave her own gown behind. She herself though could not leave hers for though the night ended badly but it was still a time which should cherish for her life.

As sunlight streamed through the open door making her blink for she had no idea what the time of day. She was about to follow Ignatia outside and from there to the port where they gain a ship to take them across the sea to Vailiania. Kalian was about to follow when she turned, to a took few steps and bent over Morzan. She almost broke in to tears seeing how peaceful her looked, if not for the spell that affilcated him she herself would have believed him dead if not for his attacker telling her otherwise, she lightly kissed him on the brow, tears started to fall on his face. For many a moment she held her kiss and then removed her lips, saying through tears “not matter how long we will be apart I will still love you” turning to face the open door she ran out as she heard the sounds a distant voice calling to her “leave me then we shall love the other until the day you shall return but wither or not you still feel the same. Farewell kalian and for your own happiness find another to place your love in.”

When the door hand swung closed. Blue mist flowed around him and the flowers started to grow at an alarming rate as thorns and vines wrapped around his prone body. Two spirits stood either side of him but they were neither of dead or of the few mages who risk allowing there souls wonder outside there physical form to realms far from there own body. The two souls looked at the other “your plan has failed” said the calm voice of Laraniel.

The other soul by the tail of fish he had instead of legs by that appearance that named him as Amisius. His gaze was upon his sleeping face “Laraniel if your belief is that this is failure then you are so mistaken. I sense the faint beat of his heart which is...unusual to say the least for there is no life in him” Laraniel smiled to him sadly. Lightning struck down across Morzan as blue mist started spin around them as Amisius smiled “my plan will come to success but we need aid and information” with another flash of the lightning the three gods where gone from that place, destined to never return.

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Default Chapter 22: The cursed quest

Three days had pasted over the realm of Elevnia since the ball. Under the command of Lucia, he had searched for Kalian after his own search boar him no sign of either her lover Morzan. How dare Morzan would return to his kingdom after what he had done to his people and to his family. Though his anger had gone he had not found anything but to only lose Ignatia to, he had planned if there was any trouble with Fallean to ransom her. Naruon sighed, feeling soar all over his body, he had not slept in days neither had he stopped being on horse back along with 50 of his men searching. Trying to contact Laraniel to aid him in his search had proven pointless, the only good to have come from it was time with his brother.

He had told him of what he known of his affection to Ignatia and that he was to be considered to be a traitor for his actions. After Rilien asked him if a traitor he was and knowing that banishment from the kingdom was not possible, would he be the one convict him of treason and believer the only punishment that the elves could now use which was to kill the traitor and it was normally either the king or person they wished most to kill them. He had not been able to answer his brother for he knew that until he and Lucia had an heir he was next inline to the throne. A sigh escaped Naruon before he noticed a piece of parchment with it addressed to him, he read the words over the parchment with his emotions rising with each word. It read: brother, I know that you hate me for my feelings towards Ignatia. You have no idea what that human has done for me after years of pain, being on the bring of death each and everyday until I was given my freedom by her. If you wish to stop me then you should hurry for now I am a ship bound to the human kingdoms. I suspect I shall never return. I wish you and Lucia all the happiness in my soul, farewell Rilien.

Naruon yelled in anger “Rilien!! You fool! Going to the humans has sealed your fate” he thought fast for Rilien had no idea where his lady lover had gone. Even if he does not get killed by the humans on sight he would not be able to survive for long with no gold or little weaponry on his person. Though he may not approve of what he had done he was still his only brother, with his mind made up he called “Tariel.”

After a brief moment of silence, Tariel appeared. Under the command of Naruon she had aided him if he summoned the rest of the time to protect either Lucia or Rilien when he was on his search for them both. Standing slowly she bowed as did so “yes my king, what do you want?” now standing with her eyes trying to read what he may say to her.

With a slight gesture of his head towards the parchment which with some haste she moved to read. After reading the words on it she blinked in surprise for she had thought that Rilien would never return to the realms of the humans since his torture that humans bestowed upon him.

Fixing her full attention on her king, “what do you wish to be done my king?” Naruon thought for a moment before saying sadly “I do not know but may ask how is my wife to be?” Lucia thought for a moment for she could see that her king’s mind was working fast to think of the correct action he should do. Deciding to answer him in the best words she can and to tell him the truth “she is well though sadness in her heart for the fact she believes that she will never see her Kalian again and she has not changed her mind, she will not marry you until you find kalian one way or the other.”

Naruon sighed, he could not leave the kingdom to go out looking for her. Morzan could have killed her or taken her to his realm but either way he may not follow. A thought crossed him of those who would follow her and find Kalian. When he spoke his voice was cold “send word to the tower of the eclipse and tell that living corpse, Malacus that I require his presence” Tariel was silent.

After a moment Tariel spoke with a hint of fear in her voice. Naruon was one of the few who knew that some people stilled lived in the tower of eclipse and those who did where those where of the darkest minds or cursed by the gods during the war. At this moment there was no one imprisoned there though few had ventured there. “my king, why must you send me to that accursed place? You know that” Naruon waved a hand to silence her “I told that if I was to see them outside there tower or any reports of them I would slay them all for the crimes of their master. I would not ask of this if it was not dire since I do not want to lose my brother again” Tariel bowed to him and vanished to follow his orders though she may not like who she would speak to.

Soon after Tariel returned and they had both went down to await the arrival of Malacus. The doors closed as a group of three men walked towards Naruon. Each one of them wore either red coloured robes or armour.

Standing before the throne, they bowed to Naruon. He did not say nothing to them for he did not see these henchmen’s master though it had been many year since he had seen Malacus. Finding the words to ask them “where is your master?” standing straight, a smile was on the lips of there apparent commander.

A cold voice came from his lips but under lining was a his “when it comes to magic you have little understanding of the complexity of the dark arts which flow like blood along my veins. I had hoped your brother would take the throne of this realm, he had power over death himself though he would never admit it” he looked straight into the eyes of both Tariel and that of the king. His short blown was caught short by his sudden realisation that he had no idea of what Naruon wanted “tell me this, what have you called me here?”

Naruon briefly looked at his body guard, he realised that she had not told him of what he wanted. Taking a breath before saying “to whom ever you are I will give what I wish of your order if the cursed brotherhood still serve me.”

The cursed brotherhood was once the order of the golden blades were sworn to the service of the gods and who or whoever ruled Elevnia. There order had done this for ages until the war, upon the eve of the gods deciding to join the war on the side of there enemy. Many a night they laboured in debate for there leader Malacus or as he was once more commonly at the time known as golden haired Malacus being that he once had long flowing golden hair which he was very proud of. Malacus had managed until that point to keep his order out of combat though he, himself commandeered others outside his order, for the realm.

Never the less he got his order involved after the mad king murdered his wife and after her death he found a sleeping Malacus, dragging him out of his slumber to watch a ritual to please the god Anaxis by consuming the flesh of his dead wife’s heart before burning her body. When the sun rose, he returned to the tower his body battered and his will in tatters. That day was bloody day when the full might of the gods and his order raged war.

There leader gave him a smile filled wickedness “ we still serve you but you banished us to our tower and we are not as strong due to the fact we have just enough food to live but none of the potion ingredients.” Naruon knew that Malacus had never forgiven him for that and the fact that he had remembered in a session of rage after his order not being able to stop half the population from becoming dark elves and the fact he could not save them from the wrath of the humans after there enemies. Naruon used his bagger and tried to kill Malacus but only succeeded in mortally wounding him and watched leap through a window on the second floor which he used to escape him.

He meet the mans eyes “I may not understand your powers but I know that your physical form is not this though your soul is in that body of your henchmen. I command you Malacus to find my brother, Rilien. Use your powers and search all the realms, bring him to me. In return I will grant you the powers back to you and set your order free from your banishment.”

A flash of pale light filled the room as the voice of Malacus spoke “we will shall to do it but keep your promise to me I will make you suffer” his voice grow fainter as his henchmen vanished from the palace of Naruon to there tower. Tariel looked fearful as she sought her gaze on Naruon. Even if they found Rilien wither or not they will keep him alive to bring him back for they still well not trust Naruon. Seeing the look of worry on Naruon's face “if the rumours of Malacus’s true powers have any truth then” Naruon nodded “then if he comes without him, I will consult Laraniel to see if there is away to kill the once golden haired Malacus but now known as Malacus the accursed.”

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Default Chapter 23: A bard’s truth

A dark storm raged around the realm of Vailiania. It had taken many a month to reach the realm by ship but from talking with passing trading ship she had told them whilst the crew hid there elvish features as they talked to the merchants. They had not left Fallean for awhile and did not recognize who Ignatia was though she got information saying that there was no sign of Rilien in there realm and rumours of war brewing for the lifeless king’s throne.

They had only been of the ship for little more than an hour. With much agreement they left the capital of Vailiania, Malalania where red eyes watched them both from the shadows with hunger. Finding a tavern on the edge of the capital, they entered to the feel the warmth of a fire and a voice called over to them “welcome, take a seat and I will be with you in a moment” taking the orders they both found a seat in the room hearing odd snippets of talk about a man named Darius’s new demands for blood and gold.

They were both watched by an old woman. Her eyes were switching from Kalian to Ignatia “travellers from a distant realm, what brings you here with those eyes which I can only just remember seeing such a long time ago?” no answer came to them for they had no idea what she was talking about. She gave a small laugh slightly at there silence.

Ignatia did not say anything until a woman walked passed Kalian to stare out of the widow “Lisette, leave them be” looking over her shoulder at Kalian and Ignatia “do not mind Lisette, she is a little strange in her words and I swear she can see into the past of people. My name is Marian, may I get you anything?” Ignatia did not answer, lost in thought. Kalian noticing that Marian expected an answer form her, she quickly spoke “we were going to move on” before she could finish Marian turned to look at her.

Her eyes were filled with worry as Marian’s eyes flitted between them both. Taking a breath she said to them “Lisette is right, you have come form other lands, by the looks of you I say that you are either from the Forrdiean valley to what ever lies there or beyond there or from the lands of warriors, Fallean. Stay here for the night as we know what dwells out there in the hours of darkness, vampires roam around in forcing the law of Darius. You would be either taken to him or be feasted upon by vampires” Kalian nodded noticing from the corner eye that Ignatia was still lost in thought. Kalian turned her attention back on Marian “we will stay here then until dawn, is that alright with you, Ignatia?” Ignatia gave her absent minded nod in answer.

Lisette did not say anything for a moment seeing the sad look in the eyes of both Ignatia. A sad smile appeared on her face but when she spoke her tone was fully of sympathy “it will get better, in time you will both find another” Kalian blinked “what are you talking about?” Lisette did not answer for a moment. Her eyes stared straight into hers and for a moment she wondered if she could see into her mind and soul “you have both lost the men you and your friend has. You are young and even an old bard’s eyes can see that as clear as day by the looks of things I would say he was man of great power but apart from that I fear to say more” Kalian then glared at her. How could a simple bard have this sort to power to know such things.

Deciding that she did not want to test this who she guessed could be an old human mage from the war with black temple, she asked her “you have lived in this realm for many a year but I have a question for you. When I walked through the city I noticed men dressed in strange which silver armour engraved with ebony black symbols” Ignatia looked over her shoulder “such armour I have not seen though many an armour which hide the skin of the armour the warrior within but not so much extent.” Ignatia fell silent again as she remembered the warriors of Fallean and homesickness filled her. Kalian continued finding her courage to continue “they seemed to be part of the guard and commanded fear but yet they seem uneasy. What has happened to make this realm as it?” Lisette laughed slightly before standing.

A teenage girl who neither off them had noticed due to her not making sound until she spoke “you better both sit around her, she has a tale to tell and normally it takes some time for her to tell them. She loves it and her tales are full of her passion” Lisette hushed her as she joined both Kalian and a miserable Ignatia sat around her watching her as Lisette took a moment to think before starting her tale in earnest.

Her eyes seemed to gleam with an unearthly hint “before the time of thy own coming to this world, this out of all the realms of humans is the most troubled. The gods grant me that what I say is the truth for as I my self worship the twin goddess of my craft Artmia and Owlene that what tell is both truth and history for I have seen some of this with my own eyes. The depths winter came when the armies of our homeland came back from Elevnia they were battered and half dead from all that they had gone through. The queen bore her infant son in her arms to his father who had led are armies, the child would grow into better king than his father, he was the last of human kings, Vikar. Though his rule was not marked by war or violence he did not know of the power raging in the north. In there darks halls the vampires who had slipped silently back to there realm after the war were planning treachery. At this time I served as bard to there ruler, Azul who returned from the war greatly weakened and wounded. He himself told me though the wounds would heal in time his strength will take longer to return but he would refuse my blood saying that he would not bite unless his need was dire but upon that time he would not be able to. Treachery claimed him in it’s talons for Darius used powerful magic to weaken Azul to the point of death. The last I ever saw of him was when they bound him chains and placed him in a coffin. Vulcan, the kings advisor was bitten by Darius and used magic to fool and slay Vikar along with his wife” she paused for a moment remembering that time in her mind vividly.

She continued though her hands where clenched behind “from that time Darius anointed himself king of the realm. Many a name is given to him for his is as cold as winter and as blood thirsty as the creature within him. Many a man has tried to kill but all have failed. As payment to the vampires maidens would be given to the lords for them to feed on as they wished. I remember seeing many a woman being led to that fate. Justice is only exists when the lords deem it so, there minions wear that armour you spoke both to stave off the sun and to install fear. There lords do not care of the rules of mortal men for blood is all they need for them but there is only one thing that they fear. The old fort of our army is now a prison for one man, Azul. Though Darius set him free for a brief period of time as an minion to his power but after he tried to break free of his masters control by tiring to drink blood to give power for he had been kept alive through small amount of blood. Weak and on verge of death he stalked so in his desperation he attacked a woman destined for the king’s palette but ultimately failed. Darius pinned Azul to the stone floor and bit him . I know not how it effected him but effect him it did. From that day he was taken from the palace of his servant turned master over Azul, inside the fortress he now lies in enchanted sleep. Everyday the vampires guard and protect the fortress for they know that who ever frees him from his slumber have unleashed an end to there master’s rule and he will serve whoever frees him but many have tried, none have succeed. Know this all who listen here, Azul will reap what his just deserve” she fell silent her tale finished.

Standing slowly for there legs had fallen sleep from sitting on the floor for so long. After some small amount of guidance from there hosts they found the room they would spend the night in. As Ignatia started to undress and slip into there nightwear, Ignatia looked over her shoulder “do you think that Azul would aid whoever frees him?” Kalian thought for a moment “even if he does, I have been told that mages have great power and that not all of them have good intent in heart” Ignatia thought for a moment on what Kalian said.

Slipping on her nightgown Ignatia got into bed and the bed opposite her. She had not removed her armour deciding to sleep in her armour due to many a piece of advice she had got from many an old solider that sleeping in armour though uncomfortable in types of heavy armour or chainmail where practically uncomfortable to lie in but if the enemy attacked in your sleep they would not be able to kill you so easily. Due to her own absent mindedness and the fact that she had never once desired to sleep in armour Ignatia had not followed Kalian’s actions. The two both fell asleep with dreams of the men they loved and there own fears of what lay ahead in both there journey and future.

Early that morning, Marian came to speak with Lisette. The sun had not fully risen in the sky, by this time and she had discovered that some food had vanished from there stores. Lisette looked up into her face “you knew they were going to take there leave?” Lisette sighed slightly. After her arrival from the realms beyond the mountains, she had learnt more than she could have hoped before coming to this small tavern to serve as bard. The arrangement was that they gave her shelter, food and drink and she would serve them as a bard. “they are trained in the warrior arts, it has been many a year since I have seen any warriors who did not wear the black armour of king’s men for all are combatants and mages either serve the vampires or risk death for treason against them and we need hope of a future not stained in blood” Marian look unconvinced. She turned to look out of the window “call it what you will but either way you have sent those girls to their deaths!”

"I know, and it breaks my heart to do it, but we must remain vigilant. If you cannot tell me another way, do not brand me a tyrant!" - knight commander Meredith (dragon age 2)

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