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Default Pleasantview - 170 Main Street - Caliente Sisters' House
Can ya tell who's bedroom is whose? I had to do a change up here too since the original staircase to the roof was open and addin walls was out. This is the first time I've done an open to the 2nd floor, I think it's called a mezzanine? I purposely left the railing off the stairs as I don't like the ones that come with that staircase, but I like those stairs. Bein that I didn't add the stair rails it it sorta looked a bit off in putin up the guard rails on the landings. I like it. :D


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I'm really liking your rooftop arrangement and the bushes that line the walkway. Those are my favorite parts!
Sorry for the delay in being active. I do still love seeing Maxis makeovers.
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