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Default Attractive Abode
This house, priced at 63,199, is not bad, but looks really boring and I didn't like the layout. I've never actually used it in game.

The double staircase dominates the house, there are poky little rooms and the kitchen and dining are far apart. I also don't like bathrooms in the middle of a house.

Upstairs that grand staircase leads to a bathroom and large windows which seem useless.

So I had a go giving the whole house a revamp.

The rest of the pics are under spoilers.

Back of the lot

Ground floor is now more open plan with the kitchen and dining close together rather than on opposite sides of the house.

I moved the master bedroom upstairs and retained the other two bedrooms. I extended the top floor a little and created a deck (currently unfurnished).

Finally, some interior shots. I kept most of the furnishing, etc.

The final price was 70,950, less than 7,000 extra.
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