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Take Care 1.14: A Night To Remember (Part 1)

Theme Song: Imagine Dragons "Bleeding Out"

The sidewalks were filled with constant bustling and the streets cluttered with constant traffic.
There was no such thing as a quiet place in New York City. Skyscrapers touched the sky and
the air smelt of gas with a hint of some of the local food carts. Hustlers pestered nearby civilians
with their merchandise and the police stood watch on every corner.

"God, this place is busy", said Jenny as she stood in front of the subway staring at the towering buildings.
"Indeed", said a man who was peering around the corner.

Jenny dropped her gaze and swiftly turned her head to the stranger walking towards her.
Once her eyes met with him, she knew who he was exactly on the spot.
"Dad?" she said breath taken.

"You haven't even met me yet, and you already knew who I am", Steffen chuckled.
Jenny didn't say anything back, she froze staring at the man. Their resemblance was rather apparent.
If anyone were to put the two in room together, they would know from the jump that they were related.

"Welcome to The Big Apple, Jenny", Steffen said.
"Oh..yeah, this place is really different from Cali", Jenny finally spoke.
Steffen laughed, "You'll get used to it, just stick to me and you won't get mugged".
"Mugged?! Are you serious?" said Jenny clinging to her belongings.
"I'm only kidding..a little. Just don't be too careless", chuckled Steffen, "Give your old man a hug!"

Steffen pecked her on the head, "I'm glad you came, really".
"Me too...dad", Jenny still felt a little awkward calling him dad, after all they just met.
"You don't have to call me dad if you don't want to. I understand if it's a little weird", said Steffen.
"What is he? A mind reader?" thought Jenny, "Okay".
"Just call me Steffen, I won't be bothered", he said.

"Well leaving it at that, how about I show you where I work?" asked Steffen.
"At the record company? Can I really?" said Jenny intrigued.
"Yeah, I'll let you meet the boys I'm working with", said Steffen taking her bags.
"Cool!" Jenny smiled.

"I wonder how she's doing? She still hasn't texted me or called me yet", thought Dylan.

"God dammit! How do you keep killing me?!" Jasper wailed at his older brother.
"Pay attention and take some lessons squirt", Dylan smirked as he continued to play the video game.
"Haha, very funny. Anyways, aren't you supposed to be at prom?" asked Jasper.
"No, Jen's not here. So I didn't want to go without her", replied Dylan.

"So instead you'd rather stay here and whoop me in CoD?!" Jasper angrily yelled.
"Honestly..I wasn't even trying", Dylan lied as he stuck his tongue out.
"Are you saying that I suck? I will punch you!" Jasper threatened.
"You have to be this tall to punch me, Jasper", Dylan mocked him.
"We'll see about that", Jasper said reaching for Dylan.
Interrupted, Dylan's phone began to ring.
"Jenny?" he thought.

Without even taking a glimpse at the called ID, Dylan quickly answered, "Hello?"
"Dylan, is Jenny with you?" asked a familiar voice.
"Who's this?" asked Dylan.
"It's me, Caroline. Jenny hasn't been answering my calls. Where is she?" Caroline asked concerned.
"She's with..her dad", Dylan hesitated.
"Keith said she's not there-"
"Her real dad", Dylan emphasized.

"What did you just say?!" Caroline shrieked.
"She's with-"
"What were you thinking letting her go see him!" Caroline panicked, "Tell her to come home, now!"
"I didn't think it was such a big deal", said Dylan, trying to stay composed.
"Of course it is! That man is not to be trusted", said Caroline.

"Whoa, what?! Now you really need to explain to me what is going on", Dylan constrained.
"Dylan, I don't care if I have to fly you on a jet to New York City. Do whatever you can to
bring Jenny home. She cannot trust Steffen no matter what", Caroline cried.
"Okay, okay...I'll bring Jenny home", Dylan assured her, "But can you at least give me some details".

"Kyle, please make sure that you keep a good eye on my daughter tonight", said Harry worried,
"There's no telling where that Riley kid could be lurking, so be extra cautious".
"No need to worry Mr. Lutz, Mimi is safe with me", I said reassuring him.

"So you're Mimi's date?" asked Roxy, Mimi's little sister "How the heck are you her date? Is she blackmailing you?"
"Roxy", Harry warned.
I laughed, "No, I'm her date because I want to be".
"Kyle, I won't berate you because of this..if you promise to be my date to prom", she gushed.
"Roxy, your prom isn't for another five years", Harry said as he looked at me crisply.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked puzzled.
"Don't worry Kyle, I'll wait for you", Roxy whispered to me winking.
I heard someone clear their throat from behind me, I turned around.

"So, how do I look?" smiled Mimi as she twirled around in her beautiful dress.
I could see that her ankle got a little better from how it was before.
I stared at her as I finally came to my senses, "Do you really have to ask me that? You look stunning", I laughed.
"Okay, kids save it for the dance", said Harry.
"Yes, let's take pictures now", suggested Naomi as she handed her husband the camera.

"Alright, get closer" ordered Harry
"Smile Mimi", said Naomi.
"I am smiling, how much more do you want me to smile?" grunted Mimi.
"Come on you two, closer", again ordered Harry as we got closer to each other, "Closer".
"Sir, I think we're as close as possible", I laughed.
Me and Mimi were so close that they could've mistaken us for conjoined twins.

"Kyle, put your arm around her" Harry implied.
I coughed, "What?"
"Dad!", groaned Mimi embarrassed.
"I know you want to, just do it", Harry said.
Of course I want to, I just wasn't sure if you'd kill me or not.
"Kyle, if you're serious about my daughter put your arm around her right now", advised Harry.
"Dear, stop enticing the poor boy", said Naomi.

Without even thinking I placed my arms around Mimi in an instant.
"K-kyle?" You don't have to listen him", Mimi nervously said as I held her.
"I know, but I want to", I smiled. I saw as Mimi's face began to flush bright red.
I just wanted to prove to Mimi and her father that I am serious about her.

"Is this good?" I asked.
"Yeah! Now that's what I'm talking about, a memorable photo", Harry said pleased.
"Just take the picture already, you've embarrassed me enough for today", said Mimi.
"Yeah, the others are probably getting impatient just sitting in the limo waiting for us", I mentioned.

I heard the music getting louder and louder as we approached the entrance.
"Too bad Jenny couldn't make it", said Asia.
"Yeah, she texted me earlier. She said she was glad she went to New York", informed Mimi.
"Really? Huh, I hope it works out", Asia skeptically said.
"Why do you say it like that?" asked Mimi.
"I don't know I just think it's...odd", said Asia.
"Asia, you were always known for your paranoia", Mimi laughed.

"Even though Jenny isn't here, Dylan still should've came with us", said Flint.
"Yeah, he could've been Anthony's date", I teased.
"Shut up", laughed Anthony.

"Oh crap", Asia blurted out.
"What is it?" Mimi said worried.
"I forgot my cell in the car. Flint's mother insisted that I call her every few minutes", Asia said flustered.
"Gosh, don't worry me like that", sighed Mimi in relief, "I'll go get it so don't worry about it".
"Thanks, you're a lifesaver", Asia smiled.

"Alright, on the count of three!".

"Oh, hey look guys! Let's get our pictures taken", Flint said excited.
"Yeah, it's better that we get that out of the way", Asia agreed.
Anthony scratched his head uncomfortably, "Ugh..I'll go wait inside".
"Hey Ant, if you want I can take my picture with you", I said winking at him.
Everyone began to laugh, "Shut up already", groaned Anthony.

"Alright Mimi-" I stopped speaking as I saw that Mimi wasn't behind me.
In fact, she wasn't even present at all. Where did she go? "Hey guys, where's Mimi?" I asked.
"Oh, Mimi went to the limo to get my cellphone for me", Asia informed me.
"What?! Why didn't you say anything to me?!" I panicked.
"Whoa Kyle, what's the big deal?" asked Flint who started to worry.
"It's nothing..nothing", I said hesitant.
"It's not nothing, you're flipping out and I can see you sweating from right here", Anthony observed.
"Look, I'll be right back", I said running towards the exit.

"Hey Kyle!" Anthony shouted, "What's gotten into him?"
"I don't know, maybe he's the possessive type", Flint chuckled.
"Kyle? Possessive? I would've never thought", Asia pondered.
"Something isn't right here", contemplated Anthony.

"Oh my gosh, where in the world is her cellphone?" said Mimi getting agitated.
She had been scouring the limousine for the past ten minutes and couldn't find a single trace to
where Asia had left her cellphone.

"I swear if it's in her purse, she'll pay", Mimi said as she got tired of searching.
"Perhaps if I call I can find it much easier", thought Mimi as she dialed Asia's phone number.
She heard as Asia's cellphone began to vibrate from in between the seat cushions.
Mimi sighed, "Why didn't I think of this before?"
Mimi froze as she heard footsteps go past her, "Asia if that's you, I found your stinking cellphone".

I dashed to the parking lot without any moment to spare. I quickly examined the area, there was no sign of
Mimi. The limousine must've been parked all the way in the back of the parking lot somewhere.
I can't believe that I let her out of my sight for one second. She should've been walking in front of me.
And not to mention her dad even told me to keep an eye on her.
How is he supposed to trust me with her again if anything happens to her?
He is so going kill me.

I halted at the sight of a black limousine pulling out of the parking lot, it looked exactly like ours.
My eyes expanded once I saw who was driving the vehicle, Riley. I should've known he'd be here and
looking for...Mimi. Wait, Mimi was going back to the limo.
"Oh no..don't tell me-"

I triggered my legs once again, running at the limousine.
"Riley! What the hell do yo think you're doing?!" I shouted.
I could barely see his face, but I knew he heard me once he sped around the corner.
I ran into the street trying to cut him off, "Riley! You freak, let her go!"

"Stop!" I hollered.
I stood in the street signaling for him stop, hoping that he would stop.
But he didn't, instead he persistently sped up the limo with the intention to run me down
instead of driving around me. I closed my eyes as I stood there waiting for the heavy impact
that could end my life.

My heart began to beat like a drum inside my chest as the headlights became brighter and brighter.
"Move out of the way!" said a familiar voice.
Their footsteps loudly hit the pavement, rushing at me full force.
My body was braced for an impact but not like what I was expecting.
I felt this person, with all their might, drift me towards the sidewalk.

From nearly being roadkill, I gazed up to look at my savior.
"Anthony?" I said dumbfounded.
"I told you, you should've tipped the limousine driver", said Anthony breathing heavily.
The limo, I quickly turned my head at the limo as it sped off through the dark streets.
Mimi, she's with Riley now.

"What the hell", Anthony panted, "Is going on?"
"Anthony, why'd you follow me?" I asked curiously.
He was still catching his breath, "You were acting strange back there".
"Well, it's a good thing you were here", I sighed with relief, "I could've became a pancake".
"Yeah, but really dude. What just happened? Why is our limo driver trying to run you over?" he asked
concerned, "Did we hire a psycho or something?"

"How about I just give you the short version?" I said, "Mimi is in that limo, and in that limo driving it is
Riley crazy Batchet. He's a deranged lunatic whose been stalking Mimi, for who knows how long. But
right now we need to get some help, fast!" I told him.
"And you've kept this to yourself for how long?!" Anthony angrily yelled, "You should told me! You
should've told us that-"
"I know! But hurry up and get off me, we need to find out where he's taking her fast, Ant!" I said shrugging him off of me.

"Wait Kyle! The police station is that way", Anthony pinpointed.
"And the direction Riley took Mimi, is that way!" I said.
"What are you going to be able to do for her, Kyle? Let the police handle this", said Anthony.
"Anthony, I've let the police handle this for months and look what happened", I said.
"Kyle, look out!" Anthony shouted becoming agitated.

I turned around when I heard the sound of a car screeching in front of my path.
"For goodness sake, Kyle. Could you try not to get hit by anymore cars tonight?" said Anthony aggravated.
"My bad! Hey wait...you're-" I wondered off as I looked at the driver.

"You're that fed, Chris Farlind. What are you doing here?" I asked confused.
"Wait right there, where's your date?" Chris ignored my question.
Mr. Lutz must've sent him to keep an eye on us in case anything happened.
"Riley got to her, you have to take me in the same direction he went in!" I distressed.
"Whoa kid, calm down and tell me what exactly happened", said Chris.

"There's no time to explain, we need to quickly follow Riley", I encouraged, "C'mon Anthony!"
"Hey, hey! Who said anything about letting you two get in my car?" said Chris.
"Sure Kyle, let's just follow the crazy lunatic to his hideaway", Anthony sarcastically said, "Chris, just let us get in the car so he can calm down".
"Wait, you two know each other?" I asked.
"Long story", they said in sync.

"I see, so it's come down to this", said Harry.
"Yes sir, it has. I've been surveying Riley for the past couple of weeks as you asked", said Chris,"But his trail went cold when his sister left town".
"Did you find anything useful?" asked Harry.
"No sir, I didn't. The only thing I can tell you is that he was constantly at an internet cafe", said Chris.
"Perhaps he was aware of you", said Harry, "Well for now, continue to follow his trail".

"Yes sir, right now I am following the direction he drove off in", said Chris.
"Right now I'm heading to the station. Give me the name of the street and I can look at the surveillance feeds", Harry explained.
"The name of the street is Pomona Avenue", Chris informed him.
"Okay, drive around and let me know if you come across any suspicious activity. I'll call you if I see anything
on the surveillance", said Harry.

"How are you feeling Asia? Are you okay?" Flint asked.
"Stop asking me if I'm alright, I'm fine" Asia giggled, "You've asked me that ten times already".
"Oh really? I hadn't noticed", said Flint realizing it, "I'm only worried about you".
"I know, but let's not worry. Tonight let's just have fun", said Asia.
"Yeah, you're right. Are you thirsty? I'll get you some punch", offered Flint.

"Flint, make that a water", said Asia, "I don't think I want to go near any punch for a while".
"Ah..yeah, that's right", laughed Flint, "I wonder where the others are".
"I'll wait right here-", said Asia.

Asia stopped in the middle of her sentence when she suddenly felt something trickling in her body.
"What's this weird feeling?" she thought, "Maybe I should sit down".
Slowly, Asia began to walk over to the nearest chair until she felt an unsustainable feeling surge through her body.

"Oh my god, did you just pee yourself?" asked Sophie.
"I..don't know", said Asia embarrassed, "I don't think I did".
"Sophie, that's not pee", Monica stated.

"Asia, did you pee yourself again? Don't move! Don't move or you'll slip-" Flint frantically worried.
"Flint!" yelped Asia, "This is not pee".
"What? Not pee? Then how do you explain-"
"Flint, the baby is coming", said Asia.
"Oh boy", gulped Flint.
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Take Care 1.14: A Night To Remember (Part 2)

"I can't believe you let that little girl go off to the prom like that", said Jeff outraged.
"What? You don't think I should've?" Jamie questioned.
"No! Are you kidding?" said Jeff.
"Then why didn't you say anything earlier, Jeff?" asked Jamie flustered.
"Well, you didn't ask me", said Jeff.
"Well, I didn't think you'd care", explained Jamie.

"Of course I care, she's my daughter-in-law, and she has a baby her the oven!" argued Jeff.
"Darling, is that you talking or is that the beer?" asked Jamie.
"It's both. But anyways, ask me too next time", said Jeff.
"Okay, okay, I'll make sure with you next time", agreed Jamie.
The house phone started jitter, making them jump out of their seats.
"Honey, can we please get a new house phone?" pleaded Jeff.
"But mama loves that phone, you know you can't win against my mama", giggled Jamie.

"Hello", chimed Jamie.
"Hello? Mom?!" anxiously yelled Flint.
"Hey Noah, how's the dance-"
"Mom! Asia is having the baby", Flint informed her.
"Oh, that's nice...wait..what?" rambled Jamie, "She's in labor now?"
"Yeah Mom, we're on our way to the hospital right now!" distressed Flint.
"Okay sit tight, we'll be right there", said Jamie

"Darling, I think it's time we pick the kids up from the movies", said Jamie.
"What? Why?" Jeff groaned as he sipped his beer.
"Because you're going to be a grandfather", smiled Jamie.
"Ugh...can I just have five more minutes?" asked Jeff.

Chris stood there aimlessly leaning on the wall trying to avoid the surveillance cameras which overlooked
the entire abandoned warehouse. There cameras were posted up around every corner of the building.
Cameras that shouldn't even be active, but yet are. The place looked like an old, rundown foundry
that had been cast aside for at least ten years.
"The limousine is parked right out front. Riley is definitely inside this warehouse. But how did he get in?
The front is barricaded and the windows are barred. There must me another way in somewhere.
Should I wait for back up?"
Chris wondered frantically.
Startled, Chris whipped himself around as he heard a loud crunch come from behind him.

"Freeze!" shouted Chris as he angled his gun.
"Ah! Wait, wait, wait!" I bellowed at the fear of his handgun.
"Don't shoot!" exclaimed Anthony wrapping his arms around his head.
"Jesus Christ! You two startled me, didn't I say to wait in the car?!" Chris complained.
"Didn't your parents teach you kids not to sneak up on someone holding a gun?" Chris presumed.
"We startled you? Get that thing out of our face!" I yelled still squinting my eyes.
"Yeah, point that thing in another direction already, will yeah?" Anthony said disturbed.
Chris sighed and set aside his firearm, finally, "What the hell are you two doing wandering about?"
"We wanted to help you search", Anthony replied.
"Yeah, the more time we sit around out here, the more time that freak has with Mimi", I cited.

"Help, huh?" sighed Chris, "Well, the two of you can help me find an entrance. And if you come across one, come back and tell me where it is. Alright?"
"Just an entrance? That's it?" asked Anthony.
"Yeah, the warehouse is boarded up", answered Chris, "So split up already".
"I'll go this way", I said walking past the entrance.
"Hey! Watch out for the surveillance cameras, kid", warned Chris when I walked past one.
This was so like the Batchet's, surveillance cameras eying you around every corner.
How could I possibly avoid this many cameras at once? I'm no James Bond.

"Looks like I'll have to hug that wall", thought Chris.

"Should I find some self-protection? It's so dark", thought Anthony.

"So that door does open", I thought as I walked inside the vacant room.
I discontinued my steps as I examined the room. The walls and floors were rundown, dirty as if they
hadn't been scrubbed clean in years. Graffiti and old posters showed signs of previous intruders.
Old furniture sat out as if someone was living here. Was Riley perhaps living here?
On the table, there were some scraps and pieces that looked to belong to different kinds of cameras.
"This has to be his secret hideaway", I thought.
Mimi has to be around here somewhere. But where exactly?
It wasn't long before I realized that there was an elevator hidden well in the corner of the room.
I know I'm supposed to tell Chris if I ever found anything, but I can't ignore the fact that he'll
most likely toss me in the backseat of his car again. I have to find Mimi, I need to know if she's alright.

"I never in my wildest dreams ever thought a day would come where it would just be you..and me", chuckled Riley.
He stood over Mimi watching and waiting for her to open her wild, blue eyes and look at him.
"Mimi? Oh Mimi?" Riley riddled.
He still had no response from her, "Huh, perhaps I used to much chloroform".
When Riley turned his head to look at the video feed, his boredom dropped and something peaked his interests.

"Well what do you know? It's our first guest Mimi. Shall I invite him up?" delusional, Riley spoke to himself.
Riley walked over to the rustic table the security system sat on, and pushed down on the button.

"Why won't this stupid elevator respond?" I questioned as I repeatedly hit the button.
If the elevator doesn't work, then could Riley be in some other room?
I stopped hitting the button, ready to turn around and leave until the elevator made a loud ring sound.
"So now the damn thing works?" I breathed.
I walked inside and pressed hard on the second floor button.
The doors made a loud screeching sound as they shut closed.
If Riley is on the second floor, I'm not quite sure as to how I will react when I see his face.

I heard the elevator ring, snapping me out of my train of thought. I was on the second floor.
The doors slowly drifted open, it seemed as if the doors weren't going to open at all.
I cautiously exited the elevator, lifting my head to the dismay I had found lying in the room.
"What the hell?"

"Taylor?" I asked.
"Who-whose there?" Taylor said frightened.
I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing right now.
Why in the world would Riley go this far? And to his own sister? He has seriously gone mad.
I nearly jumped out of my shoes as I heard someone grumble from behind.
"Mr. Peters?!" I gasped. I shouldn't even be surprised that Riley had something to do with his disappearance.
But to Taylor? Now that was a shock. Mr. Peters murmured some more behind the duct tape.
"Ky-kyle, is that you?" Taylor stuttered.

I got down on my knees, "Yeah, it's me. Hold on and don't worry, I'm going to get you guys out of here".
I tried to untangle the rope that was tightly tied around her wrist, I could see her body as it trembled.
The room was freezing cold and she was lightly dressed in her pajamas. I can't believe Riley did this.
No one deserves this kind of punishment, not even her. Mr. Peters mumbled some more.
"Yeah Mr. Peters, I'm coming, I'm coming. This rope isn't exactly easy yeah know", I badgered.
I untied Taylor and then briskly walked over to Mr. Peters to unfasten him from the seat.

Taylor slowly rolled over and gazed at her surroundings, "What the hell is this?! What kind of sick place-"
She stopped mid sentence as her gaze halted at the sight of Mr. Peters in the chair.
"Get me out of here, Kyle! Where's the exit?!" Taylor cried.
"Taylor! Calm down, you are not helping the situation by yelling", I bashed.
If I knew she was going to be this bad, I would've kept her tied up.

Mr. Peters coughed and gasped for air as I ripped the tape off his dry mouth.
"Mr. Peters are you okay?" I asked concerned.
He made a dry cough, "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm-" I caught him as he nearly fell over.
"What's going on here? Have you seen Mimi?" I questioned him.
"That bastard, Riley has been drugging us with sleeping gas to weaken us. And no, I haven't seen Mimi.
What is he trying to do? Kidnap the whole damn bloody school?" he blazed.
Mr. Peters began to stare at the elevator.
"Kyle, check the elevator and see if it works", Mr. Peters ordered.
"It works, I just used..it-" I stopped speaking as I hit the elevator button, "It's not working".

"I knew it", breathed Mr. Peters.
"Knew what? Why isn't the elevator working anymore?" I asked.
"Before, I tried to escape and use the elevator but it didn't come on", he told me.
"So then, he's controlling it?" I presumed.
"Yes, he's trapped you in here with us", said Mr. Peters.
"Well I'm not going to just sit here and wait!" I clamored.
"Well neither am I. I've been here a while and I've thought of another way out", Mr. Peters confidently said.

"Huh, so he chose the second floor, not bad", Riley observed, "But now he's stuck", he chuckled.
He turned away from the screen, "Man, this is too easy".

"Right Mimi?" he said leaning over her, "Right Riley", he pretentiously said.
"Maybe I should give her a shot of adrenaline", he pondered.
Mimi's nose flared and her head wrinkled as she softly muttered, "Kyle".
"Hm, so that's who you are thinking about?" Riley assumed, "Well forget him".

Mimi lifted open her eyes, shifting them from left to right wandering around the room.
Her eyes watered at the sight of the deranged, four-eyed, oaf who stood before her.
"What? Don't be sad, I'm not going to harm you", Riley reassured her.
Mimi couldn't believe it. All she could think about were the needles and knives on the table beside her.
Her lips quivered in confusion as she realized the situation she was in, "Ah..Ah!" she audibly screamed.

"Ah!" Asia wailed in pain.
"You are doing good. Keep pushing, Asia!" encouraged Dr. Chapman.
"Yeah Asia, hold on you're almost done!" cheered Flint grasping her hand.
"One, two, three, push!" Nurse Terry directed.
"Ah! This freaking hurts!" Asia cried.

"I'm know it does, but don't give up. Keep going!" said Flint.
"You don't have any idea. This is your damn fault!" Asia randomly imputed.
"Asia", Flint's eyes enlarged.
"Don't worry sweetie, I see this happen all the time with husbands and wives", laughed Nurse Terry.
"I see the head!" claimed Dr. Chapman.
"Asia, that was mean-" Flint was interrupted by the bawling of his newborn child.
"Yup! It's a girl", informed Dr. Chapman.

"Mr. Peters could you do this any slower?" I pestered.
"Kyle..mate, these things take time", he said focused on it.
"I can see your hands shaking! Just let me do it", I urged.
"Kyle, leave him alone! You're being a impatient", said Taylor.
"Impatient? of course I'm impa-"
I was interrupted by the extremely loud, high-pitched, scream that came through the vents above us.
"Hey, that sounds like..Mimi", Taylor said worried, "What is he doing to her?!" Taylor began to wail again.

"Mimi?" I muttered.
"Yup, that's definitely her alright", Mr. Peters agreed, "He's probably going to sedate her".
"What?" I gasped.
"Well you've seen how weak and frail Riley looks. He has to sedate his victims", explained Mr. Peters.
What Mr. Peters was saying did make a lot of sense. Riley obviously isn't the offensive type
he had to sneak up on both him and Taylor just to capture them. He must've done the same to Mimi.
Well I'm not about to sit here and let him lay his hands on her.
"Mr. Peters..move", I ordered.
"What?" he said.

"Move!" I shouted while Mr.Peters dodged my foot as I tried to kick open the air shaft.
"What in the blazes?! You almost kicked my head in!" yammered Mr. Peters.
"We need to hurry up and get this thing open", I said kicking it.
"You really must love that girl", muttered Mr. Peters.
The screws that were loosened by Mr. Peters fell to ground. I kicked it in once more as the air vent fell to the ground.
"Let's go", I said determined.

"I feel like I've been walking around in circles", thought Anthony, "Wait, is that an entrance?"
Anthony pushed the door as it unexpectedly opened before him.
Anthony sighed, "Finally, geez".
He stopped walking and became suddenly fixated on the loud rambling that was coming from the wall.
"What's that sound?"

Anthony watched as the air vent went flying across the room.
Hands started to creep out and then a head, "What the?" Anthony baffled.
Mr. Peters had leaped out of the shaft with Taylor trailing him from right behind.
"We made it", breathed Mr. Peters giving Taylor a hand.
"Hey", Anthony startled them, "What are you guys doing here?"

"You too?" obscured Taylor.
"What do you mean by you too?" questioned Anthony.
"We were held here captive for God knows how long. We just ran into Kyle who helped us escape", said Mr. Peters.
"Kyle, helped you guys? Where is he?" Anthony asked bothered, "He wasn't suppose to go in alone".
"He went after Riley", said Taylor.
"That idiot!" shouted Anthony.

"What is this?! Where am I, Riley?!" I said panicking.
"No need to worry your pretty head, your safe", replied Riley.
What kind of response is that? I'm not safe, he's delusional.
"Let me go, I want to go home!" I cried.
"You want to leave me already? But you just got here?" he sadly said.
I began to whimper, "What do you want from me?"

Riley laughed and finally answered, "The only thing I want is you".
"What? I don't understand", I said confused.
"How about this? I let you go home for one thing in return", offered Riley.
I watched the distance between Riley's face and mine become closer and closer.
"No!" I yelped as I began to try and squeeze my hands out of the cuffs, "Get away!"
A larger shadow suddenly appeared before me and Riley.

"Get off of her, you scumbag!" ordered Kyle as he grabbed hold of Riley.
"I was wondering when you'd show up", gleamed Riley happily.
How can he happily say that when he knows he can't beat Kyle on his own?
"Oh really?" asked Kyle.
"Really", laughed Riley.

"Well wonder about this!" said Kyle.
He furiously dragged Riley away from me and punched him square in the face breaking his expensive frames.
Kyle had demolished him making him drop to the cold floor.
There's no way that Riley could get back up after a hit like that.

"Mimi, where did he put the keys?" Kyle asked.
"Um, in his pocket..I think", I guessed.
"You better have the keys or else! You damn freakshow", threatened Kyle.
Kyle searched everyone of Riley's pockets and luckily found it in his right jean pocket.
"I got them", said Kyle.

Kyle walked over to me with the key in his hand, "Hang on".
Did Kyle come all this way by himself to save me?
I don't even think I could have the courage to do that.
"Yeah?" said Kyle.
"Thank you", I said.
He laughed, "Don't thank me just yet".
I heard a clicking sound as the cuffs slipped right off my wrists.

"Kyle, when we get out of here-" I fearfully stopped when I saw the weapon Riley was wielding.
"What were you saying?" asked Kyle who was unaware.
"Am I interrupting?" Riley finally spoke.
Kyle whipped himself around to face Riley, "Riley, why you-"
Kyle had stopped speaking and suddenly clenched his chest falling on his knee.

"Look what we have here", chuckled Riley, "Looks like it's finally kicking in".
"Riley...you", Kyle breathed heavily.
"Kyle, are you okay? What's wrong?" I asked concerned.
"So maybe I messed with your medication a little, no biggie", said Riley.
"What? What medication?" I said at a loss.
"When I get my hands on you-"
Riley interrupted Kyle, "I don't know, that might be a little tricky for you now".

"Want to bet?!" Kyle leaped up trying to grab hold of Riley.
"Well I wasn't expecting that", thought Riley.
I watched closely at the knife Riley held tightly onto.
Riley hastily shuffled to the side avoiding Kyle's attempt.

Kyle crashed down on the floor once again but quickly attempted once more.
"Hm, you think you can take me in your condition?" Riley mocked.
"Shut up!" yelled Kyle attacking Riley once again.
I shouted as Kyle went for the plunge, "Kyle stop! He has a knife!"

Riley immediately tried to slash through Kyle, but luckily he missed.
I can't take this anymore. I can't just sit here and watch as Riley tries to stab Kyle.
I bent over in the seat unbuckling the straps from around my ankles.
I need to quickly help Kyle before he gets himself hurt.

Riley swung once more with the knife missing, Kyle took him by the arm dragging him down to the ground.
I finished unfastening the straps and looked up to see Riley on top of Kyle.
"Kyle, hold on!" I said running towards him.
"Mimi, stay back!" struggled Kyle, "It's dangerous!"

I ran over ignoring his words, without thinking, "Riley! Let him go!" I demanded.
The two continued to grapple one another, ignoring my presence.
I hurriedly walked to the side of Riley hoping to push him off Kyle.
"Mimi, get back!" Kyle growled.
I pushed Riley off Kyle as he stumbled on his bottom, Riley instantly stood on his feet
projecting the knife in my direction.
"Mimi", Riley hummed.

"Mimi, no!" Kyle quickly secured me from the danger.
I felt as Kyle's body pushed up against me for a split second.
The strong clasp he had on me was quickly fading away.
"Kyle?" I called.
He didn't answer. I could feel his arms beginning to sway off me.
I grabbed a hold of his back, my hands felt a wet sensation. Blood?
"Kyle!" I cried.

I laid Kyle on his back and looked at him. His face was motionless.
Is he even breathing? Please God, no. Not Kyle.
I started to lightly smack his cheeks, "Kyle, you fool! Wake up!"

My eyes started to burn as my eyeliner seeped into my eyes.
Kyle, you idiot. I wish you never came for me. I wish you would've worried about yourself.
Now look at you, it's all my fault. I should've listened to and stayed out of the way.
Now you're..you're..
"No, you can't be dead!" I exclaimed, "You can't be", I dug my face into his vest.
I lifted my head looking at the shadow that surrounded us.

"Well Mimi, look what you made me do", Riley accused, "You made me kill your boyfriend".
I sat silently, carelessly ignoring him.
"Are you mad at me now? Wow. Well...like the saying goes, if I can't have you, then nobody can!" Riley raised the knife.
"How about you just can't have her?!" said a familiar voice.

"What-" Riley yammered.
Anthony whipped around and gave Riley a roundhouse kick, knocking him over to the side.

"Nice kick, Anthony", commented Chris, "Hello Riley".
"Shit", said Riley.
"Shit's right, now how about you hand over that knife, you liar", said Chris as he took the knife from Riley's hand.
"Why couldn't you be a good little geek?" bantered Anthony.
"Now turn your ass over so I can cuff you", said Chris aiming the gun at Riley's head.

"Hey Mimi, are you guys alright..wait, what's that?" Anthony speculated, "Is that blood?"
"Anthony! Call an ambulance and call the police", said Chris.
"You don't have to tell me twice!" confirmed Anthony.
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Take Care 1.14: A Night To Remember (Part 3)

"So your dad says your a songwriter", enthused West.
"Well I wouldn't say that exactly, I just write what comes to my head", Jenny modestly said.
"Come on, I'm sure you've written something good. Right?" Cameran winked.
"I guess..many people did say they liked the songs I wrote for my boyfriend's band", Jenny replied.
"Really? I'd like to hear some of your material sometime", smiled Cameran.
"Yeah, now I'm interested", said Max.
Jenny laughed, "If you guys really want to listen to it, I'll bring it next time".
"Sweet! So do you still write music for them?" Cameran curiously asked.

"Well, um..no..not anymore", Jenny toned down.
Jenny's mood switched from ecstatic to melancholy.
"Oh..why not? Did they get a new composer?" asked Cameran.
"Yeah, they have a real professional now", Jenny imputed.
"Cameran, quit asking her so many questions", laughed West.
"What, I can't seem interested?" Cameran grieved.
"You're such a flirt", groaned Max.

"No guys, it's fine", Jenny tried to laugh, "I'm not bothered".
"So what's your like boyfriend like, Jenny?" Cameran pursued his curiosity.
"You really want to know?" she asked confused.
"I'm a curious fellow", Cameran smirked.
"Well, he's very tall. He really loves the color black-"
Cameran interrupted her, "Let me guess, he has dark hair and green eyes?"

"Yeah how did you know that?" Jenny asked perplexed.
"Turn around", Cameran pointed at the very tall guy wearing black, walking angrily towards Jenny.
"Wait is this your boyfriend, Jenny?" asked West as he sat up.
Jenny slowly turned around to face Dylan, whose face looked disgruntled.
"Dylan, what are you-" Jenny stopped speaking as Dylan took her by the arm.

"Wait Dylan, what are you doing?" Jenny asked startled.
"We're going home", forced Dylan.
"What, what are you saying?!" screamed Jenny in confusion.
"Your mother wants you to come home", informed Dylan.
"So what are you? Her lapdog?" Jenny accused, "I thought you supported me-"
"That's not the problem, Jenny!" Dylan clamored.
"Then what is?!" yelled Jenny.
"Excuse me, but I don't think my daughter wants to go with you", Steffen said.

Dylan and Steffen fiercely stared into each others eyes.
Jenny could see the tension rise between them as she watched, "Dylan, what is wrong with you?"
"Jenny, you can't trust him", Dylan said as he shifted his head in Steffen's direction.
"And why can't I? He's my father, Dylan", questioned Jenny.
"Your mom told me about him, he-"
Max cut Dylan off, "Just let her go already, she obviously doesn't want to go with you".
"Butt out!" Dylan sneered at Max.
"How can I when you're interrupting our recording session?" disputed Max.

"Dylan, let go of my hand", pressed Jenny.
"Jenny, I'm trying to help you", Dylan said, "I don't want you to get hurt".
"I don't know what my mother told you, but I'm sick of her lies", said Jenny.
"Jenny, I don't think this a lie-"
"I don't care, I'm not leaving", Jenny snapped.
"So...you're not going to believe me either?" Dylan asked.
Dylan met her eyes, but she looked away.

Dylan let go of Jenny's hand, "Fine, I understand".
"I'll come home in two days", said Jenny as she reached to touch Dylan's shoulder.
Dylan brushed her hand off, "Don't bother", Dylan heartlessly said.
"What-" said Jenny.
"You'd rather believe this stranger than your own mother and boyfr-"
"He's my father!-" Jenny claimed.
"He's a stranger! A stranger, Jenny. Do what you want, cause you're not my problem anymore", said Dylan.

"What?" gasped Jenny as her heart skipped a beat.
Dylan casually began to walk towards the studio door exit.
"Dylan?" Jenny called his name but he didn't pay her any attention, "Dylan?!"
Dylan didn't stop, he open the door then shut it right behind him.
"Jenny", Max said as he rested his hand on her shoulder.

Dylan heavily sighed as he answered his phone, "Hello".
"Dylan!" yelled Flint.
"Whoa Flint, what's up?" Dylan asked concerned. Flint's voice sounded worrisome.
"Asia gave birth-"
"What?! Congrats dude-" said Dylan.
"But Kyle's in the emergency room!" Flint shouted.
"What?" Dylan said disheartened, "Hang on, I'm on my way!"

"Make way, make way!"

"What do we have here?" asked the doctor.
"A shallow knife wound", said the nurse, "And also a heart attack".
"Tell the ER to make room", ordered the doctor.

I gasped for air and began to breathe heavily. My eyes burned from the fluorescent lighting that
was upon me. Struggling, I finally opened my eyes. I sat up as I felt the brittle sheets caress
my body. Where..am I? What happened? What am I doing here? But where exactly was here?
"Wha-" I tried to speak but I felt faint.
"Mimi", I heard my father's voice ring in my ears.

"Mimi!" my mother cried my name, "I'm so glad you're okay".
"What? Where am I?" I asked in a daze.
"The hospital", said Dad.
"What?" I said in disbelief, "But I thought-" I tried to wrap my head around what happened.
"Mimi relax, you're safe. How about you just go back to sleep?" Mom said worried.

How can I even sleep if I'm not even at ease? One minute I was there, held captive by Riley...
But then I got free somehow. Why is my memory so blank right now?
"Riley will be taken far away from you guys. So you won't have to worry about him anymore", Dad informed me.
Did I black out? Why can't I remember what happened? Where's-


"Mom, Dad, where's Kyle?!" I urgently asked.
"Kyle's is in another wing of the hospital, he's fine", said Dad.
I didn't ask if he was fine, Dad. What are you trying to convey? Kyle isn't fine?
"I want to see him", I said getting up. I nearly stumbled on top of my mother trying to move.
"Mimi, sit down your still weak", said Mom, "Harry, let's go get her something to eat".
"Okay, Mimi sit still. We'll be right back", Dad said as he shut the door behind them.
I sat up in the bed still thinking, "Mimi", said a familiar voice.

"Mimi", I heard once again.
I followed the culprits voice to find them lying on the other side the curtain.
"Asia?!" I baffled.

I quickly walked over and sat on her bedside, "What are you doing here? Are you okay?"
"I'm fine, I had the baby", Asia beamed.
"What already? That's wonderful", I cheered.
"What about you? I heard about you and Kyle from Noah", said Asia worried.
"Kyle, where's is he?" I joylessly asked.

"Don't look so down, Mimi. Kyle's fine, if you want to see him I'll tell you his room number", said Flint.
"I'd appreciate that Flint", I said.
At first I felt it was urgent that I see Kyle, but now I'm afraid.
He's in this condition because of me. Because he followed Riley to find me, and because
I didn't stay out the way like I should've. I hope he's not angry with me.
"Flint, what's the room number?" I finally spoke.

I swiftly walked through the hallway looking for Kyle's room.
I stopped walking as I saw Anthony, leaning in front of a doorway. I'm guessing it's Kyle's room.
"Anthony", I called out to him.
"Oh hey, you finally woke up", Anthony said relieved.
Was it the first good news of the night? He looked very upset at first.
"You're here to see Kyle I'm guessing", Anthony said.

"Right on, how is he?" I asked.
Anthony stood there staring at me, making me feel uneasy.
"He's...not too good. The doctor said he needs a heart transplant", Anthony sighed.
"Wait what?" I skeptically said
"Mimi, I don't know how much time he has left", Anthony said.

"You're not serious are you?" I breathed.
"I'm not kidding. If you have something to say, now would be the time", said Anthony.
"Tell me you're kidding!" I cried.
"Mimi-", I ignored Anthony as he called my name and opened the door to Kyle's room.

"Kyle", I softly spoke.
His face looked so pale. Was he even still breathing?
I could feel my legs ready to collapse as I stared at Kyle.
I slowly, step by step walked over to Kyle's bedside, Anthony closed the door.

"Ky-kyle!" I wailed as I leaned over him.
"This is all my fault", I sniffed as the tears rolled on his blanket, "Please don't die Kyle!
We st-still have so much more to do. We haven't even walked around and held hands yet,"
I crowed, "How can I enjoy summer if you're not there?! I love you, please don't leave me", I sobbed.
I could feel Kyle's blanket become soaked and wet, "Mimi", I heard someone croak.

I looked up as saw as Kyle opened his eyelids.
"Mimi", Kyle struggled to breathe.
"Yes, Kyle?" I attentively waited for him to speak.
"You're...my oxygen", Kyle gasped.
"What-" I said as I looked around and saw that my arm was pressing against Kyle's oxygen tube, "Oh whoops! Are you okay?!"
Kyle took a couple deep breaths, "You! Are you trying to kill me?!" He was furious.
"I'm sorry I didn't- Wait a minute. Why are you even awake? I thought you were dying!" I claimed.
"Dying? I'm not dying, I'm fine. I get released after my stitches heal", Kyle explained.
"But Anthony told me-...Anthony", I grunted his name in animosity.

But Kyle's okay, he's not actually hurt.
I took Kyle's hand, "I'm glad you're okay", I smiled. I felt a huge weight brush off shoulders.
"Yeah, you can adore my battle scar later", Kyle winked, "So what's this I love you business I just heard".
"Wh-what?! You actually heard me say that?" I said in dismay.
"Well, I was snoozing until I realized someone was cutting off my air supply", Kyle sneered.
"I said I was sorry", I laughed.

I watched as Kyle closed his eyes.
"Are you still tired? I can come back-", I said bothered.
"No, stay", Kyle softly said.
He's tired, and he doesn't want to admit it.
"I'll come back, don't worry", I said trying to get up but Kyle clasped my hands.
"Mimi", Kyle said.
"Yeah?" I said.
"I love you too", Kyle laughed.

Anthony stood against the glass dawning at the baby galore.
He stared at the frail little being that lied inside the concealed incubator.

"You're a fighter", Anthony thought to himself as he looked at his little sister dawdle.
Anthony heard footsteps becoming closer and closer to him, he didn't pay any mind.
He continued to focus on his little sister as she snoozed.

"Father?" asked the nurse.
"No, brother", Anthony affirmed and continued to stand silently.
The nurse broke the silence, "Charlie is doing wonderful. She can go home soon if she-"
"What's her name?" Anthony asked suddenly interested.
"Charlie", the nurse looked at Anthony like he was crazy.
Anthony had never paid any mind in Charlie's existence until tonight.
He lifted himself off the glass, "Can..I hold her?"
The nurse smiled, "Sure, let's get your hands washed first".

That was certainly a night to remember for everyone.
Is Jenny's father what she expected him to be?
Looks like Asia gave birth to a baby girl,
How will Asia and Flint adjust to parenthood?
Will Taylor forgive her brother for what he's done?
Where is Riley now?
Are Kyle and Mimi finally an item?
Is Anthony starting to care about Charlie?
And is Dylan actually calling it quits on Jenny?

To Be Continued...

"When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye" (≧◡≦)
Story: Take Care
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Take Care 1.15: I Will Wait (Part 1)

Theme Song: One Direction "Moments"

The boys patiently awaited Dylan's arrival as they sat as a group inside the recording studio.
"So Eithen, you're a year younger than us?" asked Kyle.
"Yeah, looks like I'm the youngest", Eithen replied.
"Then you're a junior?" Anthony assumed.
"No, I'm actually senior, I skipped a grade", Eithen said.
"Alright cool! Now we can probably be in the same classes this year", Flint happily said.
"Oh yeah, you're supposed to switch to our school this year", Kyle remembered.

"Do you live closer to our school?" Anthony asked.
"No, it's actually a little farther, but I could always move", Eithen said without hesitation.
"But what about your parent's work?" asked Kyle.
"I live by myself, so I don't need to worry about that", Eithen explained.
"What?! Now way cool, I wish I could live by myself", everyone raised their brows at Flint,
"I mean not by myself. You know what I mean!" Flint yammered.
"Anyways, how did your parents let you live on your own?" asked Anthony.
Kyle interrupted Eithen, "There you are Dylan, you bum!"

Dylan heavily sighed, "Kyle, shut up and have another heart attack".
"Hey Dill, I was only kidding", Kyle laughed, "You know I love you".
"Kyle, I am not in the mood", Dylan grunted.
"Why are you so late anyway?" Anthony asked annoyed, he hated waiting.
"Ugh! Don't even get me started", Dylan said agitated.
"Dude, what's the matter with you?" Flint asked.

"Freaking Jenny! She's being a complete idiot", Dylan bawled.
"Wait..are you guys really broken up?" Kyle said concerned.
"Ugh, yeah", Dylan immediately replied.
"But you guys mesh together so perfectly", Anthony implied.
"Yeah I know, but I can't stand the fact that she doesn't trust what I say", said Dylan.
"Oh, come on!" said Flint.
"Enough! I gave my everything and ended up with nothing. I'm single now, so leave me be", Dylan concluded.
Eithen grinned, "Alright, looks like we'll have some fun this summer, Anthony and Dylan".
"Shut up, I don't know you", Dylan growled.

"And you know what she said?" Mitch gestured Kenny.
"Oh, what did she say?" Keith presumed.
"I want to be more than friends, and you know what I said?" Mitch gloated.
"And what did you say?" Keith sighed.
"So when are you leaving?" Mich chuckled.
"Damn", Keith laughed, "That's so cold, man".
"Mitch, you are the coldest nigga' I've ever met", Calvin said trying to hold back his laughter.

Calvin looked up at the boys, "Why look who finally showed up".
"I need to have a word with him", said Keith.
"That can wait, we really need to get recording", said Calvin.
Calvin pushed on the intercom, "Yo boys, let's get with the program".
"Alright, who's going first?" asked Flint.
"Anthony, show me what you got", said Calvin.

"Shut the door, turn the light off
I wanna be with you
I wanna feel your love
I wanna lay beside you
I cannot hide this even though I try.
Heart beats harder
Time escapes me
Trembling hands touch skin
It makes this harder
And the tears stream down my face".

"If we could only have this life for one more day
If we could only turn back time.
You know I'll be
Your life, your voice your reason to be
My love, my heart
Is breathing for this
Moments in time
I'll find the words to say
Before you leave me today".

"Close the door
Throw the key
Don't wanna be reminded
Don't wanna be seen
Don't wanna be without you
My judgement is clouded
Like tonight's sky".

"Hands are silent
Voice is numb
Try to scream out my lungs
It makes this hard girl
And the tears stream down my face".

"Flashes left in my mind
Going back to the time
Playing games in the street
Kicking balls with my feet
Dancing on with my toes
Standing close to the edge
There's a pile of my clothes
At the end of your bed
As I feel myself fall
Make a joke of it all".

"You know I'll be
Your life, your voice your reason to be
My love, my heart
Is breathing for this
Moments in time
I'll find the words to say
Before you leave me today".

"Alright Kyle, that's good. That's a wrap for today guys, nice job!" clapped Calvin.

"Wait..what?!" Mimi shrieked.
"Mia Lutz, if I have to repeat myself one more damn time!" Grey threatened,
"Listen carefully, you are going to-"

"Japan", said Grey.
"What?! Seriously Japan?!" Flint said in shock.
"Now I can't spend the summer with Mimi", thought Kyle.
"Yes, I pulled some strings for you boys to join tour for the summer", Grey explained.
"Who are we touring with?" asked Anthony.
"Vivica", Grey answered, "She's hot on the pop charts right now".
"Alright, Asian chicks", Dylan chuckled.
"When do we leave?" Eithen asked.

"I made Tessa your assistant, she'll pick you up at the crack of dawn tomorrow", said Grey.
"But why the UK?" Mimi questioned.
"Do you doubt me?" Grey groaned.
"No ma'am!" Mimi said in fear of Grey's anger.
Grey sighed, "I'm sending you there to develop a fanbase and record your new single".
"I have my own single?" Mimi sparked.
"Yes, you will know more about it when you arrive in the UK", said Grey.

"And if my calculations are correct, I'll expect you to come back a superstar", Grey presumed,
"Nothing less."

"What? You guys are all going to leave me here?" shrieked Asia.
"Sorry A, I had know idea Grey would schedule work this quickly", Mimi said still in disbelief.
"I get it, that woman has two horns and a tail", Asia joked.
"You wouldn't have to be by yourself if Jenny was here", Mimi implied.
"I know bummer, I can't believe she's still New York. She said she'd return home last week", said Asia.

"Guess that shows how much she's having fun", Mimi said upset, "She hasn't replied to anyone's texts".
"Even you? You guys are BFF's", Asia questioned.
"Whatever, maybe she needs time alone with her dad, and the whole Dylan thing", Mimi said.
"They broke up for real this time?" Asia asked.
"Yup, Dylan says he is serious this time", Mimi informed her, "Anyway how's parenthood?"

"Tiresome", Asia giggled, "But I love Cheyanne, she doesn't cry a lot".
"That's good to hear. Is Flint any good at it?" Mimi laughed at the thought.
Asia laughed with her, "Surprisingly, I think he's better than me at putting her to sleep".
"Oh my, Flint's daddy material?" Mimi asked perplexed.
"Visit one day and he'll surprise you", Asia answered, "Oh man, I'm going to miss you guys this summer".
"Me too", said Mimi.

"Jenny, come on kid! You've been locked up in there for three days!" said Steffen worried.
He fought with the locked door, "And whose fault is that?!" Jenny shouted angrily.
"Jenny, at least eat something-"
"Leave me alone, you lying, deceitful bastard. I took a chance on my boyfriend for you!" Jenny cried.

Jenny whipped her cellphone out of her pocket.
"Jenny, who are you calling? Your mother?" Steffen asked.
"None of your business", she spat.
Jenny looked in her phone book and dialed the number.
Whoever she was calling, didn't seem like they were in the favor of picking up her call.

Dylan lied there on his bed watching as his phone lit up every minute.
The caller ID continuously flashed main squeeze. Dylan looked at his fingers,
they were eager to slide across the smartphone and and answer it. But Dylan stopped himself,
he no longer wanted to involve himself in her troubles.

Dylan rolled over on his back and sighed, "I tried, Jenny".

"Hm, I think Dylan turned off his phone", said Kyle as he tried to call Dylan.
"He must be avoiding Jenny", Anthony assumed.
"Probably, still can't believe they broke up", said Kyle.
"Yeah, yeah, they'll probably make up again", Anthony bantered.
"Want to bet?" Kyle smiled.
"Okay, I bet fifty they get back together before summer is up", Anthony gestured.
"Fine, I bet they don't", Kyle chuckled.

"So, Dylan loses a girlfriend and you gain one. How does that happen?" Anthony said confused.
"I don't know to be honest. I know what you're thinking, me with a girlfriend?" Kyle laughed.
Anthony laughed, "Yeah, not since Taylor and I'm surprised you two dated at all".
"So, they call slavery dating?" Kyle asked.
They both laughed so hard that their ears turned ruby red.

"Knock, knock", said Samantha opening Kyle's door.
"Oh hey", Kyle said still laughing.
"Yo, Mrs. H...and Mr. H. That's a rare sight", Anthony greeted Kyle's parents.
"Hello Anthony, glad to see your doing better", said Samantha.
"Kyle, I want to speak with you about this Japan business", said Michael.

"Okay, what's up?" asked Kyle.
"You boys are going to be well-supervised right? I don't want you getting lost", Samantha worried.
"Of course, what are we ten?" Kyle said.
"Okay, well give me your manager's contact information " Michael demanded.
"I..don't have Mr. Ledger's number", Kyle dawdled.
"Wait Keith is your manager?! Now I'm even more worried", Samantha sighed.

"Hey guys, don't worry I'll keep an eye on Kyle for you", assured Anthony.
"Kyle, please remember to take your medication", said Samantha, "I don't want another fallout like Prom".
"Yes mom", grunted Kyle, "I'm not a baby".
"Well you certainly act like one", said Michael, "I'll get Keith's number later".

"Rosa, please be careful with the luggage", Taylor said.
"Did she just say please?" Rosa thought, "Madam are you feeling okay?"
"I'll feel better once I'm in first class", smiled Taylor.

"Where exactly are you going? Your mother said she was coming home today", Rosa asked.
"I don't want to say, so just tell her I went to Paris", Taylor said.
"As you wish, have a safe flight", Rosa said shutting the trunk.

"Who's the new guy?"
"Riley's his name"
"What's that nerd in here for? Over-sharpening a pencil?
"I heard for kidnapping, persecution, and murder"
"Damn, what a headcase!"

"I heard he molested his sister"
"Yeah right, quit joking"
"I didn't believe it either, if he did do that he wouldn't be in here"
"He's just another psycho like the rest of us".

"Hm", Riley began to endlessly laugh.
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Take Care 1.15: I Will Wait (Part 2)

"Gee, it's been quite a year, hasn't it?" Flint said taken aback.
"Now that I think about it...yeah", Asia said realizing it too.
"Kyle is actually dating again, Anthony lost his mother, Dylan and Jenny are actually finished, our band
got signed, and we had a baby", Flint recalled.
Asia laughed, "Well, I can't wait to see what happens this year".
"Oh boy, I hope this year's just peaceful", said Flint, "I would prefer a drama free school year".

"Hm, I don't think that's possible", Asia giggled.
"A guy can only hope, right?" said Flint.
"Yeah, too bad I'm going to be here all alone", moped Asia.
"Oh yeah, Mimi is going to the UK. I'm sorry Asia, I had no idea-"
"No! Don't worry about it. We can just video chat or talk on the phone", said Asia content.

"Okay, I'll definitely make sure to call everyday", said Flint.
"And I'll be right here waiting", said Asia.
"Take care of Cheyanne too..and post some pictures of her on Facebook", Flint said getting blue.
"Noah, it's only two months", Asia optimistically said.
"Asia, you're awesome, you know that?" said Flint as he pecked his wife.

"Mimi can you get the door?!" yelled Mom as the doorbell rang.
"Yeah, yeah, I figured", I said already getting the door.
I opened the front door surprised as to who it was, "Oh?"

"Kyle, hey", I smiled.
I was actually hoping to see him today. I just thought he would be busy packing.
"Hey..um maybe I should've called first, but anyway..hey", Kyle rambled.
Was he nervous or something?
"Can we talk for minute?" asked Kyle.
"Yeah, I'll step out", I said closing the door behind me.

"So...you're going to the UK", Kyle said.
"Yeah, and you...you're going to Japan", I said trying not to seem gloom.
"Yeah, too bad Grey is putting us to work this summer", Kyle said bothered.
"You don't sound too pleased", I laughed at Kyle's droopy face.
So I'm not the only one feeling this way, I thought summer was meant for relaxation.
Hanging by the poolside with your friends, or even boyfriend.

"Of course I'm not pleased", Kyle laughed, "I was hoping to spend summer with you".
I felt my face heat up, "Oh really?" I enticed him.
"Well, I think it's only natural that a guy would like to spend time with his girlfriend", he smiled moving closer to me.
"And do things like what exactly?" I asked as I stared him in his comely, brown eyes.
I was actually curious. I've never had a boyfriend before, so I was new to these things.
Kyle laughed, "Things like this for starters".
Kyle wrapped his arms around me and closed his eyes. Were we going to kiss?

I closed my eyes as I anticipated his smooth lips. Grabbing hold of his shirt, I drew my face closer to his.
Barely apart from each other, I heard as the front door creaked open.
I heard someone clear their throat, making us both bounce off of each other.
"Mimi, dinner is ready", Dad vigorously said, "Hello, Kyle", he furrowed his brows at Kyle.
Kyle coughed, "Hi Mr. Lutz, sir".
"You should join us for dinner, Kyle", Dad fiendishly smiled.
"Oh that's not-" said Kyle.

Dad interrupted him, "Honey! Set another plate", Dad called out.
"Oh? Who's joining us?" Mom curiously asked.
"Mimi's boyfriend", Dad gruelingly said.
"Mimi has a boyfriend? Gross", Jimmy mocked.
"What Kyle?! Sit next to me! Move Timmy", shouted Roxy.
"Sir, I should-" said Kyle.
"Join us", Dad ordered.
How embarrassing could this possibly be, like seriously?

Jenny panted as she caught up with Cameran, "Cameran! Cameran, wait!"
"Huh? Jenny? What are you doing?" Cameran asked puzzled.
"Let me...join..you guys", Jenny said trying to catch her breathe.

Cameran began laugh, "Jenny your cute, but no can do. We have a no groupies policy".
"Groupie? Cameran please, I need to get out of here", Jenny begged.
"Are you serious? You want to tour with us in the UK? Did you forget we are men?" Cameran questioned her.
"I don't care Cameran! I'll do whatever so just let me join you, god dammit", Jenny pleaded.
"Okay, okay...so not cute when you beg like that by the way", Cameran said giving in, "I'll tell them you're my assistant".
"Yes, whatever! Thank you, thank you, thank you", Jenny rambled as she stepped on the bus with him.

Steffen began to lose pace as he chased after the tour bus, "Wait!" he yelled with all his might.

"Damn! Her mother is going to kill me", Steffen spat.

"What the hell are those two doing?" Calving impatiently asked.
"I don't know but I'm ready to get this show on the road", said Dylan.
"Ready to enjoy the single life, Dill?" Eithen asked.
"I will punch you in your jaw if you ever call me that again", Dylan glared at him.
"But Kyle and Anthony call you it..so I thought- Oh never mind!" Eithen said flustered, "Is Kyle waiting for someone?"
"Yeah, I think he's waiting for Mimi", Anthony assumed, "But I don't think she can make it".

"Come on guys, we have a plane to catch", Keith reminded them, "Tick tock!"
"Asia, for me to go and come back..you need to let go of my hand first", Flint chuckled.
"Did you remember to pack your toothbrush?" asked Asia.
"Yeah", replied Flint.
"Cellphone charger?"
"Asia", Flint warned.
"Okay", Asia sighed, "I'll let you go now".

"You too, Kyle", Keith waved at him to get in the van.
"Yeah, I guess I'll get going", said Kyle.
"I'm sorry Mimi couldn't show Kyle", Asia sincerely said.
"No, I should've expected it. She has an early flight too", Kyle reasoned.
"Bye guys!" Asia waved at them all.
Kyle discontinued his footsteps when he heard tapping.

"Wait!" Mimi said running towards the van, "Hold on!"
She had been running since she left her home to catch them before they left.

"Mimi, you made it", said Asia jeering.
"I thought you had an early flight", Kyle said.
"Oh come on! We were about to leave", Keith complained.
"I-I do actually", Mimi said out of breathe.
"Then you need to quickly-" Kyle said.
He was interrupted as Mimi unexpectedly pressed up against his mouth.

Asia was taken aback as she watched her best friend smooch Kyle, then widely grinned at them.
Everyone in the van also sat and surveyed them, cheering Kyle on.
Keith uncomfortably cleared his throat as he stood in the middle of them, looking away.

With Mimi surprising him, Kyle felt too stunned to even move his body.
"Okay, you can stop now", Keith said as they kept kissing, "Hey!"
"Mimi", Asia sang, "You both have planes to catch".
Kyle and Mimi finally pulled away from each other, left both breathless.

"Let's try keep contact this summer", Mimi smiled, "I'll have my laptop so we can Skype".
"Y-yeah, of course", Kyle said blushing, covering his mouth, "How can she keep her cool after that?" he thought.
"Yes, yes, how very cute. Get in the damn van already", said Keith, interrupting their conversation.
Kyle laughed", Alright, I'll get in".
"Okay, well you can start by walking..walking helps", said Keith as he watched Kyle stand still like a statue.

Kyle sat in the back of the van, waving his goodbyes as they drove off down the street.
"And so..summer begins", sighed Asia, "Have fun in London".
"Hey, you have to try and have some fun too this summer", Mimi ordered.
"I know I'll have my hands full with Cheyanne", Asia gleamed.

"Asia", Mimi said her name.
"Yes?" Asia replied.
"Let's promise, to make our senior year the best year of our lives", Mimi said.
"That sounds like it needs some effort, but also worth it. I promise!" Asia smiled.
"Alright", smirked Mimi.

To Be Continued...

"When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye" (≧◡≦)
Story: Take Care
Simblr: marblecakepanda
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Take Care 2.1: I Know What You Did Last Summer (Part 1)

About The Story:
Season 2
The gang is back from touring and they are ready to finish their senior year of high school with a bang.
With their music careers soaring, Mimi and the boys can't escape the public eye without being noticed.
Kyle and Mimi's relationship is now official but it seems they still have some speed bumps in the way.
With Dylan and Jenny now broken up, he's doing his best to move on and enjoy his last year in high school.
Jenny's upset everyone in the group from ignoring them all summer long,
but her mission is now to seek their forgiveness and pursue a career in making music.

Flint and Asia are living happily with their new bundle of joy, Cheyanne.
But Flint's career will make an impact on his family's lifestyle, testing Asia's calm, easygoing attitude.
Anthony and his family are still adjusting to the many changes since his mother's passing.
But someone finally more interesting than Mimi has caught him off guard.
Taylor has returned home from South America of all places and a changed person.
In high school she's now at the bottom of the food chain by herself.
Then there's the new guy Eithen, a little left out by the bond the boys already share.
He tries to fit in and become someone they can rely on, but still remains a mystery to the fellas.

New relationships will come to light, and some will fade to black.

- Take care

Take Care 2.1: I Know What You Did Last Summer

Theme Song: Shawn Mendes "I Know What You Did Last Summer"

As she was driving home from the studio she listened to the radio.
"Okay folks, here's the single that's been blowing up our radios all summer long and still number one!
This boy group is seriously going places this is Different Dose's "Would You Mind".

If I pulled you closer, would you mind?
Would you mind? Would you mind?
Let's go!

She pulled up to her driveway and walked up to her front door.

She opened the front door and saw her parents watching football.
Her father, Harry sat on the couch yelling at the TV, "What the hell?! What kind of toss was that?"
"Dear do you really have to yell?..Oh Mimi's back, honey", said Naomi as she greeted her daughter.
"Hey Mimi..Oh my gosh an interception!" Harry was too distracted by the game.
"Hey guys, I'm gonna be running back out in a bit okay?" Mimi informed them as she went to her room.

She walked into her bright blue room and sat on the bed and dialed her best friend.
The phone rang as she finally picked up, "Hello?"
"Hey Asia, are you almost ready to head over there?"
"Wow I can hear the excitement in your voice", Asia teased her.
"What?! Shut up you know you're just as excited to have your husband back", Mimi shrieked.

"Yes I am", She giggled ,"But I think his parents are excited than me, his mother has been cooking since this morning".
"Yeah sounds like his mother, how's my baby doing?" Mimi asked.
"She's taking a nap so I'm gonna try and sneak out while I still can", Asia lowered her voice.
Mimi laughed ,"You're so silly, well I'm get ready to go now then so I'll meet you there".
"Mimi", Asia stopped her.

"Yeah, A?" said Mimi.
"You think she'll be there as well?" Asia asked.
Mimi hesitant to speak as she thought about her other friend she hadn't seen or heard from all summer.
"I doubt it, Dylan still seems annoyed by the tinge of her name. I think he'll flip in her presence", Mimi explained.

"Yes that's true, it's still a shame how they broke up like that. I don't know why but I can't help but be mad at her.
She hasn't contacted anyone all summer-"
Mimi cut her off, "Actually..she texted me the other day".
"What about?" Asia asked.
"I don't know actually, she randomly texted me a song she wrote for me maybe," Mimi replied.
Mimi thought ,"Seemed more about her and Dylan".
"Yeah well whatever, let's go. I'm gonna go now while Cheyanne is still sleeping.

Keith angrily sat there on the couch brooding, awaiting his daughter's return.
"This would've never happened if she was living with me", Keith said.

"Oh shut up, I'm sick of you saying that", Caroline rolled her eyes, "And here she is finally".
Caroline watched as Jenny got out of the taxi with her luggage in tow.
She could see Jenny sigh from behind the window.
"Don't go overboard when she comes in here, we don't need her running away again", Caroline urged him.
"Well I'm not going to go easy on her either", he said getting up.

Jenny opened the front door and walked inside to see her parents frowning at her.
Caroline said angrily, "You've got some serious explaing to do, Jenny. Do you have any idea how worried we were?"
"Yes you've got one minute, no scratch that thirty seconds to explain!" Keith clamored.
"Mom, Dad, I love you guys and I'll never do that again. I'm sorry I worried you guys but I know better now", Jenny remorseful.
"Well that was easy," Caroline sighed.

"Okay apology accepted but you're still grounded..for two months", said Keith calmly.
"Okay..wait two months?!" Jenny said surprised.
"Yeah, I mean you were gone two months so I think that's fair enough", Keith smiled then dropped it.
"Okay I can't disagree with that then", Jenny hung her head low.
Caroline sighed, "Keith, don't you think that's a bit much?"
"No I don't and you clearly lack authority in this house, Carol", argued Keith.
"What?!" Caroline angry.
Jenny butt in, "Guys, please don't argue its okay. I'm going to my room".

"Next time you guys tour, I am not babysitting. Especially you, Dylan", Calvin complained.
After a long tour in Japan and promoting their music, the boys were finally back in Cali and ready for their senior year.
"Good, cause all you did was complain the whole time", Eithen laughed.
"Okay Eithen, next time you can clean up Dylan's puke", Calvin tinged at the thought, "Damn Japan, they don't even check for ID".
"Shut up, I can't sleep", Anthony kicked Calvin's chair grumpily.
"And you too Anthony, all you do is sleep everywhere and get lost", said Calvin, "Well we're here anyways, wake up sleepyheads".

The girls smiles grew as the groups van pulled up inside the studios parking lot.
Asia giggled, "Most of them are sleeping".
"Yeah I can't see Kyle from here", Mimi excitedly said.
The boys woke up as Calvin parked then got out to start unpacking the van.
They all got out of the van, one by one.
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Take Care 2.1: I Know What You Did Last Summer (Part 2)

The girls stared at them as they stood before them. It was as if they were entirely different people.
The boys had only been gone two months, but they became rising stars overnight as Grey had predicted they would. Their hot new single "Would You Mind",
which had soared to the top of the Billboard charts with Mimi's song in tow. Being overseas had help advance their career faster than they thought it would.
So fast to the point that they couldn't go anywhere without being recognized by the fans.
Flint yawned, "Gosh, that was a long flight", Asia rushed over hugging him tightly, "Whoa, hey my lovely wife".
Dylan unbothered, went to help Calvin unpack the car.

"I'm so glad you're back, let's go home", Asia said nearly in tears, "But what about my luggage?" Flint paused.
"We'll come back for it", she said excitedly, "I can't wait to see the look on Cheyanne's face".
"Aw okay, me too", Flint smiled, "I've missed you guys so much, touring is hard with distance".
Kyle went in and hugged Mimi as she stood there feeling on his long locks.
"Okay I'm going to go help them unpack. Too many lovebirds in the area, have fun", Eithen chuckled.
Eithen, a new member of the group was still getting acquainted with the group.
"Kyle, why is your hair so long?!" Mimi said transfixed on it.
"I didn't care to cut it while we were overseas", He smiled.
"Yeah right, you said you didn't want to cut it cause Mimi liked guys with long hair", Anthony teased.
Kyle flushed, "I did not!"
"When did I say that?" Mimi giggled.

"When you two were Facetiming and he asked who was your favorite actor. You said Chris Hemsworth because of his hair", Anthony explained.
"Okay seriously, butt out of my relationship! That is the last time I share a room with you", said Kyle embarrassed.
But it was true, he thought growing out his hair would impress Mimi but it seemed to have made her laugh instead.
Kyle inched his face closer to Mimi's, "H-hey Kyle!" Mimi said bashfully looking at Anthony.
Kyle looked at Anthony who was still standing there, "This doesn't bother you does it?"
Kyle tensed up as he remembered the time last year they both spent fighting over Mimi.
"Oh no dude, the Mimi ship has sailed. You two have fun, I'm heading home", Anthony waved as he went to get his bags.
"Okay..that wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be", Mimi said relieved.
"Well good, cause I've been waiting all summer to do this", he smiled as he tightened his grip around her then kissed her soft lips.

"Okay, which one of you was playing on my office computer?", Michael asked furiously.
Cammy hesitantly responded, "I played but only one game, dad".
"Cammy, how many times do I have to tell you that you can't play in my office?" Michael furrowed his brows at her.
"Honey, is it that serious? I'm sure you can remove what she did", Samantha sighed as she sat there watching her reality show.

"That's not the point here. Cammy go delete that Grand Theft Auto off of my computer, you're too young for that!" demanded Michael.
"Dad, what's that? I was playing Candy Crush Saga", Cammy said confused.
Kyle walked in as his family squabbled, "Hello?"
"Kyle!", Samantha jumped out the chair to greet her son right away.
"We'll talk about this later", Michael whispered to Cammy.

"Hey mom, everyone", Kyle said as he hugged his mother.
"Back already? How was the tour? You behaved overseas right? I know Japanese customs are more strict", Michael yammered on.
"Yes dad of course", Kyle laughed, "I'll fill you in on it later".
"Kyle honey, I know you're probably hungry. I can make you something real quick", Samantha freed him to go to the kitchen.
Kyle stopped her in the process, "Actually, there's someone I want you all to meet".

Mimi peeked out from the entranceway, "Hello, I'm Mia Lutz", she smiled shyly at them.
"Oh..oh wow, she's your girlfriend, Kyle?" Samantha asked excitedly as she looked Mimi up and down, "You're that new superstar I keep seeing on TV".
"Then how'd you end up with my lame brother?" Cammy asked seriously.
"You brat, yes we work for the same label", Kyle explained, "But we met at school first".
"I like her already", Samantha stared at Mimi.
"Hello, my name is Michael. Sorry for this rude introduction", as he turned at his family and back to Mimi.

Michael was unintentionally caught off guard by Mimi's blue eyes, they held quite a familiarity in them.
"By Lutz...are you perhaps related to Harry Lutz?" Michael inquisitively asked.
"Actually yes I am, he's my dad", Mimi smiled.
"Oh..makes sense you have his eyes..", Michael drifted off from the conversation staring at her.
"Oh yes! She does have his eyes. Sorry to stare but we went to high school with your parents", Samantha explained.
"Oh yeah that makes sense, we live in such a small community", Mimi said.
"Dad, will you quit staring at her? You're making not only making her but also me uncomfortable", Kyle said annoyed by his father's strange behavior.

"Come on Mimi , let's get out of here", Kyle said as he guided her out of the house.
"Wh-where are we going? I didn't get to say goodbye!" Mimi said as she slightly restrained her footsteps.
"Don't worry, we're going on a date", Kyle smiled at her.
Her heart melted at the thought, "A date?"
"Yes Mimi, we've never actually gone on one. So let's make this official already", Kyle replied.

Anthony stood before his mother's grave. He hadn't visited her grave since the funeral.
"Hey mom...I know it's been a while", he dawdled on, "I....was angry with you. You left us here right after dad.
But then I realized it wasn't your fault. You were carrying all the grief for us while we normally lived our lives.
And now you can keep dad company, now you can be with the love of your life".

"But don't worry about us. Nicole and I are taking good care of Charlie and Lucas, and I have a new job that can support us all.
And hopefully get us out of the cramped home we live in now," Anthony cuddled his little sister, "I swear I will".

Cheyanne screamed as her father jolted her up and down in the air.
"Flint, don't toss her too much she just ate", Asia laughed.
"Oh you're right, that would be messy," Flint said in a childish tone, "Right Cheyanne".
Cheyanne smiled at her father's tone.

"Gosh, you've gotten so big on me!" Flint held his precious daughter, "Don't grow up too fast, okay?"

Kyle guided Mimi all the way downtown but she stopped walking and looked around.
"Um Kyle, what are we doing here?" she asked curiously looking at the salon.
"I want to get a haircut before our date since my hairstyle is cramping your style", he jokingly said.
"It is not!" Mimi argued, "I think its cute".
"Lies!" Kyle laughed, "Plus you keep petting me like I'm a dog".
Mimi laughed at his statement, "Okay, okay whatever cut it".
"Yeah, let's go puppy", Kyle said tugging at her hand.
"Puppy?" Mimi asked.

Kyle plopped down in the chair and the stylist peered at him, "Oh my god! Celebs are visiting me for a haircut"
"Yeah..but could you please keep your voice down", Kyle sheepishly said.
"Oh yes, can I Instagram an after photo?" the stylist whispered.
"Yeah, just make sure I look good for my girlfriend", Kyle smirked making the stylist's heart throb.
Mimi smiled, "You're so shameless".
"What?!" The stylist squealed, "I mean what? The "Mia" is your girlfriend?" she lowered her voice.

"Okay Kyle Hammon, I won't disappoint you or Different Doses..or Mia", she said as she concentrated on Kyle's head.
Mimi stared at Kyle as his hair fell to the floor, strand by strand.
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Take Care 2.1: I Know What You Did Last Summer (Part 3)

Kyle tussled in his new hairdo, "Wow I guess I did have a lot of hair", he chuckled.
It took the stylist quite some time to cut his hair and determine a decent style.
She took her hand mirror and held it up to Kyle, "Well, what do you think of it? You like it?"
Kyle looked in the mirror, "Yeah, what do you think Mimi?"
"It's...nice, I love it", Mimi smiled at him.

They sat at the diner downtown holding hands. After going back and forth in their relationship the past few months, there was finally a calm storm.
"I really love your new haircut", Mimi said smiling brightly at him.
"Oh? But I thought you said you liked it long", Kyle teased her.
"Okay you got me", she laughed, "I was lying, it was like Tarzan meets Jane".
"Oh so I'm an ape man, now?" Kyle laughed.
"No silly!", she giggled at the thought.

"Well if I'm Tarzan then you're my Jane", Kyle smirked at her.
Mimi laughed, "That is the corniest pick up line ever".
"Yeah right, it was cool don't lie with those puppy dog eyes", he teased her.
"What is up with you and calling me a puppy now?" Mimi asked.
"You have the cutest puppy dog eyes, no wonder my parents were obsessed", Kyle joked.

"Yeah..about that, what was up with your dad?" Mimi reminded him.
"Oh yeah that, my parents have a weird history with your parents it seems", said Kyle.
"What? Why are you now telling me this?" Mimi said surprised, she's never known that till now.
"You never asked silly", Kyle said, "Anyways, how was the UK?"
"Oh it was fun! The people there are great, I made some great fans there", she said excitedly.

"That's good, I saw your music video on the plane ride. I see you're dancing again", Kyle said relieved.
Mimi had injured her ankle at school months back disrupting her dancing.
"Yeah, regular dancing is more manageable than ballet I'll say that", she smiled.
"I'm happy you can do what you love again", Kyle smiled back.
"Um..Kyle, some of the people behind you are staring at us", Mimi hesitated.
"Oh really?" Kyle thought back to the last time that happened in Japan, things got ugly, "Let's leave, I think they've recognized us", He said getting up.

As Kyle was about to get up, the people behind them came running towards their table. And soon
the whole diner had surrounded them. Mimi and Kyle sat there looking at each other, seemingly overwhelmed and trapped by the crowd.
"What do we-", Mimi was caught off.
"Oh my god, can have your autograph Mia!", A man behind her shouted.
"Yes me too!"
"Kyle, you're so hot!"

"Kyle! Please sign my shirt"
"Sign my arm!"
"Can you sign my chest?"
"Ugh..okay but not the chest", Kyle said engulfed by his fans.
"Who's that? Why's everyone over there?"
"Its Kyle from Different Doses!"
"And Mia! She has such a powerful voice for her age"

Mimi looked at Kyle as he returned his gaze, "We've got paparazzi after all", he said disappointed.
"Should we just leave?" Mimi asked.
"Yeah, I'm sorry our date was interrupted Mimi", Kyle said ashamed.
"Its okay, we have all the time in the world", Mimi assured him.
"You're right, I guess this is the price for fame".

♫ I remember years ago
Someone told me I should take
Caution when it comes to love, I did
And you were strong and I was not
My illusion, my mistake
I was careless, I forgot, I did
And now
When all is done, there is nothing to say
You have gone and so effortlessly
You have won, you can go ahead tell them ♫

Eithen looked at Dylan while playing his guitar to match his tune, "He must be singing about his ex", Eithen thought.
♫ Tell them all I know now
Shout it from the roof tops
Write it on the sky line
All we had is gone now
Tell them I was happy
And my heart is broken
All my scars are open
Tell them what I hoped would be impossible,
Impossible ♫


Jenny sat there on her keyboard surrounded by paper trails on the ground. She had been brainstorming inside her room all day writing music.
Suddenly inspired she couldn't let a certain song slip from her mind all summer. She sent a copy of the song to Mimi and Dylan for their input,
but neither of them replied to her, not even regular texts. Being gone all summer had driven a line between their relationship.

♫ I never meant to break your heart
Now I won't let this plane go down
I never meant to make you cry
I'll do what it takes to make this fly, oh
You gotta hold on
Hold on to what you're feeling
That feeling is the best thing
The best thing, alright ♫


Dylan opened his locker to put all his school supplies away for the year, he was so focused when a voice startled him.
"Dylan", she said.

He looked in her direction then back to his locker and shut it and began walking, past her.

"Stop texting me", he said as he kept walking.


The girls walked the halls with a prowess, making everyone scarce to walk in their way.
"Ahh..what is that atrocious outfit that girl is wearing?" Haley shrieked.
"Is she new this year?" Fiona asked staring at her outfit.
Miranda looked disgusted, "More like is she lost?"
"I think we need to introduce her to how things work here", said Fiona.
The trio shifted towards the girl's locker.

She ignored their presence as she organized her locker.
Fiona cleared her throat then Miranda knocked on her locker, "Hey new girl, I don't know where you shop at but I think you need to get acquainted with my stylist ASAP".
"Fiona..she doesn't look new", said Hailey dumbfounded.
"Because I'm not", the girl said.
"You've got to be kidding me, did you lose yourself like your brother lost his marbles?" Miranda said.
"I'm perfectly sane, thank you but I'll be going now", Taylor said trying to get past them.

Miranda and Fiona blocked her path, "I'm not done talking yet", Miranda commanded her presence.
"You need a reality check sweetheart", Fiona said.
Anthony just so happened to be walking by when he couldn't help but over hear them.
"You walk away now, and your reputation goes in the trash", said Miranda.
"Yeah, you'll be at the bottom of the food chain", Hailey agreed but scared for Taylor.
"Reputation? Food Chain?" You guys are just a bunch of annoying idiots", Anthony said as leaned on the wall listening to them, "Get lost, you're annoying".
"I've been called worse things", Miranda peered at him, "Oh...Anthony Luca", she said remembering how famous he now is, "Let's go, I'm bored".

They turned and began walking away, "Amazing how nobody can become a somebody", Fiona said referring to Anthony.
"And I wanted his autograph", Hailey said dissapointed.
"Even after he called us idiots? You're such a dumb-", Miranda grimaced, "Never mind..".

Anthony turned toward Taylor as she got in his face, "You didn't have to do that", she said.
"If I hadn't they would've kept running their loud mouths", Anthony smirked.
"Yeah, you've got a point but I'm used to them", Taylor said, "But thanks".
"Just cause you're used to it, doesn't mean you have to put up with it" Anthony said.
Taylor stared at Anthony for moment, it had been a while since she had a mature conversation with someone.
"Yeah..well I'm gonna get going", she began walking.

"Hm..no wonder they stopped. What's up with the get up? Trying something new?" Anthony chuckled.
"Nothing new, just someone I've always been", said Taylor.
"A hippie?" Anthony jokingly asked.
"N-no!" Taylor flushed, "I got this skirt volunteering in South America over the summer.
"Well, cute haircut by the way", Anthony said in a lower tone.

"It's great you two were finally able to go on a date..but interrupted by fans?" Asia said, "That's ridiculous".
"Yeah, after we told Tessa about it she said we'll be getting bodyguards shortly", Mimi said.
"Wow, I don't know how me and Noah are going to go out either now", Asia.
"Tell me about it, it took us an hour to get out of there alive", Mimi exaggerated.
"So, have you spoken to Jenny lately?", Asia changed the subject.
"No, why?" Mimi asked.
"Cause..look ahead", Asia said looking in front of them with a frozen expression.

They saw Jenny as she stood there looking to greet them, but the girls paid her no attention. Instead, it was as if they were looking through her.
Like she didn't even exist. It was clear, they had not forgiven her for disappearing for the summer.
Jenny tried to get their attention, "Hey guys I-", but her sentence was cut short as they kept walking past her. Not listening to a word she had to say.

"When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye" (≧◡≦)
Story: Take Care
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It's a great story, and Cheyanne is such a cute little girl.
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Originally Posted by Lady Lily
It's a great story, and Cheyanne is such a cute little girl.

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback. It had been years since I written the story so all the characters look different

"When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye" (≧◡≦)
Story: Take Care
Simblr: marblecakepanda
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Take Care 2.2: I'm a Mess (Part 1)

Theme Song: Ed Sheeran "I'm a Mess"

Taylor stood there in the middle of cafeteria looking around for a place to sit.
She knew sooner or later it would come down to this. She was no longer the once so popular girl that ran the school halls.
And now that the whole school knew, they weren't going to show her mercy.

"Aww, look guys. She looks like a little lost puppy", Hailey teased as Taylor stood there looking lost.
"What a loser", said Hailey's boyfriend.
Fiona gave an evil grin, "You can't sit with us".
Then a familiar voice caught Taylor's attention, "Hey, hippie".

Anthony was turned in his seat looking at her, "Pull up a chair", he said nodding his head at his table.
"No..it's alright, I'll-", Taylor spoke but Anthony interrupted her.
"Quit being an idiot and sit down, jeez", He around finishing the conversation.
"He's so bossy", Taylor thought as she looked for a spare chair.

"Wait..are you serious? Don't you remember the tough time she put us through last year", Mimi said furiously.
"Yeah I do. But if I can forgive Kyle, then I think you can forgive Taylor", Anthony said.
"He has a point..she looks like she's changed, Mimi", Kyle said ignoring eye contact with Mimi.
"You too?!" Mimi shocked.
"Get over it", Anthony rolled his eyes, "You weren't the only one going through stuff last year".
Mimi stopped and remembered the thought of last year. Anthony was having a hard time after his mother's death.
And Taylor surely had to get away from town after what happened with her psycho brother, Riley.
Maybe it was finally time to let her redeem herself.

As Taylor sat down, Dylan greeted her, "Hey Blondie, nice haircut".
"Thanks", Taylor replied shyly, she was still not used to having her hair that short.
"What made you cut it?" Kyle asked. Taylor was surprised that he'd even look her way again after last years' quarrel.
"I guess because I wanted a fresh start", she replied.
"It's cute, Taylor", Mimi smiled at her, Taylor hesitantly smiled back.
She felt a chill as someone walked past the table.

No one was still paying Jenny any attention. Even when she had tried to approach them earlier.
She pouted as she walked out of the cafeteria. She'd rather go sit in the classroom than sit by herself at lunch.

Asia felt remorseful, she watched her best friend walking off by herself.
Deep down inside Asia wanted to let her in, but another side of her was still upset.

"Ugh, how much longer are they going to make us wait here? What could they be running their mouths about up there?" Dylan impatiently whined.

The boys were called to the studio in their gym clothes. They sat there wondering why they were needed to rehearse.
"Tell me about it, my arm has fallen asleep", Kyle said as he glared at Anthony.
It had been an hour since they arrived and Anthony had fallen fast asleep.
"He's always sleeping.." Eithen said in a disappointing tone.
"Yeah, but he's been busy with his family since he's been back", Flint said.
"You've got a baby too, I'm surprised you're not sleeping either", Dylan said.
"I'm used to it and I can put Cheyanne to sleep fast anyways", Flint proudly said.
"Okay boys, let's get this show on the road", said Tessa as she walked inside.

"What day? It's practically over", Eithen sighed.
"Yes, well its not over until you've completed today's task", said Tessa looking at her clipboard.
"Okay Tessa, give us the details already", Dylan said still impatient.
"Well as of today, you guys will come here everyday after school to rehearse for the upcoming iHeart Radio Festival. Since we've wrapped up your album, we plan to release it after the festival. An interview will be held afterwards, so you guys need to be on your toes no matter what.
Anthony, you will need a makeover because Keith said you look boring", Tessa looked at Anthony who was sound asleep,
"And Flint, you will tell the interviewer that you're single".
"Wait what?! Why?" Flint asked opposed.
"Because it makes us look unattractive to our fans that you're married", Eithen said.
"What Eithen said, I'll let you guys go", Tessa busily left the room.

"I think that's a bit too much", said Flint.
"Well we can't scare our fans off now just cause you're married", Eithen explained, "We got to sell our album".
"I get that but still-"
Flint was interrupted by a loud bubbly voice, "Okay boys! Get the hell up, we've got a lot of work to do. We haven't choreographed your new single yet".
Their choreographer, Justin was always strict and always smiling, "Chop, chop, wake your ASS up Anthony!".

"So I've seen you and Kyle decided to go on a little date the other day", said Grey.
"You've seen?" Mimi cautiously asked. Talking to Grey was like talking to a landmine.
"Yes, the paparazzi. They were about to make a fun little article about you two, but I was able to persuade them to change their mind", said Grey.

"Anyways, we've scheduled you to perform at the iHeart Music Festival. You will have an interview afterwards and likely they'll ask you about your date.
Deter them from that topic, the conversation should be about your upcoming album".
"Okay, got it", Mimi said.
"You've got rehearsals and a new single to record with Alex Bringer, from the group No Trouble", Grey continued.
"Oh yeah, Tessa told me that a month ago", Mimi informed her.
"Good and also..during the interview. You will tell them that you are single", Grey demanded.

"Why?" Mimi said disheartened. She wondered if this would bother Kyle.
"Because I don't want you to ruin Kyle's image", Grey faltered the conversation and returned to her desk.

♫ Yo, it's Different Doses
Comin' through, comin' from you live, you know
I'm just tryna figure out what you can be
'Cause uh, aye! ♫
Dylan sang the opening to their new single.

♫ You could be my teacher (where they at)
You could be my boss (where they at)
Oh, you could be my lover (where they at)
You could be my car (where they at)
Baby, I could drive ya, ohhh, anywhere you want (so so)
Ahh, you could be my teacher (where they at)
Oh yeah, you could be my boss (skrt) ♫
The boys sang the chorus in unison matching each others rhythm.

♫ So tell me your wish
I could do the night or the day shift
You could find my name on your playlist
Your favorite girl, yeah
And on the real tip (real)
Everything we do is the late shift
Meet me in your room or the basement
Escapin' girl, yeah ♫
sang Dylan.

♫ Like that Prada you stole
Put me on like your clothes
We can rock nice and slow
Yeah me and you, true ♫
sang Anthony.

♫ You could be my teacher (where they at)
You could be my boss (where they at)
Oh, you could be my lover (where they at)
You could be my car (where they at)
Baby, I could drive ya, ohhh, anywhere you want (so so)
Ahh, you could be my teacher (where they at)
Oh yeah, you could be my boss (skrt) ♫

♫ It's your birthday
Every single day it's your birthday
I can make you feel like Tinashe
In every way, yeah yeah
And when the beat drops
We'll keep on dancin' cause we can't stop
We'll be connected like a hotspot
I got wi-fi, girl ♫
Kyle sang his part seductively.

"What? No, I'm busy don't let anyone in my office", Grey said annoyed as she spoke to her secretary.
"But Miss Grey, he's already-"
"You don't look very busy to me", said a familiar voice.
Grey hung up the phone and stood from her seat, "What the bloody hell are you doing here?"

"What a cute pile of fan mail", he laughed.
"Do I need to repeat myself?", Grey barked.
"Whoa calm down now toots, don't beat me up just yet. The big guy asked me to come here to promote No Trouble", Rodrick said.
"Bullshit, I don't need your help", Grey retorted, "I'll let him know".
"Now, now..I don't think that's wise. You know he's not an easy guy to talk to", Rodrick said.
"Shut up, I know him much better than you do", snapped Grey.

"Oh right, daddy's girl. You and you're father need a Xanax", Rodrick laughed.
"You are the most annoying person I've ever met," Grey rolled her eyes, "Where are your boys?"
"They should be here soon", Rodrick smirked, "..Are you still mad that I signed them instead of you?"
"No, but I get mad that you bring it up every time we meet", Grey said.

♫ Putting my defenses up
Cause I don’t wanna fall in love
If I ever did that
I think I’d have a heart attack ♫

Mimi and her backup dancers moved to the music as they rehearsed.
"That's it Mimi! You're doing great", Ash motivated her through the choreography.

♫ Never put my love out on the line
Never said yes to the right guy
Never had trouble getting what I want
But when it comes to you, I’m never good enough
When I don’t care
I can play ‘em like a Ken doll
Won’t wash my hair
Then make 'em bounce like a basketball ♫

♫ But you make me wanna act like a girl
Paint my nails and wear high heels
Yeah you, make me so nervous
That I just can’t hold your hand ♫

"Ow Mimi! You stepped on my foot", cried Rio as he stopped dancing.
"Oh my god, I'm so sorry!", said Mimi examining his foot.

"I am wiped out", said Flint leaning back into couch.
"I'm about to join Anthony", said Kyle.
"Thank god, Mimi showed up right after us", sighed Eithen, "Or else we would've been trapped in there".
"I could use a drink", Dylan laughed.
"Me too", Eithen sighed.

"Wait you drink..like drink?!", Dylan asked surprised.
"Occasionally, yes", Eithen laughed, "Why is that surprising?"
"Because you're such a stiff", Flint impulsively spouted, "You called me fat the other day".
"I did not! Fat and lazy are two different words", Eithen argued.
"Yeah, he's right and we still don't know much about you", Kyle said.

"Yeah, well I've always kept to myself growing up", said Eithen, "What do you want to know?"
"You said you lived by yourself?" Dylan asked.
"Damn, how'd you pull that off?" Kyle said intrigued.
"You moved out? But you're younger than us!" Flint exclaimed.

"This looks like the place", said Alex walking inside with his bandmates.
They followed behind him into the studio, tired after a their flight all the way from New York. They had to check in with their manager
and follow their schedule. The next few months were going to busy for them.
"I'm so damn tired", said Max.
"Hey, don't forget we're going out tonight", Cameran reminded him.
"You're such a pain", Max complained.

"Man, after this we should take a trip somewhere", said Kyle.
"Oh, look what we have here", said Alex when he saw Different Doses sitting in the waiting area.
Alex and the boys decided to entertain them.

"Wait...they look familiar. Who are they?" asked Max clueless.
"Haha, quit being a smart ass. You know who we are, we are number one on the Billboard", said Eithen annoyed.
"Eithen? That you? Wow man, and to think you were going to be in our group until we rejected you", Cameran teased him.
Anthony opened his eyes as heard the conversation, "Who are these morons?"
"Okay, quit wasting my time with this pointless arguing. I really just wanted to know where Rodrick was", Alex explained.
"Yeah, same", Ruben finally spoke
"Do we look like a front desk to you?" Kyle said sarcastically.

"Wait..weren't you Jenny's boyfriend", Cameron said as he remembered Dylan.
"You again.." Dylan rolled his eyes annoyed.
"You know this guy?" Kyle asked.
"I'm glad she dumped you", Cameran winked, "She was boring to hangout with until then".
"Did you just fucking wink at me..?", Dylan was at his boiling point.
"Hey Dill, let's get out of here", said Kyle, knowing how bad of a temper Dylan had.
"Aw, is this your boyfriend?" Cameran joked. Kyle let Dylan go after his remark.
"Cameran, shut up already", Alex ordered.
"But he makes the cutest expressions-" but Cameran's sentence was cropped short.

Alex dove out the way, as Dylan swung his fist at Cameran's face knocking him over.
The boys stood there in awe as they watched Cameran falter to the ground unconscious.
"Well..at least somebody finally shut him up", Alex said without a care in the world.
"I think that means I can stay in tonight", said Max.
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Take Care 2.2: I'm a Mess (Part 2)

Kyle was walking to Mimi's place after rehearsals, "God, I'm beat. She's lucky I love her".
He complained while dragging his feet, then slowed down as he saw Mimi outside, "I thought we were watching a movie", he thought.

He slowed his steps and decided to sneak up on her.

"Where is he?" Mimi thought as she left her bedroom.
She walked towards the front door window seal and looked outside.

"I texted him, is his phone dead?" she thought while gazing outside.
She spotted Kyle's red shirt, "Oh-..oh?", she drifted off and her body slumped as she watched Kyle from outside.

Kyle hugged her and lazily shifted his body weight on her.
"What are we doing cause I am tired, Mimi", he sluggishly said.
She stood there quietly but her body was tense then relaxed when she recognized his voice, "Kyle?"
"What?" Kyle replied.
"I'm Kiki...Mimi's older sister", she claimed.
"Wait..what?!" he said jumping off of her.

Kyle took a few steps back and looked her up and down, "Oh shit, sorry I thought you were Mimi", he rambled.
"Do we really look that familiar?" Kiki asked annoyed.
"Yeah actually you do, you just have different eyes-" he said.
Kiki interrupted him, "We don't look anything alike, you idiot".
"My bad", Kyle apologetic but then he recalled he had met Kiki before.
"Whatever, what are you doing here?" Kiki asked.
"I was stopping by...but I think I forgot something at home", Kyle said slowly turning around.

"I'll tell Mimi you stopped by then I guess", Kiki said.
Kyle scratched his head, "Does she still remember that one time?...Probably not", he thought.

Kiki watched him as he walked away, "You're much more mature now", she said gazing at his height.

In the studio, Calvin tweaked the song on the console as he waited for Alex to show up.
Mimi patiently waited in the booth going over her lyrics.
"Well look who it", Calving looked when he heard the door open, "You're late, hurry up and sit down so we can begin".
Alex made a quick glance at him but continued walking. He wasn't normally late to his studio sessions.
"God damn kids, I need a vacation", Calvin murmured.

Alex waltzed inside and sat down on the stool next to Mimi. He paused looking at the space between them.
"Hey, can you scoot closer and turn towards me?" he barked his orders at her.
She grimaced, "Excuse me?", she barely knew him and he was telling her what to do.
"Just do it, it helps with the song's chemistry", Alex demanded.
"What the hell? He was late, who does he think he is?" she thought but unknowingly turned towards him anyways.
"I'm gonna play the track in ten seconds, get ready people", Calvin spoke through the intercom.
Alex took off his glasses and cleared his throat. Mimi took a swig of her water then began singing her part.

Cut me up like a knife
And I feel it, deep in my bones
Kicking it high
But I love even harder
You wanna know?

♫ I just wanna dive in the water, with you
Baby, we can't see the bottom
It's so easy to fall for each other
I'm just hoping we catch one another

Alex began his part and caught Mimi off guard with his voice, "No wonder he's full of himself", she thought.
Oh na na, just be careful, na na
Love ain't simple, na na
Promise me no promises
Oh na na, just be careful, na na
Love ain't simple, na na
Promise me no promises

Baby, I think about you
And I feel it, deep in my heart
Maybe we just ain't meant to be something
Maybe we are?

Alex gazed at her as she sung her part once more, "She's good", he thought.
I just wanna dive in the water, with you
Baby, we can't see the bottom
It's so easy to fall for each other
I'm just hoping we catch one another


Flint walked into his bedroom and found his family sitting on the floor, "Asia?" he said startled.
"Oh hey, you're back early today", she smiled at him while getting up to greet him.
"Yeah they let us go early today since its Friday", Flint explained.

"That's good, and hey I heard about the interview", Asia said.
Flint became nervous and stuttered, "O-oh really?"
"Yeah, congratulations! I'll get to see you on TV I can't wait", Asia cheerfully said.
"Oh..yeah", Flint said relieved, "She must not have heard about the other part", he thought.


Alex walked into the studio with a grocery bag, "Hey Max, they were out of that Monster drink you like so I got you something else".
"Seriously? Well thanks anyways", Max took the drink from him.
Cameran sat up from the chair, "Hey, did you get my chips?"
"Yeah here", Alex tossed it to him, "What are you guys still doing here anyway?"

"Nothing really..just watching her fail at her dance routine over and over again", Max chuckled.
"Don't you idiots have anything better to do", Alex complained while staring at Mimi.
"Well Max doesn't want to go out with me so I'm bored", Cameran whined.
Max ignored Cameran's remark then glanced at Alex, "Why do you care? You got a crush or something?"
Alex ignored Max as he focused on Mimi's steps.

"Okay Mimi, you're doing good now here comes the spin", Rio said
"Okay, I think I got it this time", she said sweating puddles.
"Good, cause I don't think my feet can take anymore", he cried.

Rio spun her around and once more, Mimi landed on his foot, "OW!"
"Damn, I'm sorry! One more time", Mimi whaled at Rio as he caressed his foot.
"No, we are done here. Find someone else to rehearse with", Rio angrily stomped off.

"I can't seem to focus..", Mimi dawdled.
Alex still stood there gazing at her through the glass.


"I heard you guys drove Calvin crazy this summer in Japan", Keith laughed at the thought.
"Barely, that guy is just a wuss. You should've been there instead", Dylan complained.
"Well you know why I had to leave early, I probably could've stayed longer since she came home the same day you guys did", said Keith as he smoked his cigarette.
"That's nice to know", Dylan carelessly said. He was getting sick of hearing things about Jenny.

"So..I see you're still mad with her. Don't you think you're going a tad overboard?" Keith pestered.
"No I don't, she chose to trust some strangers over me", Dylan said, "And now one of them is here for the year, taunting me".
The door opened and a familiar somebody walked through the lobby.
"Oh yeah..No Trouble is here. Well you can't just go around punching people in the face Dylan. That's how we get lawsuits and...", lectured Keith.
But he stopped talking when he saw the man's face in his peripheral.

Keith immediately stood up, "What the fuck are you doing here, Steffen?" Keith said enraged suddenly.
"What Keith? You work here?" Steffen stopped and looked at him confused.
They hadn't seen each other in years, not since they were in a band together.
Dylan sat there watching Keith's emotions unfold. Steffen saw Dylan and immediately recognized him, "You too?"

"Do you not remember the last thing I said to you years ago?", Keith asked.
"I-I do, but I didn't know you worked here!" Steffen exclaimed.
As he spoke Keith's fist balled up in fury.

Keith immediately swung at Steffen knocking him to his bum.

"I said stay away from here!" Keith continued to hit Steffen, "I told you!"
"Keith!", Steffen still conscious cried out his name.
"You scumbag!" Keith ignored his cries.
Dylan stood in shock as he watch his biggest influence demolish the man before him.

"What were you saying about hitting people?" Dylan muttered under his breath.
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Take Care 2.2: I'm a Mess (Part 3)

Keith stood there in the hallway as he watched his daughter through her cracked door.
Everyday he'd stop by the house and check up on her, he'd make sure she wasn't sneaking off again.
Jenny had been grounded for two months and he wanted to make sure she was abiding by it.

After school she came home and was clinging to her keyboard, writing music in her journal.
She had a sudden kick of inspiration.
♫ I never meant to break your heart
Now I won't let this plane go down
I never meant to make you cry
I'll do what it takes to make this fly, oh
You gotta hold on ♫

♫ Hold on to what you're feeling
That feeling is the best thing
The best thing, alright
I'm gonna place my bet on us
I know this love is heading in the same direction
That's up ♫

Keith continued to listen to her song, "That's a pretty catchy tune", he thought.
Keith whipped out his cellphone and began recording her song.
♫ Well, I hope and I pray that you do understand
If you did, all you have to say is
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm waiting for you ♫

After Jenny finished playing her song, Keith stopped recording and vanished before she caught him spying.

She suddenly heard a thud outside on her patio, "Probably a bird", she thought.
But then she heard it again and decided to take a look at it.

Jenny opened her screen door and walked outside. She saw a familiar face standing in her backyard.
"What in the world? What are you doing here?", she whispered low enough for him to hear.

"Come out to play", Cameran giddily said to her.
"I can't, I'm grounded", Jenny tried to kill the conversation.
She hadn't seen Cameran since the tour during the summer and she knew he had a crush on her.
So she was trying her best to avoid him, "Oh come on wussy, you know you want to. I make you laugh when we're together", Cameran grinned.
It was true, each time they hangout he had managed to make her forget about Dylan and have a great time.
"Fine, but help me down", Jenny sighed but secretly smiled.

Dylan lied back in his chair sighing with beer in hand.
"How many times are you going to sigh? You're killing my buzz", Eithen complained.
The boys took Dylan's offer about drinking together but only three of them were able to show up.
Dylan of course, was able to get Eithen a fake ID so that he could drink.

"Shut up, who invited you?", Dylan sneered at him.
Kyle laughed, "Sorry that I did, but we did talk about drinking together".
"Too busy sighing to remember huh", Eithen sipped his beer, "What's wrong with you?"
Dylan slipped back into his chair, "Everything".

"It can't be that bad..not as bad as me at least", said Kyle.
"I can't forget about my ex..", Dylan brooded.
"Find a new girlfriend, duh", said Eithen who was tipsy after a few beers.
"My old crush is back in town, and I saw her today after so many years", Kyle sulked.
"You're like a walking cloud full of drama..stay away from me..never mind its too late", said Dylan.
"So? You're dating Mimi now so that shouldn't change anything", Eithen consoled.
"Its her sister..", Kyle muttered.
"What?!" Dylan and Eithen yelled.

"You're such a dog", Dylan said slightly laughing at his situation.
"I'm going to have to agree with Dylan on this one. How could you?", Eithen joked.
"I didn't know they were sisters until today!" Kyle tried to save himself.
"Whatever, no wonder you fell for Mimi. They probably have the same features-" said Dylan.
The boys were interrupted when the stage had dimmed and a performer came up on the stage.

She sat down on the stool with her guitar and began singing,

♫ I'm standing on a bridge
I'm waitin' in the dark
I thought that you'd be here by now
There's nothing but the rain
No footsteps on the ground
I'm listening but there's no sound ♫

♫ Isn't anyone tryin' to find me?
Won't somebody come take me home
It's a damn cold night
Trying to figure out this life
Won't you take me by the hand
Take me somewhere new
I don't know who you are
But I, I'm with you ♫

Dylan raised his head at her, her music was captivating his attention.
He could feel her heart and emotions through the song as she sang.
♫ I'm looking for a place
I'm searching for a face
Is anybody here I know
Cause nothings going right
And everything's a mess
And no one likes to be alone ♫

♫ Isn't anyone tryin' to find me?
Won't somebody come take me home
It's a damn cold night
Trying to figure out this life
Won't you take me by the hand
Take me somewhere new
I don't know who you are
But I, I'm with you ♫

♫ Oh why is everything so confusing
Maybe I'm just out of my mind
Yea yea yea ♫

♫ It's a damn cold night
Trying to figure out this life
Won't you take me by the hand
Take me somewhere new
I don't know who you are
But I, I'm with you ♫

Dylan's heart jolted a bit when she made a quick glimpse at him, "Why am I getting so worked up for?", he thought.
♫ Take me by the hand
Take me somewhere new
I don't know who you are
But I, I'm with you
I'm with you ♫

♫ Take me by the hand
Take me somewhere new
I don't know who you are
But I, I'm with you
I'm with you
I'm with you ♫

She finished playing her song and left the stage.

Dylan was turned around in his seat unintentionally eyeing her at the bar.
"Dylan?", Eithen quizzically said.

"Hmph, she's cute", Kyle commented.
"This is your problem now! You always hit on girls", Eithen spewed.
"I wasn't hitting on anybody! I was trying to tell him to go talk to her", Kyle argued.
But Dylan wasn't listening to their conversation. He had too much to drink that he couldn't even focus on more than one thing.
"I think he's drunk..", said Eithen as he watched Dylan stagger turning around in his seat.
"Yeah, let's get out of here. We've got a long day tomorrow", said Kyle.
Last thing he wanted was for them to get caught up in underage drinking.

Eithen saw a familiar figure by the pool table, "Damn, its Cameran again".
Little did Eithen know was that Cameran had his body wrapped around Jenny, considering he never knew what she looked like.
Dylan turned and looked in Eithen's direction and saw them embracing.
"Oh shit", Kyle panicked when Dylan saw Cameran and Jenny in his line of sight.
Drunk Dylan got up from his seat and began striding.

Jenny stopped in her tracks when she spotted Dylan from afar.
But not towards them, towards the bar where that singer was sipping her beer in peace.
"Hey", Dylan said as he turned her around and forced himself on her.
She muffled at first as his lips collided with hers, but strangely she didn't fight him off of her.

Jenny stood there speechless, her tears were all dried up and couldn't fall as she watched their exchange.

♫ I never meant to break your heart
Now I won't let this plane go down
I never meant to make you cry
I'll do what it takes to make this fly, oh ♫
Grey sat in her office with the others that night listening to Keith's recording silently.

♫ You gotta hold on
Hold on to what you're feeling
That feeling is the best thing
The best thing, alright
I'm gonna place my bet on us
I know this love is heading in the same direction
That's up ♫

After the music stopped playing Grey finally spoke, "Hm...I want to meet with this Jenny of yours".

"When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye" (≧◡≦)
Story: Take Care
Simblr: marblecakepanda
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Take Care 2.3: All In My Head (Part 1)

Theme Song: Fifth Harmony "All In My Head"

Anthony walked into class later than usual today as his music teacher, Mr. Young greeted him, "Hey, give me your late slip after class".
Anthony didn't pay him much attention as he strolled by him and towards the only available guitar.

He stopped and looked at Taylor as she sat there playing the piano. Sure enough he walked over and picked up the guitar.
"So, you play the piano?" Anthony curiously asked her.
Taylor in her trance, snapped out of it and suddenly realized Anthony's presence, "O-oh yeah, my mother made me take piano lessons".
Taylor studied Anthony for a brief second, "You changed your hair?"

Anthony startled, "Yeah..not my choice but we have a huge gig this week, so they felt it was necessary", he explained.
"Hmph..", Taylor sounded lost in thought.
"What is it?" Anthony interest peeked.
"You seem like you have too much pride to let someone play with your hair is all", Taylor laughed.
Anthony had stopped playing from her remark, "You're right, but this is a different circumstance".

She gazed at him as he seemed to be stuck in a train of thought.
"You", Anthony bluntly said, "You should come watch us tonight".
"What?" Taylor's heart skipped a beat, "Wait why is my heart beating so fast?" she thought.
"They gave us all an extra ticket, so here", Anthony sat the ticket on the piano and started playing the guitar again.
"Why's he being so nice to me", she thought while picking up the ticket.

"Asia", Jenny said her name but Asia kept walking towards the school exit, "Asia!"
Asia startled by Jenny's voice had stopped finally.
"What do you want, Jenny?" Asia said irritated but with a hint of sadness.

"I want to talk", Jenny said but Asia wasn't moved by her words.
"You're going to keep bothering me unless I say yes, aren't you?" Asia rolled her eyes.
Jenny smiled, "Of course".
"Fine..but make it quick, I have to buy Cheyanne diapers", said Asia.

Kyle arrived home earlier than usual to change and go straight to the studio for rehearsals.
Work had been even more tedious lately because of the showcase happening in just a few days.
He hadn't been able to hangout with Mimi nor see his family as often, since he'd come home burnt out of energy.
"I need an energy drink", he spoke to himself.

"Hm? Dad's home early today", Kyle raised a brow, he was going to check on his dad until he realized that he wasn't alone.
"Wait...who's he talking to?" Kyle thought as he arched behind the sofa.

Michael stood there arms crossed, "So, your back visiting or are you staying this time?" he casually asked her.
Kiki replied, "I'm actually here for an internship at the firm".
"Its already been that long since you've gone off to college? Wow, time flies by", he said making small talk.
She smiled, "Yes, I'll be graduating next year after all".
Michael smirked at the thought.

"And I see that he's gotten to be much more mature now", Kiki added.
"Oh you mean, Kyle? Yeah he'll be graduating this year too", Michael said, "Not sure what he plans to do after but he's been into this music thing lately".
"At least he's finally found something of his own he actually enjoys...and I'm not talking music", Kiki indicated.
"It seems history actually does repeat itself, but hopefully not to the same degree as myself", Michael said troubled.

"I'm glad my sister has finally found love but him of all people..I feel restless at the thought", said Kiki.
"Restless? Or jealous? Do I need to set you up with a man, Kiki?" Michael teased.
"Haha, no thank you", Kiki laughed.
"Okay, well how about we go to lunch then? I'm pretty hungry and have to return to work", Michael gestured.

Michael wrapped his arm around her and guided Kiki out the backyard and around the patio.
"What the hell were they talking about?" Kyle thought as he watched that confusing exchange between him and Kiki, Mimi's older sister.
"Is he cheating? What relationship do they have?" so many thoughts ran through Kyle's mind but he had to get ready for rehearsals.


Jenny sat across from Asia as they gathered at cafe nearby the school.
"Okay, you've got me here but you have three minutes to keep me interested", Asia dismissively said.
"Fair enough, I knew this wasn't going to be easy", said Jenny, "First off, Asia I'm sorry".
Asia still unmoved, looked at her nails.
"I'm sorry I didn't communicate with you or anyone this summer. I felt so sure of myself when I decided to stay in New York,
but I ended up being wrong with my judgement. My father lied to me and I believed him over Dylan", Jenny explained.
"You're getting warm..", Asia murmured enough for her to hear.

"I should've came home after that, but I couldn't face you guys. I felt like a complete idiot so I ran away", Jenny said.
"Warmer..", Asia looked at her.
"Instead of being a coward I should've came home anyway, because you guys are my best friends and you wouldn't have judged me for being a dumbass", Jenny continued.
"Ding, ding, ding! We've got a winner", Asia exaggerated, "Now..how are you going to fix it?"
"I have an idea but I don't know if it will work. Dylan has showed how much he couldn't careless about me and I think the boys are backing him", Jenny said sounding discouraged.

"There you go being a coward again, you'll never get our forgiveness if you keep running Jenny", said Asia.
"You always know the right thing to say", Jenny smiled at her.
"Duh! Which is why you should've came to me when you felt troubled to begin with.
Next time you do this you'll have to beg for Mimi's forgiveness and not mine", Asia said.
"Fair enough, she's more determined to ignore me it seems", Jenny frowned at the thought.

"So, are you going to win Dylan back at least?" Asia asked curiously.
"I don't know A, the other night he kissed some girl at the jazz club downtown", Jenny said depressed.
"Wait what?! Who the hell is she? Dylan's never mentioned a new girlfriend", Asia said surprised.
"Yeah and because of that I'm scared to face him", Jenny said as she hung her head.
"You got this! Don't let some random girl get in the way of you guys. I'm pretty sure he's still hung up on you,
he's just trying his best not to seem weak in front of everyone", Asia explained.
"You're right, I'm not going down without a fight!" Jenny exclaimed getting everyone in the cafes' attention.

Alex walked into the studio to take a rest from his rehearsals, "I'm beat".
He stopped when he heard the same music that's been playing in the other studio for the past few weeks straight.
"She's still going over that stupid part?" he said to himself.

Mimi was so into the choreography that she didn't catch Alex looking at her through the glass.
"One, two, three, four", Mimi counted the steps in her head drenched of sweat, "Five, six, seven, eight".
She stopped once more as she had messed the last step once again.

She regained her composure to redo the routine but was interrupted as Alex busted into the room.
"Hey idiot, stop overthinking the steps!" He said trying to correct but instead came off obnoxious.
"Wait..who are you calling an idiot?!" Mimi retorted.
"You obvi", He exaggerated, "You're never going to nail that last step if you keep overthinking it".
"What would you know? Quit trying to be a know-it-all", Mimi rolled her eyes.
"Shut up, I think I know your routine more than anyone after seeing you repeat it the last few weeks", Alex claimed.

He waltzed up to her and gripped her and began guiding her, "Wh-what are you doing?!"
Alex hushed and continued, "Just go with it".
Mimi finally stopped talking and without realizing it, she wasn't counting the steps in her head any longer.
Alex helped her through the routine and she finally didn't step on anyone's toes.
"See? Not so hard now is it?" Alex confidently said as he looked at the mirror.
"Why is he so good at everything?" Mimi thought.

"Wait! When did his face get this close?!" Mimi's eyes grew big.
"I can't believe you had such a hard time with this routine", Alex emphasized then looked at her.
Once their eyes met Mimi looked away, "What are you a virgin?" Alex teased as he laughed at her blushing face.
"Shut up! That's none of your business anyways", Mimi shrieked.
"Well its written all over your face..and its no wonder you kept overthinking the steps. You get nervous just dancing with a guy", Alex continued his banter.
"Ugh..you are so annoying", Mimi sighed, "Can we do it one more time?" she murmured.

"We need to throw a party after this showcase", Dylan said.
"The holidays are coming up too", Eithen included.
"When's the last time we had a party?" Kyle laughed.
"Actually, I think it was my wedding", Flint laughed at the thought.
Eithen stopped walking as he looked through the glass, "Hey, isn't that your girlfriend?"

Kyle stood there gazing at Mimi through the glass dazed out of his mind, "What the-" Kyle drifted.
The boys watched as Alex lead Mimi through her dance routine.
"Finally, a girl that actually cheats on you for a change", Dylan poked, "Karma's a bitch".
"I think they're just rehearsing, don't jump to conclusions, idiot", trying to reassure him, Anthony slapped him on the back of the shoulder.
But it was obvious that Kyle was troubled, for once he had a hint of jealousy in his eyes. A feeling he hasn't had until he met Mimi.
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I need to read this from the beginning but I have to say that your pics are glorious and I appreciate the detail and effort you put into posing, decorating, and getting the shots of them. They are so lovely and very narrative; I can get a sense of the story browsing through them without the text.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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Thank you for that detailed feedback! I like adding more pictures than word cause they seem to express more yah know. And if you go back to read it from start to current, you'll find the story has a lot of progression from when I first started it. Plus my old computer would crash a lot but everythings working better now, so I should be able to hopefully finish the story.

Originally Posted by Charmful
I need to read this from the beginning but I have to say that your pics are glorious and I appreciate the detail and effort you put into posing, decorating, and getting the shots of them. They are so lovely and very narrative; I can get a sense of the story browsing through them without the text.

"When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye" (≧◡≦)
Story: Take Care
Simblr: marblecakepanda
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Take Care 2.3: All In My Head (Part 2)

It was finally the day of the showcase and Dylan was arriving home to gather some things and head out.
As Dylan was walking up to his front door, he furrowed his brows trying to see through the rain.
Jenny was sitting on his porch, drenched from head to toe.
"How long has this dumbass been sitting here?" Dylan thought.
Jenny was startled as she got up from the ground and approached him.
Dylan could hear her shoes squish as she took a few small steps towards him.

"I was out here for so long I hadn't realized it began to rain", Jenny tried to make small talk.
"How long is so long?" Dylan asked irritated, "Why are you here anyways?"
"As I was driving, I thought about you and somehow I ended up here", Jenny replied.
"Wow Jenny, that new scent called full of shit you're wearing smells really nice on you", Dylan sarcastically riddled.
"Okay, I came to talk to you", Jenny said.

"Not interested", Dylan tried to go past her but she blocked the way.
"So you're not even going to hear me?! I was girlfriend for a few months, you could at least hear me out?" Jenny became furious.
Dylan sighed, "Is it about that kiss from the other night?" he thought.
"Its not about the kiss from the other night", Jenny read his expression.
"Damn, then what?" he thought.
"Its about what happened this summer", Jenny was literally reading his mind.
"Now I'm REALLY not interested", Dylan tried to shove her out the way.

But Jenny stood her ground, "I'm not leaving this spot until you hear me out first!" Jenny shouted,
"You want a crazy girl like me outside your house all night, so be it Dylan!"
"Oh my god, okay shut the hell up before you disturb my nosy neighbors", Dylan said annoyed.
"Okay..I'm sorry", Jenny lowered her voice.
"Is that it?" he said.
"No, I'm sorry I didn't trust you when I should have. You were right about him, I didn't want to believe you because I had so much hope in him", Jenny explained.
Dylan just stood there looking at her, his heart was confused as to what to say to her.
"And also-" Jenny continued but Dylan interrupted her.

"Oh my god, if I forgive you will stop running your damn mouth?" Dylan rolled his eyes.
"Wait..really?" she let her guard down and relaxed.
"Yes, Jenny I forgive you. Now get the hell out of here already. I have someplace to be soon", he said trying to run her off.
"But where do we stand? Are we da-" Dylan cut her off once more.
"We're friends..that's it", Dylan knew what she about to ask and quickly evaded the question.
In his heart he felt it was right to take it easy and think things through first.

Jenny turned around avoiding eye contact with him, she felt disappointing as her heart pained at the thought just friends.
She held back her tears, "Well then, I'll go home now. Thanks Dill..I mean Dylan", she wasn't sure to be distant or not still.
"Yeah..", Dylan drifted as he looked at how it began to rain even harder, "She hates the cold, I'm surprised she sat outside this long", he thought.

"Hey dumbass! Come inside before you catch a cold, I don't need Keith blaming me for this later", he said making excuses.
"Seriously?" Jenny questioned.
"I'm not repeating myself", Dylan walked inside the house without her, but she soon quickly followed him.


"Hi America, this is Perez! Coming to you live from the iHeart Music Festival!" Perez began his introduction,
"Today we've got an exciting night of performances and many new artists you've definitely heard this summer.
And to top it off we've got one time Grammy winners No Trouble opening the show, so here is...No Trouble!"

The boys were backstage waiting patiently before it was their turn to perform.
Mimi deeply sighed as Kyle looked at her slightly worried, "You nervous?" Kyle asked.
"Just a little", Mimi squealed.
"You are totally nervous", Kyle laughed.
"Okay, yes I am! This is my first time doing a live performance and I just want it to go perfectly", Mimi exclaimed.
"Oh yeah? Is that why you were rehearsing with Alex?" Kyle thought but the words actually slipped right out his mouth.
Mimi's head sharply turned to him, "Wait what?" she asked.

"I saw you two rehearsing the other day", Kyle explained looking away.
"Oh yeah, he was just helping me get my last step down and-" Kyle impeded her sentence.
"You should've come to me if you needed help, Mimi", Kyle seemed dejected.
"I didn't want to distract you from your rehearsals either though", said Mimi.
"But you interrupted, Alex?" Kyle's gaze sharpened.
"No, he just offered at that moment!" Mimi lost her cool becoming slightly irritated, "Are you mad at me?"
"I'm not mad, I'm annoyed. Just next time come to me if you need help, even if I'm rehearsing I would've made time for you.
What else are boyfriends for, silly?" Kyle patted her looking at her big blue eyes, "You're such a puppy, don't look at me like that".
Remorseful, he ended the topic right there. He didn't want to argue at a time like this.


"My, my that was quite the opener", Perez said as he heard the crowd still roaring at No Trouble's performance.
"Now, its time for this new artist to make her first live appearance tonight".

Mimi's nerves started climbing as she heard Perez building up the crowd to call her on stage.
But she redirected her energy towards Kyle once more, "I'm sorry, Kyle. I'm still new to this dating stuff".
"I know you silly pup. But just trust me from now on, okay? Trust me like I'm your owner" Kyle laughed.
But the image of him and Kiki from the other day popped into Mimi's head.

Kyle took Mimi in his arms, "You'll be fine, stop being so tense. Sounds like the crowd is getting excited for you", he whispered in her ears.
Little did they know Alex was there watching their love display, eyes with envy.
But that wasn't the only thing getting Mimi excited, Mimi's body relaxed in Kyle's arms but her heart was rapidly beating.
Kyle laughed, "You're heart is beating fast, Mimi. Are you still nervous?"
"That's not why its beating", she bluntly said.
Kyle ceased staring at her, "Don't say such cute things all of a sudden! Anyways you should probably go now".
He tried to shove her off before she could get a look at his bashful face.
"Look whose nervous now", Mimi giggled.

Mimi walking towards the stage, turned towards Alex, "Thank you for the other day", she whispered.
"Yeah anytime", Alex confidently said.
Kyle watched as they conversed, a pang in his chest went off and couldn't stand the sight of Mimi around him.

Mimi ran on stage and began singing her introduction.

Putting my defenses up
Cause I don’t wanna fall in love
If I ever did that
I think I’d have a heart attack

Never put my love out on the line
Never said yes to the right guy
Never had trouble getting what I want
But when it comes to you, I’m never good enough
When I don’t care
I can play ‘em like a Ken doll
Won’t wash my hair
Then make 'em bounce like a basketball

But you make me wanna act like a girl
Paint my nails and wear high heels
Yeah you, make me so nervous
That I just can’t hold your hand

You make me glow, but I cover up
Won’t let it show, so I’m
Putting my defenses up
Cause I don’t wanna fall in love
If I ever did that
I think I’d have a heart attack
I think I’d have a heart attack
I think I’d have a heart attack

Never break a sweat for the other guys
When you come around, I get paralyzed
And every time I try to be myself
It comes out wrong like a cry for help
It’s just not fair
Pain’s more trouble than it all is worth
I gasp for air
It feels so good, but you know it hurts

The feelings are lost in my lungs
They’re burning, I’d rather be numb
And there’s no one else to blame
So instead I’ll take off in a run
I’m flying too close to the sun
And I’ll burst into flames

Kyle stood there watching Mimi from backstage. Alex watched Mimi's performance as well but felt the need to pester Kyle.
"So she actually nailed her part", said Alex.
Kyle dropped his smile and turned to face Alex, hunched up leaning on the wall.
"Yeah, thanks for that but she won't be needing your help anymore", said Kyle.

"Well if I didn't know any better, I'd think I hit a nerve", Alex smirked.
"What's your deal with Mimi?" Kyle confronted him.
"My deal? She's just a mere apprentice of mine I guess", said Alex.
"Okay, well your student-teacher relationship better just be that and nothing more", Kyle relaxed.
"And if it isn't?" Alex played. He could sense Kyle's jealousy from a mile away.

"Aren't you like twenty-one?" Kyle wrapped his arm around him and whispered, "My girlfriend would never fall for someone like you".
Kyle's lips turned up then Alex replied, "Yeah, but her virgin mind is so cute and fun to tease. Don't you agree?"
Kyle's arms tensed up at Alex's' remark.
"Count your blessings we're in public right now, or else I'd knock you off your feet", Kyle said remaining his cool.

I think I’d have a heart attack
I think I’d have a heart attack
I think I’d have a heart attack

Mimi had finished her song as the music slowly came to stop, another song began to play unexpectedly.

Keith and Dylan's heads turned at the familiar tune that began playing from the stage.
"What the hell?" they both said.
Dylan looked at Keith, "Did you know this was going to play?"
Keith anxiously rubbed his head, "Hell no".
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Take Care 2.3: All In My Head (Part 3)

"Keith! Why is the blasted song playing right now?!" Grey furiously yelled at Keith.
"I am just as confused as you are right now", Keith said lost for thought.
"Grey, what should we do about Mimi? She's still stuck on stage", Tessa reminded Grey of the situation.
"Have her get off immediately, and tell the crowd its a malfunction", Grey demanded.
"Wait! I have an idea", Dylan finally spoke as he listened to their banter.
"What is it?" Grey asked raising a brow.

Mimi stood there stricken by the familiar song playing, it was Jenny's song.
Jenny kept sending Mimi text over the summer about a new song she was writing.
Mimi still mad with her never replied, but listened to the song once and read the lyrics.
"How the hell did she manage to get it to play?" Mimi thought as she stared at the crowd dumbfounded.
She wasn't sure whether to walk off stage or stand there in the spotlight.
Still contemplating, her thoughts were interrupted when the crowd began going wild and she suddenly heard someone singing.

Dylan had a guitar in hand smiling, singing the verse for the song and slowly approaching Mimi.

I drew a broken heart
Right on your window pane
Waited for your reply
Here in the pouring rain
Just breathe against the glass
♫ sang Dlyan

Leave me some kind of sign
I know the hurt won't pass, yeah
Just tell me it's not the end of the line
Just tell me it's not the end of the line
♫ sang Dylan.

He was nodding his head at her as if to cue her to sing. Mimi began singing to what she remembered.
I never meant to break your heart
Now I won't let this plane go down
I never meant to make you cry
I'll do what it takes to make this fly, oh
♫ sang Mimi.

Mimi began making up choreography as she began dancing to the song.
You gotta hold on
Hold on to what you're feeling
That feeling is the best thing
The best thing, alright
I'm gonna place my bet on us
I know this love is heading in the same direction
That's up
♫ sang Mimi.

You drew a question mark
But you know what I want
I wanna turn the clock, yeah
Right back to where it was
So let's build a bridge, yeah
From your side to mine
I'll be the one to cross over
Just tell me it's not the end of the line
Just tell me it's not the end of the line
♫ sang Dylan.

I never meant to break your heart
Now I won't let this plane go down
I never meant to make you cry
I'll do what it takes to make this fly, oh
♫ sang Mimi.

You gotta hold on
Hold on to what you're feeling
That feeling is the best thing
The best thing, alright
I'm gonna place my bet on us
I know this love is heading in the same direction
That's up
♫ sang Mimi

Asia was at home with Flint's parents watching the broadcast, "So she actually did it?" Asia thought as she smiled at her friends through the TV.
Girl, I know we could climb back to where we were then
Feel it here in my heart
Put my heart in your hand
♫ Dylan sang.
Then they both began to sing the song to its entirety.
Well, I hope and I pray that you do understand
If you did, all you have to say is
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm waiting for you
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I never meant to break your heart
Now I won't let this plane go down (let this plane go down)
I never meant to make you cry
I'll do what it takes to make this fly, oh
You gotta hold on
Hold on to what you're feeling
That feeling is the best thing
The best thing, alright
I'm gonna place my bet on us
I know this love is heading in the same direction
That's up
♫ They reluctantly finished the song and quickly left the stage.
Dylan had to quickly get ready for his performance which was next.

"Wow wasn't that something?!" Perez said as he listened to crowd still cheering at the new single. "Who would've thought a surprise duet would happen?"
"Okay everyone, its finally time for the one performance you've been looking forward to all night..here's Different Doses!"
The crowd was louder than ever and some people began to hold up their fan made signs.

If I pulled you closer, would you mind?
Would you mind? Would you mind?
Let's go!
♫ The boys harmonized in unison.

"Oh wait, scratch that!" Dylan said as the music stopped.
"We've got a new single for you guys", Flint said to the crowd.
They remixed the music and their new single began to play.
"Yo, it's Different Doses
Comin' through, comin' from you live, you know
I'm just tryna figure out what you can be
'Cause uh, aye!" Dylan sang.

The boys suddenly jumped towards the crowd hyping them up.
You could be my teacher (where they at)
You could be my boss (where they at)
Oh, you could be my lover (where they at)
You could be my car (where they at)
Baby, I could drive ya, ohhh, anywhere you want (so so)
Ahh, you could be my teacher (where they at)
Oh yeah, you could be my boss (skrt)
♫ The boys sang the chorus in unison.

So tell me your wish
I could do the night or the day shift
You could find my name on your playlist
Your favorite girl, yeah
And on the real tip (real)
Everything we do is the late shift
Meet me in your room or the basement
Escapin' girl, yeah
♫ sang Dylan.

Like that Prada you stole
Put me on like your clothes
We can rock nice and slow
Yeah me and you, true
♫ sang Anthony.

You could be my teacher (where they at)
You could be my boss (where they at)
Oh, you could be my lover (where they at)
You could be my car (where they at)
Baby, I could drive ya, ohhh, anywhere you want (so so)
Ahh, you could be my teacher (where they at)
Oh yeah, you could be my boss (skrt)

It's your birthday
Every single day it's your birthday
I can make you feel like Tinashe
In every way, yeah yeah
And when the beat drops
We'll keep on dancin' cause we can't stop
We'll be connected like a hotspot
I got wi-fi, girl
♫ Kyle sang his part seductively.

Like that Prada you stole
Put me on like your clothes
We can rock nice and slow
Yeah me and you, true
♫ sang Anthony.

♫ You could be my teacher (where they at)
You could be my boss (where they at)
Oh, you could be my lover (where they at)
You could be my car (where they at)
Baby, I could drive ya, ohhh, anywhere you want (so so)
Ahh, you could be my teacher (where they at)
Oh yeah, you could be my boss (skrt)
Cause uh

I like you
I want you
Indeed baby
Take a seat baby

I like you
I want you
Indeed baby
Take a seat baby

I like you
I want you
Indeed baby
Take a seat baby

I like you
I want you
Indeed baby
Take a seat baby
Oh! Aye!
♫ They finished their debut song with a bang.

"Here we are with Different Doses, say hi boys!" Perez said.
Asia walked closer to the television when it was finally time for the boys interview.
"My goodness! My son is on TV", Jamie said as she watched her son on TV.
"Yeah, he looks like a celebrity sitting there", Jeff said.
"You're right dear, go get the camera!" Jamie ordered.
"You're going to take a picture of the TV?" Jeff said confused, "You've got to be kidding me".

"So tell me, what's it like being in a group together?" Perez asked the boys.
"Nothings changed", Anthony said shortly.
"Uh, he means because we grew up together. We're all childhood friends and Eithen is the new guy", Dylan explained Anthony's curt reply.
"Oh yeah, now that's interesting! Childhood buddies in one group, Eithen how are you fitting in?" Perez asked.
"I've gotten pretty used to these guys, they're really fun to be around", Eithen replied.
"Yeah, I'm sure you guys are really popular with the ladies. Flint some of the girls are worried that you're already taken?" Perez wasted no time to ask him.

"Oh.." Flint seemingly bashful replied, "No, I'm single as a pringle".
"How cute", Perez chuckled but seemingly didn't believe him, "You guys have certainly been on Billboards Top Ten for the past few weeks,
can you spare me some details about your album releasing tomorrow?"
"Oh yeah, we know the fans have been anxiously waiting. But its definitely one to remember so make sure you guys purchase it", Kyle winked.
"Well you heard them, America. This album will become one of your favorites and maybe mine too", Perez said as he wrapped up the interview.

They looked blankly at the TV in silence after hearing Flint's remark of being single.
"Did he really just say that?" Jamie said puzzled.
"I um, ugh I wonder if the game is still on!" Jeff said quickly changing the channel.
Asia's face was easily read, she was lost and confused as to why he would lie about such a thing.

"So Mia..how's stardom?" Perez playfully rolled his eyes at her.
She laughed, "Its definitely taking some getting used to but I'm so humble to make it this far".
"Aw that's sweet, maybe we should start calling you America's Sweetheart huh? I heard you're working on your album right now as well", he gestured.
"Oh yes, its been so fun working with the producers and some other artists. I can't wait for you guys to hear it", Mimi said.
"That's great, and so Mia are you currently seeing anybody?" Perez asked, "I heard you found someone".

Mimi paused at the question, "Its just as Grey predicted", she thought.
Perez wasted no time in finding the scoop when it came to celebrities, and he would sometimes sniff it out.
Mimi hesitantly answered him, "No, I'm not".

"When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye" (≧◡≦)
Story: Take Care
Simblr: marblecakepanda
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