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Default After The Apocalypse

Hello, Everyone! Welcome to my story's thread!
For those who followed my last Legacy, with the Stephens, the save got corrupted somehow and even my back up failed. SOO I got frustrated and now that I'm okay with working on stories again, I decided to do the Rebuild the World Challenge with a few minor tweaks. The biggest one is that rather than starting my sims from children, they're teenagers. Mainly due to the fact that kids surviving on their own as the last two living people really doesn't make sense as they can't care for themselves. So I made them teenagers. That's the only change I really made. Other then that, its mostly the same.

***I also MAY turn off aging for the sake of story telling, but all skills and such will only be learned when aging is ON.***


GENERATION ONE-Abigail Keith & Chester Bagley: A deadly computer virus known as the Corruption Plague has invaded the world of the Sims 3. It has wiped out all humans, ravaged their towns, and destroyed their buildings. All traces of sim life have disappeared into oblivion. But all hope is not lost. Somehow, two sims have miraculously survived. Both are young, Abigail is only 16, and Chester is 17, but they alone are the ones who are going to restore humanity. Neither one had an easy start to life, they were children when the plague started 10 years ago. It spread quickly, and those infected died just days after getting it. Humanity tried it's best to stop it, but in the end, it was useless. Then natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes destroyed everything else, and most of the other survivors. Abigail and Chester were lucky to meet up, and both were the last of their groups to make it. Out of pure chance they met and over the course of a year the built an underground shelter, complete with all the necessities. How much further will they progress? Will humanity be restored? Or will the last hope for sim kind vanish?

After The Apocalypse Blog

Keith Family Tree May Contain Spoliers

These are in no real order, they're ALL stories I love!

-None here yet! Feel free to tell me about your story and I'll gladly check it out! If I really love it, it'll be here! (:

Custom Content

There are simply some things that without having them in my game, I would not be able to tell the ATA story like I do, or any story at all really.
This is honestly one of the best things that I've downloaded, and it's so helpful in telling stories!
by Granthes
by Newshoes.

Another incredibly useful object! Very helpful for placing sims in the right spot and getting the scene exactly how you want it!


No sims available for download at the moment. Will post at request/after each gen.


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Default Gen. 1: Abigail Keith. 1.1 "A Whole New World"

After the Apocalypse, everything changed. Right after it started, everyone tried to ignore it. They tried to pretend that "The Corruption" wasn't real, that it was all pretend, and that the world was going crazy. It was a state of controlled panic, no one wanted to believe that the end was actually here. We were supposed to have the technology to keep a plague from happening. Plus, at first, most of those who were dying were the old, people who were supposed to have weak immune systems anyway. Most people didn't worry when it first started. Though the people in Moonlight Falls knew what was coming. They were the first ones to shut down public buildings, place the infected into containment cells and try to work on some form of a cure. The rest of the world thought the people of Moonlight Falls were crazy before this happened. Residents claiming they saw vampires, werewolves, and fairies? Who would believe anything anyone in that town said? So despite what the doctors and scientists were saying, everyone outside of Moonlight Falls ignored their warnings. That is, everyone besides my mother. She believed that the people living here were right, and thats when she and my father took my family and helped a few others get out of Bridgeport.

We lived in RV's and abandoned motels. We went to every grocery store we possibly could and stocked up on food, bottled water, clothes, firewood, lighters flashlights, tools, gascans. Anything we thought we might need. My parents used up all our money on supplies, and by the time we had filled one of our RV's, we had enough non-perishable food and water to last our entire group two years. Enough time, my father thought, to find somewhere safe and hold up until "this entire thing blew over".

He was mostly right. We found a good spot far out past Appaloosa Plains, literally in the middle of nowhere. We stayed there for and survived on the supplies we had for two years, and we did start a garden that was well maintained for another four years. We had a pretty good community set up, filled with good, honest people, and we thought that it was over. But that was when the natural disasters started, and the second wave of the Plague hit. Soon there were devastating hurricanes and tornados that hit. Destroying most of our crops and homes that were set up in the community. We had an underground storage unit, and some of us stayed there, but, if you were infected with the plague, you weren't aloud in it for the safety of the group.
We managed to be okay living like that for awhile, but the destruction wasn't over. Earthquakes hit and more people died. By the end of all of this my sick mother sent me off, telling me I'd be safer on my own. She packed a bag full of clothes, whatever non-perishable food she could fit, and a whole bunch of seeds for if I found a spot where I could settle down. She told me to be safe, and not to give up on life.

So I left, I grabbed one of the horses someone in the community had found and we rode off. I didn't look back, I never have. I managed to live on my own for awhile, finding different places. Living in the mountainside in different small caves, or simply wherever would keep me warm. It wasn't easy, and it was nearly impossible for me to find anywhere that I was comfortable staying in. I stayed like that for two years, and then, last summer, I wandered into the ghost town of Moonlight Falls, hoping that since everyone here had been prepared, I might find someone else. However, the last few weeks of my journey were hard as soon before I came here, my horse that I had been riding on my way here had vanished.

I managed, though, and I was surprised to find that even here, locked away high up in the mountains, that there was no one.

It was here, in this empty town I came across Chester.
Chester wandered here after people in Starlight Shores started to die, about 4 years back. All he and his family knew was that they had to get out of there, and they had to get out of there fast. He and his family drove as far as their car would take them and that ended up being in the mountains, which was very lucky. His father had a log cabin and they managed to stay there, hunting and fishing for food and his mother tending a garden. They survived, but it was lonely. His father refused to let anyone live with them, or set up a camp anywhere near their house, as he was terrified of the Plague. However, after living there for almost the entire 6 years since the Corruption hit, a storm came through and destroyed his fathers home, killing both his parents and destroying just about everything they had. He took what he could and walked here, into the abandoned town of Moonlight Falls. He's said before that it was for the better that his parents died died, they were beginning to lose the will to live, and that it was a sad existence, not a life that he had wanted. They were merely surviving, and there was no joy left in their hearts.

He said it took him a year to walk from his fathers cabin to moonlight falls. He said that his plan was that he would walk until he found somewhere that was a suitable place for settling down, or if he ran into someone else, so that they could build up a settlement and look for other survivors.

"When I ran into you, Miss Abigail, I was quite pleased because I found someone, another living human that I could try and rebuild society with," he smiled, "and that, well, it gave me hope."

When he and I met, it was obvious to the both of us that we were each very lonely and tired of living on on our own so, we teamed up. y It was fate that he and I managed to run into each other. When he told me of his desire to try and create a safe place for other survivors, if there were any was inspiring to me. I wanted to help him on his quest, and it was nice to have some company for the first time in a long while.

So, after we decided to try and build a settlement, we started with what would be our own home.Within a year of meeting each other he and I have built a shelter, and made some makeshift furniture. We also managed to find a few things that we weren't able to make, like a fridge, and some stuff to actually make a functioning bathroom. It took a little scrounging around, but we did it.

Luckily for us, Chester has some knowledge in the handiness skill and he can build just about anything. Although most things weren't made with the right tools, everything functioned, and that was what's important.

Since we found a spot to call our own, I've started a garden. When I first got here, I used the last few seeds I had, so it started out very small. Last summer all we had planted were just some lettuce, tomatoes, and some apple trees that matured this year. It didn't last us very long over the winter, however, so this year I planted a little bit early. Since early spring, I've been out looking for seeds and other plants, so I can hopefully grow my garden some more and have more food, so we can eat better this coming winter. The garden has grown quite a bit, now also having a few potatoes, grapes, onions, and even some garlic. There's still some more I would like to grow, but at the moment, I'm happy with the size of my garden. It's taking awhile to get everything that we need, and that makes me a little uneasy. However, at the moment, if we get a good harvest, we should be able to survive the winter.

We survived the winter last year thanks only to Chester's superb fishing skills. He was able to fish all winter long and we ate fairly well. He was able to figure out a way to freeze and refrigerate our food by bringing ice in over the winter, and since we live underground, the temperature really only ever fluctuates by a few degrees, and with that old fridge we have, we're able to store items in a cold, dark place.

Chester is honestly a really good guy, and he's really sweet. But he's also fiercely brave. He likes to build things and fix others. All in all he's a very kind soul, and honestly, he's super cute. We've grown kind of close over the past year, and I kind of have a crush on him. Okay, I actually have a major crush on him. But who would blame me? He's attractive, smart, funny...and he may be last man on earth.

We both have split up the work fairly evenly, and for the most part, life is pretty quiet. I mostly garden, as he really has no idea how, and he does all the fishing and hunting. What fish we don't or can't eat, I use to fertilize the plants. We sometimes take turns cooking, but I prefer to do it, and he cleans up and fixes things when they break.

We work very well as a team and we have from day one. No matter how hard things get for the two of us, we always manage to get through it, and I honestly appreciate him for that. From living together, we've managed to realize how nice it is to have another person around, and for the first winter, when it was too cold outside to do much of anything, we sat in our little abode and talked for hours about whatever came to mind. We put our sleeping bags side by side, as we found it to be a comfort to be able to sleep next to someone and not feel so alone.

"Abbi!" Chester called as he came down the steps to our underground home one late summer evening.

"Yeah, Chess?" I called back as I stepped away from preparing dinner.

"I got some really nice salmon for dinner tonight,here you go, and , I also got some more fertilizer for ya."

"Oh, sweet!" I grinned. Hey can you take care of the fish while I finish doing the other stuff?" I asked as sweetly as I possibly could.

He chuckled, "Oh of course."

"Thank you!" I giggled

"At this rate, we'll have more than enough stored up for the winter. How's the garden doing?" He asked.

"It's doing much better this year, though we've been having a few problems with deer trying to eat the plants." I said with a shrug.

Chester nodded, "They like to come this way in the early morning. I'll see what I can do about about scaring them off or we might be eating some venison here soon. At least until I can put up a fence for you."

"That sounds good. I mean as much as I like fish, it would be nice to have something different."

"Okay, well, I'll see what I can do then." He smiled.

As winter got closer, so did we, as cheesy as that sounds. One night after dinner Chester and I were sitting down one night and he looked over at me with a sly grin on his face.

"So, Abbi, I've been thinking..." He grinned.

"Oh, goodness," I giggled, "What is it this time?"

"Suppose we ARE the last two humans on earth...you know what that means, right?"

"That means in order to save humanity, we have to pro-create...a lot." I giggled.

He laughed, "Well, yes. But it would also mean that...well, it would be better, I think if we were in love. And to be honest here, Abbi, I kind of already love you. I mean, I've always had a bit of a crush on you but lately, my feelings have grown, a lot actually."

My heart began to flutter, "Wait, really?"

"Yeah, really." He smiled.

"Well that's odd," I giggled, "Because I'm kind of in love with you too."

Instead of saying anything he wrapped me up in his arms and gave me a sweet kiss.

"Well, if you want, we can start this whole...'procreation' process after your birthday," he whispered seductively.

I shivered, "Th-that sounds great."

He kissed me again and then with a smile he left to go fish for the day.

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Default Gen. 1: Abigail Keith.1.2 A New Hope

"Happy birthday, love." Chester smiled as he pulled me into his lap.

"Th-thank you." I stuttered with a blush forming brightly on my cheeks.

Chester had become an adult at the end of last summer. He really didn't look much different, though. He just looked more mature, and in my opinion, much, much more attractive. Chester has always been a true gentleman toward me, and even more so after he became a young adult. He's sweet, charming, and strong. I honestly love him more than I can put into words.

Today was my 18th birthday. I was officially an adult, and for my birthday, Chester and I were going to do some rather adult things. Needless to say I was a bit nervous about the entire ordeal, but I truly loved and trusted Chester, and I knew that if I wasn't sure, he wasn't going to make me do anything.

However, I knew that we had to do this, to repopulate the world, and quite possibly save humanity.

"You seem nervous," Chester chuckled, running his hand up my thigh and puling me closer into him, making me gasp a little.

"Perhaps I am a little nervous...but I mean, I'll be alright." I giggled nervously.

"Are you sure?" Chester asked, "If you don't want to do this, we can wait a little while, if you want."

I rolled us over and kissed him deeply, melting into him as I put as much passion as I could into the kiss.

"No," I sighed breathlessly after we broke the kiss, "I want to do this."

With a lustful look in his eyes, he nodded, wrapped his arms around me, and we began the process of re populating the world.

Sure enough, I ended up being pregnant not too long after that night.
I was nervous when Chester came home from fishing that day, as I knew I had to tell him, but I wasn't sure how.

"Soo..." I said with a sigh. "I have some news."

"Oh, what news?" Chester asked as he placed the fish down on the table.

"Well, I really don't know how to say this..." I mumbled.

"Oh no! Don't tell me, you've found someone else haven't you?" He joked, poking my nose.

I giggled a little, shaking my head at him, but before I could speak, he continued on.

" I knew it," he sighed dramatically, "I knew someday some other man would come along and take you from me, oh whatever shall I do?"

I laughed again, "Chester stop, this is actually something important. Now stop joking around."

After he composed himself a little he walked over toward me and wrapped his arms tightly around my waist.

"Okay sweets, what is it?" he asked.

"Well, I'm pregnant. We're going to have a baby." I stuttered.

"Wait, what? Really?" He asked, his eyes glowing.

"Yeah, really." I laughed.

"Well ****." He chuckled, placing a hand on my stomach tenderly and then looking up at me. "So, we're really going to be parents?"

"Yeah, we are." I smiled.

"Well, I have a question for you." He said seriously.

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Do you know anything about childbirth?"

I nodded, "Yeah, I do. My mom was a doctor, and one of the women who was in our group before all the natural disasters hit was a midwife and she was pregnant and had her baby at the camp. I remember some stuff on it..I think." I smiled nervously at him.

"Well, let's hope the things you remember are right."

Time marched on, and the months flew by quicker than I could believe. Chester was always busy at work, either fishing, hunting or trying to improve our living situation.

He wanted to build an above ground home soon, saying that it might be nice for us to be able to have an actual house, but I told him that I felt safer underground. He said that it was fine for us to stay under as long as I would like, but he wanted to start building the above-ground home in the spring, and I agreed to that. Thinking that it may be nice to live in an actually house when we have kids running around.

Halfway through my pregnancy, after the harvest, I really didn't have much to do outside anymore, so I stayed indoors. Chester found me a chess board and I've been playing that for hours on end, sharpening my mind and helping time go by a little quicker.

The winter was harsh and incredibly cold. So cold in fact, that some days the falls froze and no matter where he went, the ice was too thick for Chester to be able to fish, yet it was okay, since we had some meat stored away. On those incredibly cold days, though, Chester would go out and hunt, and he'd often be gone for hours, but he always almost came back with something for us.

Nothing of too much interest happened over the winter, but one cold, late February evening, I woke up in indescribable pain.

Chester hopped out of bed and started freaking out.

"Oh my god! Are you okay? What's going on? What do I do again?" He screamed worriedly.

"Ohhh god. Okay." I said, breathing hard, "Okay, don't worry, I'm fine. I think I'm in labor..."

It was just before sunrise when I finally finished laboring. The snow gently fell outside and everything was quiet for a moment, and then the crisp morning air was filled with loud cries.

Welcome to the world, Shane Brian Keith.

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Default Gen. 1: Abigail Keith 1.3 A New Face

To say that Chester loved being a dad is a complete understatement. He loved being a father, and he loved being able to teach our little Shane how to talk, and on nice days, he'd take him out to the lake and tell him about all the different kinds of fish he caught. Shane loved it. Though, I didn't let him go all that often. It may be after the apocalypse, but toddlers still have a habit of getting into trouble.

When he was at home with me, I did my best to teach him all of his basic skills while keeping up with all my chores, but it really wasn't all that difficult. Shane was a very good baby and he rarely caused any problems, he was so well natured and he could sit outside with me in the garden while I tended to my plants.

The spring after Shane turned a year old, Chester started working on building an above ground home.
He spent all fall the past year cutting down all the trees and gathering all the wood he would need. It took him a few years to build the house, but when he finished it, it was beautiful.

He finished the house right after Shane's fifth birthday, and needless to say, it was beautiful. It was a good size, and with three bedrooms and two bathrooms it would fit our family for some time to come.

Shane kept his well-mannered nature in childhood as well. Now, most days, Shane and Chester would go out into the woods and Chester would show Shane how to hunt, and fish. Chester loved going with his dad, the two of them looked almost exactly alike, I couldn't even see any of myself in him.

When he wasn't going out with his father, he was at home, in his room, painting. He loved to paint and draw and to create things, and to be honest, he had a natural talent with it.

Some nights, Chester would be out late hunting, and would miss dinner with Shane and I, but those nights were rather few and far between, and he always made it home in time to say goodnight to Shane.

One night, a little after Shane's 13th birthday, Chester laid me down into bed and kissed me deeply.

"You know what, my love, I think now might be a good time for us to have another child."

"You think so?" I asked, running my hand down his arm.

"Yeah, I think so. I mean, we are repopulating the world, right?" Chester said with a chuckle.

"I suppose so..." I giggled.

Sure enough, I found out I was pregnant a few weeks later, and I was terribly ill for the first few weeks, but over time, it got better.

However, something unexpected happened. We met another family. Anne Strong and her family. Anne came here with her boyfriend Charlie, and their teenage daughter Darla. Anne came across our shelter, and seeing candlelight inside, she had hoped someone else was here.

"Oh my god!" Anne exclaimed when I opened the door, "You're actually a real live person!?"

I was flabbergasted, "Um, excuse me?"

"I'm so sorry to barge in, I just never thought I would ever see another family. Oh, you must think I'm insane," Anne whispered, "I'm Anne. I've traveled here from Twinbrook with my family. I haven't seen another living soul in so long-other than my family, of course."

"It's wonderful to meet you, Anne," I smiled, "I must be honest, I never thought I'd ever see another living person outside my family either. Welcome to Moonlight Falls. Or, should I say what used to be Moonlight Falls. I'm Abigail, and I live here with my family."

"How did you build this house?" Anne asked, amazed.

"My boyfriend built it. Would you like to come in?" I asked, stepping to the side and letting her enter the house.

"Oh, thats amazing, and I would, thank you." Anne smiled.

"Where are you camped at?" I asked.

"Just down the road from here. We've been living in tents since we left Twinbrook." She sighed.

"Well, how about this," I smiled, "You bring your family back here for dinner tonight, so everyone can get to know each other, and maybe I can see if my husband can help you guys build a home, and maybe I can give you some tips for gardening?" I offered.

I felt bad for her, she was thin as a rail, and she looked tired and dirty and like she hadn't had good nights sleep, or a good meal in ages. I could only imagine what her family looked like, and it was probably just as bad as her.

"Oh, Abigail, you are too kind. We would hate to impose..."

"It would honestly be my honor." I smiled.

"Okay then, when would you like us to stop by?" She asked nervously.

"How about half an hour after sundown?" I smiled.

"Okay, we'll be here then!" She smiled as she stepped out of the house.

Sure enough, a little past sundown Anne and her family stopped by, and we ate dinner together. It honestly was wonderful, and I knew that our two families would be very close.

It wasn't too long after that night when Chester and Shane came home with a small little animal in Shane's hands.

"What on earth is that?" I asked.

"It's a puppy, mom." Shane said with a big smile.

"What are you doing with a puppy, Shane?" I asked, confused.

"We found him next to his mother, who had died.," Chester began, "we couldn't just leave him there Abbi. He's probably four or five months old, and it might be nice to have a hunting dog. My father used to train dogs, and I think I remember how."

"Okay, we can keep him," I sighed, "But, it's up to the two of you to feed him and take care of him."

"Awesome, thanks mom!" Shane beamed as he snuggled the puppy who happily wagged his tail in response.

Needless to say, over the months that followed, Shane, and the puppy he named Rusty were inseparable.

It was late one early summer night when I went into labor. Even though it had been awhile since I had a child, it's not like you forget how to give birth.
Fourteen hours after I started labor, I gave birth, not to one, but two babies. One boy, and one girl.

Welcome to the world, Brent Stephen and Brynne Lilly Keith.

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Default Gen. 1: 1.4 The Start of a New Moonlight Falls

After we met Anne and her family, more and more survivors managed to find their way here into our little town. We now had about five families in town, each one more than happy to live here, in the new Moonlight Falls. It was nice being able to talk to other people, and help some others in our settlement learn how to hunt, fish and cook and even help them build simple homes. I was thoroughly enjoying the life we had created for ourselves.

"Abbi," Chester asked.

"Yeah babe?" I called from the kitchen as I prepared dinner.

"What do you think about us opening up a store?"

"A...store?" I asked, highly confused.

"Yeah," Chester grinned, "Like, a grocery store. A few people around town have kind of been wanting one, saying that you produce the best crops and we both know that with how many plants you have, and how much they produce that we're never going to eat all of it, why not open up a store?"

"I mean, it sounds like it could be a good idea. I certainly wouldn't mind supplying some of the fruits and vegetables, but maybe someone else in town could help out too?" I said hesitantly.

"Of course, just like some other people in the town are also going to supply meat, it wont be just us keeping it running."

I gave Chester a small smile, "Okay, well, let's get started, I want to have it done before winter."

As soon as everyone in town found out that we were going to be building a store, any spare time that anyone could manage to give went to building that store, a bit in a hurry to get it up before winter started. It was also kind of a big deal because after I mastered the logic skill, Chester and I were able to figure out how to have electricity once more, which would help tremendously with keeping the food fresher, longer.

Chester lead the way in the project, giving tips to those who helped him, and ultimately, he did most of the work himself.

This meant, however that Chester was too busy to hunt. Luckily, Shane was deemed by his father old enough to go out and do it on his own, as long as he brought Rusty.

Shane and Rusty loved to go out and hunt, and while at first I was unsure about having a hunting dog, he's been nothing but an asset, even herding up the local wild horses so those of us in the town could tame and breed them.

The twins, of course, were a handful. However, Chester would be home whenever he could and when he was here, he'd do what he could about spending time with them, and helping me teach them their basic skills. Both of them were very smart and happy children and they learned their basic skills quickly.

Most the time, the two of them would play in the garden while I was outside working in it. Brynne was very calm, she always was. Often times, though Brent would upset her by trying to use her as his own personal ladder, or trying to take her toy.

Sometimes, she'd get very mad, others times she wouldn't care, it simply depended on Brynne's mood for the day. I'd always step in and tell Brent to play nice, but there were a few times I had to put him in time out.

Life was starting to get better. We had a steady source of food, we had electricity, and we opened a store and we had a community that was close. For now, everything about where we lived was wonderful.

One of the families in town knew how to breed and tame horses, so now, we all had a bit of a faster way to get around the vast valley of our town. I was so happy to ride again, I had gotten so used to it when I was back with my parents but until now, I never knew how much I missed it.

After we opened the store, other survivors came in left and right. We now had about 12 families living in our small little town. Chester showed all of those who were interested how to build and make things. It was a little late in the year to start building, but with the large influx of people who didn't have any shelter, it was important to build them homes so they could survive the winter. The entire community pulled together for a second time this year and helped all the new people in the neighborhood build homes.

After weeks of non-stop working, all the homes were finished.To celebrate, Chester and I invited everyone to a harvest party at our home.

The entire neighborhood came and everyone had a fantastic time and for the first time in a while I honestly thought we had a shot at restoring the world.

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Default Gen. 1: 1.5 A New Job

The twins grew up so fast, one minute I was teaching them to walk and talk, and changing diapers, and then, all the sudden they're simply not babies anymore. They're children.

It was so much easier to see their personalities now. Brent was a little social butterfly. He loved making friends and hanging out with all the neighborhood children. He was very kind, and just like his older brother, he could talk his way out of everything.

Brynne however, was a bit of a loner. She much prefered to be alone, and to paint. However sometimes she'd go out and play with the few friends she did have. When she wasn't painting out out with her friends, she would help me in the garden and have me teach her to cook

Shane rarely was at home anymore, he was either out with his friends, or painting, or out hunting with Rusty. Shane was the most charismatic person I'd ever met. All the teen girls in town loved him, and he knew it. He was always bringing one of the girls with him wherever he went. However, he didn't stay single for too long. He started dating Christine Parker, a beautiful young woman who moved here with her twin sister, Riley Parker. Both girls were beautiful, and he had taken both out with him before, but Christine asked if they could be exclusive, and he had agreed.

He brought her over for dinner a few times, and she really was a lovely girl. She was polite, kind and soft spoken. Shane was mostly calm and quiet himself, though he could be quite loud and intense when you got to know him a bit better. The two of them honestly had very little in common, but I wasn't going to say anything about it because they were young, and she was a nice girl.

I spent most of my days now heading over to the store and overseeing what was going on, and helping out. I really needed another person working the store, but most people were taking care of their gardens and cattle and working on their homes. So it was a little difficult. Especially now that the Harvest is almost over, and winter will be here soon.

"I don't know, Chester," I sighed, "I don't know what to do about the store, we need at least one more person to work down there, but very few people here can. Riley Parker is working down there, and so is Dave and Emma, but we need someone else and I'm just not sure who can do it."

"Why not Shane?" Chester asked.

"He's never home, and he's out hunting all the time, thats important, I don't want to make him work too." I sighed.

"I can take over the hunting, rather easily actually. Plus, it might be good for him to have a job to do. And, if he was working down there we can keep an eye on him. It's also going to be a good idea because he knows whats' what and how to manage the store. Let's at least ask him, okay?"

"Okay. I guess we'll ask him."

"You want me to do what?" Shane asked, eyes wide.

"I want you to work down at the store. They need your help down there and you need to spend more time contributing to the community."

"But I go hunting! All the time! That's not enough?" He asked, obviously upset.

"It's not that it's not enough, sweetie, it's just that we need you to do something else. It would be better for your dad to go hunting, so he can teach the others who are new here," I said gently, "It would help me out a lot if you would do this."

"Okay, fine. Can Rusty come down to the store with me?" Shane asked.

"Only after we train other hunting dogs, we're gonna need him at first." Chester said.

"Okay, fine. I'll go down to work at the store." Shane sighed.

One evening while Chester was out hunting and the twins were out with their friends, Shane came home from work with dry tears staining his cheeks.

"Oh honey, what's wrong?" I asked as I pulled him inside and had him sit down on the couch with me.

"It's Christine. She broke up with me" He cried, resting his head in his hands.

"Oh Shane, I'm sorry. What happened?" I looked at him and I felt sad, he and Christine had been together all fall and most of winter. This really devastated him, and I knew it.

"She thought I was cheating on her with her sister, Riley. I mean yeah, Riley and I work together and we're friends, but I didn't do anything. I mean I hug her all the time, but that's because we're friends. Just friends. Christine doesn't seem to believe either of us and she broke up with me when she walked into the store tonight."

"I'm sorry sweetie. Would you like me to make you something?"

"Maybe an apple pie?" He asked, looking hopeful.

"Of course." I smiled.

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Default After The Apocalypse-Gen. 1: 1.6 A Tough Choice

Time flew by and it wasn't long until the twins were teenagers, and Shane was almost a young adult. I couldn't believe it.

Shane, my eldest son. What is there to say about him? Quite a lot, actually. He's kind, flirty, and very charismatic. He loves art, and he loves to work out. He loves his dog, Rusty more than I think he loves his siblings sometimes, but that's just one of the things about him that make him unique.

He loves his family and he has a girlfriend, Riley Parker. She's a spunky little thing with hair the color of sunshine and a smile to match. She's funny and loud and she isn't afraid to speak her mind. The two of them get along famously together and in my personal opinion would make beautiful babies.

Brent is the oldest of the twins, but he's my youngest boy. He's still very social and loves hanging out with his friends, and, like his older brother, he loves to exercise and he can talk his way in and out of just about everything. He's not big into art like his siblings, but he loves being outside. Almost all of his time is spent outside, and when he's not outside, he's hanging out with his friends, or playing music. There are a few local young ladies in town who he has his eye on, but nothing to serious as of yet.

Brynne has come out of her shell a lot since she became a teenager. She's incredibly beautiful, kind, and she has a real talent with a paintbrush. She loves to garden with me, and she's always smiling. She's made a few friends since her birthday, and she's been spending more time with them, though she still prefers to stay at home most of the time. It's just how she is. However she has a beautifully kind heart and there are many young men in this town who seemingly have their eye on her.

All in all, I know I have to choose who will follow in my footsteps and take over as leader of the town for me, as I'm simply starting to get too old to continue this myself.. Though, this is a tough choice. I have three beautiful, capable children and the choice on who to have take mine and Chester's place is much harder than I thought it would be.

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I can't wait til the next part!
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