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Default Editing the CLIP resource using s4pe
As of s4pe v0.4.3 (http://modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=572510), the CLIP wrapper is updated to include information from the EA binary template (http://forums.thesims.com/en_US/dis...c4f3-v14#latest) and allows more extensive viewing and editing of CLIP contents.

Special notes on the CLIP resource: These notes concern the CLIP / S3CLIP / Channel / Frame structure.

Because the Frames within the Channels in the S3CLIP part of the CLIP resource use different data types and different array dimensions for their list of indices depending on the channel type, care must be taken in creating Frames and editing the indices.

1) When creating a new Channel, you must select the correct channel type BEFORE creating Frames for it. This will ensure that the indices array dimensions are correct.

2) Depending on the channel type, there are different limits on the range of numbers that can be used in the indices. The ranges are listed below:
  • unsigned byte: 0 - 255
    • ChannelType.F1_Normalized
    • ChannelType.F2_Normalized
    • ChannelType.F3_Normalized
    • ChannelType.F4_Normalized
  • unsigned 10 bit integer: 0 - 1023
    • ChannelType.F3_HighPrecisionNormalized
    • ChannelType.F4_HighPrecisionNormalized_Quaternion
    • ChannelType.F3_HighPrecisionNormalized_Quaternion
  • unsigned int16: 0 - 65535
    • ChannelType.F1
    • ChannelType.F2
    • ChannelType.F3
    • ChannelType.F4
    • ChannelType.F4_SuperHighPrecision_Quaternion
  • no indices
    • ChannelType.F1_Zero
    • ChannelType.F2_Zero
    • ChannelType.F3_Zero
    • ChannelType.F4_Zero
    • ChannelType.F1_One
    • ChannelType.F2_One
    • ChannelType.F3_One
    • ChannelType.F4_One
    • ChannelType.F4_QuaternionIdentity

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