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Default The Guy Next Door - Chapter 1: The Storm [Discontinued]
I'm back with writing stories. My old story as some of you may know was going well until my neighbourhood got lost after an issue I had. I've had to discontinue it but you're free to read what I had put so far. I had nearly 30 chapters, too Here's a new one that will hopefully be as liked as the last.

Unfortunately, I lost all the custom content and data I had from sims after my external hard drive (that I had it backed up on while moving to a better PC) got wiped by an error in windows. I've been recovering my CC but it's pretty much hopeless to try and get this back. It hurts because I wanted to do something with this story, but alas, it was not meant to be

The rain was heavy, storming and hitting Jenna on every single part of her body, drenching her as she carried her bags through the torrenting street. The thirty minute walk from the coach station felt like thirty hours; she couldn’t wait to be inside her new house just to be able to open her eyes without the fear of them being hit with the droplets coming from above.

She noticed a bus shelter and rushed over to get some dry for a moment. She slumped down on the hard, rusting bench and took a deep breath. As she saw a bus in the distance, she admitted defeat and scrambled for her purse for some change.

Carrying two suitcases and several handbags on the bus was pretty horrendous, but at this rate, all Jenna wanted was to get home… or what she wanted to now call home. As she threw her bags and suitcases down at the back of the bus, she slammed onto the seat and let out a sigh. Patting her pocket for her phone, she took it out and looked at it. “0 messages”. No one had noticed she had gone yet, but soon they would come in from her worrying friends who would notice that her stuff had gone from her flat in London and left an obscure note.

As the bus pulled up by the lighthouse, she walked up to the house she had bought cheap on a whim. With the rain still pouring, she got up to it as fast as she could; the hills felt steeper than anything, though. She sprinted to the steps, getting out her keys from one of her bags, opening the door and falling in. She looked around; not her dream house but she could make it so.


Formally known as TotallySimsCrazy. Still addicted to custom content.
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Link Ninja
#2 Old 20th Sep 2017 at 2:49 AM
I like the storming rain effects on your pics and the dark and kind of foreboding atmosphere of this first chapter. I also adore how you built the set for the back of the bus. Also very sorry to hear your old hood crashing I can only imagine how devastating that would be! Anyway, this is a promising start! It's good to see new sims 2 stories on the site :D

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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#3 Old 20th Sep 2017 at 9:53 AM
Originally Posted by Charmful
I like the storming rain effects on your pics and the dark and kind of foreboding atmosphere of this first chapter. I also adore how you built the set for the back of the bus. Also very sorry to hear your old hood crashing I can only imagine how devastating that would be! Anyway, this is a promising start! It's good to see new sims 2 stories on the site :D

Thank you! I thought the rain in-game wasn't so "stormy" looking so I just added it in Photoshop, had to do some photoshop magic on the bus as well to give it the "feel" of driving away. Glad it worked well! It was heartbreaking to lose all that work but a fresh story may be just what I need! :D

Hoping to get another chapter out soon, if my cat would stop trying to get on my keyboard

Formally known as TotallySimsCrazy. Still addicted to custom content.
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Sounds good, wanna know more about Jenna...

I love your other story, it's one of my favorite that's sad you can't continue it, I wanted to know more about Caitlin and her boyfriend and her mom and her friend with cancer.
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Default Chapter 2 - Relaxing... and Unrelaxing
She climbed up the stairs to the living room, dragging her bags up the stairs, banging with the most excruciating sound. As she forced herself up the last step, she let out a sigh, rested for a moment then let the bag drop to the floor as she walked over to the sofa that she fell into.

“That’s more like it” she blurted. She finally sat alone, left with and the sound of the rain hitting the windows. It was a very cold, November evening. She rested her hand on her soaking head as her hair dripped onto the sofa. She was tired but the wetness of the rain was annoying her. She headed up and had a shower.

The hot, steamy water was such a relief after having icy water soaking her clothes on the way there. She stood in the shower and leaned against the wall. She couldn’t believe she had done it. One minute she’s in London and the next she’s in some Cornish town by the sea. She also couldn’t believe that she moved onto a the semi-secluded "Lighthouse Island", with two houses to the side of her. She wondered what the neighbours were like. She was so engaged with the flowing, relaxing water and her thoughts that she couldn’t hear what was going on in the next room.

She looked across at the clock; it had already been twenty-five minutes? Grabbing and turning the tap, it made a squeaky noise on top of the noise of an object being dropped. She turned her head to the door, rapidly. “It’s nothing,” she whispered to herself “probably the pipes”. She went to the radiator and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around herself, then going to the bedroom.

As she opened the door, she saw a man going through the drawer of the bedside table and let out a scream and flew back in shock, as did he. “Who the hell are you?” she yelled at him.

His face turned a little embarrassed as he saw the strange woman in the bathroom doorway with nothing but a towel. “Erm, yikes,” he began, “sorry”

She started waving her arms about yelling “Erm, yikes? I bloody live here!”

“Wait, please. I can explain…” he said trying to stop her from yelling any louder.

“My mate, Darren? He lived here before. He left the key for his suitcase in his drawer here. See it? Bit too tiny for anything here, right? He's got the suitcases but he forgot the one thing he needed," He glanced over at the key, trying to point out this tiny object to her, "I don’t expect he can get changed into pajamas when he can’t access them”

He let out a small chuckle and she stared at him with the most controlled anger he had ever seen.

"How the hell did you get into my house?" she snapped.

"I had a key, it was given to me by Darren when he lived here so I could pop in whenever he needed... In fact," he reached in and grabbed the spare key from his pocket then put his hand out for her to have it, "Here you go"

As she grabbed the key and tried to let it all make sense to her, she started to relax. She then grabbed her head while grinding her teeth, “Oh” she finally whispered.

He had to be telling the truth, she met Darren the day she bought the house and he did mention locking all his suitcases before going to make sure that nothing falls out of the dodgy closing ones.

“I’m Lucas,” he announced, “...or Luke. I live next door, 77?”

He looked away as the towel started slipping. She grabbed it as fast as she could, “Sorry, I… erm… just got out the shower. I’ve only just got here but needed one after being out in that”

She pointed towards the window, still being hit with drops of rain pretty heavily. “Oh wow, in that? No wonder you needed a shower…”

Jenna smiled, slightly. “I’m Jenna, here at 78”

He smiled back and put out his hand to shake. “Nice to meet you”

He wasn’t bad for a next door neighbour, pretty good actually. He seemed to have a nice personality... as well as everything else. His face was stunning and she didn’t know what type of aftershave he used but damn it smelt good. She coyly stroked her hair and looked at him. He got increasingly coy and crossed his arms.

“Damn, it’s dark in here,” he examined, “where are all the bulbs?”

She shrugged, “Your mate Darren took them all. He did warn me, but when your local shop had none, you can’t be arsed to go to another shop just for bulbs. I can live in the dark; I have candles, anyway”

“Darren did love his energy saving bulbs, expensive ones too. Not surprised he took them with the price he paid, haha.” He joked, “Seriously, though, if you need any bulbs, I can pop some over tomorrow if need be, save you the trip to the hardware store on the other side of town”.

She grinned. Another chance to see him? Go on then. “You sure?”

“I’m sure”

“Alright then, it’s a date. Not literally, but you know erm. See you tomorrow?”

She gripped her neck and was all shy. He waved, “see ya, it’s been nice to meet you in what were odd circumstances. Bye!”

“Bye” she said, quietly.

Well, he was pretty great, wasn’t he?


Formally known as TotallySimsCrazy. Still addicted to custom content.
Lab Assistant
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I hope this guy is a nice one.
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Default Chapter 3 - Early Birds
It was the next morning and Jenna was in bed, buried into the pillow. Outside all she could hear was seagulls crying and the sound of the sea. She lifted up her head and looked at the clock. 6:13 in the morning. She took a deep breath and slumped her head back into the pillow. Suddenly, she heard an engine revving up, then dying down again. It wasn’t too loud, but loud enough to waken Jenna’s interest.

She threw off the sheets and jumped out of bed, walking into the bathroom and to the window. She rubbed her eyes and slightly moved the curtains to see what was going on. Outside was Lucas, surrounded by tools and messing with a motorbike.

“Bit early” she whispered.

She grabbed her bathrobe and after rushing down the stairs went outside. He had a sweat shine on his face. Despite this, she stared at him, fixated. After a while of looking at him screwing up bits on the bike that she didn’t even know existed, her courage grew and the words finally came out.

“Having fun?” She chuckled, twirling her hair.

He looked over and saw Jenna standing in the doorway. His pained and strained face changed into a contented smile. He wiped his brow. “Hey, Jenna. Didn’t wake you, did I?”

“Nah,” she said, “I was awake anyway”

She walked over to him and examined the bike. Not in the best condition but looking at it, he was doing his best. “Beauty isn’t she?” He stated, “Well she will be, once I’ve had her done up. Was my dad’s. He loved it until it broke down...”

“He must have been a nice man”

“He was. Honest to God, the best dad ever,” He looked at the bike, vividly, “I miss him a lot. I feel like fixing this bike would make dad proud somehow. Like his soul is in this bike and repairing it would give me part of dad back”

Jenna could see the tears in his eyes; he clearly missed his father quite a bit. She put her hand on his shoulder and looked at him. “He’d already be proud, I bet”
He looked at her. He felt things he’d never felt before, like he’d known this girl all his life and was just waiting for her to arrive. Her eyes were the most beautiful green he’d ever seen. He took every word of her voice into his head, dreamingly.

“I hope so” he muttered after several seconds of silence.

Suddenly, all they could hear was a loud bark. They looked down and there was a dog, looking at them both and Lucas bent down and gave him a cuddle. “This is John, my dog. I usually call him Johnny”

“He’s cute. Mind if I stroke him?”

“Yeah, go for it. He’s usually friendly with people”

She gave him a cuddle and he became the softest pooch ever. He rolled over onto his belly and had a belly rub for around two minutes.

“He likes you”

“I should hope so, I love dogs”

John popped his head up and ran after a falling leaf in the distance. Jenna got up off the ground and crossed her arms and watched him for a bit.

“Right,” Lucas said “I better go off to the shop and get some more food. I’m running low. Need anything?”

“Shouldn’t do, I might pop into town later and have a look around, see what they have to offer”

“Nice. I’d get some sleep.... It’s only twenty-five past six. I’ll pop those lightbulbs round later, once you’re fully awake”

She brushed the hair off her face and gave him a peck on the cheek.


“Later, Jen”

Jenna walked back into the bedroom with a huge grin on her face. He was simply the most wonderful guy she had ever met. She threw off the bathrobe onto the chair and flew back into bed with joy and throwing the sheets back onto her, she went back to sleep with a smile from cheek to cheek.


Formally known as TotallySimsCrazy. Still addicted to custom content.
Lab Assistant
#8 Old 24th Sep 2017 at 1:59 PM
Great chapter, Lucas seems attracted by Jenna..
Original Poster
#9 Old 7th Oct 2017 at 9:10 PM
Hey guys, I'm afraid this reply isn't a chapter for now. Don't worry, everything is fine with my neighbourhood and I have several backups this time. I just came to explain why my chapters have come to a stop.

So I was ready to start taking pictures for the story - in fact, I had already taken some - but unfortunately, I went on a downloading spree and downloaded a lot of content. I need a lot of this content for the story so I thought "hey, this'll be fine". Nope. I opened my game and buy mode is crashing clicking on items, garden centre is crashing and live mode crashes after about 5 minutes (Though this is likely caused by a mod I installed a couple of days ago which I'm going to remove). I'm currently doing the 50/50 method on the new content that I got and am checking what is causing the issue. Load times are an issue, real life is an issue and halfing 20k odd files is monotonous so it takes time. I can't wait to get a new chapter up so keep tuned.

Formally known as TotallySimsCrazy. Still addicted to custom content.
Link Ninja
#10 Old 7th Oct 2017 at 9:34 PM
Good luck! Ugh crashing is the worst, especially in the middle of a story. I hope you find the culprit.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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#11 Old 21st Oct 2017 at 8:36 PM Last edited by TotallySimsCrazy : 22nd Oct 2017 at 7:02 PM.
I'm going to have to say it now, it's been 3 weeks and no luck. Even the CC I had before is crashing my game at 8AM in-game time. It's odd, I've tried everything and nothing works. I don't know what's going to happen but I'm hoping I can fix it but I feel like giving up

In all honesty, I have so much for this story and I want to complete it.

Edit: I'm trying to restore as much as possible, will keep you informed.

Formally known as TotallySimsCrazy. Still addicted to custom content.
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Default Chapter 4 - Exploring The Neighbourhood
Oh wow, about time. I finally fixed my game and now should be able to continue this story. I will try and give you two chapters this week to make up for the lack of chapters!

Jenna was stretched out on the bed with the duvet hanging off it. This was probably the best sleep she had in ages. Mainly because her friends wouldn’t wake her up with the microwave or something else obnoxiously loud. Something else was ready to wake her though. When she was at her most relaxed, the alarm on her phone rang with an agitating noise. She untangled herself from the sheets to try and grab it and turn it off, tugging and pulling, she finally grabbed the phone, swiped the alarm off and gave an enormous sigh of relief.

“Bloody hell” she burst out, pushing herself up into a sitting position. She couldn’t believe that for the first time she wasn’t living in a city. She wasn’t bombarded with tall buildings and honking taxis. As she woke herself up, she could hear raindrops crashing against the window. It was nice and soothing.

Rain again?

Releasing herself from the sheets, she walked to the bathroom to get dressed and put a light dose of makeup on. She was more caring about what she wore on her body than on her face, mainly because was never into makeup as much as her friends were. She quickly put a light layer of makeup on and as she made sure it was set for the day, she got up, popped on her shoes, grabbed an umbrella and went out.

The rain wasn’t as bad as yesterday and she could actually walk without the wind blowing droplets into her face. She gripped her umbrella tightly as she walked to the bus stop, damned if she was going to walk across the bridge in this weather. Life here was very different to London. She was hoping that the buses would be more reliable here...

...And they seemed to be…

As the bus arrived into town, she jumped off and walked down to the nearest grocery shop to get some food. She could see the sea, the beach and the harbour; it was stunning and a much better view than it was in London. In the sun, she could imagine it being absolutely beautiful.

The Cornish town of Portmayven was filled with beautiful shops, a bakery with cakes to die for and surprisingly, lots to do. The hospital was relatively large since it had to cater for the villages close by, perfect for her since she needed a job now she had left her old hospital.

She kept on walking, step by step, taking in every ounce of detail around her. She needed to remember the route to the shop after all. In the distance, by the park she saw a familiar face.

A very familiar face. A face she had only seen that morning…

It was Lucas, and… and…

He was with a girl…

Her heart sunk for a moment and she had to get herself together. This guy was with a woman. Was he… with her? She took a deep breath, and another. She felt herself go a little dizzy but she got hold of herself and continued walking.

He’s with someone.

Oh please don’t let him notice me.

Don’t let him notice me.

Oh God don’t notice m-


Oh God he noticed me.

Jenna sharply turned around, trying to look and act natural like she hadn’t seen them whatsoever. “Luke” she said, awkwardly.

“You alright?” he questioned as she tried to turn away, slowly.

She stopped again, turning back towards him. “Yeah, just popping to the shop”

She tried to turn away but he kept the conversation going.
“You sure? It’s not me is it?”

“No!” she assured in hopes to not give him the wrong idea. That was the last thing she wanted to do.

“Good, me and some mates are having a drink at the pub later. The Buddle Inn? You could come along”

“Oh, wow, erm, I don’t want to intrude on you though”

“Nah, you’d be able to meet some new people and maybe make some friends here. Better to have people you know in a new place, right?”

“That’s true,” she stated, “You sure?”

He nodded, hiding his desperation for an answer, specifically the word “Yes”.

“Go on then, why not?”

He smiled; she smiled too, then gripped the umbrella with her other hand to stop it slipping.

“Right, 7pm?”

“Sure! I’ll see you then”

“Bye, then. See you at seven”

She walked off, worried. Who was that girl with him? Was she his girlfriend? Were they in love? Nothing about him made sense to her anymore. The little area of shops was lovely and luckily, by a bus stop that would take her home. Inside the store, fresh food filled the containers. She picked up item by item to stock up her food cupboard and then walked over to the counter to pay.

The person at the counter made small talk and asked her about the day, wasn’t the weather awful and all the usual crap that they say to you. They ended with a “Have a good day, see you soon” in which Jenna walked out with her goods to catch the bus.

She sat in silence with only the sound of the bus to be heard. She sat infatuated with the view for a moment when…


She knew what it was, it was her phone. It was a notification; several, actually. Not just any, though, the ones she had been expecting for the last few hours. She unlocked her phone, went into the messaging app and looked at the three messages staring at her. It was exactly what she was expecting.

‘What the hell? Where the hell? All the hells. Where on earth have you gone? You think a stupid note’s going to explain everything. Get back here now. Some midlife crisis at 24 isn’t gonna be handled very well.’

‘Girl u get back here now. ASAP. U only had your position at the hospital 6 months, what happened? Him?’

‘I just got home to find text messages about how you had left their flat? Some weird and annoying thing to do in secret. You knew we were at the festival, couldn’t you wait and explain?’

The only person that hadn’t messaged her was her best friend. There was a reason for that though, she had more information than the others and she was probably still reading the letter she had left her.

It was going to be fun explaining this...

Formally known as TotallySimsCrazy. Still addicted to custom content.
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#13 Old 14th Nov 2017 at 9:03 AM
Maybe the girl is just Lucas' cousin..

Who is that "him" ?
#14 Old 6th Dec 2017 at 3:42 PM
"Oh please don't let him notice me.

Don't let him notice me.

Oh God don't notice m-


Oh God he noticed me."

I laughed out loud at that one!
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#15 Old 19th Feb 2018 at 12:56 PM
Hey guys, sorry for absolutely no updates for a while, been busy with life again (ugh, right?). Hoping to get it back up in the next few months.

Formally known as TotallySimsCrazy. Still addicted to custom content.
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#16 Old 8th Feb 2021 at 5:50 PM
Oh no ! I loved this story. I hope you'll write a new one one day.
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