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Default Whats happening in your game right now? V2
What's happening in your Sims game right now? Mine, nothing, because I haven't loaded TS2 in 10 years. :D

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Geez Delphy!

Chaos is happening in my game, and I'm not sure I like it! I'll update with more later.
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I've finally finished all of the individual family photos! Eight households, some with over six sims... Yikes. I know it's small potatoes considering the sizes of more established 'hoods, but it's quite the achievement for me! Once I get them uploaded I shall share!

Take the Hard Hat Challenge. A relatively quick challenge designed to be added into almost any established hood.

Hollow Tune - Brick 'N' Mortar.

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Originally Posted by Sanypsia
I've finally finished all of the individual family photos! Eight households, some with over six sims... Yikes. I know it's small potatoes considering the sizes of more established 'hoods, but it's quite the achievement for me! Once I get them uploaded I shall share!

Congrats, were you finagling around with pose boxes or were they posing with the in-game poses?

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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Okay, let's get this party started.

Right now I've just finished the first post-Rhett-move-in round in Pleasantview in the GS Uberhood Challenge, and darned if I know where it's going. Morticia Goth was in platinum. Alexandra was in aspiration failure. Caspian Goth is engaged to and friends with Donna Lothario but not in love with her and is in aspiration failure. However, when Caspian and Donna both came home with Darrell Dreamer after the first-night outing, Daria witnessed them flirting and hates them both. Darrell was upstairs and missed it. Danielle and Gary-Stu Pleasant were all over each other like a cheap suit as soon as I opened the house. Everyone in the house was at platinum, except Danielle, because only she hasn't been getting out - Gary-Stu has been coming home with the Beeches a lot and making friends like that, while Angel and Lucifer have also been coming home from school. Lucifer wants to be friends with Catherine Hart and Angel wants to be friends with Geoff. They each bolt each other's girlfriends and not their own. I've done a lot of remodeling on that house because honestly, nothing about it makes any sense. At the Brokes, Brandon was too tired and depressed to pick up the phone, much less go on a first -night outing, but George Newson came home from school with Dusty and they're getting along just great.

Oh, and the Goths and Brokes had adopted cats in the backgrounds of community lots, while the Pleasants had adopted a seriously ugly dog.

I had married Dick Caliente to Penny Weiss and moved Nick in with them, so he's dated Donna (and a few other people) and she's in platinum, in love with Nick and Kaylynn. Danielle dropped in and she hired Kaylynn as a maid and then hung out with her on the couch while Danielle soaked in the tub. It looked a lot like the start of a porn movie and didn't get less so when she brought the first-night outing home. No bolts for Kaylynn or Caspian, but with Kaylynn that just may be because she's been dragged toward the het end by dating Nick. She met Rhett once while he was living in Veronaville, where Dick saw him flirt with her, but Dick and Nick and Rhett are getting along pretty good, having met each other through Penny, so at least he's got an in with them.

All the town's prospective babymamas - Danielle, Donna, Darrell, and Joan Burb (I'm missing somebody, aren't I? Who'm I missing?) - have pre-existing connections to the Harts which I hope to exploit. The Burbs are living in the same luxury apartment complex as the Harts, and there's a hot tub, and she has loving on her mind but her husband doesn't, so that's promising. The twins have been coming home with the Harts as well as other people, so they can introduce their parents; but Danielle's situation is going to give him Sandy flashbacks so I don't know how feasible that'll be. Donna's already met Rhett so I can just have her call him. Caspian is good friends with Gabby O'Mackey, who is still in love with Rhett, so he can also be dragged into the middle of things that way. Gabby actually called Caspian for his first-night outing, and I was hoping she'd bring Rhett with her, but she brought everyone except him. Darrell made friends with River Traveller in the background sometime and the friendship decayed about the time the lot opened; plus Daria brought home Beaumont Monty and took a call from his sort-of-girlfriend Angel Hart, with whom she'd like to be friends, so there's another vector. Dusty Broke also knows Angel Hart's other boyfriend Ash Greenman and also made friends with George, who is the first guy Catherine kissed and is fixing to be the first guy she cheats on. So despite his failure to appear, I don't anticipate a lot of trouble getting Rhett to meet everybody.

Rhett himself seems not to be leaving the house, still in mourning for Vidcund. Angel was mad at him for awhile, so she hasn't been making him keep up appearances, and he's let his hair and beard get long. He brought a townie home from work - a female townie, of course; he hasn't brought home a single guy from work in his adult life - but as soon as he got out of the carpool with her he thought of Vidcund's grave and went inside to put Vallie to bed. His first night outing was with the old Strangetown crowd, which I found touching.

Also, Devine Gorey had her third child, Edward, in the morning and her twins, Kevin and Ashley, grew up in the afternoon. I determined aspiration by dieroll. Kevin (who has Devine's round face and Allegra's long nose) is Romance and Ashley (who is handsome as all get out) is Fortune. The only teen girl at the party was Leslie Hart, so they both checked her out. Kevin thought she was kind of meh - he likes redheads with mechanical points - but she's his best friend so he's thinking about falling in love with her anyhow. Ashley, however, finds her majorly hot and stepped in to chat her up. They did as much arguing as chatting but that was mostly throwing sparks. I ship it a little, but we'll see how Leslie feels about it.

Silver Beech Hart's band Heartocalypse is living communally, with drummer/manager Aiken's wife Meadow and bassist Bud Weiss's wife Shannon both wanting babies. Aiken wants one too, so he and Meadow got to it in the afternoon, but Shannon is going to have to find time to seduce Bud into it, which will be tricky, as they're both in their LTW professions - architecture and adventure - and their hours are lousy, plus Aiken and Silver are trying to arrange regular gigs for them, at least until actual music jobs turn up for them. They played in the new outdoor venue in Pleasantview (350 Main is awful, so I added a stage and a day spa - who needs parking lots?), where they met Johanna Powers. She jammed with them awhile and she and Silver got along wonderfully, so after they got home he invited her and her bandmates, Chaz Whippler and Gunda Roque, over. Gunda and Chaz were fighting over Ross Sharpe, which is bad for the band, so Aiken and Third distracted them and eventually they wound up playing pinball together. Silver triple-bolts every one of them, but Johanna was the one on his mind and she was more than amenable to improving the acquaintance. Third dated Amin Sims, who he picked up at the grocery store, and was in a pretty good mood about it; but he can't find his slacker job, either. Bud and Third aren't quite sure how to break it to Aiken and Silver that they're not that hopped up about being a band forever, but that's a problem for another day.

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Default Twikki vacation fun
Elna is showing Max that he may be an all star in the footboll league, but she's the real MVP of water balloon fights on the beach.

Lets take a closer look at that.

Yeah, that's right. Elna says you may be her lover, but that ain't stopping her from winning this fight

Meanwhile, Max's sister Alicia has found another super fan. She brought her guitar along to amuse the locals with her musical talent (and maybe make a few bucks to pay her brother back for the ticket), and fellow tourist Didrik promptly planted himself in front of her, clapping wildly and cheering her performance for the coming four hours.

All in all, I'd say a successful evening at the beach That is until the Twikki Island weather decided to remind everyone that it ain't going to be an idyllic sunny paradise all the time, by conjuring up a nice hail storm.

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The rotation has finally come back around to:

Newson (Garrett and Terra Smith Newson): They have come a long way (with the help of Georgia). She gave them $20K to send their two children to college. Cosmo, their oldest, refused to go to college because he wants to be a dancer. The family decided to use his $10K to expand their house a bit so the kids could have their own rooms. They also upgraded their furniture. Everything was getting better. For some reason, though, both Garrett and Terra wanted to have a third baby. So Titan was born. With no room, they put his crib in the hallway and the changing table outside. It was only for a little while because Cosmo was nearing 18 years old. About this time, Terra got a bonus of $17K. They decided to give Cosmo $10K of this to start his new life. He will have to buy a small house, but perhaps better than the one-room shack his parents started with. His sister Galactica grew to a teen and is now able to help out with Titan (who has his own room now that Cosmo is gone). She's a unique looking alien hybrid, but cute in her own way.

Next up were the Travellers (David Gibson and Tabitha Traveller Gibson): Their home is also a bit packed. Tabitha's brother Thomas is a teen and still lives with them. Plus they are raising Taylor's (Tabitha's sister) daughter Danielle. Tabitha doesn't know this, but Danielle is David's daughter thanks to a drunken woohoo with Taylor one day while Tabitha was at work. At any rate, she is treated as a second class citizen because all Tabitha's time is spent with her twin boys Deven and Dorien. David and Tabitha also foolishly got a want to have another baby (as if the house isn't packed enough). They tried several times with no luck. In the meantime, Thomas was abducted and came home pregnant. Since he wants to go to college, they were thinking about adopting his child. However, about the time they decided this, Tabitha finally got pregnant. Thomas had twin boys (Telesto and Tethys) and put them up for adoption. Shortly after that, he left for Uni and the rotation was over before Tabitha had her child. Hopefully, it will be a single birth this time.
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I attached a recreation of Magic Town to a recreation of Old Town and could not be happier. My goal to turn S2 into Makin' Magic is becoming more realistic.

As for gameplay help I've been sucked into Second Life someone save me...

"Oh look, my grandchild is now an elder. They grow up so fast. Gee, I wonder when I'll finally graduate college." Sims 2
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Chaz Whippler, the reigning Lothario of my Uberhood finally got married. For most of his adult life he lived with a harem of three women. Two of these women often had his children. He loves kids. The third never could seem to get pregnant by him and finally tried an (ahem) alternative method with a townie. The result was little Brustad. She wasn't just blond like most of his kids; her hair is platinum. He adored her from birth, but soon realized something was up when he intercepted a child support payment from her real father. It changed how he viewed her, but not his love for her. As she matured to a teen, he realized he was in love with her (but what's new, he fell in love every day). Her pregnancy while still a teen rocked the extended family. They broke up and moved out. Chaz did, too, because he blamed her for getting pregnant. But he couldn't stay away. He married her the day she became old enough. He has since grown to an elder and, while never one for career advancement, he has, nevertheless, made a happy home with the wife he adores. They have six children (making a total of 16 for him) and have moved into a huge ship moored just off shore.

"Fear not little flock, for it hath pleased your Father to give you a kingdom". Luke 12:32 Chris Hatch's family friendly files archived on SFS: http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=603534 . Bulbizarre's website: https://archiveofourown.org/users/C...CoveredPortals/
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Smith (Theo) - Now I get to see the results of all the recent shenanigans and what to do about it. Apparently Aaliyah was in love with Amin, so that's why she soundly slapped him silly. I'm not used to all these negative relationships! But first I have to change Banyan's clothes, he's in a kimono and it REALLY doesn't suit him - and I forgot last rotation. In fact, most of the family needed a change of clothes due to it being summer. It didn't take long after I summoned the family that Bambi got into a fight with her uncle Thorn. Stephanie gave birth to a girl name Cailean. While she was doing that Abe and Tim Smith got into a slapfest for no apparent reason and Bambi went to work. Stephanie took a nap shortly after giving birth. Bambi came home with a promotion to Fact Checker and went to get her scholarships. Meanwhile Stephanie woke up from her nap and her and Banyan successfully TFB - there's another nooboo on the way! Then it was time for Bambi to move to college - she's the last of the B generation in this household.

Then my game crashed for the first time in forever, though fortunately I was just moving Bambi into college. So after restarting my computer (and dealing with quite a few updates) Bambi finally went to college! Luckily she grew up into decent clothes, then it was time for her to move into SilverMoon House. Then back to the main lot, where family shenanigans are still going on - and for some reason, Stephanie is the one with her arms crossed in the loading screen, yet she's not mad at Banyan. Theo and Aaliyah are the mad ones! They won't even sleep in the same bed, and successfully avoided each other all day. Theo got the bed first, so Aaliyah got stuck with some pepper punch. Stephanie popped into her first trimester by the end of their day.
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In Oakbrook, I'd just started the Newson family (also in the Sentinel Apartments). But the whole apartment was glitchy and I decided I'd had enough of controller errors and no schoolbuses and such.
So the building suddenly ended up condemned by the municipal council, demolished, and a new building put in its place.
So right now I'm just moving the families back in and updating my giant spreadsheet of all my Sims.
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I had a little time to play my Megahood last night, which was nice because it's been a really busy week.

All of the Newsons are teens or adults now! Gavin has already moved out and Ginger just became an adult this rotation and will also be moving out. Ginger would probably stay to take care of her siblings if she was allowed, but the rule is that only teens and younger can live in the orphanage. At the moment the orphanage is comprised of the four youngest Newsons, the youngest of the illegitimate Tricou former downtownies, and the baby daughter of Romeo Monty and Rayya Trick (another one of the illegitimate Tricous - I gave them all the last name Trick). Any babies whose parents can't/don't want to care for them and who aren't adopted right after being born are sent to live in the orphanage. Sapphire Trick (who will get to pick her own new last name once she's a teen) is the first new baby to be sent to the orphanage, and all of the teens dote on her. Gabriella surprised me by being especially enthusiastic to cuddle the baby. She's a fortune sim, but may be getting a family secondary.

Jonah and Roxie Powers gave birth to their first child, Amara. Jonah is a kind of odd romance sim because he's never actually been with anybody except Roxie. I think he's totally okay with that too. He rolls wants to flirt with other sims, but after fulfilling the want he doesn't roll any further wants to kiss or woohoo with them. I see him as a kind of flirty guy but ultimately faithful to Roxie. Roxie is a little bit less faithful, but I don't think Jonah is too concerned about it.

I'm always excited to get to the end of the downtown rotation because it means playing the bizarre, and now fairly large, low-income household. The idea is that all sims who become adults and don't have enough money to buy/rent their own place, or prefer to live with lots of other people, can live in the household. The only rules are that they must have a job and are only allowed to save half of all the money they make. I keep careful track of how much each sim has saved up so they can be given it when they move out. Right now the household is a combination of sims who left the orphanage, broke college graduates, and sims who couldn't take living with their families any more. It's always a bit nutty and usually where a lot of drama/unplanned pregnancies occur. Currently Jessie Pilferson is pregnant with Gunnar Roque's child. Again. Her first child was adopted, but her second one will most likely go to the orphanage. Jessie isn't particularly ready to be a mother, and now that Gunnar is married to someone else it's especially awkward. I'm also interested to play Lilith Pleasant, who is living there at the moment. She wants to get married to Puck Summerdream, but he hasn't shown signs of being ready to commit yet.
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Now that Trigger and Sterling are toddlers, that 1 square wide corridor had to go. It was getting waaay too annoying to have to keep unjammin everyone. I ended up changing the whole house round. It's kinda awkward looking and the gym can only be accessed through the bathroom or the steps outside but it'll do. Tank and Violet are greatful to finally have a double bed.

Next door little Dexter became a toddler. He's the alien son of a wealthy Sim who was sold to an alien testing facility. Petra, the alien daughter of Loki Beaker is there too. They're now both toddlers, and currently have full roam of the lab while everything gets set up, as soon as they're old enough to look after themselves they'll be put in cells to be examined, but will still be given time to play in the yard and other activities. Dexter is quite cute, with huge bug eyes. I'm hoping someone else gets accidentally impregnated by aliens soon, but I don't force things like that to happen.

In the Picasso family, nothing much happened. Chandler Platz kept shoving and noogying Mark and Luke Picasso so they decided to stand in the bathroom playing red hands while Chandler kept trying to shoo them. He ended up wetting himself... Why couldn't he just use the other bathroom?

Speaking of Mark Picasso, him and Bunsen Beaker are getting close. They shared a few kisses today, and then immediately he ran off home after she asked him to go steady. Bunsen was quite insulted by this, and decided to go off to work in the lab. She's going to make a robotic boyfriend slave to do everything better than a real boyfriend would.

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
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Robert and Angel Mames just welcomed their third daughter, Christian. Their oldest, Mochi, just became a boy-crazy teenager. It's a good thing sims don't judge people on appearance of hers would be a long, lonely adolescence (not to mention life). Woof, poor kid.

"Fear not little flock, for it hath pleased your Father to give you a kingdom". Luke 12:32 Chris Hatch's family friendly files archived on SFS: http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=603534 . Bulbizarre's website: https://archiveofourown.org/users/C...CoveredPortals/
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Just started a new round. Lot's of aging up thankfully! Oh an no one rolled a death this round, so some semi peace for now Although Hilfert and Lecia's newest daughter rolled the short end of the stick (dice?), she was named after her maternal grandmother, Danburga, who actually died in childbirth with Lecia. The baby even had her same blue eyes! Which have been absent so far Medieval hoods are fun and all for history buffs, but playing semi-realistic death rates gets pretty depressing.
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Miles - Since none of the kids had their A+ (besides teen Barney) they all had to walk to school. Abbie had the day off, and Hunter went into his business. He brought Barney with him to Hunter's Music Shop so that he could start earning some badges. It finally dawned on me near the close of business that I could summon Abbie to have her continue to pass along business rewards. DOH! Barney got himself a bronze restocking badge while Brittney (who's employed here) got herself a gold cash register badge - and a pay raise. Hunter got a bronze cash register badge after sending his employees home. He got it up to level 8 before closing it down.

When Barney and Hunter returned home, Barney worked on his bronze toy making badge and Abbie passed on some more rewards to Hunter. Barney headed off to his teen job. Abbie finally manage to pass along all her rewards to Hunter. The kids brought home Barrett SilverMoon from school. Barto took a nap after doing his homework, while the rest of the kids ran around playing or blowing bubbles (on the giant hookah like thing, kind of weirds me out lol). Barney came home promoted to Foreman and becoming an overachiever. Camryn washed Baile and Cordelia before heading out to Camryn's Roller Rink. She got the business up to Rank 3 before closing it for the day and heading over to Camryn's Bakery. She got the bakery to level 4 before closing up shop and heading home. Everyone went to bed and Camryn worked on her bronze toy making badge.


SilverMoon (Abe) - Abe and Brittney went to work, while Barrett went to school, coming home with his A+. Abe finally found his Architecture job, and is now a Master Architect. Bronx got promoted to Understudy. Then it was time for Beatrice and Barbara to grow up, so Abe threw a birthday party. Barbara grew up into a fortune sim with charismatic and good at cleaning as her turn ons and fatness as her turn off. However, she grew up into entirely unsuitable for the weather clothes, yet suitable for her aspiration. Collin got caught cheating with someone on someone...I'm not entirely sure who was who! I had to wake up Beatrice to come blow out her own candles. Ah, at least part of the mystery is solved - Collin cheated on Camryn, so she smacked the living daylights out of him. Amin and Aaliyah also had some sort of altercation. Beatrice grew up into a knowledge sim with red heads and unemployed as her turn ons and hats as her turn off. Barbara wants to become the Law and Beatrice wants to become Hand of Poseidon. Most everyone had a good time at the party, and it ended up being a Good Time.
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What happening in my game right now as follow:

1. Adultery
3. Fighting like cats and dogs
4.Teens doing as they please sneaking out, and being caught by the police.
5.The burglars is out to take all he or she can steal - and calling it a night work.
6.Gypsy Matchmaker is still a con artist.
7. Mrs. Crumplebottom is still showing up on community lots, at the bar drinking and getting as drunk as a skunk, and interfering in other Sims love life.
8. Rivalry are being pay off to leave another Sims love interest alone.
9. Vampires are still looking for a bite of blood.
10. Sims are forgetting to pay there bills, so here comes the "Repo Man."
11. Lazy free- loaders Sims who come to the community lot and steal other Sims drink and food.
12.The Slob who seem to walk around and go out in his or her PJ, making all kind of sounds in a restaurant.
Farting, Spitting, Belching and sloppy eating, they seem to enjoy during those thing when my Sims is out on a date and the Slob sat near them.
13. Last is the Romance Sims who will be just that, always wanting to "woohoo" with 10 or more Sims.
14. My Knowledge Sims is still looking out the window to see a ghost or see a wolf. That a few things that go on in my game

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I got some flow and played with Ducky Neighbour for several simdays in a row. She had a burglar, but luckily the police managed to catch him. Another night she got abducted by aliens, and when the initial shock had worn off she went straight to warm up at the ballet barre. Cool cucumber. She later had to lock the room where the ballet barre is, because everytime she had guests, they would go straight to it rather than, say, hang out with her.
I had some plans for her to hit on a guy named Julian so he could impregnate her in the future, but she made it very clear she found him unattractive, so I ditched that plan. They did become friends, though, mostly because he called her pretty much every day. Seems like he didn't find her unattractive, because one day he rang the doorbell and when she greeted him he attempted to throw himself in her arms, but she wouldn't catch him. It's the first time I've seen that action rejected. It got so awkward their relationship sank so they weren't friends anymore, but after some casual talking it went back, and frankly that was good because she needs more friends to get promoted.
She did, however, find Kaylynn Langerak a real two-bolter. She didn't make any move towards her, they just talked all night. Ducky, who usually goes to bed by 18-19, was orange-tired but neither of us wanted Kaylynn to leave so she endured until some time after midnight. And when she finally had to say goodbye, she and Kaylynn kissed each other goodbye. Two days later (we didn't want to get too pushy) Ducky talked to her on the phone so that they became friends, and two days after that she invited Kaylynn, and they became best friends quicker than I've ever seen two sims do. Ducky gave Kaylynn a massage and Kaylynn wouldn't stop making dirty jokes, but me and Ducky didn't quite know whether to proceed or keep everything on platonic terms. But ultimately we decided that we really wanted to kiss Kaylynn again, and so Ducky got her first official kiss, and then came the pink hearts. It was great.

I am Error.
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Hanson - Shawn spent the morning working on teaching Becky how to walk, while Andromeda worked on her gold restocking badge, which she got. The butler potty trained Bary successfully. At 6pm it was time for Barton to grow up, so Andromeda called a birthday party. Barton grew up into a child, with weather/season appropriate clothing and his birthday party was a roof raiser. Barton went to bed right afterwards (and after I built him a bedroom) and Shawn worked on teaching Becky how to walk again. Andromeda went to bed too, after fixing the shower that she broke. Becky finally learned how to walk. By that point, Becky had to use the toilet so Shawn started potty training her.
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#21 Old 12th Mar 2016 at 8:09 PM
I spent last night building a house with a pool on a deck. When I had first sat down it was with the intent of building apartments in Bluewater for my current 'hood. I only have low class apartments, and I want some high class social townies. Unfortunately, I forgot when I placed the lot that apartments should be on mostly flat lots, and I didn't remember until I went into the lot and saw the hill. I didn't want to delete the lot as I find deleting sloped lots messes up 'hood terrain, so I started playing with ideas from this thread. Zarathustra's suggestions for fireplaces and the pool tutorial gazania posted in particular intrigued me. I got the shell of the house done, and it's OK, but I wish I'd started farther from the edge of the lot because of the way the lot slopes on one side. I also should have made the pool one tile wider. I did manage to get the pool to be completely surrounded by raised deck - using the platform/indoor stage pieces instead of decking on the three sides without the ladder and diving board. Inside the house, I put elaborate (for me) fireplaces in the master bedroom and living room. The house is huge compared to what I normally build (it's 2 story with a footprint about the same as the Landgraab house in Bluewater), and even though it still lacks most windows, floors, and wall covers, it currently costs about $53,000. I normally build starter houses, expand existing houses, or build simple apartments.

I'm not completely happy with the layout, but I've got some ideas how I'd like to modify what I did. I'm kicking myself for building in my main game; I should have been experimenting in my build folder, but the house will do for someone rich in my game. I think Brittany Upsnott and Mr. Big may move into it - she's topped show business, and he's at or near the top of the law career. Right now, I'm creating a new build-only game folder.

The little bit of time I did spend playing with my sims was spent with Florence Delarosa. She got engaged to Cyd Roseland and he and Porthos have moved in with her. After that, it seemed like all they wanted to do was interact with Porthos. I think Cyd is going to become the owner of a pet park, but other than that, I'm not sure what to do with them. Their wants weren't helping me figure that out, and after two days of watching them I took my break to go and build.
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The last few months I've been back to sims 2. My TS4 has been acting unplayable glitchy, and I don't feel like sifting through my mods to find the culprit, and TS3 has no hope of running until I get a new laptop (Mine is .... kind of terrible)

But anyways, I'm back to Sims 2, and I'm falling in love all over again, I forgot how amazing it was! How is it that a game that came out like 15 years ago is better than games that came out just 2 years ago? Granted, I've got the Deluxe Edition, and Sims 4 is still releasing new content ... but still.

Anyway, Ive just made a new town (I miss being able to create a world so easily and in-game!) called Fantasia ... it's not based off of the Disney Fantasia, but it's a place full of non-human sims. So I'm playing rotational households to set some roots in my new town/world. I also wanted to just place my own lots in this world, not Maxis or downloaded lots, so I've been doing a lot of building in this world. I decided to go with super cheesy family names, so I have the Blood Family, a family of vamps. The Flora family, plant sim family. The Magis Family - witches and warlocks, Wolff family, werewolves. I have a two-family household, The Stars and Stellar families, two male best friends who were planning on living the sweet bachelor life, until they both got abducted and impregnated by aliens.

Right now I'm mostly focused on the Blood family. I have the parents; Vicki and Jason Blood, they have 3 kids - Teenaged Tori, child-aged Jackson, and the baby(toddler) Olivia. I built them a sweet house, with an "indoor yard" and a playground so the kids can play outside during sunlight hours. Tori has a crush on her best friend, Griffen, and they'll be going on their very first date soon. Little Olivia has finished learning all her basic life-skills and is ready to age up to a kid. I just downloaded Echo's freaking AMAZING carnival mod, so I'll be building a little amusement park for Fantasia - which will probably be the location of Tori and Griffen's first date.
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I was playing the Newson family again, in their new apartment. Ginger had dropped out of school temporarily (using the flexi school) to care for the toddlers, while Gavin got a job in the criminal career (it was the first thing that came up in the newspaper, so I went 'why the hell not' and worked it into the story). Soon Georgia had learned to walk but Garrett's aspiration was in the red and he kept crying. Then Gavin came home and fed the two toddlers while Ginger had a well-needed lunch. Fortunately he didn't have work that day so he worked on his homework until Gallagher and Gabriella came home. Gabriella had brought Sharla Ottomas home, so the three kids headed out to the little playground behind the apartment building to play (Andrew Palmer, who is friends with Gallagher, was also there). Then everyone came in, did homework, and had supper. And I guess I hadn't noticed Ginger's energy meter dropping down, because after she finished eating, she suddenly got up and passed out on the floor.

I'm buying Ginger an espresso machine.

Anyways then Gallagher taught Garrett a nursery rhyme, which brought his aspiration back up to green.

The Newsons are a fun family to play.
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At his very moment in my game I just completed building and adding this "Pets" shop to my custom neighborhood I wanted to make my own and not use Maxis that already in the game.
I use creator Mary Lou Mini lots a 2x1 her small lots are great to use. Here are some Pictures below of my new Pets shop. This will be a community lot or private own,
I have a Sims name Rick who just love all kinds of animals, he even try to befriend the smelly skunk, maybe I will make him the owner of the Pet Shop.

Click on Pictures for a larger view

"Nothing in life is a Surprise it just happen to come your way at the time".
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SilverMoon (Barak) - The first thing Barak did after moving into his new house was calling Nerissa to come over. Okay, so the very first thing was an attempt to jump rope, but Nerissa is WAY more important. *nods* They got married in a quickie wedding on the sidewalk, since I wanted someone to have the rich sim memory! I made them dig for treasure while I added their furniture. Barak got into his LTW job and is now a Master of Ceremonies and Nerissa got into her's as well, and is now a Rookie. Both rolled for pleasure as their secondaries. Barak had to go to work, so Nerissa putzed around the house for awhile, then started a garden. Abbie and Stephanie both wandered in at various points as well as some random townie. Barak and Nerissa are expecting their first child!
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