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I'm playing an uber-megahood. When it's the Newson family turn, I realized that they're extremely hard to play! So many kids to look after! Toddlers and messes are all over the place! I can barely keep anyone happy without cheats! I moved them in an apartment to keep the expenses low, because, boy, is it impossible to let the teens work without taking care of the young ones. Good thing they're affluent!

On the contrary, I played the Greenman family. Since Jason's want was already locked when I first played him and it's to turn into a PlantSim, I immediately turned him into PlantSim with SimTransformer. Playing a family of PlantSims is so damn boring and too easy. No motive needs to be taken care of. Everyone just keeps learning skills. I can maximize all skills in a matter of days. Even with a cat to keep them busy isn't enough because it hardly makes any change. Finally Rose and Jason tried for baby and let's see if they have twins to keep them busy. What else to do in life if you can learn everything in a matter of days?

Just call me Nikel
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Take 'em to community lots, Nikel. Invite people over. Give drama a chance!

Trent Traveller Hart is almost through his sophomore year of college and he's grown a little concerned about Davine Newson. Because he plans to bring down the Idealistic Conservatives by becoming a spy and sabotaging the System from within, and he remembers how much pain and heartache his "mom" Joan Mole's secretiveness caused, he's determined to remain unattached and not commit to anyone he'd just have to tell lies to, who could be used as a lever on him. Even though he's started thinking he and Tammy Ottomas are soulmates...Anyway, he was dating Tammy, Davine, and Ripley Grunt all at once to make his commitophobia clear and unambiguous. Tammy and Davine are best friends and are on their second fight-and-make-up over him - but the thing is, Davine deliberately makes passes at Trent when she knows Tammy can see her. And then the other night at Uncle Leon's frat party, he was dancing with Ripley and Davine stood around watching them, then calmly walked over and grabbed his ass! There's something so calculated about her behavior, Trent - who had thought Tammy was his only real commitment risk - is beginning to think that Davine is more serious than she says and is deliberately cutting out the competition.

He also threw a party and tried to get Ripley talking to her sister Bayonette, because he doesn't get that whole thing they've got going on and he's good friends with Bayonette and Ripley needs to feel that her family loves her. But it did not go well.

Meanwhile, the other girl he dated in high school, Hallie Capp, is living with her brother Randy and his fiancee Judy McDaniel, happily studying and waiting for Trent's little brother Geoff to get to campus. She hung out with Geoff a lot after Trent left for college, and though she triple-bolts Trent, and seemed very much in love in high school, she's made it easy for him to keep his hands off her since she came to school. Randy is technically graduated, but will have to move back into Capp Manor with his parents, little brothers, and Old Lady Capp, so he's not in any hurry to leave. Unlike Hermes, who graduated, threw a roof-raising party, and headed out to Riverblossom Hills to marry Robyn Summerdream, taking her name at another roof-raising party.

Orpheus Nigmos is in a bit of a bind. Joanie Smith has been very busy being a sorority girl and they haven't dated much, and frat brother Vincent is so attentive...but he and Joanie clicked so well on this last date...and he and Vincent can't legally get married or adopt children under the current oppressive government....and Joanie's in her last semester, while he's just turned Junior and needs to start thinking ahead...Leon Hart, oblivious to all this, is having a great time at the frat and throws a party almost every day. He's seeing Tia Bubbler exclusively (that one date with Ripley did not count at all - he rejected all her advances) but doesn't feel any urgency about making things official.

With her fiance Cole's high school girlfriend Galia Newson moved in at LFT, Erika Swain has a plan. She trusts Cole and Galia's perfectly nice, she's sure they can be best friends...but why make it easy for accidents to happen? She's not only befriending Galia herself, she's matchmaking, inviting her over and taking her on outings that include other eligible guys, such as Trent, and her and Cole's housemate Emil Lee. Galia and Emil autonomously flirt with each other, but Emil has no idea how to proceed, while Galia has her pride and isn't going to throw herself at anybody's head. Galia and Trent triple-bolt, but both seem to feel that it would be icky for her to date her old boyfriend's nephew.

College is such a confusing time for everyone!

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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I absolutely LOVE all the drama in these stories! Peni Griffin, I follow your updates enthusiastically! I love the Strangetown sims :D
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Trent Traveller-Hart? May I ask who his parents are I'm curious because in my game Tina ended up marrying a Hart !

The Robinson's have been getting used to having a baby in their lives again. Ashley and David were surprised when they found out they were expecting. They had tried getting pregnant after their twins were born but it just never happened so I assumed that was it for them.

Little Kylie aged into a toddler on the last day of their session. Ashley is a Landgraab so all of the kids have strong Landgraab features as children, which is a shame because David is half Japanese so I had been hoping for some asian features. They all look like their mother, not a single ounce of Robinson in them!

One of the twins (I get their names confused) lost her virginity to Avgeni Harris, and I'm pretty sure it counted as statutory rape. Avgeni has been out of college for a couple of rotations now and she just aged into a teenager. Luckily, no pregnancy happened. Avgeni already has children from his ex fiance so he doesn't need any more.

Oh Avgeni, I know you're still having a hard time with your engagement being called off but please stick to people your own age or even just close your age would be nice.
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Gcgb, I attached Widespot RFD to a Genderswapped Uberhood and am doing the Uberhood Challenge, with Rhett Hart designated to make the circuit and have (and raise) a baby with one premade in each. The main hood for the GS Uberhood is Viper Canyon, where all the Family Bin sims live, and Trent is the son of River Traveller, the genderswapped version of Trent Traveller. Who, by the way, has her act significantly more together than any of the male iterations of Trent I've played. I'm about to embark on documenting Trent's second year in college, so if you want to see what he looks like (he's overwhelmingly a Hart, though) check the simblr linked in my sig during the upcoming week.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . Widespot,Widespot RFD: The Subhood, and Land Grant University are all available here. In case you care.)
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In my Widespot subhood, Sandy Beech gave birth to her son from the affair Rhett Hart. Hamilton autonomously took a bit of care of him, but Virginia was the one that seemed the most interested in the baby, and then toddler. Thanks to ACR, Sandy and Hamilton are now expecting another baby. Their relationship was OK until Rhett let himself in and kissed Sandy just as Hamilton was coming into the room. Hamilton responded by becoming furious with Sandy and slapping her, and she then also became furious and fell out of love with him. Hamilton and Rhett had a couple of fights, and Sandy spent the evening avoiding both of them (though that may have been a side effect of dealing with the plummeting needs and vomiting of early pregnancy). Rocky is upset by the fighting, and Virginia suddenly rolled a want to sneak out, so I think it's bothering her, too.

Over at the Hart house, Candy gave birth to Arden and her father rolled fears of changing diapers. I didn't know romance sims were prone to that fear. Anyway, Valentine, Rhett, and Candy had numerous flirtations during the summer. Candy had a couple of dates with Rich Mann and one with Ashley Huffington. Valentine had a couple of dates with a townie and is trying to build relationships with several others in town. While he was on a date at a community lot, I noticed that either Virginia Beech or Woody Weiss had fallen in love with the other. Rhett had less success at actually having dates, but he focused on making friends with sims that came by. A few of those visitors have high chemistry with him so he's likely to try building romantic relationships with them in the future. That includes the current mayor, the ecologist, and a farmer - all three are currently happily married and are my town founders. Goldie spent the summer trying to improve her mood and taking care of her nephew. Summer school brought her marks up a bit, and she made friends with a couple of other teens in town.

At the Land house, both Beulah and Homer got promoted back to their starting job positions. A couple of days of rain (and help from the water terrain tool) flooded a corner of their lot; fortunately the house is on sturdy pilings, as the pond is partially under the corner of the master bedroom. I like ponds next to willow trees, and the kids in the house wanted to fish. The rains also over watered Homer's small new garden, which he hopes will eventually get him a high score with the garden club. Scot rolled a want to talk to someone just as Gabriella Newson walked by - they had a great conversation and built friendship very quickly. After one date and then an outing with the whole Newson clan, Scot fell in love and rolled a want to go steady with Gabriella. With Mary moved out, Scot seems to be taking over a lot of the autonomous cleaning, and Homer rolled wants to learn to make different foods - the house isn't a disaster, and they are unlikely to starve.

The Weiss house was fairly quiet. Woody has a crush on Virginia (she had fallen in love with him) and a want for a first kiss, so he called her for a date. By the end of the date, he was in love with her. Despite being a romance sim and having occasional wants to kiss three sims, he rolled lots of wants to interact with Virginia over the summer. He also painted autonomously a fair bit (when he wasn't playing in the bathtub). Penny gave birth to a girl, Bea, and alternated baby care with making friends and building logic skill. Woody helped take care of her, and slid down the bannister while carrying Bea. Skye got abducted twice (the first time he was just stargazing, the second he was summoning them as he had a wish to meet aliens). Penny responded to both abductions by rolling wants for Skye to be abducted again, Skye rolled a want for a relative to be abducted after his second (fourth) abduction, and the second abduction nearly brought Woody to aspiration failure - he currently fears having a relative abducted, having Skye abducted, and being abducted himself.

At my farming household, summer meant that the garden required a lot of work. The house started the season with 2 adults, 3 teens, and four children, with one teen expecting an alien baby. The garden is large enough that all of them spent most of each day caring for plants. Fiona (adult) had a want to become friends with Rhett Hart so spent time on the phone with him - she has three bolts with him, and an affair next rotation is probable. Gregory had succeeded in getting a wishing well in the spring, and his teen son was the first to use it to with for friends. Three teen townie girls became good friends quickly (the wish followed by a group game of kicky bag maxes friendships very fast). One of those girls reappeared a couple of days later when his younger brother wished for romance. Their sister gave birth to a girl, Minerva, and their mother immediately rolled a want for more grandchildren (and a fear of having a baby herself). Molly is a knowledge sim, as is Gregory, and Fiona has a knowledge secondary. When Minerva became a toddler, all of them wanted to teach all the toddler skills to her - they split the duties, and did reluctantly give Minerva time to sleep and play between learning skills. Two of the children aged to teen near the end of summer. One rolled a want for the scholarship from alien abduction right away and became a knowledge sim. The other became a pleasure sim, but then later rolled the want for that scholarship so he has knowledge as a secondary.

At the senior's residence, there were colds and one case of flu. The simbot caretaker was given a family secondary and started cooking soup. Eventually, everyone was healthy and the residence opened their home business for the rest of the summer - the common areas of the residence act as a community center. Joe Graham, over his wife Dora's death but very lonely, fell in love with fellow resident Saben. They had a morning date, wants to get engaged, and a whirlwind wedding in the early afternoon. Joe died of old age in a platinum mood about five hours later, leaving Saben devastated and stunned. It also upset fellow resident Matthew a fair bit, but that may have been because of lost business stars due to patrons seeing death - he and Joe weren't friends. The rest of the summer was quiet, with the Goodies having a couple of dates, and one resident trying to get a promotion. There was a lot of socializing, piano, and putting (Joe left an execu-putter on the lot). Matthew bought a couple of community lots for future development; one will be a cemetery.
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Hanson - It's a Saturday, so another family day. The SilverMoon (Barak) and Sutton were summoned. Anne played the piano and there was dancing around it - never knew that sims could dance to the piano! Andromeda taught Becky how to talk. Becky is due to grow up today. Andromeda and Anne headed off to work. Anne came home from work with a friend, Icarus Taylor. They went on an outing and hung out for awhile. Andromeda came home with Caius and went on an outing too. Anne brought Becky to the cake and she grew up into a child - pretty sure that she's my only gen B black haired kiddo, her brothers are both redheads. Maybe C will give me some better variety. Anne's outing was Super, as was Andromeda's. Andromeda used her outing boost to work on her gold fishing badge.
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The first rotation has been completed.

The Wilkinsons (consisting of single mom Alexandra, her daughter Taylor (a child), and their pet dalmatian Diamond) have been running pretty low on money since they moved into their house in Lockridge. Alexandra didn't roll a want for a job for a few days so they struggled financially until she got a job in law (in which she'll only be able to be promoted to legal biller; she doesn't have the necessary education to become a paralegal and beyond). A common theme this first rotation is a bunch of lucky chance cards, and she's currently working as a legal secretary.

It didn't take long for her to find love either! She met Leo Wilkie, an elder, in the first days of living in Lockridge and they had instant chemistry - unfortunately for poor Leo, he isn't the only man with a wandering eye for the red haired beauty. Talin Deppiesse is also smitten with her, and she's woohoo'd with both (luckily no pregnancy!). It's anyone's guess who she'll end up with but if it were up to Taylor, Alexandra would end up with Talin.

Taylor is quite popular and a hit with primarily the guys at school. She's outgoing and wants to be everyone's friends so it's no wonder their house is packed with kids after school. She's also very studious and she has already managed to raise her grades to A+.

Next door we have the Lavillenie family. Samuel and Portia moved to Lockridge with their three kids: twin children Trent and Bastian, and toddler Stacy. In addition, Samuel's mom Cynthia tagged along as well to help with the kids (and to have company; her husband of 30 years passed away a few years ago, and Samuel is her only child).

Samuel's LTW is to reach the top of the criminal career track, but he rolled a want to join the business career at first. With 6 mouths to feed, you can't really be picky so he ended up working as a mailroom technician until an opening in the criminal career opened up. Portia's a stay at home mom and a family aspiration sim, so I imagine there'll be more kids sometime in the future. Cynthia spends her days at home with her pottery station and out around town gossiping with unsuspecting neighbors.

Both Trent and Bastian have taken a liking to Taylor Wilkinson! She's been over a few times and they constantly try to upstage each other to get her attention. From what I can gather, she appears to be quite fond of Bastian, so it's likely he has his twin brother beat in this area. Once Stacy grew up, she also became friends with Taylor, and now the two households spend a lot of time together: Portia invited Alexandra over to get to know her better now that their kids were getting along so well.

Some pictures from this first rotation:

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SilverMoon (Barak) - Nerissa went to work and Barak studied Charisma for his next promotion. Janus and Collin made friends over the phone. Barak maxed Charisma and I witichified Janus. Nerissa came home with a promotion to Starter then went to work on her silver Flower Arranging badge. Barak headed off to work while Janus worked in the garden planting tomatoes. Then it was time for the triplets to grow up. Cael went first, and he grew up into a redheaded toddler with what looks like gray eyes and he wears glasses like his daddy. Caitlin was up next, and she grew up into a redheaded toddler, again with what looks like gray eyes. She also wears glasses. Janus went to work in the middle of the birthdays, so it was just Nerissa home with the tots. Caitlyn was the final one who needed to grow up, and guess what, another redhead! *sigh* She seems to have brown eyes though, so at least that's different and no glasses. At least they're all cute as a button! Barak came home from work without a promotion and headed directly to the sauna for some relaxation after a hard day at work. Then ACR kicked in and they got down in the bedroom, after which they both fell asleep. Janus came home from work with a promotion to Counterfeiter. Janus started the potty training of the triplets, then he got the creativity skill he needed.
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Well, that's it. Leod McGreggor just died in Riverblossom Hills and that means the plague has officially moved beyond Strangetown. All sims in the megahood are advised to stay home if sick, not greet strangers, and say goodbye to any guests who start coughing. Cleo McGreggor is distraught and has no clue how she's going to maintain the home business Leod started and raise their toddler twins, Graeme and Grant. Said twins are scarred for life because Leod died right in front of them just after potty training Graeme. Once the twins are children they'll probably be helping Cleo a lot with the gardening.

I feel bad for my sims with all of these deaths, but this plague is also adding a lot of drama to the hood. Established families are suddenly going in whole different directions. I'm kind of curious and scared to see who will be the next victim.
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Originally Posted by Jojoa777
I feel bad for my sims with all of these deaths, but this plague is also adding a lot of drama to the hood. Established families are suddenly going in whole different directions. I'm kind of curious and scared to see who will be the next victim.

I'm a bit jealous by your plague, I just get annoying colds.
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Kynareth Valley has been rocked by a devastating fire. Herizon Taste's tree got hit by lightning during a storm and the fire that resulted is best described as legendary. It took the lone firefighter 20 minutes irl to battle the blaze and it left almost every square of outdoor space coated in ash and debris. Because Kynareth Valley an emergency relief fund for catastrophes such as this, she got a cool 10k for cleanup and remodeling and she intends on using every bit to improve her home. She also got a promotion so now she's working in a coffee house, and she's that much closer to marrying her current girlfriend whether she wants to or not.

Documenting the damage.

Kynareth, future mayor of Kynareth Valley.

Quest FIlter, who's Suspiciously Absent at night.
I also made the Kynareth of Kynareth Valley and she had a peaceful week of working, getting to know her townspeople, and having her current flame, Quest Filter, move in. ...She just doesn't know that that current flame is a driver for the a gang so shady people even suspected of being members are forcibly relocated and usually just get placed in the lawless town of Test Vale where they can no longer bother the good sims of neighboring Exhaustion Valley. Arrabbiata's boss was supposed to be caught and serving his life sentence in St. Jarna's already, but if their dark hands are mixed in with the daily operations of Kynareth Valley, someone is going to make boatload after boatload of cash while the town suffers. Maybe this is just a temporary gig until she can get her feet wet in journalism, but maybe she's already a hardened criminal. Only time will tell.

The next update is going to be from the Ebonhand household since the Volstehl house is the last one in the rotation [unless I add someone else before then, which is pretty unlikely]

My simblr
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Casey Harris recently got fired and decided to take a trip to Simwai'i. He had hoped that this experience would inspire him and use that towards making some new music. Instead of all that, he got his crush Sakura Robinson, pregnant. Its not too bad considering he's a family sim and he's head over heels over her. His crush on the other hand has been wishy-washy about going steady with Casey or James Reyes. I guess this pregnancy helped her decide!

With Casey's dad (Jamie) nearing the end of his life and Sakura not showing just yet, they had shotgun wedding. Good timing too because Sakura was living with her brother who recently got engaged and now has his son over on the weekends so there wasn't any more room for Sakura.

Right after the wedding ceremony Sakura's bump grew and Jamie Harris didn't die just yet. He definitely wont live long enough to meet the new baby though. I give him two days, if that.

I'm excited to see how the baby will look!
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The Marshalls (4) household and their quadruplet kids were on the rotation schedule next. Fed up with everyone in the 'hood having the flu I downloaded Cyjon's New Genie Wishes and had Forest wish to cure the plague.

Forest also had a want to marry a rich sim, so I invited over all of his unattached love interests and checked how much money each of them had: Luz Poole, $; Joann Hayes, $; Barbara Townsend, $$$; Laverne Bush, $$; Shelly Cooper, $$.

Barbara does have some interest in Forest's younger brother (actual nephew) Andrew but checking on things Andrew has much higher chemistry with fellow playable Astrid Vanderpol and already has a child with her. The only other downside is that Forest only has one bolt of chemistry with Barbara, but seeing as he's wanting to marry for money over love...

(The one aggrivating thing to me is that this is the fourth red-haired sim that's married into the Marshalls family. Genetic diversity in that family seems to be "marry in all the redheads".)

So Forest got his flirt on, married Barbara...and she moves in with $1 to her name and I find out she's a hobby lot sim. She's also a Popularity sim, LTW to get to the top of the Journalism career, and an average motivation sim. I upped her age a little.

Barbara got hit by risky woohoo on the Saturday, but rolled for an abortion. With her age+fertility rate I'm not actually expecting many kids (if any at all) though I'm sure ACR will kick in at some point.

Barbara found a job in Journalism just in time for her to have zero work until after the weekend. Flora got a promotion to Birthday Party Mascot (Entertainment level 2), followed by a promotion to Mime on Sunday.

Sunday itself was a free for all invite the family over party. Despite there being 51 sims in the family it doesn't actually feel too bad.

Flora got pregnant via risky woohoo, failing her abortion roll but succeeding on her adoption roll. Like with Veronica Stultz I stayed a little over the normal end of the rotation to see the baby, and also get them moved across to the adoption household.

And, thankfully, it was just one baby. A boy named Hugh, with blond hair, light grey eyes, and a freckled skintone.


The Storm (2) household was more chaotic than I remembered, with four kids on the lot -- child Emily, twin-cousin toddlers Eric and Tanya, and baby Robin. My computer blue-screened when I originally tried to play the household so while most things turned out the same a few things differed.

One of the changes was that Leroy got $10k from a chance card. Clark still got a promotion up to Dance Video Star (Dance level 5) while Leroy got a promotion himself up to Executive Chef (Culinary level 8). Everyone seemed to do well with promotions and what-not as Cecilia got promoted near the end of the rotation to Magazine Editor (Journalism level 9).

Robin grew to a toddler on the Saturday, unfortunately looking a lot like his older brother Eric. Eye and skin colour aside, their facial structure is almost identical.

Cousins Tanya and Eric grew to children on the Sunday. I'm not quite sure yet on who I want to stay as the house heir.

Leroy had an unfulfilled want for a child the entire rotation, which means IVF time. The odds of a multiple birth are going to be astronomical seeing as Leeroy is a Family sim, Evonne is a twin, and they're having IVF. It's going to be 12% for a singleton, 64% for twins, 16% for triplets, and 8% for quads.


At the Vanderpol (2) household, money is very tight. Astrid has $6 to her name and a toddler to look after. She needs a job and money...but a nanny would cost way more than she'd earn in a day on an NPC career. So, she took out a small loan of $1k, took a job as a tour guide, bought a mirror to practise her Charisma, and hoped that she'd either get promoted quickly or she'd find a different, better-paying job.

She managed to get promoted up, but that left her without any work for the weekend, and no jobs for her popped up on Saturday. Michael grew up on the Saturday, doing quite well despite living in a studio apartment with his mum. Thankfully Astrid's been too busy between work/money and raising Michael to even think about inviting over Andrew for a quick woohoo.

She did have time on the Sunday to invite Andrew around for a woohoo session or two, and also get to know and interact with his son. Thankfully Astrid didn't get pregnant, and with Andrew due to finish his degree soon she'll be able to move out of the apartment and into something bigger.
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At the Nova house, Castor is happily working in the science career. He worked on his cleaning skill a bit, earned another promotion, and is making friends with coworkers. He brought Skye Weiss home with him twice; they get along very well and are now best friends. Castor also managed to infect himself twice while making medicine with the biotech station. Each time he made medicine to speed his recovery and managed to avoid spreading the disease to his family. Jane is working in a custom kindergarten career, and has purchased the lot that will become the downtown's elementary school. Their twin girls spent the summer making new friends and playing with their little sister. Julianne has learned all her toddler skills and will have her birthday early in the fall. On the one day that both Jane and Castor were off work, the whole family went to one of the downtown parks. Note to self: edit the parks to have activities for toddlers.

The Gorey's summer was spent taking care of their new baby and trying to sew enough stock to make opening their shop worthwhile. Right now, Allegra's job in the art career is subsidizing their home business. Trevor has a fortune secondary, but he didn't roll any wants about money or business all summer - he did roll lots of wants to cuddle and play with baby Marilyn. Both of her parents dote on her, and both rolled wants to learn parenting as soon as she was born. I'm not sure if they are going to be great parents, or if they are going to indulge her too much and have her be spoiled. When she aged to toddler, both parents rolled wants to teach her all of the toddler skills - a start has been made, and now that fall has come around, she'll learn the rest quickly. She might be surprised and a bit put out by the new sibling that will be arriving mid fall, though.

Julien Cooke and Trisha Traveller hired Sandy Beech to be the chef in their restaurant, even though they run the restaurant without the employees for the most part (I just like having employees with assigned jobs for when I visit the lot while playing other households). A townie teen who will be made playable when her boyfriend goes to university was hired to be a server. The two of them spent a lot of time on the phone turning friends into best friends, and Trisha invited Tina over a couple of times. Unfortunately, Trisha and Tina are not getting along - Tina does not like Julien, and had a few arguements about him with her mother. Those arguments got worse when Trisha got pregnant, and when Julien and Trisha got married, Tina started insulting Julien directly. Trisha then argued a bit more with Tina; the two are no longer friends, though they still have best friend status.

David (Ottomas) and Peta Kratz were busy with low funds, twin infants, and a cat. Their work schedules were offset so that they didn't need a nanny for the first two days of the season, and then David got fired again, so they didn't need one all summer. The twins aged to toddler with their needs/schedules completely mixed up - one is tired while the other is hungry.... I'm not sure if that's making it easier or harder to care for them. One of them always needed something so the adults had a harder time getting the sleep they needed, but it also meant that the parents could focus on one child at a time. On the first day after being fired, David invited his family over for a visit, mostly so that he could start building a relationship with the three youngest children. It turned out that at least three of the Ottomas family was ill; they started coughing and sneezing a fair bit part way through the visit, and I think almost everyone was sick by the end of the day. Peta made two servings of comfort soup to help treat them all, and had to eat two bowls herself. I'm not sure if all the Ottomas family was cured or not, and a couple of other guests that walked by may have also picked up the cold. Oh well. David's relationship with Carly and George improved, and Samantha and Peter got to play with their grandkids. On the last day of summer, David finally managed to find another job in the music industry; money is still tight for them, and David really wants to get his music store built.
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Grunt: Tank is going through some kind of mid-life crisis after his wife died while he was still furious at her for cheating. It almost seems like he is still trying to get back at her. He had a fling with his dad's second wife (to be fair, she is his age). And one day when Dawn stayed home from school (she was ill), she found this woman leaving her dad's room.

This was obviously the town, um, "escort".
It turns out that Dawn's illness was actually a pregnancy. Tank really freaked when he found out and was furious at her and the father (an alien hybrid boy from the trashy Andrews family). This was his good kid, very studious and serious (no playful points at all), and he expected better. Then Dawn turned it around on him and told him that she knew he was seeing "escorts" and that he made her sick. They were furious at each other all through the pregnancy. Finally, though, Tank relented and agreed to raise the child until she finished college. With her out of the house, the tension reduced considerably and they all had fun taking care of the child (a boy named Adam). Q will be the next to go to college and Tank has already decided to leave the house to his youngest, Skip, who is a family sim. This is because Q is really Johnny's son, he's still upset with Dawn, Tripp is a somewhat lazy popularity sim, and Chase and Thorne already have their own homes. He is already well into elderhood and I don't know how much longer he will be around. I'm just hoping he lasts until Dawn returns and takes her child so Adam isn't left with just teenage boys to raise him.
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Still playing with the Hadi family, and... things have progressed since the last time I posted about them. First thing's first, the three of them (Aida, Tobias, and Cait) all have five children with each other. Two boys, three girls. Aida had Lief, then Cait had Gulsen, and then Aida had triplets... Aoife, Nadav, and Valkryie. They've all grown into children now, and they'll be kids for a while. I have Hat's lifespan mod, so Lief, the eldest, still has 24 days until his teenage birthday. Besides the kids, I'm starting to think that these three don't... really... work all that well together? I don't know how to describe it, but I'm thinking once the kids are in college and the parents are in their elderly years, I'll have them part ways and find their own spouses to finally settle down with. Cait and Aida won't be able to have more babies at that point, but I can always get a mod that enables alien pregnancies for both genders - that way Cait (who I'm fairly certain is very much a lesbian) can have her future spouse carry a baby for them. Aida could adopt, or maybe her spouse could also have an alien baby. And Tobias... well... He's a family Sim. He's getting babies, and lots of them. Like... Twenty kids. Idunno. Some absurd number of babies to help populate my 'hood!

On the business side of things, they've acquired both a grocery store and a car dealership. The grocery store is rank 4, and the dealership is rank 3. Cait has a gold badge in sales, so she's helping pull in the money. She goes off to dazzle some poor, unsuspecting townie, and Aida's already waiting at the cash register to ring them up. Tobias will occasionally restock whatever needs restocking. But, from their business perks, sales, and Tobias' novelwriting, they've reached ~$81k - which I'm proud of, because I generally haven't touched OFB, let alone tried to get a Sim to have so much money!

Anyways... Now I'm just trying to make them filthy rich. I need a million bucks to donate so the 'hood can get a university, and preferably I'd like to get that done before the kids are towards the end of their teen years. I think it can be done!

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Something happened today that I've never seen before, in all the years I've been playing The Sims 2.

Loki was alien-pregnant, and stopped cooking to give birth. The usual video began, the plumbbob opened and a green baby spiralled down - but the video changed. Loki did not catch the baby in his arms and decide to love it. No, the video stopped, a notice came up saying this baby needed a name, and there was a ring-with-arrow sign indicating a boy, but the name 'Steven' was already written in. Loki dumped the baby on the kitchen floor, and turned to hit Circe round the face. Then I saw that Circe and Abhijeet Cho had run up to witness the birth, but must have had a better idea. Abhijeet was just turning away guiltily, and Circe was rocking from the blow. Since this would have been their first kiss, the 'First Kiss' video must have interrupted the birth video. The baby on the floor had the name 'Baby Girl'.

She really has had a bad start in life. She has no nose, and huge alien eyes. I wonder whether she will inherit Loki's eyebrows. I thought of leaving her as Baby Girl, a piece of sim refuse never to be noticed, but I relented. Since Pascal had already given birth to Venus, I named this greenie 'Serena'. Perhaps they will be friends.

[Edit] Perhaps I should explain why Abhijeet was in the house. Circe had detected that he had a gold badge for robotics, and she really, really wanted a robot. So she had taken the time to talk to Abhijeet and play chess with him until they were best friends, and then proposed he might move in. It was only then she discovered that he was a romance sim, and three lightning bolts of affection sprang up. She paid two thousand simoleons for a robot-crafting bench, and another three thousand simoleons for the materials for a servo. He set to work straight away. It so happened that he finished his servo just as Loki went into labour, so he and Circe were out of my control at that moment.

With little Serena still on the kitchen floor, Abhijeet went off to initialise his servo as male, Robby, a romance sim like himself. Leaving Robby to deal with the baby, Abhijeet and Circe retired to the bedroom, where Circe became pregnant. As Abhijeet's ambition is woohoo with twenty sims, he took himself off in search of new conquests. He is now lodging at the Smith house, where Jenny is longing to have a baby. She is within four days of becoming an elder, and no-one in the family has the aspiration points to buy elixir of life. Abhijeet is giving the matter some thought.

In the meantime the servo who was intended to replace Abhijeet in Circe's affections has turned out to be a dud at romance, but an enthusiastic gardener. Robby may yet prove to be a family treasure, and worth the money.
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Sutton - Bailey and Jerry TFB unsuccessfully in bed, then tried again in the closet. This time it was successful. Bailey finally found a position in Dance as a Tap Dancer and Kelcey got a position as an Interpretive Dancer. Everyone had the day off of work, so they mostly free ranged and did whatever they wanted to do. Bailey popped into her second trimester, then her third.

Smith (Barid) - Estelle went to work, and Barid made a wish on the wishing well to work on his 20 Lovers LTW. Then he planted tomatoes to fill the fridge. Caius maxed Charisma just in time to go to work. Estelle came home with a promotion to backup Dancer thanks to Collin pulling some strings for her, and she popped into her third trimester She went straight to bed afterwards. Estelle gave birth after her nap in the bathroom to a bouncing baby boy named Caleb. Caius came home from work with a promotion to Round Table Knight.. Immediately after dropping Caleb in his crib, Estelle got pregnant from risky woohoo. *headdesk*
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One plus to having a lot of households and a long rotation is that I've forgotten just who Violet Marshalls' baby-daddy is. There's two men in the house (she only just got pregnant at the end of the last rotation) and it could be either one of them which will make it interesting when the baby pops out and I see what genetics they get.

Being pregnant isn't going to stop Violet from working on her wants, including one to woohoo with 10 sims. She's already woohooed with five sims (including her sister's now-husband, but we'll keep that on the sly). I invited over a sim called Cory Todd and the two chatted for a bit until Violet needed to get to bed.

Violet gave birth about 3PM on the Friday, and I needn't have worried about my reduced trips&quads odds meaning fewer general multiple births as she had triplets. All boys. Their father turned out to be Aubrey, a sim with black hair and green eyes.

Anyway, baby #1 Brent had black hair, reasonably dark skintone, green eyes. Baby #2 Graham had black hair, pale skin, light brown eyes. Baby #3 Jack had black hair, freckled medium skintone, green eyes.

I had Violet invite over Cory for a quick woohoo, no impregnation (this time). Most of Violet's time was taken over to caring for the triplets.

On Saturday the triplets grew up -- Brent is a high motivation sim. Graham is an average motivation sim and looks a little awkward with a high nose + low mouth. Jack is likewise average motivation sim. Taking care of three toddlers with one sim was a lot more exhausting than I'd remembered so Violet's time was pretty much spent looking after them, and then taking care of her own motives.


The Marshalls (6)/Nash household was next, with twins Clover and Eden sharing a house with their partners. Both want to marry off 6 kids, so there's going to be a lot of pregnancies and babies born between them.

...And no wonder why no one was actively trying for a baby as apparently I had turned off autonomous TFB at some point in the past. I turned it back on and got Eden and Robbie to re-try a woohoo (which, however, didn't result in a pregnancy).

Kyle (Clover's kid) grew into a child, and Abigail and Ewan (Eden's kids) into toddlers. Ewan was one personality point away from being a high motivation sim while Abigail managed to get the right personality spread to be one. Abigail turned out adorably cute so it looks like so far it'll be a fight between her and Roxanne (also Eden's kid) for house heir.

Clover managed to get pregnant Friday evening, and Eden Saturday morning. Both being twins there's a slightly higher chance of Clover having multiples herself, but Eden is also a family sim so bumps her odds way up.

Christian found a job in the Gamer career, and Robbie joined him (Christian having it as a wanted career, and Robbie as one of his ideals). There was also a Criminal job available which Clover snuck into.

And the rain of multiples continued as Clover had twins, two girls. Amber, with brown hair, dark skin, and the same blue eyes as her brothers; and Marie with the same blond hair/dark skin/blue eyes genetic combo.

I hedged my bets with Eden's pregnancy and added two more cribs to the newly-created upstairs. I should have been a little more careful and put three in, because Eden had triplet boys.

Baby #1 Bryan, with blond hair, light freckled skin, and alien eyes; baby #2 Dylan with brown hair, medium skintone, alien eyes; boy #3 Nate with blond hair, medium skintone, and blue eyes.

Both Clover and Eden rolled the wants for 10 kids which I locked, though I doubt either will get there let alone both. The birth of all the kids means I will have five toddlers at once, though Roxanne is due to become a teenager the same day twins Abigail and Ewan become children, and all five of the babies become toddlers so...(yes that does mean eight birthdays on the same day)

Robbie got a couple of promotions, ending up as a Flag Capturer (Gaming level 5) by the end of the week. Christian also got promoted to Platform Jumper (Gaming level 6) but switched over to a job in Journalism (his LTW career) that popped up.


Played Heather Marshalls in her new home for the one day of the rotation. She had a want for a job in Law Enforcement but the hours were better for Culinary (aka she'd actually go to work on the Sunday). She called Trevor over for a quick woohoo before work, and ended up getting a quick promotion to Drive Through Clerk (level 2). She managed to arrange it so that she got back after her promotion before the carpool for the next shift and ended up pulling a double promotion. That left her at the top of the teen career and hopefully will age into a half-decent job level in the adult career.
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Originally Posted by Gcgb53191
I'm a bit jealous by your plague, I just get annoying colds.

I honestly half love and half hate the plague. I guess I'm nice enough to not want to kill my own sims, but mean enough that I'm interested to see the results when a lot of my sims do so happen to die.

I'm not sure why they're all dying though. As far as I can tell they seem to have the cold, not the flu. Though I do have some mods in that might change things (not realistic sickness though). My best guess is that some of these sims must have on/off had the cold for lots of rotations, and all of those days have added up. Because typically sims are cured before I stop playing them at the end of their day of the rotation. But then they catch it again while visiting other sims or something. It does seem pretty random to me though.
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Currently I'm in Bitville and I'm just starting out. I played Bitville back in my Sims Stories days, so I'm glad I can pay it again in TS2. So, anyway, since all of the sims in Bitville are single I'm starting by pairing everybody off. Vincent Moore and Naomi Hunt have already gotten married and she's pregnant with twins. There's also their servo maid, Gerda. Originally, I hadn't planned on hooking her up with anyone; servos are usually single in my game. However, right after Vincent went to work, nothing was really going on in the house, but then the gyspy matchmaker showed up. Obviously, Naomi would have no interest in her services since she's already engaged, but since Gerda is single and a family sim, I thought "Why not?" and sent her to talk to her. She ended up on a blind date with a dormie named Myron and they hit it off. Not sure where I'll go with it, but it's an option.

Anyway, Maxmillion Oglethorpe and Sasha Aires also got married and she's pregnant. Her profile seems to paint her as a gold digger, and Maxmillion has a fair amount of money, so I thought they'd be a good match. Of course, my headcanon is that he's retired, which means she'll have to work just to keep the fortune up.

I haven't gotten to anyone else, but I already have the pairings in mind.
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I decided to continue playing the Harris household until Sakura gave birth. I was almost two days in and she hadn't given birth yet so I figured I might as well just play them for the whole three days.

Jamie Harris has passed away and his wife Emma, went into aspiration failure as soon as he turned into an urn. The psychiatrist came and everything. After he left Emma spent some time talking to a volleyball and also started panhandling outside the home. I've never seen a sim fall into such a deep depression like she has, they usually straighten up right after the doctor leaves.

Sakura gave birth to a baby girl named Kara. I was hoping it'd be a boy and they could name him Jamie. Wait, isn't Jamie the feminine version of James? Oh man, has Jamie had a girl's name this entire time? Eh, oh well. Kara has Sakura's light skin tone and black hair and has Casey's alien eyes.

Jamie Harris died April 4th, 2016 at his home in Bluewater Village enjoying the company of his loved ones. He leaves behind his wife Emma; his two children Hannah and Casey; his brother Ian, and four (now five) grandchildren. He was also very close to his stepchildren Emette and Sarah.

Born and raised in Bluewater Village, Jamie's family has an interesting history. His mother Nora, was the bastard child of Malcolm Landgraab V and Melina (Jones) Harris. Even though they are technically descendants of the Landgraabs, they are not allowed in the Landgraab family plot at the cemetery, they know better than to try claim the Landgraab name.

Jamie attended Sim State University and graduated with a bachelor's degree in business. During his time at SSU he got reacquainted with Emma Davis, who was also majoring in business. He and Emma had known each other since they were children but they did not get along during their younger years. I can't remember the reason but at one point they were even enemies and got into a several fights at school. Jamie and Emma took things really slow once they started dating. Emma had children at home and didn't want to rush anything. After graduation Jamie and Emma were getting serious and once Jamie got to to know her children he proposed and Emma and the kids moved in with him. Not too long after the wedding they had Hannah and Casey and the rest is history!

Services will be held this weekend at Hope Cemetery near the Robinson family area near the east entrance.
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I'm surprised how easily Maud gets pregnant. She's in her 40s, the second half, and the last three times she tried for a baby with her husband, she immediately got pregnant. Now child number 17 is growing inside of her. I've never had so much children from one couple.

Sometimes it's hard, when there are three toddlers to take care of, but most of the time it is fun. And I love that a family can grow so big. The oldest 6 are adults, there are a couple of teens and children, and now two toddlers and two babies (their first twins). Maud and her husband even got 2 grandchildren. I promised myself that the child they would have before their first grandchild was born would be the last, but 10 years have passed since then. After that I promised myself the 15th child would be the last, but then I thought about the cheesecake and minutes after 15, 16 was born, and I couldn't say no when Maud and her husband (Didier) wanted to have another child...

Didier wanted to learn about parenting when they already had 16. After that, he said that he finally could understand baby language. But Maud never learned about parenting, so now I'm wondering how they could survive so many children.
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Hal and Patty, my one and only elderly couple (they both just turned 80) at the moment who seemed to be doing just fine and were still quite affectionate with one another, split up during their last rotation. They had never had children - so I had them adopt a child just before they turned 70 (he aged up to a teen during their rotation as well). They were both enjoying parenthood and still working full-time - then one day mid-week the husband came home with a townie colleague. The two of them got out of the carpool vehicle and immediately started flirting and throwing all sorts of ACR related interactions at one another. I was pretty stunned, as he had been totally faithful to his wife all this time.

I sent the townie (Christy Stratton) home, before his wife and child could see anything. However, in the end it made no difference as he kept rolling wants to do anything and everything with, Christy. So, I let him fulfill all of his wants and a few fears related to her. He eventually got caught cheating by his wife (she did not immediately break up with him), who despite the negative relationship kept rolling wants to be best friends again and other loving interactions. His son witnessed the infidelity as well...so their relationship was in the negative too.

The final straw was when the townie kept stopping by his home and calling for him...not to mention that he had all but forgotten about his family and started rolling only skill and Christy based wants. So, taking it as his decision had been made, I had his wife break up with him (she still had him in the negative anyhow despite the positive wants she kept rolling). He moved out, but unfortunately with §3,000 of the §3,900 they had in household funds...since I have No 20K Handouts installed. That sucked!

Hal and Christy, got an apartment together and I made him send Patty a portion of Christy's §19,000 she came with. It did not seem like a stretch that he would take from one woman (a young one at that) and give to another.

So now, Patty and their son Martin are doing the best they can to move on from the situation. Though, they both still seem a bit depressed about and Martin keeps walking by his dad's new apartment.

Note: Screenshots have now been added.

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