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#176 Old 6th Apr 2016 at 10:05 PM
Barber - First order of business was to get Chase over, and the next order of business was to change Bambi's clothes. Bambi and Chase had a sidewalk wedding and Chase grew up and moved in with $2,000. I rolled for secondaries and Bambi got family and Chase got popularity. I set them to totally faithful on ACR to minimize some of the wtfery. They dug for treasure waiting for the newspaper and me to finish placing furniture. Bambi got a job as an Investigatory Journalist and headed off to work. Before she left she initialized Bethany, the family servo, who wants to be a Prestigidator, same as Chase. Fortunately there were Entertainment slots open. Bethany as a Round Table Knight and Chase as a Mime. Bethany came home with a promotion to Juggler, and Chase had the day off. Bethany had the skills needed for promotion, so she headed back out to work. Bambi brought a friend home from work, so they had a sidewalk outing. Bethany came home again with a promotion to Master of Ceremonies. Bambi's outing was only So-So as the friend didn't want to sit still long enough to chat. Bethany's secondary is Knowledge. Chase and Bambi successfully TFB before bed.
#177 Old 7th Apr 2016 at 7:13 AM
Huge changes since yesterday. In a thread here I complained that LTW for natural scientist and artist were missing from the simblender, and BO suggested I download some extra mods. Well, the new simblender refers to sim interests, which I never consulted before. I used to just look at whatever was in a sim's want slots to determine careers. Now I've started looking at interests, for the first time in all these years of playing! I found that Pascal Curious has 10/10 interest in the supernatural, so I switched him out of his science job to head for a new ambition: cult leader. His brother Vidcund has 10/10 interest in the environment, so he has quit science too, and is following the natural scientist trail. I've started inspecting the interests of all the Strangetown sims. Since these interests can fluctuate with time, play has become very much more complicated.
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#178 Old 7th Apr 2016 at 11:06 AM
At the Trent-McCarthy house, Tina spent the summer helping Herbert Bigfoot with his flower shop and baby sitting her three half siblings while the adults worked. I was hoping she'd make enough arrangements to get a silver badge, but she's still only got bronze. She also got bronze badges in sales and restocking, though - the shop was getting too busy for her to work on flower arranging. Herbert split his time between working on his shop and his day job (agriculture career) - I think he's now brought home 4 stoves, 2 children's toy ovens, 2 barbecues, and a couple of decor plants. Trent's alien son Zekiel is a complete slob (0 neat) - nobody in the house is neat, but the level of mess that he was making seemed to really bother Tina. If she was left alone for a moment, she'd start cleaning and that was despite her normal music and dance obsession. Trisha dropped by a couple of times, and she argued a few times with both Tina and Trent. Her relationship with Trent's new wife, Daisy, had been a bit negative, but they autonomously chatted a few times and are now close to making friends. Daisy and Trent's first child together, River, rolled wants for charisma skill points as soon as he was taught the nursery rhyme (he's 10 outgoing), so he spent a lot of time with that silly rabbit toy. He's almost a child. Their second child, Oceana (Daisy brought her love of nature into her children's names), aged to toddler right at the end of summer. Daisy immediately wanted to teach her a nursery rhyme, and Trent rolled a want to potty train her and a fear of having more babies. Tina is getting desperate to move out and go to university, as the small house is feeling crowded and she has no privacy and spends a lot of time taking care of her father and siblings.. She did manage to have a dream date with the boy who lives in the cabin closest to them (one corner of my 'hood has a forest with some small lots with cabins), and seems quite infatuated with him, but I'm not sure how the relationship will last as he's a romance sim.

At the Newsons, both Gabriella and Gallagher have fallen in love. Gallagher's steady girlfriend is the daughter of the town doctors; she's been abducted five times, has three alien children, and has been turned into a witch. Gallagher likes the sparkles and spells, but I don't know if she's told him about the toddlers and infant, but then, it's a small town and she lives only a few lots away. He'd probably like the idea of children - I gave him a family aspiration and a romance secondary. Even with the romance secondary, he's the one that rolled a want to go steady first, but when it was filled it was a red memory - that bugged me, so I changed his secondary to knowledge, and I want to edit the memory in SimPE to make it green (if I get around to it). Gabriella's boyfriend is Scot Land; they have a lot of common interests and both like science and tinkering. Georgia was thrilled to finally get the cast off her arm - she spent her last days of childhood playing piano and soccer. She and Garrett aged to teen - Georgia is fortune/popularity and wants to be head of SCIA, and Garrett is knowledge/family and wants to be a doctor, but he also keeps wanting to work on the restorable car, so he may end up running a garage with Gallagher or Gabriella instead. Ginger's daughter, Lauren, kept rolling wants to call her mom (who is still at university) and to make friends with more people. She spent half the summer on the phone and the other half having water balloon fights with any children that walked by the house.

At the Ottomas house, Samantha aged to elder, and the twins became teens (pleasure/romance and knowledge/romance). There are still two sisters who are children, and because of that and the looming university bills Samantha and Peter aren't ready to retire. Sharla left for university mid summer, and that started her parents thinking about estate planning - who will get the house when they die? Sharla wants to live in the city, and David has already built his own house, so it will probably go to Tommy when he finishes university - he likes the rural setting. His youngest sister is likely to still be living at home when he graduates, but he's got a good relationship with her.

At the poultry farm, the Meyers spent the first half of the summer running their home business and the last half filling other wants and skilling. They have four children; the second eldest has just become a teen. She rolled a want for the young entrepreneurs scholarship, so is working in the medical track for now. The father, Christopher, had a want to get a pet, so they adopted a large dog. They then adopted a stray and will be breeding them (to put up for adoption as the adoption pool is short on puppies). The oldest teen, Tuck, went on a couple of dates with a townie - she gave them a hot tub, which while nice was the last thing the family needed this summer. It was a hot summer for them; the last two days kept seeing near heatstroke every time they went out (autonomous fetch and catch, mostly), and I was having enough trouble cooling them off even inside that I double checked the walls, ceilings, and roof to be sure the house was sealed properly. Those were fine, so I think it was just sim stupidity - don't take hot showers when already overheated, and don't head for the exercise machine when you are almost ready to burst into flame. Nobody caught fire, but Christopher collapsed twice, and Tara, Tuck, and Chris finished the summer with flushed faces. At the end of the summer, Tara bought a small community lot that will be a market selling both their own poultry and imported foodstuff (game groceries).
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#179 Old 7th Apr 2016 at 8:53 PM
Grunt - Helium Grunt (Ripp's last child): Helium has had a pretty tough life. Ripp was abducted and got pregnant with Helium the very last day he was fertile. So he was an elder by the time Helium was a toddler. Both Ripp and Ophelia Nigmos Grunt (his wife) didn't have a lot of energy for Helium. Therefore, he became very close with Lane (his half-brother) who was a teen at the time. All the rest of Ripp's children had already moved out. When Helium was a child, his father died. Then Lane left to go to college leaving Helium alone with his elderly step-mom. He was lonely a lot because Ophelia worked evenings. Being a knowledge sim, he spent his time learning to play chess, painting, and watching the food network. Ophelia felt bad about not spending more time with him and got him a puppy for his 13th birthday to keep him company. As a teen, he came home from school at 1pm and had more time to spend with Ophelia. They became close. Then she died when he was 14. There wasn't much money left in the bank after putting all the kids through college and Helium's job certainly couldn't cover the bills. He started looking for a roommate.

At the same time, JayLin (the Gavigan's ex-nanny) was ready to give birth to Isaiah Gavigan's illegitimate child. She had been staying in the boarding house but they didn't allow children. She posted an ad on the computer and Helium read it and invited her over. Well, she was rather shocked to see such a young teen all alone. She debated about telling social services and getting him placed in a foster home or some relative's home (he certainly has enough relatives in Strangetown). In the end, though, she agreed to be his roommate and vowed to take care of him until he went away to college. She had a baby girl shortly afterward and named her after her mother Isamu. Helium babysits while she works and they are getting along great. Since she pays most of the bills, he has agreed to let her stay in the house for free while he is in college. It has worked out for everyone so far.

JayLin and Helium
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#180 Old 8th Apr 2016 at 12:03 AM
Another one bites the dust, looks like there will be two funeral services this weekend at Hope Cemetery. Lilly Morgan passed away Tuesday night around 8PM.

She leaves behind her husband Dakota, her son Kody and three grandchildren Sean, Avery and Kaleah (whom she has a memory of meeting isn't showing up in her relationship panel)

Lilly went to Sim State University to follow in her mother's footsteps in becoming a lawyer. She graduated summa cum laude and continued her studies at the Landgraab College of Law. Lilly continued to be an overachiever in her life and even surpassed her mother as a lawyer by getting to the top of the Law career. Unfortunately the one area she was not successful in was expanding her family. Lilly and Dakota got lucky with Kody but had trouble conceiving again afterwards. And on the rare occasion they succeeded Lilly would miscarry.

Its kind of ironic that Lilly Morgan and Jamie Harris are being buried this week. Lilly lost her virginity to Jamie when they were teenagers. Lilly and Jamie's wife, Emma were best friends when they were teenagers until Emma and Dakota had a one night stand, got her pregnant and didn't really get involved until the kids were older. During all that Lilly and Dakota started dating so there went their friendship. Small world! I mean..neighborhood :D
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#181 Old 8th Apr 2016 at 12:31 AM
One of my Sims lives alone with his elder dog, Balin, an ex-stray. He leaves for work and just a few minutes before coming back home Balin dies...
Thinking a pet dying alone broke my heart.
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#182 Old 8th Apr 2016 at 12:52 AM
Things are heating up in Holling.

Shaylene Lewis is just two months away from giving birth to her second child and the first born to a townie in this hood. The father-to-be is Nery Turner, and as it turns out he's become friends and neighbours with Rio King, who fathered Shaylene's older child Tayvion. Shaylene and Rio's relationship is open ended as they're both romance sims, so when Rio fell in love with another townie, Shelby Barrett - Shaylene's good friend - at his son's first birthday party, no one got upset. It was all about little Tay after all, who - after a false start or two rose to the occasion and became a toddler on his second cake. He's got a cute little pig nose that I just can't get over. Shaylene's needs needed to be watched carefully during the party as she's literally about to pop into her final trimester.

Her sister Mi'Shara gave birth to her daughter Daimond Miya a few days before. Daimond is a spring baby, while her cousin is an autumn and there's some clear differences between the two. Little Daimond didn't cry at all and was a very quiet, content baby despite the fact that her mother left her on the kitchen floor for a day and a half after she was born so that she could woohoo her father. She then fell asleep along with the rest of the household. During her cousin's birthday party, Daimond was left on the bedroom floor this time, and made no fuss until the stink fumes drover her to it, but it looks like her mother is finally starting to get the hang of the whole parenting thing.

Johnnie's girlfriend Cecile is confirmed pregnant, and the two had a rather nasty fight at the cinema after he caught her flirting with a female cashier. Although they love each other, they aren't reconciling at all and Cecile is furious with Johnnie. To make matters worse, Johnnie wasn't happen to discover his pending fatherhood and spent all night gardening and refusing to come to bed. With no one else to turn to, Cecile looks to her friends Damian and Mallisa in her time of need.
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#183 Old 8th Apr 2016 at 3:48 AM
I was playing the school rotation and since there is only 1 school aged child right now I decided the primary school could take teens for the moment as well.

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#184 Old 8th Apr 2016 at 10:54 AM
I was playing Regan and Cornwall Capp. They kept trying to have a child, but Regan had miscarried three times already. Of course she got pregnant again and miscarried again. This always happens in the first trimester. I took the hint and set her to be infertile.

Originally I wasn't going to let them adopt, because the Uberhood is way too populated anyway and doesn't need more sims, but the next house was Heather Huffington's who's very pregnant with her second child. Heather is not much of a mother. She got pregnant by Joshua Ruben right before graduating and took care of her daugther Ariefay well enough while she was a baby. After that she was more interested in woohooing and becoming a professional party guest, so she let the nanny do most of the work.

Of course all that woohooing let to her being pregnant again. During her pregnancy Joshua came over a lot to get to know his daughter and help take care of her. Seeing how well they got along, Heather had an idea. Why not let Joshua raise the kid? He's engaged to Patricia Wan and so far they have no children of their own, so he agrees and right before Ariefay ages to child, she moves in with them. Heather then gives birth to a son by Ashley Pitts, who she has no desire to keep. Knowing that her neighbours have trouble conceiving, she invites Regan over, who immediately starts fussing over the baby. So it's decided that Regan and Cornwall are adopting him.
The Capps get the baby they always wanted, Ariefay gets to grow up in a loving environment and Joshua gets to raise his daughter, and Heather can lead a life full of woohoo and parties. Everyone is happy.
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#185 Old 9th Apr 2016 at 1:14 AM
SilverMoon House - I got Barnard and Barney settled in, and Barney studied for his gold toy making badge while Barnard stargazed to work on the logic point he wanted. Barnard went on an outing with Fern Banks in an attempt to find a spouse - she was his highest YA female match, but he's bi, so there are plenty more options. Barney received a call from Banyan and they made friends. Looking through Barnard's relationship panel I noticed that he had three bolts with Kimberly Shelby - might be a winner, though she's another redhead, but he's into them. Barnard's outing ended due to class, but it ended at Super. After class Barney went on an outing with Sienna Ashley, his highest YA match - only one bolt, so he can do better. Barnard called up Kimberly to make friends. Barney called his friends during a break in the outing, and Barnard called Edgar to make friends after making friends with Kimberly. I then had Barney call Rin Almassy, a two bolt match he has.

Barney's outing was Rockin, and he used some of his bonus to study cooking for college. He also decided to declare Literature as his major. The next morning Barney went on an outing with Denise Alexander, his highest adult match - also only two bolts. She has black hair vs Rin's blonde - but neither of them are redheads, so that helps. I like Rin's looks better though - but we'll see what he thinks, or what I decide to do by senior year. Barney's outing was interrupted by class, but still made it to Super. Bartholomew gave Barnard a call the next morning to chat. Then Barnard threw a party and got his first kiss from Kimberly and naturally headed for the photo booth immediately after. Barney got his gold toy making badge and then it was time for finals. They both received A+'s.

Barney filled up his meter by making friends with his professors. Barnard maxed Music and Dance. Barto called Barney for a chat and made friends. Then it was finals time, and both boys came back with A+'s.
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#186 Old 9th Apr 2016 at 8:58 PM
Main House - Adam went to work, Aaron finished teaching Cade how to walk and then he too went to work. Edgar also went to work. Bartholomew walked to school and then it was time for Wendy and Amin to go to work. Barbra worked on potty training Cadee. Wendy came home with a promotion to Sports Columnist. Edgar came home with a promotion to Congressperson and a friend who gave him a new product to test. Oh yeah, and he came home with a chair, which was promptly sold. I also realized that Bigfoot apparently can't ask people on outings (at least nonfriends, haven't tried friends yet) which I'm not sure is normal or not. Either way he and his work friend hung out by the mailbox and I realized Edgar didn't have a secondary yet - he rolled for Grilled Cheese. Adam also came home with a work friend, so they went on an outing and hung out on the sidewalk. While viewing the koi pond, Edgar figured out that his hobby was Nature. Wendy maxed Creativity then started on Cleaning before bed. Adam's outing was Rockin. Wendy worked on potty training Cadee.
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#187 Old 10th Apr 2016 at 7:15 PM
Malcolm VIII is officially done with his 'training' at Landgraab Electronics. His father, Malcolm VII, gave him the deeds to the store and to the Landgraab family beach home. Malcolm VII and Erica both finally retired from their jobs and are enjoying their retirement by spending time with their triplets. Erica even bought a work bench to start a new hobby.

Malcolm VIII is feeling the pressure to get married with his father nearing death. There are a few eligible bachelorettes but I'm just not sure if they're a good fit for him. There is a townie who's also a fortune sim like him with the same LTW but I don't know yet....I try to avoid marrying townies unless they really hit it off so we'll see.

Anthony is constantly rolling wants to get married or to have a baby. Unfortunately for him, the girl he loves is just barely starting college so it's gonna be a while until that happens. Until then he'll just focus on work and saving money for the future.

Julia has been so busy with school work and working that she hasn't socialized much. She has two days off soon so she'll be taking a break soon. She's rolled a few wants to get laid so maybe she'll go on a few dates. :D
#188 Old 10th Apr 2016 at 9:20 PM
Edward and Carly Sommers, household was the last one I played. It was a fun and productive rotation as Edward's new prepared foods bakery reached Rank 4 and Carly received two promotions in the dance career. Edward, also has a career as a handyman (the bakery is only open on his non-work days) and he too received a promotion. Carly, also increased her skills (I don't really focus on sims skilling unless they roll a want - if not it's up to them to autonomously choose a skill item) enough to join two other sims in the neighborhood who are in a band that plays once a week at an upscale restaurant and bar in the neighboring town (sub-hood). There is another open spot in the band, so we'll see if Edward shows some interest.

The only disappointment was their want of having a baby - they ACR woohoo'ed all sim week without any success. I finally took a look at Carly's pregnancy odds and realized they had decreased quite a bit from the previous rotation (down to 15%). She is 47 yrs old now, and since I don't see things improving, I had them adopt a child. The ideal family size is set to 2 for both of them, so if Carly does not have a miraculous pregnancy their next rotation, I may have them adopt again...if they both roll a baby want.

Also, their home is getting a little cramped with two pets (Barney the dog and Sarah the cat) and now a child, so if they can get the huge business loan (25k plus) paid off before elder-hood (the business perks cash will no doubt make it doable), I may remodel the home. That is, if they have enough left over after saving for retirement and part of Amy's college tuition.

Random screenshots from this family's rotation underneath the tab...

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#189 Old 10th Apr 2016 at 10:06 PM
I really like playing sims, who just graduated college and get their lives started in the main hood. Since Tom Freshe lost both his previous girlfriends to Chaz Whippler (He, Emily Lee and Ellen Frost live in a polyamorous relationship) he moved in with his best friend Marla Biggs and her fiance Martin Ruben. Not much happened since all of them had the flue and I didn't want it to spread. Of course Marla got pregnant almost immedieately, which was a mild inconvenience because Tom is living in the only other room of the house and they don't have the money to expand. Eventually they all got better, Marla and Martin got married without a party right after their daughter Nelly was born and still no luck for Tom when it comes to girls. He liked Marissa Bennett, but she ended up kissing Dustin Broke at one of Tom's parties (I don't approve, Dustin is about to get married to Melody Tinker). At the end of the rotation, they took out another loan to expand the house since Marla is pregnant again... and it's twins. She's definitely going on birth control after they are born.

I also played Dirk Dreamer and Lilith Pleasant. They were one of the few existing teenage couples that actually had decent chemistry and even stayed together while attending different colleges. Dirk is a bit of a ladies man though and he hooked up with Allegra Gorey and Jules O'Mackey. Now that he and Lilith lived together, their chemistry had dropped to one bolt and they didn't seem into each other much at all. So I invited over Johnny Smith and Brittany Upsnott, who they have two bolts with. ACR did the rest. Dirk and Lilith broke up, but are still friends. She moved out and I will play her with Johnny Smith next round. Dirk got a job in Architecture and dated Brittany for a while until she spun up the want to get engaged. She moved in at the end of the rotation and they'll get married next round.
Something funny I just remembered now, Brittany used to live with Mary-Sue. After the Oldies died and Lilith went to college, I didn't want Mary-Sue to live on her own so she got Brittany as a room mate.
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#190 Old 10th Apr 2016 at 10:53 PM Last edited by stitching : 10th Apr 2016 at 11:38 PM.
Heather Huffington had a busy week. In her personal life, she rolled a want to woohoo five service sims; I took that to mean that she wanted to seduce her landlord, so she invited him over while her husband, Ashley, was at work. After woohooing with him, she moved on to the pizza delivery man she met at the weekend apartment gathering. She's only friends with him so far, but she rolled that want to seduce service sims again while he was over so she'll probably have a date with him next season. As well as those, she had a couple of dates with Ashley, visiting clubs downtown. Professionally, she got fired again from her job as a projectionist, but found another job as a projectionist (slacker career) when the next newspaper was delivered. She had one shift and was promoted at the end of the shift; the new shift hours meant that she could walk to work right then. Her needs were still fairly high, so she did, and she came home with another promotion. I guess her new employer thinks more of her than the last one did. Ashley seemed mostly interested in building sports enthusiasm and getting the charisma skill he needed for his next promotion, so he went to practice his golf at the sports hobby lot. He also wants to make more friends, so he spent a fair bit of time on the phone and playing kicky bag. He got promoted to level nine of the athletics career. Heather and Ashley's apartment is next to Brittany Upsnott's; I forgot she was pregnant, but Brittany reminded me by barging into the Huffington apartment a few times to throw up. Good thing that all three of them are such good friends, and Heather could use the cleaning skill gains.

I then played with my mining family - a challenge where they are having a baby every season, teaching all skills, and parents have to help with homework if children don't have wants to do the work. When I opened the lot, teen Darryl was getting close to a breakdown due to low aspiration and was sick. Fortunately he had a want for a new family member, and his mother was just hours from giving birth so I sent him to relax. Jane had a boy, saving Darryl from hitting rock bottom and clearing his fear of running away. The family is now up to twelve children. The summer was rough - I use a mod for summer vacations, so there was no homework, but in some ways that made it harder as everyone was always home and needs got off schedule. They also broke all the plumbing at one point - fortunately the just-aged-to-teen Natalie likes to tinker and wanted to improve her mechanical abilities. When she wasn't repairing sinks, toilets, and showers, she gravitated to the easel. Everyone else in the family seemed to want to play catch or use the telescope. All of the teens took turns mining ore, but the shop stayed closed all summer due to a flu outbreak on their lot. At one point, 5 out of the 8 people who could catch the flu had it. When not sick, parents Jane and Flannan filled their wants to teach toddler skills - potty training in particular is essential with this crowd. I've started having problems with neat siblings cleaning up baby bottles before the toddlers manage to drink from them - no sooner would a bottle be dropped due to routing failure to the toddler than a child would be trying to throw the bottle out. Actually, this house is kind of fun with the mix of neat and messy sims. Flannan has 9 neat points, and Jane has 2 - their children mostly have either 9 or 2 as well, with one having 7 and one with 1. One of the teens became furious with a toddler for making a mess while playing in the toilet (poor Cody was a victim of bottle theft and had low hygiene), and I suspect similar conflicts over shower puddles are the cause of low relationships between a couple of the other siblings. Even with lots of extra bottles, two potties to empty, and many plates of food, this house is normally very neat due to all the autonomous cleaning. Darryl had a dramatic improvement in his mood when he met Lisa Ottomas. She had just become a teen and they have a bit of attraction to each other. They became friends and had a date; both have crushes on the other. I wonder how Darryl will feel about her when he learns that aliens scrambled her personality - well, he never knew the old Lisa, but the new one has 0 neat points to Darryl's 9 and the rest of her personality is fairly different from his, too. The summer ended with several family members rolling wants for either creativity or cooking skill points, or for wants to learn life skills. Jane got pregnant again, so baby 13 will be born in the early fall.

Alan Coulthurst has gotten a job in the paranormal career and has started his Cult of Grilled Cheese. He visited a couple of community lots to meet with people and talk about grilled cheese. A few of his friends were willing to listen politely, and a couple of those even seemed enthusiastic about grilled cheese. He invited two of those sims over to his house - I think they are downtownies, but they are ones that kept annoying me when I played other lots. He asked both to move in. Wolf Paris turned out to be at the top of the business career - he is a knowledge sim that now has a grilled cheese secondary. Tana Zarra is in the elder business career track - she was at level 3, but she got demoted twice during the week. She doesn't mind, though - she had an encounter with the ReNuYusenso-orb and is now a grilled cheese sim. She spent her down time painting pictures of grilled cheese to decorate the Hall of Grilled Cheese. Alan then invited his new crush to move in - she wants to get engaged, but he's not interested in marriage. She took a grilled cheese secondary to please him, but she's more interested in family and friends than sandwiches. Wolf also asked his girlfriend to move in - they both had wants to get engaged to each other when they moved in, so they are now engaged. I'm not sure how Alan will take it - the cult hasn't sorted out guidelines about relationships and marriage yet, and Alan has a history with Wolf's fiancee. However, I'm leaning towards supporting marriage and banning affairs for cult members. The Hall of Grilled Cheese has a kitchen at one end with a dining area, and an area to worship and praise grilled cheese at the other end. Beside the hall are three living/working rooms for the cult - one is a room for studying cooking (by book or by tv), one is a recreation room, and one is a reception/office space. Above those rooms are a few small bedrooms and a bathroom. The colours throughout the lot are yellows, oranges, and browns, and where possible the shapes/patterns are squares or arches (suggesting sandwich shapes). Once the decorating is improved a bit, the cult will open the lot as a ticket business so the community can learn about the wonders of cheese.
#191 Old 11th Apr 2016 at 10:51 PM
A teen couple, who's parents are sharing a house, moved to college. Between the two, with a bunch of scholarships, they were less than 2k short of renting a large house which other sims would move into after them. I sent them to a tiny, empty lot just to add a bit to their funds. The dad showed up with his son for the cut scene and, at the same time, the music hobby leader shows up to add a plaque to the teen's inventory. After it's over, I'm waiting for the taxi to show up with the girl teen in it. No taxi, no teen, nothing. After waiting awhile I checked the batbox, simanipulator and sim blender for an option to retrieve a missing sim. Couldn't find anything and finally tried nuke in world and the girl appeared, sitting on nothing in the middle of the road. I sent the male to give her a hug but the options weren't all showing. Finally I looked at her age bar and she was still a teen. I moved them out, hoping that would fix the problem, then moved them into the new place where she got her cut scene with the dad. Next time I need an empty lot, I'll choose one a little bigger. (:

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#192 Old 11th Apr 2016 at 11:25 PM
Smith - Aaliyah went to work. Stephanie gave birth to Calvin, the third child needed and headed off to work. Banyan headed off to work. Stephanie came home from work and headed straight to bed for a nap. Aaliyah came home from work with a friend and had a sidewalk outing. Banyan came home with a promotion to Headliner. Stephanie and Aaliyah hung out until they made friends.

Miles - It was a Saturday, so family time commenced, with the SilverMoon (Abe) and Hanson families invited over. Bendele had a want to be friends with Becka, so they hung out for a bit. Becka had a want to be friends with Barrett, so they hung out a bit. Abbie and Circe went to work. Circe came home with a promotion to backup Dancer. Bandele got an outing call and went to the Crypt O'Night club. I had her chat up and then hang out with Adam on the outing because she barely knew him and they made friends. The outing was Super. Bandele got a job as a Drive Thru Clerk and knocked up Circe (by use of Simblender, none of my teens get pregnant like EVER so I was testing.) The dogs got washed and Circe popped into her second trimester.
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#193 Old 11th Apr 2016 at 11:55 PM
A ton load of picture behind the cut

I have just been playing 2-3 days around at each house trying to get things set up for the coming generation.

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#194 Old 12th Apr 2016 at 6:09 AM
Lots and lots of make-overs. Currently I've done almost everybody, except a few who's skin I need to change in SIMPE. Now I'm going through each house, decorating and playing for a day, just to get things set. I'm restarting an Uberhood and I don't even know how many households there are in total, but I'm currently working on number 3.
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Default Williams
They're dropping like flies!! Maxwell Williams is the newest permanent resident at Hope Cemetery. But before departing he spent his last two days doing the things he loves like hiking and spending time with his newest grandson Brett. Of course his wife is taking it the hardest but she'll be 'moving in' in a rotation or two.

Hannah's other three children are at their fathers' homes this rotation. Camille and Seth at Avgeni's and Noah at Joshua's. Its a little odd going from a full house with children running around to just a little baby that doesn't do much. Nothing too much happened aside from Maxwell's death and Brett aging up. I had played them an extra day last time so I only had two days this rotation. Plus with custody schedules I can't go over because it'll mess up with the aging.

Jake almost got his store, Williams Appliances, to level six but was two stars away. I only let him go into the shop for one day so he could spend time with his father before passing away.

Baby Brett has brown hair and brown eyes and looks like his mom so far. I gave him his father's hair so he could have some resemblance to him.


Maxwell leaves behind his wife Marilyn, his two sons Adam and Jake, five grandchildren and 3 'step-grandchildren.' Fun fact, Marilyn was the very first best friend that he made, outside of family anyway. :lovestruc While she wasn't his first kiss, she was his first and last love.

Maxwell was really close with his cousin, Cameron, growing up. They lived in the same house until Maxwell's parents divorced. His mom Zoe, got full custody just to spit his father Andrew, so he went to live with her full time. He attended Sim State University and in the middle of his freshmen year, he and Marilyn found out they were expecting! Marilyn moved back home and finished her degree via online once they found out they were expecting twins. Maxwell stayed behind so he could get his degree in order to support his new family.

He's had a pretty good life not gonna lie. No drama or cheating scandals, steady job, no debt, good children, and a loving marriage.

RIP Maxwell
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Brittany and Bror Upsnott (Mr Big) now have twin girls. In need of more space, they have moved from their apartment to one on the floor above. Neither is particularly interested in kids, so when the girls aged to toddler they saw teaching toddler skills as only something that should be done to make their own lives easier - they hate diapers so are potty training. I think they'll be hiring someone else to take care of the toddlers and teach skills, and the girls will either attend private school or be sent to a boarding school once they are children. Both girls are likely to be troublemakers, with only 1 nice point each. Beatrice has average motivation and intelligence and is 10 outgoing, while Brigitte is an underachieving genius with 10 playful points.

Kevin and Tiffany's kids went to the library with Kevin a few times over the summer. Kevin is the town librarian and owns the library - it's an old house near city hall that's been remodeled into a library. At home, the family rolled lots of wants to interact with their dog, and to gain skill points - everyone in the family wants at least one point in something. Tiffany got promoted a couple of times in the summer so is now to level 4 of the journalism career. She got pregnant right at the end of the summer, so will be on mat leave soon. As well as getting the skill wants, John had a few wants to torment someone; despite being his normal victim, his sister Rebecca is now his best friend. The family is fairly placid and laid back, but John will shake them up when he eventually becomes a rebellious teen.

Edited to add: I just played my new military barracks lot. The lot has one barracks building with 8 small rooms, a men's and a women's bathroom, and a couple of common areas - one for study and one for recreation; a mess with a dorm cook; and a small two story building with a gym upstairs and a workshop/tinkering area on the main floor. Those buildings are along the left side and back of the lot, while the center has a parade square/drill ground. Once one is earned, an obstacle course will be put on the right side of the lot. The residents include an ex-dormie and his wife (she was already in the military, and he's the only one not in the game's military career - he's a mechanic and I'm pretending he works for the base construction & engineering section); the Picasos; the Larsons; and Chester Gieke. Everyone on the lot has to participate in daily training activities - an hour or two of drill (smustle on the parade square), workouts with the jump rope or the stereo, and inspections. The inspections consist of me checking the lot at 0900 h - any puddles, unmade beds, or items that are cleanable by the neatest playable able to access them results in everyone having to do extra workouts until they refuse to do more or it's time for lights out. The lot is also a home business, with any profits going to build other base lots - I'm mostly ignoring the customers, though. I think the business is the only thing keeping Jay Larson out of aspiration failure, but his sister seems to like being in the military. Chester is miserable - he seems to hate all the activity and keeps rolling wants to gain logic skill points (he has access to a chess table and telescope). Jessica Picaso just wants to make friends - after she rolled a want for two new friends and a want for three best friends I gave her a popularity secondary. Once sims have been on the lot for two seasons, they can quit the military and move out, stay in the military on the lot, or stay in the military but move to better housing - the type will depend on family size. I've got a two duplexes on a nearby lot that are set up as apartments for married couples, and some tiny lots with starter houses for sims who are single, been promoted at least once, and don't want to stay in barracks. Base community lots will include a range, an all-ranks mess, a sports and recreation facility, a field training area, and possibly a headquarters, an ops building, and a research facility, but those might end up being 'hood decor.
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Originally Posted by joandsarah77
Although this was not her fault. The apartment lady is a right bi@ch. She pokes and annoys everybody. Brenda was just standing there minding her own business. I am sure that won't end well.

It's possible the landlady had a no pets allowed clause in the lease. (:

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I played the adoption house and was so glad the quads only had one day left as toddlers. One adult sim VS four toddlers is just not possible. I'm sure the caretaker, Melissa, is absolutely ecstatic that they're no longer toddlers. No more long chaotic days just trying to take care of their basic needs. Hell she could barely take care of herself. She had to hire a butler to help with the cleaning and just having a meal ready to eat.

Now that they're children its nice to see who they look like as far as their biological family goes. Eric looks just like his biological father. He has his alien skin tone, his blonde hair and his sunken cheekbones. They may as well be twins!

The rest of the children; Brianna, Mark and Justin have strong Reyes features as well. The only thing thats Landgraab-like is the darker skin tone with blonde hair look.
(Their bio dad is a Reyes and their mother is a Landgraab) Their new last name is Ercan.

Unfortunately the odds of them getting adopted are pretty much nonexistent since they're all siblings and too they're old to split them up now.

But I did have an idea while playing them. Once my cult starts up and gets going, (which feels like it'll be a million years from now) they'll probably try to adopt whatever children are in the adoption house so they can have more people in their cult.
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Abhijeet Cho had been invited to move into the Beaker household, because he had a gold badge for robotics, and Circe wanted her own robot. Well, Abhijeet paid for his board and lodging by creating for her a male robot called Robbie. When it became apparent that Circe was pregnant with Abhijeet's child, that romance sim beat a hasty retreat, and moved on to the Smith house.

There was plenty of room there, since Johnny had gone to college, and Abhijeet took over his room. He set about creating another robot, this time for himself. He thought the Smith house would remain under-populated, but he was wrong. Ajay Loner had heard of Jenny's distress at being unable to conceive a third child, because she was too close to elderhood. So, in a magnificent gesture, Ajay presented Jenny with a whole vial of Elixir of Life. She barely waited to thank him before gulping down the entire contents, and then fluttering her eyelashes at PT#9. Soon Abhijeet was dismayed to hear those baby chimes. It would soon be time for him to move on again.

Thinking of this problem while log rolling in the sports field, he noticed the arrival of a black witch, who immediately ruined the environment with a thunderstorm and cockroaches. Running over to introduce himself, Abhijeet felt rocked by passion. Three lightning bolts! He barely had breath to say hallo. They hung out together, and soon he was asking to be taught the ways of darkness. He stood up as she swung her wand; time froze, and lightning coursed through him. He was a wizard! A whole new direction lay before him.

Back at the Smiths' house, he finished his robot and initialised her as Servilia. Then he took up the newspaper to find his own place, and took Servilia with him. He could just about afford a small grey castle on the edge of Strangetown, but Servilia would have to earn some money. Abhijeet had never had a job, and didn't intend to start now. While Servilia searched the computer for a slacker job, he took himself off to the Castle of Eternal Darkness, to fondle his dark lady, and learn enough dark magic to construct a Claws of Darkness Throne. Then back home, with a burning wish to cast a spell, he set about brewing the necessary reagents, since he could not afford to buy them.

Servilia returned from her first day's work, and set about sowing tomato plants, with a view to supplementing the family income that way. Then she took up her paintbrush, and hoped to sell a good painting. There were no chores for her to do, since Abhijeet was studying cooking while sitting in his magic throne, not eating or using the bathroom or the bed. Then she discovered her real role in life: Abhijeet stopped her painting, and ran through his woo routine. She trembled with three lightning bolts of passion for her maker, and longed to experience woohoo, with him, with anyone, with the whole neighborhood! She needed instruction. Abhijeet obliged with a thorough grounding in the art of woohoo.
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Currently playing one of the Fortichiari households. And stressing over who will inherit the land >.< See, Hilfert had a son, Miquel, that was going to inherit, but at 17 he died, surprisingly he actually got a girl pregnant before his death, and she bore a son. But his son has been slated to die as an infant anyway, so my plans of having Hilfert raise his grandson to be heir is ruined, unless I ignore the dice. Hilfert has two daughters(and another babe on the way), but he also has Tristan, another man's bastard that Hilfert believes is his. So even if this babe is a boy, Hilfert still believes Tristan is his own and would think the right thing would be to pass down his lands to him. Unless his wife, Lecia somehow decides to intercede, which doesn't seem likely. She loves Hilfert wholeheartedly, only really had the desire to cheat (even as a popularity/romance) after the death of her daughter, but she does show favoritism towards her bastard over her other children, he's not even the youngest or I would attribute it to that. So, yeah, definitely at a cross roads..

Also I have to deal with the baby of a woman who also rolled a death this round. His mother was a maid to Lawrence Compton at first, and he got her pregnant with twins and promised her he would marry her before the babies were born so they were legitimate. And truly he was going to as he is a good guy(and really just kept rolling the want too). But then his late wife's sister's husband died (wow that's a mouthful), leaving his sister-in-law to raise three sons alone. Lawrence, having 2 daughters (and an alien son) in need of a 'proper' mother figure, decided to marry Elvina, his (ex?) sister-in-law. Lawrence did provide his maid, Lily, with a little hut to shelter his children, so it wouldn't be too out there for him to take in his bastard son. But I believe Lily is also pregnant by another man currently, what else do you expect from a single mother trying to raise her infant son? So I could just kill her off while she's still pregnant and send her son to live with his father, even though that house is already crowded with children. Or I can keep her alive until she gives birth and figure something else out? If she's pregnant with Gobert Fortichiari's child, though he is old, it does seem likely he would also take in his bastard, but he's also realllyyyy old and may die before it is Lily's turn to be played. I could possibly create a woman to care for the children in poverty, possibly also being a sex worker as I was really excited to play that out with Lily but didn't get a chance too...

This has been more of a questions/rant post rather than just an information thingy but my god my hood is confusing me. Gotta love that I can play this hood all night as my prof. canceled class for tomorrow :P
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