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Lots of birthdays in the Tinker/Neighbour household. Stephen and Wanda's third youngest daughter Rosmarie, who now lives with Melody and her husband Nextdoor since the death of the former two, became a teen with the family aspiration. Nextdoor himself grew old, and his and Melody's daughter Temperance became an adult. Nextdoor baked a cake and aside from the household (which includes Tankette Beaker) Nextdoor's and Melody's son Macchiato attended, as did Nextdoor's mum and brother, and Temperance's childhood friend Hector Nigmos.
The next day, Melody became an elder and Rosmarie's sister Tyra became a teen with the pleasure aspiration. This time, the six Tinker siblings not living in this household were invited, and Nextdoor baked a pie.
The day after this one, it'll be the youngest Tinker kid Irma's turn to become a teen.

Macchiato Neighbour visited the gym Svett och etikett (Sweat and etiquette) that I'd just built in Strangetown. After the huge and modern gym/swimming pool place I made in Strangetown's Downtown a while ago, I wanted to make something entirely different in scale and atmosphere. I wanted this one to feel like a place some people just threw together with things they found in their garages, or someone's basement.

After gaining the body points he'd wanted, Macchiato took a trip to Café Petite and then to Strangetown's tattoo shop where he got a dragon on his calf. In the store, he noticed his mum eyeing one of the tattoo boxes so he bought it for her as a birthday present.

Copernicus Smith invited his oldest twin sons Sugarpie and Honeybunch to hang out with him, his wife Jill and their twin sons Norfair and Brinstar. Copernicus also got to have some father-son bonding with Honeybunch over Copernicus' train set, just like he and his own father, Piel-Divina, had when he was younger. The next day was a Saturday, and Copernicus invited the teens over once again. I had Norfair and Brinstar go greet them once they arrived, and they autonomously got one big brother each to play catch with them. I hope Copernicus got to see it - if I were a father, I'd live for moments like that.

Outside the four boys, Piel-Divina also has something of a granddaughter in Supernova Spectre, since he and his late wife used to live in the Specter house along with Supernova and her fathers Nervous and Saturn. Eventually they moved to separate places, and it was hard meeting up on the regular seeing as Nervous and Piel-Divina became enemies while roommates. In any case, Supernova decided to invite P-D to her birthday party. As she went to greet him, P-D instead gently took her hands to dance with her, as if no time had passed at all since they last saw each other. He and Nervous stopped being enemies as their relationships had gone to neutral, though later in the evening they bickered a bit and Nervous is furious with P-D for whatever reason. Anyway, Supernova brought a friend, Houdini Beaker, home from school and invited Tyra Tinker walking by the lot so they also got to join the party as she grew up to a teen with the fortune aspiration. Tyra Tinker's presence might've been what inspired Supernova to get her hairstyle. The next day she went out on her own for the first time, to the Downtown gym/pool.

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my college lot tester got it on with the townie cheerleader
her dormies got mixed reactions ayo good for them good for them
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The Broke family is one of my favorite families, and they've been having a tough time of it in my megahood playthrough. I'm feeling bad for them.

First, there's Dustin, living by himself in the trailer park. He was very much in love with Angela Pleasant, but she was also seeing Tank Grunt--in fact, she was pretty much cheating on Tank with Dustin--and when she got pregnant with Tank's child, Dustin just didn't want to deal with that triangle anymore and stopped calling her. He had a fling with his work colleague, Dina Caliente, but she was married at the time. Then he met Desdemona Capp and quickly got engaged to her, but found out she was cheating on him and was also pregnant with another man's baby, so he broke up with her. When Dina got divorced, he started going out with her, and I think he married her because he couldn't really think of anything better for himself, even though she was much older than him and wouldn't be able to give him the children he wanted. And then Dina suddenly dropped dead from food poisoning. Now I think Dustin is filled with regrets. He regrets not telling Angela how much he loved her. He regrets never having children. He's grown apart from his family, although he's working on that. But still, he's approaching elderhood and is alone.

Brandi and Beau are very close (maybe too close) and still live together. There were two men who Brandi was very attracted to--John Burb and Lazlo Curious--but she refused to get involved with a married man (although they both tried hard to convince her), and so she remained single. Beau is completely hung up on his first love, Beatrice Monty, who is now very happily married to Hal Capp. She and Beau have remained friends, but she loves Hal and will always be faithful to him. So Beau just focuses on work and pines for Beatrice and never gives a thought to another woman.

Finally, there's Bobby, who only wanted to find someone to love and have a family. He found Phineaus Furley. Bobby was also very close to Brandi and Beau, but Phineaus made enemies out of both of them and moved Bobby away. I'm afraid that Phineaus is isolating Bobby. Even Dustin seems concerned and checks up on Bobby, even though they aren't close because they are so far apart in age.

I want to do something for Dustin at least. Maybe it is not too late for him to find happiness with Angela in their later years. After all this time, Tank has never stepped up and really committed to Angela or been much of a father. He has recently become friends with his daughter, but it was tough going because Evangeline was angry that he wasn't around during her childhood; Angela had to work hard to bring those two together. I wouldn't be surprised if Angela was getting fed up with Tank by now.
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Sturlington, I really hope the Brokes get a break next time you play their households!

Orchard Isle has turned into a soap opera. Evelyn and Suzy went on a hike so Evie could get a rest from the babies. Michael was on baby duty and I was taking some screenshots of their lot, when he must have booty called Yara Fossum. They were in full action on the sofa when Suzy came into the living room and she and Michael are no longer best friends. Evie slapped him, then started a fight that she lost. I decided this means Michael should be moving out, doesn't look like Evelyn will want to patch things up. She was stone cold about it once he was gone, no wants to see his or Yara's ghosts, no flaming thought bubbles. Just wants for her three children and a want to get a pet. She adopted one of the big dogs, forgot what they called her, but she is now the center of attention in the household, even beating the twins.

Michael moved into Sutton Cottage right next to the orchard. He's spent his time running the business and rolling romance sim wants amd fears: Get engaged to Yara, Fear of getting engaged to Yara, Fall in love with Evelyn, Fear of getting engaged to Evelyn, Fall in love with Franka Lister, have 3 loves at once, invite Evelyn over. He didn't get to do any of it because I was tired and he needs to earn some money so he can pay proper child support.

I played Yara and her student friends as well, mostly to see what Yara actually wanted to do, but I had fun with the others. They've made friends, dated around, gained heaps of skill points and influenced coaches and cow mascots to clean the filthy bathrooms. Axel Magnell wanted a date with Yara and rolled a want to get engaged, but Yara had booty called Michael earlier, so I figured she wasn't ready for an engagement. She also wanted a date with Michael the day after, so she got it. I have put in YA pregnancy, but set the risk of pregnancy to low for her, because I figured she should get some chance of consequences if she was stupid. And she did. She is now expecting Michael's twins. Sigh, twins again! Must be something Michael has. I had her drop out of college because I got stressed taking care of her and the other students at the same time, and she's now living with Michael in Sutton Cottage.
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I got inspired to put some community lots in my neighborhood, which I likely won't play because they are huge but really make Pleasantview look like a real town. So now there is a high school with a sports field, and a hospital plus urgent care clinic where all my medical Sims work (there are so many of them), a nice museum, and some government buildings for all my Sims working in law and politics. I also found some parking lots that make Downtown look more real, so I got rid of some of the more useless lots there and placed the parking lots instead. Veronaville is getting built up into a quaint village, agricultural center, and shopping district. Strangetown finally got its secret military base and science lab for research into alien technology.

I don't know--it gives me pleasure to look at my towns as more "real" and know there are lots where my Sims go to work even if I don't play them at work, if that makes sense.
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I was frustrated by the main O'Rourke household and their chaos: twins aging up to screaming toddlers in dire need of fun and a diaper change, teenager who is lonely and wants a friend but can't make one because she has more fun hunting bugs and playing her new bass that her nan gave her. Dog who is a little neat freak but also not house trained yet meaning she is constantly dirty and very much suffers when she is, mum who desperately longs for skill points and fun but has to keep everyone fed and cared for. I admit I couldn't really cope, I just saved and left. But after a tea and cake break I actually managed to go in and get them back on their feet! Suzy had a dream date with Corin Ladulås and got a new job and the skill points for a promotion, so she's currently in platinum. The twins are changed and fed and starting to have fun with their toys - no skills yet, but at least they are not throwing tantrums. Evelyn has one more cooking point and was watching TV as I left them, so her fun meter is recovering.
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I finished up the first round in which I've played each households for two days instead of three. It feels like this one flew by and still not like less was really happening than in the three day rotations; I'm definitely continuing with this.

Cappuchino Neighbour took his older brother Nextdoor along to an art gallery. A townie named Tora came up to Nextdoor and teased him, and I figured Cappuchino wouldn't let that stand so I had him go and yell at her. Next, he started autonomously talking to her before going back to look at the paintings, including one in the bathroom. Tora needed to use the loo and threw him out, then once she was done Cappuchino came back and told her a joke, upon which she attempted to hug him, which he refused. After that he threw her out because he needed the loo now, and once she was done he went to admire her, only she was too busy watching tv. Quite the bizarre relationship to forge in a matter of minutes. I checked the score and it was 2 for daily and -2 for long term. I guess that makes sense.

Savanna Larsen had a want to flirt with her roommate Jenny Larsen, which I had expected since they have strong chemistry but feels inappropriate as Jenny was recently married to Savanna's late sister Zelda. After fulfilling some other social wants with Jenny it rolled away. They went to the gym/pool the following day and Savanna hit it off with Chloe Curious while Jenny (somehow) got along with Crystal Vu. The next day, Savanna took Chloe on a date wearing a pajamas as one does.

Ville Stenbock, who is married to Savanna's brother Broadway, rolled a want to flirt with Batty Neighbour, owner of the Strangetown library. I had Ville befriend him a while ago so that he could gift the novels he and Broadway writes to Batty for him to put in the library, and since then they've managed to become bff's. Then the want rolled away and he just wanted to invite Batty over, so I did. The flirt-want came back when Batty arrived, but went away when I fulfilled other wishes related to Batty. Finally it came back a third time, and I thought that in that case, maybe I should. I didn't want to do anything too bad though, for Broadway's sake and since Ville is not that kind of person (and neither is Batty) - and Ville if anyone knows what it's like being cheated on. So I just had him catch Batty in the bathroom and flattered him. Of course, even though he in practice just talked to him in a flirty way the game still counts it as cheating, and I sort of regretted it right away. Ville rolled wants to kiss and make out with Batty, and I had him hurry to say goodbye.
After that he I left him and Brodway to their own devices and they kept on talking, kissing and generally being romantic. I take it as Ville wanting to make up for it, but I also want to think that he told Broadway about his and Batty's moment in the bathroom and that Broadway was fine with it (plus, the two of them had an open relationship that only became exclusive because they got married as elders). Anyway, nothing else will come of it since Ville died the next day.

Batty is himself engaged to a downtownie called Reine, and has had the want to get married locked for a while, but I decided to not get them married right now (if ever), and to unlock the want and let it roll away. Batty's permaplat anyway, so he's not really losing out. The main reason is that Reine and Batty's teenage son Froggy just aren't compatible as people. They don't dislike each other and their relation is ok, but most of their attempts to socialize fail and I don't wanna move anyone in that Froggy isn't friends or at least close to being friends with, which just won't happen without time and forcing on my part. Plus, Batty's and Froggy's household dynamics are so chill that I don't really care to disrupt them.

Link Larsen, Savanna's and Broadway's younger brother, went on a date with Tessa Ramirez. Their conversations don't tend to go well but they're very attracted to each other, so the date was a success.

Liana Caliente has been having romantic wants about Copernicus Smith, Batty's cousin and the father of Liana's children, but he's married to Jill Smith. So when Liana now seemed to be over him and rolled an innocent want of playing with him, I figured I shouldn't keep them from each other just because they've been involved with each other (and I've kept forgetting to remove their love flags) and invited him over. And the first thing that happens is Copernicus strokes her cheek. I had her tickle him, tell him a joke, say good-bye and then went to ask downtownie Dreven Dolk who she has three bolts with on a date at the Strangetown bar Wayfarer. It went well. As for Copernicus I'm glad he did something relatively harmless even if the game treats it as cheating all the same, with the possibility that he might not even have realized it was inappropriate.

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I've been playing Pleasantview for the first time in ages, and Dina Caliente has been reflecting.

She had been following the principle that "all's fair in love and war". Yes, she was newly in an exclusive relationship with Mortimer Goth, but when he abandoned her after dinner to continue his current burst of enthusiasm for learning to play the piano (Apparently it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. In Dina's opinion, when it comes to piano playing, Mortimer's going to need them all) and Don started flirting... well, was still in love with him, and it wasn't like anyone was there to see. But then a few days later she was at the local shops, and there were Don and Nina, on a date and all over each other. And he's a married man, and she'd just heard that Cassandra is pregnant - marriages can end, but a baby is a permanent tie - and he was publicly cheating. And she suddenly realised that she couldn't love a man who would do that.

Don's a bit disappointed, because he hadn't managed to sleep with Dina yet and now it looks like he never will. Dina is wondering whether the kindest thing to do is to tell Cassandra now, or keep quiet until she finds out for herself...
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In Turpitudia, which I am still playing despite the proximate causes of my weird mood having been worked through - it takes time to recover! - Melody and Ivy moved into the house formerly occupied by Malcolm, which is now being rented from him thanks to a mod, and Melody dated former boyfriend Randy London until she got pregnant. Ivy embarked on a career writing science books for children and fed her the cheesecake she'd bought from the Jacquets. The resultant twins, Randolph and Scot, have duly been born, and they called Randy over to have a look at them. He seemed mostly bewildered. I want them to move back into the house I had the Tinkers in originally, but they've only got about half the money, despite Ivy plugging away at the writing and Melody making over $900 a day working in the family's store. However, a day with Melody, Harmony, and Rhapsody all working for there got them to a business level and a cash reward that I should be able to have the family donate enough money for the house and then everybody'll be where I want them. Harmony grew up with a Fortune aspiration and Threnody with a Popularity one, but I've given them both Romance secondaries so they can stand to live in the neighborhood at all. The second set of twins, that Wanda had with Chico, are children now, Wanda and Stephen's final child, Rhapsody, is a toddler, and Wanda's on track to grow up later today if I play. I can transfer the funds then.

Gilbert Jacquet kept buying toys and things, which I figured meant he wanted to have a kid so that the succession would be secure before Denise died. I gave him a Fortune secondary, so that's a plausible motive. He married Cecelia, who I believe was his employee at the old business back in Bluewater. She's Family and seems fairly mellow about her new Romance secondary. She had the (apparently inevitable) twins - I had no idea that twin perk was so powerful - and Dennis and Yves were the second and third boys born in the neighborhood, which should mean rich pickings for them in the future, though not quite as rich as the first boy, Wendell Tinker, whose teenhood will overlap both sets of Landgraab twins.

Jason Larson rolled a have-baby want. I have been expecting his sister-in-law Florence to roll a have baby want any time and have them all set up for him to help out with that, but she keeps not rolling them. Delores Landgraab had just had Chester's twins Charmaine and Chelsea (both blonde; I hadn't known Chester had a blond recessive, and thought since Delores is a redhead that the twins would be redheads too) and was too busy to date him, and he didn't know Cecelia Jacquet well enough to date her yet, but he and Kennedy had a telescope, so Jason stayed up late every night looking through it. No dice. So I had him call the adoption agency. He and Kennedy are now the parents of a redheaded little boy named Richard. It's a bit of a squeeze, but between Jason's romance novels and Kennedy's salon they should be able to add a third bedroom upstairs once he hits kid, and then they can have their den back.

Chester, who has been perfectly content living alone with his parrot Screamy, dating Lisa Ramirez, and occasionally cruising with his woohoobuddies Checo, Malcolm, and Jason, went out to use the telescope the day after Jason decided to adopt, and got abducted! He landed on his face in the street out front and immediately rolled the want to meet aliens again - I guess he had a lot of questions - but he was too exhausted and the want rolled away by the time he woke up again. He's probably not going to open his bookstore for a few days, but it looks as though his career as a sci-fi writer is about to enter a new phase. I'm not sure he should continue living alone. At least he shouldn't have twins...

The very next day, Malcolm autonomously went to use the telescope, and also got abducted! Just as well Jason didn't get Dolores pregnant, I guess. He's a lot less mellow about it than Chester. He'd stopped popping up on community lots to use the custom mattresses and shower for impersonal woohoo as much, and I'd though he was settling down, but during that first trimester he suddenly went on the prowl again. He's also worried about his fitness state. I smell a mid-life crisis coming online.

Lisa Ramirez grew up on a Sunday without any fanfare. She has also slowed her rate of casual woohoo and is concentrating more on skilling again. Checo and Chester really should be enough for anybody, at her age. Tessa wasn't due to grow up until Monday, but I figured the weekend must mean graduation, so once Lisa was all grown up and dressed (or rather, undressed; she's decided nudism is the thing for her in her old age) Tessa threw her party. The elder Tinkers, Melody and Ivy, and Tessa's dating pool of Meadow Thayer, Orlando Bertino, and Orlando Centowski all came and partied down. I told the game to grow up Meadow and the Orlandos, but Orlando Bertino was too busy chatting with Ivy, which was frustrating, because he was Tessa's only friend as a child and I Had a Plan. I have no idea what went wrong there. But Tessa invited Meadow to move in and bought a prime retail site across from an as-yet-undeveloped beach in the commercial district. She's opened a grocery store, with Castaway fruit-producing trees and a fishpond in a staff-only area out back, to sell fresh produce as well as produce from grocery bins (no freezers; Get Fresh is all locally-produced and picked/killed yesterday, if not this morning) as well as some fancy imported condiments and stuff from the deco section. Melody, it turns out, already has a bronze register badge and a gold (!) restocking badge. Once that was all set up with family money, I bought deco to match the amount Meadow brought with her, put furniture into Tessa's inventory, and moved them out into a two-bedroom house, where they had their first woohoo and put in a garden so they can have more at Get Fresh. They didn't get a welcome wagon for some reason, but Lisa and Chester wandered (or in Chester's case, waddled; he's popped by now) by and got invited in. Meadow wanted a pet so they now also have a white Persian named Princess.

But Orlando B's failure to grow up was bugging me, so once the guests left and they went to sleep, I saved, went to the neighborhood screen, turned on the testingcheats, got back in, bought a teleporter cat, summoned Orlando, moved him in, set him to birthday, and tried to grow him up. Alas, even though he'd moved in, I'd teleported him in so late that the game kept dropping the command to grow up and forcing him to leave! Frustrated, I quit to neighborhood without saving, got back in, waited until the sun came up, then repeated the procedure, and this time he moved in all right. He has no badges, but that's fixable, and until Meadow (and possibly Tessa) inevitably gets pregnant he can stand in the staff area of the store and fish to keep the DecraChill supplied. He's Romance, and living with two women he should have no difficulty keeping his aspiration up.

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Wow, PeniGriffin, all those twins! Turpitudia doesn't sound like a holiday . Oh, and I think Chester Gieke is a dyed redhead - he's always had two blond alleles in my game anyway.

In the DeLaPole household things were so calm and quiet I can't really think of anything that happened. There was a lot of new friends made and lots of dream dates had. The three elders in the household get along splendidly, when Fergus is at work Imelda and Abigail smustle together and gossip - frequently about that time Fergus had an accident at his party. I thought Fergus and Imelda would spend lots of time on their own in their little bolthole on top of Boutique Fiorenza, but now when they go into town to take care of the store, Abigail ususally follows. She has a budding romance of her own, with Goopy Gils-Carbo.

Aiken Munch, formerly an Orchard Isle townie, bought Parrots Karaoke Buffet and became playable. He thinks Mortimer Goth is smoking hot and can't stand Nina Caliente. He's basically just had time to move in next to the Calientes and make his first appearance at the karaoke place.

Michael O'Rourke has been gardening away busily to make some money for child support. Yara has mostly been taking care of her own needs this round and not really done much apart from the last night, at three-ish in the morning, when she gave birth to her twins, Axel and Alva Fossum. Michael needed to give his oldest daughter some fresh produce and I thought she should meet her new brother and sister, so he invited her over. As luck (or bad luck) would have it, she walked through the door just in time to catch her father and Yara in action once again. At that point, I had other stuff to do, so I've saved at the most dramatic point.
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I ended up restarting my megahood because I wanted to make some changes to my playstyle and some of my rules concerning teens, when they could go to college, and how college is played. Play has been slower but more satisfying this time, and I haven't had quite so much senseless death.

My teens are a bit more staggered going through college this time around, which I think works better. The oldest are from Strangetown. Johnny and Ophelia are together from the start in this playthrough, despite Ophelia switching to the Romance aspiration in college. Ophelia's romantic ambitions extend mainly to looking for adoration from other guys, which makes her a bit of a tease, but she and Johnny are very happy together. Just before they decided to get married, Olive "dropped by" to let Johnny know that Ophelia wouldn't be getting any of her money, and sure enough, she moved in with just 1,000 Simoleons. They didn't have a wedding since Johnny isn't really close to his family either and Ophelia is only friends with Nervous. They are rooming with best friend Ripp, and when I was playing them today, Johnny woke up to wander out on the front porch in his boxers and start making out with Ophelia first thing. I'm sure she will get pregnant soon despite rolling fears of it.

Ripp switched to Pleasure in college because, well, he's Ripp and it suits him so much. While he was there, he met Juliette Capp. Juliette broke up with Romeo in high school because he refused to go steady with her. In college, she was kicked out of the dorm at Sim State for fighting with Tybalt, then kicked out of the dorm at Academie le Tour for fighting with Mercutio. She was sent "abroad" for a year to settle down and also came back with the Pleasure aspiration. She and Ripp make a very chill couple. When she graduated, she lived at home for a very short time before Consort kicked her out for a whole host of reasons, including fighting with Tybalt and basically not being a good Capp who does whatever he says. Consort, by the way, became a Business Tycoon and reached permanent platinum, which makes him even more bossy and insufferable. So Juliette moved in with Ripp, Johnny, and Ophelia, and now she and Ripp are engaged. It's a crowded but fun house to play.

Angela was dating Tybalt early on in college, which made her parents very happy, but as soon as Dustin got there, she dropped Tybalt. She convinced her parents that Dustin has really changed, so they reluctantly threw the wedding party and let the couple move in to start their new pet training business together. But the tables have turned because the daughter who did marry into a wealthy family was Lilith. She married Mercutio Monty, and they are very cute together. Mercutio just adores her. Lilith is still estranged from her family, but Mercutio wants to be friends with them, so maybe he will be the one to mend the fences there. Mercutio is not going to be the heir--that will be Romeo, who switched to the Family aspiration in anticipation of taking over from Antonio--but he has a nice trust fund that enabled the couple to buy a house in Veronaville together.

Daniel and Mary-Sue have changed a lot over the years. Mary-Sue getting fired and catching Daniel cheating with Kaylynn was probably the best thing that could have happened, all things considered. Mary-Sue decided to focus more on her family than her career and also to pursue her dream of becoming a chef, and Daniel realized the affair was a mistake and switched to focusing on popularity. He has a job in law now and has mended things with Mary-Sue.

Not everyone is so happy, though. Cassandra realized too late that the man she really loved was Darren. By then, he had met Brandi, and even though he still had feelings for Cassandra, he had firmly moved on. Cassandra switched her aspiration to Knowledge and tried to bury herself in her work, but when Don stayed out all night with Dina, she snapped and let Don know that she had never really loved him. They broke up and Don moved out, I think to his relief.
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Vacation locations aren't vacations if you live there, no...

The reason for all the twins is that birth control works perfectly. Men will father children on any woman they're close with who wants them to, but if the woman isn't actively wanting a baby, she's not Trying for Baby. Therefore, so far, the only non-Family sim who's gotten pregnant was Melody, and her wife Ivy bought cheesecake. Which looked like a strong hint to the player to me! And, unlike my regular play, I've been buying perks as fast as they're earned; first a Romance secondary for the neighborhood theme, then all the perks for the Primary aspiration - so, twins for the Family sims - then gradually the perks for the secondary, and eventually they'll also get the motive perks. Not the work ones, though, because nobody's getting a rabbithole job.

Making the place more vacation-like, I'm not making people freelance or open their businesses unless they have wants concerning them, or really need the money. Malcolm hardly ever rolls wants for his business - it's all Romance and hobby wants - and he and Delores have had enough money that I don't think he's gotten past level 2 yet; whereas the Ramirezes, for whom money was a little tight when they first moved in and who nowadays regularly roll wants for badges and so on, have taken Furnished Needs to level six!

I've never played the Ramierezes before outside of my Uberhood Challenge, which doesn't really count, and I like them quite a lot. They easily have the most functional household in the neighborhood, which is not what you expect when the wife goes on casual sex romps and the husband is more reserved. They have their work-life balance well in hand, have lots of friends (not all of whom are also woohoo buddies); have an excellent relationship with Tessa, who spent her teen years mostly in platinum; and are devoted to each other in their own free-wheeling way. Tessa basically emptied out her room and the rec room when she moved. I'm wondering whether I should move Chester in for the duration of his gestation and getting the child to school age. It might drastically change the household dynamic, even with anti-jealousy potions - which is as good a reason as any to do it, honestly.

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ACR is making young adult Benedick Monty have an affair with Coral Oldie. It's weirding me out a bit--does Coral remind him of his late grandmother?--but since she's reaching the end of her days and could use a little joy in her life, I'm not going to stop them.

The Montys and the Pleasants are making a lot of connections. Mary-Sue's new career as a chef is apparently in one of the Monty family restaurants, so she wants to befriend Bianca. Daniel invited Mercutio and Lilith over for dinner, and Lilith and Angela lost their enemy status. They also get to be pregnant together. Lilith still won't let Daniel hug her, though. I guess it will take more than one dinner and schmoozing her husband for Lilith to forget everything that happened when she was a teen and was pretty much banished from the family home to live with her grandparents.
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