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Default Widespot: The Land Story
Prologue: Homer recounts his move to Widespot.

I remember the first time I set eyes on the place. It was right cold for spring and the grasses had a blanket of hoar frost. Beulah said it was right pretty, all sparkly in the morning sun. I picked up my bride and gave her a big kiss.
“You’ll always be the prettiest thing around here.”
“Laws, Homer, set me down!” she giggled.
I loved her giggle. Shoot, there was nothing about her I DIDN’T love. Way back then I never would have believed that, forty years later, I would love her even more.
T’weren’t nothing here but trees and good soil, but we were young and strong and eager to build a life together. Both us grew up on farms so we knew hard work. We knowed each other since we were knee high to a grasshopper, and we took to each other right off. But our folks didn’t take kindly to that AT all. See, back then, in southern towns, black and white folks were cordial enough to each other, but each thought they should marry up with “their own”. Beauly is a delicious chocolate; when I tell her how tasty she looks to me, she says I’m tasty too, but look like pudding with raisins (I have freckles, and no matter how much time I get sunbaked, I don’t brown up).
When we got to be teenagers her parents laid down the law; “Leave that boy be, or we’ll ship you off to your aunt Dooty in Fayetteville”. Well, we had put up with getting the stink eye (and worse) from ‘bout everybody, but that was the last straw. We ran off together, me with a tote of clothes, her with the money she had saved from cleaning and cooking for folks. I swan she made the best apple pie, even at 17! And she insisted on bringing a toy bear, said it was her “lovie” when she was a baby and she was set on passing it down to HER babies.

Homer built a one-room cabin, and they both put in a large garden. But by fall Beulah was feeling poorly, having crying spells or just holding her bear as she sat on the sofa. Homer tried to comfort her, but felt helpless.

The actual Chapter 1 will start with the family as it first appeared in WIdespot, with Homer and Beulah elders, their adult daughter Mary pregnant but unmarried, teens Dixie and Scott, and children River and Delta. "Telling" the story will be members of the family. While other members of this "wide spot in the road" will be mentioned as they relate to the Lands, THEIR stories will come later. But in the meantime, two of the important founding families will be introduced.

Daytona Beech and Lana Mann had known each other since high school in Pine Crest, where Lana’s father had been mayor. Daytona’s family owned the whole valley that came to be called Widespot; naturally the two most influential families socialized. When the university was built in Pine Crest businesses and people poured in, and as the Beech family started to sell land in Widespot they built an impressive home there, as did the Manns. Soon to follow were the Land, Hart, and Weiss families.
They were all elders now, and had known each other for decades, but Sky Weiss and Homer Land were still considered odd. Sky and Homer thought people hated them because of the color of their family members; they were wrong.

DAYTONA BEECH: My son, Hamilton, has been a disappointment ever since he brought Sandy home from University. But I have hopes my grand-daughter, Virginia, will be a fitting heir. She’s an honor student, and a serious girl. I have paid for a face reconstruction for her, knowing how the public favors beauty. Her brother Rocky is also there, but seems to be as foolish as Hamilton was in college. At least Hamilton has some social skills; I gave him a job in our “Welcome Committee”, with strict orders to report back to be with useful information. He was the first to report the unsociableness of the Weiss and Land families, which even my “contacts” can’t explain.
His useless wife Sandy is a hypochondriac, and worse. I’m certain her latest “illness” was pregnancy, which my contacts tell me was terminated. Just as well; one investigator said she had been raped by Rhett Hart (not the first, or the last, time I’ve heard such things about him!) But I think that old lothario Valentine charmed her pants off. Between you and me, when we were young Valentine and I had a very…satisfying…relationship. Hamilton is clueless about all this (his usual state of mind), but he’s lucky to have found someone to put up with him.

LANA MANN: Well, of course I know Daytona Hamilton. I’ve known her since we were young married women, and both of us were having affairs with Valentine Hart! HA! She always thought she was so sly no one knew; no wonder she wants to be mayor, she THINKS like a politician. Now that she and Valentine have lost their spouses nobody even cares they are still carrying on; but when I told her that, she acted like Mrs. Crumplebottom. She’s always been low-class, even if her family DID own all that useless land.
MY affair didn’t matter, as Rich and I always had an “open marriage”, but I always loved him. Valentine is as suave as ever and I could have him any time. But I’ve seen him with college girls (so has Daytona – you should have SEEN her face!) but it seems so tacky now.
Besides, Valentine is “family” now; his daughter Candy is married to my son, Junior. I know the little gold-digger got pregnant on purpose so Junior’s father would insist they marry. You can bet I sat her down and laid down the law! If she was joining THIS family she would follow my directions about proper attire and behavior. Her eyes glazed over when I showed her the wedding dress I had bought. The empire waist and yards of imported lace would hide her little belly, and the hand-beaded bodice was exquisite. When I showed her the jeweled bridal veil, with matching diamond earrings, I believe she started to drool.
The wedding will be an important event.

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Hi Grammapat, I like your story. The pictures are nice too. I'm looking forward to reading more when you have it ready.
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I like the way how you tell the story from perspective of the characters themselves. I wish your pirctures were more clearer, can't you set the quality of the graphics and/or pics to something higher?

Either way, amazing story telling!
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Everything is set to high already - so don't know what else to do with them. But NOW everything says "picture deleted" and I don't know why!

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Default The Early Years, continued
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Default Prolog

During that first summer of hard work, Beulah had a spell of being sick. I recall how afraid I was, but I had to be strong for my girl. Many's the time I held her head while she got sick, and brought her soup. We could not afford a doctor; besides, they were 50 miles away in the nearest town in the mountains. I had been chopping down trees and went in to check on her, still dripping sweat from that hot work, when she jumped into my arms laughing. "Tarnation, girl", I exclaimed, "what's got into you!". And that really set her to giggling.
"What's got into me? Why, a baby, that's what!" I stood there dripping sweat and bark on the floor. She put her hand under my jaw to shut my gaping mouth and gave me a peck.
"Homer, I just called my Aunt Douty and told her about my sickness. She asked me lots of questions -- we're going to have a baby!" I swept her up and swung her around; she didn't notice that I was getting her apron dirty; I didn't notice I had swung her feet into a lamp. We stood there holding hands and grinning at each other happy as a pig in a waller, standing in a mess of broken lamp and dirt.

But as the idea of a baby sunk in, I froze. Our little cabin wasn't big enough. Oh, I could build anything, and there was lots of wood on the place, but I would need money for supplies. And a real ice-box instead of the cold cellar. And indoor plumbing! My God, I can't have Beulah, heavy with child, going to the outhouse in snow! Even taking a bath would be too hard for her, what with having to bring buckets of well water to the wood stove to heat water for the tub in the kitchen. And baby stuff. Yup, kids are expensive. And we hardly have any money. This is all my fault.
Beulah put her arms around my grubby neck:
"Homer, dear, what is it?" she said softly.
"Sweetie", I started, "what are we going to do? We need so much. I should have let you sell pies to the town folk for some extra money, like you wanted to when we first got here."
"Now Homer, it's all right. The apples from those scrub trees don't make good pies anyhow. And I understand why you don't want us trying to socialize with people, them being so hateful and all. Aunty says it looks like I get pregnant easy, and I can figure on having lots of little ones. She wants to send us money, says it's the least she can do for us, considering how hard Poppa was on me."

I felt funny, taking money from her aunty. But I agreed, for Beulah's sake (and our baby. Our BABY!). Beulah made us supper while I bathed. It wasn't even Sunday, but this was a special day. Over greens and beans from our garden, and some sweet corn bread, we planned our house. Nothing fancy, but big enough for a REAL family. The upstairs was just two big rooms. I would add a second bathroom years later, but never did figure out what I did wrong that it was always cold sleeping there. I lit a fire in our cabin's stone fireplace, and put my feet up while Beulah made a pie. With that spicy smell filling the house, and my darling knitting by my side - why, it just don't get no better than this. Oh yea, Beulah says "Hay", and reminded me in those old pictures I was already going grey, and she was looking ashy. I told her she looked SASSY, and still DOES. Excuse us while we get frisky.

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It seems to be that your pictures are taken in high graphics, high quality, but medium size/photo frame. They look the same size as EA storytelling pictures.

I am looking forward to hear more of your story. Rarely (well, to be honest, only you) has anyone decided to make a formalized story instead of putting together a chain of random game events. At least the story really shows that you have managed to put in the effort to create a coherent story. I notice that some of the characters wear somewhat old-fashioned clothing. What time period is this? It looks old-fashioned country-style, so maybe it's the early 20th century or something, when women first began to dress "more manly".
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I'm thinking these "early years" were 1940's. But when the story continues, it's something like 1980. I have outlined the whole story, written most of it, and taken most of the pictures (up to the grandchildren being born). I've been waiting for my printer to be repaired so I can print out the word doc I've started (I like to write that way). I probably will have to re-create some pictures on an alternate hood I have. I'm afraid to play the main Widespot till I have the story REALLY finished, as I am obsessive about things like seasons and ages. I spent hours trying to figure ages out before I realized Sim ages don't really compute. Like, if Mary has her twins, then Dixie and Scott go to college, how old will everybody be when River goes to college? How old were Homer when HIS kids were born? One of my favorite chapters is about college, where a group of aliens meet the Lands. And don't forget the Ottomans; they will be adding their OWN "different" genetics!

Which means, next week I will upload the WHOLE story. Probably. I hope.

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Ha-ha. I agree. that the game age stages never really make any sense. There are so many things in the game that can easily screw up the ages: moving out, moving in, college students, and pregnancies.

Hey, I have an idea. If I remember correctly, there is a mod that allows you to set the correct time and day for a particular household. You may use it to make sure everyone's lots are played nearly in sync. You may also download the Lot Sync Timer (click!) to make sure that your lots are all played the same number of days. To deal with college students, you may pretend that each grade level (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) signifies one Sim day outside of the campus, and one Sim day outside of the campus signifies one real-time year, loosely speaking. It may involve a lot of planning and careful micro-managing to make sure that your college students are aging up to the next grade level appropriately. You may use the Sim bin to hold some families who are too far ahead in the age span or too behind the age span. Keep track of big life-changing moments, like birthdays, deaths, pregnancies, male alien abductions, and move-ins. For pregnancies, you may want to do some "family planning". Keep the aging on until the first trimester, but beyond that, turn it off until the baby is due. For seasons, you may just have to intertwine that with the story. For example, on Day 23, you may have a pregnant Sim on her second trimester (heavily pregnant). If the season has changed from autumn to winter on the same day, you may pretend for the sake of story that the woman has gone through her pregnancy (of unspecified length) and has given birth to a baby in the wintertime!

In short, do what I do. I just take pictures (walls up, free cameraman mode, nice angle) and then rearrange the pictures in the Story Mode. In Story Mode, I assemble the pictures in the album and try to create a decent story, regardless of whatever goes on in the game. What I like about storytelling is that I can also add really nice special effects and illusions to appear a certain way even though the event would not be possible at all in the game. Experiment and see what you can do!
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Thanks, Crème: since I don't know how to create poses, expressions, special effects, etc (OK I've heard about some of them, but it just sounds so complicated), I will just do the best I can and hope nothing is glaringly wrong. Oddly (I suppose), I have written the ending and certain key screens, and am struggling with some mundane "set ups).

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Default CHAPTER 1 Great Expectations

I took Homer years to finish their farm house; it wasn’t fancy, but as the children kept coming, he kept adding rooms. The baby they were expecting when they first lived here had been joined by four more children.
Their “baby”, Mary, was now a level headed adult. She was friendly with the town folk, but didn’t have any patience for their petty gossip. The quiet routines of farm life were all she wanted.
Her sister Dixie was now a teenager, but nothing like Mary. Dixie was always a tom-boy, full of loud energy. She was the first child to jump off the porch roof, the first teen to stay out all night. Beulah said she wasn’t a BAD girl, she just was full of vinegar. If she was going to get to college, she better do it soon; maybe an athletic scollership would make it possible.
Then came Scot, a character in his own way. When Homer sent him out to weed the vegetables, Scot would get side-tracked by the interesting bugs. With his curiosity and sharp mind, he was a natural for college.
Homer and Beulah were surprised when, in their forties, Beulah found herself pregnant again – with twins! River and Delta were now children; they weren’t too happy that there were few other kids to play with.

In the spring of ’55 Homer put in a smaller vegetable garden, and planted young apple trees for Beulah.
Homer was felling another tree. One of the reasons he had bought this place was because of the trees. The lot was on the highway to Pine Crest, the mountain town where the college had been built. It had been covered in white aspen, birch, and spruce – all good lumber trees. Homer had cleared most of them, using the wood to build the house, and a lot of the furniture. As he worked, Beulah planted flowers and watched a pair of birds collecting dried grass.
“Leave this birch”, she said to Homer, “the birds are nesting again”.
“Yep”, he answered, “I’m about all in. Do you have any of that lemonade left?
Beulah had been making bread, and brushed some floor from her apron.
“Why don’t you sit on the porch, Homer, and I’ll get you some. I need to get the bread in the oven; Mrs. Mann is coming by this afternoon to buy a few loaves. Then I’ll make us some cheese sandwiches for lunch.”
“UMMM cheese sandwiches! I am a monster for cheese sandwiches!” Homer tickled his wife, who squealed and ran into the house, Homer in hot pursuit.


Mary’s Dilemma
I’ve been having an affair with Valentine Hart. There, I’ve said it! I don’t think anyone knows. Not that I’m ASHAMED; I really love him! It didn’t happen overnight, either; he courted me for years before I slept with him. I know he sees other women. We had a long discussion about this before I let him get intimate. He says it’s just the way he IS; he just LOVES women! He doesn’t see “loving” them as a conquest, but as an honor. He is always a gentleman with me, always kind and giving. He says he would rather we NOT be lovers, than to lose me as a friend. But he will never marry again, and he will not change. The decision was mine; he was the first man I ever slept with, he will be the last.

I didn’t get pregnant on purpose. We were “careful”, but sometimes things just happen. I will keep the baby, of course. I always wanted to be a mother, I just figured marriage would come first! Even if I COULD make him marry me, I know nothing would change. Maybe I could suffer the indignities of a cheating husband, but everyone in town would know – and our child would be hurt. Besides, I know he drinks too much. I haven’t heard of him causing trouble (like his good-for-nothing son, Rhett), but I just couldn’t raise a child in that sort of home.
I don’t know what Momma and Poppa will say, or what sort of gossip will fly through this little town! But this isn’t the only place I could live in. So if my staying here will cause a problem for my family, why, I’ll just move away. But this little life has a right to be here, and I will love having a baby. All I ever wanted was a life like mom and pop have, just a big happy family.
The back door slammed. Beulah had come in from the garden and was washing vegetables in the kitchen sink. Mary decided she best confide in her mother.
“Mom, I have something to tell you. You know I’ve been seeing Valentine Hart...”
“I hear you’ve been doing more than ‘see’ him. You’re with child, aren’t you?”

Mary was startled; “I’m not even showing”. Her mother shrugged, drying her hands on her apron. “It wasn’t hard to figure out, dear. Getting up in the middle of the night to eat pancakes and pickles. Throwing up. Crying over dumb movies…”
“Oh, mother, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to bring shame to the you want me to move away from here?”

“Laud, NO! You’re in trouble, your family is here for you – that’s what family is FOR. Besides, it will fun to have a baby in the house again. I just wish that man would marry you. Do you want your father to have a man-to-man talk with him?”
Mary gave Beulah a grateful hug. “No mam”, she said. She swept some stray hairs away from her face, tucking them behind an ear before she continued.
“Valentine has told me he’s not the marrying kind; he just loves women too much...”
Beulah interrupted her with a “Harrumph”
Mary continued: “I appreciate that he’s honest with me, but he’s a grown man and knows his own mind…”
Beulah couldn’t stop herself: “You mean he’s an OLD man, and set in his ways!”
Mary plugged on: “I HAVE thought about marrying him, I might even be able to shame him into it. But I’m not such a child that I think I could change him. Nobody would be happy; not him, not me, not our child”.
“And not ME either!” Beulah added. “I’ve heard rumors that he drinks all the time. But I must say this for him - I’ve never heard that he mistreats women like his son does. People respect and like him”.
Mary took a deep breath, thinking: I don’t know where this conversation is going, but all I can do is get this out. “What about YOU, mom, do you like him? He’s actually happy about the baby; he says he wants to be part of our child’s life. I know you would never be rude, but would you (and papa, too, of course) be OK with him coming over a lot?”
Beulah didn’t need to think about it: “As long as he treats you right, and never comes around when he’s been drinking, I think that would be fine”.

"I'm so lucky", Mary thought, waking from a nap. Stiff from falling asleep on the bench, she stretched. "Um, use the bathroom, or eat?", she wondered. She decided a crispy cold pickle sounded too good to wait. Then found some leftover pie. And yesterday's cold cheese sandwich. "Finally full" she smiled to herself; "Opps, TOO FULL!" She barely made it to the bathroom. As she passed her cool bedroom, she thought "I'll just lay down for a minute; that new bedspread Momma made looks so soft." As she drifted off to sleep, she smiled as she remembered Homer's favorite saying, 'It just don't get no better than this'. She dreamed of babies cooing and smelling of powder. And fluffy kittens. "Maybe tomorrow I'll find a kitten. I really want a kitty."

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Default Chapter 2 NEW LIFE

Mary adopted a cat with unusual coloring. She was as green as grass, paws that looked permanently muddy, and a pretty sunflower face and little red spots like flowers. “Flower!” Mary thought, “That’s a perfect name.”

Mary had gotten huge. And irritable. She asked Dixie to do some chores, but when Dixie said she had to do homework “…so I can get into college”, Mary accused her of being lazy.
Homer had bought a bee-hive to pollinate the fruit trees and provide honey. But they could be dangerous; he tried to teach Mary how to take honey, but couldn’t get her attention.

Mary insisted on going clothes shopping. Beulah tried to talk her out of it; “Land sakes, Mary, the only stores like that are almost an hour away up the mountain to Pine Crest!” But Mary insisted, so Beulah went with her.

The weather up the mountains was cooler, flurries of snow swirled in the cold air. Mary hurried inside, but a nice young man greeted Beulah: “Hello, we’re new in town. My name is David Ottomas”. “Pleased to meet you”, she said, thinking, “What a nice looking man”. Inside, Mary was admiring a wedding dress, muttering and waving a hand around. “Oh, dear”, thought Beulah, as she took Mary’s arm. “I want you to meet Peter Sims, he’s ‘somebody’” - not that she knew what THAT ment.

But Mary had noticed Candy Hart. They didn’t like each other, but Mary always avoided problems. Like her father, she hated angry words and bad behavior. She called Candy a few choice words, before Mary could steer her outside to catch their taxi. By the time they got home, Mary was feeling badly.

That night Mary tossed and groaned, getting up to use the bathroom and pacing around. With her bed in the same big (and cold!) room, Beulah didn’t get much sleep either. But Homer, snuggled under the warm quilt that Beulah made, slept through everything.

In the early hours of morning, Mary clutched her belly and cried out to her mother. “I’m bleeding, mom! Something’s wrong!”

Hearing her anguish, Homer was out of bed and down the stairs to the phone, before he was even awake. As he called a taxi ..”and HURRY, God damn it!” Mary slipped on a dress, and Beulah helped her down the stairs.

HOMER: “As the women-folk took off for the hospital in Pine Crest, I stood on the porch in my bare feet, feeling like a fool. I shouldn’t have sweared in front of them. I should have a car of my own. I shouldn’t have kept my family so separated from everything and everyone. I’m just a coward. I heard tell that snooty Daytona Beech carries her son’s balls around in her handbag. Hell, at least he HAS balls! I need to grow some.
My folks died some years back and left me some money, but I just stuck it in the bank. I guess I was still mad at them. But I’m gonna stop thinking about myself. Beulah told me she wanted to buy some more land so we can dig a better well. She says there’s a spring in the next few acres, where we could make a fishing hole. She’s making bread for folks round here. If I put a little stand by the road, she could sell baked goods, and I could sell vegetables and fruit. Why, I bet there would even be enough money to send Delta to college. Scot said he could get a scholarship, but I bet he still needs money. Seems like everything just takes MONEY! Ouch! My toes are blue. Guess I better get in a hot bath. Then some grilled cheese for breakfast! Bet the kids will like that!”
Beulah did not come back that day. But the following night, after a heavy snow-fall, she pulled up in a taxi. Homer met her on the porch, but she just handed him a little bundle, told him to feed it a bottle, and went back to the taxi. Homer did as instructed. When she came into the kitchen, she was carrying a SECOND BABY!

“Good thing we had that baby formula on hand”, Homer said. “What about Mary, is she OK? Where is she!?”.
“Everything is fine”, Beulah assured him, “just let me put Sue Ellen down and go to the bathroom, I’m bout to pop”.
“Sue Ellen, is it”, Homer said, noticing Beulah had found a box to put the unexpected twin down in. “And who is THIS?” he thought, putting the drooling baby in the crib he had made. “Guess I need to get to work on another crib”.

Beulah put her arm around his waist as he looked at the baby. “That’s Clovis” she smiled “Aren’t they just the prettiest things you ever saw?”
“Just about”, Homer agreed.
As Beulah sat at the dining table, she told him about their wild ride to the hospital. “Mary wasn’t bleeding bad, but when they examined her and said she had twins, and THEY were in trouble, they did emergency surgery. Mary won’t be able to have more children, but she’ll be OK. She has to stay in the hospital till next week, and she won’t be able to nurse. But everything will be just fine. I’m glad we both are retired, and with Dixie and Scot around we’ll have plenty of help.”
Homer had made coffee for them both; lots of milk for him, lots of sugar for his sweet Beulah. “Well, I think we still remember how to take care of babies. What would you think about Dixie and Scot going to college?”

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Hi grammapat! COOL! I didn't know you wrote stories. I was very pleased when I was nosing about today and noticed your story here.
I like it. Nice work. I have only read the first chapter, but plan to come back for the rest.
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Thanks! I write "stories" all the time - I just never tried to make them public; and have found the organizing part is the hardest. I was going to write about all the Widespot characters, but really liked how the Land family developed ITSELF. And I thought it would be a short story...HA! As I've written, I found that I needed to set up pictures "after the fact", and actually used a SECOND Widespot.

I hope people are patient as I get this going; I think it gets more interesting. Three of the Land teens go to college, where they meet ALIENS, and get arrested. Scot meets his future wife - who has to drop out of school. His sister Dixie experiments with drugs and sex, his sister Delta becomes a teen and experiments with his college friend, Pooter Longley. Rhett stalks his sister Mary. Someone is born; someone dies. Homer becomes obsessed with grilled cheese. Beulah runs a successful business. Lessons are learned about discrimination, trust, love, and the power of pie.

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Default Chapter 3: College in the Pines

It’s move-in day at the freshman dorm and total chaos. Cars and taxis, boxes and suitcases, kids everywhere looking lost. I love it! Pops took my boxes into the dorm while I took it all in. I didn’t recognize anyone from Widespot, although I would find out the green guy (Woody Weiss) is from there. He’s kinda weird, but OK. Oh, and is that Goldie Hart on the right?

I met Pooter Longly and Enga Land – not impressed with either one. And I don’t know what to think of the kids that are from WAY out of town (like, out of this WORLD!).

There’s one really pretty blue girl that is super friendly, hugging and kissing EVERYONE. Wow! Things at college are sure different!

I told Pops goodby and found my room, then got to know my dorm-mates. Woody thinks he’s tough, but he’s actually very shy. I think he’s had a very lonely life.

Pooter is really friendly, but sorta wild. I guess I didn’t want to know what happened to him…
The girls like to hang out in night gowns or (ahem) underwear; “Don’t mind US, we’re just trying out each other’s makeup and stuff”. I don’t think I’ll get much studying done.

The next few days Dixie and I went to some of the college places. Dixie says I have a belly and should get some exercise, so we went to the gym. But there was more beer drinking than exercising. Dixie wanted to fence, “It’s good exercise!”, but then she started drinking.
I’ve never heard her talk about boys, but she was eyeing a GIRL. Who cares, I needed a message after that workout. Umm, nothing like an elf massage.

There’s one guy there, Bozo Afar, that I can’t figure out (and don’t think I WANT to). He’s always wearing some costume and making stupid jokes. He calls Dixie “The Jaw” and thinks that’s a hoot. She ignores him.

Come to think of it, I don’t know why she’s dressed like a lumberjack. Maybe it has something to do with her not wanting to be “girly”. Maybe it has something to do with why I saw her putting a move on Goldy Hart (who looked pretty disgusted with it). Some people are put off by the way she eats like a starving truck driver; guess I’m used to it.

I suppose I must have gone to classes; I can’t remember if I ever studied. I’m majoring in business. But mostly I’m discovering GIRLS!
There are some really cool kids that drop in all the time, they wear black jackets and clearly are important. They seem to be watching me; it’s easy to make friends with them. One blond is especially “friendly”. Geez, I never got this close to a girl. She smells really good. Don’t tell mom, but she’s teaching me how to kiss. I think she’s from France.

I always knew Dixie was strong, and bull-headed, but that girl can throw a punch! There are a few people that show up and pull pranks; I ignore them, but she fights with them! The first time it happened, it caught me by surprise. I ran outside before I knew what I was doing. {ASIDE- and before the author could pull up the walls).

I’ve gotten to really like Eng. We fool around all the time. She’s shy, very level headed and sweet. She’s a horticulture major; I’ve decided to minor in horticulture. I think horticulture and business go together; like Pops, I like plants and stuff, but want to make a modern BUSINESS out of it. After she graduates, Eng just wants to get married and have kids. And that’s starting to sound good to me.

Eng and Dixie don’t like each; I think Eng gossips about Dixie behind her back. But ME – I must be in love.

I asked Eng to marry me. She said yes. She’s serious about college, and I’ve followed her example and am hitting the books. It’s easy for me; I didn’t realize she was struggling till she came in one day crying that she was on probation and went straight to bed.

I tried to reason with her, but she kept burbling that she got an “F” on her term paper “Knitting as a Spatial Representation of the Dimensions of Reality”. Not exactly something I am qualified to discuss. I’ll try to tutor her; she’ll get over it.
I invited my folks to visit. Pops and Eng hit it right off. I told Mom we were engaged. They both think she will make a perfect match.

We have decided to move to a rental house on campus at the end of the year. We will be able to study without the constant distraction of the dorm. Besides, I want some alone time with my girl.

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Default Chapter 4: College Sophomores
Eng found us a funny little house. She thought it would be cute to put a letter on the wall.
Neither of us realized the house came with a name “Alpha Crappa Far”, which must mean “the door’s open, come on in and party!”

You know all those guys in black that I thought were watching me? Well, the blond I had been fooling around with walked right into our house (just like everybody does), slapped cuffs on me and dragged me off. What the HELL; was this some jilted-woman crap? Were her friends waiting to beat me up? Glad Eng was at class. I think I wet myself. "You're going to the dark house", she cackled, "Everyone is waiting for you!"
The house was out of a horror movie, and when everyone starting ripping off my clothes...well I need a new look anyway.
But they put a snappy black suit on me, and stood around cheering me! "Come on in, help yourself to a drink." Said a girl that looked like a vampire. "Look, I'll teach you our secret handshake". I guess I was honored, but it looked more like The Chicken Dance to me.
I was told to keep their identities, and the "handshake", secret (like I would try all that flapping and kicking on anyone else!) There were lots of things to play with at the Secret Society house, but I decided that hacking grades, making money, or having someone eaten by their "experimental plant" were not good ideas.

Delta had become a teen. Good thing she wasn't interested in college, there just wasn't enough money. Besides, she had terrible grades. She often skipped school to work in the gardens, or cooked with Beulah. But their weren't many teens around, and she was interested know...boys. Some strangers came by one day, college kids on a hike in the mountains. One boy, Pooter, was especially nice. She fed them lunch, spilling her lemonade when he touched her hand. And he played with Mary's toddler Clovis.

He was SO nice! He kissed her. Just a sweet little peck.

Then somehow they were sitting on the front porch without much clothes. When Beulah walked by; "Are you children THAT hot? Maybe a nice cold dip in the pond?" She just stood there smiling at them, as they both fumbled - red faced- with their clothes. Pooter said he was just leaving. Delta remembered she had laundry to do. It wasn't till that evening that she found his shirt under the bench. She hid it under her pillow, and sniffed it as she fell asleep.

As the semester passed, Eng was getting her grades up, but seemed to be sick. Maybe it was all the stuff going on.

One night I saw a familiar face...

As he took Eng away, I ran after them. "It's alright baby, it's just an initiation to a secret society. I mean, they won't HURT you, it's an honor. It'll be OK!" But they were stuffing her in a car. I knew what would happen.

I asked the family to visit, and got some big surprises.
As usual, other students had "dropped in". When Mom, Pop, and Delta showed up they went straight to the hot tub. I think the house was furnished by flower-children; Eng thinks it's cute. Some of the Frat boys had brought over a flower-shaped hot tub, said it matched our style (what? I don't HAVE a style). I didn't mind, at least it gave people something to do besides raid our frig. I introduced Delta to Pooter...

I think they've met...

I fixed lunch, and everyone toasted our engagement. I noticed Pooter was giving Delta his famous "eye kiss". Geez, I've seen seasoned college girls faint from that...

I was talking to Mom about Eng being sick, when she asked where Delta had gone

I found her... little sis...MY BED! Pooter was a wild man, stuff like setting the kitchen on fire, partying, and doing every co-ed he could - in PUBLIC if possible.

"What the hell do you think you're doing! This is my little SIS" I yelled.
"Chill, man, she's 17"
"She's had a sheltered life, she's a virgin! well OK she WAS a virgin... But she's not just another fish in the sea!"
Pooter interrupted my rant; "Hay dude, I know she's special to you. She's special to ME! I'm not just 'fishin' here, I'm serious about her."

"OK", I said, calming down. "You've said you didn't know where you were going after college. I'll be going back to my house till I decide where to go next. Why don't you come with me. Get to know our family, get to really know Delta. See if you're really serious about her."
Pooter looked as serious as I've ever seen him when he agreed.

Meanwhile, Eng was confiding to Beulah that she was pregnant.
"Why that's wonderful!" Beulah blurted, then "Oh, dear, you need to get married right away."
"That's a problem", Eng said, "I won't be the cause of Scot quitting college. And I don't think I'll be ABLE to stay in school. I'm sick a lot, and my grades are suffering. I may have to drop out." Tears came to her eyes as she continued. "I don't have family. I don't know what to do.."
"Well, you just move in with us! There's always room for one more. Scot could come down some weekend and you could have a quiet ceremony. And when you have the baby, you'll have lots of help. And Scot is so smart, I bet he could finish college lickedy split."

As I said goodby, Pooter told me he loved Delta. Delta blushed. He better be serious!


The party continued. Eng still was sick, and still failing.

The end of that semester she quit college.

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Default Chapter 5 MARY'S DILEMMA

I remember the first time Poppa said “Mary, you’re the best helper I have!” I was maybe 12, and had stayed home from school to work the garden. I was too young to realize I was his ONLY helper, but it still made me feel good. Sometimes he still says I’m strong and steady, and Momma still compliments me on being a hard worker. Funny, when I hear stuff like that now, it has no effect. Like most things, it just sort of falls into that deep well I picture inside me. Not like OUR well, with refreshing water, but something that gives me nightmares. Something dark that swallows everything happy. Don’t remember when I first noticed it, maybe when I realized I didn’t have any friends. Poppa was always warning me about how mean people were, wouldn’t let me bring anyone to the house. He was just trying to protect me, but I was lonely. No wonder that when Valentine went out of his way to be nice to me, I was happy to find a friend – and more.

When Valentine moved to a new house, he asked me to come over. As soon as he left the room his son Rhett made a lewd suggestion; boy, did I give him a lecture! Now that I think of it, that was when the rumors about me started. Valentine’s the one who told me: “Stupidest crap I ever heard!” he laughed, “That you liked to have sex wild, rough, and in PUBLIC!” When he stopped laughing long enough to look at me, his face fell. He spent the rest of the evening being very sweet. He said he would like to take me to a nice restaurant “up the hill”, but (as I always do) I told him I would rather cook for him. He can’t cook, but he ordered a pizza and we watched TV. That’s plenty exciting enough for me.

Before the babies were born I was content enough to stay home, Lord knows there was plenty to do. Sometimes I had to go to the store, but it wasn’t something I enjoyed. I thought having the twins would fill that hole in me, but the emptiness was only joined by an odd sadness. Holding a gurgling grinning baby, I can’t help but smile. But as soon as I leave the room that dull, familiar, empty feeling comes back. I fill my days in mindless chores, and let Momma tend the babies. Sometimes she asks me to watch over them while she naps; not that she’s old (she got grey in her thirties), but she insists on being the one to get up with them in the night. Of course, I don’t mind, I do love my children. It’s just…something is wrong.

Rhett has been showing up everywhere I go. He has even started arguments with me at the store, in front of people! I could hear them gossiping about me.

I thought it was my imagination, but even Momma has seen him sneaking around the house at night.

And it only got worse. I (foolishly!) joined Sandy Beech and her husband for an outing one evening. When Rhett showed up and threw a water balloon at me, I should have ignored him. But I guess I was feeling brave, thinking I was with friends; I slapped him. For a silly water balloon; what IS wrong with me! He grabbed my blouse and when I backed away it ripped off. Next thing I knew, I was on the ground with him on top of me, gropping under my skirt. As I tried to get away, I kicked up a cloud of dust, but that didn’t stop him. I remember thinking that the cloud around us would keep people from seeing what he was doing to me.
I was so shocked, I didn’t at first even realize he had raped me. What I DID know was that a crowd had gathered, and NOBODY STOPPED HIM! That was the last time I went out socially. It was not the last time he raped me.

Of course, there is no point in telling Momma.

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Default Chapter 6 Room For One More

Ing awakened in a charming little room at the Land farm. It was early morning when she woke to the smell of pancakes:
"I hardly remember the ride here. I was just so miserable, my feet were cold and my stomach felt like I was at sea. Leaving college was a disappointment, leaving Scot was horrible."
Eng tried to push her hair into submission, and paused to look at the pictures by her bed.
"Scot has told me so often how important family is to him. I never had much family; I hope his family likes me."

Scot's youngest sister, Delta, was serving pastries.
"Could have sworn I smelled pancakes. Pregnancy is weird. Oh gosh, look at her makeup!"
"Mrs. Land.." Eng started. Beulah started laughing. Homer continued to eat - serious business.
"Lawd, child, call me Momma", Beulah said, "or at least Beulah."
"I just wanted to thank you for letting me come here. I can't tell you how much your kindness means to me."
"Oh, it's my pleasure. I hope you had a good rest last night. We don't have anything fancy here, just wholesome food and good company."
"The bed was very comfy, thank you...Beulah", Eng said. "But I hope I'm not taking someone else's room. I noticed a stuffed bear.."
"Oh, that old thing", beamed Beulah, "that's a sort of keep-sake. It belonged to me when I was little, now it sort of belongs to Mary's daughter SueEllen. The room you are in will be her room...later. I think Homer and I should take the down stairs bedroom for now, so we'll be near the baby. Then when Scot comes home you two can have that room. I'm hoping by then Homer can put in a proper bathroom downstairs."

After another few pastries (and wondering what lunch would be) Eng got acquainted with Delta.
"You have such pretty skin, you hardly NEED makeup. What do you think of THIS?"

Delta felt comfortable enough with Eng to say:
"I used to think I was too plain, that no one would think I was pretty. You know Scot's friend likes me...but he doesn't know I kissed a boy before him; Rocky Beech. I haven't told him about Pooter, cause what if Pooter was just messing with me? I don't know much about babies and stuff, you know. I listed to Mary talk to Dixie about all that, but it didn't make much sense. All that giggling and screaming and spinning around and then POP there's a baby."

"Wow", thought Eng, "where did all THAT come from!" But to Delta she said, "Oh, babies are no secret. I guess people like to pretend that birth is easy, you don't even have to take your clothes off and the baby just lands in your arms." They both laughed at that, but Delta thought "But then what DOES happen?"
"No", continued Eng, it's men and love and all that stuff that gets complicated. A frown crossed her face.
"Do you need to lay down", Delta asked.
"Oh, I'm fine, sweety", Eng smiled, "But do you know how to make pancakes?"

Eng was easy to like, with her shy smile and gentle ways. She loved playing with Mary's toddlers, Clovis and Sue Ellen. And she was grateful to have such a comfortable house to live in. But without Scot it didn't really seem like HOME.

A few months later, a party was held for the toddlers. Eng knew that Homer didn't like socializing, so she was surprised that Beulah knew people to invite to a party.
"I think you should meet some people, this IS going to be your home, after all. They have their 'ways' like all people do. Some of them are a bit uppity. But they're not as bad as Homer makes them out to be"

Eng had met Mary, but rarely ran into her. In the yard she would continue her furious hoeing or weeding as though she didn't hear Eng try to talk to her. She seemed to be lost in her own world.

Eng was making an effort to get to know the people of Widespot.
"I suppose it was an honor to be invited to the Mann house, Beulah came with me but I was not surprised that Homer was too busy. I WAS surprised to see Rhett Hart there - I had even heard about his reputation in college! But he didn't cause any problems. Which doesn't mean there was nothing to gossip about! Can you believe the POLICE showed up to break up the party! Mrs. Mann says Daytona Beech probably called to complain, and looked mortified. She kept apologizing and talking about her reputation and what a gossip Daytona was. Beulah and I laughed about the whole silly thing all the way home.

And in the fullness of time, Eng's time came...
She named her daughter Grace.

Beulah was my midwife, said I was made for having babies and it was an easy birth. Easy for HER to say! But I was grateful to be in her capable hands. Homer made a precious little cradle. He is so proud of it! But if I don't get a "normal" crib I'll never get over this backache.

As Eng looked at all the baby things, she thought, "I have everything I need for the baby. All thanks to Scot's family. I am so blessed".

Clovis greeted the baby with a "Hay, baby, you want to play with my ball?"
"Let me hold my grand baby", cooed Beulah, as Sue Ellen jumped around her. "Gramma, let ME see, let me play with Grace! Can I give her my bear, can I Gramma! Huh, huh, can I Gramma!"

"Wooah, girl", Beulah laughed, "Best wait till she's a bit older, you don't want baby STUFF on your old bear, do you?"
"You mean like baby poo?" Clovis giggled. Sue Ellen took a swing at her snotty brother, who ran down the hall singing "baby poo, baby poo", with Sue Ellen running after him pretending to be disgusted.

Eng had gone to the room that the children shared; looking at the old bear, she thought, "Beulah told me how this used to be HER bear, and she wanted to pass it down to her grandchildren. It looks like she might have LOTS of grandchildren, so I don't know where it will wind up, but I can tell it will always be special." She put the old stuffed toy on the dresser in the little room she was using, which would be Sue Ellen's room when Scot came home.

"Scot? We have a daughter! Hello? Scot? Oh, for goodness sake will you stop hollering. Yes dear, I can't wait to see you too."

"um, what can I fix for supper? Beulah has been teaching me to make pies and bread. Those fresh sour-dough loafs would be good with spaghetti. And I can pick berries for pie. I'm so excited!"

It took less than an hour for Scot to get home from the college in the pines; Beulah wa holding his freshly powdered daughter. He touched her perfect tiny hand, and she held onto his finger.
"Wow...oh wow" he said wisely. "She's just, well, LITTLE. And PRETTY! Wow!"

By dessert, Scot had calmed down enough to flirt with Eng, and enjoy a "congratulations" from his father.

Eng: "Scot stayed the night, of course. We just held each other and talked. He kissed me so gently, I had to remind him I wouldn't break. He kept waking me up, just touching my hair or kissing my shoulder. Geeze, I'm exhausted. I only vaguely remember him leaving to go back to college."

After saying good-bye to his parents, and reluctantly putting his baby down, Scot said good-bye to his sister.
"I know everyone has been expecting me to come down some weekend and have a quick marriage. The reason I haven't is because it's not going to take another year and a half to finish college. I didn't take a summer break (obviously), and I'm taking accelerated courses. I'll be through in just a few months! I want to surprise Eng. So maybe you and mom can plan a proper wedding; a party, guests, the whole bit."

With Beulah and Homer insisting on doing night feedings, Eng quickly recovered from the "easy childbirth". Mary had more to do in the gardens, but was spending all of her free time in her room - doing God-only-knows-what.

One morning, as Beulah hugged Sue Ellen as she left for school, Eng began a mission to meet the neighbors. First stop was the little Soggybottom house, where a teenager sold Eng the cutest PINK! puppy. "I think her name was Gretchen; wonder why she wasn't in school?"

Then Penny Weiss. "The STRANGEST woman! And not because of her color, I don't have a problem with people of color. She's just IMPOSSIBLE!"

"When I got home (home! yes, I already think of this as HOME!) I extracted one squirmy puppy from a damp area under a seat. It was warm out, he'll be fine in the back yard. But a gentleman was standing in the front hall. I sat the puppy down, and greeted Mr. Rich Man. He was a prominent member of this 'Widespot in the road', who obviously thought a lot of that position. I tried to be composed as the puppy chewed on my shoe. I thought it was going well until the little dog peed on Mr. Big Man's shoe. I don't think I laughed. I excused myself to put 'Puddles' in the yard with food and a puppy bed. Mr. Man and I had iced tea on the porch as Mother Land made lunch.
I was happy with myself, and my new life. I would be a lot happier if I were not a single mother."

River left for college as soon as he could - with a scholarship, of course.

Delta: "Family is important. But who IS this? Poppa's grandmother?"

The house is dark; waiting for Scot.

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Comments, and creative criticism, appreciated. Especially if you are one of the PLAYERS of "Widespot".

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Default Chapater 7
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Default Chapter 7 A Wedding
Scot had a good reason to get college over with, AND graduate with honors - his fiancee Eng was impatient to be married, their baby needed a father, and they both deserved all the things a good job could bring them.

A quick good by party, and one last meal at the Greek House he and Eng had started. On the left, his friend Bozo; his sis Dixie, and brother River.
River is a Freshman, and a bid of a dweeb...

His sis Dixie started college before he did, has almost been expelled twice, but may be in college for years. "It's a good thing she has jobs to pay for college, it looks like she plans on staying here just to check out the LADIES! Yep, she's gay. I'm not surprised, we joke that she's more of a man than I am. She always was a big strong girl; Pops was sorry to lose a farm hand. I just hope she has a happy life."


Scot and Eng enjoyed sitting on the front porch in the late afternoon. Beulah had done most of the work to prepare for the wedding the following day; she had been cooking all day and the heat from the oven had made the house uncomfortable. The house was in a steep cut between two mountains, the only pass from the town of Widespot to the mountains where the college town was.
Scot waved his hand; "If we were on top of that mountain, we could see the sunset. I can see the clouds turning pink from here".
"Me too", agreed Eng, snuggling against him as they played their usual silly game of 'pretend'. "And I can smell the mountain laurel".
"I can hear the hawk calling his mate - squee!squee!" Scot added. "He spots his prey. He's going in!" As he went for Eng's neck for a "bite", she squealed and bolted. The chase was on...but only as far as up the stairs and into their room.

The next afternoon, as the guests trickled in, they dressed for the wedding. Scot had a new suit; Eng wore a dress she had made "the kind my grandmother would have worn - if I had a sweet, rich grandmother."
They had tried to invite the whole town, so only a lawn party would have enough room. But people still were scattered all through the house when the wedding started. Beulah tried to gather everyone up; "Oh for goodness sakes, what IS he doing?" she thought, finding Mr. Rich Man looking through her chifforobe. She had salad already on the table; the ceremony was brief but lovely.

"When do we eat?"

As evening fell, people left the dining table (dirty dishes, spilled coffee, cans of soda) to make a mess outside.
"YEA cake!" (assorted children and adults)
"Hay, bro, don't ya have any brew?" (River)
"A toast to the bride and broom!" (Homer)
"PAPER plates?!" (Valentine complaining to Beulah)

Beulah insisted Mary attend; she would not put on formal wear and continued to sit at the wedding arch.
Delta announced that she was an adult and could do what she wanted and she wanted Pooter to move in. He hadn't graduated college, but didn't seem to mind that; he was utterly stricken by Delta.

"What pretty grandbabies THOSE two will give me!" thought Beulah.
Mary had finally joined the party, sort of. Teenager Daisy Soggybottom was lecturing her about something. Then somebody kissed Valentine, Mary slapped him, everyone decided it was late and time to leave, and Mary chased after Valentine.

As the family got ready for bed, Delta, Pooter, and Scot had some of Beulah's wonderful apple pie. Delta had blossomed into a beauty. She didn't mind Pooter slurping food all over, and when he gave her a "surprise" she wasn't really surprised. She WAS surprised at the size of the stone "Oooo, sparkly!"

Meanwhile, Homer checked his old pocket watch and as he and Beulah relaxed in their room, the love in the room a living thing.

Beulah was up early, as usual, feeding and changing baby Grace. As she went upstairs to shower and change, she peeked into the summer bedroom. It was a screened room upstairs, perfect for catching breezes on hot nights. Delta and Pooter were there, in separate beds. She looked at them approvingly. "Am I the one who always said 'Always room for one more?'" she thought. Goodness, that make me and Homer, Mary and her twins, Scot and his bride and their baby that's almost two. Delta and Pooter --Pooter? is that his REAL name?"

As she passed Scot's room, the noises coming through the door made her revise her count; "from the sounds of that, I'll be having another grandbaby by spring!"

As she went into the kitchen to start breakfast, she noticed Mary asleep on the couch.

"Poor dear, don't know what's got into her lately. But I WILL have to talk to Homer about squeezing another bed in somewhere. I don't know how Mary will be able to get up and go to work in a few hours, but we sure need the money she brings in. I hate to say anything, but some of the other adults in this house need to get paying jobs!"

Omelettes for everyone!

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Rats, my pictures are STILL fuzzy! Sorry, your can't see the sweet smiles of Homer and Beulah going to bed, or the expression on the cat! And I wish I could make smaller pictures ,"collage" or groups, and stop stringing lines across the page. Obviously - needs work. But that kind of frustration has delayed the entries enough. There is one more large one, than I'll have time to try to figure out picture size in Photobucket.

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Hi there Grammapat, nice work on your story. I always like a good wedding, even with paper plates.. LOL...
I have added some new chapters to my Brandy Broke Story, if you get a chance please take a peek and tell me what you think.

Resize in photobucket is not hard to do. Just don't make them to big or they get even more fuzzy, but they have tools to help you sharpen the pictures so they look more clear. Good luck and keep up the good work.
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Thanks. Trying to sharpen focus did nothing; I have tried making them smaller, hoping that would make them clearer - I'll have to keep trying.

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Oh goody, another wedding.. I hope..
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I never could get photobucket to work right, Grammapat. I had to move to Flickr.

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Originally Posted by Peni Griffin
I never could get photobucket to work right, Grammapat. I had to move to Flickr.

Thanks, but there are so many to try, and so much advice I've saved...and right now I'm just to swamped and aggravated (non-Sim stuff) to deal with it right now.

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