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JJ Ruben may have had his birthday before his friend Swainson Hawkins, but this is not helping him talk to any of the girls at Swainson's birthday party! "Look, it's not a big puzzle," says Swainson. "It's just like talking to anybody else. Here, I'll show you."

Most of the girls at the party are his cousins, so for demonstration purposes Swainson strolls over to Nova Stacks - who should be a tough nut to crack, as she's a graduating senior and she's angry at Dove Hawkins, in the foreground there - for much the same reason that Dove and Guadalupe Newson are getting in each other's faces.

Swainson ignores the Dove/Guadalupe incident and easily and naturally starts a discussion of gaming rigs, since Nova's a friend of his sister's and he knows what she's interested in.

Much encouraged, JJ takes a stab at talking to the (also much older, but all the more alluring for that) Guadalupe. Dove cracks her knuckles and waits for a gap in the conversation.

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Gavin Newson grew up today. He has been in red aspiration for almost all of his teenage life because the family are quite poor, Ginger always tries to get him to interact and help look after his siblings instead of getting a job, and he never seems to ever get what he wants! - thank god Ginger's now moved out and the children have now all grown up.

Of course, moments after growing up - Georgia and Gabrielle are fighting again. Gabrielle keeps attacking Georgia for having a relationship with Don. Georgia keeps beating Gabrielle because she's stronger. It's as if Gabrielle never learns! Gavin looks on hesitantly, now that Ginger has moved out - he'll have to have the responsibility in making his sister's stop fighting...

Despite growing up badly and the two sisters arguing... the party was somehow still a roof raiser.

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@Bigsimsfan12 , What sort of trousers is Gavin wearing? They look as if they are falling down!

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@AndrewGloria They're a full outfit, found here (both teens and adults); :D
I thought they were quite fun, they remind me of how everyone use to dress to look 'cool' in high school.

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The last toddler (one of a set of quads) grows up in the Beauty and The Beast house. With ten kids it's pretty crowded. Mom (yes, she's been barefoot and pregnant all her adult life) is the blond on the left, the other blonds in the picture are guests, as are 2 men standing by Beast (the dad). He's the one with the long hair. His oldest Browen is in the center, a teen who skipped work for the party. I think one of their kids are missing - who can keep track?

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7th Jul 2015 at 8:11 PM
Default Birthday Time
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Jason Cleveland helps blow out the candles with little Alyssa (the only child he has had with his new wife Jessica Peterson)

Here they are after the birthday party. It's sad that Jason probably wont lie to see his little girl go off to college, but he'll love and play with her as much as he can until then.

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Originally Posted by AndrewGloria
@Bigsimsfan12 , What sort of trousers is Gavin wearing? They look as if they are falling down!

It is the most hideous RL fashion ever. Pull your trousers up or don't bothering wearing them. DX And get off my lawn! :P
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Today was Chiani Couderc's birthday! Everything started out pretty well.

Here's a before and after picture of Chiani:

Things took a bit of a downturn when Sinjin, who didn't seem to learn from the first time he tried this, decided to accept a flirt from an old flame right in front of his wife Chloe.

It caused poor Chiani to have nightmares

Of course after all this, you know what this random townie's reaction was? A high five to the old flame for causing a ruckus >.<
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Post Bellum (the half-alien son of Land Grant University's Andy Bellum), had a great birthday party when he became a child!

From left to right, the sims cheering him on are: Daisy Wheels; his aunt Sara Bellum; a random cheerleader; his half-brother's mother, Helen Wheels; his step-mother, JoAnn Bellum; his half-brother, Wagon Wheels; his father, Andy Bellum; Hugh Knowe and a very cheeky llama mascot who really shouldn't be at this party because he's an enemy of the birthday boy's father! :-D

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Originally Posted by Charmful
Big birthdays are always fun and on Lawrence's birthday most of his extended family turned out to give him birthday wishes. Relations are labeled for convenience.

Wow, that's so many person/invitation/people in a birthday party... It's quite cute though! Nice work!
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