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Difficult Subject may not look much like her dad Nervous, but she shares his ability to cheerfully cause trouble and wreak havoc XD

"I'm not touch~ing you~u!"

She also inherited some of his other habits:

(And Gozer Howe seems to be enjoying the view)
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Clair Phelps, who I just sent off to college.

My potential legacy heir Jeremy Mamuyac.

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After experimenting with a new look, Sora went emo. I think he looks really hot like this and it was hard to find an outfit that showed the pendant on his chain necklace.

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Default Ah! Random townie is HAWT!
Originally Posted by DigitalSympathies
Lilith Pleasant (this shot is so old!):

Bradley Pleasant (with Stretchskeleton on. He's an orphan):

Some random townie I made over and stuck in the orphanage:

Again, some random townie I made over, this time in Verona:

Ohmuhgawsh! Would it be really rude of me to ask if I could pretty please somehow download that gorgeous male random townie in a zip!? He's so...

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Laura Grant, a high-flying (almost annoyingly so!) teen who's top of her class and top of the journalism career already.

Bustin' Out!
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It appears that the boy-crazy Thyme girls are roaming far and wide in their quest for eligible boys. Downmarket Street is about as far as you can get from suburban Drama Acres, but look who's out exploring? Her dad'd have a fit if he knew she was this far on the wrong side of the tracks. Maybe she got on the wrong bus? Whatever, Lisandro Iana isn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth when he looks out and sees her walking by his family's crappy apartment during the height of the landlord's weekly party.

Paul there really stopped by to talk to Lucas (visible through the window trying to get through his homework). They're both going off to college soon and Paul wants to tidy up some loose ends over some - experimenting - they did before they settled down with their girlfriends; but he may as well be friendly to the new girl, right? Hmph.

Well, Lisandro's not going to let an older guy steal a march on him - not this time!

I think she may have braces, the way she keeps covering her mouth when she giggles.

Lisandro, perhaps because he was able to concentrate on only one girl, proved quicker on the draw than Tommy did a few posts back, and went ahead and suggested that he could walk her to the bowling alley across from the bus stop she needs to get home, and have something to eat, and bowl a little, and a first kiss...But that picture didn't come out. Dang, this girl is easy! Which is fine by Lisandro, who prior to this date had been shot down by every single girl he ever made a pass at.

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Max McSkittles
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I found the transgendered hairstyles and clothes in the downloads here just in time for the beginning of Naomi Gavigan's second week of teendom, the point where Mom stops controlling how kids look and dress. Naomi is a clone of her big brother Ezekial, and has similar taste in dates, clothes, and other things. She went out to get her hair done in the traditional Gavigan style (it just plain looks good on them, but doesn't help with my difficulty in telling them apart; I grew out her twin brother's hair and mussed it up for variety) and then dawdled at the Convenient Stores on the way home, where she ran into the new girl from across the street.

Justine Thyme is living with her dad and half-sisters since her mom threw her out for being gay. So they check each other out;

make fun of girls who wear a lot of jewelry (this would include Justine's half-sisters and Naomi's sister-in-law that she doesn't get along with);

and play a little pinball. Two bolts. Meadow Thayer also stops by to use the karaoke machine, so Naomi checks her out, too - two bolts. If it'd been three I'd have pursued it, but playables trump townies when available and I may have another use for Meadow down the line. So when Naomi, who is on the verge of going into the red and has been since before she grew to teen, picks up the phone to arrange for her first date ever that evening, she puts on her favorite brother's old sweater vest for luck and calls Justine.

So after a rough start during which Naomi spontaneously argued with her about coming out issues (Justine is committed to openness and Naomi is obviously dressed to blow the closet door off the hinges, but I figure the difficulty I've had with her aspirations is a symptom of her conviction that she can't tell Nathan and Mary because they'd freak), they wind up slow dancing and first kissing in the alley between Red's Diner and the Lost in Love Hedge Maze. And Naomi's at platinum for the first time since potty-training!

Not pictured: Eppie Curian, the original core sim for my neighborhood who turned out to be a lesbian, showed up at the diner, hovered around their table, and chatted with Naomi after Justine left. How perfect is that?

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Glozel Howe

Glozel's twin brother Gozer

(This is how the Howe twins show affection now that they're teens )

And Pascal has some seriously strong genes: his twins (by Bella Goth) Cobol and Fortran Curious

Cobol and Fortan are true tech addicts, and their main hobby is watching both tvs -- usually tuned to the same channel -- at once. Cobol is a Knowledge sim with an eye for romance, and his sister Fortran is a Romance sim who'd rather skill. They're very friendly and complimentary to the point of smarmy... just don't get between them and the tv.
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+ bonus image (with... his mum in the background )
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I have no name for this girl ATM I'll go back late and chance, But I love so much how she turned out.
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I kinda like my teens I have in my game at the moment.

This is Jacqueline, she's the eldest girl.

This is Lisa, the Eldest of my first set of twins

This is Jackson the youngest of my first set of twins

This is Lilly, the eldest of my second batch of kids

This is Aurora the eldest of my second batch of twins

And this is Tyler the 'youngest of my second set of twins.

And if you were interested they're the byproduct of these two lovely ladies:



I think what makes me love them even more is that they actively help around the house, they're all BFFS and they all got into private school 'cos they work really hard.
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Her sister Kaitlyn

They weren't ready for this picture:

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There was a big teen getogether at the Curious household, and the following scene unfolded:

Cobol Curious figured that this was the best time to put the moves on Grimuara Subject. Her overprotective father and overly-helpful sister Difficult had prevented anyone from getting anywhere near her before.

Cobol's efforts were hampered by the fact that the overly-helpful sister was still there -- Gozer Howe's presence hadn't been enough to fully distract her -- and she felt that Grimuara's best friend Howitzer Grunt needed to see this.

Howitzer quickly engaged Grimuara in a game of slaphands...

And Difficult distracted Cobol while Howitzer finally worked up the nerve to tell Grimuara how he really felt about her:

Cobol didn't realize what was happening until it was too late: that he was talking to the weird sister while the cute one got away.

Poor Cobol XD It doesn't help that he's related to most of the other girls in his age-range, and the ones that he isn't related to are either dating someone else or aren't looking for a boyfriend.
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5th Sep 2011 at 10:51 AM
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Freya Lam:

Freya was the product of an ACR-assisted freshman year "oops" between former maid Genesis Lam and half-alien Joshua Evans. Her mother died in a cooking accident when she was a toddler, so she was raised by her grandparents Frieda and Nervous while her father finished college.
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Nervous Subject (JR)

Disclaimer: I am just being a goof ball, please ignore me if offended.
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this is my sim Galus Wunter, he's kind of a douche <______<;

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These are Leverett Trimble's triplets (the eldest of Generation 5 - thanks to the fact he had his kids in university, they are older than their cousin Adora, even though she was born earlier).



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My teen mom Camilla playing withe her womrat, HerpDerp

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Jane Smith, showing off her Smustle Wardance:

Jane is one of those sims that just gets better with age. She started out as a rather generic toddler, became a rather manic and dance-crazed kid, then grew into something awesome as a teenager. I can't leave her unsupervised: her bipolar approach to interacting with others swings wildly from jokes to arguing to noogies to hugs with absolutely no warning. Her best friend is Glozel "the Terrible" Howe, though they go from friends to not friends several times whenever they're around each other. I like to think they're part of the Mean Girl squad at Strangetown High. (Just wait til Jane finds out that Glozel's the one that started the chant of "Jane, Jane, she's insane: she's got magnets in her brain!" Sure, it doesn't make much sense... but it's CATCHY.)

Supposedly she's five points nice, but she prefers the grouchy side of the Force. (Which doesn't surprise me any: Jenny is like a teddybear filled with razor blades and PT9 is really kind of a grumpy old fart XD)
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So Emilio Casa is about to leave for college, and he gets his hang-out group together plus the girl he picked up at the bowling alley - first girl he ever picked up and okay, he could tell she was younger but she also seemed to know what she was doing, which was more than he did and his friends will probably like her - and he introduces her to his friends and his sister and gives her a little peck good-bye and then:

Dominic: What the - ? The whole ninth grade was telling me, but I didn't believe them and here you are -
Emilio: Should I be doing something here? Wait - what grade did you say?
(For those of you not familiar with the American grade system: ninth graders are generally 14-15 years old. No way she should have been dating somebody on the verge of college. She was playing a pretty dangerous game here, since her oldest brother just married Emilio's oldest sister; but nobody ever quite got into a place where they could connect the dots. And she now either has to make up with Dominic, or find some other cover under which to go out at night with boys Peter and Samantha have never met.)

Theodora's not going to take that lying down, though. "Oh, right, like you ever want to go anywhere without your little brother and sister tagging along and what about Honey, following you around making goo-goo eyes at you all the time and you know what? You don't even kiss that well." Emilio decides to go bowl with his sister. The up side is, having apparently made a whole bunch of mistakes with the first girl he ever went out with, he should have a lot fewer to deal with when he starts dating college girls.

Edit to add (Forgot I had this picture uploaded):

Meanwhile, across town, Honey Beare is reflecting on the bleak and desert waste that is her life: "Here I am, on Friday night, potty-training the last little sister while Mom and Daddy are upstairs making the next one and the Love of My Life is probably out with a skank who doesn't deserve him. What's wrong with this picture?" Honey, of course, is the one making goo-goo eyes at Dominic, and I think her weekend's looking up...

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A good number of Riverblossom Hills teens showed up for Scott McGreggor's party (Scott is the son of Leod and Lillian) --

The only girl there is Scott's girlfriend, Gabrielle O'Mackey, daughter of Jason and Violet. Her twin brother, Alexander, is right behind Scott (who's in the yellow open shirt). The other two teens are Gabe and Alexandra O'Mackey's twin boys, Evan (in the glasses) and Ian (redhead in the red sweater).

It was a good party, too, especially since it was there that Gabrielle agreed to go steady with Scott!

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Dominic Moiselle and Theodora Ottomas: The Aftermath

Theodora came wandering by the Moiselle house before dawn; during the morning after the bus left; in the afternoon before the bus came, and finally again in the afternoon while Dominic was in the middle of his homework. He wants to break up with her, and he doesn't. But it's not really a question of what he wants, is it?

"Look, Theodora...I guess maybe I didn't do very well being your steady. I'm sorry."
"So am I. So. We can go back to the way we were, then."

"Uh, no. No, I don't think so. I don't think you really want to, either."
"Don't be silly. Why wouldn't I want to?"
"Because nothing's going to change. I still have to go out mostly with my little brother and sister in tow. I still won't be that good a kisser."

"And to tell you the truth - I don't hate Honey making goo-goo eyes at me. You picked up a senior and lied about your age for a reason. Which I guess is me. So. You go and find yourself a better boyfriend, okay?"

Okay, hearing her cry hurts worse than being slapped by her. But there's also a certain - relief.

As for Theodora - She cried so hard at the end of my session I went downslope to the Ottomas house and opened it up. Her mood's gold, she has wants related to the last boy (not Emilio; a completely different boy) she asked out, she has fears regarding unrelated subjects, and Dominic is deep in her Furious zone. She's fine. It's only poor Dominic, who didn't do a damn thing wrong, who's all depressed about it. All that hemming and hawing in the break-up animation is kind of adorable.

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