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The Lothario quads, newely turned teens:


Elpidio (dear God, you can't tell who his father is AT ALL...)

Laodicea (or "Laodi")

Polyxena (or "Poly")
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Gracie Hawkins, now that she's started middle school, is eager to show off and prove her maturity to her brother's friends, so she cooks the bass she caught herself while George relaxes with his ritual after-school cup of espresso. "Told ya the flame was too high. Don't worry - they'll eat it."

Her classmate and distant cousin, Maddox Moiselle, however, feels no need to show off. He already has a best friend at the middle school, and he has no intention of breaking his heart over girls like his big brother, so after a brisk session of jumping rope (healthy mind, healthy body!) he tackles his accumulated homework. This is a new start and he's not going to get behind again!

Mark Munny had been sitting up late online when old Nannie Ghote, the live-in housekeeper, came in and told him to get to bed before the sun came up. He'd barely had time to sign off when he heard a soft "thump" and eerie music from the kitchen.

She kind of played favorites toward his half-alien brother, but she was always there when they'd get home from school, she always covered for both of them when they'd been maybe a little less tidy and task-oriented than Ma and Pa thought they should be, and she'd been so looking forward to her worthless and neglectful son marrying his pregnant fiancee and giving her a grandchild to spoil; not to mention the great-grandchild her granddaughter has in the oven. It's just not fair!

Meanwhile, downtown, Allegra and Martin Gorey like living next door to Castor and Jane Stacks, but it...bothers Martin just a little bit that his daughter Ruby looks up to their oldest boy Pollux so much. He reminds Martin way too much of his dad back in the old days at college.

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Argueing with her great-aunt.

-_- and Lilly love playing with each other, unfortunatly that means often going throw walls.

From the ol' archieves I don't know if I ever posted it. XD The person in the "What did you discover today" thread reminded me of it.

Disclaimer: I am just being a goof ball, please ignore me if offended.
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Cant remember his name. His twin sisters are in the child thread....

Have you ever walked into a room & forgot why you went in there?
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Here's Dakota Michael (on the left) and his younger sister Skylar Grace (on the right). Kody was fixin' to continue on the legacy I started a couple weeks ago but, I jacked up the save file. That's the only photo I have of Kody.

I was proud at how handsome he turned out considering that he was born in-game and I didn't use plastic surgery on him, his siblings or parents.
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Kestrel Hawkins, youngest of the nine Hawkins siblings, knows her freedom will be truncated again once her sister's baby is born, so she takes advantage of her recent ascension to middle school to take the bus downtown. Alas, her contemplated afternoon of glorious solitude and exploration is truncated by a fierce hailstorm! (This is the second outdoor venue she's gone to - hailed out of both! Why, I wonder, does getting battered by hailstones make her think of Peter Sims, a townie who's had no significant interactions with any playable at any time?)

She takes refuge in Hans' Trapdoor Company, taking the elevator to the third floor club and volunteering to fill in for the DJ while he takes his break.

She then spends her earnings trying out a blended drink and practicing looking cool. There's nobody at the other end of that finger-shoot, except maybe the bartender at the next bar down. She's just goofing around.

I was hoping she'd run into Ashleigh Pitts-Upsnott (on the right), who is a perfect star-sign match with her, but Ashleigh is apparently occupied making friends with Amanda Ruben (left), daughter of Daddy's frat brother Joshua. Oh, well. It'll happen, or it won't.

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A nice amount of Gavigans.

Jeff or Jack and his (now-ex) girlfriend.

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Wow, you managed to get more variety into your Gavigan boys than mine have managed so far!

Harlan Hawkins's birthday party was the occasion for much interaction between Drama Acres's teen cousins, friends, and neighbors in the nursery recently built for the adopted child expected to arrive tomorrow.

Frank Munny (Green) and Harlan (in red) are both Popularity sims, so Frank is filling Harlan in on the cliques, cliches, and cool kids of Drama Acres Middle School. Gracie Hawkins and Frank's brother Mark, both Knowledge sims - a future mad scientist and Head of SCIA, respectively - apparently are having some sort of disagreement about the relative importance of the hard and social sciences, or possibly the interpretation of one of Simspeare's plays.

Harlan doesn't look very pleased to have ascended to teendom, but don't let the grim expression put you off. He's an outgoing, active, nice boy; only he's serious as heck.

And here we see him display that he has inherited his father's improbable, distinctive chin shape. This chin is my primary reason for hesitation about making him the first gay male Hawkins in the history of ever, in order to match him with his best friend and perfect star sign match. His mother isn't eager to get pregnant again, but adopting toddlers isn't going to pass that chin along, is it? And I don't have a same-sex pregnancy hack (and am determined not to get one, because if men can have babies what's the point of sex differences at all?), so unless Harlan eventually acts as sperm donor for a lesbian couple, if I do match him with Miguel that chin is probably just - gone.

And to round out the full quota of allowed pictures: a close-up I took of Mark Munny, mostly because I'm still experimenting with close-ups and partly because I hadn't gotten any good pictures of him that show his resemblance to his mother's side of the family. He was the spit of his maternal Grampa as a toddler, but as time goes by he looks more and more like his Ma and Gramma.

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Asphodel Reaper strikes a pose in front of the mirror. She looks almost exactly like Olive now, but there's no mistaking those eyes:
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Jovita's father is one of the grouchiest sims in town, and the dispute he's having with a native at South End Beach during their vacation is, by his standards, negligible - not one punch has been thrown - but she's never seen him actually earning his bad reputation before. "Stop it, Papi! You're embarrassing me!"

Ted Ottomas, rejoicing in having a room all to himself for the first time in his life after Tommy leaves for college! At last he can paint and throw pots without any kibitzing from the peanut gallery. His twin Theodora comes in at all hours to play games on the computer but that's okay - it's not like it's his computer. His room was just the only room it'd fit in.

Summer Thyme has been pretty depressed since her sister Spring died in a fire and her father got drunk and assaulted a judge who keeps coming by to kick over the trash can and draw disgusting bugs. (Summer's a Virgo. She cleans like it's her hope of heaven.) She's hardly seen her boyfriend Lisandro in days, but today (with his mom about to have a baby any minute) he marches up to the door and rings the doorbell.

And now they're going steady and Summer feels miles better!

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Peni: That is truly a killer chin on that boy. You could always have him get abducted, or have one of your female sims act as a surrogate for him and his future husband?
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Meredith Winston, born in-game.
#138 Old 29th Nov 2011 at 4:03 AM
@ 5M0K3- Meredith is stunning!!!

Here is Hazel Gaceli as a teen, I think she grew up beautifully:
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#139 Old 1st Dec 2011 at 2:27 AM
So, I've decided to give TS3 a break for a bit, and spent literally all day sorting through my TS2 games and downloading (argh!). But happily been playing for the past few hours and my love for this game is rapidly coming back .

So I played around, and made over a few pre-made is Lilith Pleasant :o) .

Please, Call Me Lou :D
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Jeff and Jack. MAN, those were the days.

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My lovely sims, from my lovely story. I just love them and the way they all look
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Lots and lots of teen milestones this rotation. Some highlights from the first session of the rotation:

Pollux Stacks kept tripping over himself in his effort to impress girls (hey, how was he supposed to know the hot girl with the barbershop hair, sweater vest, and khakis was playing for the other side?), until he wised up and asked out his old friend Gracie Hawkins. Though not as clued-in and confident as her aunts - after all, her mother is Ginger nee Newson, Village Neurotic, not Kitty Hawkins, Baby Machine - Gracie has a number of advantages. She's not shy, she's got the pheremones, he's known her forever, and she's, um, stacked, so if you get to first base you feel like you're halfway to second. (Seriously, those have got to be C cups.)

Pollux throws a party for his little brother John when he turns teen. Kestrel Hawkins seems horrified at the idea of dancing with him. Fortunately, John isn't focused on girls like Pollux is. Having made only two friends in elementary school, he hopes to do better in middle school, and apparently his plan is to wow everybody by dressing sharp - that's the outfit he aged into. His turn-ons are facial hair and make-up, so he's likely to take awhile to sort out his dating preferences. Meantime, he needs to learn to dance. Kestrel's objection to him seems to be that he's got no rhythm.

Ashleigh Pitts-Upsnott picks herself up after the not-quite-fiasco of her first date and brings home a townie girl with whom she's at least on the same page. She can't afford to go out, but they have the run of the party room while Dad is upstairs distracting Mom from noticing the perfumed note that came in the mail today; and they progress quickly toward a first kiss. Dad encourages her to make friends with girls, as he knows what boys are like and doesn't want their filthy paws anywhere near his innocent little girl. Dads are so dense. (I'm sure Brittany's figured it all out.)

Around the corner, on Greaves Street, shy Edward Beare grows up without any fanfare. Alas, it was too close to my bedtime to take the time to line up a good picture of him coming downstairs which I could then post here with the caption "Here is Edward Beare, coming downstairs now, bump, bump, bump." The first thing he did as a teen was feed his baby sister a bottle and the second thing he did was make espresso. It's that kind of household. However, his equally-shy sister Honey invited over her only two friends - her boyfriend Dominic and Amanda Ruben - and their younger siblings, and he played a few rounds of "Don't Wake the Llama" with them, so he's not going into middle school all isolated like Honey did.

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Selena Benson being a real Teenager. While she's on vacation, she constantly wanted to call her friend. =P

When Selena isn't blabbing on the phone or watching TV in the hotel room, she finally his the beach to tan.

Selena was playing 'don't wake the llama' with her brother Cody and she lost. This was her expression.

Selena and her Mom, Elle.

Selena working out.

That's all I'm gonna post at the moment. She's heading off to college soon once her brother ages to teen and gets a couple scholarships.

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( the forum rules...we're only supposed to post 4 pics per post...)

Love your sig, and love Selena, and love you for enabling me to post four more teen pics without breaking the rules by double-posting. I figure when your pictures are as bad as mine, you've got to toe the line, or people will rebel.

More milestones. Maddox Moiselle goes to Drama Acres Park with a bunch of his friends and has a Revelation concerning his old friend Annie Newson.

They share a starsign and an OTH, plus they're Knowledge and Family and have been friends since first grade. Since they're both black with brown hair I'm not sold on the match; still, his chipmunk cheeks and the absurdly-square-jaw gene in his family could liven up the bland prettiness she brings to the table as the result of being the child of Gavin Newson and a townie. She hasn't met Pollux yet, either. So we'll let this develop as chance and contingency dictate.

Speaking of Romance boys Annie hasn't met yet -

Katy bar the door, Marius Curian grew up dreamy! And since he hadn't given any clear aspirational indications during his childhood, I rolled and he's Romance. Proof that you don't need to look boring to look pretty - he's got his dad's honking big nose and his mom's triangular Eyebrows of Perpetual Surprise, and he still pulls it off. His OTH is music and he wants to be a Rock God, like his parents' friend Aunt Mary.

Although painfully shy themselves, the Curians threw a party for his birthday, inviting his friends and their relations. Thus it comes about that John Stacks finally meets the Munny boys.

I've been waiting for this ever since Jane Stacks (who was turned down for a date by Frank and Mark's father) and Castor Nova (who dated Frank and Mark's Ma - not Frank here's biological mother, obviously) started pumping out kids at the same time as Ernest and Sage Ann got pregnant. I'm finally going to be able to use a bit of dialog that's been hanging around in my head.
"Hey, Mark! Check it out! John's dad is the pretty frat boy!"
"His name was Castor and he was very nice." Mark's imitation of Sage Ann is pitch-perfect, and he rolls his eyes for good measure.
"What are y'all talking about?" John asks.
See, the full "How Ma and Pa Got Together" story is told and retold in the Munny household; but Castor's history of heartbreak is a closed book to his kids.

Meanwhile, downtown, Miguelito Casa got The Talk from his father right before he aged up.

But Papi's Talk involved lots of stuff about marriage. For the straight dope, Miguelito is here turning to his big sister, Jovita. A good judge of character, Miguelito.

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Some pictures from the Herz family. The two youngest children of the family, Angela and Anne, recently became teens. They have a brother in college, Bastian, of whom I posted earlier.

Anne: She is kind of a tomboy, which I like.

Angela: More girly, but she has obviously got a lot of manly features from her father.

All of the Herz-children have inherited their mothers odd mouth and then mixed features of both parents, which result in a kind of special face. But that´s okay - I love special sims
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I finished the Drama Acres part of the rotation today, so here's the last batch of pictures showing how the current student body of Drama Acres Middle School is shaping up.

Frank Munny hosted his first big party, which was a rousing success. Harlan Hawkins there played the bass practically the whole time. Frank made best friends with Marius, who is his Ma's cousin. Frank's a little older, but they got to know each other in elementary school, when the same people as picked on Frank's skin tone picked on Marius's nose. Frank didn't stand for either. It is Frank's opinion that these two and his brother Mark (three OTHs for Music; I think it's the most common one in the hood) should start a garage band and he should be manager. Alas, none of them has a garage.

Maddox Moiselle, though far from retiring, hesitated to signal to his old friend Annie Newson that he's looking at her differently; but she, being a Family sim, had no such qualms. They had a little accident trying to suck face, there, but it was soon sorted out. Mom, tired of the hairstyle she's had since college, took her and her little sister to the beauty store and they all got new haircuts, which is why she looks different here than a few entries back.

People are always going on about how homely the Ottomases are, but really only Sharla is truly difficult to find the right hairstyle for. This is the youngest of mine, Samantha and Peter's final daughter, Petra. I think she's the belle of this generation. She's a Pleasure sim, Capricorn with nine or ten nice points, an OTH of Tinkering, and turn-ons for blond hair and mechanical points. And who's that she's meeting the first time her (college bound next rotation) big brother and sister Ted and Theodora take her downtown?

Why, it's Edward Beare, Fortune, Aquarius with nine or ten nice points, an OTH of tinkering, and turn-ons for brown hair and mechanical points. Plus, his big sister is best friends with Petra's best friend. It's almost as if some mighty hand were playing with destiny.

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Since the Berg family is so big I havn´t posted pics of everyone yet. Three of the children are in college, two are teens, on is a child and two are toddlers. The teens are David and Aron. David will move to college at the end of this round, while Aron recently became a teen.

Aron (left) and David (right) are probably talking about it all here. After all, they have lived together for so long and have always been the best of friends, so it will probably be pretty hard for them to suddenly be apart.

And of course they want to take the opportunity to have some fun too.
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#148 Old 20th Dec 2011 at 6:43 PM
Angela and Lilith Pleasant react to their parents making out:

Dustin Broke gives his stepbrother, Alexander Goth (yes, I said stepbrother, haha) a noogie:

(Ever get the feeling that I like giving my own twist to the back stories? I have Kaylynn catch Daniel with Mary-Sue, and I just got Brandi Broke married to Mortimer Goth...and Dina Caliente has yet to find out!)
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#149 Old 25th Dec 2011 at 5:20 PM

Allegra Gorey's friend Sophie takes pity on Ruby, who just started middle school, and suggests that Allegra let her go down to the new boutique by the rec center, alone, to pick out school clothes.
"And I can get a new MP3 player, too!" Ruby suggests.
"They don't sell electronics," says Allegra. "You can get one if your grades are good enough. And, when you're picking clothes - don't just get what the other girls think is cute. Express yourself!" Yeah, 'cause expressing yourself never got anybody singled out at school. Ruby'd rather nobody noticed her. At all.

Well, maybe not "at all." She's recently started noticing that Pollux Stacks, the boy next door, is, um, kind of, um, cute. But he's electrified by the girl over there in the pony tail. Ruby doesn't have enough hair for a pony tail.

Bravely, in accordance with Auntie Sophie's helpful instructions, she browses near the pony tail girl and starts up a conversation about clothes. "There's nothing wrong with your clothes," says Ashleigh. "It's your hat and glasses that are a problem. Nobody can see your face! And I'm sure you have pretty eyes."
She does?"

Ruby tries on a new outfit - one that has a couple of little arty touches, but won't make anybody laugh at her on the school bus - and takes a good long gander at her face. Ashleigh's right - she should lose the hat. And the makeup - it's all very well for a little girl to paint her face, but all a middle-schooler needs is lip gloss. There's nothing she can do about the glasses right now, though. Then she starts to head over to the rec center, and this guy starts talking to her. In the rain. His name's Miguelito. He's kind of nice. And she doesn't know how to end the conversation, so she gets soaking wet in her new clothes and has to go straight home. Where Allegra takes one look at her and demands to know what on earth that is she's wearing and what has she done to her face? Life is hard.

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Madame Royale, Princess Blanche de Croy (King Philip and Queen Isabella's oldest daughter).

Maximilian de Valois, Lord of Toulouse, Princess' betrothed.
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