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Default 2th part
weddings moments...

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Luis Iana's house is barely big enough to bring his bride Sharla Ottomas to, much less all the necessary people they'd want to invite. His family + her family is a lot of folks, even if they don't invite any of their friends. And the weatherman predicts rain, so Drama Acres Park is out. Time for another Iana wedding - not a surprise one this time - at St. Elvis's Wedding Chapel.

Sharla's brother David, a professional musician, is in charge of music, while Luis's sister Lourdes left her baby with an aunt and is helping him with the salsa selection.

The big moment goes down at last!

Afterward, Lourdes's daughter Guadalupe politely congratulates her uncle. Her nose has been a bit out of joint since the new baby was born, but she's the only kid in the family big and important enough to come to a wedding, and that's something. And the strange amalgamation of swooning lady and the guy in back of her doesn't phase her a bit. Those two weren't invited, anyway. In center rear, you can see that David managed to get into his suit in time for the ceremony.

And now, the moment Guadalupe has been waiting for - she gets her share of the cake! That's her abuela, Luis's mother Luz, in the red dress, her uncle Lucas, and David again; plus, the representative of the Crumplebottom Brigade who always comes to St. Elvis weddings to make sure that any hankypanky in the photobooth, hot tub, or changing booth goes properly punished. Also, to snag cake and mooch off the buffet. (If I hadn't decided that Crumplebottom was a disguise donned by a society of prudes, I'd be certain she was a homeless crazy lady who won't go to a shelter.)

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Dina Caliente just married Connor Weir... finally, someone her own age!:

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William McGreggor (Leod's son) recently married his college sweetheart, Giselle Ramaswami. Here are some pictures from their big day!

The newly minted Mr. and Mrs. McGreggor:

Giselle finds pure and utter bliss in the arms of her new husband:

William feeds his very eager bride a piece of wedding cake:

In case you're wondering, the McGreggors recently returned from their honeymoon (they went to Three Lakes)...with a very special souvineer. That's right, William and Giselle are going to be parents!
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Leod McGreggor and Kristen Loste's wedding. He's actually not getting married in his everyday clothes- I extracted the kilt with Body Shop so he can wear it as formal wear. Which, you know, would've made more sense, Maxis.

In the front row is Kristen's little sister Erica, her mom Daisy, and her dad Arty. The next row is Erin Beaker, Gabe O'Mackey, Lola Curious, and Jason Greenman. In the last row is Chloe Curious, a jock girl whose name is Linda, I think, and Crystal Vu. His parents couldn't make the trip from Scotland, but are thrilled and hope to see their daughter-in-law soon. I'm surprised that Chloe turned up, considering she was such a jerk to Kristen when they all lived together. Maybe she's becoming nicer?

The chairs aren't very comfortable, and apparently the guests had to sit in them for a long time. Or maybe they're just squirmy. Who knows? Anyway, they had to have a frugal wedding- Leod wants to buy the grocery store to sell his produce there, plus Kristen isn't a big fancy wedding person. Simple is the way to go for her.
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Love the 17th century wedding Lady Scarlett!

Rome wasn't built in a day

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The wedding of Mortimer Goth to Dina Caliente started with a bang, as Lilith and Angela Pleasant threw down to each other before any of the guests had even made it inside, and Nina decided to pick on Darren.

Undeterred by the fact that she was still dressed for work and the bride was playing the piano in her underwear, Cassandra went ahead and proposed to Darren, with satisfactory results. She won't have to live with a stepmother younger than she is - hurray! It all seems like a dream, which may be why she's snoring.

Okay, the bride's dressed, she and the groom are in position, the daughter of the groom is dressed - what the heck is the hold up now? Dirk, sit down, for heaven's sake! And Cassandra, will you please stop snoring? (The Zzzzs got stuck during the neighborhood reset when I installed my last two EPs, and didn't go away again till each character slept. Mortimer got rid of his falling asleep after woohooing his new fiancee.)

But anyway the deed gets done and almost everyone retires to the buffet. Lilith, apparently feeling that using the buffet would open her to the accusation of copying her sister, decides to raid the fridge instead, as more suited to her bad girl image. In the kitchen, she encounters a party crasher, Don Lothario, who decided to chow down before attempting to disrupt proceedings.

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Charlie & Shandy's Wedding

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Penny and Victor
Penny and Victor's wedding.

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Default Elizabeth and Castor
Elizabeth and Castor Nova's wedding.

(Her parents Ben and Melody. Ben passed away so this photo always gets me! He died of old age after a very happy lifetime-want fulfilled life so it's okay! Melody still has a few more years with her six cats and 12 grandchildren. Her grandson, Gale, is majoring in paranormal, so he might bring his grandfather back for just one more day - Melody's last - so they can go together. )

Anyways.. here's their favourite wedding photo which hangs proudly in their living room.
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Default Lil dark, yeah, but..

This is a picture of my self-sim and her cowboy, (though you can't tell here, he cleans up good. ) husband, Gabriel. They now have twins, and a harlequin great dane named Marley.

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Alexander and Lucy. Well . . . they tried.

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this is my sims family cant remeber their names but enjoy
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Zenon Zodiak + Józefina Tischner

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Lawrence and Joanne Hoffman

Thomas and Janet Worley

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The Joined Union of Sam Thomas and Kylie Fleurada.

Ah, love.

The only one not clapping is a townie who happened to pass by, and is now utterly confused.



Eggs were a popular subject at the wedding. For some reason.

Yeah, not the most decorative pictures. Not good at those.

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The Secret Wedding of Romeo & Juliette

Maybe not so secret!
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The (second) wedding of Angela and Alan Kimbrell.

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Nothing special, just my newest pair getting married on the beach on Twikki Island :D
This is Adrian Atrolli sunbathing (he made sure to wear sunscreen):

Then this is Laura soon-to-be Atrolli (who did not wear sunscreen, as you can tell lol :D):

The After Sunset wedding. Adrian is a notorious cheapskate and couldnt book the beach for Sunset because of the prices ;X:

And of course little baby Alec:

LOL The cheapest wedding in the universe right here.

"You're insane."

"You're just getting that now?"
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Originally Posted by Thrior
One of my FAIL weddings yet again

Narcissa and Silas
"*squee* This is the happiest day of my-"

Gaia: "OH HAY DAD! What's up?"
Pei Pei: "Nobody invited me and Dimitri but like that's going to stop us!"
Dimitri: *doing... something... to Louis*

"I'm SO going to kill my sister."

"It's... BEAUTIFUL!"
"Wrong direction you fool!"

Ah, yes, don't you just love it when an alien in underwear intrudes on your Big Day? :B
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The wedding of Francis J. Worthington IV and Lucy Burb was a roof raiser.

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Rhiannon Louis Married Adrian Loche

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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A few unedited (unusual for me!) photos from Mortimer Goth's wedding to Dina Bachelor.

The First Kiss

Cutting The Cake

Toasting The Bride!

The First Dance (With Violin Accompaniment)
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