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This is the outing Malcolm's townie date (in green vest) invited him on. Some of the dorkiest-looking townies, a little townie girl, and Bella Goth? That in itself is an argument for moving her into the Goth house sooner rather than later...

I guess this is a classic OMSP fail, but it doesn't make me feel any less stupid for putting the thing there... And it's Joe Carr! Why did it have to be Joe Carr? I think my view of him is scarred forever...

And speaking of scarred, I just found this one in my pictures:

Lazlo Curious, put some clothes on! What is that poor dog going to think of his new master?
(I think Lazlo was in the shower when Moody came, and was so excited that he got out in a hurry and forgot to get dressed...oh no...that means he talked to the cop who brought Moody in that state... )
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Ivan Adrinky has a few drinks; a crowd gathers: What are YOU looking at!

Secret Society! Am I cool! or ow..

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That´s how Agnes walk upstairs.

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Escalus Prince knows his son is behind this. It's not funny -- this locker-room meeting was supposed to be private, and if Kaylynn wasn't so stupid, he'd worry about Detective Teatherton's cover being blown.

For someone who cares so much abut the quality of a family, the Headmaster is a piggish eater.
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Jasmine Tai proves why she is too dumb to live. Fire, dear, is not a consumable substance. And your fellow dorm resident Sarah had only just finished extinguishing your fire...

Now, heatstroke is a bother in this situation, but I'd kindly suggest it's not your biggest one. At least Sarah's being sensible and trying to put out the fire!

Ah, you've finally noticed you're on fire, Jasmine? It only took two firemen and Sarah covering you in foam for 20 minutes for you to notice...

One of these two students is dead and the other's on the Dean's List. Would anyone like to take a guess at which is which?
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Widespot's Virginia Beech and Dixie Land were on a date at Bluewater's swankiest restaurant -- where Virginia planned to propose to her girlfriend, who's both a Fortune sim and from one of the poorest families in town -- when retired supervillain Rich Mann showed up and decided to troll Virginia and Dixie's date for the lulz. While Virginia tried her best to just ignore him -- which became increasingly difficult as Rich got increasingly annoying -- Dixie knew the most effective way to drive off a pest:

Virginia and Dixie weren't the only Widespot college kids dealing with nuisances: Goldie Hart and Woody Weiss had the streaker -- who has a thing for Goldie -- interrupt their canoodling:

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Just...I don't even...

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Yeah, I guess I should paint the ceiling next time I play Malcolm Landgraab...

Someone likes the show!

So the paperboy takes away the old ones now? Helpful! (Yes, he has been influenced to clean!)
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The Crumplebottom attack: I have a mod that is a "fortune teller", directed a Sim to "steal money" to see what would happen. Jessica Picasso was struck by lightening, which didn't do anything - except burn off her clothes! Then Crumplebottom's started coming out! She put her clothes back on, but still got a good talking to (but at least no one beat her up).

And I had never noticed the old fart carries her knitting in her purse-

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People talking and thinking about WooHoo is funny, right? Well, feast your eyes...

Jacob makes it very clear what kissing Jules makes him remember doing with her.

Er, Don, why are you talking about shagging the maid with a woman you've just met? Alexandra Teatherton does not look amused...

Lazlo's thoughts: Wow, that was amazing. Cassandra is some woman...her husband's a lucky man...
No, Lazlo dear, you don't know the half of it. Now get off the lot before that wolf chases you or Alexander starts doing his detective work again.

And here's the act in question...photobombed by Bellona, Alexander's bird. I think Cassandra got distracted while cleaning the cage...
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And Somewhere out there... (Get Ready For Romantic Speech)

There will be Lots of Floating baths in space

Do These Sims even Know How to be Romantic?

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I now present to you Hazl's Attention Family Legacy Bloopers, Random Nudity Edition!

Ok this was only slightly odd. Wesley Attention decided to go streaking and I guess wanted to pay homage to his military family (and future career path) background by saluting as he preceded to run up and down the sidewalk.

Then this was really odd. After graduating from college, Wesley and his wife Vanessa were happy to be expecting their first child together. Vanessa's pregnancy was perfectly normal, that is until she gave birth. Although she had been wearing her maternity clothes, right before she cringed in pain she stripped off all her clothing and gave birth in the buff.

Needless to say I was quite dumbfounded. After her brief spell of liberation from her clothes, Vanessa welcomed her and Wesley's son Arrow, now fully dressed in her everyday wear.

Considering his parents' history, I'm somewhat afraid Arrow may grow up to be a nudist instead of the General.

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I took some snaphots from my store and then it happened UHMM......

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Welcome to a Brand new episode of: How Sims Make out on A diagonal Sofa

Here we can All see that Kaylyn should be in pain, or just putting on a brave face!

Forget Facepalm! Here's the new internet craze: Facewall

And Finally as you can see, No matter how painful, Love always comes first

Making Out Sims = Fail
Diagonal Sofa = Win

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I'm loving you guys' pics, some of them I'm sat laughing retardedly out loud.

Moments ago, my apartment neighbour Stefan showed us the next elaborated SAW trap. Only for sims though, no other creature would be stupid enough to get trapped at a poker table. I'm wondering if he's actually going to die, I think a player needs to direct him to sit in order to get out. Will I use boolProp selectable and help him? Nah. Let the games begin.

Edit: He just peed himself. Oh that godforsaken chair, why have you condemned him to this basement pokertable death?
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I ♥ these threads, let me see if I have any funny pics, since I don't usually take screens.
Some pics from my Toddler Mania Challenge. Not as funny as everyone elses and definitely not as disasterous, but it had its moments.

Even she hates the nanny!

Even the toddler is laughing!

"Save me from this crazy woman!"

"Stop picking up the bottles I bring!"

They did this all the time. The house was crawling in garbage though (not visible in the pic).

It's a bad sign for a parent when your child is making you sick.
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Default Eating Waffles with chopsticks?

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wendy35pearly, this is a Sims 2 thread, please post your picture in the Sims 3 thread (there is one with the same topic, but for sims 3).
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Well, here Ronda proves that giving birth is not painful!

See the smile?

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I told her to get in the nice big bed, but she got in the SINGLE bed where her husband (who's mad at her) was already asleep. "I'm pregnant, I want to snuggle. What ya mean, you're mad at me, it's not your baby!? WAAA"

Of course, he jumped up, knocking HER out of bed too.

damnation! photobucket is screwing with me!

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I was making an teenager sim on CAS and then this happened...I'm not sure on how to explain it...

There's also this.
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Well... This is awkward.

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Maria Spiro aged up from a toddler to a child, and I've certainly never seen THIS hairstyle in my game before:

I mean, she didn't look that abnormal when she was a toddler was she? Either way I'm changing her hairstyle 'cause that's just ugly...

EDIT: Three disagrees? Are you kidding me?
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hullo om som

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I don't know :P
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