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#351 Old 29th Jul 2021 at 7:35 PM
Here are some descendants of my alien hybrids.

Arlie Smith, grandson of Johnny and Ophelia, son of Shayne and BV sim Marlena Hamilton.

Lonnie Curious, granddaughter of Pascal, daughter of Liana and BV sim Connor Dawn. She looks a little less terrifying now that she's grown up, but she's definitely got a touch of evil about her and will succeed Liana as the Strangetown witch.

Cleotilde Curious, Liana and Connor's younger daughter. She's a bit nicer than Lonnie, more inclined to romance than witchery.

Natasha Beaker, granddaughter of Loki, daughter of Destro and Klara Vonderstein.

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#352 Old 7th Sep 2021 at 12:30 AM
This is Sebastian Pleasant. He's a grandson of Don/Cassandra (through their son Vincenzo), and Daniel/Mary-Sue (through their daughter Mikayla).

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#353 Old 11th Oct 2021 at 8:38 PM
Current ones in Strangetown/Bluewater

Anni-frid Picaso (Matthew and Jessica Picaso), Selma and Joakim Picaso (Jessica Picaso and General Buzz Grunt)

Macchiato and Temperance Neighbour (Melody Tinker and own sim), Hector Nigmos (Ophelia Nigmos and Johnny Smith)

Stellan, Melanie, Andreas and Antonio [Tinker] (Wanda and Stephen Tinker)

Rosalina [Curious] (Pascal Curious), Chap [Curious] (Vidcund Curious)

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Gerald and Imogen Goth - children of Lucy (Burb) and Alexander Goth!

Grace Goth - daughter of Mary-Sue and Cassandra (I have the same sex pregnancy mod :D)

David, Lucius and Angelica Dreamer - Lilith and Dirk Dreamers' kids

Leonard, Olivia and Lilly Broke - Angela and Dustin Brokes' kids

Maria Caliente - daughter of Mortimer Goth and Dina Caliente

Chelsea Burb - second daughter of the Burbs'!

And last but not least ... Maurice and Tiana Pleasant - Kaylynns and Daniels children!

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#355 Old 6th Nov 2021 at 3:17 AM
I generally take a lot of pictures of Sims with their babies and toddlers, so all in the same style :-)

Anneleen Jacquet, daughter of Gilbert Jacquet and Florence Delarosa, with her baby Marie Jaquet. The father of the baby is a son of a CAS Sim and a BV island inhabitant.

Marie-Laure Phoenix, with her parents Angela Pleasant and Jimmy Phoenix (from SSU) in the background:

Pedro Swain, son of SSU premades Heather Huffington and Erik Swain. The lady with the brown hair in the background is the mother of the baby. She is Kevin Beare's daughter.

Pedro's twin brother Bernard Swain. The lady he is intimate with is Michelle Langerak, youngest daughter of Daniel Pleasant and Kaylynn Langerak.

Bernard was having an affair in the picture here above. Here he is proposing to Giulia Caliente, daughter of Nina Caliente and Herb Oldie. He does like his redheads

Are these John and Jennifer next generation? Yes, they are, and they are getting married! To be more precise: John and Jennifer got divorced and had children with their new partners. 2 of them happened to fall in love with each other: Alano Lothario, daughter of Jennifer & Don Lothario; and Nick Burb, son of John with SSU premade Tiffany Sampson.

Filip Pleasant, son of Colin Pleasant and Giorgiana Pitts; grandson of Angela Pleasant & Jimmy Phoenix and Dina Caliente & Ashley Pitts

Colin Pleasant, the father of the Filip from the picture here above. He is holding his daughter Lara. She has the same mother as Filip.

Lisa Burb, daughter of Dieter Burb and Sophie Tinker. Granddaughter of John & Jennifer Burb and Stephen & Wanda Tinker.

The adult woman is Ellen Nova, daughter of SSU premade Castor Nova with Samantha Ottomas (the one from that big family who was pregnant with twins, she divorced her husband in my game). The child is Michele Caliente, her son with Gabriele Caliente (Dina & Mortimer's son).

Alexander Goth & Lucy Burb's twin sons: Tom & Jonas Goth

Evi Phoenix, daughter of Angela Pleasant & Jimmy Phoenix. She is holding her daughter Melissa Broke. The father is Lassad Broke, the son Brandi is pregnant with in the beginning. In the background you can see Evi's brother Colin.

Veerle Ruben, daughter of Joshua Ruben and cheerleader Diane Bradshaw. These Ruben genes are quite strong
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#356 Old 6th Nov 2021 at 3:32 AM
Lien Landgraab, daughter of Malcolm Landgraab and SSU premade Alegra Gorey.

Left: Renée Dreamer, daughter of Darren & Cassandra. Right: Sarah Ramirez, daughter of Lisa & Checo Ramirez. The father of the baby is Renée's brother Max Dreamer. The man on the right-hand side is Sam Stacks, son of Jane Stacks and Don Lothario.

Brandi Broke with 2 of her grandchildren. The one on the left-hand side is Jonathan Broke, son of Dustin with Brittany Upsnott. The one on the right-hand side is Michiel Broke, son of Beau with Melody Tinker.

Another son of Beau and Melody: Sander Broke.

The blonde girl on the right-hand side is Lorena Caliente, daughter of Sharla Ottomas (the blonde girl from the Ottomas family) and Gabriele Caliente (the man with the brown hair sitting in front of her, he is the son of Dina & Mortimer).

Veerle Pitts with her daughter Kerlien Dreamer. Veerle is a daughter of Dina Caliente and SSU premade Ashley Pitts. The father of the little girl is Youenn Dreamer, son of Dirk & Lilith.
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Little man Klud, grandson of Vidcund. And (strangling the cat)Pollitec Grunt, daughter of Buck Grunt and Jill Smith-Grunt.

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