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#501 Old 8th Apr 2021 at 2:42 AM
I spent my day working on a Damiano David from Måneskin sim, for my simself to definitely NOT do things to me to have in my game. I find making real people particularly difficult especially that I play a maxis-match-ish game with no additional skins or eyes and only simgaroop'd hair primarily from DeeDee. But he's not half bad at the moment. His tattoos were giving me trouble so just my default replacement skin 2 in the pic and the hair isn't 100% right but that's why I mention having limited cc (and being too stubborn to download things for only one sim).
He needs chest hair but that'll come from an overlay box once I get him in game.
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Working on a new project. Inspiration struck tonight after a drought of creativity. I'm planning to build a three-tile palace to out do my already successful Catherine's Palace upload.

So far, the exterior is coming up nicely. Here are some images so far. Two of the three lots have been constructed with shells so far. Not sure if the east wing is gonna be a mirror of the west wing,

The plan is to have 3 different families live in the palace. The main family in the middle, with the other two living in the wings. It's an ambitious project, and if I upload it here, it'll be unfurnished.

My main issue is that I'm fine making shells, but gardening and interior decoration isn't my strong suit.

Here are some updated ones:

Here are some construction shots for the right wing of the palace:

Here are some more of the latest images. One of them has a WIP of the main entrance in the middle palace. I'd probably just upload a shell instead....might be too big to furnish right away.

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More Daniel Diaz + a special project.
#504 Old 25th Jun 2021 at 11:34 AM
It was suggested to me after the 1k merfolk babies that I had produced, jokingly that I should do the same with an army of robots. I took this as a continuation of my 1k self imposed torture challenge. Phase 1 is complete.
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27th Sep 2021 at 3:36 AM
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Working on another Victorian house. This time from a picture and layout called "A residence at Bridgeport, Conn". I actually started out trying to find one to download for my convent, where 2 Sisters will adopt the 4 men from Sedona - as toddlers! But I didn't want the modern floor plans; living/kitchen/dining "open concept" is not Victorian. I wanted lots of small rooms, an unfinished basement, a creepy attic. I started making it plane and dark, without a lot of adornment..these are NUNS with no money! But I had to add some color.
EDIT: I don't like that green fence with posts...
Edit: I do like the green interiors

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#506 Old 12th Oct 2021 at 4:35 PM
I can't stop making posters xD
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I love those @Sokisims especially the Twin Peaks one!

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@simsample Yes I also love that one! I think that Spike's poster rotates automatically, because all the ones I've tried on that poster rotate, so I'll try spinning it in Simpe.
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#509 Old 22nd Oct 2021 at 2:12 AM
Finishing material for my new neighborhood.

Does anyone have the files to recolor this poster? I did not find it. I'd be better for the "missing" poster.
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