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#376 Old 8th Sep 2013 at 11:05 AM
Francesca's and Nadia's Wedding.

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#377 Old 13th Sep 2013 at 11:01 PM
(There is no canon beyond what you get when you download the neighborhood. This is just how it ultimately worked out in my game, this play through.)

Valentine is no good without women. He never meant to use Mary. He thought they could help each other & no one get hurt. Like that trick ever works
Mary's only ever wanted to help folks be happy. Val was so sad when Angel died - and all she had to do to make him happy was, to let him make her feel wonderful!!
He knows she idealizes him. He tried to make her see sense, but she's so stubborn! Plus he's the one told her to stand firm for what she wants. He meant in bed, but whatever. So if she insists on throwing all her youth, sweetness, & natural talent in the sack away on a washed-up jock, the least he can do is give her everything he has in return.

She knows he idealizes her. It's ridiculous, how he frets about things that don't matter a lick. If she were half the innocent he thinks, their daughter wouldn't exist! But if he insists on treating her like some fairy-tale lady, the least she can do is make sure he gets happy ever after.

Okay, Dad, thinks Candy, I showed up to your stupid wedding to the stupid Queen of Hick, and I didn't punch her, and I didn't make a single snarky comment that anybody could hear. I'm gonna go take a nap now.

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Cassandra didn't agree with a lot of the things her parents encouraged.
That's why when Pascal proposed, Cassandra decided they should just marry at home.
Less frills, and they could have peace and quiet before the birth of Tycho.
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#379 Old 19th Sep 2013 at 11:23 PM
More shots of the marriage of Valentine Hart to Mary Land.

Stair traffic jam chorus line.

No regrets.

Valentine was going to have a cold turkey buffet, but Candy was in charge of that and "forgot," and anyway why have dried-out turkey when chicken is so easy and the bride's veil poses absolutely no fire hazard?

Look at those guests - they're starving! There's more than six hungry people, so Mary herself will eat leftover sandwiches. Valentine is not hungry. At least, not in that sense. He's also busy wrangling toddlers, as he has a daughter and two grandchildren on the lot right now.

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#380 Old 11th Oct 2013 at 8:33 PM
After a series of unfortunate events for Bianca, which included bad relationships, getting knocked up by Oberon Gossamer, and trying unsuccessfully to wrestle the title Head of Monty Family away from Mercutio, she met and fell in love with Timothy Riley. Timothy had been looking for someone special since Vivian Cho made it clear she wasn't interested in a long-term relationship.

They had a lovely spring wedding

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#381 Old 16th Oct 2013 at 8:03 AM
Tony & Rosa Collin née Despret

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#382 Old 24th Oct 2013 at 8:05 PM
Wedding between Justin Cleveland & Angela Pleasant

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#383 Old 17th Nov 2013 at 6:25 PM
Wedding between two elders

If you leave me now…
#384 Old 5th Jan 2014 at 6:24 AM

"Bianca, why aren't you wearing any makeup at all? It's your wedding!"
"It makes my scars stand out too much, Daddy. Why aren't you in your suit yet?"

After much mayhem, the vows were finally said, and while half the crowd wasn't even watching the kiss, it was a good one.

The cake-cutting had an interested audience: Mercutio wanted a piece, Puck wanted to smash the cake, Jason wanted someone else to start a fight so he would have an excuse to run away.

"Hey Puck, don't be so upset about Aunt know...killing your mother. I mean, this is a great party, and you need to break eggs to make..."
Puck wanted to beat Romeo over the head with a cake plate, but considering the amount of Montys around, he figured it would be better to hope the fool realized how awful he'd been by the next morning. Behind him, Bottom was not so charitable. The newlyweds were busy worrying about Bianca's confused-looking father and pyjama-clad mother.
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#385 Old 6th Jan 2014 at 3:52 PM

Dominic Estic marries Honey Beare, just as she's intended since her first day of school, when he (a third grader) rescued her when she got into the wrong classroom, came home with her, classic danced with her, and didn't get mad when she stepped on his foot.

All the important people are here - Dominic's family, Honey's family, Honey's brother's girlfriend who everyone treats as his fiancee, Dominic's brother's fiancee who used to date Dominic...Edward there is checking with his mom to see that he's meeting criteria.

"Welcome to the family!" "Thanks. Um, what shall I call you now?" "Mama Beare will be fine." Step one of Heather's "marry off six children" want is complete! Now she just has to live long enough for the toddler to grow up and graduate.

"Congratulations, son!"
"Thanks, Dad. Um, that hat -"
"I know, I know. But it's the only thing left o my pa's, and it seemed like some part of one of your grandparents should be here."

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Wedding of Jack Hanover and Elise Fisher

Jacks mother and Elise do not get on, Berta thinks Elise is just a gold digger after Jacks money, Elise has decided Berta wont be living with them for long after the wedding!
I noticed just before the wedding they had a scrap and Elise was smacking Berta in face with her bouqet lol!

But then the Ceremony went on without a hitch

Rome wasn't built in a day

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#387 Old 29th Jan 2014 at 6:54 PM
Dymitr Szymuk and Edyta Inek

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#388 Old 5th Feb 2014 at 3:41 PM

The day no one believed would ever come - Georgette Skirt to Phoenix McClellan. He takes her name because what possible kind of pun could I make with "McClellan?" It is a silly useless name. For a silly useless person. Georgette is mostly disgruntled that so many of her old lovers have ditched her for wives, with a side order of making her parents happy and helping out Phoenix, who has proven completely inadequate to the demands of Life.

Georgette, though a dubious girlfriend, is an excellent friend, sister, daughter, and aunt, so the wedding is well-attended. Her twin sister Minnie in particular is glad to see Georgette finally settling down. She still has time to make Minnie an aunt once!

They're both Romance sims, and they're going to get through this day as well as they can.

Are you sure that's a good topic of conversation for right now? I don't recommend you compare your headcount to your wife's - you will never be able to catch up. And Georgette - that's a really bad idea! Not only is the guy you're thinking of engaged to your niece, he's the little brother of one of your existing lovers. Don't even try to go there.

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#389 Old 9th Feb 2014 at 7:18 PM
The perfect wedding.
I have no idea what these sims are called, just that I used them for a story on the exchange called 'Believe it...'

Basically red haired woman is going to marry Jason when her ex-husband David(?) ruins the wedding

Jason is kill.

Yay! Remarried!

Yeah.... what a lovely wedding day...

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
#390 Old 12th Feb 2014 at 5:25 AM
Here's a pic of Homer and Coral Pierceton's wedding
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#391 Old 17th Feb 2014 at 3:37 PM
It was the Rotation of Improbable Weddings in Drama Acres.

Surrounded by astonished friends, family, and frat brothers, an obliviously happy Joe Grundstrom ties the knot with the Sweetheart of Urele-Oresha-Cham, Theodora Ottomas. Theodora's ambition to date the entire frat while she was at college was fulfilled and Joe, the youngest of them whose tenure overlapped hers, is the last one standing, the one who never caught her with any of the others.

Theodora's happy, really. She doesn't want to live alone, not in the house she grew up in, and Mom and Dad raised her to believe in marriage, and she loves Joe. It's just that she loves all the others, too. And why is no one over here watching her cut the cake?

"Weeee-ooo! Go Sharla!" The reasons Heidi McAuley, who dated an overlapping frat boy, is at this wedding are a bit complex, but the reason Sharla hates her is pretty straightforward. Note that all the guests are upset by this violence, but the happy couple themselves seem to be enjoying it.

Theodora has excellent birth control. Here we see it failing miserably. (Peter and Samantha stalked this entire honeymoon date, drifting through them constantly. I figured they could only be after one thing - grandchildren!)

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#392 Old 3rd Mar 2014 at 11:47 PM
This picture is from a Wolf tribe "wedding" (actually a test wedding, a remarriage of the married couple I made in CAS just so I could see if it would work. In the actual non-test 'hood there's no way a newly-wed Wolf couple would have a baby before they got married - they don't even allow high level flirts and kissing before marriage, let alone woohoo! The newly-weds are wearing the traditional Wolf wedding garb, by the way - big leather and fur coat with hood for her, stark naked with a tribal mask for him! Hence why the picture's cut off where it is! :-D
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#393 Old 4th Mar 2014 at 2:56 PM

Mitchella Curious is all dressed up for Uncle Vidcund's wedding, but Daddy's not ready yet. She managed to get him away from that stupid Miss Inada that he thinks he's going to marry and got him eating with her and her beloved Aunt Crystal, who isn't over enough now that she and Uncle Lazlo and cousin Darwin moved across the street. Daddy won't shut up about Miss Inada, though. He didn't used to believe Nervous's house was haunted till Miss Inada saw one, too!

Monica Bratford was not one of those girls who start planning their wedding when they're six. She got all the way through high school without getting or wanting a kiss, and college boys were a waste of space. When she met Dr. V. Curious he was pregnant and barely registered with her as male. That changed over time, though. She doesn't need a piece of paper or care anything about a party, but it's important to him and his absurdly big family so - fancy dress, fine. Fancy shoes, fine. Wedding arch, whatever. Hordes of people she never saw before clapping, what the heck. As long as they go home and she gets to stay here with her prickly, fussy, adorable Dr. V.

Vidcund Curious has been aware of the big gaping hole in the center of his life for a long time. He was the one closest to their mom, the most devastated when she died. He had to put up a protective shell or he'd never have been able to function. Stupid thing about shells, though - they don't discriminate about who they repel. He doesn't know how Monica got inside, and he doesn't care. A home should have a woman in it. He's not doing without ever again.

Pascal isn't nearly as desperate as Vid for the married state. But he wants another baby, the aliens aren't cooperating, and Christy is an exceptionally kind and generous person (not to mention a redhead and he has recently become conscious of just how attractive red hair is). This would be a double wedding, except the second double bedroom is still under construction and Christy, who is acting as Nervous's caretaker since his mother died and left him that awful old house, doesn't think the boy's stable enough to be left on his own. And then there's Mitchie's marked disapproval of sharing her daddy with another woman!

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Test Subject
#394 Old 16th Mar 2014 at 7:14 PM

I forgot to check their formal wear before the wedding, but Orlando and Gabriella are having fun despite the wardrobe malfunction.

After having three kids together, Don and Nina finally get married. Traditional they are not.

Georgia feels a bit sick after the ceremony. Shotgun wedding? Not at all...

I really need to pay more attention to my sims' formal outfits.
Test Subject
#395 Old 17th Mar 2014 at 4:43 PM
Klara and Daumants just wedded *cute* ^^
My bestest wedding picture ever (quite a typical situation acctually)
"I looove weddings," says Alfred overjoyed
BJ, you stink
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#396 Old 25th Mar 2014 at 3:00 PM

I almost had to quit and start over with John Amos Aerius's wedding when the first time I cancelled his dad Ben's "go to work" action didn't take. He was already in his performance outfit when I clicked the arch and I barely got to him to cancel again in time. Fortunately the bride had to walk quite some distance to get to the arch.

John Amos's aunt, Leslie Gay, and the fiancee of one of his oldest friends, unlike many of the guests, were in place, on time, and properly dressed. Leslie and I, however, would like to register a protest about the dearth of butch formalwear for elder women!

That's Ben again in the foreground with white hair. Shortly after the exchange of vows he aged to elder, changed into grubbies, and made dinner. Despite appearances, the man in white, Hi Thyme, is not ogling the bride and is in fact probably wolf-whistling one of the other guests to distract himself from her bodice, since he is her father.

The party is a roof-raiser, despite various and sundry oddities, and Rosemary Thyme Aerius dances for joy! Now for a Twikkii honeymoon and to get pregnant as soon as possible!

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#397 Old 2nd May 2014 at 10:52 PM
After Bella Goth returned (and the aliens kindly aged Mortimer down to make up for lost time), the two decided to rekindle their relationship by having a second wedding. Cassandra was engaged to Darren, so they killed two birds with one stone.

Dina was sitting right there when then wedding happened, but she was able to keep herself together—until Mortimer and Bella started making out right in front of her.

Don presumably came with the intention of crashing the wedding, but he ended up playing the piano the entire time.
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#398 Old 11th May 2014 at 2:16 PM

Jasmine Rea and Francis J. Worthington III are getting married, and all their friends are here. Being friendly.

Some of them, a little too friendly.

Oh, for crying out loud! Why can't these people behave themselves? They're going to ruin Jazz's party! Fran knew it was a bad idea to try and make a big deal, but Jazz loves parties and he thought, maybe, this once, for her sake - well, let's get it done.

They got it done, and Jazz was happy, so Fran was happy.

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#399 Old 11th May 2014 at 4:41 PM
In my challenge "My Name is Mommy", I posted the first part of my "trial run" as a story. The challenge ends when Mommy gets too old for more kids, and at that time she can finally marry the patient Eldon Hics (I found a downloadable Hick household, from Sims1). Mommy at this point has had 11 kids (3 sets of twins), only one child is Eldon's. Five teenagers are working, but after buying wedding stuff, they only have a few hundred dollars. And what a wedding! LOTS of stuff went on; and the funniest things were caused by the ACR mod...
The challenge was all about being Happy; Mommy was happy to became an elder; she threw a party, expecting it to be a double wedding. Her first born, Alice, has been messing around with a townie, Darnell, and Mommy wants them to marry.

The lady in the blue dress is Eldon's mother, some of the children's fathers are there (maybe you recognize some of them)
ACR kicks in: Cyd Roseland is hitting on Momma Hicks! And teen Christopher (the happy outgoing child) went out in the dark to get a first kiss from Ginger Newson!

And Alice and George McCarthy check out Mommy's bed...(again, ACR).

A proposal is in order...

Then Darnell decides to join the party & have a birthday...

It's now too late for a second wedding, but that will be SOON - Alice is pregnant.
There's still 2 sets of twins in the house -

Looks like the family will continue to grow; I wonder if the income can "grow" enough to enlarge the house, or at least buy enough beds. But at least everyone is happy...

Namaste... or "go"
Mad Poster
#400 Old 17th May 2014 at 5:27 PM

The third of four weddings coming in quick succession in the Curious-Smith family. As you see, Nervous has found someone to move in with him, so Pascal arranges to marry Christy Inada just as soon as the second upstairs bedroom is finished. The whole family, plus Nervous and Toby representing the "bride's side," is assembled, leaving Johnny's fiancee Klara Vonderstein feeling a bit fish-out-of-water.

Vidcund's bride Monica doesn't know Christy well, but she stands to support her new housemate. Monica's years in the sorority shaped her belief in Female Solidarity; and heaven knows the Women in Charge of the Curious Boys need to stick together!

Pascal wants to get to the babymaking as fast as he can. Christy has no mercenary motives in marrying Pascal, and that simoleon sign over her head refers to real property, not liquid assets; but there's no doubt that the Curious position as major landowners in the county contributes to a sense of security that makes her a lot more amenable to letting babymaking activities lead to an actual baby.

Work it Pascal! Also, note Klara lighting in to the problem of isolation in the midst of a huge extended family, the completely accidental arrangement of lights behind Nervous's hat (if anybody's gonna try to do the candle dance, though, it'd be Lazlo, not Nervous), and that the younger generation can't get enough dancing. I think Mitchie may be hedging her bets, in case she wants to run away to live with Uncle Lazlo and her beloved Aunt Crystal, if Miss-Inada-not-calling-her-Mommy turns out to be a Wicked Stepmother.

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