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Meriana and Heath just after they finished smushng each other in the face with wedding cake. She's thinking about him, which is really sweet.
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missd735 Yours was good. Me too I hae t when I a taking a pic and they move or there is something in the way. I can't put up my pics for some reason, but in 1 there is a frickin grandma looking at them kissing while walking by. That is one weird grandma.
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Can't find my couples, but husband is watching. Just thought it was cute.
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This is a Sims2 thread, Ms. Kitty. I'm sure they'll like your pic over on the Sims3 threads.

Meanwhile, it's wedding time in Widespot, with the nuptials of Dixie Land and Mitch Indie!

Everybody get your butts in a seat if you're getting, because Dixie's not waiting around for you!

Well, at least Goldie and Homer are paying attention.

Dixie approaches her big-brother-in-law Valentine Hart and tells him an unprecedented clean joke! That's bigger news than the wedding. Must be because his daughter, Dixie's niece and a little pitcher with big ears, is just out of the frame.

Dixie considers it her personal responsibility to ensure that all her guests have a good time. "Better be careful, Scot!"
"How come?"
"Because I hear the dreaded tickleasaurus is back in town!"

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[QUOTE=Peni Griffin
Meanwhile, it's wedding time in Widespot, with the nuptials of Dixie Land and Mitch Indie!

But - ack! they had hardly become married & they were both thinking of other people!?

Namaste... or "go"
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Don't worry, Grams - that's the autonomous, hardcoded swooning over Romance sims (Jonah Powers and Roxie Sharpe), kicking in just as I was snapping the pic. Dixie and Mitch triple bolt, Dixie's BFF with Roxie, Mitch's BFF with Jonah - it's not a problem.

Wait, now that I've answered you, I need to post MOAR wedding pictures. So we move to Strangetown and the wedding of Johnny Smith to Klara Vonderstein

It's a quiet affair, by Curious-Smith standards, due to the recent death of PT9. Klara drew the line at wearing black at her own wedding. Klara is pretty much scared rigid at joining this mob scene of a family. But Klara - the unexpected femme fatale of LFT - picked Johnny out of the lineup a long time ago and if he's a package deal with all these people, well, that's the breaks.

"You okay? You can always plead migraine and hide in our room."
"No. No, I'll make it. I have to learn to deal with these people sooner or later. Better make it sooner."

Jenny would like to talk to her niece Mitchie, but Mitchie, a canny people-manager already, is keeping Uncle Vidcund busy so he and Aunt Lola can't get into a poking match.

Meanwhile, Jill - who shared Klara's aversion to black wedding apparel - scoops up Lazlo's boy Darwin. It gives her something to do that doesn't involve pretending to be cheerful for grownups, and makes her feel useful.

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Goldie Hart met Zachary Kimbrell whilst she was studying at Twikkii Island University. They got engaged just before she graduated, and he moved in with her (and her sister Candy Mann, brother-in-law Junior and niece China) when she moved back to Widespot after graduation. The wedding was held in the back yard - they certainly got lucky with the weather! They went back to Twikkii Island for their honeymoon, and stayed in the tiny studio cottage that Goldie had bought with her inheritance, after her Daddy died. They were thrilled to be married, and wanted to display their wedding photos somewhere prominent, eventually opting to hang them over the bed. Their little cottage on Twikkii Island will always be a very special place for them - after all, it's near to where they met and where they started dating, and it's where they became a couple, got engaged and spent their honeymoon - but Goldie will soon be lending the cottage to her niece, so that China can also attend Twikkii Island University.
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Are other people's sims not getting married lately, or what?

Guy Gergis was having a little trouble getting over his triple-bolt sister-in-law and the recently-married Sweetheart of Urele-Oresha-Cham, so he's been dating around and this afternoon it occurred to him that, if he got married to the girl he happened to be dating at the time, Camryn, he'd have a commitment, too! So he proposed, was accepted, and after being slapped by the other girlfriend who was in the restaurant at the time, and brought her home to the hot tub on the balcony at the Swingin' Bachelors household. And then there didn't seem to be any reason to hang around, so he hastily assembled the extended Tricou clan and rented a wedding arch.

This is Heidi McAuley, the woman who slapped him this afternoon. She recently got engaged to somebody else, herself, so it looks like she decided to let it go and lead the toasts.

Unfortunately, Guy's housemate brought home a cold from work, and it's now spreading like wildfire among the guests. This is Clovis Point, coach of Guy's housemate's basketbase team, who just happened to be here because he came home with Ricky. The pregnant lady is Theodora, Sweetheart of Urele-Oresha-Cham. And the guy in the pink sports coat is Guy's half-brother Derek.

Great. Now Theodora's sick, too!

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Default Summer wedding
Summer wedding can get you over heated.

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The wedding of Angeline Hart and Peter Simpson was rather a hurried affair. With Angeline heavily pregnant, Peter working hard at his new job and a full and hectic house, which included Angeline's newborn twin cousins, there really wasn't time to have a big celebration. Not to mention the fact that they're not exactly well off! Angeline's father Rhett Hart couldn't be invited as he is currently furious with his other daughter, Scarlett, as she became pregnant as a teen after being abducted by aliens, but Angeline's Mum was there, and so were some of the couple's friends. And Scarlett, and Uncle Woody and Auntie Dixie and cousin Laika, of course. The newly-weds agreed that everything about the ceremony was perfect just the way it was. And the new Mrs Simpson can't wait for the baby to be born!
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Mitch Indie and his wife Dixie do their bit to make the wedding of their friend Delilah go off well.

Meanwhile, the actual wedding is going down outside. Delilah is marrying Edwin Sharpe, who invited his sister Roxie, Delilah's friends Mitch and Dixie, and his almost-friend, Dixie's big sister Mary. Roxie's boyfriend is not welcome, but Matthew Picaso crashed the party. Edwin's not exactly the most sociable guy in the world, okay?

He does love Delilah, though.

Delilah has more social savvy and pays attention to their guests. Even though she's not sure where Matthew here came from. It's not just anybody who could play football in that gown!

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People are probably sick and tired of Cassandra's wedding by now, but I just started playing TS2 again (since it came out on mac, finally) and had to replay this story!

I've given all of the Pleasantview habitants a makeover, including Cassandra. She needs a happy ending, and I always chose Darren as her husband.

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The Wedding Of China Mann & Gerald Kingsley

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Default Bumping wedding
Her second bump pop up just as she was going to get marry.

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@Lauratje86 - Seeing as I think you are very experienced with photo taking :D...quick question, how did you resize your pictures on photobucket? And by which width and height did you use?

Oh BTW, love the third picture of the family - Junior Mann looks so cute.
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#416 Old 20th Aug 2014 at 9:22 PM
Originally Posted by NewSimgirl2011
@Lauratje86 - Seeing as I think you are very experienced with photo taking :D...quick question, how did you resize your pictures on photobucket? And by which width and height did you use?

Oh BTW, love the third picture of the family - Junior Mann looks so cute.

Not sure about "very experienced" - more of a self-proclaimed know-it-all, really! :-D I even wrote a tutorial once :-) I don't resize pictures on Photobucket, I'm afraid, so I'm not a know-it-all on sizing :-D I take pictures using FRAPS, and then I use Paint and Photoshop to crop them, add a border and (sometimes) edit them further. I don't aim for a set size, I just crop them into something that I think is aesthetically pleasing - the same as I do when I take RL photos :-) I also save them at lower quality to reduce the file size, if necessary - I keep both the high quality copy and the lower one on my laptop but I use the higher ones on Tumbler and the lower ones here.

The third picture was part of my experimentation with using Ndainye's loading screen posebox. So far I really like it, it gives me a much more variety in poses when I do group shots :-) And it has poses for all ages (and pets!) too!

Much as I get great satisfaction from editing photos and sharing them on here and on Tumblr (especially of my beloved Widespotians) I also like seeing pictures taken with the in-game snapshot camera on the walls of my sims' houses.

Like these two, for example. The top one is from the wedding of Candy Hart to Junior Mann, and the bottom one is from China Mann's wedding to Gerald Kingsley. I figured that both Candy and China would like to have them on display in their spacious new home Downtown!
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@Peni Griffin, none of my Sims had gotten married for quite a while...though there was one attempted wedding that went publicly pear-shaped when the groom cheated and the bride bolted. I didn't think that was exactly suitable...and maybe this one isn't either, but it was a roof-raising party!

Tank Grunt wasn't sure how he was suddenly playing host to so many people -- only some of whom he actually knew -- at the toilet block he called home. Jonah Powers was getting a fair amount of attention, and Buck and that Barrett girl Dad had taken in were clearly a couple, and Michelle Tse, who had insisted on holding the wedding, seemed to know everyone... But hey, Blossom wasn't dressed up either! She wasn't going to ditch on him because he lived in a public toilet, was she?

No, she wasn't. Though insisting on keeping the childish and esoteric necklaces she loved so much on, Blossom ducked inside and changed into the only dress she owned. Not all the guests bothered to change, but Tank hadn't even expected most of them to own good clothes at all...

"I'm so happy for you, Tank," Alex Teatherton said as she hugged him. "I know it sounds sarcastic, but really, I am. Life is...a lot easier with someone you love by your side. No matter what happens, if you've got each other, and you can stay in love, not get distracted by your makes things easier than being alone."
Blossom was delighted at those words. She'd never been friends with Alexandra Teatherton -- she was Tank's friend, not hers -- but she thought she might like to be after she'd said such a nice thing about them. She wondered what Alex's own personal life was like... Blossom had seen Alex dressed in pirate's garb more than once, and her sympathetic, yet not pitying, understanding of their situation made Blossom wonder if she herself was homeless. She didn't look it, but then, who could tell where Tank lived from how he looked when he went off to work at the office?
As for Alex, as she spoke those words, she thought about that awful final row with Gabe when she was about to go deep undercover for the first time. In a tiny, still-romantic part of her mind, she hoped that neither Tank nor Blossom would ever tell each other that their calling was incompatible with their marriage...

"Aaagh! My suit!" Tank yelled as the reception -- such as it was -- kicked off. "Jonah, I need this for work -- it's my only good clothes!"
As Jonah readied another water balloon to continue his congratulatory soaking of the groom, Michelle Tse wondered whether she would own Mr and Mrs Grunt even more if she paid for Tank's dry-cleaning. Also, why was Teatherton wearing the same dress as she was? It might be attempted flattery through imitation, or showing her loyalty to the Capps' representatives in the city by dressing the same as them, but Michelle hadn't risen to the position of a low-level lieutenant of the Capp mob by trusting the pirates. Especially that pirate...

(Yes, that's an Energizer back there -- I don't prohibit the use of aspiration rewards to any of my Sims, even the semi-challenge ones, since they have to have decent aspiration to use them safely! And I was oh-so-tempted to refer to Michelle as a Capp capo, but it's not really the right term to use for her status or the way the Capp mob is organized...)
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The last of Kitty and Goz Hawkins's nine children is getting married, and the family is out in force! Kestrel has one mother, eight siblings and their significant others, and more nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends than you can shake a stick at in attendance. Ashleigh Pitts-Upsnott has - her mother, her father, and her sorority sisters.

Ashleigh's father, Ashley Pitts-Upsnott, is a Romance sim whose past partners include Kestrel's big sister Sadie and the twin sister of one of her brothers-in-law. Also, he recently made a pass at Sadie in front of half the town at a mutual friend's birthday party. So his feelings about his daughter's big day are not ones of unalloyed festivity. In the foreground, Pigeon Hawkins distracts her daughter Crane with a dance lesson, while in the background, Kestrel's relatives give him space to recover from one bout of poking while working out among themselves who's up next while gate crashers and distant relatives pretend not to notice anything going on.

Ashley attempts to stand up for himself to Kestrel's brother-in-law Ted Ottomas, in the background. Her nephew Harlan, meanwhile, is broadening the front to include Ashleigh's mother, Brittany.

Recognizing that Brittany is a) at least as much the victim of her husband's philandering as any of the other women in his life, and b) a cop, Ezekial Hawkins steps in to separate her from Harlan and smooth things over. "Sorry, in a family this size, boundaries get crossed. No one really blames you, so hang loose, okay? Um - I'm just married to one, myself..."

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I only just made a church so there hasn't really been many proper weddings in my newest hood.

Here's a picture from the first wedding in the church; Ginger Newson and Waylon (?) Menon's wedding
I forgot to take a picture of the actual wedding... but... here's a picture of everyone eating cake

Left side of the table - Stanley Erikson (the local farmer), Garrett Newson, Florence Erikson (Stanley's oldest daughter) and Gallagher Newson
Right side of the table - Georgia Newson, Ginger Menon (nee Newson) and Waylon Menon.

Here are the second couple to get married, Sandy Fairchild and Rodney Jung

Another photo, showing their daughter (Rodney's step-Daughter) Patti Fairchild in the background (Blue princess dress)

Awkwardly enough the woman on the left in the background was a work colleague of Rodney, She started flirting with him when he brought home home from work and they fell in love instantly. I didn't notice until after I had saved. Which sucks, Rodney kinda striked me as a good husband and father... but ah well, interesting twist.

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
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The happy couple, Cheverny and Lafitte.

The bride's mother congratulates.
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The Pitts-Hawkins nuptial, Part II. It was just too awesome to fit into one post!

Ashy holds the refreshment table spellbound with her take on how things went down at her graduation party. "I thought I had us all at equilibrium, and then your relatives start lining up to pound him!"

Kestrel's nephew Swainson avoids all conflicts (including his own father's conflict with an uncle by marriage, which is so old hat at family gatherings that it barely rates a footnote even though it came to blows this time) by softening up the marriage bed.

The side yard opposite the side where the arch is contributed materially to the party score by hosting numerous portapotties, and by providing the field for two kickybag games.

As the roof-raising party breaks up, and mother-of-the-bride Kitty Hawkins heads home feeling satisfied and fulfilled, the brides are tossing footballs at each other. Ashy expresses her feelings about the treatment of her father by aiming hard at her true love's head, but don't worry - it'll all be smoothed out during the honeymoon.

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12th Sep 2014 at 12:10 PM
This message has been deleted by pizza.
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There's a few, so bear with me.
My Butterfield legacy founder and her new beau.

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Looks like it's time to remind people that the rule is, four pix per post. I know, pain in the butt when you're trying to cover a whole wedding. Case in point:

The actual marriage of Blossom Moonbeam to William Williamson (in their trailer on the Road to Nowhere) went off without a hitch. The same cannot be said of the reception.

Blossom is concerned - of all the places where love should be made rather than war, her wedding tops the list!

But if you haven't seen them together for awhile you start thinking that Gunnar and Guy must have gotten past their stupid crap by now.

It's an ungenerous thought, but sometimes Blossom suspects that Jessie stirs them up on purpose!

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Victor Molyneux and Martha Russel (from Riverside) tied the knot in a simple ceremony in the backyard of Victor's house. He lives with his daughter, Gina, and his grandson, Scott.

Martha lives with her father, Trenton, her son, Josh, and her father's fiancée, Claire.
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#425 Old 9th Oct 2014 at 10:07 PM
My sim Lucy getting married for the second time
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