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Curious brothers’ alien children turned out nice because of a multi PT mod I use, but sadly Pascal’s daughter has the Maxis PT genetics as Pascal was pregnant at the start of the game.





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Mason and Adeleine, children of Herbert and Faith Goodie, just turned into toddlers. They're so cute!

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Originally Posted by DezzyBoo
I have that issue with Circe. However, her only daughter with Loki is gorgeous. Just needed a wee bit of help wit those eyebrows. Made Circe have a son with Vidcund and he is gorgeous. He married the alien daughter Loki had and their daughters are gorgeous....except for the damn eyebrows. Had to fix them all lol

Starting with the first pic is, Umual Beaker, Loki and Circe's only child. BTW, how do you pronounce Circe?[I][U] Surse or Curse?

And Victor Curious, son of Vidcund and Erin Singles getting help from the doc there.

And Tycho Curious, adopted son of Pascal and his ex wife (that I created and is actually the daughter of the Grim Reaper) who cheated on him with Lazlo. He has custom eyes. The name Tycho is from The Sims 2 for PSP. (I forcefully changed it)

Next we have in order; Morty, Belle and Cassie Goth. Morty and Cassie are alien abduction twins from the Bella Goth "townie" and Belle is the child of Bella and Nervous Subject. (I swear the game chose that hair for Cassie! And Belle had to have her eyebrows fixed too...damn weird eyebrows )

Guess I'm the only one that DIDN'T put Nervous with Pascal. However Pascal got his heart broken over and over and eventually married Circe out of desperation. They are all dead now. My only original first gen Strangetown Sim left is Olive Spector who is a vampire. (Well Nervous is alive but I consider him younger. I may make him something a zombie. And Bella a vampire too)

Neeeext we have Sara, Pascal's original alien child and Jessica his only natural child with his ex wife, Topanga. I've made all of Topanga's (who has pink hair) daughters have pink hair. (She's only had girls other than her adopted son Tycho.) Guess being the daughter of Grim means pink hair!

Next is Benjamin Curious and Liz Grunt. Liz is the daughter of Jill and General Buzz. Benjamin was adopted by Buzz, then taken away, then adopted by Pascal and Circe when they were married. (Basically I did it as proof they were married at all) The game went (is) stupid and doesn't seem to recognize that Jill and Pascal are these two are related...and engaged. But hey, he's adopted, so whatever

Last but not least is Opal and Oden, twins of Johnny and Ophelia. Oden has natural blonde hair but he's rebelling. Opal is much more reserved. They also have a younger sister named Olivia. Also green skinned.
Here you go!
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Originally Posted by Lady Scarlet
Anastasia Burb, second daughter of John and Jennifer Burb

Lucy Burb with her daughter, Amy. The father is Don Lothario.

Emma Pleasant, one of the twins of Kaylynn Langerak and Daniel Pleasant.

Ruth Broke, fourth child of Brandi and Skip Broke (and their only daughter). She's so adorable!
Lucy Burb, and Don Lothario? That's kinda' "creepy"
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Rebecca is the product of Erin Beaker and John Mole. I was very confused when she came out with red hair. Erin did previously lose her virginity to Daniel Pleasant (before finding out he was married), but the timing was still off for him to have turned out to be the father! :P

Later found out that Edmund Mole (one of the grandfathers of John) had red hair, so not so weird anymore!

EDIT: added clearer picture of Rebecca. Also bonus pic of her being a good swimmer! (Never saw a sim sink to the bottom of a pool when playing Marco Polo before).
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I had a pretty eventful session last night, and snapped this photo of all three of Wanda and Stephen Tinker's children.

Melody's back is to the camera, but standing in front of her are her younger siblings, Abigail and Thomas. They're twins! And attached at the hip. They're just now starting to get well acquainted with Melody, as she was in college for a lot of their childhood.
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Some kids from my current Strangetown playthough:

Nervous and Erin's kids; Oliver, Grimsley, Morty & Sabrina -


Calypso and Sif, daughters of Loki and Circe Beaker -


Apollo and Diana are kids of Lazlo Curious and Crystal Vu -


Claudia is the daughter of General Buzz Grunt and Klara Vonderstein, and inherited her mother's nose -


Jenny & PTech#9's third kid, Juniper -

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A kid I forgot to add; This is Aries Loner, the son of Ajay and Lola Loner (Curious/Singles). I think he's super cute!

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Sharla (Ottomas) & John Mole with their munchkins, Harla & Arma.
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here are two kids of leod mcgreggor and regan capp

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Shalimar Ramaswami, Priya and Sanjay's eldest kid

Aditya Ramaswami, their second child and only son

Indali Ramaswami, the youngest child.

Amélia Vaudelor ( Pascal Curious' daughter ) is now an adult, she's marrried and has two children.

her son Dylan

her daugther Fanny, her husband Francis Vaudelor III
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This is one of my favourite picture threads!

Here's Jocasta, daughter of Gunnar Roque and (Strangetown) Bella Goth. She has a 2/3/2/10/10 personality and loves sports (despite having only two active points, lol).

I'm so glad she didn't inherit her dad's weird chin
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maybe she enjoys watching and reading sports but not actually participating in it?

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the daughter of consort capp (in the hood this is in the capps are patriarchal so consort is an albion) and isabella monty

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I decided to extract some of the kids from my current Pleasantview/Bluewater Village and age them up to see how they look!

Cyd Roseland & Kaylynn Langerak's twin daughters, Kaitlin and Cyndy Roseland:

Don Lothario & Nina Caliente's daughter, Gina Caliente

Mortimer Goth & Dina Caliente's son, Dante Caliente:

John Burb & Florence Delarosa's son, Lorcan Burb:

Darren Dreamer & Tara Kat's two kids, Felicia and Blake Kat:

Robert & Cynthia Kim's second son, Henry Kim:

Stephen & Wanda Tinker's son, Timothy Tinker:

Checo & Lisa Ramirez's second daughter, Amy Ramirez:

Brandi Broke & Chester Gieke's son, Charlie Gieke:
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Isabella Long, daughter of Benjamin and Cassandra Long (Goth).

Sarah Kim, daughter of Robert and Cynthia Kim.

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claire,daughter of lisa ramirez and chester gieke

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First we have Dina Goth (nee Caliente) and the late Mortimer Goth's oldest, cartoonishly handsome son, Rafael Goth.

And his younger brother, Santiago Goth.

Rose Greenman and Darren Dreamer's son, and Rafael's best friend, Reed Greenman with a beautiful townie behind him whose name escapes me.

And finally, Rafael's on-again-off again friend with benefits, the daughter of Don Lothario and Florence Delarosa, Clementine Delarosa.
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Sullivan Buckingham just before he goes off to college, with his daughter Bonnie. The mother is Zaharah Green-Gere, daughter of Chastity Gere and Gabriel Green

Cerys (front) and Prudence, daughters of Jacob and Jules (O'Mackey)
Cerys was pregnant during this (although you can't really see her baby bump) and gave birth to a daughter, Juliana
There's only 2 days between the two, so I use to put their baby/toddler pictures in the toddler thread all the time

Kale Peterson and Alysia Cleveland, Jessica Cleveland (Peterson)'s two children. Jessica met her husband Jason when Kale was a child, but I always think of Kale as being Jason's.

Arishma (Ramaswarmi's oldest daughter) and Francis J. Worthington III's three children;
Miriam (wearing white) and twins Francis IV and Felicity (hat)

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This is Colby Cooke, the second child of Julien and Natasha Cooke (Una). He's so adorable!!

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This is Ruby Contrary, the daughter of Opal and Edward, and the younger sister of Rick. She's quickly becoming one of my favourite Sims.

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Jenny Smith's twins Jade and Jenna.

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Nate Aspir, the only child of the late Luis Aspir and his second wife, Sharon (Wirth).

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12th Feb 2018 at 8:26 PM
Default Felicia is sooo beautifullll!! <33 :DD Have fun with her!
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I'm sry that I delete my post!
Omg marimisawa your sim Felicia

is sooo beautifullll!! <33 :DD Have fun with her! <3
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Cold and calculating Sebastien Cooke, the son of Julien Cooke and Patricia Cooke (nee Wan).

The sweet and gentle Olive Dreamer-Greenman, daughter of Rose Greenman and...John Burb? Oh dear.

Then there's the cool and trendy Amber Broke the youngest biological child of Brandi and Skip Broke.

And finally, the spitting image of her father, there's Summer Broke, who is the daughter of Dustin Broke, who's waving sheepishly in the background, and Meadow Thayer who conveniently had to go to work just as it was time to visit grandma's house.

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