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Lab Assistant
#76 Old 27th Dec 2011 at 8:35 PM
I, too, am a control freak, so I thought this is the perfect chance for me to see just how smart (or stupid) my cute little Sims really are. Sally has a hard first day. She has both a LTW and a want for the Law profession, so easy, I get her a job in Law. Carpool will be there at 6 am Tuesday morning, better be sharp and ready for anything. So she promptly sits down at the piano before noon on Monday. (I know, you said no pianos was better, but oops.) She is really engrossed in the piano, she doesn't notice the time until the carpool shows up! All her vital motives are in deep red by this time. But Sally is a trooper, and off to work she goes. She makes a bad decision at work (bad chance card, again oops, my bad.) Poor Sally gets fired. She comes home and cries at the mailbox, then almost passes out, then decides she's definitely stinky, hungry and has to pee, then she cries some more. At this point, I don't know whether Sally is going to make it or not. But slowly over the course of the next 24 hours or so, she pulls herself out of her deep depression, takes care of her needs... and then goes and sits back at the piano. I think, oh dear, Sally is not long for this neighborhood! But I find Sally another job in the law, and she stopped playing the piano to take care of herself, and went to bed at a reasonable hour. Hurray for Sally!

I also learned that toddlers are pretty good at taking care of themselves. Little Suzie seemed to be the best of the 8 at taking care of herself. She put herself to bed in the doggy bed when she was sleepy, ate doggy food when she was hungry, and even would wake up in the middle of the night to pee if she had to. She only had trouble with hygiene because she was dreadfully ignored and no one seemed to notice the baby was stinky.

By the time Saturday rolled around, I was impressed with what they were able to do for themselves. I was also surprised at what they chose to do. All the adults chose creativity as their main recreation. Two chose piano, and the other two chose painting. I also had chess tables, but nobody played chess even once.

I kept the experiment going for a week, and with what I learned in that week, I'm definitely going to allow them more free time to do what they want. But I'm not giving up total control any time soon; they still need guidance to fulfill those wants.
Test Subject
#77 Old 20th Jan 2012 at 5:24 PM
This challenge was hilarious!

I created a family with two married couples where the husbands were brothers. They each had a set of children/teens. Everyone was doing so good at the beginning. Everyone liked each other. One of the mothers was very diligent in serving meals, and the other mother liked to grill. The three adults all got promotions, but then it started going downhill from there.

No one wanted to feed the toddler, so the social worker showed up and took all the children. The diligent mom was the first to die of starvation, and then the teens went. One of the brothers died. The grilling mom died next, and then her husband. He hung on for a while there.

I am so wrong for laughing, but I can't help it! I think my final score is -190!
Test Subject
#78 Old 31st Jan 2012 at 12:23 AM
Am I allowed to use more than 8 sims for this challenge?

Jack and Jill went up the hill to have a little fun,
Jill forgot to take her pill and now they have a son!
#79 Old 1st Feb 2012 at 6:18 AM
Tried this yesterday, interesting challenge. I have about... 295 points.

Lucky me, my sims have never served a single plate for themselves; maybe because they have family (2 parents a teen and a child in one, 2 parents, a teen and toddler in the other) or maybe they only cook when they're half a step away from death and are REALLY hungry.

The toddler was the main reason they all almost died - I forgot I had the 'sleep through the night' mod, and because she wasn't potty-trained, the toddler was often put to bed wet. Then both adults and teens would gather into her room and queue waking her up until 6 am - all while alternating to complaints about how hungry and bored they were u_u

Guess I paired them wrong, because both sets of parents aren't really attracted to their spouse xD. They are VERY attracted to the other's though - ACR's turned up, but so far no cheating. The child of one couple made best friends with the son of the other fairly quickly, and now I know why - 3 bolts the minute she aged up! They can hardly keep their hands off each other -- though her brother keeps can eye out on them :P

My only issue is that they're too sane; I randomized everything, but it seems for someone's shortcomings, another sim makes up for it. How to shake things up without shaking things up..... hmm, lol.
#80 Old 3rd Feb 2012 at 2:29 AM
Well, I decided to have a go at this on the new laptop, as at the current time I've only installed as far as FT. As a result, the only CC I have in are the two mods suggested (do homework and the auto bill payer)...

I had three families in one household for my original set-up:
Married couple Karen and Richard, with teen son Hamish and child daughter Charlotte,
Single parent Nora with teen daughter Rose-Ann,
Single parent Lucien with toddler daughter Kyra.

So far, we've lost Richard to starvation and Charlotte to the Social Worker. Kyra grew up to child and is probably the highest-aspiration levelled sim among them! The teens have been fighting, and Hamish made an enemy with a townie boy almost immediately. In his defence though, I do believe the townie started it
The job-front started off well - one promotion almost immediately. However, tings have since gone swiftly downhill, having had three sims fired, all due to chance cards. Oh well, we'll just have to have another bash at that side of things.
As it stands right now, my score is a terrible -215.

No need to use my full name, "Selly" will do just fine.
Lab Assistant
#81 Old 3rd Feb 2012 at 11:31 AM
How come only Charlotte was taken by the Social Worker? Doesn't the SW take all children younger than teens?
#82 Old 3rd Feb 2012 at 4:33 PM
For reference sake, my sims are Anna and Harley who had a teen son Adam and toddler Mandie. Then there's Mia and Josiah with teen son Roil and child Gracie. Adam and Roil are now adults, Gracie has been a teen for awhile, and Mandie aged up to teen just before...

I fell asleep! Yes, I fell asleep on it last night and woke up to a "Name the new baby!" screen. I named her 'Jenna' and she appears to be the child of Mandie.

Mia seems to have died from... starvation, I guess, leaving a free spot open for Mandie to get knocked up. But now the question is, who is Jenna's daddy? She was sleeping with Roil but then 'met Stephen' (he's another teen in the hood so maybe he came home from school with her?) and woohoo'd with him and got caught. I could check the family ties, but I kinda wanna see if I can guess by features only when she ages up

Nothing significant seems to have happened except Harley got himself fired. He's consistently starving and sleeping during the day so maybe he missed the carpool too many times. Mia and he were becoming good buddies so he may have went through an aspiration failure when she died.
#83 Old 3rd Feb 2012 at 8:33 PM Last edited by Selly_2009 : 3rd Feb 2012 at 11:51 PM.
That's exactly what I thought YukiShine, so I'm not altogether sure.

Admittedly the SW arrived before 3pm sim-time, so maybe that was why Kyra was spared (she was still at school). Either that or it was because she wasn't Charlotte's sister.

Update: As I've now lost Kyra and Charlotte's replacement Jennifer to the SW, I'm pretty sure it was the "still at school" thing that saved Kyra the first time!
I've also had another starvation death: Rose-Ann. Surprisingly I've not seen Richard's ghost yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I get hauntings.

No need to use my full name, "Selly" will do just fine.
Test Subject
#84 Old 5th Feb 2012 at 5:50 PM
I gave up on day one. Not one of my sims seems to be capable of taking care of themselves. Then again, I had nineteen sims on the lot so...

Jack and Jill went up the hill to have a little fun,
Jill forgot to take her pill and now they have a son!
Lab Assistant
#85 Old 9th Mar 2012 at 2:44 AM
This hurt. So much. XD I don't know if Sims just REALLY hate third floors or if I laid my house out poorly, but they rarely ever left the first floor and I had all the beds on the third floor. Needless to say, I had a lot of passing out.

On the third day I had my first casualty and I forgot to replace him, but my house was bugging me too much to keep going anyway. I left the house without saving and dumped the household back in the bin. I'll try again later with a larger lot and a single floor house... But for now, here's some of what happened in the only three days they had. I barely touched any of them in CAS so it was a bunch of randoms I connected in various ways.

This is the family. The man on the far right is Derrick, whose son, Samuel, is on the far left. Behind Derrick (black hair) is Selzi, single mother to the two dark-skinned girls in front (child Winona, teenager Sherri). The last two adults on the left are brother (Matt) and sister (Pria), and the toddler (Freddie) is Matt's son.

There were several hours of hanging out from the very beginning... I think it was the only time anyone was even remotely happy.

Quiet and bespectacled Matt immediately got a job as a criminal. He's the only one who actually went to work, and even then it was only once. The kids also never went to school except for the one day Winona felt well enough to.

I didn't think a chess board was one of the objects Sims would get stuck to. Um, I learned my lesson. Selzi was at it for HOURS.

When Selzi finally gave it up, Pria, completely exhausted, decided to play to keep herself awake. -_-

Samuel got seriously into a kicky bag game. Again, probably the last time he was actually happy.

Around when things took the biggest downward turn.

At least the kid got the couch, but seriously, THERE WERE EIGHT BEDS JUST ONE MORE FLOOR UP. EIGHT.

Samuel worried over Pria passed out in the bathroom while Sherri was desperately trying to force the sleeping woman out so she could use the toilet.

Trying the bathroom next door she found someone passed out in it, too! Again, two extra bathrooms upstairs, but nope. First floor bathrooms or nothing for these guys.

This picture's actually kinda cute, but the actions before it drove me nuts. Selzi spent about two sim hours in an endless loop of complaining about her exhaustion, then complaining about the toddler she was trying to hold being asleep, then her exhaustion, etc. until she finally passed out. It was maddening. XD

This looks fine, but what happened wasn't. Pria bathed Freddie in the tub, which was okay, he was stinky. But then she took him to the tub IN THE BATHROOM NEXT DOOR to wash him again. AND THEN THE TODDLER'S FATHER BATHED HIM IN THE FIRST TUB AGAIN. :/ Poor boy was about to pass out from exhaustion himself.

Poor Samuel was the first to go. He pretty much woke up and died. Sigh. Also just before this photo 3/4 adults stood around doing NOTHING for at least three hours because the toddler passed out and they wanted to do absolutely nothing but harass him.

I didn't count friends they made amongst themselves because I felt like it didn't count but I don't know if it does? Either way, excluding friends my final point tally for those three days was -290. XD The only reason I didn't get below -300 is they kept making group meals when they were about to starve to death.
Field Researcher
#86 Old 10th Mar 2012 at 7:50 PM
I honestly thought this was going to be easy. Now I would like to kick myself. Here are some highlights:

Why in the world would we bring the toddler inside, lets just let her almost freeze to death!
Doesn't it make sense to use the bed ten feet away from you? Nope! Lets pass out on the floor instead!
Eat a group meal made by a family member? Nah. Lets make our own, when the group meal wasn't even spoiled!
Lets sit out in the yard, in the middle of winter, and hang out. Then almost freeze to death.

Great challenge but frustrating :p. I'll definitely do it again!
#87 Old 11th Apr 2012 at 11:39 PM Last edited by StrangeTownChick : 12th Apr 2012 at 12:55 AM.
I have just started this challenge and furnished the house, I cannot wait to start!

This is the family. Their names are (oldest to youngest) Sara, Kar, Ba, So, Ki, Di, Bleh, and Meh. You can tell I got progressively lazier with naming.

EDIT: Do the friend points count if they make friends with each other? Does it count as +50 or +100?

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#88 Old 12th Apr 2012 at 4:03 AM
My sister started a challenge with this. This is what it was like.
At first, everything was just like a normal autonomous sim day where everyone is stupid because of waiting in the bathroom for the toddler to be done bathing. as it went on, Sarah made a few dozen plates of hotdogs while the teenagers were jumping on the couch while they should be taking showers. A few hunger complaints later, the tub/shower broke, soon followed by the television. During some of that chaos, a neighbor cheerfully drops by and tips the trash can over, freeing hundreds of roaches. As one of the sims is very clean, they pick up the trash can and the trash. After that, the whole family decides to come out and meet the roaches by trying to squash them. The roaches replied by making them all sick. That night the teenagers suddenly decide they hate each other and break out in a few fights. My sister is now saying, "What a wonderful thing it is to let sims make their own choices."

I've got one or two things on MTS, but most of my stuff is on my main site here:
(Now recruiting budding creators.)
Lab Assistant
#89 Old 21st Apr 2012 at 11:56 PM
I did this challenge for one sim week. It seems that the boolprop glitched out the lot. For instance, the paper boy and all visitors were stuck in the same spot. The school bus only showed up once but each day their grades were demoted and told they shouldn't miss a day of school. Then the social worker came and she never left but her van did. So she just stood their looking on like she was waiting to take another. But when she comes the buy, build and save mode are darkened so I couldn't save my game. I fast forwarded hoping she would go away but the van wasn't there anymore. There were just too many glitches going on which my game get's like when using boolprop. However, I did recently put in ACR so it might be that. I tried the casual will you woohoo? and no one was attracted to each other since I never coupled the adults up. I had one adult be parent to the toddler and teen and another be parent to the child and teen. They were a very social bunch but no chemistry. It was an interesting experiment.

Oh and for the one week my score was 120 points.

Pleasantview challenge my way.
Mad Poster
#90 Old 22nd Apr 2012 at 12:48 AM
It's not the fault of the testingcheats - all that does passively is report errors. You need to troubleshoot those glitches - see the game help FAQ - if they're recurring. If it's an occasional random glitch, you can delete stuck sims with no harm using move objects. There's also a Stuck Object Remover and various option with the batbox and, oh my, the testingcheats. Which you had on.

Read all the documentation on ACR, too - you may simply have misunderstood a function.

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Test Subject
#91 Old 25th Apr 2012 at 4:53 AM
Mine was more like forget-there-is-a-poptart-in-the-microwave-and-go-play-in-the-tub-and-burn-the-house-down-along-with-six-other-Sims challenge. Gah
Test Subject
#92 Old 30th Apr 2012 at 7:21 AM
I can't wait to do this challange. I am a huge control freak. Like, big time. So this is going to be very interesting for me. I'm going to start when I get home tomorrow.
Lab Assistant
#93 Old 14th May 2012 at 10:17 AM
it's funny I have a house or 4 that I run this way and in one of them 1 sim is 'the' mechanic of the family
and there are 2 cooking crazy sims so that works like a charm
I have a few woohoo type beds in that house too and a complete nursery

'fireproof cooking' can help save some meals right?
'bed wetting' may cost me points
(both are installed)

I recently put ACR and the automatic billpayer (from SW) in the set I can't wait to see what happens to my family when that stuff kicks in ....
ooh and they have a powerplant that is too big for the energy they use so my father sim is powerplant manager from his own home (making money with it)
3 of my other aduls have jobs in various carreers but I don't know where(they were 'added to family' sims) exept for 1 she is in the army
(the hummer and clothes are a death give away)

this house has been a bit bigger than 8 sims from day 1 btw

maybe I do a house that does the exact family base with my next genetic skin(recolor) project 'vineans'
after I find their names again (they are from a cartoon album)

remove me from your history, I'm not interrested in this site anymore
Lab Assistant
#94 Old 15th May 2012 at 3:07 PM
I did this yesterday, but I thought it was kind of boring. At times I was surprised how red their motives can be and the sim still keeps going, but other than that it was a bore. I was more than happy when finally two of the adult sims died and that was the point were I decided to drop the challenge.
#95 Old 1st Jul 2012 at 1:31 AM
This looks very interesting not sure if I am prepare to let the "go". ::shutters:: at the thought of them being on their own....

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Lab Assistant
Original Poster
#96 Old 16th Mar 2013 at 2:33 AM
Goodnes, its been so long since I've logged its was amazing to see how everyone has been playing the challenge, even if it wasn't their cup of tea....

i luv all the gameplay pics and stories
Mad Poster
#97 Old 18th Mar 2013 at 2:39 AM
And me. Don't know if I CAN leave them alone (especially the toddler ). I have ACR and mod that allows any number of sims in house - although I don't think overpopulation will be a problem as pregnant Sims are soooo stupid.

And I'll use "no social worker" mod, and not worry about the bills, as that will add to their fun.

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Lab Assistant
#98 Old 18th Mar 2013 at 8:48 PM
Tried this yesterday, interesting challenge. I have about... 295 points. Lucky me, my sims have never served a single plate for themselves; maybe because they have family (2 parents a teen and a child in one, 2 parents, a teen and toddler in the other) or maybe they only cook when they're half a step away from death and are REALLY hungry
LOL ,My sims (I havent tried this challenge yet) seems to cook meals for themselves as soon as it goes any lower than a quarter way down. Half of them want to walk away and watch T.V. (I usually give them the HUGE flatscreen. I have apartment life. Obsessed with murphy beds.)

The Sims 3 is my life.
Mad Poster
#99 Old 20th Mar 2013 at 3:54 AM
So I made 2 men, 2 women; a boy & girl teen; a girl child and boy toddler. I gave everyone different zodiacs, rolled for aspirations, and let Maxis dress everyone (yech). I have ACR, and mod for large families. One woman doesn't like either man, but then she started boinking the teen (more yech). The other woman (Alice) is romancing both men, and got pregnant. As a number of people cook (seems like ALWAYS group meals) she didn't die - until the baby was born. Then she cooked hot dogs, but died before she could eat. The only other death was the hamster. Poor toddler Willie only got his diaper changed twice; once by a visitor and once by the teen Mindy. Everyone complained about his stench, but even though he asked for diaper-change, no one would do it. Then he would ask for attention, only to get mad if someone tried to play with him. The baby is headed for the same fate; no one has ever put him in the crib or changed his diaper, but they DO feed him. He must be exhausted, since he's on the kitchen floor and it's open to the ever-running TV and radio.

The two teens had first kiss and were always in bed...until they started to fight constantly.

Question: Willie destroyed Alice's urn - isn't this a BAD thing, like deleting a tombstone?
AND: since we can use money cheats, why do adults have to work? They could get into more trouble staying home. Have only had 3 fires. Hoping for more mayhem.
And no, I can't just sit and watch, I just come back to speed it up or clear messages..

Stand up, speak out. Just not to me..
Field Researcher
#100 Old 20th Mar 2013 at 8:57 PM
Played this challenge for a little while over the weekend. I have three single parents and Cyd Roseland as my household. The mothers each have one child, one a male teen and the other a male child. The single father has a teen daughter and a female toddler. I threw in Cyd Roseland because he is usually a jerk in my games so I thought he could stir up trouble. I took an apartment building and converted it to residential, so each family technically has their own apartment, but they freely go into everyone else's home. I played for three days until the toddler aged up to child, then stopped till next time. Much to my shock, Cyd loved the toddler. He spent all most all his time looking after her while her father lounged on the sofa watching tv all day. When he wasn't taking care of the toddler Cyd stared at the two women while they chatted in the hottub. He wouldn't get in with them, he would just stare at them. The teens and male child are all best buds and play together and with Cyd's dog. After a while of ACR doing nothing I cheated and played each adult and teen long enough to make them scope the room in hopes of getting some romance going. One lady finds both Cdy and the other guy hot and she alternates between flirting with them. The other lady likes the male teen, but has not flirted with him. The male teen likes her back, but hopefully nothing will happen until he is nearly an adult. The female teen doesn't care for anyone. So far it's been pretty fun. Two sims constantly cook group meals, and the others eat them even when they have gone bad instead of cooking for themselves. One sim gained a love for cooking while eating a rotten sandwich, lol. No one has gotten fired yet, and one lady has gotten a promotion. That's about it for me so far. When I next play my game I'll write down their names and save a few pics to post.
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