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Default Inhabitants work thread
In this thread, we will organize the create-a-sim program and discuss about our respective work.

The CC is going to be restricted to a very small list that I'll write here. Free stuff only!
Clothes, hair, brows, patterns and the like are going to be EA's.

CC list/Credits:
- skin : HP body textures and shine overlays + Aikea Guinea's faces
- eyes: Escand's eyes (Oh my eyes)
- facials: Natural Lip colour by Arisuka@MTS/Kittyklan default facial hair

Sims information
Sims: 54
Families: 20
Elder: 7
Adults/YA: 29
Teen: 7
Children: 6
Toddler: 5
Males: 26

- Business: 3 (Venceslao Scomparin - Nadia - Cecilia)
- Criminal: 2 ( Delfina Antonacci [boss] - Emiliana Antonacci)
- Culinary: 2 (Raul Costa lvl ? - Herberto Castillo lvl ?)
- Journalism: 4 (Saverio & Valeria Paolini[boss] -Maritza - Sofia)
- Law enforcement: 1 (Dante Mancini lvl ?)
- Medical: 0
- Military: 0
- Music: 0
- Political: 1 (Yasmin)
- Professional sports: 1 (Diego)
- Science: 0
- Part-times: 4 (Zita Scomparin - Leona/spa - Felipe - Carlos/supermarket)

List of the sims :

* Antonio Ortega - SimGirlTasia232
Antonio is a simple guy who leads a simple life and it doesn't take much to make him happy. On a regular day you may find him spending time with other members of his book club and when things get rough, he heads for the beach to gather his thoughts. He can be quite sensitive at times and his neighbors have learned to watch what they say as he tends to get emotional when reliving memories of his years as an army vet.
Location: fishing shack
Job: Retired from the army
Traits:Angler, Bookworm, Loves The Outdoors, Never Nude, Over-Emotional
LTW Perfect Aquarium
Likes Lobster, Teal, Classical

* Maritza Ortega household
Location: Unknown
Age: Toddler
Age: Toddler

* Roomies household 1 - SimGirlTasia232
Location: Talula's house
-Anita Torres
Having grown up without a father, Anita finds herself dealing with serious abandonment issues. It's hard for her to trust people and although she's had a few romantic entanglements in the past, none had been able to last because of her fear that men may leave her the way her dad had left her mom. She now focuses on her career as a lawyer and ends up with a different guy every night.
Job: Business carrier
Traits:Absent Minded, Loner, Lucky, Artistic, Commitment Issues
LTW Heartbreaker
Likes Grilled Cheese, Yellow, Pop
- Talula Alvaro
Talula thinks that her family may be cursed. She has lost almost all of them to the sea and her neighbors believe that it may have something to do with the forlorn lovers that have died there many years ago. Although it has yet to be proven, the diary of a young woman named Wrenna makes her wonder. Talula hopes to become a surgeon one day and currently works as a waitress at the Swordfish Bar & Grill to pay for med school. She isn't too happy with the fact that it's very close to the sea, but her roommate Anita tells her that what does not kill her can only make her stronger.
Job: The Swordfish Bar & Grill
Traits:Good Sense Of Humor, Bookworm, Perfectionist, Excitable, Hydrophobic
LTW World Renowned Surgeon
Likes Cheesesteak, Electronica, Pink

* Mancini household - SimGirlTasia232
- Nadia Mancini
Nadia is the epitome of perfection. She never settles for "good" when she can have the best and when it comes to men, she expects no less. This is why she married Dante Mancini, the man of her dreams. He is everything she could ever hope for and when he proposed to her over a candlelit dinner amidst Spanish violinists, she just knew that he was the one. The diamond ring certainly made saying "I do" a lot easier.
Job: Journalism carrier
Traits: Family-Orientated, Snob, Bookworm, Hopeless Romantic, Excitable
LTW Living In The Lap Of Luxury
Likes Lobster, Purple, Classical
- Dante Mancini
A true gentleman, Dante embodies the characteristics of a knight in shining armor. He has always been inclined to help those in need which is why he has decided to pursue a career in law enforcement. He spends his free time working out, fighting for animal rights and spending time with his wife who means the world to him.
Job: Law enforcement carrier
Traits: Brave, Athletic, Vegetarian, Great Kisser, Family Orientated
LTW International Super Spy
Likes French Toast, Classical,Red

* Costa household - SimGirlTasia232
- Raul Costa
Raul is the proud owner of the Swordfish Bar & Grill, a local hangout frequented by the working class citizens of the town. He's put on some weight in the past few years and is known to be a heavy drinker. No one can leave a bottle of beer alone with him because it is sure to get emptied in a matter of seconds. The same can be said about valuable items in his vicinity. One of his waitresses has found this out the hard way when she left her wrist watch on the counter.
-Cecilia Costa
As the founder of the Charitable Housewives Associaton, Cecilia devotes herself to her neighborhood and is usually involved in weekly fundraisers with other women to help the less fortunate. She is seen as a saint by many but not many people are aware that she has been spending more time with Carlos Mendez than her own husband.
-Leona Costa
Following in her mother's footsteps, Leona is always taking part in town gatherings and enjoys being the center of attention. Girls want to be her and guys want to date her. But what happens when they find out the truth about her mother?
-Julian Costa
Julian has always been quite smart for his age and while most grownups see this as a good thing, other kids tend to pick on him for it. He doesn't mind, though, because he'd rather spend time with his butterfly collection than hang out with a bunch of brats.

* Carlos Mendez - SimGirlTasia232
If you ask his neighbors, they'll tell you that Carlos is a decent, well-mannered individual. He's got a smile that gleams with perfection and silly quirks that children may find entertaining. But behind this cheerful facade is a dark secret that he's never told anyone. Is he making cherry pie or is that a bloodstain on the sleeve of his shirt?
Location: Unknown
Job: Science carrier
Traits:Absent-Minded, Insane, Mooch, Artistic, Neurotic
LTW Gold digger
Likes Steak, Pop, Black

* Herberto Castillo - SimGirlTasia232
Herberto comes from a long line of talented Italian chefs and prefers to grow his own vegetables as he believes that if he wants something done right, he's going to have to do it himself. He also despises the latest gadgets simply because they make things easier for people. As his father once said, "If it isn't hard, it isn't worth it."
Location: Unknown
Job: Culinary carrier
Traits: Lucky, Loves The Outdoor, Technophobe, Green Thumb, Natural Cook
LTW Celebrated 5 Star Chef
Likes Spaghetti, Red, Latin

* Sofia Perez - SimGirlTasia232
Traits: Bookworm, Loner, Schmoozer, Friendly, Flirty
LTW Illustrious Author
Likes Salmon, Indie, Orange

* Yazmin Vasquez - SimGirlTasia232
shorter story?
Traits: Adventurous, Vegetarian, Schmoozer, Disciplined, Friendly
LTW:Seasoned Traveler
Likes: Cobbler, French Music, Irish Green

* Garza Household - SimGirlTasia232
- Diego
Traits: Ambitious, Athletic, Good Sense Of Humor, Hot-Headed, Neat
LTW: International Super Spy
Likes: Grilled Cheese, Classical, Lime
Age: Teenager

* De Luca Household - litt0_lia
Traits: Angler, Brave, Grumpy, Handy, Loves Outdoors
LTW: Astronaut
Favorites: Hamburger, Latin, Turquoise
Traits: Family-Oriented, Good Sense of Humor, Hot-Headed, Natural Cook, Neat
LTW: Culinary Librarian
Favorites: Cobbler, Latin, Turquoise
Age: Teenager
Traits: Absent-Minded, Party Animal, Perfectionist, Snob
Favorites: Spaghetti, Pop, Spice Brown
Age: Child
Traits: Brave, Heavy Sleeper, Hot-Headed
Favorites: Cookies, Indie, Orange

* Ricci Household - litt0_lia
-Predita Ricci (Lilith's daughter)
Traits:Family Oriented, Absent-Minded, Great-Kisser, Natural Cook, Virtuoso
LTW: Culinary Librarian
Favorites:Blue, Classical Music, Stu Surprise
-Gabriele Ricci
Traits: Brave, Family-Oriented, Heavy Sleeper, Mean-Spirited, Technophobe
LTW: Master of the Arts
Favorites: PB&J, Indie, Aqua
-Marietta Ricci
Traits: Light Sleeper, Loner, Loves Outdoors, Unlucky, Virtuoso
LTW: Hit Movie Composer
Favorites: Grilled Salmon, Classical, Yellow
-Santino Ricci
Age: Teenager
Traits: Ambitious, Charismatic, Daredevil, Good Sense of Humour
Favorites: Falafel, Blue, Pop

* James Campbell III - litt0_lia

*Miramar household - HystericalParoxysm
- Annie Miramar
Though she grew up in a small town, Annie's always had big dreams and an insatiable wanderlust. She just can't settle down in one place, and is always travelling and exploring.
Traits: Adventurous, Good, Loves the Outdoors, Natural Cook, Photographer's Eye
LTW Seasoned Traveler
Likes Stir Fry, Electronica, Green
-Brendan Miramar
Brendan spent his childhood in his parents' library, reading about the great explorers and archaeologists of the past. Though his grades were never good enough to make a profession of it, his family's money and amateur interest allow him to spend most of his time exploring tombs for buried treasure.
Traits: Adventurous, Brave ,Angler, Disciplined, Kleptomaniac
LTW: Great Explorer
Likes Salmon, Egyptian, Spice Brown

* David Sharp - HystericalParoxysm
If you sawed him in half, David would be boring to the core. Motivated only by increasing his own personal wealth, David cares nothing for friendships or romance.
Traits: Ambitious, Computer Whiz, Frugal, Loner, Workaholic
LTW: Swimming in Cash
Favourites: Tri-Tip Steak, Classical, Grey

* Vargas Household - HystericalParoxysm
-Horatio Vargas
Whether it's watching the big game with his sons or eating his wife's home cooking, Horatio enjoys being around his family, even if he doesn't always understand them.
Traits: Family-Oriented, Good, Couch Potato, Ambitious, No Sense of Humour
LTW: Surrounded by Family
Favourites: Cheesesteak, Latin, Spice Brown
- Maria Vargas
Maria may be prone to crying at sappy commercials on tv, but her sometimes soppy nature also makes her love her large family that much more
Traits: Family Oriented, Natural Cook, Neat, Flirty, Over-Emotional
LTW: Surrounded by Family
Favourites: Cobber, Latin, Orange
-Belinda Vargas
Though she can get too caught up in her emotions, Belinda has the potential to do great things.
Age: Teen
Traits: Bookworm, Ambitious, Easily Impressed, Excitable
Favourites: Mac and Cheese, Indie, Lilac
-Diana Vargas
Her sense of style and attitude can put people off, but Diana might just get lucky and turn out okay.
Age: Teen
Traits: Lucky, Clumsy, Daredevil, Inappropriate
Favourites: Cookies, Electronica, Turquoise
-Jonah Vargas
Jonah can be a real handful, but he's a lot of fun to be around... as long as you don't mind being the one to clean up the mess afterward.
Age: Child
Traits: Slob, Party Animal, Athletic
Favourites: Hot Dogs, Pop, Blue
-Hector Vargas
Watch out for this one; he's trouble!
Traits: Evil, Genius
Favourites: Autumn Salad, Classical, Black

*Revello Household - HystericalParoxysm
-Cora Revello
Cora's silly nature can sometimes get her into a bit of trouble, but her quick wit and enjoyable personality is endearing to all but the hardest hearts.
Age: Elder
Traits: Good Sense of Humour, Neat, Artistic, Childish, Technophobe
LTW: Professional Author
Favourites: Lobster Thermidor, Kids, Sea Foam
-Martin Revello
Martin's spent his life dreaming big - most of those dreams being of his son growing up successful enough to take care of him in his old age.
Age: Elder
Traits: Couch Potato, Grumpy, Heavy Sleeper, Can't Stand Art, Mooch
LTW: Living in the Lap of Luxury
Favourites: Waffles, Classical, Turquoise
-Anton Revello
With a dazzling personality and a face to match, Anton's really going places.
Traits: Charismatic, Friendly, Good Sense of Humour, Great Kisser, Schmoozer
LTW: Star News Anchor
Favourites: Pancakes, French, Grey
-Claire Revello
It's hard to find something to like about the materialistic, fastidious Claire, but her beauty has managed to get her pretty far in life.
Traits: Hates the Outdoors, Neat, Never Nude, Perfectionist, Snob
LTW: Swimming in Cash
Favourites: Sushi, Classical, White
- Sarah Revello
A bit bookish and tomboyish, Sarah is a constant disappointment to her mother, who is upset about her daughter growing up to use her mind and body to do something other than manipulating rich men.
Age: Child
Traits: Athletic, Friendly, Bookworm
Favourites: Grilled Cheese, Kids, Blue

*Scomparin Household - unlikely
- Nestero Scomparin
Having to raise Venceslao and Zita alone meant Nestero never got the quiet life he wanted. Now that Zita has moved back in with her children, his dreams of a quiet retirement seem to be fading fast too.
Age: Elder
Job: Retired Patrol officer
Traits: Angler, Coward, Family Oriented, Good, Technophobe
- Venceslao Scomparin
Venceslao is completely unphased by criticism, and takes 'nouveau riche' as a compliment. Unfortunately, he hasn't got the 'riche' part down yet, but he's sure he will soon enough!
Job: Corporate Drone
Traits: Ambitious, Hates the outdoors, Mean Spirited, Good sense of humour, Snob
- Zita Scomparin
Growing up, Zita always thought her first love would be her last. Unfortunately, her first love turned out to have commitment issues and left her after their second child Aurelia was born. Now that Aurelia has started school, Zita has gone back to work and is starting to rebuild her life. Will she find true love this time around?
Job: 'Intake Specialist' at Spa
Traits: Friendly, Hopeless Romantic, Photographer's Eye, Loser, Neurotic
- Davide Scomparin
Age: Teen
Traits: Brave, Handy, Hotheaded, Virtuoso
- Aurelia Scomparin
Age: Child
Traits: Adventurous, Bookworm, Kleptomaniac

*Saverio Paolini - unlikely
Job: Anonymous Source Handler
Traits: Commitment Issues, Flirty, Hotheaded, Shmoozer, Workaholic
* Valeria ?
Job: Journalism career (top)
Traits: Artistic, Charismatic, Dislikes Children, Flirty, Perfectionist

*Antonacci Household - unlikely
- Delfina Antonacci
Job: Crime boss
Traits: Disciplined, Kleptomaniac, Workaholic, Ambitious, Family-oriented
- Emiliana Antonacci
Traits: Adventurous, Daredevil, Hot-headed, Lucky, Over-emotional
- Annunziata Antonacci
Age: Elder
Job: Retired Kitchen scullion
Traits: Flirty, Good, Natural Cook, Neat, Technophobe
LTW: [/U]
- Floriano Antonacci
Age: Child
Traits: Family Oriented, Frugal, Genius
- Fedele Antonacci
Age: Toddler
Traits: Loner
- Franca Antonacci
Age: Toddler
Traits: Friendly


* Lilith - litt0_lia
Traits:Neurotic, Loner, Unlucky, Green Thumb, Hopeless Romantic
LTW: Perfect Garden
Likes: Ratatouille, French Music, White

* Niccolo Ricci - litt0_lia
Traits:Ambitious, Athletic, Brave, Can't Stand Art, Charismatic
LTW: Leader of the Free World
Likes: Cheese Steak, Indie Music, Irish Green

* Antonio's wife and son - SimGirlTasia232

* Wrenna - litt0_lia

* Beau - litt0_lia

I'll keep the post updated. Tell me if I forgot something or make a mistake.
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Lillith(?) Lilith(?) Descendant, with Lillith and James(Tasia's Idea)..why does this sound like Harry Potter all of a sudden? XDD
Lillith's descendant (not sure what the spelling is) her name is, Lila? Leila? Lily? Something relating to her grandmother.

Real Lillith Reference, But dark skin

James, MATY hair, henley(from store) I'm not sure which pack it came from, but I think it's free. I think it came from JC Penney?

Will be editing later xP
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#3 Old 23rd Feb 2010 at 3:16 AM
Okay since litt0_lia is doing Lilith and her Lover i made some sims also. Not really a good Guy sim maker but i try and i try my best at Females i'm not the best but i love my simmies lol

Same Sim Different Look

Another Girl


Any thoughts and ideas on how they can tie into the story line?

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#4 Old 23rd Feb 2010 at 4:25 AM
Edited my post above.
Here is Lillith. I'm not sure if she is exotic enough. If she looks similar to her descendant, that was my goal. I want the descendant to almost look exactly like Lillith. So here she is. I feel I might want to make her face slightly slimmer, because the descendant gets her chubby cheeks from James. And maybe more fierce instead of nice?

And the sims you made Tasia are really fantastic, what if they were to be Jame's brother, and his family. The brother could possibly be paler? And less posh since I think James would be somewhat of a fisher ;D
The red head(short) would possibly be linked to Lillith's descendant, probably a cousin and close friend.
#5 Old 23rd Feb 2010 at 10:26 AM Last edited by CharmingFirewaller : 23rd Feb 2010 at 10:57 AM.
Oh wow, your new Lilith is stunning, Littl0_Lia! I think she's perfect, since she's a goddess in her lover's eyes and a threat to the rest of the town. I think keeping her that way would be good. It's like she has two sides. You can see her nicer, innocent self through her eyes, while her hair and lipstick bring out her darker, dangerous qualities (the mysterious disease and her power over her lover).

James reminds me of a male version of Anne Hathaway. Very cute!

Your sims are gorgeous, SimGirlTasia. I think the third one looks really realistic. I agree with Littl0_Lia, they could be related to Lilith and/or James. Why don't we make the third girl one of Wrenna's descendants? Unless you don't want to make her hydrophobic.

Here are a few names I've thought of in case anyone wants to use them:

Marina (meaning "of the sea" in Latin)
This could be one of Lilith's descendants.

Another one of Lilith's descendants and/or family members.

Kenneth ("fire-born, good-looking", Irish and Gaelic)
James's brother.

Talula (of Native American origin, "leaping water")
If this were one of Wrenna's descendants' names, it would be ironic since most people from her line are afraid of the sea.

Can we give this name to Lilith's husband? According to those who believe that she was his first wife (in the Bible), she ran away from him and that's when she became the "night demon", etc. So I thought it would make sense since Littl0_Lia's character runs away from her husband and becomes a danger to the town because of the plague.

EDIT: Added name suggestions
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Alright, first thing I'm going to do is establish some useful rules to help us work better.

CC used for sims creation:
Free stuff only! I don't want the player to have a huge list of cc to download to be able to play, so, we'll keep it to a minimum and try to use the same cc if possible. You can go crazy with the cc that we will not keep (historical people) but make sure to keep the list so that we can give credits.

Default-skin question: I'm on the edge for this. I would say yes for the historical people (that no longer lives) If we use it for the ghosts, and then put it off, does the ghosts change?

Credits/CC list:
We will have to credit and link to the cc used, so, I will need you to keep track WHILE doing the sims (and avoid the: shoot! what cc did I used back then and the frenetic wild search that goes after that thought) and tell me about it so that I can establish a clear list of the cc.

I will need you to give me a clear list of the traits, like dislike and longtime wish of your character, and a little text about them.

Also, I need to make a point: I know that you like to build pretty sims but we will need realistic sims. Some are going to be pretty, some will look casual, others will be rather ugly, some will be fat, etc. And we also need child, elder... Try to make them interesting and unique. Variety is our friend :D
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Now for the comments:

SimGirlTasia232: As I already said, your sims looks nice. I'd like you to try and make an old fisherman. Charming could help you with his story to make him really unique. We could use your sims for maybe Wrenna's family. You would have to see with Charming since it's his story.


-Lilith: Good job, I really like the eyes and the lipstick. The choice of hair is perfect. Some things could be changed though to make her even better. More fierce and exotic would be great. She's looking a little bit too Irish because of the freckles and the skin tone. Could you darken her a bit (more Persian look?). And the jaw is maybe too round and I would change the nose a bit. Look at the painting, she almost has a Grecian profile that gives her that haughty look and her jaw is more defined. Oh! And her eyes are dark, a beautiful dark brown.

-James: I'm sorry but we can't advocate piracy so I need to be sure that it's a MATY created hair. Garden of shadows has a lot of beautiful free creations, you should check it out. Otherwise, I do like James a lot! One thing, if he was a fisher, he'd certainly be a more suntanned.

Charming, these are great names. Let's try to give it an order and make a family tree to make things clearer and also decide how many generations between Lilith and the living ones.

Making the people that are dead and belong to the past is not going to be our priority so I think that James brother or family may wait. They'll just end up in the cemetery and the museum. We will have to decide however of who lives and is related to Lilith and James family but I'd like also some ideas on typical characters like the fool of the village, the drunk old fisherman, the bully, etc. Have fun!

Edit: HP has made some great hair that is a lot like James's. Maybe we could take it instead?
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Thanks everyone for your nice comments... Working with charming would be awesome so i think making the third girl one of Wrenna's descendants would be great... But will she live? Talula would be perfect for her but we don't have to go that way we could give her a different look. is there anything to change about her?

lanawinst: making an old fisherman would be great i will try and make a couple next time i play (most likely 20 mins from now lol). also i don't use much cc just default skin, default eyes,and defualt faces, and Peggy hairs but i never package them with the hairs because they are pay hairs. but yes if you make their ghosts with default cc and then people downloading it without that cc it reverts back to the original skin so if people want them to look like they do in the pics they will have to download the skin

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#9 Old 23rd Feb 2010 at 4:25 PM
Thanks for the info, Tasia. So, what we could do is choose 1 default skin/faces and eyes and stick with it, and since HystericalParoxysm is one of the sims creator wouldn't it be best to use her skins etc?

We'll have to see also with lia and HP what they think about that idea.

For the peggy hair, I would rather not use pay content at all even if it's not included. Let's show to the players what they can really have without having to pay. We should also try to use EA's stuff most of the time unless we think it's really not going to be getting along with the character. In that case there's a lot of free hair here and in other sites.

For the non-default skin, we could do it but only in a very special case (like the illness).
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#10 Old 23rd Feb 2010 at 6:18 PM Last edited by SimGirlTasia232 : 23rd Feb 2010 at 6:41 PM.
Yea i rather not use and pay items either i get my hairs from the booty

But while i was away i have been doing some work. i been thinking for the fisherman we should call him Elliot i have been working on him just need his story to really finish him off So here's what i got

Elliot Termorton

-Loves The Outdoors
-Never Nude
-Perfect Aquarium
-Classical Music
-Color- Teal

And some other characters i came up with their names is just something i picked out for the moment and we can change them if we use them

Crystal Summers

-Absent Minded
-Commitment Issues
- Gold Digger
-Grilled Cheese
-Pop Music

Ben Willows

-Absent Minded

My CC List:
Eyes--Shady- Luminous eye Defulats-
Face-Kanno's Face Replacements-

You can call me Tasia
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#11 Old 23rd Feb 2010 at 6:46 PM Last edited by lanawinst : 23rd Feb 2010 at 6:58 PM.
Originally Posted by SimGirlTasia232
Yea i rather not use and pay items either i get my hairs from the booty

Please don't promote the booty, I'm pretty sure it's forbidden here. Piracy issues.

Awesome sims! I'm going to comment sim by sim:

- Elliot: love his grumpy face! Maybe you could accentuate it? And add this trait instead of over-emotional? And for the clothes, could you take a more marine motive for the sweater under his overall? And give him other shoes more adapted to his lifestyle and age?

- Crystal : She's gorgeous indeed. Maybe you or charming could make a little story to explain her traits?

- Ben: He is really good-looking but I fail to see a relation with his traits. Since he is not only insane and childish, but all the above it would be great if you could use them. For example his eyes are too bright, and he seems to take good care of him, of his appearance and I imagine someone with all these traits doing the contrary.

Edit: Thank for the links I'd like you to try them with HP skins, do you mind? It's better to promote MTS stuff since it's a MTS creation and peggy skins are nice but not the best for us, I think. For example, the male skin is too muscular which can be nice for a particular character but it seams weird that everyone in the town would be that muscular! And if I remember correctly, it looks really weird when your sims is fat. Shady eyes are indeed a very good choice, I find them beautifully expressive.
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#12 Old 23rd Feb 2010 at 7:10 PM
Thanks Lana I was thinking the same with Ben's traits i thought about changing them after i put him up here would be rather odd for him to have all those traits and his looks doesn't go with it but i also thought maybe he could be one of those townsfolk who look normal from the outside but when getting close to him find him a little insane and start to gossip about him which shames him and he runs away or kills himself maybe?

and you are so right about the Peggy skin on the males i hate it lol i love the female version but the male version is like saying everyone has to be muscular and its not like that in RL so not in game either i have been trying to find new skin replacements forever i have never seen HP's so will search and try them i may like them better. I am also keen to the skins by Kanno they are pretty awesome too and i think they are on MTS also.

Elliot: this was the first draft i still have a lot of work to do on him epically with his clothes and shoes

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#13 Old 23rd Feb 2010 at 7:48 PM
I didn't read all the posts yet, but I know that the hair I have isn't piracy. Someone made it ON MATY. I might have to change hair for Lillith's Descendant, and Lillith because those are pay hairs. Think I might just use one of Anubis' hairs for Lillith. And a skeletalscream hair for descendant.

IMO I would prefer using aikea guinea's skintone.

EDIT: I'm going to be away for a while, so I might not post. I'll work on some interesting sims.

And what about sliders? I have AM and sliders set to 3x. What if we just make everything base game? All EA stuff(Base and WA, No HELS). It will be easier for everyone to download
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#14 Old 23rd Feb 2010 at 8:00 PM
I also have AM also with the sliders set to 3x also i also have i have WA and HELS also but i don't know how i can do just base game please explain that to me.

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#15 Old 23rd Feb 2010 at 8:02 PM
Sorry for asking but with MATY you have to since they have a lot of things. For the hairs take any that you think you need. You're the sim artist, after all!

I like Aikea Guinea skins too, so I'm ok to use them of course. I'm not trying to restrain your creativity or your tastes just trying... well... to make it easier for the player and unify. Since we're a group it's harder since we all have our stuff that we love to use but we're going to use each other stuff sometimes to try to not ending up with a huge cc list. As long as we reach an agreement on using the same cc and doesn't use pay cc I'm good. Well actually using the same cc is not something that we MUST do but the less people had to download the better, no? Unless in this case you think we could use two different default skins?

Going on vacation I guess? Have fun For the sliders we'll have to tell the people that they need awesome mod. I'm ok with you on trying to use base game and WA but not HELS. First because for now none of the builders have it and it's maybe too contemporary for us.

Edit: Tasia, you'll have to check the hair and clothes that came with HELS and not use them. But you can use the one from WA since we're gonna use it anyway.
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Sorry for the late response, everyone. I was out all day and just got home. I think it'd be good to stick to Lana's rules to keep things simple for creators as well as players. I'm going to miss the hair Littl0Lia used for Lilith, though. That one's gorgeous!

SimGirlTasia, here are some ideas for your sims that I've thought of:

Talula (Third Girl) - She's one of Wrenna's descendants and a playable sim which means that players can visit her house and control her right away. Like others in her family she possesses the Hydrophobic trait and currently works at The Swordfish Bar & Grill (a local hangout). Since she's afraid of the water, that's the closest she's ever gonna get to fish. If you'd like to change her hair you could try something shorter.

Elliot Termorton - I agree with Lana on Elliot's appearance. Maybe a makeover would be a good idea.

Crystal Summers - Lovely name, by the way. We could make her work as a receptionist at a spa if you'd like. She would much rather spend all day painting pictures of the sea but she's lacking in inspiration at the moment and knows that her hobby may not be able to pay the bills. She's currently involved with one of the town's wealthiest businessmen who owns a fish trading company. Being a gold digger, she's not truly in love with him.

Ben Willows - I like the idea of him being somewhat normal on the outside but a tad nutty on the inside. Instead of having him kill himself, however, he could have killed someone instead and kept it to himself...hence the insanity. Making him Neurotic might be good too, since he'd always be watching his back.
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Can't use pay hair in stuff on MTS - you can mention the Booty all you want in threads or whatever (booty booty booty pay stuff for free PMBD woot nyerrrr! ... see? ) but not allowed for MTS uploads.

RE: CC, I think it'd REALLY be best to stick to defaults if at all possible, too. Having a massive shopping list just for sims in a neighborhood is not fair to downloaders. If we can agree on a -few- pieces of CC that are extremely versatile (Channy & Viv's lips, maybe that one set of eyebags that everyone uses, etc.) but -not- get into custom clothes/hair/patterns/blah/etc. it'll make both the upload process and download process a hell of a lot easier on everyone involved. It'll also mean the sims are mostly about the face sculpt rather than content used - and since they'll be inhabitants to breed with player's sims, IMO, that's what's most important.

I think it'd probably be okay if we just list which defaults we've used on the whole - for example, something like:

Default replacements used on pictured sims include:
  • Skins By: Aikea Guinea, Kanno, Peggy, whatever.
  • Eyes By: Escand, Aikea Guinea, whatever.

... with each of the names direct linked to where the item can be found. People aren't going to change their defaults just for one neighborhood, but we'd still be crediting what's used in the pics.
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I agree with HP, the fewer CC items we use, the easier it will be for the players. And I forgot to mention earlier that we should probably have the same rules for dead sims (ghosts) in case players decide to resurrect characters like Lilith and James.
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Originally Posted by HystericalParoxysm
you can mention the Booty all you want in threads or whatever (booty booty booty pay stuff for free PMBD woot nyerrrr! ... see? ) but not allowed for MTS uploads.

Really? We're not getting electrocuted or suffer from this awful curse where toads keep getting off our mouths every time we open the mouth? I'm feeling so relieved now!

I agree with HP too. The most important part is really the face sculpt and furthermore players will probably want to make changes with their favorite clothes, hairs, etc anyway. Let's not use hair, clothes and the above at all. We still have to agree on the few cc (skin - eyes - facial) though.

You're right Charming, it's going to be applied to the ghosts too.

Off to edit the rules now :P
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Tasia, are you still working on Elliot, Crystal, Talula and Ben? I'm looking forward to see what you will make of them
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yes i'm still working on them i have made two different elliots for you to choose from just have to get pics i was so tired lol but with Talula what should i change about her? and Ben is the last one i have to finish up.

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Yeah! Two Elliots! Can't wait to see the pictures .

For Talula, I'd like to see how she looks without the CC, if you don't mind. Is Crystal already made without cc? She looks like it but I'm not sure about it.
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#23 Old 24th Feb 2010 at 2:05 PM Last edited by SimGirlTasia232 : 24th Feb 2010 at 3:18 PM.
Yea i tried to make them all without CC besides the skin and eyes i use all hair is base game or WA and same as the clothes i'm going to get the pics in a few mins

Edit: Here are the new versions so far...


-Good Sense Of Humor
-Hopeless Romantic
World Renowned Surgeon

Abbey Slater(Not sure about the name though)

-Family Oriented
-Hopeless Romantic
Living In The Lap Of Luxury

Elliot(2 Versions His traits are still the same)

I forgot to change his Hat lol


-Loves The Outdoors
-Green Thumb
-Natural Cook
Celebrated 5 Star Chef

Ben(I didnt change much but his eyes)

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I personally think your sims look much better without CC, SimGirlTasia. Talula has some of the best features. You've done a great job making her stand out. I prefer the second Elliot's overalls but I kinda like him better without the hat. And you should keep the freckles since he spends a lot of time under the sun.

Oh yeah, I just noticed--both yours and Litt0_Lia's sims are named James. We should probably give them last names so it doesn't get confusing. And would you like me to come up with Abbey Slater's story? I don't think she has one yet.
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#25 Old 24th Feb 2010 at 3:58 PM Last edited by lanawinst : 24th Feb 2010 at 4:10 PM.
I agree with Charming, you gave them such nice features that they look really nice even without CC. and the second Elliot looks better, and freckles would be a nice add. Maybe change the white shirt to a blue&white stripes marine motives?

I also like the fact that you can actually guess the traits by looking at the sim. Abbey looks like such a nice girl, she's got this romantic, fragile look. I think that the World Renowned Surgeon is a great choice, as she looks smart, and like she has a strong temper. I would personally change Hopeless Romantic with something else like genius or perfectionist to fit that. James is nice as he is. Our dexter is nice too, with his enigmatic eyes. Could you just tell me what his new traits are going to be?

Oh, and maybe we should create some couples with some of them and create their childs. There's going to be too many bachelors otherwise.

Edit: I just noticed James and Ben have the same nose. You should try to tweak it a little more.
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