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#501 Old 26th Aug 2010 at 1:28 AM
how do mine look? lol, im almost scared to ask sense you didnt make a comment. (:

Call me Tyu. (:
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#502 Old 26th Aug 2010 at 4:01 AM
Originally Posted by toyou1214
Miss, no because im not allowed to place the file where its supposed to go, its confusing, and i barely understand it lol.

Even with the new system of puting everything in My Documents? How weird. Have you asked for help on this site to see if anybody knows a work around? You must miss out on a heap of awesome CC

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#503 Old 26th Aug 2010 at 4:41 AM
yes, my dads companys computer expert had it blocked, yea. i do, it sucks. :/ but for sim hairs and stuff like that, i just download sims from the, and see what i get. (: lol

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#504 Old 26th Aug 2010 at 6:39 AM
Tasia, thank you so much for that comment, it means a lot! And actually it's all because of you, since you taught me so much on how to get a unique look.
Btw, could you repackage and re-upload Antonio Ortega for us? We're all having trouble installing him.
Can't wait to see the rest of the gypsies!

Conner, you can't just copy and paste the package files into your mods folder? Since ambitions we do't really need the installer monkey anymore. Did your anti virus block the program because there was a virus in a package you downloaded? Anyway, i agree with Maggie, you're missing out on a lot of good cc. I would probably be insane by now if it wasn't for the "no annoying music" mod while building.
#505 Old 26th Aug 2010 at 4:14 PM
hah, i have just turned all music off. (: i did not know something changed with ambitions though! Can you explain the steps, and i will try it! (:

Call me Tyu. (:
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#506 Old 26th Aug 2010 at 7:04 PM Last edited by sleepyrose : 26th Aug 2010 at 7:11 PM. Reason: edit link
Oh, I wouldn't be able do that... I'm always listening to music while building.

Do you have vista, because I"m not sure how it works on other systems.
Just create a folder called "Mods" in username/Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3
In the folder "Mods", create another folder called "Packages" This is where you can copy and paste the package files.
You have to put the Resource.cfg file in your mods folder. Just right click on this link and choose save as:

Hopefully I explained it right, but if you don't understand, just read the help section. (Argg, the link to it won't work, sorry!)

When I download something, I just click on the rar/zip file and choose "unpack here" and then cut and paste the file in the package folder. The file will still have the monkey head icon, but you don't have to use the installer anymore. Oh, and incase you don't see the stuff in your game, just clear the caches, but I think you already know that.

BTW, I was looking around and found that the wedding hair from the store is up here without the veils. They look very pretty and you don't need the store hair to use them. Have a look and tell me what you think:
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#507 Old 26th Aug 2010 at 7:51 PM
Conner, this is the stuff I have so far from the Ventura family. Could you go over it and see if the stories can get better?

* Massimo Ventura

Couch Potato, Family Oriented, Frugal, Grumpy, Handy

LTW: The Tinkerer

Favs: Cheesesteak, Classical, Blue

Job: Business - Report Processor - level 3 (pay: $276) /or Law Enforcement - Desk Jockey - Level 2 (pay $ 282)

Massimo had a midlife crisis after his mother moved in. But instead of seeking thrills, he now prefers to watch tv and enjoy being pampered by his mother. He got demoted at work twice, because his mother alway calls him when she makes her famous deep-fried cheesesteaks. Massimo's wife is really upset with him, because he never wants to go out anymore and he doesn't care about his health. The complaining makes Massimo very grumpy, because he's happy on the couch. The only other thing that makes him happy is tinkering on the car with his son.

* Bianca Ventura

Traits: Athlectic, Hot-Headed, Light Sleeper, Neat, Snob

LTW: Perfect Mind, Perfect Body

Favs: Fruit Parfait, French, White

Job: Athletic - Rookie - level 5 (pay: $385)

Bianca doesn't like getting older. That's why she loves to work out and eat healthy. Bianca also loves her big house and she wants to keep it clean so everybody who comes to visit will compliment the place. But lately this has been very hard. Her husband, Massimo took his mother Bernadetta in, without even asking her. Bernadetta is very forgetful and turned the place into a pigsty. Bianca doesn't recognise the man she married anymore, because Massimo turned into a sloth. She's also loosing sleep, because her husband keeps telling her she can't buy anymore clothes.

* Maurizio Ventura

Traits: Couch Potato, Handy, Neurotic, Bookworm

Favs: Hamburger, Electronica, Purple

Job: Grocery Store - Part Time (level 1)

Maurizio is caught in the middle of all the fighting between his parents. It makes him very neurotic and he escapes in his books and tv shows all the time. He also loves to smash objects with hammers, to vent his anger. Luckely these objects often improve because of that. Maurizio's school work also suffers quite a bit. He spends more time in class getting Diana Vargas to notice him, then paying attention to waht the teacher says. He even took up a part time job at the grocery store to be close to her.

* Marcellina Ventura

Traits: Athletic, Grumpy

Favs: Pancakes, Pop, Lilac

Marcellina will trough a tantrum when she doesn't get what she wants. But her mother doesn't mind, because she's sure Marcellina will become a famous athlete one day. Her father also loves her very much, and eventhough she can be just as grumpy as he is, Massimo keeps wondering why Marcellina looks nothing like him.

* Bernadetta Ventura

Traits: Absent-Minded, Family-Oriented, Inappropriate, Natural Cook, Slob

LTW: Culinary Librarian

Favs: Cobbler, Latin, Pink

Job: retired, Culinary - Pastry Cheff - level 6 (pension: $150)

After Bernadetta retired, she burned down her house, because she forgot to turn the stove off. Her son Massimo picked her up to come live with him. Bernadetta loves it when the whole family sits around the table to enjoy her cooking. She doesn't care about the mess she leaves behind, which often results in heated arguments with her daughter in law. In her eyes, Bianca is not good enough for her son. Bernadetta was brought up to believe that a woman who can't cook, will never be able to take care of her husband.

I'd also like to know if the Dolciamore story is ok. Can I post it again, so you can ahve a look?
Thanks Very much!
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#508 Old 26th Aug 2010 at 9:58 PM
I've been working on Zita's husband. His name is Vittorio.
Let me know what you think.
#509 Old 26th Aug 2010 at 11:43 PM
Rose: thanks for the help, yea i am on vista, one question, do i put the resource file in the mod folder, or further in the the package file? -Thanks! (:
Im not sure how i feel about the hair though...i would need to use it in game (if i will now be able to) and see what it looks like, im just not sure how real, or detailed it is. (I've never been a fan of EA hairs,) but i will play around with it if i can.

i will read the story later, (sorry im short on time at the moment,) and i will see what i can add,

Also Zitas husband looks fantastic! (: so much character, great work!

Call me Tyu. (:
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#510 Old 27th Aug 2010 at 6:10 AM Last edited by missroxor : 27th Aug 2010 at 6:29 AM.
Tyu it goes in the mods folder, don't go as far as packages. There's full instruction on setting up the new structure here

, I now English isn't your fist language so I hope you don't mind me pointing out a couple of typos I noticed:
Originally Posted by sleepyrose

* Maurizio Ventura...Luckely (luckily) these objects often improve because of that ...waht (what) the teacher says.

* Marcellina Ventura ....Marcellina will trough (throw) a tantrum.

I love their bios, so much drama, it's very realistic...and the hint at scandal: I love it! :p

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#511 Old 27th Aug 2010 at 12:12 PM
Thanks Maggie! No, I don't mind at all that you pointed it out. I'd hate to have stupid spelling errors in their bios, lol! It's very weird, because sometimes I write words down the way they sound to me. And I know something's off when I read the sentence, but I can't put my finger on it.

Conner, the reason I mentioned that hair, is because it seems more in sync with the other EA hair we're using. Just have a look to see if you like them.
I myself have never been a big fan of most of those peggy kind of hairs. They seem to have a plasic glow and gaps to make it look like the wind is in their hair. And am I the only one who gets creeped out when they convert it for toddlers? Looks like the put a wig of an 80's hair metal band on them, lol. Way too Spinal Tap for me, hahaha! So, if you could do me a favour, can we please stay away from any freaky 80's hairdos?

Anyway, I hope you can make the packages to work.
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#512 Old 27th Aug 2010 at 12:44 PM
Ha-ha, just noticed a glaringly obvious mistake on the very post in which I was pointing out your typos: now instead of know! That'll teach me to be a spelling nazi! ....wasn't trying to be pedantic though, just proof reading the bits that're gonna be uploaded, feel free to check my work too, I'm sure there's plenty of typos, I won't take offence either

Guys, rules are good! Rules help control the fun. ~ Monica E. Geller
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#513 Old 27th Aug 2010 at 12:58 PM
Lol, that's funny! God, no, you're not a spelling nazi, hahaha! I'm just afraid there might be some out there when we upload our stuff. There are threads out there where people are falling over the spelling errors EA made in the game. If they're done talking about that, they might come after us, lol!
#514 Old 27th Aug 2010 at 5:15 PM
She's also loosing (is it losing? not sure) sleep, because her husband keeps telling her she can't buy anymore clothes.

and eventhough (even though) she can be just as grumpy as he is

i also love the storys! (: haha, and feel free to post the other bios,

Call me Tyu. (:
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#515 Old 27th Aug 2010 at 6:29 PM
Thanks very much! Yes, you're right, losing is with one o. Thank god for dictionaries.
I'll post the other bios later.

Do you have traits for your sims yet?
#516 Old 27th Aug 2010 at 6:35 PM
yes, i have that part done, i just dont have them uploaded, -sorry

Call me Tyu. (:
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#517 Old 27th Aug 2010 at 6:50 PM
Oh, that's alright. I was just wondering what their personalities are going to be like.
#518 Old 27th Aug 2010 at 6:59 PM
high maintenance, (:

Call me Tyu. (:
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#519 Old 27th Aug 2010 at 7:37 PM
Hahahaha! Is that in the trait list?

Anyway... I was just wondering about her... is she good at anything? You know, does she have any skills? I think it wouldn't make much sense if she does, haha. I'm in the process of making a sim that's a bit of a trollop, lol. And she's not going to be good at anything either, except kissing and flirting. And I want to make her live with her mother who disapproves of flirting.

I just checked out Sunset Valley for our other thread, but found some interesting sim data when I ran a total anihilation of the neighbourhood. There are 29 ghosts and 2 pregnant women. It was so stange, because when I killed off the residents, there was a list of sims that were still alive and the ghosts were among them too. So I'm wondering what they did to turn them into ghosts.

We're going to need quite some ghosts too and I was thinking if some of them could be on residential lots. For some sims it would make a lot of sense to have their family burried in their back yard, don't you think?
#520 Old 27th Aug 2010 at 7:54 PM
im not sure if its a trait, like i think one is perfectionist, neat, flirty, etc.

yea, then the ghost would show up on there family lot, makes sense to me.

Call me Tyu. (:
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#521 Old 27th Aug 2010 at 8:00 PM
Snob is a good one for rich sims

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#522 Old 27th Aug 2010 at 9:35 PM
yep, she has the one for sure. (:

Call me Tyu. (:
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#523 Old 28th Aug 2010 at 12:20 AM
This is the Dolciamore story. Uncle Vito is going to be a ghost and I'll try to put him in the garden. :D

Once upon a time there was a man called Vito Dolciamore. He came from a simple fisherman's family. When Vito went out with his dad one day, to catch their daily tuna, they noticed they left the bait at home. Vito's father decided it would be too far to go back and that they would just have to fish without bait. But Vito was very smart and when he thought of the grapes he brought for lunch, he decided to use them. In less than a minute Vito caught a Portugese Man-O-War (that's a jellyfish). His father was so surprised, because in his entire life of fishing, he only managed to catch one jellyfish of the non-stingable type. That day Vito caught 10 jellyfish and when they went home, they had a nice, but slimy meal.
The years went by and Vito fell in love with an increadable rich woman, called Lucia. Lucia's father said that Vito would never be good enough for her.
Then came the day that Vito was invited to Porto Corrado, by the mayor. Appearantly the news of Vito's increadable catches had travelled to the town. He was even known as the Jellyfish man.
The mayor of Porto Corrado had a major problem, it was the year of the Giant Jellyfish pague and Vito needed to rescue the town. That was excactly what he did and the mayor rewarded him well for his services.
Vito was rich now and he decided to build a wonderful home, called Villa Amores, in dedication of his love Lucia. Lucia was so happy and with her father's blessing she took off for Porto Corrado. But something very tragic happened. Lucia was robbed by bandids and and left for dead. She never got to see the house Vito build for her.

Vito was very sad, but he stayed at his home, dreaming about Lucia every day. One day he recieved a letter from his brother, telling him that his nephew and niece were totally out of control. Vito knew that he wasn't going to live for a very long time anymore, so he came up with a plan.

His spoiled nephew and niece would inherit Villa Amores, but only if they decided to live in the house.

Luca Dolciamore

Commiment Issues
Hates The Outdoors

LTW: Jack Of All Trades

Favs: Dim Sum, Latin, Violet

Job: Political Career - City Coucil Member (level 5)

Luca and his twin sister Carmen inherted this beautiful home in Porto Corrado, after their uncle died. The only catch was that they would take care of the home and actually live there. Will Luca be able to give up the fast live of the city and find happiness in this small town? Will his new job give him satisfaction and will one of the county girls be able to steal his heart, so he will settle down?

Carmen Dolciamore

Dislikes Childern
Party Animal

LTW: Emperor Of Evil

Favs: Sushi, Pop, Red

Job: Criminal Career - Getaway Driver (level 4)

Carmen only cares about one person, and that is Carmen. She's lived a fast and intense life, going from one party to another. Not even the birth of Eloise made her stop living on the edge. Before her uncle died, he thought leaving his house to his niece and nephew, would give them an excellent chance to slow down. So far Carmen has only seen the motherload. Will she ever care about anyone else but herself?

Eloise Dolciamore

Loves The Outdoors

Favs: Peanutbutter & Jelly, Latin, Yellow

Moving to Porto Corrado was the best thing that ever happened to Eloise. She loves the fresh air and feels much safer than in the big city. But will her mother ever make time for her, to help with her homework and chase away the ghost under her bed. And will uncle Luca ever take her on a fishing trip?

I'm sure there will be plenty of spelling errors here for you guys to correct. :D
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#524 Old 19th Mar 2011 at 6:56 AM
For reasons explained in this thread I won't be able to finish the family that I started, the Espositos. I do actually have saves of them (for CAS, I hadn't got around to exporting them as a family) here.

If anybody would like to finish these off I would be very greatfull. As mentioned in the linked post, I used some of the CC specified at the start of the thread. Their Bio's are written in that thread but I don't know if I actually attached them to the sim before exporting. Also, if it gets finished, I built lot 8 (in the port area) with the Espositos in mind. I understand if this is asking too much.
This is the first time I've used mediafire so let me know if I've done it wrong please....don't have WinZIP on this computer

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