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Lost all my Sims 1 stuff :(
I've played the original Sims game off and on since it first came out. I had been saving files, objects, houses, lots, skins and saves for my games. I kept all the files on a thumb drive for back-up (as I've switched computers a few times between the year 2000 and now).
Now I'm kicking myself that I didn't have it backed up in 2 places because that thumb drive failed. I took it to a computer repair shop and they worked diligently to try and recover the data, but it was gone. I'm browsing the web and this site's forum to slowly try and rebuild my Sims 1 world. (I had themed neighborhoods with homes and families that included: Holidays, TV shows, Movies, Books, Real life, Decade/era, fantasy.... etc.)

Does anyone remember a few of these hacked items? a pot of gold that you bought for $1 Simoleons and could cash in for assorted amounts. (I liked this instead of rosebud, because I would send my broke family on a "treasure hunt adventure" when they needed money), the woohoo beds/blankets/dresser (used these for my adult sims of course), And someone created a whole Harry Potter themed neighborhood that included Hogwarts, #4 Privit drive, Hogsmeade, the Burrows, etc.....

I'd love if any of you can point me to where the files might be located now.

Nana Jamie
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Oh, dear! That sounds so very frustrating and disheartening. I don't know where to find the stuff you're looking for, but I wanted to at least give you some sympathy. :-)

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