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I played a couple more families in my megahood.

Smiths: Jill became a teen and took the popularity aspiration. She is busy making friends. Jenny had a want to have another baby late in life, so they tried. When she got the morning sickness, she suddenly had the fear, not the want. She talked it over with PT#9 and then she had both the fear and the want, which I interpreted as caution because of her age, so she's going ahead with the pregnancy. Then PT#9 rolled the fear of having a baby. By then, it was too late--the baby bump had appeared.

Singles: I usually never have risky woohoo babies, but it has now kicked in for the second time in this hood. The single mom this time is Lola Curious. The father is Ajay Loner. The place Lola is currently living is not suitable for a child, but I wasn't sure where to send her, as she and Ajay are still only friends and crushing. The only people she really knows in town are the Smiths, but I wasn't crazy about playing two babies there. However, once Ajay saw the baby bump, he did some romantic interactions with Lola, and they became best friends, so it seems they are going to try to raise this baby together. They moved out to find their own place (I think it will have to be the horrible house with the basement because the other one is too small--Strangetown needs some home construction). Chloe seems to have a thing for older men, as she went out with Herb Oldie and they got caught by Coral. Erin isn't doing much, but she did apologize to Chloe for being such a pill, so maybe they will stop the fighting. If they ever get into a fistfight, one of them will have to move out.

I discovered that I attached the clean Downtown with no downtownies, so my idea is to cheat all of the premade students through college and turn them into Downtownies. I think it will be fun to see some familiar faces in those lots but not to have to actually play all of those Sims.
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Batty Neighbour proposed to his boyfriend Reine.

The next day, after having spent the day with his son Froggy at the library he owns, the three of them went out to have dinner.

Link Larsen (second from the right) spent his birthday at home with some friends and family members. Among the guests were Jill Smith (left) and Nervous Spectre (second from the left).

Link's cousin Modesty Neighbour had some quality time with her sons Cappuchino and Nextdoor.

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Dreamer family: A series of events has prompted Darren Dreamer to move to Strangetown. First, he received a phone call from a woman claiming to be a zombie reanimated by Olive Specter. Then, following Titania's death, he began to wonder if Sims could be resurrected without becoming zombies. And he has always had a lifelong dream of becoming a Cult Leader. So he found a job in the Paranormal career, sold his house, and moved to Strangetown to search for the zombie who called him. He is staying for the time being in the same roadside motel as Chloe Curious. Erin Beaker was living there as well, but when I opened the lot after moving Darren in, she and Chloe immediately got in a fistfight, which Erin lost. So Erin had to move out and is now living with her brother.
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This happened!

After more than a year without a working sims 2 game, I actually got to play again. Carmen Patch and Robi Charvat helped me test how well things are working and they have both gone through SimPe, Bodyshop and CAS without problems so I know all that is working fine. They moved into their rudimentary little log cabin, Rod Humble, Tiffany Zarubin and the welcome wagon came and went, the matchmaker showed up and was shown off the lot and meanwhile Carmen and Robi just hung out together and made friends, skillpoints and burnt toaster pastries. Good times!

I really don't know how long this will last. We had to buy a new computer quick and had very few options, but at least this one is a gaming laptop and seemingly sturdy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! It was so lovely to hear the sims chatter again and see them walk across my screen, doing their everyday sim things. I don't expect to have much time to play for a few days, but the plan now is to playtest for defaults and see what cc I want in what setup of the game. Looking forward to it!
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A couple of weddings were held (or one was sort-of held).

Curious family: After Pascal moved out, Lazlo's thoughts turned to love. (Vidcund's thoughts remained on meeting aliens and building skills, and for all I know, he may be asexual.) Lazlo was torn between two ladies, both of whom wanted to take that next step with him: Dina Caliente and Brandi Broke. I sent him to work, and he came back thinking only of Dina. Since she became Pleasure, she is probably a better match for him, and anyway, the Caliente sisters need a way out of their financial fix. Lazlo threw a wedding party and invited his friends and family (but not Brandi). Interestingly, Cassandra Goth was there and has three bolts with Vidcund, but he barely talked to her. With Dina, both Nina and her son Gino moved in. I had to do some rearranging, although the house is certainly big enough, even though there is still only one bathroom. Vidcund and Lazlo seem to like having a youngster around the house again. Dina also got the memory of marrying a rich Sim, so good for her. I hope Brandi will be all right--she really has no other prospects right now.

The second wedding was more problematic, so we go to the Montys. Mercutio and Romeo went off to college, freeing up some room, and Benedick and Beatrice became teens with the Family aspiration. After Titania died, Bianca wasted no time. She wanted to get married, and Oberon was the man she had the most chemistry with, so she invited him over. After a few romantic interactions, she popped the question and he said yes. I guess he won't be resurrecting Titania now (but that doesn't mean she won't be coming back). I thought to move Bianca into the Summerdream house, since it is fairly empty now, with only Oberon and Bottom, now a teen. But last time I tried to marry Bianca, she was super buggy, so I was being cautious and saved just before Oberon called her. The wedding seemed to go okay but she was still buggy and couldn't move in. So I exited without saving, thinking to try it in her house. Before that, I played the rest of the Summerdreams' night, during which Bottom got bit by a werewolf and cured of her food poisoning. She is the first werewolf in my hood, and even though she has the Romance aspiration, she doesn't seem to mind at all, so I'm happy.

Back at the Montys house, I again was cautious before trying to have Bianca marry Oberon, and again it didn't work right. So instead, I had Bianca ask him to move in and then "married" them with the Sim blender. I hope it is only Bianca who is buggy in this way, as I took out all the mods I thought might be affecting marriage and did all the other fixes I can think of; every other wedding has been fine. Of course, Oberon brought in a lot of money, and now the Montys are the second richest family after the Goths. Perhaps Bianca and Oberon will get their own place when they're ready to start a family.
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Tundra Neighbour (former townie Barbara Young's daughter) grew up to a child.

Monsoon Neighbour grew up into an elder, and became the fifth wearer of the beret that has passed between elderly male members of the Neighbour-clan since its founder, Neighbour Neighbour.

He held a gathering at the House of Fallen Trees before moving in with his friend and biological brother Justice Larsen-Neighbour.

Johnny Nigmos (Smith) and Tank Grunt were both there, and put their differences aside once and for all after a long chat in the hottub.

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Don Lothario Goth is now father of four. Yes, Cassandra got pregnant again and had twins. He has three girls with Cassandra, and his child with Nina is a son who he has never even met. Pretty good for a guy with a constant fear of having a baby.

What else is happening? Tybalt and Mercutio both got expelled from university because they were spending too much time trying to join frats. So I'm not playing frats anymore. They're too time-consuming, and also too many of my Sims get sick off the bad pizza.

Darren Dreamer became a Medium and was able to resurrect Titania Summerdream. She is very happy to be alive again, still pregnant, but is now a Romance Sim and refused his offer of marriage. They are living in the same house in Strangetown for the time being, though. I set it to "no jealousy" since Darren may start some kind of cult there.

And a big surprise for me. I thought Ajay Loner was going to propose marriage to Lola Curious, who he got pregnant with risky woohoo, but instead he made a move on Chloe, which of course Lola saw. Then he wanted to marry Chloe. Lola left and moved in with the Smiths to have their baby. Ajay and Chloe had a quickie marriage ceremony, and Chloe got pregnant immediately.
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Andy Bellum continued - He teaches his cat Samhain how to speak, as that will be needed for Samhain to be promoted in Showbiz. He has a party and uses it to put the moves on Nina Caliente, and they woohoo.

The Nigmos Household (Johnny Smith, Ophelia Nigmos, Ripp Grunt) - They are in an open polyamorous relationship. They went to a community lot to get jobs, Johnny got Culinary and Ripp got Artist, and Hi Thyme and Ripp Grunt fell in love. They are doing well so far. Ripp loves to paint. Ophelia didn't get pregnant the first time and she cried (I have a pregnancy test mod) but after just a little more trying she got pregnant and is now showing and beaming with happiness. She started making toys. Johnny got a demotion to waiter and cried but he got right back to Prep cook and is now Sous Chef. Ripp is Souvenir Whittler. Johnny started writing a novel. Ophelia got her pregnancy details and Johnny is the father this time.

The McGreggor Household (Leod McGreggor, Gabe O'Mackey and Jules O'Mackey) - Gabe was pregnant with Leod's baby. Leod is Scatmaster in the natural science career. They have a garden as well in a green house. Jules is at the top of the teen journalism career and working on getting into Uni. The house gets expanded in preparation for the baby. The baby is born, Phoebe O'Mackey! They are a loving family. Gabe starts a romance novel and he has the pacifier thought bubble so the couple in the romance novel must have a baby. Gabe and Leod get married and Leod is now Leod O'Mackey so it is now the O'Mackey household.

The Greenman Household - Jason is in the adventurer career and is climbing the ladder and Rose paints. Daisy drinks plantophic-c potion right before aging up so she is now human and she becomes a child! Rose cooks for her and saves the food in the fridge. They get a pet bird, Violet, and teach it to talk. Rose is pregnant, which surprises them but they are thrilled. Rose and Daisy go to the park and Daisy makes a friend, Beau Broke. The baby is born, Lily Greenman!

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Piel-Divina and Champagne Neighbour moved from the old Specter house into a smaller one since it got too tedious. P-D rolled a bunch of wants to socialize with their daughter Brahe and since both their age bars were pretty much filled I figured he wanted to spend time with his loved ones while he still had time, so he called her over. He tried inviting their son Copernicus too, but as I suspected he was at work.
It was only Champagne who died that day, however. By that time Copernicus had finished work so we invited him over to be with P-D and Brahe.
Brahe moved in with her father, formally leaving the at-home salon in Bluewater Village to her former roommate and employee Cappuchino, who was in charge of it the most anyway. The next day she brought her dad along to her tattoo and piercing shop in Strangetown. In the evening P-D packed his wife’s urn into his pocket and moved in with his fellow elderly relatives, leaving the house to Brahe, and Champagne was buried in the family graveyard.

Going into the house where Zelda Larsen lives with her wife Jenny and sister Savanna, the very first thing I heard was “BOING”. Turns out her old flame Piel-Divina – who, while he’s a widower now, was still a married man last session when he initiated that action – was giving her a romantic hug right before Jenny’s eyes.
Jenny attacked him, leading to the shortest fistfight I’ve ever seen. Two seconds and P-D had kicked her ass. Jenny sent him home and broke up with Zelda.
Zelda moved in with her brother Broadway and his husband Ville. She immediately rolled the want to invite Jenny over and to apologize to her, so I had her speak with her on the phone, and then Broadway invited Savanna and asked her to bring Jenny with her. Zelda apologized to her and they talked for a bit, leaving their relationship still in the negative but only slightly. Later in the evening, Zelda died of old age.

Irma Tinker, the late Tinker couple’s youngest child who now lives with Melody and her family along with the two second youngest Tinker kids, was in danger of failing at school. I had Melody’s husband Nextdoor Neighbour teach her to study, but I couldn’t locate her own homework and the pop-up threatening with the social worker kept nagging me so I actually cheated her grade higher.
Melody and Nextdoor invited their oldest son Macchiato over.
Tankette Smith, the Smiths’ foster child and Beakers’ biological child, moved in. The house has a third floor with a double bed, sofa and book case that became hers, and the machines she “borrowed” from Loki and Circe as she moved out from their place fit on the balcony. She got a job in the science career as she wants to become a mad scientist. I wonder where she got that from.
Melody stayed up all night with some 3 AM coffee but was luckily free the next day. While she slept and everyone else were at school or work, Nextdoor went to the cuisine hobby lot and won the cooking competition (again). As the food was being judged, his mother had a breakdown just outside, probably because of the death of her cousin Zelda. Once she had recovered and Nextdoor had eaten his winning turkey dish, they chatted for a bit before he headed home.
His and Melody’s daughter Temperance brought home Jonas Caliente. They had good chemistry and got along well, but nothing happened since Temperance is in a relationship with Hector Nigmos and Jonas is dating the Picasos’ (really the late Jessica Picaso and General Buzz’s) daughter Selma. They’re both adults soon so I’ll see what happens then instead. Besides, Jonas went home pretty quickly because he needed to pee.

Hector Nigmos became an adult. He invited over his girlfriend Temperance and best bud Jonas. He also brought Egoraptor Schwissenbaum home from school. They had good chemistry and I thought they were quite charming together but nothing happened as Hector was in a relationship with Temperance until growing up, and Egoraptor’s dating the Picasos’ (really the late Jessica Picaso and General Buzz’s) son Joakim. Joakim walked by and was invited, too. This was a ripe opportunity for drama but fortunately nothing happened. Besides, Jonas went home pretty quickly because he needed to pee.

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Babies are happening. In my megahood, risky woohoo is kicking in more than I think I've ever seen before, and I have it set at the default, which I believe is 5%. That seems pretty low. Maybe my Sims are having so much woohoo they are beating the odds!

After Titania Summerdream was resurrected and had Oberon's baby (named Sylvan), she started seeing Consort Capp and she got pregnant--oops! At the time, she was living with Darren Dreamer and his zombie friend in Strangetown. When Consort found out, he insisted that Titania marry him and move into the main Capp house, or as he put it, no Capp was going to be raised by weirdos and hippies. In the same household, Regan is also pregnant with her second, another risky woohoo baby (since try for baby is not allowed there). Consort is nearing his time, so it's doubtful whether he'll even seen his latest child born. (And I think after he passes, the remaining Capps are going to move all of the graves to the town graveyard so they can get some good sleep for once!) After the quickie marriage, Sylvan was moved in with his father, Oberon, and Oberon's new wife Bianca (they are now living in their own place and also have a new baby); Oberon doesn't even know his child, but it seems better that he live with family.

Angela Pleasant, newly graduated and moved back home, also got pregnant--oops! The baby is Tank Grunt's. They went on a long date to talk it over and decided that they like their relationship as it is and aren't ready to get married and be parents. So Angela is going to stay at home where her mother and grandmother can help with the baby. (Herb has recently passed.) Even though Angela is officially dating Tank, she may yet be harboring feelings for Dustin, which is why she's not feeling marriage just yet. She certainly goes over to the trailer Dustin shares with his best friend Dirk quite a lot (both also recently graduated). Dirk does not like Angela and picks fights with her often; he knows she is two-timing his buddy, but Dustin seems oblivious. Dirk wants to marry Angela's sister Lilith, but Lilith keeps going on and off academic probation and at this rate may never graduate college.

Nina asked Daniel to leave Mary-Sue and move in with her and Gino. He agreed and they got a house downtown. This frees up space in the Curious household, where Vidcund finally got abducted by aliens, and Dina is also pregnant. So yeah, lots of babies.
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@sturlington -That sounds like something that might happen to my Pleasantview game in a few decades as a new group moves in and starts to crack down on birth controls the locals were using before then and this would be taking place during the 17th century in Pleasantview in it's Colonial America days.
I've ended up trying to get my game loaded up today and managed to get some new CC just installed tested in my Pleasantview game on both of the lots.I got new chairs placed on both of the lots in Pleasantview just in time as the ship containing the new couple is due to arrive in the next day.
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Mercutio Monty found a job in the politics career so now he's on his way towards his lifetime want of becoming a mayor. Tybalt works in politics too so it's a race to the top. Kent is in that career track as well but... eh. Isabella went to a community lot and met Consort Capp. Despite fistfighting and stealing each other's newspapers left and right their relationship was now almst neutral, and they have two bolts, so they had a civil conversation and are now on ok terms. Romeo asked Juliette out on a date and it went very well.

Goneril wanted to wohoo and became pregnant. She and Albany both had a hard time keeping up with their needs, especially while trying to tend to Ariel as well. On Goneril's first day off, she made sandwhiches for everyone while extremely hungry. I completely underestimated how fast her needs were dropping, and how long it would take to serve the sandwhiches and sent her on her merry way while looking after the rest of the household. When I got back to her, her hunger was red all the way and just as I cancelled her putting out the plates to go eat the Grim Reaper came and took her away along with the unborn baby. Albany went into aspiration failure. A few hours later, Ariel grew up poorly.

On a brighter note, this happened.

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In my game, it's all playtesting all the time. I've decided to see what skintones I actually like best, not just THINK I like best. For this I need sims walking around doing simmy things and I need to be able to compare them. I've once more chosen insanity and created four households with twelve sims in them. Each sim is named "Skintone value Skintone set" (for example "S1 Lilith Honey honey"). Each household consists of sims with the same skintone value from different skintone sets. They all wear the same outfits, they all have the same face template, they are all bald. Last night I also added a household with four sims wearing four shades of the skinblend I'm working on myself, just to see how those skins work in the game. Those sims were all family sims and before I had finsihed studying them, they were in a bad mood and the easiest way to calm them down was to fulfill their flirt wants. They got a welcome wagon only consisting os S3 sims, and set about flirting with them. Unfortunately, I was busy comparing skintones and didn't pay attention to who flirted with whom, and there were several "boings" before I could stop it and before nightfall even two full blown fights. None of the guys seemed to take an interest in S3 Honey honey, but they got in fights over S3 Nilou Memories and S3 IaKoa Stars (whatever they see in those overdone lips - personally I am so over them after this playtesting), so in the end I sent the S3s home. The conclusion is that I'm probably going with Nilou memories this time around (seems like at least my male sims agree with me!) and my own skinblend (not made to be a default, just to get some variety and satisfy my dollface obsessions) needs a teensy bit of contouring.
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I got into a weird mood (it's been A Month) and decided to throw together a hood solely to play in ways foreign to me. I took a beach-heavy map and named it Turpitudia. Since all my stealth neighborhoods are currently turned off, it had no bin sims, so I attached Bluewater Village, made everyone sell their businesses, and used houses I had in the bin (except the the Ramirezes, for whom I had nothing suitable) to move them in. This started most of them with oodles of money. I gave them all Romance secondaries and as many of the Freetime perks for their primary aspirations as I could afford. Before playing anybody, I built community lots, some of them for home businesses, the rest to fill needs or just to provide places to go on dates, outings, and cruising. Lots of cruising, because the entire concept of Turpitudia is that these sims about which I have no intimate knowledge at all are all hedonists who have decided to move to a prime woohoo tourism hotspot.

Some time ago I downloaded some mattresses and a shower which allow different forms of autonomous woohoo, and quickly decided I didn't care for them, as they attract very highly, have very little programmable nuance, and are specifically designed for literally anonymous woohoo - sims who interact with each other using them carry away memories that affect their woohoo count but do not add each other to their relationship panel. This I found squicky, especially when they drew sims who, in normal play, had exhibited what I had interpreted as intense faithfulness, asexuality, or other characteristics that accorded ill with the mechanical behavior of these devices. But I didn't get rid of them, because they did create opportunities for certain kinds of interesting behavior in other sims and I could see where there might be possibilities for their use if I experimented more. Well, Turpitudia is that experiment. I put at least one of these items on every non-owned community lot and started out with the rule that I didn't direct playables to use them but I didn't stop them, either.

The other major rule guiding the neighborhood is that nobody gets any kind of rabbit hole career. They earn money by owning businesses, by busking, by painting pictures, by selling novels, and indirectly from dating, because they can sell date rewards if they need the money or it's a duplicate they can't really use. Malcolm owns and operates a new electronics store, Electronic Boogaloo; the Jacquets have the Banana Bakery; Florence de la Rosa has Arts and Flowers (but hasn't opened it yet because I'm trying to get her to the gold badge and build a lot of stock before I open it); the Tinkers have Tinker Toys (but have barely opened it because I was trying to do the gold badge; but when Wanda had twins and outgrew their original house I had to spend most of their remaining money moving them so Stephen and Melody opened it once and played it till they got to level one, which gave them enough cash to go on with); and the Ramirezes have Furnished Needs. The Larsens and Chester didn't have enough money to buy a business, but had to earn enough to get them. Anyone who needs an electronic device goes to Electronic Boogaloo and anyone who needs furniture, apart from beds and baby items, goes to Furnished Needs.

There's no formal rotations and sometimes if I feel I need to I'll play two days instead of one. Malcolm, Florence, and the Ramirezes, as the most wealthy, buy and give away anti-jealousy potions. Many of the community lots have gender-preference selection kites and I make everyone massively more attracted to both available genders.

The results have been as interesting, in their way, as my normal playstyle while being less demanding. Fascinatingly, Jason and Chester turned into the town bicycles almost immediately; but whereas Chester also set out to form friendship networks and connections Jason has been purely promiscuous and feckless. Jodie, despite being identical to Jason in all but gender, is more circumspect and selective in her use of the devices, and also far more focused and practical about her quality of life. She has written three mystery novels and did most of the housework, until she and Florence - who is trans, and much more inclined to use the mattresses - spontaneously pair-bonded and decided to get married. Jodie was also in a relationship with Malcolm, who is, not surprisingly, a bit of a user. He pops up constantly and makes lots of friends, but didn't seem to notice when Chester got a crush on him and started following him around. Malcolm met a completely awesome Family sim named Dolores and married her after a whirlwind courtship; she has had twins and gotten her Romance secondary and anti-jealousy potion, but the twins seem to have settled Malcolm down a lot. Or maybe he's just running out of new sims to get memories of. He still gets around in the backgrounds a lot, but I don't as often catch sight of him using the devices.

Of the Ramirezes, Lisa is the more adventurous, and she's the one who established Chester in a solid threesome with her and Checo. Chester still gets around, often in a group with her and Checo or with Malcolm and Checo, but he has also settled down to his writing career and saved up enough to buy and build his own bookshop, where he sells his novels and Jodie's. He and Jodie are great friends, but though he tries he and Jason cannot seem to get close.

Jason was a big problem for a few days after Jodie moved out. I don't direct them to clean, and he wouldn't; he has lots of creativity points but has to be in high aspiration to stick to anything long enough to make money out of it; and the time Malcolm tried to give him an anti-jealousy potion he refused it! I keep forgetting to have Jodie give him one even though she's given him lots of tropical produce (harvested on community lots by everybody; I've plunked many Castaway harvestable trees onto community lots) and a computer so he wouldn't starve. Finally I decided he needed a housemate, and he's got one - fellow Fortune sim Kennedy Cox, who some of you may know is a world-class grouch. He does clean, though, and he has enough drive for both of them, as well as a bronze hairdressing badge and enough money to build and open a salon. Which is...not going very well, alas. Even with the "owner assignment" rock I recently downloaded that lets you click it when visiting the business from another household and tell the owner to stop futzing around and do their jobs, he would much rather poke his customers than give them haircuts. And he seldom gives a decent haircut, either. Even with Jason working sales they're having trouble getting stars, and if I don't watch Jason every second he'll get into a water balloon fight with customers instead of tending to business. Without anti-jealousy potions, Jason's now blown two relationships that could have helped him a lot, with Denise and with Malcolm, and it's only by a miracle - since Kennedy now has the Romance secondary but no potion - that he and his new roommate are still getting along. Kennedy wants to marry him but Jason has no such thought in his head. He wanted to marry Denise for her money for about five seconds, once.

The Jacquets, now - whoo boy. Denise uses the devices constantly but she makes no playable friends. Gilbert also uses them, but not nearly as much as you'd expect. He takes the bakery seriously and keeps wanting to improve his cooking. He also wants to date more than he wants to improve his number count, which I find very interesting. They both are keeping their casual woohoo lives very big secrets from each other, though when Denise dates someone and falls in love (Malcolm, Jason, and Komei Tellerman) she brings them home for proper woohoo. Denise is very disappointed with her boy and the only way to get them to be friends was to give Gilbert his own bathroom - every time she started liking him, he'd take a shower and leave a mess for her to clean up! They could easily afford anti-jealousy potions, but when I observed how diligently they were sneaking behind each other's backs I decided it would be more interesting if they had to learn to accept themselves and make some solid hedonism mentors before they could become fully integrated into the culture of the place, so I've withheld them in the interest of seeing what happens. Denise is friends with Lisa Ramirez but they've never encountered each other while out on the prowl, and she's so volatile the relationships with Malcolm and Jason didn't last long enough to help (and Jason needs to drink a potion himself before he can give one away anyhow). Gilbert just...isn't making playable friends at all.

The Tinkers have an interesting dynamic. Stephen seldom makes use of the autonomous woohoo options, but when he does he settles in and goes for the long haul. There's either no new woohoo memories in his panel when I open his lot, or there's half a dozen in a block. Wanda will wander around lots in the background of other people's trips out, doing All the Fun Things, including one or two stints on the woohoo devices if the active sim's visit lasts long enough, but spending just as much time dancing with townie children, getting into water balloon fights, pushing people on swings, or looking for shells. Casual woohoo is clearly just one of the many earthly pleasures she's enjoying constantly, with no particular weight on its own. She and Stephen date each other primarily, but it took a surprising number of tries to conceive her twins, and when she kept rolling have baby wants and not conceiving with Stephen after Harmony and Threnody were born, I let her date Checo (three bolts) and get pregnant with him first time out the gate. Stephen wants a baby of his own, and therefore has developed a great interest in stars.

Melody is a very busy girl. Since she has a Romance secondary like everyone else (but won't get an anti-jealousy potion till she grows to adult) she has an active dating life, but she also wants to skill a lot, has to work on her toymaking badge, and has twin toddler siblings. She's had to date exclusively townies. Tessa is a teen now, too (Fortune/Romance) and they double bolt, but the age difference is too great for my taste, so Tessa will also be stuck with townies. She's still finding her feet, but she knows all about her parents' swinging lifestyle (she likes Chester, who is very careful not to get too handsy with her parents in front of her, and several times observed Checo and Lisa taking advantage of the adult facilities on family visits to the beach and playground) so I'm not imposing any additional rules on her. The devices can technically be used by teens, but autonomy does not seem to be enabled for them and I'm fine with that. Tessa wants to date and flirt, but she and the only townie friend she made as a child, who grew up with her - Orlando Bertino - don't bolt at all and appear not to think of each other that way.

I can tell that the emphasis on one aspect of sim life over another in this neighborhood will wear thin for me soon, but I'm hoping to sort out Jason and the Jacquets before I abandon it and go back to real simming. At the same time, I am anxious for my life to hit a point at which the prospect of real simming doesn't seem straightforwardly exhausting to me.

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I lost Titania in pregnancy again. This time it was because of a fire that Juliette set; she also died, tragically. Titania went to bed with low needs and when she woke up, she just died. No one will be resurrecting her a second time, unless it's to bring her back as a zombie--but Titania was well liked and I don't think anyone will want to do that. So Consort Capp did not get his end-of-life baby after all. He died himself the next day or so, of natural causes--or perhaps of grief over so much loss. I did move all the graves off that lot after he went so it won't be so laggy--I think there were possibly more graves there than on either Olive's or the Goths' lots.

I'm having quite a few deaths around the megahood right now. The elders are starting to go, but there have been several accidental deaths as well.
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I haven't really been playing much but here's some fun updates on my custom hood called Shimmerbrooke. Only the fun bits.

I've been hesitating allowing my plant sims to age to elders so I've been having them drink a lot of Elixir of Life. They were an accidental thing I did when I planted MidgeTheTree's custom harvestable "Forbidden Fruit" ... I forgot that harvesting them will give you one plant baby per harvest. I planted four.. They were grown by an atrociously evil warlock who used to be the headmaster of my simself's children. He's ghost now and likes to disappear from the lot every so often. Oh, he also grew a cowplant which swallowed up one of his co-workers. The servo that I turned into a plant sim using a potion, and then cured again because I forgot that servo and plant sims have contradicting needs, is still around. Her head appears normal on every other lot except for the home lot and she still freaks me out! I've found a Tricou teen to marry into my simself family tree which I'm super excited about because that means I can play with the Tricou family once someone unlocks the Resurrect-O-Nomitron!
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Started working a bit more on my custom hood I want to upload it some time, but I have no idea how long this project will take me. Sharing a pic so that you can see a bit of the beginning L(
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I finally constructed a calendar for Arundel!
Because the game is so weird on time, I had to work around the seasons and days, but here's what I've done, in case anyone wants to copy it:

Arundel was founded on May 31, 1100.
I have a hack that shortens the seasons to 3 months per season-it defaults to the last day of spring at start of the game. May being the last month of spring, that's when the town was founded.
I started off in 1100 because that's when the "High Medieval" era started.

Every day is one year (sims age up every day, after all, might as well be one year).

(I use Pescado's Lot Sync Timer, as well)

so Tuesday will be June 1, 1101, (the first month/day of Summer)
Wednesday will be July 2, 1102, (the second month/day of summer)
Thursday will be August 31, 1103 (the last month/day of Summer)

So on and so forth after that.

This seems to be the easiest way for me to date my chronicles so that they won't read like they all happened on the same day, and it will make more sense because people don't get married, have babies or get fired all on the same day in real life-the game only does that!

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Love-in-a-mist Larsen-Neighbour got invited to an outing with the downtownie with short, red hair and tattoos, got along well with her and found her attractive. After coming home and getting a few hours of sleep said downtownie, whose name is Christina in my game, came over and rang the doorbell. Mist opened, they chatted for a bit and Mist went ahead and flirted with her. Christina responded well and then immediately said it was late and she should go home, so I took it as her being flustered. After a day of just hanging out by herself, doing yoga and running, Mist called over Christina and went for a kiss. They got a crush on each other, and after asking if Christina liked what she saw, her attraction came on and they became two-bolters.

Anni-Frid Picaso grew up into an adult. The family sent Jessica's and General Buzz' tombs to the Strangetown cemetery, so hopefully Anni-Frid's sleep issues will get better. They also moved to a new house since the old Grunt house is a bit buggy in my game. Vidcund's daughter Rosalina Curious invited Anni-Frid Downtown with her, Vidcund, Lazlo and Pascal's son Chap (plus Pascal himself and the family friend Copernicus Smed, but the two of them left immediately) and they ate at a restaurant.

Macchiato Neighbour, Melody Tinker's son, became an adult and celebrated with his immediate family, his grandmother and her husband, and his best friend Gerhard.

Sugarpie Caliente and Froggy Neighbour had their first date and their first kiss with each other. The date at the Strangetown dance studio was great, and they were very charming albeit in a not really compatible way. Besides, I realized they're second cousins. I've had second cousins date once before, but in that case they weren't biologically related in any way and had never met until adulthood, meanwhile in this case their respective grandma/grandpa were twins, and Sugarpie's twin Honeybunch has been best friends with Froggy since childhood and is also besties with Froggy's dad, so that felt too close for me. Anyway, after their great date-kiss Sugarpie has a one-sided crush on Froggy and is really infatuated with him.
The next day, Sugarpie and Honeybunch invited home fellow twins Selma and Joakim Picaso, and in the evening Froggy's uncle Monsoon invited Sugarpie to an outing since he'd had such a good time with Froggy. They, along with Bella Goth, Ripp Grunt, Tank Grunt (who got busy flirting and making out with Monsoon and Bella both) and a robber headed to the Strangetown library, which Monsoon's brother and Froggy's father Batty just so happens to own. The outing went splendidly, and Sugarpie won some money in a computer game competition. Honeybunch meanwhile got 200 simoleons from a school competition to add to the 500 that he'd previously got in a similar pop-up scenario.

Cappuchino Neighbour had a rough day. He had a really low aspiration for some reason, but couldn't fulfill any of his wants since he was sick with the flu and had to stay home and be alone. Not even putting the stereo on which he usually likes got him in a better mood - he looked incredibly miserable crying to the salsa tunes. As if that wasn't enough he also had a burglar who amongst some other things stole the new armchairs he'd put into his at home-salon that he'd just expanded after his former roommate moved out. He didn't even have time to call the police because Sugarpie Caliente was calling him fancying a midnight-chat. Fortunately he got well soon thereafter and invited Ripp Grunt for some wohoo and other kinds of socializing which brought his mood up considerably, and once he could open his business again he got some customer stars.

Modesty Neighbour had her grandson Macchiato over for a pancake breakfast. The next day she arranged an anniversary party while her husband was at work, inviting her sons Nextdoor and Cappuchino, while her husband Gurra (townie Gary Walton) brought a friend home from work. It was a small, cozy party with tv, dirty jokes, cake and champagne, and turned out great.

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A lot happened to get to this point with most of the college kids graduating or failing out and setting up households, but now Romeo Monty, Puck Summerdream, and Ripp Grunt are roommates in one of those double houses in Veronaville. I moved them in and opened the house, and all they were doing was telling one dirty joke after another to each other. I haven't played them all together yet, but I think they will be a fun crew. Romeo and Puck brought some money from their wealthy families to help them get started with furnishings. They may also invite Johnny Smith to move in as well, as he remains unattached and they have the space. Perhaps they'll start a band.

Update: I forgot that Puck and Johnny hate each other, so he won't be moving in with them.

I should say that before this happened, Ripp and Johnny were renting rooms from Darren Dreamer in Strangetown. Ripp was making himself a late-night snack and started a fire that killed him. He was brought back right away thanks to his friendship with Puck, who not only joined the secret society in university but is now in the Paranormal career. Darren could have also resurrected Ripp, and Johnny begged him to, but they don't have the household funds to make anything but zombies right now, and Darren did not want to do that. Ripp's first wish upon being resurrected was for a smoke detector--smart boy. My rule is that resurrected Sims have their personality and aspiration reversed, so Ripp is now a Family Sim and we'll see how that works out. Johnny has since left the boarding house and moved back in with his mom and sister.

Just as a side note, Ophelia took Ripp's death really hard. Darren actually walked by her house late the same night, so I took it as him visiting to give her the news since he knew they were close. She went into aspiration failure--Ripp was one of her *four* loves--and that means, according to my rules, her aspiration is rerolled. It came up Romance, which I think is rather appropriate for her given the number of guys she was juggling, but it's kind of an ironic twist.
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Regan and Cornwall Capp took jobs in the criminal and intelligence career respectively, according to their lifetime wants. I had assumed they wouldn't have kids, but then Regan rolled a want to have a baby so she and Cornwall may just go for it as soon as their economy is a bit more stable.

Kent Capp entertained the welcome wagon in his new home, as well as Bianca since he wanted to invite her over and talk to her. He wants to wohoo but as of now the only person he has chemistry with is Antonio Monty, which I definitely hadn't expected. Of course, everyone and their mother ended up crowding by the stairs on the second floor. One townie attempted to leap through a doorway into the arms of another but was refused and consequently trapped in Kent's bedroom until he sent everyone home.

Isabella Monty walked by the Capp Manor without causing any trouble, and since she had a pleasant chat with Consort Capp on a community the previous day he invited her in. Tybalt wasn't happy.

"Waah, there's a gross Monty in my house and I can't even beat her up."

The following morning Tybalt went and poked Juliette and instead of retaliating she tried a new approach - talking to him. It was successful, they stopped being enemies (for now) and Tybalt got to brag about being besties with Consort.

Albany Capp had planned to be a stay-at-home-dad, but after Goneril, the expected - and expecting - breadwinner of the family died he had to get a job and took one in the business career, though he hasn't started yet. Both he and Ariel are in aspiration failure, and the three children of the family seemed to have a hard night sleeping after Goneril's death - they all woke up around midnight and as soon as Hal had gone to the bathroom Ariel tried to take her low aspiration-anger out on Desdemona, but lost that fight.
The next day was Hal's birthday and the whole Capp family was invited. Cornwall started to play catch with Hal, which I'm taking as him being totally on board with becoming a father eventually. Juliette went and slapped Tybalt and it culminated in them fistfighting (while cheered on by Cornwall). To no one's surprise, Tybalt won.
Once Hal had grown up to a popularity sim, and had several shots of espresso, Miranda took him to Veronaville's H&M. The family's quite poor at the moment, but doing their best to keep up appearances. By selling a stray countertop and Ariel's old toddler stuff, plus Hal getting money for his good grades, there was enough money for Hal to get some new clothes but not for Albany to pay the bills.

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I accidentally moved the cafeteria lady into one of my dorms. I was trying to move in a dormie, they had similar names, and I got mixed up. Then I didn't know what to do with her, so I turned her into a Downtownie. Now I keep seeing her on my community lots in her cafeteria uniform. It's quite amusing. I like her a lot. She's like the anti-Mrs. Crumplebottom. She just had dinner and drinks with Lazlo Curious while two of my other Sims were on a date.

General Buzz Grunt and Buck are really on the outs because Buzz was trying to date a girl who was way too young for him and then saw Buck out with her too, and got unreasonably jealous about it. Buck was living at home but had to move out because of all the fighting. Tank is secretly on Buck's side, even though he wouldn't say so to Buzz because he doesn't want to get on his dad's bad side and have to move out too. Buzz has now taken Pascal and Nervous's adopted teen son under his wing: "The best son I never had," Buzz said. That should make Tank feel special.
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I built a pool/gym place in Strangetown's Downtown. I've been wanting to do this for a while now and I'm really happy with the result, thanks in large part to the creators of the custom content I downloaded, mostly from MTS.

It has two pools, a hottub, a gym with to main rooms and a sort of yoga room, as well as a little area for snacking, drinking coffee and watching television plus a corner for selling swimwear and excercise clothing near the entrance.

I put in an extra bathroom other than the ones in the changing rooms which ended up pretty far into the building, and with no WC-sign the obvious alternative was to build a pedestal with a potty on it to signal upcoming loos.

By and large, the changing rooms are identical and lead out into the swimming pool area. There are also changing booths available.

After finishing it, I tried it out with my number one fitness nerd Love-in-a-mist Larsen-Neighbour. Other visitors included Pascal Curious, Tessa Ramirez, a vampire, Mist's new love interest Christina Thunström, and Mrs Crumplebottom who knitted and yelled at sims for wearing swimwear when swimming. The lot kept us occupied for seventeen in-game hours, and after some midnight espresso and a seven a.m nap Mist was good to go again. She wanted to invite Christina and her friend Samus Larsen over, so she called them both over for lunch before saying good-bye around 3 in the afternoon to take another nap.

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The O'Rourke's have finally found their way to Orchard Isle! Their house is ready to receive them but I'm limiting my play sessions, so I haven't moved them in yet. Evelyn and Michael are buying back the house where Michael grew up and taking teenage daughter Carmen Suzanne and Michael's mother Imelda with them. They're also buying back the old O'Rourke orchard and plan to sell their produce locally. Suzy may or may not get a bit bored with the slow island life, but she's been promised the room with the big balcony and a telescope to put there, so she probably won't take it too hard. Imelda is a widow since many years and secretly wonders if any of her old flames still live on the isle...
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General Buzz continues to be one of my most amusing Sims. He was invited on an outing with the majority of Downtown's gay population. I don't think he realized all the guys in his group are gay (and I don't think he really would have cared if he did--he just likes having a good time). Ty Bubbler thinks he's pretty hot, Erik Swain thinks he's a dog, and Jared Starchild has no opinion. It's funny how my straight Sims can befriend all the gay Downtownies, but when I send Kent Capp or Bobby Broke out on the town specifically looking to meet someone, none of them turn out. (I know I can use the Visitor Controller to make a gay bar but I haven't felt inclined to do that yet.) Anyway, General Buzz had a great time. He gets along fantastically with anyone who's not related to him and who can put up with his sometimes-surly attitude.

I'm having a cold and flu epidemic right now, which has limited social interactions and unfortunately, with my mods, caused several deaths. (Colds turned into pneumonia for a few Sims.) Also, Kaylynn Langerak--still the maid--died in a tragic fire at the Pleasants' house. Very sad.
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