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Default Descendant has the last name+face of a totally different sim
I play in a Woeford save I've populated myself, so there aren't a lot of sims living there. I had a teenager from my current household travel to the future and my descendant has the face and last name of a totally different and unrelated Sim living back in Woeford. Is this a bug or a feature? Like, is the game implying my sim might marry into that family or is it just the game acting bonkers as usual? Anyone else have this?

I've had a few other weird things happen in this save, idk if it's the worlds fault though. My current family "grew up" in another world and I migrated them to Woeford by saving them in the library. I packed the patriarchs inventions and when I placed them in their new Woeford residence, the game said they were invented by a totally different Sim when I hovered over them.. Just including that because it seems like it might be in the same vein as my current problem?

So yeah, should I be worried?
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The game will "assume" one of your descendants had kids with a descendant of the other family, some time between your present and future, and you are meeting their offspring, who may resemble your Sim, or ressemble the other family.
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