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Default Solid Black Eyelash Fix for 64-bit [TESTERS WANTED]
I thought of a solution for the eyelashes that appear solid black with no transparency on 64-bit version for Mac. I don't use Mac however, so I need people to test if it will actually work.
I already made a mod to remove them completely that you can find here. But thought some people might prefer to keep the EA lashes.

This is a super simple mod: Just changes the shader of eyelash meshes from SimEyelashes to SimHair. Just like my other mod, this replaces the LOD0 and LOD1 eyelash mesh files for all ages and genders.

I also have some questions about the issue itself:
Does this only appear in CAS or other places too?
Does this affect all ages and genders or just some?

While testing:
Please check if the EA's eyelash length slider works fine with this mod. (I suspect that it won't work.)
Check how the lashes look in different locations and lighting. Do they look any different from how they do on normal 32-bit version?

Don't forget to clear your cache and remove all eyelash removal mods before testing.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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